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A$AP Rocky Locked Up


You Got Keenan busy so people. The People WanNa know was the mic still on of safety so one twenty nine of this to my still on podcast listening. Thanks for subscribing sharing. If you want to be a part of the community Goto our instagram patients dot com slash system is too long. Click the link tree link and <hes> from there you can join any community you WANNA be a part of <hes> discord read it facebook twitter. You can also go to our youtube page. YouTube dot com slash G._S. demise the lawn and subscribed videos. We've got new content coming over there too. We didn't know where you say. Okay on. This based overrated rated you off my like six year episode. Christine date is one thirty two so this'll be one thirty three minor all the numbers that oh I'm just I liked a vote was out this week but sitting in for him is Chris how we WanNa do this Chris and call me woolley whatever you all grant from data and gaming on is mice law filing. I was the last one from make yeah. I'll let me out forgot about me that is I'm just saying down about. Two or three times Ashra work now not so when we got some some going on special yeah. We got the Super Smash Bros.. Tournament live here Dennis Studios July twenty seventh our second video game tournament tournament our first one was mortal Kombat very good success so we're we're back with another one. Sign ups are going fast. We're already at over half of our sign ups in four days. So if you WANNA sign up do it now. If you're in Atlanta area you play Super Smash most ultimate cash prize Merch you get interview on D-g. We're GONNA streaming live on twitch so fi fo was talking smash smash the last word and he was saying he was going to bet who beat me. You know put seventy five dollars or whoever beat me so like I'm trying to take people's money. He Ain't here right now but you know he just texted fantastico yeah. If you take a Shit Shit Damn Shit. He was Jiggling Champs so new England he saw he saw he signed on arrive Meisters. Oh it's all right made him. GotTa Finish that match anyway so smash resin like Mario isn't there. Oh yeah come over. Come over the Nintendo game a bunch a bunch of like the characters feature there yes he can't you come on over complete. League Games is that no more Disney mug a win to hide away like to go and identify and figure associated so he's not. He's the restaurant feel Kinda bad but if she would joe ASMI y'all go. I'm him I mean mugging. WHO'S GONNA lose? Talk you talk. I'm just saying like I proved myself. I prove my worth took. You like any bland fats. He don't WanNA hours trying to get that thing going for a while. He was like I gotTa do this. Dude all right. We talked about this. We're not aerobics shit so by the time you hear this podcast and all the the SPAs are field. Make sure you follow Dan and Gaming <hes> so you can stay up today on win. The next tournament is I know there's a mortal combat eleven the runback moral combat eleven coming up again after so be looking for that too all right so let's let's jump into facts. Only the show is broken out into four parts facts only topics common commentary and pass the MIC so we're GonNa do we actually have to actually have to this week so the first one is about the apology apology. Apparently Congress has apologize for slavery. I think this took place in two thousand aged. <hes> representative Steve Cohen a Democrat from Tennessee. <hes> introduced the U._S. apology for slavery back then so you know I mean Yeah said like does that change your opinion on things like do you forgive them or what <hes> like. What does that do now that you know that no because no black prison I mean it's something you know and I think is <hes> yes something I you know it's cool but nevertheless L._S.? There's an apology record so now we just they just need to figure out what they're gonNA do about reparation so you know so anyway the second factor <hes> about the the <hes> the debate that we had about <hes> killing innocent bystander so apparently and I did not know this <hes> there is something called a felony murder law aw so basically what it is is it is a legal rule that expands the definition of murder and it applies when someone commits a certain kind of felony as someone else dies in the course of it so so yes so <hes> if I was robbing a bank and somebody had a heart attack Yes oh amy loves this road. If you kill about Santa while defending yourself you are not charged with murder. She failed to kill feel the assistant. You're defending yourself from. They will be charged with a homicide. So this goes back to Marcia Jones <hes> the case so we kinda got into a discussion about <hes> you know why wasn't the person that shot breath and kill the baby charged and then we does you know Laura. I introduce an argument about what will happen so get my props either the argument. There's a lot of laws they right the report states have this law on their four days has law. That's crazy and basically that someone has to be responsible for the murder is something they call but force so in other words that but for there's something happening right this wouldn't have happened so don't Judge Mathis felony murder rule. Have you heard of that before the felony murder rule hell. No I never heard me has asked the first shutout to read it man and and appreciate you guys for the correction. Well Amy loves this. Thank you amy loves this so yeah but <HES> all right so. There's that still fucked all right so <hes> speaking Marcia. We're GONNA jump at the topics now. <hes> there was an update that happened a few days after that so the charges were dropped against her. The manslaughter charge was dropped against her and you know I kind of read that part. You know that little update that was an article <hes> during the show but just WanNa let everybody know that it has officially been dropped. If you guys <hes> didn't happen to see the update news. I'm on so if he wasn't here. Did you have any <hes> any thoughts on what went down with those Jewish because I know you sent it to me right Marsha dove now. I just said that to you. 'cause I thought it was interesting. Okay <hes> all right. We're GONNA move on weight real quotes from one to another topic next thing. I'll say this sure for later on in the show for you. I won't forget nothing important. I mean we're I. I met some fans yesterday and I think I was not as friendly as I normally would be. I wasn't mean but I was on the floor looking at records and these this really nice couple came up and they're like oh your mic from <hes> is the Mike Stallone and I was like Oh yeah normally yeah I would get up and have a conversation and shake hands but I I have just got over being sick and my back was hurting and it took me like ten minutes to get down on the ground and I didn't want to. They want to get back up just bad. I'm pretty sure I said that I appreciated job but if I didn't once again if y'all are the a couple that I met I really appreciate. They were very very very nice. That's all okay cool. They recognize you from his. Mike's though the wife said that the wife says Oh your your mic ms the Mike's dawn and I was like I thought that was odd to that's what thought it was cool Ooh but again I was just like in the midst of flipping through record and I was on the ground and I was trying to keep my politics. My back wouldn't hurt yeah so yeah. I didn't have a full on conversation with them. That's all maybe pockets only listeners they might be yeah but <MUSIC> but recognizing my face faces on because we haven't put out as many videos like debt in unless they go to the Youtube they see me tag that go to my pay. Put It on instagram together here I own you you know and then we'll jump into the just ran into a guide at the movies last night going to see Spiderman review coming on the frames per second podcast once we <hes> well you just described and we'll have that up for you so yeah we're cool but he doesn't listen to the pocket is just watch video so named his name was but since he don't listen to podcasts you won't hear to shut up when it was pretty cool <hes> so anyway <hes> Los Ex may news last week <hes> apparently he came out as gay on the last day of pride month and <hes>. I guess there was a thing about that. I don't know but <hes> it was interesting the nonetheless <hes> I guess my question when I first saw this was. Why is this always such a big announcement or why? Is this always a thing when people come out as gay. I just don't understand. I was thinking thinking that like this day and age. I was thinking that it's not it's not a thing anymore. You know what I WANNA. Say is not a thing I was thinking. Is it still a thing versus like back in the day. Was it was back in the day. It wasn't name but now it's like okay. Is this still a thing I when I saw like okay. Why is this trending this thing now like okay? What was what's the big deal and he's a rapper made really rather? He's a rapper. She went to wrap around this. It's not even like every time a big thing or doesn't make a big deal. I'm like especially with this. Mike Okay and then it just seemed like because he did it when the last month and then he was a year where if you look at my arm covered the rainbow on the the building. I purposely put that there so apartments like okay you you did it. Maybe purposely or maybe you're doing this because you're like okay. This EP didn't do to welcome. I don't think it's EP did too. Well and maybe I need to get a little more extra legs our attention on me. Maybe doing so it could be one of the I don't know I mean I could care less but it's like it. Just seems like it's an it's something I mean it work because people are still talking now. They've shifted to talking about so. Don't you think it might still be a big deal for L._G._B._T.. He people to have some kind of representation example them yeah like it's like the the whole like us. We're GONNA jump into that later but we can. The whole Disney thing shouldn't be a big deal of them casting a black person but for black people were like shit. That's dope. That's crazy but for other people might dislike who cares I mean yes goes down through if it if it affects you and I think like I said we're a little projects like big big ups like if he if that's what if that's his thing and he's came out more power to them and I hope that like you know that he supported and then he continues to keep doing the thing and he it doesn't end up being thing where it's like okay I did this you know and just a way for him to keep his career going. I just wanted to be like a legitimate thing where like he's like. Really you know one hundred percent about this like that's all I'm saying is like I disagree because like with which part well. I don't think this is something that would loyd something that he would do to keep his career going. I think it's something that could <hes> put them in a box to be honest and to be honest it already has been started. People have been like reassessing the lyrics of Old Town road road and like sexualizing it like and it's just Kinda like oh like that's what you were writing on the old town like this whole thing <hes> I don't know I feel like people were speculating about it because he used to have an old account that used to be allegedly like a Nikki Menashe fan account or whatever and so a lot of people on twitter already kind of knew <hes> but I think just with people who didn't know him off of social media or like from the fact that because he was a stan account before he it became like this little X.. Superstar with the Old Town road hit <hes> and obviously like his controversy with the whole country charts and stuff put him in the spotlight but for people who don't know him. I think maybe he felt like okay. You know I'm new on the scene. A lot of people don't really know anything about me. <hes> a lot of people from social media do know about me and it's just kind of like it was going to come out anyway as you know so I feel like he kind of got in front of it to be like all right. Well you know I am Gay. This and ah I kind of feel like that's probably the route that he chose. If anything has anyone here listened to his ep whether any kind of like when you now that you know whether any kind of hidden references to it like that is just I see what it sounded like <hes> and to my surprise it was like it was like kind of all over the place yeah it was all over the place and it was it wasn't much wrapping. Actually it was just like a <hes> well. I won't say it not reading but it was like a traditional rap sound basically out thought it was going to be like a whole bunch of trap and all that type of stuff but it was like more like pop type music in my opinion probably trying to search for another hit yeah yes yes. It definitely is what he came their way. When you use oh referring to yeah that's the cover I mean it's tweet was said that as thought I made it obvious and really i? That's right with a rainbow on building. Google me. You're not the yes. Can you made it out and cover. What were you thinking no I wouldn't? I wouldn't think it's not hard to see you mentioned in so you know he was. He was different joking all he does make like a bunch of jokes. See People troll bullshit yeah so what I'm saying. I don't know if these trolling or if there's like legitimate if it just seems like being no no no not not that the way that he's going about it. It's like 'cause he's. You could tell me the way he's doing. He's like he's. He's something about it. It's like it's like it's not like if he's eastgate cool which is fine but it just seems the way that he's approaching. It is like okay. I'm GonNa have fun with this too because it's probably a defense mechanism fun of yourself than everybody else. I didn't high school. It's like you can only make fun of you if you kind of allow it but if I make fun of myself then what else is there for you to do but these days it's not my as like crazy. If you came out years ago then you will be made but these days it's like it's not as big of a deal while still saw it on twitter and people were even like I had had sent something out. There wasn't even about little nauseous and some fucking asshole went in there and then at mentioned nausea turned into a gay joke not cleared out a yell. That's not funny and why the fuck would you WanNa my tweets and I actually even sent little nauseous apology because I was like man. I don't want this shit. Look like I'm joining in that but then when I went and looked after that there's a whole bunch of anti-gay comments about this guy. I think there's like this idea that you know being gay is accepted you know and just like everyone's cool with it and I think that that idea stems from like workplace culture and you know the fact that you know now if you say something that's not supportive of the L._G._B._T.. Community like from your job and stuff it seen as like a discriminate- discriminatory thing and that type of things have like actions like disciplinary actions but people in their average everyday lives are still very fucking homophobic and it's not even like overly advert and it's just Kinda like just with simple shit and to be honest I kind of reached the place a while ago where I thought that you know okay I've grown in my journey of accepting and being accepting towards all all people but not everybody's on the same spectrum and it's very interesting to see that so I guess to kind of assume like Oh yeah. This shouldn't be a big deal. Literally just go to the fucking shade room comments and you'll understand why it is that big of a deal because people are still hateful and people are like man. He should've kept to himself south everything. Don't gotta be gain out this and that and the third and it's just kind of like you think that it's progressing but it's really not not as much as you think no. I agree with that. I mean because I definitely know that there are people that still are against. You know it's a community but what I'm saying is that I think is a lot more acceptable especially on the Internet <hes> they didn't. What's was whatever I'm not saying that it's just been abolished and it's nothing nobody doesn't care like racism right? I mean it's obviously still racists out there so I'm just saying that is not as big a deal. Oh this guy's gay but I will give you the the whole rapper thing element that Mike through in that yeah. That is a little bit surprising because it's a rapper <hes> but yeah I don't know it's just a thought I had ed really just like I wanted to still a big deal for people you know what I mean. When I saw I went and saying that it wasn't but I'm just saying I wonder if it is I was curious to hear what you guys are going to say like Oh yeah? This isn't a big deal anymore because they across my mind like is this really news now. Is this GonNa hurt them. Is it going to affect them like how it's GonNa victim like you know you are not alone like I think one of the first questions I wrote <hes> you know when putting the show together was you know. Is this a big deal. You you know and <hes> you know I was. I was with you like when I saw the news line like what you know <hes> if you WANNA letter by no you know just to get off your chest cool. That's fine but you know for not necessarily him. I guess the reaction everybody away all the coverage that guy you know was just incredible to me and it was like wow this worked through them. He was like damn this your work and to go back to what you were saying about the trolling aspect of his personality I think am joking. This is just we is on twitter so outside of this as a child before he had this number one hit you know when he was very good at it and a lot of stuff went viral and so now that he's an art I mean artist of you like your fans retweeting you anyways but then that combined with the actual fans that you had before it's just like his stuff does like one hundred and fifty thousand retweets. It's in south on like a regular yeah. He has a way outside of this would handle it negative feedback about things. I've noticed that before this thing even happened I it's just like one of the things he he just takes something that somebody says negatively and just flips and it makes a joke out of it right and fix them inside but it doesn't appear that it does you know what I mean so yeah yes so sam react to this stuff was him joking about <hes> you know coming out and like it doesn't surprise me because this is just his personality he was fully prepared so I don't think it's like a defense mechanism or anything like that. I think he's just being who use plus and I think another reason why he probably <hes> came out or stood in front of it like this was because again since a lot lot of people didn't know him. He's tall and he's like he's like a little cutie or whatever I feel like a lot of girls. Were just like you know like just trying to figure out like what's up with him so for him to be like so yeah actually gay whom but you know just just to again get in front of it. He did say something. I thought was weird. You said he's like I. I could be even though I'm gay. I'm still straight or something like that. He said <hes> he's even though engage still straight. I'm still a straight man. That's why I was delighted of course because I don't think he knows it doesn't make any sense but I think he's just kind of like he threw the gay thing out there. He got a huge weather. Not y'all see it. I saw it. He got a huge negative backlash. Including putting light little busey said some shit some other rapper but then I think that's when he started throwing out these weird kind of random jokey comments and I was like oh I see what he's doing I didn't I don't follow him like Y'all do. I thought he it was just like okay. Do you feel like that's his version of saying like I'm gay but leave me alone. No Oh because that was the case then why even say it yeah because you know people going to say you have to know people are going to the comment where he was like. I'm gay but I'm still straighten it out. I think that's just him. I'm trying to turn the entire thing into a big joke because he's getting attacked. <hes> the I can see that that's I just didn't know if it was if anybody else could decipher that I've seen hashtags eggs boy boycott old town road lying well because he came out as gay yeah and it's just one of those things for me where again it's just so sensitive like it doesn't have to be like Oh kill all gay people or anything like that. It's just just like in every day life. There are little things that kind of are rooted in the hate of these communities and we don't necessarily see them all the time because they don't always real really even apply to us so so for me. It's just important to look for those signs and you know just kind of just pay attention and you know be fucking kind to people who go through this type of the boycott Old Town wrote like why I mean it's the same reason racist people are throwing up Nike's as a saintly every time. They think that you know there's always this thing where they think there's a gay agenda especially with with black folks. We're the main was they're always talking about. There's a gay agenda and I'm sure that will start rolling around around with start trying to say that the whole thing was planned. He's an industry plant to further the gay agenda coming when I looked at the boycott thing. It seemed like it was mostly black folks. I didn't really see a whole lot of why they're not saying that their immune right right right all right it was mostly black people at least the there were black but yeah also familiar with the gay agenda. I know the emasculation that a black man. I've heard that it's always the same same shit you know trying to make. It seem like you know the black man is feminized. I guess right right yeah so that's the same thing as you haven't heard people say there's a gay agenda where they try to like where they're trying to force acceptance of gay people onto straight people. You never heard that like you. Don't really go online online like that. Definitely it's definitely a thing huge thing and you know what's very interesting. I was thinking about it the other day this idea that you know if you watch <hes> be episode of Arthur where Mr Rob Burma's gay or you know if they're air like subliminal gay things in your child's cartoon or movies or whatever right things like that that will quote unquote. Make your child gay but then it's also like how can you it's it's the asking but basically yeah just like little things like that about how you can basically influence somebody to be gay but then at the same time they're same logic. Is that Gig as a choice so which one is it. That's why they think it's a choice because you can influence under there and making a choice to be gay. That's why the whole thing is stupid. It's just so doubt like I just don't get that like I don't know I just feel like there's a lack of critical thinking when it comes to that but again a lot of people aren't that introspective so there's a lot of gay cartoons so bumblebee with gang case no transplant yeah ooh. How do you have a gay robot? There's plenty of gay robots which one I kinda think optimus prime with little gay the the gay men and I always you know feminine. I still fuck some mother fuckers up but yeah sensitive what does I don't know why you're you're taking any at all young though Megatonne gooby you know go explore this we should we should Colin Kaepernick. <hes> Kapernick was back in the news. <hes> you talked about or one of you guys mentioned why people or people white people thrown out there nikes <hes> basically because Kapernick had them stop selling the Air Mass One U._S._A.'s which had the thirteen star American Revolution Error U._S. flag on the hill of the shoe. I was gonNA bottles until I saw that really before you yeah I saw him because like because I have you know I have a sneaker APP and I'm a I'm a airmax win guy like I like those that that style or whatever <hes> so when I saw him I was like a dope. Call Away so you can flip through it so you know they have different angles so you see it. If I like Oh snap I like they're called away and so you see the side you see like a quarter angle and then they went to the back of those aren't hit right there but that's the style shoot you'll see me where they got some red and white ones but the color way is dope that they came aamodt with for Fourth of July and I was like Oh man that's call away but then you turn it around and it has that flag on the bag. I'm like I can't rock those. Were the air races yeah. How would you feel American flag? I don't think at this point Wayne Wetlands it would not be. I don't think it's the it's the best slack the by the way it's weird. Why did they yeah now? This was a this is before almost tweeted about. I was thinking this before. Colin Cameron Davies anything. I was wondering if someone was going to say on about it so I was surprised if somebody had just said something about fourteen eh Jamaica force ugly shoes looking the other one at Kelly they do it like one. I don't know talking about so you don't like my shoes. I have some the only the difference between Manos that that you see me where before is that. The check is read. That's the only difference the ones that I hate worse than those are. The ones with those big tongues tongue shoes go shoes the cleanest fog to airmax ones. I mean those those are the ones that are uglier all right. I total- you'll talk about a man shoot Hugli man. Those are fit. What does this Jessica Shirt? Stop Stop the madness. Clean Suzy can win. We're pretty much anything describing outfit what they look like pretty yeah now blues down match. It doesn't matter it complements what you mean. It's not about matching. We'll work on this anyway. That's popular <hes> okay anyway and you saw the back and I was like Nah no way no way on purchasing purchasing isues no way no way as much as I liked that style shoe as much as I like to call away leg just everything about them now the <hes> on life good why because because his conscience are collecting they took it off the shelves from now Br Yeah He may three thousand dollars really surprised that they made that I was just like wow yeah I would have wanted to do almost woman was there a reason why they didn't use the <HES> regular American flag. That's the part that I try to do fourth of July and they were like okay well before for July was made in seventeen seventy six when this is the best zero this to that theme but they didn't think that's your through. Why don't you just put U._S._A._O.? Going home that they didn't think it through though do you really think you whatever these things happen always say did they think companies marketing people half of them are stupid. They don't know what the Hell you knew halftime. They make dumb decisions and a half of them just. If I don't think they think oh this'll be cool and they don't really think about other people I've seen it in person. That's not far off that somebody was in a marketing meeting saying here. What are we use the busy and that'll be awesome because you know fourth of July? I don't think anybody in the room was like autobody who probably had the power to say no to it by the people who is empowered by bill yeah. That's a good idea because too many stars to it right but that's different like you don't think anybody see. I don't buy that excuse anymore at all because this shit keeps happening the monkey should all the shit keeps fucking happening so there's no way I'm not saying you're wrong because the people who are in charge. They know there's one there's one there's one two three people who can make that final call and they're probably people who really just know what they're doing but somebody has told them yeah. Somebody's probably what I'm saying. I'm GonNa do it anyway. Because I want to do exactly what it is. It's not that they didn't know they didn't think it out. They didn't give a fuck someone or so people who just don't think it out though because they think it won't be a big deal because they don't see it they will see because they're ignorant and until someone tells Arafat I want I want. I want to bring something up because we bought we all from advertising company so I know it's been plenty of sites to go out where we was like. I don't think this is a good idea but somebody above US pushed it out anywhere design idea yeah when the company that I mean to cut you off by the company that we came from they don't ever listen to us say but at that point now that they didn't think it out they didn't give a fuck this whole idea because what they'll say is we didn't know we didn't realize that's what you're saying. That's bullshit. I'm agreeing with you told them they were just like fucking. Oh well dude dude anyway or to add at what he was saying what you're saying. Is that somebody somebody at a lower level may have brought it up and it went to a manager then went to another manager and then it stopped on there and then the high levels yeah don't know about it. They even know about they right never reached their Dead Sea that she w okay okay boom. Maybe they don't even care because he was a consultant. We would change facilitators at one point and I was a designer and I remembered that shit happen. I don't think this but but but if if the customer actually wants it was still go out. You know what I'm saying it. Maybe some pushback on certain situations but most most of the time they go out and then later which is which is exactly what happened we come from advertising thousand so yeah. I've seen it when Nike made three bills after that so which is I guess damn you build three billion dollars. Three billion star <music> issues Dow's that fast saying Christ doctors went up two percent. Why would it go up just people applauding investing Nike because they're doing that but people on both sides though people hate that they took a man you're like the so they liked that they came out with them and then they'd like that they took it down so you're getting both <hes> yes I have to win shareholder in a company and that company stock out because they made that move but if you're somebody who doesn't have stocking Nike and they make that move and say okay? I'M GONNA put some stock in nineteen because they made a move that just makes it better so like when you own stocks and they're doing good. You don't want to just pull them out of the cabinet. The other happened signing Colin Kaepernick oh shoes because then you have people that didn't like them and then you have you. They did like the fact that they put him on this smarter. Yeah I think they knew exactly. It's still yeah sure they made some money but doesn't it still put a damper on their brand a little bit him knocking like that even happened because when I look at something like this is just like fuck Nike but yeah I just don't. I don't get people that are just like Oh. This is a great move and they go buy some stock. It just seems like y'all fell for the Okeydoke 'cause like I can't see how you thought okay. We'll send stay fucking came up with the design went. Two point made the shoes and then pull them down like Oh. That's a great move. I'm going to invest some thought it was this weird decision to pull. It should have been a quick release them. That's why I'm Nike like Fuck Y'all but we just talked about how the Guy Oh but I'm still looking at y'all like y'all are either ignorant or stupid one of the two I think it was so but once they once they knew about it they pull the shoe from the sales by People Colin Kaepernick was in that meeting eating when they pitch that idea it would have got shot down immediately somebody who wasn't in there so he didn't know about it until they came out anyway. That's why they they made up. Let the backlash about it. Yeah you're counting media statements now. I'm just saying like it's the people who in those final unbeaten they honestly don't don't give a fuck or they're ignorant. It's either one or the other we gotta move on but I just don't I don't buy it. I don't buy that really didn't know that this Betsy Ross ask flag might piss some people off. No no I just don't buy it and it took Colin Kaepernick to be like hey guys. Hey tap tap on the shoulder. Don't just so you know while this was around. Black people were slaves not a great idea. The development tweeted him great American hero if I would say because they've already been told. I wonder if if if the regular consumer like myself would it be like Yo man I don't think this idea too much stock and money Kapernick an capita kind of thing about that now he's like. He kinda have that pool now because like him they if they drop cabinet. You know what that's going to do the Nike if they drop them because like we're not another whether it's going to be it's going to be like okay you drop capper nick at the same time. These shoes Jews were dropped because I guess bad on Nike what what happens if they do this dumb thing and they're golden boy comes out and says hey guys this is racist. The Nike says Oh Shit. We didn't know Kapernick. We're GONNA pull this down point. I mean this story yeah. It seems like fucking away mass like movie or some Shit. It doesn't seem real that they just made this random as obviously fucked up racist asked mistake and had to be told by their guy who's around 'til a lot of people who are influenced by him and will cause a big up last. That's why y'all school Blair luck Bro. It's not a good thing it's it's. They got capitalistic because I knew it would be a good move but now like if cabinet says anything wrong with empl- employed who think that capper nick wouldn't just call Nike and be like Yo you might want to pull this down instead going public about it well. I hope I'm saying we'RE NOT GONNA pull it down. He's not gonNA say nothing at all. So you think that's what happened no scenario and now we're not GonNa pull the Shoe Colin Willie bombs if that did happen who's to say that Colin. What are we talking about? That's what happened when she was a go for this shit. No Shit Look Ninety. He's our Reebok's. I wear everything anyway so there you go see where we can afford. It's now Nike Those about Colin Kaepernick but discussing later about if they got rid of them but if they got rid of them when the shoe thing happened dropped him now yeah there'd be a huge backlash they say the reason there was on a governor Doug ducey on Tuesday say he was ordering the Arizona Commerce Authority to withdraw incentives for Nike Building. A main factor in plan is probably plant in the state and then he was at the Nike meeting <hes> or Barbecue <hes> he got caught a couple of weeks a couple of days later on that stuff. Go get him do say ace a set rocky man you also you also know he's in jail in June Jim Juicy J tweet something like free okay so he's at pray for my boy and I I was in the hospital. They're Machu Zizinho other country. So what did he do over there with some some local who's day his his bodyguard and a couple of other people but you watch and they really really try not to fight these guys and they killed following. We're trying. Let me try not to fight these two guys that were bothering ochre. No nobody was <music>. Follow me home saying you're toss like that I would have he's had that kind of like really know you ever seen him in person. He's like my size near but I've seen him do fuck off. I said the only only we know this is short. He was saying like like what do you call it like same. Yes no he's probably my my height or you might even taller that that's not a small guy you really not. I think I'm not a big guy like you wouldn't look at me like Oh that guy's about talk somebody across the street yeah I wouldn't. I don't need your new clean. Bruce Lee is so anyway <hes> but yeah so he turned himself in voluntarily <hes> and he was immediately put taken into custody and <hes> they held him because they were afraid he was going to leave the country and and that's it so the U._S.. Embassy is involved and <music> own man <hes> yeah it is man like 'cause they clearly as everybody saw and you are listening. If you haven't watched it check out the video but <hes> you can see they were not trying to fight these news at all aw man and they just they just got missile widow and then <hes> 'cause the first time I saw any mentioned on the fight was they were saying he was sitting there. Defending women <hes> get an ass lap <hes> by those men and I was like oh he's been a hero but I was it was a lot more than that so <hes> but how do you say this Haley Berry the rally berry. She's the Little Mermaid now she's gone. Tom Gotten that far. Sorry you're supposed to be white. Black folk swim no story. No I mean that's pretty much. The story is that UH Halle Berry is playing quick from chloe and Halle. I've never seen a book. What does that Halley group and that's what the fuck is highly? It's never continue. I don't I mean yeah so yes. She was selected to be Ariel in the New Little Mermaid live fill the film film not <hes> Broadway show right. I've actually been to Latin in Lion King Cool. That's okay yeah I mean she has experienced acting. She's on Greenwich. She things fucking exceptionally and she's going to sound like a Disney princess so I think it's the perfect White Shane. Why go but you know what I was seeing? A lot of things like the fact that <hes> the Little Mermaid was probably never supposed to have. I've been white to begin with because she's like from the Caribbean yeah the area. It's just Kinda like gentrified to begin with so I'm just like <hes>. That's very interesting during no black mermaids man you ain't never seen a black mermaid. I mean we bought Knigge made. What do you call nicknames Manege after me Shit you do get unison lobster in the blast? That's what I'm thinking about. She's like Sebastian opting about splash bashing the Jamaican making us do this. Now you think about Jamaican made no sense why yes what's her other friend fish flour white. I think you did why areas white and Sebastian crawfish. He's not a crawfish lobster. He's talking. He was across the cartoon movie. Take talking crosshairs. That's why Jamaican Oh my God he might be across wait. Wait wait lately. Don't think he's allows us to think about it. He's a coffee. I don't know he's a Jamaican crawfish. Josh Shit cartoons air delicious. That could be a lobster. You know what I should. I should now be crowd. There's no yeah he's a crawfish. Sebastian is an animated crab. Yes I think about it. He's good. He's a circular circular embarrassed about it. Have you ever thought he's a cross fucking Sebastian. Look like a lobster stor first of Oh wow this is the response first of all Sebastian looks more like a lobster than a crab crabs. Don't whatever they just have little is sticking out from their shells and Sebastian's head is definitely distinct from his body. Crabs are also rant round bodied intends to scuttle sideways. Oh God who got this this Shit Crab just a cartoon. It looks nothing like a crab crawfish fine Jamaican call him a crawfish crawfish. CRAWFISH wasn't disrespectful the rock since you're really asking me why never had crawfish when I was there so I would say it's more like a crabbing across his actually a crab at all across it looks more like a the legs are all into the show like that like he definitely in the movie lobster as well the only thing he only crab or lobster losses he does not like across his at all. He looks a little like across what he's sitting there. He kinda telling Fishy fucking cross. That's a crawfish. Let me bastion ship. The way we do. LEARY's fucking crawfish is not a slab across. It looks like a lobster crab or maybe the person that drew picked. Maybe they didn't know or maybe a little black character and then oh it's across if they're like Oh. No that's too racist flat hirose. It didn't take it out of the room action. It's GonNa be a life film and it was funny because when they were doing the casting they think just shows who's GonNa play Ursula and the the Internet like erupted with this whole who should play ursuline right. That's the feeling right but everyone well. I'm not going to everyone a lot. A lot of people were like she's clearly black. I feel like Ursula is black which one they chose her character because she's I think going to be played by Melissa McCarthy and they were like no. She's clearly black and you know I was you know I asked the Internet and a couple of other people took to twitter and they were like what exactly about Ursula makes. You think that she's black. It was like a mammy over beat me it yes when she got together in the recent weeks. I've learned that the reason why Ursula won't be played about by a black woman let's because she was inspired off of the drag queen. I forgot her name but this is her. Oh so you can see that the resemblance is Kenny Yeah Yeah Yeah intro ballistic said Melissa McCarthy's. It's GONNA play here. I believe Melissa who McCarthy Oh yeah yeah yeah. That's actually a good good can play her. What well that's a good that is they do yeah anyway so for those of you who have not heard <hes>? How will you know a lot of people are still being introduced to Halley from chloe and Halle <hes>? They're usually like a duo so to see them. Do something individually is going to be. I think refreshing you know they always typically work together <hes> but she does have a video of her singing and I feel like she's going to do really well was trying to show never ardor voice before he doesn't. She sounds amazing aw read here. You know yeah I think he has like that innocence to they play the Guy Right. I was told because I just I just never saw early. I think we'll have a hard time seeing what she's like. It's kind wait how we talk about what we let's move with the Scarlett Johansson as everyone else literally he senior those movies though oh I mean I feel like that's weird for everyone else who should have had her play the love interest with you for why even those robots your point okay you can roller skate underwater beat boss who play quickly. I'd be hilarious. I do want to clean it up though I think he's doped that a you know a black woman is getting another Lee role in the industry. It's just I guess why not find a different role for like just something new like how they did it. With the with the with the UH was a frog princess frog or something like that like just fine just that new character altogether like you've been brainwashed my brother what you mean no homes homes have been traditionally play by white people because they were they controlled everything the narrative yes so who knows what opportunities could have come about if it wasn't a case and I liked that is dope that and I know you're not saying you don't but I think that they're going back and they're starting to rewrite and recast all of these old films and put people of Color in it comes off a little bit here it does I would rather these companies. Company started writing the actual roles for like kind of understand I was like I don't think he'd want for saying bad I used to be I would prefer that if y'all start creating new characters instead sort of like lack when they're talking about making superman black power man made a bad motherfucker right I mean you don't feel like we can do both. Though I feel like both would be good. We both could be good in my opinion would be better okay. No I'll definitely take both especially because you know I did see a whole bunch of people saying that Oh Ursula should have been blocked because probably just for no other reason that she was fat and could sing but the fact that again they gave that Rolls Melissa McCarthy because the actual character as we just saw it was based on a drag Queen Name I want to say divine and they're not gonNA make multiple black characters in the same film. I wouldn't be weird yeah I think so but I don't know I just kind of feel like if you know Ursula had been cast as black that would have been more messed up than a mermaid who was apparently in based on nobody white to come into fruition so do you think guess situational too like when the fantastic four put Michael Jordan as Johnny Storm Weird <hes> the Black Superman that feels we're even though there is one but why make <hes> Clark Kent Bat instead of bringing the one the that they actually have at the hammer yeah yeah bring him but it was interesting when we were leaving the movie theater last night my son you know said when we were riding home he was like but here's something I don't understand in the movie Mary Jane was was black but everywhere else she's white. I don't get that and I was like okay so and I really didn't know how to answer that but just accidents basically saying that if they you're talking about Spiderman Spiderman the new movie right so you feel like to keep consistent. I guess that is tricky because it's like if you switch the main character do switch everyone else in that universe to man which is what what they did with some of the other characters because not because all of the characters in the comic were white in the movie. They're different <hes>. They're not all white. They're you know people of different races and colors so <hes> so that's Kinda how how is blamed it to him. I just just different people for more diversity. <hes> and I told him I said in the Commons they were all white but now they just wanted to do something different or chasm different. It's still weird for me to watch them a little bit but well. There's another wasn't there. A second comic. Had these people in them right. I'll have the best friend or whatever but his name was something else in the comic that he was still or something. I don't know either waivers lack Mary Jane they didn't really bother me like that but if if spider-man came down he was just like a brother I'd be like this is weird to your point right that created miles morales exactly so so a situation depends on house done gene. We're basically saying the same thing you have ever seen. The honeymooners remember also black and white so you never know right the Guy Knocker to the moon so you know they redid that with such an entertainer and Mike EPPs no I. I'm glad I didn't see it sounds like it's like okay. I mean like black any like the new one Bagley and she you know but the honeymooners rap Gabriel Kuhn szegedi entertainer might basically was a black honeymooners backflow grew up watching the honeymooners growing appeal to exactly so I was like Mellitus I feel like it could appeal to a new generation of people but then there's a new character than if you're appealing to a new generation if you're writing off of the wave of the old generation that's not going to appreciate that shit is really only white people really watch the honeymooners so it was like why would you then fast forward and be like Oh. We're GONNA ride off of this and make them black like. Why don't you go black? I Love Lucy I don't. I don't like three's company wants to see that. We're GONNA make San Francisco all white people. I you know they cry. Good Times Shit always good to worry about that because they not gonNA miss their brand. You're not going to miss the white brand and start the theme music so he's it's never been Dick. Well you know they get black votes on kicked him out the house so he got to get some money some. How did you guys hear about mark? Char Hawaiian Mark Char is he a spider man villain to know but he went to court where in black face thanks bye bye. We need more ridiculous yes. He is my hero life. You know we'll let that commercial. Would you be saying for real like that series. I couldn't believe I was reading too man. I was like what wants to ancestry a team and get access to black bass in jail. I think it said he had a permanent marker and he got here here or here. We we go a life sentence. Leave it to her now. This kangaroo court is giving in a life sentence for me trying to defend myself against attack from three guys in essence how this convert or kangaroo court why you like a black man so they're going to be a Blattman voted. I Guess Luke also Kangaroo Court to put a stay on my said seen any my appeal do my man that's amazing that is that is amazing the really before out this. He's really black now after he got for the already knew it's been the house like a black man. You WanNa be funny life nick that is crazy. There's a lot to really discuss about what just happened but he's all the time so let's go to have the starbucks thing on your list. Has Those Oh that'd be quiet. I don't know what else you have on your list. Oh just about the down crazy ice cream girl the blue bill liquor now you got to ask them locked ass up. I just peace out yeah in this. This chick put a video of her going into Walmart into ice cream section took it. I wanted to was blue bell ice cream opening it up Lee Lee Hafer liquor no uh-huh some liquor an ice cream tight action. They need the locker. You say you don't wait and she's a minor and so they said that they're not pressing charges or something and isn't it now starting to trend not because it was another ordeals somebody listerine dash it Brinkley gargled it and shit spit right back in the bottle with a seal crack. You deserve that and that was the thing that I was saying like you know if I was to get ice cream I would you know if that rapper is off the a little plastic wrapper. That's on the time they have them on. Why only vise screen that's like individually wrapped and stuff like that because I always thought in my mind somebody could probably just Tampa with this shit? We're spitting because they just like. I just never felt like okay about opening this right there. I want to say Ben. And Jerry's is like that to to be honest. It's like it's sealed really tight because of the way that they have like the ice cream I think they said they they freeze it upside down or something like that so that it sticks really heavily Yep. There's still another yeah I think maybe Hagen. Dazs has it <hes> this whole shit was nastiest man disturbing June. I just read that so they're not going to prosecute Proski her as an adult but there are two other people who did the same wall some something similar and are they just are. They not going to be investigated that they were going after her because she really affected. It's like a P._R.. Nightmare now you put the Shit on whenever she just had the flue she was trying to tamper with products so she said it was like flu bell season or something to sooner as tale. I don't give a fuck period and everyone's like are being so harsh with the sentencing and it should just be slap on the wrist and I can't believe you guys don't do anything besides jail punishment bitch kiss my fucking ass bitch jail. I don't give a fuck literally. That's so crazy to me like I feel like somebody like the person who were like. I don't know if it's the person who recorded somebody of age got to do some time for this shit. That's crazy to me accused. The man is crazy right Tiki Liz. They just WANNA give they're trying to get famous doing some shake. Oh just let her pay a small fine and do some community service. This is crazy because this like literally the intent like this is so similar to what happened with the whole all the time and all tylenol situation where they didn't have labels and then people won't tampering with products and then like people died at the hands of it. Yeah nobody died but this is still like that's why those laws were put in place because you can't tamper with products a because it affects the consumers I and beat it affects the fucking brand like yes. I understand that you know they probably should have double sealed packet or like those packages where I think you have like the little plastic on the outside the rap on the outside. It's not always on the inside but <hes> yeah like they should have that as well but if you're if you're going into the <hes> I'll and licking something or tampering with any type of product that people you're putting it right back for somebody else to literally pick it up right behind you. They're go. You know what I'm saying. It's like and I feel like it's very common that people go and pick it up at the grocery store all the time not necessarily with the intent to not look at it but if you've ever gone to go get a coke and then you get home and you're like Oh shit this diet or Osha this coq Bonello Osha <hes> you know this is pulp orange juice when I wanted no no pulp or whatever like that happens all the time so and she just had the flue she literally said that her intent was to get people sick so and she posted like there's literally no denying this and people were commenting commenting on her post like hey you know this is kind of fucking Nastier in your gross for this and I hope they find you and she was like fuck that Shit y'all just some haters. I don't Care Da da locked I bishop. I don't give a fun. Oh we can try Dr Quick on this one. <hes> you hear about the starbucks thing where these these cops came in starbucks and bought their drinks and they were sitting over there just having their drinks and one of the one of the customers went up to starbucks that hey we don't feel comfortable at these cops here ear and starbucks went and told the cops like you have to move to the other side of the place or leave here about going bowling boycotting starbucks Lillian again this time it was like before and that's without the whole interesting part of the story star was gotten that before because that random black dude has got a wrestling and they had to have that sensitivity training so now it's like they're trying to do the like the going way way too far and they told these cups blue or leave because this person over here is uncomfortable with you being here Naba. I'm surprised I didn't see the she thought it was Kinda fucked up too like they just sitting there and they drink coffee minority businesses. You obviously don't feel safe so y'all leave like for them to actually do that. Shit I haven't seen anybody say like the cops actually didn't crowded Disney's I've seen so far and this isn't even just from the right side like even people on the left. I haven't seen anyone se the cops. Did Anything Joe J. Lanier drinking coffee and Chilin like taking a break. Somebody was like looking at them right now over here. Come somewhere that I met. I get uncomfortable but I would never go to the front be like hey. They're bothering me. Can you make them leave. Just leave so I thought the whole thing was as weird it is it is yeah that's fucked up. y'All need to cut this shit starbucks lower prices that what you need to do but it's kind of like a probably drank for free anyways to kick him out. They didn't tell you a free copy free coffee. I'll like them. I don't feel safe free shit and keep the all all the time just roll up and they're filled up and roll out so damn that's fucked up anywhere. That's going to do it for top this week. We're going to jump into common commentary after we come back from this quick break if he folded you like would you go from <unk>. Dot Com Bro. I can't even trip is been really good in the main. Reason why I'm saying that is my wife. She cannot stand all of the Colognes I pick so I was really surprised that she really liked this one. I I put it on she was able to pick up all the sense that we're in it and she just really loved it. She didn't give me no flat for using it. How about you from my girl? She piggies hill too but when output that sent all from the Pakistan I got it was on a pop man. I'm telling you man I I swear by. They got outside of their homegrown stuff like they got product time for Calvin Klein Gucci on it. 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We have a we're back for comic commentary we have to the first is from silly putty sixteen twenty who says that y'all really need to give Elizabeth Warren more credits. She's really the only decent candidates barely mentioned her. I get his early but damn she's the only candidate with actual policy plans and y'all talking about old man Biden Haydn and Birdie S. H.. Well my brother. If that's the case wanted to also you should have dropped some links and let us know what those things are some examples yeah yeah instead of jumping on us for that. What the thing is we need someone when that's GonNa be trump at this point and in even if our policies are better than theirs about whether she'll be at a beat trump I think at this point is what people are saying? That's cool yeah. It might be better than Biden but like see really Lee beach from saying Kamla although she maybe better than them or I don't know if this is you know yet right right right but if she was like the favorable candidate was he actually be able to beat trump. Which is why he he he doesn't have a problem pushing like Oh? They're doing a great job. You know what I'm saying. He knows that somebody like Biden and even maybe even Senator Sanders He. He's not sure about them. Which is why he's going that attacking packing them trying to you know different characters and stuff so yeah don't give a fuck about Elizabeth and calmly put them up there yeah yeah he he did initially sleepy yeah not once <hes> once biding jumped in and he put his attention on on them so the other one was <hes> from Chemo Saadi Ninety four <hes> yeah the the ironic part is that Kamala Harris came out a few days after the debate and said that buses should not be mandated by the federal government but by the individual school districts which is the same position she criticised Biden for having during the bait and national included elite <hes> with with what they were signing so so both comments about the yet and that's it <hes> says <hes> Senator Kamala Harris said the buses should be said about school district trying to desegregate eight their locations and she said buses should not be a federal mandate <hes> she appeared to support him pointedly criticizing rival Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden last week and <hes> shout today? Oh <hes> who actually it does the thing about <hes> Cocoa Gov also about cocoa fifteen-euro tennis player yeah she is but she venus and she beat her saw like she's in the Fourth Round fifteen the two years old from Atlanta Georgia yeah she got the Venus and Serena spider a lot so there's a young go ahead and do her thing. Just use the system and yeah eighteen years old. That's crazy yeah. We're remember Serena wasn't named Naomi or something like that. She's like black and like as Innis half black half Korean years talking about yeah. She beat her in the final yeah last year but she went right right. She was young young. Though this COCO is I'm like wow cocoa truth and and debt last match she was down five two in the second-set inc came back. It came wow the truth to win. Yes she is she drew limited early this tournament though but she true I'm Sam but this year I'm all right now. I got sent you stop acting like Y'all care about tennis anyway. I knew about tennis when this involved yeah. Exactly I also know hockey. Come on okay yeah. My kids play tennis. I actually got them. Lessons like lesson. So tennis is tennis is about to be is a thing about okay mic about caring about something if a black person gets involved Hokey to me to me because it's a lame ass boy it was lane before but all of a sudden now yeah lamotte's full fucking tigers showed up all yo man go watch golf cornelis play out there that I agree yes put some fucking hold on there for fucking poor people John Watching them fucking get this Goddamn ball four or five times and taking goddamn whole tennis's dope because it's basically like a bigger version of ping-pong and our Washington before Ping Pong. No Dad knew about it the popular players but like I wasn't like Yeah Serena's there wasn't anybody to watch. I remember hearing her name Black people have you know why would I really Chris Poplar and you know as a teenager but we don't watch the whole sport like that but then when you start to see some sisters there right and recap who like Oh okay that we got it made it more interesting interesting to what we really did. Stop paying literally. That's what you're saying. That's not man it is. I think baseball is the only sport that it could be all black. People and I wouldn't watch budget you might not but well alright okay so you and there was a black dude showing up fucking playing hockey y'All star watching hockey Charlotte almost like watching it but I'll be like Oh. I think it's one do call a P K something it covered. H of that was a big deal. He's on the cover in each video game and I just let us be happy to games but I'm like damn. That's don't that you know finally got a black. A black may represent visas be said you would start watching hockey. There have been black hockey players. I have not watched hockey name to wash became. I can't remember two other brothers name Costco Tho- but I've been how he gains before though Mike before that Bradley the train was real good team like team really white people in Detroit. I didn't know that yeah and I start watching hockey because of that. <hes> so hockey is less interesting than tennis. I'd Rather Watch hockey and tennis. Tennis is a lot more entertaining interesting King God. It's so boring. It's boring this. You got to watch it but it's fucking boring. My mom wanted to Serena's on their hockey's basically just football on I it's boring. That's a sport ice skating. Are you on crack. I suppose so yeah well at least this cool right right. Wait a minute. You Watch ice. Skating ice. Skating is dope as fuck in sports in the Olympics in what you guys are out of your fucking know. Maybe you are okay. I'll be that thing you play my watching them playing report which was ice skating. Who's losing is that what in the cooler not the currency did not know what the Hell No? It's when you get in the little sled on that slide thing and you have to fly down as fast as possible winter sport downs you what it is mostly as the white name for bobsledding now yes now fall to see what it sounds like a cornerback like sports automatically 'cause there's some a sports coupe four four before back and forth my plane. That's why you're playing sports though I don't think basketball's Ause lame oh no I don't watch it but it's interesting to watch for about five minutes on Onoda Golly. Go out and try to play now. It's not I just WANNA drive ranges and I liked by many regular. I've played golf. I got home. I always he hold initiative. This is like the drive serving the ball. Playing a game of golf is the most boring changed the world like not as she did. You play with niggers. Oh that's why the cow we've man. We have a blast last week I couldn't do you probably with uppity. Blacks play golf literally exactly it was business daddy blacks or blabbity black no you golfers golfers really guard ghetto now. This is all the rain I still look at you like why the fuck yes job. I will tiger woods as all your all. Your guys would over your right reminds me of O._J.. White woman yet let the yeah like the same type type of black. They give me that all right. What does that mean acts like Transam Day? Can I repeat. I'm not hating on them. y'All Corny Oranje. Wow didn't give a shit on a black person showed is getting a sport. You're disqualified. Disqualify me for not doing anything about ice skating. Nobody watches fucking yeah. I don't want People Watch ice skating here watches. I your mother and his grandmother. That's me that's three Japan him. You ought ice skating through come on just to watch with my grandmother four well four Negroes Watson ice game. It's not make that Shit fucking inclusive people sit out somewhere. Black people wasn't fucking okay. Wait serious question is golfing the Olympics why why they asked that question I give a fuck of Gulping clearly ice skating and even bigger sport if it's featured in the bigger sports in Gulf why the fuck no one is getting a bigger sport than golf bringing more than golf really yes. <hes> I have no idea what are you looking for more money. I don't think worldwide like people soccer's. It's like five hundred hundred soccer the Olympics yes no don't they just have a World Cup Olympic studio talking about White Sports. Excuse me away sport. It's not like Olympics. Excuse me I've never seen this yet ever wash their sheets playing down. Two Games would probably take up an entire segment for real anyways so let's jump into the questions portion of the show. Don't forget to send your questions to is the mic still on a g mail DOT COM our first question today is from do they need to pick Ni. I don't no no no. Let's just go with Jona all right. Hello everyone I need advice. Don't try to keep it short. I met this girl while in college in North Carolina spring us twenty two thousand seventeen. She's from Georgia Asia and I'm from Massachusetts. I was a junior and she was a senior about to graduate in two months. She didn't want anything serious since he was since she was about to graduate but I persisted we continue to talk and have sex until she graduated and went back home. We've been living together since August of two thousand eighteen after my lease was up and I'm not repeating this question again. Okay good. I'm just saying there seems like a lot of interaction the corner k. all right however ever uh-huh. I constantly find myself wanting to be a long damn way uh however I constantly find myself wanting to be alone genuinely care about her and I don't WanNa feel like I'm stringing her along. I feel like it's been like it's best for me to be on my own. I moved out here to be here with her last summer and have no family her and her family have been supportive of US however I felt the same thing back in October and we broke up temple temporarily for a week and <hes> and was felt bad and Oh and I felt bad and we ended up getting back together. I kept seeing her down social media. I guess that's the reason why he got back together with her. While I can afford to be on my own I started in a job back in November. I think there are too many factors on the con side cons are she's manipulative hurtful non understanding into the main reason for me wanting to stay not hurting her. Any advice would help. You sound like you just answered your own question right yeah you just said could I was gonNA say some until he said that what were you. What were you gonNA say I? I don't know that he just maybe just going through some things. Sometimes you just WanNa be alone sometime like you don't want interaction or being a relationship. I heard that you know like I I went through that for a while. I'M GONNA say well to us. I was I was straight with being single but sometimes you just need that time. You know what I mean. I thought that that may have been what he's what he was experiencing but then he said that and I'm like oh well that's different. Yeah I mean it's okay to not you know it's okay to change your mind. Just let let that person know and don't be scared that you're going to hurt their feelings because either way like this is a thing like with a relationship I think people are so scared of being vulnerable and people are scared of getting hurt but that's inevitable when you're trying to be together with somebody else. You're not always GONNA agree. You're not always going to be on the same side of <hes>. You know situations things like that but yeah you're going to hurt. I mean don't be a Dick about an and we like. Hey Fuck you. I hate you. Don't ever talk to me again but I mean you like. There can be a nice way way of saying something that is hurtful. You know what I'm saying like. You know you're going to hurt them. Regardless so just do that. Shit now does during that Shit along because you're stringing along right now. That's GonNa make it worse in the answers all questions you say like. I don't know why he's like just if he doesn't want to be with her. You just let her down easy. Just like you know hey I want to be by myself or I WanNa Spin Oh you know I want to be alone and have understand that and then I mean he's hurt but rather than just trying to like I don't WanNa hurt her feelings and then all of a sudden like it comes out in the wrong way and then this huge blowup happens so stellar stellar. Let her down easy so three months after living together he realized that he wants wants to be by himself dirty. Maybe she realized I mean he will live together. Just like sometimes when you live with somebody like that right here so I think I missed part to <hes> they said we shut up distraction anyways. We've been living together since August two thousand eighteen after my lease was up and moved in with her in her family but then it was just us us too since November twenty eighth her but I mean if they've been supportive I mean that's a whole different situation. That's November. They've been just them to right so it can't be. I don't think it's they wars and I don't think it was that long. It was long. Sometimes it'd be long enough. Oh my God it'd be long enough. Yes yes. I'M GONNA be with for the rest of my life one. I feel that it doesn't get your family. I don't like your family's the best way yeah she's executive hurtful. None understand aww like I'll get the next fight that she started me like I can't do this anymore. Easy peasy. I like it started fighting you but I mean if she's all these things. It sounds like a fight will start down but he was the one that pursued I want to be in. She looked good on instagram. He said but you get back together right. She was like she wanted to just we can just Lutheran yeah baby right. You WanNa Times that happens. You can want somebody and then be with them and be like this is trash. I'm out. He should've knew that I'll come hooked good. That's what it sounds like. He didn't like her personality which you know they weren't they. They call it off. She said he you said once he pursued her then they was they went along and they started having sex. They broke up and they got back together again. Draws by couldn't get nobody else was like well shit. Dan Old school the good. We decided to go back to the hotel room with Adnan G._T.. Deep Jazz track. What is <music> all right? Jonah will thank you for your question. Thank you for asking yourself here yeah. She's majorities for minimum. Okay all right brother far full week. He didn't have sex for a week and was like shit. He's dried up dry dusty yeah looking at his hands like breaking the term Eh Ice Skate eight away man appreciate your grand deaf or sitting in for this week and research a sifting our invite to come to you know when I can you know what thank you all right. That's going to do this. We would oh last name man. This is con- last show right Yep. This is Congress. I wasn't on you know escape at the House. What about it? I'm just saying so appreciate your con- you know for the last year of putting up with us a hardware on the show together. Yes all that again so to me. I'm not all we it go. It's nothing like that no more no more man. This is true you see linked on what she was talking about having that exact same conversation jars so miserable when it comes to hip hop though but it's not gonna get you sweet we up. Hey I'm Sapphire one. Here's something scary. 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