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This is one A.. I'm Todd Willie can Washington the Democratic caucuses in Iowa or less than a month away and this is the first true test. For the remaining Democratic presidential candidates when primary Democratic acquatic voters will cast their picks for who they want on the party ticket to do the one thing that matters to Democrats take on Donald Trump. Now a lot can happen in in a month while a few leaders have emerged those who were trailing behind the leading four they have not given up. How about Michael Bloomberg his campaign announced yesterday that it has purchased a a sixty second ad during the Super Bowl for the modest cost around ten million dollars will later in the hour? We're GONNA step away from national politics and learn about what state legislators all across the country are working on trying to get big things done this year on both sides of the aisle. I joining us for the first in a series of monthly updates between green now and election. Day Re Wilson is here. He's national correspondent for the hill. Read great to have you. Todd how are you. I'm great it's great to have you here. We're going to be checking in with you. Periodically as twenty twenty. Twenty grinds on a lot of people did not realize that when the new year's ball drop that was actually the election year. They thought well. It'd may never stopped but look look we've got a international news now. rising up behind this election Rising tensions with Iran reaching a new level this week strikes counterstrikes honor strikes rhetoric counter rhetoric statements from the president There has not been a lot of national security in the Democratic primary so far now it is becoming in an issue. Candidates are starting to respond via twitter. Statements they're going to have to respond to a lot more. What does it mean now for national security to be entering this race for the very first time in in in a substantive way? Yeah one thing it. Does it puts a spotlight on former vice president. Joe Biden who is the only person in the field who's got a long track record of international relations uh-huh experience he was the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Of course he was the vice president of the United States for eight years and he was you know sitting in the room when President Obama ordered are to strike on on Osama bin Laden. So he's got that foreign policy experience. That's a positive for him. The downside for him though is that this brings up the big difference in the two thousand eight democratic campaign. Two thousand eight there was one candidate. one front running candidate who had opposed the war. And that was Barack Obama this time everybody opposed the war except for Joe Biden on the other foot the balance of power as it were is with the side that had opposed the war. That's national security. Let's step back for just a moment. A give us your picture. The overall state of the race. We've talked about two thousand eight now. Let me make a parallel to two thousand four back in two thousand four. There were two leaders in the month or or two before. The Iowa Caucuses Dick Gephardt the Democratic leader in the House of Representatives and Howard. Dean the former Governor Vermont. Who by the way built his campaign around opposition to the war in Iraq as well Gabardine really spent the last two months of the race targeting each other and I think we've seen that in the last month or so with Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buddha Jr the two leaders leaders in the race in Iowa targeting each other more than those sort of top of the ticket Joe Biden Bernie Sanders attacks which you might otherwise expect? The consequence has been that it seems that Warren and Buddha judge have lost some momentum in recent weeks whereas Biden Sanders gaining momentum. And that's exactly what happened back in two. It doesn't four except instead of Lieberman gaining momentum. It was this this other guy who nobody'd ever heard of a senator from North Carolina named John Edwards in ended. The final Iowa caucuses that ear were John Kerry Howard Dean in third and then Dick Gephardt in a distant fourth that basically ended Dean and Gephardt's campaign. Warren and Buddha judge are very conscious of what happened back. Then they don't want to be the the same kind of nuking each other At the cost of their own campaign Lieberman gaining momentum. You said and that puts them that. Put a memory in my head. That was the refrain of Joe Momentum. I never wanted to think of Joe Momentum again and I just thought of it again. Thanks to you Joe. Joe Lieberman finished fifth in the New Hampshire New Hampshire primary said he was in a statistical assistant tie for third and it made me think no. There's no such thing as statistics in either either got third or you got fifth. That's the math will. Joe Biden is trying to use US some real math. Here's Joe Biden in his closing remarks at the last democratic debate in December. Look we all have big plans and the question is who can deliver Ronald plans. We have to ask ourselves three questions straight up and honestly who has the best chance most likely chance to defeating Donald Trump. Who is the one who is most likely to do that? I don't Joe Biden gets under the skin of a lot of progressives in his party but that's his main pitch. I'm the one who can win. If you care about defeating Reading Donald Trump on your on your guy is there a clear indication yet in polls or in fundraising or both or any other metric. That Biden's pitch where he stands and he has the best chance of defeating. Donald Trump. Four Democrats can he show it. It is clear in polling right now that the Democratic primary voters believe that Joe Biden is best positioned and to beat Donald Trump in November. It is clear in fundraising senses. That Joe Biden is not the leading Democrat candidate I mean he had a pretty good fundraising quarter in the last last quarter but Bernie Sanders outraged by more than ten million dollars. The history though suggests that Joe Biden is in fact the best possible candidate to carry sorry the Democratic Torch. And that's because he has run before when Democrats have nominated somebody who has run before that person has lost every subsequent general. Ledger actually go back a hundred years. The Democratic Party has nominated five candidates who have run and lost before Hillary Clinton Al Gore George McGovern Hubert Humphrey and John W Davis this and all five of those candidates have lost the subsequent general election to Republican candidate And I think a big fundamental part of why Hilary Clinton lost in two thousand sixteen doc is because she represented the insider the experienced Status Quo if you will and Americans by-in-large vote for the outsider candidate whether it's Barack Obama Obama over John McCain or George W Bush governor of Texas over a sitting Vice President Al Gore going back through history basically the only candidate in modern history who has one as the insider candidate was George H W Bush in one thousand nine hundred eight. It is by far the exception rather than the rule. So that's a little bit. Why Joe Biden might be a touch your candidate at eight in the general election? Then he is. He's showing himself to be. There is also the question of who can bring out the broad democratic coalition. Joe Biden is the most centrist of the field at least among the front runners. I can appeal to the broad middle but there is a specific concern among Democrats. The Democratic Base is progressive This is a primary and a lot of people say as as you said. Biden represents the old conciliatory politics. That are dead in the era of trump. A bit here he is saying no. I'm progressive to He said in that clip. Look I'm I've got the progressive policies to it makes me wonder if the branding of Joe Biden is Mr Centrist is a little bit misleading. Has the Democratic Party which has poll hole to the left. Also pull Joe Biden to the left is the centers Joe Biden. You get now even to the left of the Obama Administration. Oh I I think without a question. Western they'd be. Joe Biden talked about going further than the affordable care act. He wants to build on the affordable care act and that in and of itself as a to the left of the Obama Administration was now the broader question on who can turn out the democratic base. You get two different answers when you look at polling and when you actually talk to voters in the field old look at polling and it suggests that somebody like Joe Biden is best equipped to blow out the broad base of democratic support. Because he's getting a lot of support. Among African American voters among Hispanic Panic voters among younger voters and older voters. Somebody like peanut butter. Judge is having trouble with African American voters that being said you talk to them talk to actual voters and they they say they're gonNA turn out and show up and vote against president trump. No matter what there's a lot more to talk about in this twenty twenty race read is going to stick around but I also want to tell you that last year. The Kansas Supreme in court ruled that the state's constitution guarantees a woman's right to abortion in this year conservatives. Want to overturn that decision. This is just one state where state legislators are are fixing to make big changes. We're GONNA talk about Kansas. We're going to talk to one legislator who supports that reversal. Read Wilson from the hills. GonNa stick with us. I'm todd you're listening to one A.. Hey from WMU and NPR this message comes from NPR sponsor. Better help a truly affordable online. Line Counseling Service. Fill out a questionnaire online and get matched with a licensed counselor best suited to your mental health needs whether it's depression anxiety or trauma better help will help you. Overcome what stands in the way of your happiness learn more at better help DOT COM and get ten percents off your first month with Promo Code. Oh two one a better help get help anytime anywhere. If you start your weekdays with up I now can start your weekends with us too. I'm Scott Retirement and I'm Lulu Garcia. Navarro stay caught up with. NPR news six days a week a first NPR's morning news. podcast weekdays at six eastern. And now wow with weekend hours two Saturdays at eight eastern. Welcome back to one A.. I'm todd's Willockx. Were talking all things politics. Twenty twenty and the Democrats with read Wilson a national correspondent at the hill read. Let's talk about another candidate. Who's doing better than he was doing? Quite well Pete. Booth former mayor South Bend Indiana in the latest democratic debate. He responded to a question about whether the age of a president because he's pretty young actually matters. I actually think it's good that the prime administered New Zealand's gotten a lot of attention democratic debates. She's masterful she is younger than I would be when I took office. This is the kind of trying to America might deleted instead of the following. But only if it's actually backed by the right vision and we can have great presidents at any age. How strong is Pete? Buddha judge now and what is his fundamental mental patch. I think he is quite strong. I think he's at if not the leader. Then statistically tied for the lead in in Iowa in the early caucuses and when do Democrats win who are the Democratic candidates who have won the presidency in recent years. Jimmy Carter Bill. Clinton Barack Obama all three younger outsider. people who are promising a wholesale change to Washington so it seems just based on recent history that when Democrats offer that new generational change and a change in Washington they can win and says about Joe Biden on twitter. He's safe name to say until you start learning about other candidates. He's failing in Iowa and New Hampshire now. Joe Biden may slid some support in Iowa and New Hampshire. But that makes you wanNA look at Broader Race Iowa New Hampshire Nevada than South Carolina. Where Joe Biden probably probably will do pretty well strong support among African Americans a big part of the democratic base? And I don't want to look ahead to far but after that is Super Tuesday the big explosion ocean of delegates and it seems like Joe Biden has this strategy I may not win Iowa. Maybe I won't win New Hampshire but comes Super Tuesday on a swamp. Everybody because a lot of delegates are going to come into my full well. Let's let's take the opposite case. Though in the last five democratic nominations only one candidate has ever won that. I'm I shouldn't even say the last five in modern history. Since since Iowa New Hampshire became a thing back in the nineteen seventies only one Democrat. Who has not won Iowa? Ahah or New Hampshire has ever won the Democratic nomination. And that was Bill Clinton in nineteen. ninety-two everybody basically skipped Iowa that year. Because Tom Harkin Was the was running the the home state senator. So what happens. If Biden loses in Iowa loses in New Hampshire and by the way then comes Nevada where Bernie Sanders is doing pretty well among largely Hispanic Anik and union activists who dominate. The Democratic caucuses. Out there what. If Biden goes over three back in two thousand eight Hillary Clinton was looked like South Carolina was going GonNa be her firewall. Then Barack Obama ended up winning Iowa and ended up winning South Carolina too and and taking a number of those African American voters who had initially thought man. I don't know if he can win Once he demonstrated that that that was sort of the momentum that we talked about earlier so where does Biden's momentum come from you talk about Super Tuesday. There's another thing sitting bringing on Super Tuesday that we've never seen before in a Democratic primary. And that is Michael Bloomberg Michael Bloomberg has spent a hundred and forty seven million dollars on television advertising just through today. He doesn't even have next week's by yet. Forget about the superbowl. Forget it the Subaru. I mean the one hundred forty seven million dollars. That's more than than every every Democratic candidate has spent on TV combined probably by a factor of two so that to me is a substantial roadblock. The Joe Biden is not going to be able to overcome them with a similar amount of spending. He's relying on name identification that he cannot back up with paid media. Let's talk about somebody who dropped out. Within the last week Hooghly on Castro Zero Texas. He ended his bid for the presidency. Here he is in an interview after that announcement sounding rather hopeful as they do. This is the end of one chapter but it No matter what comes next I'm always gonNA find a way to participate in making this country a better place and part of that means doing what I cantu support. The Democratic nominee to defeat Donald trump in November of two thousand twenty Julio Castro then turned around and endorsed Elizabeth Warren. How big of a get for her was that and of course he's always willing to help to defeat? Donald trump applications are open for Hooley on to be vice president. That was the thought that crossed my mind especially hit a rally in New York last night when there were a bunch of signs printed in Elizabeth Warren's signature. What do they call it Liberty Green? It looks more like a seafoam color. that said You know who Leon Warrant Hulan and things like that so yeah that might be the first auditioned for a for a vice presidential ticket that we've really overtly seen important for her. She's been lagging. It's look at any endorsement is important. I think that in this day when we mistrust the elites more than we ever have before endorsements matter less than they have in in the past Especially when these candidates are on television nonstop. What your local state representative or state senator or even a former? US Cabinet secretaries say probably matters less than it has in the past but it certainly opens up the opportunity for her to to attract money and support from his donors from his supporters Although I will say a number of Castro supporters from Texas Just recently decided they would endorse Joe Biden so there that shows that endorsements don't always bring Lockstep support from everyone was backing cast. We talked about Pete Booed Aeges Youth. I WanNa talk about Joe Biden's age. This comes up in campaign after campaign some people. We'll have pointed out that Joe Biden is older than he used to be. We all are but that. He's noticeably older than he used to be a lot of Americans don't see it now because they're not following the race closely if he's the nominee in either gonna see Joe Biden every single day and it might not be the Joe Biden that they remember and the Joe Biden that they remember is somebody who was vice president for for eight years who. I'm not sure how much Americans form an opinion of the vice presidents independently of the actual president. I know that Joe Biden is doing everything he can to show his vim and vigor. If you will I was at the the Iowa. Democratic Dinner Liberty and justice dinner a few months ago where all the candidates spoke and Joe Biden alone among the other candidates jogged out on stage so that seemed to be a little subtle reminder that hey he's still pretty fit for for seventy eight. I WANNA give Brandon in a shout out on twitter. Who says don't leave Yang out of your discussion? Let's not leave. Andrew Yang out of our discussion fundraising is strong. What about his candidacy his fundraising fundraising is incredible? For a guy who had never run for office before who had who has I don't WanNA call them ideas out of the mainstream but ideas that are not usually talked about in in modern politics. He's talking more about the future of the American economy than pretty much any candidate. I've ever heard Speak on the trail and he very clearly has a following but the the online world is not the world of the Democratic primary process. And I haven't seen him rising in the polls In any way that puts him anywhere near the top tier. Now let's leave the campaign in trail itself just for a little while. A lot of states are starting a with this year session just started in January. Some state houses have flipped flipped. What are some of the things that you've been watching for the state level as some parties have Party hegemony in some states but a lot of parties are trying to make big moves at the state level. Yes here's a crazy fact for you of the fifty states forty nine state. Legislators are contrary con entirely controlled by one party or the other Only one party only one on state. Minnesota has a democratic. I think it's a democratic house and a Republican Senate Every other state completely controlled by one side and the states are really where public policy. Let's he starts to happen. What I think we're GONNA see now is a couple of different buckets if you will the first one? I'm calling the sports bucket and the sports bucket is first of all sports betting. The Supreme Court has now allowed L. Every state to adopt sports betting. And we've seen a number of states adopted already in hopes of climbing some of that revenue into their into their Their annual budgets. Bits and the second is leading. NCW athletes receive pay for what happened for forbid the use of their images in video games or advertising or things like that that bill passed asked in California last year. It's already been introduced in at least three states. Minnesota New York and Florida. I expect it to be introduced in twenty or thirty more states by the end of this year it is hugely popular hugely. Bipartisan something. That's just GonNa get done especially now that the NC double A. is sort of stepped out of the way. The second thing that states are doing is they're trying to figure you're out how to deal with these big tech companies in a way that fits with their regulatory structures. What we find in state politics is that what happens in California today is probably going to happen in fifteen states tomorrow tomorrow? So what happened last year. In California's they passed a bill called. Ab Five that would allow Those Uber Lift Jordache workers to be classified as actual workers for the company. You can can imagine the company's really hate it. They promised to spend ninety million dollars on a ballot. Measure to overturn that Bill. But we're going to see similar measures. Come up in states like New York New Jersey Connecticut this year. Well well. Let's go to Kansas right now because Kansas has big doings in one of the most divisive policy areas in this country. And that's abortion Republican. Brenda Brenda Landwehr of the Kansas. House of Representatives representative. Are you there. I am thank you for having me great to have you now last year. Kansas the Supreme Court in Kansas struck down on a ban on certain types of abortions. That was passed by your legislature. In two thousand fifteen. The court ruled that the Kansas Constitution does indeed protect a woman's right to an abortion. Listen what's your opinion on that ruling and what are you doing within the Kansas legislature to effect well for the Kansas Supreme Court For the first time in our hundred and fifty year history separated the Kansas Constitution from the US Constitution in their decision by doing this. It makes Kansas more radical and extreme than even Roe v Wade so if Roe v Wade was ever overturned on the federal level Kansas will still have unlimited abortion. No parental notification. So your child who need your permission to sign up for school or mental health services it CETERA can get an abortion without parental consent. If you have now gone back to doing dismemberment abortions it's in Kansas. which had been banned if you move to overturn The constitutional amendment that you have That a woman has a right to an abortion. What does that mean mean? Legally that will then give the legislature the right to regulate abortion more. Strictly it puts the discussion and the issue back in the hands of the legislature lecture. which is where it was prior to the Kid Supreme Court decision yes read? Is Kansas alone in moving to restrict abortion and the state level. Not In any the sense. We are seeing a huge abortion fights across the country in some cases a lot of these states Republican led states are passing the most restrictive bands they've ever passed and those bands are immediately being taken to court By pro abortion rights activists. And that's part of the plan I mean they want These he's the laws to be challenged in court so that eventually they can make their way to the Supreme Court and this Supreme Court that now has to trump appointed justices on. It has an opportunity to revisit visit Roe v Wade and we're going to see the first hint of that in March when the Supreme Court takes up a Louisiana case That has to do with Dr Admitting Privileges We'll get the first test of of where those two new justices Brad Kavanagh and Neil gorsuch are on questions that were settled by a previous court. Court had ruled on a similar law out of Texas. This is struck down a similar law at a Texas a few years ago now at nearly identical not quite identical law from Louisiana is in front of two. There are challenges to laws in states like Kentucky in South Carolina and Ohio and a few others that I'm blanking on at the moment but there are there are a number of cases in the pipeline. Georgia's another one. That's that's table. That basically guarantees that we're GONNA see some split circuits and eventually a Supreme Court argument representative land where we stick with us. We're GONNA take a quick break but I want to ask you about medicate. Indicate in your stay so hold the line if you would please thank you. Great to have you We're GonNa talk more with read Wilson of the hill after a break and we go to Virginia and Kansas after this support for this podcast and a following message. Come from Uber. Uber is committed to safety and to continuously raising the bar to help make safer journeys for everyone for starters. All drivers are background checked before their first ride and screened on an ongoing basis and now uber has introduced produced a brand new safety feature called ride check which can detect a trip goes unusually off course and check in to provide support to learn more about Uber's commitment to safety visit Uber Dot com slash safety. Listen to planet money for all kinds of weird and interesting stories. That just happened to teach teach you a bit about money and the economy and how the world works planet money from. NPR subscribe. Now welcome back to one A.. It's todd's Willett back. Our conversation about politics are debrief with read Wilson National correspondent at the hill and representative Brenda land where of Kansas. Kansas is here Representative I told you I wanted to talk about Medicaid very interesting things going on in your state of Kansas. The Republican Senate Majority Party leader in Kansas. Jim Denning is working with Democrats to pass a Medicaid expansion plan to cover an additional one hundred and fifty thousand or so low income cans. Do you you support the move. Well I don't. And it's unfortunate that senator dinning has chosen to go out on his own rather than Working in with his caucus members which is where he had started a few months ago. There's a there's a large concern on this Medicaid piece that You know the the cost to our state. The fact that we're putting on able bodied individuals onto welfare removing people from employer and Obamacare. Oh care plans putting them on welfare. They'll have less access to providers so it's Kind of a major deal and you're the governor has been quoted as saying that this will save rural hospitals in Kansas when that is not the representative I covered the United States state Senate not too long ago where the when the number one Republican project of President Donald Trump and Republicans in the Senate was to destroy get rid of the Medicaid expansion get rid of the ACA entirely but in particular the Medicaid expansion. People will remember it was when Senator John McCain stepped into the well and gave the thumbs down killing that proposal. Why do you think now in a conservative place like Kansas? The majority leader of your Republican Senate is now saying Medicaid expansion. Yes why. Why is that happening? Well I'm going to guess it's a an election year and he's concerned about whether or not he could re win his election. Simple as that. It's as simple as as an essay to the people in his constituency want Medicaid expansion in Johnson County one probably the wealthiest stuck county in our state state that Medicaid expansion is their number one priority representative Brenda land wear into Pika member of the Kansas House of Representatives. Thank you so much for joining us. Giving us the perspective expect from your state. Thank you very much for having me. I appreciate it Read Wilson when you contrast the Republican project here in Washington at the beginning of the trump administration and even even before to fight tooth and nail against every dollar that Medicaid expansion it went to the Supreme Court. It is remarkable that in a state like Kansas as conservative as they come. Republican politicians are now trying to expand medicaid. And they're not alone. Well we've seen this in a number of different states. I mean in Mike Pence's Indiana when he was governor they expanded Medicaid. They called it something something different Which is one of the strategies we've seen of late college college? I think they called Hoosier care out there and expanding by a different name. Something we've commonly seen. I think a lot of these states realized that there's money for the taking there's federal money that can be it can be grabbed for their own budgets. Always been the case. Why different right now? Well because fewer people are paying attention now I had one republican lobbyists say to me. The battle on Medicaid expansion has been fought and lost so why not just take the money now when people are paying less attention to it than than they have in the past now. We're GONNA see similar pushes in states like Oklahoma and Tennessee and of course we just heard from representative land where in Kansas so This is this is still a project for the few remaining states that have not expanded Medicaid. Let's go to another state. One of you left this message in our in box. From the north of the country Mark Jackson Michigan. I hope that our legislature and our governor can get together and rewrite the tax code for Michigan. I like to see him. mm-hmm tax the junk food the Soda Pop Candy that they sell at the dollar stores and liquor stores because there's absolutely no taxes to fix fix the roads to keep people from losing their houses. I've written to the governor. I just don't see a Republican legislature is going to do anything different. But as our cities crumble. Well we have to do something different. Well in his home state of Michigan the so called blue wave that we saw in two thousand eighteen was not quite strong enough to turn the Republican controlled House and the Senate in Mark's Home State but Democrats have flipped eight states Senate or House Chambers since two thousand eighteen in Virginia in two thousand nineteen election results mean that the incoming session which starts today is under full Democratic Control for Democrats for the first time in decades joining us now is Democrat Jennifer. McClellan the state senator from Virginia senator. Welcome thank you for having me great to have you a senator. Democrats have not had this kind of power in Virginia in most people's memory now reports are that you all plan to move really fast in Richmond on a bunch of high profile things. How do you expect Democrats to set the agenda? What's I out of the gates so there are a number of bills that for years have been killed on a party? Line vote that will move pretty quickly Ratifying line the equal rights amendment making US thirty a state banning discrimination in housing employment against the LGBTQ A Q.. Community protecting Virginia's from gun violence combating climate change and moving towards renewable and clean. Energy standards are redistricting reform fully funding our education system And and really grow in the economy in a way that doesn't lead the lower and in middle income families behind. That's a long list. You're going to bite off a lot. They'RE ASSAULT WEAPONS BAN IN VIRGINIA. That's on the agenda right one of several things. We'll be discussing. Yes and talk about the removal of confederate monuments. It's been an issue across the country. There are lots of confederate monuments across Virginia Jenny. You go across the bridge from here in Washington. DC across the Potomac end right away. You're on Lee Highway and in State Law Right now. We take the authority away from local governments to decide what to do with those monuments. And so I think we're going to give them that power back. They should be the ones making those decisions and not US here in Richmond. Read when you hear the representatives. The Assembly Woman's agenda in Virginia reflective of the Democrats agenda now that they have power for the first time. What what do you see is an analyst? What does it mean for Purple Virginia to go democratic for the first time well it hints at what the population changes we've seen in other states around the country I mean Virginia did not go blue because of an influx of You Know Hispanic voters or some influx. Some you know young awakening or something like that. They date turned blue. Because a whole bunch of Californians New Yorkers moved into northern Virginia to take tech jobs and that's similar to what we've seen in states like Texas and Arizona and North Carolina and Georgia. And it's why I think I think we've got one of the larger presidential battleground maps that we're gonNA see In the last several decades I mean they're just simply more states in play because our population is changing so much watch. DITTO tweeted this here. In Virginia fired up citizens have chartered buses to rally against laws perceived to limit gun rights. Even though these laws have been on the books for a years Gloucester County was among the first to declare a second amendment sanctuary. The Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on December fourth to adopt a resolution resisting any any action by the General Assembly in Richmond that might limit their gun rights that term sanctuary is a loaded one conservatives in Virginia taking it for their own assemblywoman Jennifer McClellan. What about the county of Gloucester? What about conservatives in Virginia who were going to get fired up over this issue? I think there's a lot of misinformation information about what we are are not going to do that. Air Some folks are using to fire up. Their base You know we had an election where Virginians may clear. They wanted be taken to address gun violence. And and we're going to do that where we're NOCCO confiscate everybody's guns John's and that's that misinformation being spread in a way that I think is stoking. Fear and anger Senator McClellan. This isn't the first time I've done this in my political medical journalism. Career I- demoted you. I called you assemblywoman in your a senator. So I apologize. Tell tell your colleagues. They might be happy. That I- demoted you on the air. But you you are indeed a senator Redistricting is also going to be a big issue. Senator in state houses across the country. Twenty twenty cents. It's this coming. And then afterward it will be the responsibility of legislatures in most states. Not all to redraw those maps. How important is this process to you? It's very important That was essential a part of this election that that voters want by Bipartisan redistricting. They take Partisanship gerrymandering out. We also want to ensure that communities communities of color Still have an opportunity to elect candidates of their choice and so We're not just GONNA look who draws the maps but the criteria you you so they produce fair baps where citizens choose their representatives and not the other way around a big broad agenda from Democrats in Virginia Senator Editor Jennifer McClellan. I appreciate you joining us. Thank you for your time. Thank you were about to be sworn-in well go get sworn in. And you'll you'll be a senator as soon as you do a read. Read Wilson The takeover by Democrats. I think I said if eight Legislative houses in two thousand eighteen. Is this just the best metric of anti-trump is is. Is that what that was. It was the metric that we had at the state level and remember that the twenty ten midterm elections President Obama's first term that Democrats lost a huge number of state legislative chambers numbers across the country. They lost something like seven hundred individual seats and this time around Republicans lost about three hundred fifty or so I'm not equating leading the two. Because they were drawn or held elections held under different lines and different circumstances etcetera but the fact is a party loses that many seats and it become the election becomes a referendum random on the party and the person at the head of the Party so those state legislative seats tend to be the best bellwethers. I think for the current political mood because we just tend to vote more generically for the D. or the R. Than we do by thinking about the individual candidate we are always hungry for actual data in the political reporting wording business fundraising is one thing polls lousy so we try to look at how people have actually voted. That might be the best thing Read we're going to go in a minute before you go. I want to get your look ahead. You're going out on the road now. Soon you said to Iowa into some other places what's your look ahead. What are you looking for in this in this last month before the caucus so I'm looking for something that I have not covered As much as I probably should have in the past and that is the Bernie Sanders surge. It looks like he is building more support than I think he has. In the past he had an incredible fundraising quarter He has done better in the three months after having a heart attack than I think any politician in the history of modern politics. I mean this is. It's amazing that he's only three months wants out of the hospital Is His real. Is it sustainable. And can he grow beyond the base that he built in two thousand sixteen if he does. He's going to be a real contender for the nomination. Read Wilson says the burn. That's real revenue tweets. Why you guys go out of your way to avoid talking about Bernie Sanders? He's the top fundraiser by light years. The Guy Why is the front runner. Hey Revenue Gotcha read. Wilson just reported on the burn he says it is as real as it can be Ryan tweeted sanders still like last time. Beats trump in the polls biden. Isn't it one Ryan's opinion from our one A.. Listener core. That's the twenty twenty election. There's a lot to look to read. I'm glad that you're coming back. You'RE GONNA go out on the trail but this isn't goodbye. You'RE GONNA come back about once a month and keep us updated on twenty twenty read Wilson National Correspondent for the hill author of epidemic Ebola and the global scramble to prevent prevent the next killer read. We'll see again safe travels. Thanks for being here. Basically this conversation was produced by climate and Emmanuel Johnson and edited by Matthew. Simonsen you can learn more about them and the rest of the team at the website. The one eight dot org. This program comes to you from W. Amu part of American University in Washington it's distributed attributed by NPR. I'm todd's Willie thank you so much for being with us as always this is one

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