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Oprah and Amy Schumer: Your Life in Focus


I'm Oprah Winfrey welcome to super soul conversations the podcast. I believe that one of the most valuable gifts you can give yourself. It is time taking time to be more fully present. Your journey to become more inspired and connected to the deeper world around us starts right now. Welcome to Oprah's twenty twenty visionary talks from the stage of my own twenty twenty vision your life and focus tour. WW weightwatchers reimagined. And I join forces to bring you candid. Conversations some of the world's most famous Vamos trailblazers. Who Story of wellness will empower you to discover the highest truce vision for your life? All right we're ready. I can tell you that it means so much to me that when we first announced this first of all. I'd never like asking anybody ready to do anything for me. Because I don't like having favors out there in the world but it was so incredible when we started this idea of the tour. Four and we're able to get this wonderful lineup of visionaries and thought leaders. WHO said Yes to join us on the WWE presents vision tour? And Amy Schumer represents everything it means to be fearless this to be funny to be vulnerable and holy yourself no matter who is watching please. Welcome Amy Schumer Lookit looking back at your show Nice. That's how identifies heels so amy. Amy had what sounds sounds like a really tough week. which makes it all the more special that you would give up your Saturday as everyone else has given up there Saturday to make the trip to come to Charlotte doesn't Wanna I spend their Saturday with Oprah? Charlotte really wasn't a grueling week. What's going on this week was really tough but I do feel better hit? IVF this week. I don't know what that stands for but but I know I had it and then I and then I had my egg retrieval on Monday which is also the the last time I pooped. I said I wasn't going to say it but I did. You can't do after but and I've been feeling rough all week but but I feel better today and knowing I was coming to see you at you've been sharing you. This journey on social media. Yes I have been posting staples. Yeah I just thought I'll share it. Yeah because one time we posted refilling rundown pretty emotional because your hormones are all over the place that's right yet. They're still all over the place so like watch out. I mean it was really you get shot with a ton of hormones. I still have my bruises where you get the shots I mean. It's I don't want to discourage anyone but it hurts. Those shots hurt. And then you get the egg retrieval after you you know you're over his filling up with fluid. IVF guys and during this time. I saw you you posted where you were asking other people. Just send me any advice you have about it. Did you give me half ice. Well you know. It's not something that there have been some people who've been really open about it. I Know Gabrielle. Union had had people who've shared their journeys with it but I didn't really have like a big group to ask about it so I was like. Yeah I don't ask everybody get all the tips just like you guys have connect right for for ww. I used my instagram and and asked what should I know what you wish you knew and men like women were just really down to reach out and share and help me and like hold my hand through it. I love that you came in your sweats. So amy sit in the attacks earlier and said this is okay to where I go. You should wear whatever makes you feel comfortable. Yeah and you're having a stylus come over. They were GonNa do the whole thing. I got address. You got address hanging up in my closet. I said just I said it Charlotte. They're going to love you. That's just the way I do love. Charlotte I've performed here live really. Yeah mostly for the Hornets but also I performed standup watch. This and I just ate some biscuits backstage. That will change your life. Yeah the food here. It's not you don't do the point thing or anything. No I use all my points on these biscuits I was gonna say because a biscuit could take you down. Yeah now you said that this whole process is taught you to actually be more patient and kind with yourself golf. What does that look like for you? Patience and kindness showing up for yourself. I think as as women I know they're men here too and I don't want to alienate you but I think as women the AH. The expectations on us are so high to always be okay. Always look your best. Feel your but you know and and so what am I talking about. You're talking about this process of being kind to yourself kinder to myself okay. Do you know when you're talking walking. And then you look out and you're like they're truly fifteen thousand people here and Oprah. I'm like my hi. I'm not high. Yeah but I'm like I think I'm hi. It's really easy to be to feel guilty all the time especially actually now having a baby like just that self gill the self hate and it can get to meet you and and what do you say to your friends like. Give yourself the advice you give your friends love yourself like your your own mother. You know like be kind to yourself signed us you know so. It's those feelings of guilt. They're are useless and they're not real and do you have now as a new mother like are you doing it right. Do you have those am I doing it right. Yeah it's an I'm working and like I know there's just working mom vibes out in this audience. It's it's a constant. There's a constant like just cycle of of guilt and shame about it. You're like should I be he with my baby all the time like somebody else is taking care of my child right now but really what I've learned for myself as like the best thing you can do it to take care of yourself so that when you show up for your kids you are yourself. It's no question but I do. Love Love the fact that you said. Look I'M GONNA I'm GonNa do this for you and then I'm going to go right out. I'm not even GonNa say goodbye to you backstage. You believe it. I'm not GONNA say goodbye. Fight you know so. Let's just now by. It was so good seeing you. You look amazing. So thank you for plumbing Yale. Thank you your hope now. So the reason you're going through all this is so that you can have a sibling for gene. Yeah 'cause you thought just just having one would not suffice no having if you WANNA have one kid. Do you know Presh- I I think. I think my husband really wanted us to have another one because we love him so much. I think he thinks that it's creepy. You know what I mean like just obsessed you know and he thinks like you've got to have another one so that you're not you. Don't make him into like a complete Weirdo I. I'm really close with my sister and we were like we gotta try. We got to try to get a sibling and show. You had a really really difficult pregnancy. I mean not just morning sickness every day like calling me from different different states have connections calling you like your doctor. You know someone who can give me an IV in Chicago. I'm on the floor Yeah it was. I had hyper amasis which I also have endometriosis. And there's not a lot of research on these these women's issues because that's what they are there. I mean they now have chewable Viagra but they can't throw us a bone with endometriosis. Give some money to the studies for ladies also please but yeah I was so sick I was. I couldn't keep anything down. I was hospitalized four times four times like you know. Were you really afraid though during that time. Because you're thinking I'd you know I could lose this baby one in three women hypothesis lose the baby. Oh and something like fifty percent lose their jobs. You can't work it's if you've you've ever had food poisoning it's that I had that for nine and a half months because you know you're not pregnant for nine months. That is a lie. I don't know why they say nine months nine months. Then when you start doing the math and you know it's ten months at least right. I mean it really is and I heard that one of your takeaways from all of this was that women are just the warriors we are warriors. All of us. I mean for real. That is what I learned. I didn't just learn how strong I was. I really learned as a whole how strong women are and you know men are great to like. That's awesome and you guys can throw a touchdown but like can you make baby. You can make a baby with our body. Yeah yeah it's growing now. Football's grape like make a baby. It's pretty amazing when you think about it. It's amazing. Everybody remain a baby. Give yourself a high five. We'll look at y'all isn't it about your weight. Loss plan took you into account with the new program from WW weight. Eight watchers reimagined. You can get your own customized and proven weight loss plan simply take the personal assessment and answer a few questions about your eating habits and behaviors and let W so you w match you with a customized weight loss plan that can make losing weight easier visit. WW DOT COM and join ww for free. Get one month free plus free cookbook. Hurry offer ends January thirteenth purchase required restrictions apply. So you're pretty much an open book on social media particularly your posts about being a new mom. Tom I enjoyed your hospital underwear photo. Good I was hoping this will come up again. Why do you like it so so much? Why do I love those underwear? Yeah Oh my God. They're a dream like we're supposed to be able to put on like my my friend. Mia Jackson a hilarious comedian has a joke about this off. Sorry taken Mary sorry. My friend has a joke about like girls are supposed to look cute in their boyfriends close. But she's really tall Paul and so she's like it just fits right and for me. It's like I never feel underwear always like like I guess I'll go up besides but you know when you put on some big underwear you feel like I'm I'm a little baby m little you know drowning in his underwear so underwear makes me feel really good about myself tacit. Also I think is this a way of you sort of defusing the fame and remaining authentic. These kinds of post I think is that for you. I think so you know. Being Authentic vantic has become the most important thing to me and I think with social media you know we follow people when they're just like look. How perfect and no offense? That's because I'm guessing that this is an audience that sends out Christmas cards. But like like I know your Christmas cards are hanging. Everyone's house but I'm like you know I I. I WANNA see a little bit more. The truth don't show me Your family on your best day like what. What's really going on? I I grew up with like a very broken home uh-huh and I I didn't feel like that perfection and rather than feeling bad about it. I just wanted to share it. Because I think a lot of people can relate and everybody's what he's going through their own heart and you don't seem to you don't really interested in this whole subject of shame and how that that holds us back. You don't seem to have have any I think that's great your husband the U.. Pose Nude and then you laugh about how everyone says. Oh how brave you are that you you know to be honest list I so you get a lot of advice when you're pregnant. Nobody wants to tell you and I think they have good intentions but a lot of it's pretty pushy. And so people say to you you know do what everyone if you want to have a C. section. You have natural whatever you want. Do you but really their subtext is like try to have a natural birth. You better push that baby out with no drugs and so so and then I was getting advice like prenatal. Yoga really helps and so I immediately signed up for a C. section. You'll never see me a number. I did I had a C. section I opted for C. Section. which just can really I mean I did I? You came out the sun roof and I. I was so sick for so long and I knew because of endometriosis trio says I probably wasn't going to be able to have him vaginal and and Some women can feel like you've failed. I've heard people say that if you have a C. section. You feel like you've failed because there's a lot you were saying. You never recognize that before that there was so much judgment. I know you went back to work after gene was born in than people are like uh-huh you're going back to work. Yeah what are you doing. You should be home with the baby and I was like. They're probably right. I was really too vulnerable to be on stage but but but with things like that with breastfeeding again. It's breastfeed until you have give him the last and again people go whatever if you want to but but really the subject is Jupiter. Feed Him with your boobs. Like you'd better but I wasn't right for our family. It wasn't it was. It was too much on me and I wasn't feeling starting to feel bad and I was like an it occurred to me I can stop breastfeeding and Serena Williams. James gave me great advice on great formula and also you know like the greatest generation was raised on formula. Like people have been fine on formula. And he's so healthy so good and and yeah and that pressure is real and what I realize that it was self inflicted. I'm not trying to vilify The other women that said that said these things to me. It's going to happen. You're GonNa feel all these pressures and about a lot of different things about being a mom or just being a woman but if you let it get to you that's on you like I had to stop and say no. This is all self inflicted. I'm going to get rid of this guilt. And do what's right for me and my family family and what makes me feel healthy. That means you're different kind of that's that to me is what a real feminist is. I know you have your own ideas about it right. I've tried to do that with my friends. Who are pregnant now? Just like really an and also don't ask people even asking. Are you gonNA breastfeed. What are you don't worry about? WHO's eating from her breasts? Leave her low. Stay in your lane just say. I hope you're healthy. And you feel good and and and you're doing whatever you need to take care of yourself. You're able to take the stuff that would embarrass. I think most people and turn it into not only your badge of courage but even could make a joke about it. Sometimes right. That's true. I can't help it I I. I think we've talked about a little bit before but it is a little bit. Start a defense mechanism. Yup and then I just I realized that really does make me feel better and it makes other people feel better. You know criticism ever get to you. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah but not I mean not about my looks when I I. I've been trolled on the the Internet for so long actually like worried because I haven't been told that much lately. Where are they like do they grow grow up and like did I hope they grew up families and they found some peace? But like I haven't been I was so trolled for so long and we're are the trolls. Like I need to hire a detective there. Okay did you start making fun of yourself so because it was sort of a defense mechanism Eilly the house when I was younger like I was definitely bullied. Shocking every comedian you'll never meet a comedian. who was like it was all good like it? It was a good and happy. I was really bullied and and also I still feels if I think everyone in a room is thinking something I wanna I wanna be the one to say it. You know that makes you feel like you have a certain power. But I don't really do. That's what the good comedians can do you kind of diffuse the room by saying saying the thing. We're all thinking but I say this last week I answer surprised me. Is there anything that should be off limits to making a joke about. God Yeah what did she say. I know she's well she's an evil person and I'm glad that we finally learned that about Tina Fey. Tina actually gave me a joke to say what she said well. She said she had so much fun with you. First of all and she said that this event it should be called Haute Chela Ocho. We'll take that's pretty good pretty good team but I do think some things are off limits. I I do and I know that because I have said those jokes. It doesn't feel good. It honestly just doesn't feel good I did. I used to do roasts as comedy central roasts and one person. Thank you and I realize it's like you think. Oh No. Nobody gets their feelings hurt. It's a roast is what you're supposed to do but no it hurts your feelings and I've had my feelings hurt and so I don't want to hurt people's those feelings so if I think that there's someone out there and it's going to hurt their feelings I'm not gonNA say anymore. That's really good. Yeah I think that's good makes me feel better this whatever community. Whatever you you WanNa do but I think there's some off limits so earlier? Today I was sharing the story about how getting pneumonia actually helped me be happier. And we're I'm grateful for the body that I have and last year. You said filming the movie I feel pretty actually push you to do the work to fall in love with yourself. Okay thank you. I love that movie just this row. I thought that was really great movie. Thank you the critics. Now that we're talking no but also about criticism. I just want to say that I have learned from from it. Also you can't say oh they're always wrong like I have learned from good critics. There are some really talented critics out there but I learned to fall in love with myself during I feel pretty because being on camera and being right out the gate asked to lose weight and whatever and like Tina like I went to some people I can. You believe they want me to lose weight for this thing and they go just lose weight and you go all right. You know but for me the way I was losing weight to the movie trainwreck for it. So rude just I was hungry. Okay like hungry. I was hungry. It was not in my friends who are actresses says. You're like no like I found this. I'm like well for me like I'm I don't WanNa be hungry and I was hungry and then I did something and this is sacrilege which I think to. W W I'm not sure but I. I haven't weighed myself in like eight years like I don't know I don't know what those numbers are. I couldn't even even begin to tell you and being pregnant and not knowing your way like every time. Then what do you weigh. And I'm like I don't know and they're like what do you mean a ballpark. I'm like I have no idea like your guess is as good as mine. Why is that I because it because for me knowing that number like I would get obsessed with it and so not even thinking about the number of thinking about how I feel knowing I'm putting nourishing foods and my body? That's great and exercising. Ah I don't need those numbers to tell me. That's how I feel for me. That's what's right it's great. Everyone's different doing me but I wanted to with. I feel pretty pretty. I wanted to get to a place and I wanted to be teaching people to love the skin that you're in right now. Love this here today. Version of yourself off. Don't you know. We're all striving for something. But but but love yourself rate here in right now like the skinnier in without being like Oh if I can just get latte then. I'll be able to win win win so you've been married now two years. Yes yes. Is it everything you thought it would be in your. It's better I really. I never wanted to get married. I never wanted kids. I didn't even think about it like a kid. Like little girls play wedding. I was like playing. That was a fortune teller Madame Levinsky I wasn't playing characters but then I met this dude food and I was like I want to partner up with you floor life and I do WanNa get the government involves and uh-huh I want you to sign. I WanNa make take a bow. Everyone here heard you. Now you are mine. I fell in love and I could see what that partnership would look like Jake and I. Yeah I found. I heard your writing was pretty hilarious. which was clear from the moment? There's a man dressed as a woman who officiated and began end with dearly. Beloved and Seth Meyers separated. Seth Meyers from the dearly beloved. was there. We had a really fun thon last minute wedding and we were just like we wanted to be married. That's why you know we didn't WanNa like plan a wedding for a long time. We were like we just wanted to be married so we sort of. You've got it out of the way. And how did you know that Chris was the one for you. His confidence his self assuredness sadness. He was so confident about us too. I just loved him and I just liked him one night. We just sat there. We were just friends. I I for like six months and we were just sitting there watching old episodes of arrested development and yeah and we were reading. There's like a part of the New Yorker shouts and murmurs and he was like reading me one of his favorite ones and we just laughed at the same stuff. We like the same stuff and and he's hot and I wanted to tap that. Uh say that I'd like to apologise is that was. Oh but you know what he said to me we were. If you were ever like this well I do know you were like like this and I think a lot of us with this like when you start liking someone you feelings. You are afraid of getting hurt so you just don't want to just like either sabotage. How's your right away? We're just know how it's going to end right away. You know like we're used to some level of control so what's going to happen here. And so I was texting him early Eliana relationship. I said well I just hope you know. I don't know if I want kids. So if that's something you're looking for I don't know if that's going to be me and he said I D- rope right back. He is that I do want kids and I want them with you and when we have a family this is where dating for three months at this point and we'll have a beautiful family and I can't wait what did zoo. I know right where I was standing in my closet. I like just I had to like hold the wall. I was like hold on a minute. You know you just see yourself response in three months. Yeah but it was easy right away. It makes when I feel like when you find the person that you WANNA be with. It's not it's not doing during your your net flicks special a growing in two thousand eighteen. Yes thank you growing that blacks net flex. You shared that that Chris was diagnosed techniques with autism spectrum. Disorder is saying it correct yeah. Ast Autism spectrum say that all of the characteristics that actually make it it clear that he is on the spectrum are the things that make you love him so much. Yeah like well. He's so direct. I mean like I was about to leave this morning and I'm like you know the car's there and I'm like is this okay. And he goes. Well it's really too late and he was right. It was too late too late and he'll I I mean he will just say things to people and not know that he just like completely crushed than his honesty is so beautiful to me and it's kind of like no filter no filter not-i'm which it could be it could be challenging times also but it's also superpower where I think you know. He like now. He has autism. So which which I think is the benefit was one of the benefits to being diagnosed as people don't make him feel like he's bad right or wrong like us different brain chemistry and I think our child being diagnosed could instead of it. Being about the stigma of it. It could help them feel like they're not bad. Yes thank you yes. I wish. I wish he'd been. I wish he'd been tested at a younger age. Because is I think it also makes a lot of people around you stressed and upset with you when it's not there fall right. You said his superpower. What yours oh I can do a ton of updraft getting and be fine on? No did you say that your dream in life is to get it. We both have a dream in life and that is to get gail to smoke weed to smoke we. We're looking at you gail. We're talking about wellness today right. Yes no in all animals animals that I've been besties with Gail and that since nineteen seventy six and been with sediments in sixteen eighty five all those years. Neither he nor gale has ever had a sip of anything and Gail still thinks Weed is a marijuana cigarette sale. Gale have you ever smoked weed. And she's like no. I never had a marijuana cigarette. Well I guess not. You're calling it a marijuana cigarette you know. It's never nice to drug someone and I'm very against that. Yes but if eh just want and then we'll instagram it. So y'all can see right. I think women I think in terms of all the things out there weed is on the more harmless level and can really help the least we could do is give her some. CBD Be Dee oil you ever a CBD gummy. I mean it was just like killed. Just take it. It's GonNa be great because she's like these bad knees. It's going to be great. Wait for you need. I don't know if I want marijuana and my knees we wanna Hayes her l.. So how does being married to a chef work. Does it mean he's fixing fancy things for you all the time I want to say no because you guys won't hate me but yes yes like every night bitches. I'm telling you it's true. It's amazing whoever you're with dump them and find a chef jeff just true. And he's you know he grew up on Martha's vineyard and he was all about like real l. farm-to-table and so he's just really nourishing foods and having you don't cook for him no and he doesn't stand there and tell me jokes you know good good good good good we stay in our lane so great so great. Have you ever like really tanked linked on stage over like Oh my God. Yes in this state. Like I've definitely I've found all over the country I did. I really have and we have to do bad. You have to have to do better you have to. I mean that's you really you need you. Need those low lows appreciate shape is and what do they teach you. Well first of all when you first just not doing stand up the instinct is to like just go to the next joke and hope that goes better in your really needy and the crowd and you know you can feel the difference when someone is talking to you and you feel at ease versus when you feel bad for them so you just have to realize all your fears on stage like everything happened to me you know like somebody charged the stage aged threw a bottle at me. You know it was like so everything has happened. I performed a hunger strike by accident incident. I all my worst fears came true on stage for. It's like boxing. It's like you're afraid getting hit. Then you get hit so much. You're not afraid anymore and that's how it is with standup. I have no fears anymore because they all came true and yeah yeah you just get more confident you get better. You've got you know you get better when you work hard. There's no one. There's no exception to that. Not at all us. But you asked me backstage that I wanted to tell you a couple comedians because sometimes people say to me. You're my favorite female comedian. And I say say okay. WHO's your favorite male comedian? And then I don't know we'll maybe I'm just your favorite comedian. You know like Oh. You're my favorite Britt female chef like you can just say the thanks. But I did want to list MIA Jackson. Aaron Jackson Chelsea Peretti Marina Franklin Janelle James. Rachel Feinstein Bridget Everett. Check them all out because you will laugh as my favorite comics. Yeah wow those names Zia. Okay yeah so it again. Mia Jackson Aaron Jackson not related. Genera James Rachel Feinstein Bridget. Everett Marina Franklin. Okay so I was GONNA ask Healthy Peretti. What is the thing that never fails to make you laugh aside from those comedians? Oh Gosh something that never fails to make me laugh. Well I would say it's cheesy. Maybe yeah who cares amy. Shut up do you know immediately when you have written something funny or do you have to test it too go I will. Sometimes I'll really think I've got something got something cooking and I'll call my sister. I always call her first and sometimes time she says no she'll go no by or her and she never laughs. Actually now that I'm thinking about it you know she'll just go. That's funny golden winter. You laughing your body's supposed to ever action to that but no like I I was when I was on this last tour I was pregnant and so I uh came up with the line and I'll just kind of say it around her and see and I said you know when you're pregnant. You're still you you know you're still working and traveling rolling in drink gang and she really laughed at that and I said well it's going in the act so do you think you're born this way funny or is it a funny gene or does it come from other stuff. I do think here you're born born with it. I think you've got that something that people can just see you and kind of start laughing. You know what I mean like you just walk out and like people just kind of. There's there's some artists like that where you just see their face. You just laugh and but I think if you work hard at anything you get better at it so if you're not funny I think you you can work out how to be a better stand up but do you think you could be close to someone who wasn't funny close close yes I mean in in other words is there is lack of sense of humor or dealbreaker Internet as close as I can be to someone who's funny or even just a great laugher. Yeah you know I have to be able to say any sick joke. I want around them to feel really close to that. We're talking about Chris Cooking. You know your best friends you want to say like Disgusting Star. You always joking at home. We're always playing at home. We joke a lot. We'd play. Yeah Chris and I we. It's a a lot of jokes actually. We've been role playing. Yeah and then but my thing splitting yourself is. Is this not a wellness day. But I always do this I. I'd just always go okay. I'm in a coma. That's how that's my sex role play. I just I'm the laziest person you'll ever meet it really like you know if you're married to someone you've been with them forever were you keep. I find that it's like you can't really talk dirty anymore. It's like I'm going to do this to you. He's like no you're not the he knows and then you see them. You don't want to be disgusting. I mean I know exactly what you mean. This is like seven. I've been together about ten years and I was done some show and someone was talking about. You know how to entice is your man or something and he comes home. And I'm like in this black negligee thing mysteres and he walks by and says what. Are you doing the Amazon anyway. So I get exactly research you guys. Thanks so funny. So you're like what are you doing. Though it's it's it's yes so vulnerable to do this. Yes so do you. Have you know we're all we're committing to a vision. Do you have one now that you have a family. What I love is is that whether you know it or not? Every person has a dream for their family and a lot of people have an articulated that dream. I think people are just working towards you know making making the families work. What is that would be another thing too including your vision? What's the dream for your family? Will you share that. I will and that is such a beautiful question. I also but before that dream for my family like my dream for myself as hoop today because it's been Sunday or my can't even tell you it's like can the camera see this. It's just look at that. Isn't that Lewis is sitting there right. It's not right. I nope and I already asked an insecure site tips. That's been since Sunday but it's been since Monday's Day Monday Monday and this is Saturday. How might even here right now? I don't know no you're all thinking I've already tried everything I've tried prunes. I didn't have smooth moved T- but I'm going to but I was scared if I had at that. It would hit right while I was here. And that's not part of anyone's vision for twenty twenty true that true that too that okay. Okay when I think of my vision for my family it is also like I love how life becomes like. It wasn't even your vision. We know wall. We're talking about POOP. I just have to say like never did right now. Most of my day is me cleaning poop off the tiniest pair of balls you've ever seen in your life just with a little cotton swab. That was not on my vision board. What I see for my family what I want what I wish for what I see is and then I'm going to take steps toward my intention is is health keeping us all as healthy as possible? I really hope our family grows rose and IVF is gonNA come through for you. Yes you want one to two more. I am hoping for are two two and you know maybe more I mean once you have like I I really have had beautiful experience having a baby. You know it's different for everybody. But I I really have to recommend if you've got the resources to have a baby to have a baby it's been so life changing for me and I really like the guy and I mean I picture us all on the beach together. Her teaching. Maybe a little girl had to play volleyball. I hope that vision comes we to. I'M GONNA try try to thank you. Amy Show Love Amy Schumer. Mr Thank you. Let's say good. Bye Bye bye. I'm Oprah Winfrey and you've been listening to super so conversations the podcast. You can follow super soul on instagram twitter and facebook. If you haven't yet go to apple PODCASTS and subscribe I to rate and review this podcast. Join me next week for another super bowl conversation. Thank you for listening.

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