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Welcome to the fantasy football overtime. Podcast I'm your host Jake with me as always is Matt Win Tyler. Holler back here. We are another episode tonight. We're going to be looking at the tight end. Rankings going over little fantasy heartbreakers and we got a little family feud style quiz boys. How you doing Joe doing amazing chilling hanging out with you guys talking some Football Matt. How're you doing? I am doing great episode number four. All Bell tight ends. Well historically I am terrible. Drafting tight ends but this year. It's going to be a different story. I've done my research. We're GONNA right are wrong from previous years. It's great to have you guys here so we're going to dive into the fantasy heartbreakers. What I want from you guys is. I want you guys to touch on the fantasy players. That broke your hearts over the years. There's so many on my from today's episode. My fantasy seasons have been. My heart has been broken so often so much stock such real estate into some players so many tears have come from the player. I'm about to talk all right. So give me your top three for me top three Doug. The Muscle Hamster. Martin drafted him in two thousand. Fourteen had a horrible year. Kept them into two thousand fifteen at a really good year captain sixteen and ever since he was absolutely horrible. Second for me. The Patriots running backs always seem to just crush soul and the third is again on running backs. It's Alvin Kamara and Murray have lan. The other one gets touched on. Have another one. The other one gets touchdown catalogs harvey. Abc's Matt let me hear about your fantasy heartbreaks. So I have all twelve different tight end stories. I could tell over the year but I'm GonNa Start with the worst one. Which was Dennis Pitta Baltimore Ravens Tight? End and twenty thirteen. Who's having a career year? The guy that had them also had another stud tight end at the time so I thought hey this could be my opportunity to finally go out and get a star tight. End Traded draft capital for the following season to get him was all excited. I actually was texting my friends making fun of them or the fact that I finally had a good tight end. The very first series. He dislocated his hip and he never played again. Oh it was terrible. I actually cried my next. One is Kevin Coleman. Ooh He was on my list but not in the top three. He's number two on my list. I had Kevin Coleman since he was drafted always had high hopes for them every single year. This is going to be as year. Now he's had them just at good enough value to keep him the following season. My Keeper Leagues. I don't even know I feel like he's been in the League for fifteen years. I think he's only been the by five pat him every single year. The Times you play 'em doesn't do anything like you said the Times you sit them scores a touchdown that devante Freeman. Tevin Coleman Split Holly Louis. I've lost a lot of sleep over that one. Amen thank you. My number. Three on the list came from last year. Juju Smith Schuster had an all star team lined up. This was a keeper league. This was my all in year. This is my time to shine time to get that name on the trophy. It was my time to get the name on the trophy draft Juju at the end of the first round. I couldn't believe you was still there. And a keeper. League was a lot of good players off the board. Juju fell right to me. I ran up to the board competently. Think I fist bumped couple times Juju. He was awful big. Ben went down in Juju irrelevant. I held onto him all season. Because it's do you have to? He broke my heart last year. I also jude joined the Juju heartbreak. Train we'll go over that any further detail number. Three for me was also from the year. Two thousand eighteen and this one isn't probably as like dramatic is what you're thinking but it was the Vance dance. I was hyping the van stance all of last year before the draft. This is going to be your breakout player of the year and boy did he break my heart. I was on that boat to sink really quick. Doing Vance Dan. I was doing the Vance dance for a week. And then I never vance danced again similar to our trade bull of two thousand eighteen. Yes Boo boo twenty eighteen. Rip At would be Trey Burton. My number two heartbreak was actually the year that I dropped. Rob Gronkowski to pick up Aaron Hernandez. Oops yes but you say you kill that Decision Con- forever R I P as well. Yes that was before. Rob Gronkowski was rob Gronkowski so Aaron Hernandez start off season hot. I had rob. He was still there. I dropped him. They flip flop roles. Aaron Hernandez did what Aaron Hernandez did and we don't need to touch out the rest. Would you say that one shot in the foot not PLAXICO burress? My number one. Fantasy heartbreak was released. How Cincinnati Jeremy Hill? He was so bad I picked him fourth overall that year and my season was off. I won one game that season thousand before I really started doing my research. Yes that was nice. Feel so good now as nice to get that to get over those heartbreaks. Thanks guys tyler. Sounds like you had a little bit of a game for us this week. I do have a fun little game for us here. It's GONNA be around tight end since this episode is about tight ends and it's GonNa be tight ends with the most receiving yards in their career. So are you saying same? As the last episode words franchise or just top ten all time top ten all time so okay. They can both play for the same franchise. Although I doubt any doubt that happens anywhere. Never know. Never know anything's possible like Kevin Garnett. Sure the way it's GonNa work is we'll flip a coin to see who goes first and we'll play until you have three strikes and we'll just alternate back and forth. Okay let's do it right. Sticking with heads that was incorrect. It's tails tails never fails. How do you not know this? It's tails always all right. Jake your first up here okay. So top ten fantasy fantasy top ten tight end yardage of all time what we're going for. Correct all right. Let's go with Tony. Gonzalez Tony Gonzalez is number one. All time receiving yards over fifteen thousand a lot of yards. Let's take the next one off the board of Rob Gronkowski. I don't know if I would say quite easy with. He was tied number ten. Jason Witten Jason. Witten tight end number. Two let's go with gates. That is a really good on number. Three let's go with Kellen winslow. Won't I thought that would have been a good? It's a good one. He's number twelve. Oh I got one more thing or wait. So we're still going right. We're so three. Strike Guy Shannon. Sharpe tight end number four. I am all out of ideas. Jeremy shockey while kingdom. Yeah all right so you have to. Strikes Matt has zero zero? I'm I'm out of even guesses. Let's go bubba. Franks while Gump shrimp on your mind or what. I'm okay all right. Let's go with Zach being the top ten. We said Jay current on that win. Because I literally don't even have another guess completing out the list a Gonzalez in Gates Shannon Sharpe at four had Greg Olsen at five Ozzie. Newsome played seventy eight to ninety. Jackie Smith played sixty three to seventy eight. Jimmy Graham at number nine and Gronkowski at ten to round it out other one. We should have been able to Jimmy Graham. Yeah see and that's all right thought Zakar. It was I thought he would have more yards. Graham hasn't been a big yardage guy as of late. Seventy eight hundred all right so let's jump into our consensus tight. End Ranking how this is GonNa work is similar to the quarterback rankings that we did on the previous episodes. So if you haven't listened to that one can make sure you go back and check it out. What we did is ranked. Our top tight ends one through fifteen. We'll go over them in order and if anyone was higher low on a particular player will stop and talk a little bit about. Why but number one was coming in at Travis Kelsey. Let's hear something here. Chief's Fan boy looking at you well. I don't think I have to sell Travis. Kelsey too hard. He's extremely durable hundred and thirty six targets last season. Ninety seven receptions twelve hundred yards five touchdowns plays in the best offense in football. We all had Kelsey at number one. I don't even think it was close. You can't go wrong landing Travis Kelsey on your team. Nope that was a clear number. One for all of us Also a clear number two with George. Kill out of the forty niners. Don't need to say a whole lot about him. He's just a monster after the catch when he gets the ball in his hands breaking tackles. Yeah Kiddo is a consensus number two. We all had them at number two hundred seven targets in fourteen games last season. He had eighty five receptions over a thousand yards and five touchdowns as well might have actually surpassed Kelsey in quite a few of those metrics had played all sixteen games. Yeah so do we think this is like a one a one B similar to Lamar homes or do you think it's a clear one into I think it's a clear one two. I think Kelsey is going to go one in almost every draft it you can justify taking kit over. Kelsey just because there's a lot of different receivers and weapons in Kansas City but like I've said all the weapons and all the episodes I want is much Kansas City chiefs. Offense is I can get so I would say go. Kelsey number one absolutely. Yeah I think it shows an our rankings that we both had them both one and two that these are the clear wanted to instead about one a one B yeah. I think it's Chelsea Tier One tier two tier three moving down from that coming in at number three tight end was Mark Andrews We do not all agree tyler. Actually Heads Zach Ertz at number three men. I both agree that Mark Andrews was the third tight end. Matt what are you got so I'm really really high on Mark Andrews. A season a ravens had one hundred eighty targets. Too tight ends a year ago. Andrews was a huge part of that in ninety eight targets. Sixty four receptions. Eight hundred fifty yards in the big one here ten touchdowns. I see him being the GO-TO in the red zone once again. Eight hearst Outta town which is twenty five percent of the targets Nick Boyle had the other twenty five percent of the targets but I actually see a majority of that vacancy going towards Mark Andrews. Now that he is the established tight end in Baltimore. I think you can absolutely make case for Zach Ertz being number three but that is why I am leaning towards Mark Andrews. I'm expecting big things. I wouldn't be surprised if he actually exceeds his ten touchdowns from last season. Those are all really points The reason why I have Erz higher is because I have Andrews regressing on the touchdowns. I'm not sure if Tennessee sustainable there. I'm hoping the Ravens get some wide receiver help just to take some of that burden off. Andrews boil sliding in their solid tight end to for them is GONNA up from twenty-five percent but the big thing is just the amount of times eagles target their tight ends two hundred and forty times last year. Expect urge to get close to a thousand yards in twenty twenty with close to one hundred receptions just under yeah I love Jacquards is well. I had them coming in at number four last season. Yeah yet one hundred and thirty five targets. The only thing I don't like is is not that far behind him. He had eighty seven targets only thirty reception difference. Three hundred yard different so even though they target their tight ends fifty times more than any other team last year. I still just think that split is a little closer than it should be Zach Ertz to. He's in the final year of his contract. I mean if Erz was to get injured at all Godart steps in and I can see them. I can see urge being a prime candidate to be traded. I just really think. Philly's going to want to see what they have and got her even more this season they have and that's what alternately pushed me down to number four for him. Yeah that's same with me. I think it's going taking a little bit more of urges targets even if he does stay healthy so it's going to be even closer to that fifty fifty split and coming in at number five. Darren Waller man what she got so daring waller had a phenomenal season. Last year. He had one hundred seventeen targets he caught ninety passes for eleven hundred yards. It came out of nowhere to I. Didn't even know to look this up. Waller played in Baltimore in Twenty Fifteen and twenty sixteen. He didn't even play in two thousand seventeen. He went to Oakland in two thousand eighteen and had six total receptions. And then look what he did. Last year he went undrafted in virtually every single league. So it was pretty incredible what Darren while I brought to the table last year. Super incredible coming out when I initially did my projections this year. I actually had them higher than here. But then relooking at the Oakland offense especially with getting our boy henry rugs yes. Yeah those targets I think are going to be a little bit. More SPREAD OUT THIS YEAR. Kind of dropping waller a little bit down my projections. I was GONNA ask if you guys are worried about rug stealing. Any of Waller's work. I have them. I mean obviously he's GonNa steal some of it because there's just not enough passes to go around and that offense but are you at all worried about rugs stealing a large portion of waller's I'm not. I still have all baller getting ninety receptions for me. It's just can waller repeat what he did last season like. Look at what we just talked about. He had six total receptions over the last two seasons coming into this year coming into last year so he obviously burst onto the scene. I'm buying the hype I would love to have. Darren Waller my team. Especially in for all the receptions. He gets but there is definitely reason to be skeptical that he can repeat. I think no one's doubting his talent is just the off. The field questions is why he didn't make a large impact all those years and I it seems at least that. He's corrected some of those demons in his personal life. Well great thing they just went to Las Vegas. That won't bring demons. Ellis Corona virus is GonNa do some good for the raiders franchise after all keeping out of trouble coming in at tight end number six. Is Tyler higby meant? What do you got on Tyler? I actually love Tyler. Picked them up last year and he was an absolute beast on the stretch from week. Thirteen on once ever got injured in his final. Five Games. Forty three receptions on fifty-six targets five hundred twenty two yards and two touchdowns that's over just the last five games talked about it last year. I absolutely loved drafting players. That have strong finish to the season that seemed like they're in sync with the offense. There's I mean Gerald Everett is still there but they proved higby proved with a better tight. End is we're GONNA see a lot of tyler higby early and often in two thousand twenty. Some of the things coming into my higby projections is ever at coming back. A little bit scary. Because we only had sixty nine receptions on the entire year and whatever Matt said there what was it like forty five. The last few games in the last five games so yeah. That's crazy wasn't wasn't used much at the beginning of the year. So one thing that kind of does keep them where he is on the projections is how are they gonNA utilize higby and Everett? Yeah my rebuttal to that would be that. They are definitely switching to more of eleven personnel. Which is too tight ends on the field at all times getting away from that three wide receiver sets featuring so heavily in the beginning of last year was brandin cooks leaving town. I think you're gonNA see higby and Everett on the field a lot together which. Nfl is going to give it some more targets. But it's going get higby all those targets that he missed the beginning of the year coming in at number seven. Was Evan Ingram Tyler. What are you GonNa Evan for? Ingram all about staying healthy only played eight games last year. What are we going to get this year out of him? Yeah there's a lot of those feed that offense. Daniel Jones like spread the ball around. But Tyler hit it right on the head if he stays healthy he's definitely going to be a top seven tight end. I don't think there's any doubt about it but I don't see him staying healthy because he hasn't been able to no-one's dylan the talent there with Ingram. Keep saying it's all about the health. Reportedly the giants did come out and say that they're pretty unhappy with his inability to stay on the field. So it'd be interesting to see if they would look at considering trading him or if that just means nothing or whatever that is but they did come out and say that. So it's it's interesting on the less. Let's move onto tight end number eight hunter Henry Matt. What do you got for? Hunter Hunter's very similar to Evan. Ingram when he is healthy. He's great but he's also very injury. Prone a huge fan of the situation at quarterback between either Justin. Herbert Tyrod Taylor. Like we talked about last week. You Still Got Mike Williams Keenan Allen Austin out of the backfield. I wouldn't mind having Hunter Henry. I think you can definitely do worse than that. But not very excited about getting hunter Henry Mit. Either I'm the little guy. Hunter Henry is just not a good situation. Tyrod Taylor's only thrown for twenty touchdowns is the most he's ever thrown four and a season. So if you take into consideration Hunter Henry Mike Williams Keenan Allen in Austin who is going to get some receiving touchdowns. I just don't see Hunter Henry. Getting above five maybe six touchdowns and at the time position touchdowns as what's make or break for fantasy so that's why. I'm a little bit more down on him. Plus the injury scares obviously. He hasn't played deal a fall season. These always missing time. So factor that in with the bad situation with tyrod presumably being the quarterback is just not a good mix for me. I kind of like a tight end. Role did get more targets in tyrod type offense just somebody that security blanket there. I mean when it comes to the red zone not tyrod is going to be looking into run. If if the verse read is an open tyrod is going to scramble. And it's there he's going for it. He's still a good athlete even at his age like he's going to rush for touchdowns that ultimately should've gone probably two hundred hundred hundred but I just see tyrod running into many of those. The tomake Hunter Henry True Titan on. Let's move on to nine. What do we got? We had jared cook at number nine. Jared Cook is just your your work in Man Titan. Nothing flashy in a powerful offense. Yeah if you wait on tight end. Jared Cooks on the board and you just want a safe option. A tight end. That WON'T KILL. Ya but isn't GonNa win you too many weeks. Jared cooks your man. Jared Cook is number ten for me. You can definitely do worse. But I I'M NOT DRAFTING. Jared Cook inside of the top ten rounds if you slide to there than sure but. I am not going to go out on my way to draft. Jared Cook completely agree with that coming in at number ten. We have Austin Hooper once again. I'm Kinda the Logan Hooper here. I just think it's because there's so many targets to go around in that Cleveland. Offense what do you say? A lot of mouths to feed would use the phrase a lot of most feed in in Cleveland yet. There's way too much going on in the Cleveland. Offense between Odell Jarvis. Landry you got cream. Hunt Out of the backfield. Nick Chubb they also just exercise the fifth year on David Joke who rate year last year and Atlanta. But I don't know if that's going to translate to fantasy success here in two thousand twenty. I am probably Avoiding Austin. Hooper in fantasy draft. Yeah with Kevin Fancy coming from Minnesota. They RAN MINNESOTA. Last year ran the most eleven personnel sets in the entire. Nfl and I have a feeling. That's the fancy is going to keep that when he goes to Cleveland with WHO and Hooper so the ladder. The tight end targets are going to be split pretty evenly. Run out the top fifteen tight end rob Gronkowski. Tj Hopkinson Mike. You Seki Norfolk in Dallas scattered in that order tyler. What do you got for us on Rob Gronkowski had all the rob I definitely took this ranking down for us here J. Cad Rob at eight Matt at eleven and I had to kind a pencil them into my rankings at sixteen interesting so I just want to kind of hear your thoughts around why ranking Gronk so high well first off sixteen is offensive to the Great Rob Gronkowski the name or like his skills right now everything okay. I mean he took a year off is going to be healthy. He might have his health back. We Know How good rob. Gronkowski can be if he can stay healthy. We don't know what to expect in a Tampa Bay offense but we've seen him with Tom Brady for his entire career. So I'm buying into the hype a little bit but Rob Gronkowski is GonNa go sooner than eleven at the tight end position so I don't see myself getting rock is gonNA take him earlier. There's going to be folks like me that have gronk higher than they probably realistically should. I like rock coming into the Bruce. Arians offense slimmer lighter and healthier Bruce Arians already said they doesn't want Gronk to bulk up to his bigger size because I don't think they're gonNA use as a frontline blocker like patriots. Did all those years. I think they're gonNA split Gronk like another wide receiver. Let them beat up on some linebackers in corners if they decide or safeties wherever they decided to put up he's GonNa be bigger than them regardless. So there's going to let him run Shaw lettuces and not try to use him so much as a bully like the Patriots did. There's no denying Tom Brady. Gronkowski amazing dual hundred percents but in football. There's only one ball for all these all these players. So you have Godwin Evans. They just got tyler. Johnson Justin Watson Cameron -brate OJ. Who knows what's going to happen there. Klaus von and Roggio Roggio Peyton barbs. Oh a lot of people there. Box only target their tight ends eighteen percent of the time over the last three years and last year. They through like an incredible six hundred. Thirty Times guessing. That's going to regress some down to just because Brady is more accurate. They're not gonNA need to throw as much down to like five hundred ninety times. So that's only one hundred twelve targets for Gronk and Cameron break so if few gets a good portion of those. It's only eight targets. So fifty seven receptions. He's going to get a hundred and forty points at his best. So tight end eleven. I'm just not buying into the Tampa Bay hype train around Rob Gronkowski. Bruce Arians came out is going to use as weapons. He wants to be a lean. Mean fighting machine. Bruce Arians really hasn't used as tight ends. The only place he did was I mean Arizona didn't have any tight ends arguably and then Pittsburgh he had heath Miller the thing is is it. GonNa be Arians decision or is Tom Brady on the place. That's a safety valve could be. It's just a completely different than a check offense. Yeah I think there's just a lot of unknowns with ultimately we're all going to be hands off because like you said he's just going to go to high because of his name value but I think he's going to be better than your sixteenth rink again. That's just offensive. I'm just trying to let our listeners know. Don't buy into the GRONK train. I think it's wasting a pick in the seventh round or something like that. The last person I wanted to talk about was Dallas Goddard. Who had landing at number fifteen talked about him briefly earlier. But just a recap. If you're in a keeper League go and Get Dallas Gutter. Erz is in the last year of his contract. I see him not being what the Eagles next year. I think God or is be a start. I think he's going to be the guy next year but for this year especially if I was to go down. Got Her instantly steps into a top five tight end in fantasy purposes. All about taking a late round flyer on her and making sure that your stashing him for next season. Because I'm quite confident. He is going to be the guy next year if not this year. I'm all over. The only thing is he's not going to be a late round flyer I think people are GonNa grab him because they run so many two tight end sets. They target the Eagles Target Titans two hundred forty times. So he's going to get GRONK GONNA get for targets the the tight end to yet. It's a fair point. He had eighty seven targets last year. Had Fifty eight receptions six hundred yards so you might not be able to get them nearly as late as any other backup tight end in the league but Goddard is going to go later than some of the starters. I think you gotta go out and get it this year. That pretty much wraps up our tight ends. I think you're what are you guys? Just thoughts on tight ends when you're drafted him where you're going. I look at tight end like the quarterback position. I'm not spend the capital on getting one of the top dogs. And at that point you might as well just waits until the end of the draft to get a starter. I mean you can get someone like Hayden hearst with probably your last pick in the draft and that guy is walking into ninety five targets in the Atlanta offense. If you're drafting Kelsey Keitel Andrews. That's as good as a flyers. You can take on a tight end. Yeah I'M NOT GONNA pay the capital. That's going to cost to get a travis. Calcio George kittle. I would love to bite on someone like Mark Andrews Adaren Waller or slightly cheaper tyler. Higby so it really just depends on value in. Who's there so? Don't go into the draft saying I'M GONNA take tight end in this round. Make sure that you're paying attention to what's happening. Don't be afraid to start a run. If you're in round five and the tight end that you really want is still on the board. We'll the odds are they're not going to get back to you in around six so go out and get your guy late round tight ends like Jake said Hayden hearst. That might be Jake's call of twenty twenty right there it is. I will put that on the board lockdown down. Write it down. Whatever you WANNA call it. Hidden hearst is my tight end guy for twenty twenty all I gotTa do is draft them to ruin that pretty quickly for for all of my fantasy team sake. Please stay away from hate and harassment. All right that's going do it for tonight's episode mixture you guys follow us on twitter at F. F. O. T. podcast like in subscribe on Google and Apple podcast and spotify stay tuned our next episode where we rank the running back. Position cannot wait. Running back. Position is my favorite a lot of variability. Thanks for listening. Thank you guys by deuces. Sinar base later.

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