The First Women to Complete the Oregon Trail


Is Billed as the Promised Land Oregon. Marcus and Narcissus Whitman joined the party which followed the Oregon trail in eighteen thirty six a group of missionaries laugh children they followed the Platte river the source of drinking water and disease on the trail thousands of homesteaders began forging west including Amelia night she left Iowa newly pregnant with her husband and seven in what's now Nebraska the nights look for landmarks like jailhouse and courthouse rocks and Scottsbluff today that journey would cross five states before the Whitman Party no women or wagons at attempted the old for trading routes started in western Missouri then stretch twenty five hundred miles to Oregon's fabled farmland the frontier was now open to families soon wagon ruts on the Oregon trail drew deeper tens of out here they feared Indian attacks but the biggest killers river crossings and done accidents trip. No one thought they could make it over the steep south pass the easiest route through the rockies that Narcissus Whitman pushed through.

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