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what is up everybody. Welcome back to another episode of the women. Fat podcast presented by wind studios. I'm your host chris. Ross and if you're new to us welcome really excited and blessed to have you here for the first time the outcome there were after an each episode of this show is the introduce you to many people's i cross pass with to inspire and help you our listeners to manifest anything you want out a life how i go about achieving this is one heartbeat one mission. What outcome that's assess our feature guests for today's episode. Is thomas kim. He is an entrepreneur investor with a focus on real estate in small businesses with high growth strategies with nba in a bs in engineering behind him. This shy town. Nato saw huge gap in motor vehicle detailing and the car wash industry for those who are unaware. The car wash industry is very unorganized and there are very few companies controlling the car. Wash industry in the last decade. More than seventy percent of car owners started using car wash facilities instead of washing cars at our home premises. This industry is so big. That eight million vehicles are washed every day at car washes. Let me ask you a question. What do you think they're deciding. Factor is a one person going back to the same car wash after washing their car at that facility. If you said customers experience then you would understand why. I had to have this guy on the show. He is the founder and ceo everclean. A modern branded car wash in his social mission is to enrich lives through opportunity and holistic mentor ship. Before i kick this up a couple of notches and die right in stand by for a quick message. And i'll see you on the other side in this. Podcast is part of the wind checked studios network where podcasters come together to focus on community collaboration and collective impact for more information on how to apply to join the network. Go to www dont win. Jacked dot com. That's w. i n. J. e. c. T. dot com. If you're ready to make a difference through podcasting. And we're waiting to see you there. Mr thomas kim ladies and gentlemen introducing to the world my friend. What's going on dude. You're right doing great crispy to be here with you and i'll be looking forward to this. Not just because of who you are individually as a person and what you've done obviously in business but you just have a natural ability to be able to put someone put a smile on someone's face when you a conversation with you and i haven't even met you in person just yet so i probably it's probably amplified. Maybe like ten x twenty x. Have you ever had that kaba compliment. Someone said that before. I've i've gotten that a little bit Here and there. But i. I mean chris you have a level of energy and it's hard. It's hard not to have your on me so there's some reciprocation going here too. And there's a lot of recycling of energy. Both of us being conscious of that. I think this is going to really help the listeners. But thank you so much for coming onto show. Oh thank you. Thanks so much for having us just being willing to listen to our story learn about us little bit one hundred percent. There's you know. Obviously you owning what you own and the reason why behind what you do for eleven move kind of kicked us off and give the listeners a little bit more context and who you are and what are about especially when you your wife your family man. You know things that you've done over the years a lot of mentor ship. A lot of being under the tutelage of the right people around you. But i know that what you own. Obviously the car wash the branding of the school. Technically kind of memberships in really taking it in my opinion doing something innovative and doing something a little different than normal people would actually see when it comes to car washes as in general but for the most part like how. How did you get here thomas. Yeah yeah there's definitely a story behind over clean. So i'm a i'm a chicago guy born and race and of korean immigrants and i had a front row seat really to just a scrappy figure it out approach to life mud. Oh don't know the here how things work don't know the language and and i just i just watched my parents figure it out My dad left when i was seven years old. And i know that had a big impact on me But i actually never felt the void of that growing up. Because i just always had older men that i Respected step into my life. Take me under their wing for reasons. I couldn't understand and invest in me. And that's just that's been the story of my life. Which only later. I realized is not common but to this day. I have a lot of a lot of older men who would considered their adopted korean son Fast forty career wise I was an engineer. worked at caterpillar construction equipment and that really set me off on trajectory of doing manufacturing strategy in factories and at the same time That was kinda my daytime thing at nights. I was working with youth and mentoring youth at my church And and i always had this heart for. I loved i loved business. I loved the competitive drive of creating value in the world. And then i love mentoring. People so so You know i. I did that both of those things for a while. And then i started getting into real estate development ahead Some some friends from elementary school that we were investing Some money together and eventually a joined them in started doing real estate salesman multifamily rehab north side of chicago right time right place right age. When the market crashed we were able to take advantage of that and As i move forward. I looked for what what what can i do after that. And that's when i Saw an opportunity in the car wash stays in started everclean. The the reason. Why i bring that up because i wanted to listeners. The here come at a year mouth rather than me. Kinda framing it this way. Because you've done so much in what i do love about your story in particular. They were both engineers. And now we're here doing business stuff a lot because the way. The engineers think for those who aren't in engineer to listeners. We look at things completely different than a normal person. We look at things and figuring out. Okay what's wrong with it. How do we fix it. And then we reverse engineer and go backwards and i built by businesses. That way thomas. We've had a previous conversation about this. And i'm looking at. I see an opportunity faster than a lot of other people. Because that's just the way my mind works and seeing. How can i improve this. And i think that's something that were that car wash industry and you leaning into that. You saw a huge gap in opportunity. There i love that absolutely. I can't i. Cannot chris walk down the street without picking apart. Why the light pulse spacing is what it is. How did this neighbor fence. That's not in compliance. Like i just you know that. That's no i in my. Yeah when the car. Wash industry I i. I laughed about it because i just finished watching breaking bad and i. I couldn't take him seriously. I right And and the idea of being at a cocktail party. I watched cars. What do you. What do you do sir. What do you really do. Enjoy it still there. But i looked at this industry. And i saw the average driver can't name a single brand. And so here. You've got two hundred and seventy six million vehicles in the country and most people don't have a single name that the associate with that to me. The industry was up for grabs and the experience feels like going back. In time it could be nineteen seventy and the way it looks and smells and in feels and when when i started digging into that i realized my goodness there is forget the one car wash. There's a whole industry opportunity here. Them can transform the experiences of something. That's so common everyone needs and that's why we went after. I love the experience because it is an experience from companies that i've ever been around. Thomas look at it as an experience rather than looking at as business touch on that we we talk about this is a value. That we unashamedly stole from zappa's We want the customer when they come in to physically move their mouths and go wild out that those that's the we don't just want them to be impressed. Me specifically are looking for that word and we want them to say it And our guys have tons of stories so if we're not blowing your mind when you come through here we're not hitting the mark. That's that's our bar and so we've designed the entire site around the team. Member customer interaction. A lot of car washes you go you. You don't even know if someone's working on site or or you pull up and then they kind of run out of the back office. Can t shirt and shovel. And they're like you know cigarette amount. What's up man. How's it going voice. Absolutely you know arp broaches. We got guys in there in collars. They're clean you. Come up there waiting for you. Yeah hey welcome to everclean may offer you a couple of minutes refresher. That's a first line. But what normally. We got a charted really. That's the first you need to know anything else about me. Or what buying and They say it sure and then we're offering them what you're a couple of different sense. Which one do you like. And from the beginning it's we're engaging a sense that normally car i'm focused on Want you to smell something. Because that's a very powerful experience. I really from the start. All the way to the end we try to target the the senses that that you would experience visual smell. Res- number one was number one number one cent. Yes i'm just curious. Pinochle is it okay. That was my listeners in. I know this is probably going to be like why. Why is christmas so much about car washes in. He's asking these questions that was my first job will technically job when i got an age when i was legal age for me being able to work but i did a lot of you know. Wash cars my whole life. I i cut grass. I wrote a rake leaves. I've had my own type of. I dunno i long hair type of business in a coal second. You know. obviously we've talked about that before. And then i had took over a neighborhood and that sort of binding quip and people started cutting grass forming those my territory and then i was getting commissions from that. That's built a business before. I even got a job. My first job was a car wash and mike jackson. And you're listening to this is one of my my best friend from elementary school. Like when you meet someone like when you come best friends with someone that young like you make fun of somebody or something like that or something happens like we're best friends. And then he was the person that got me the job he worked. Well he lived right next to the car. wash anyways. been a long story short. Now's my first album hot as hell in charleston and they got a lot of in the rotation of getting a lot of tips for being in a car wash when people would come up. I knew how to drive a standard stick shift. A lot of people back then would drive. It knew how to drive. Stick so i would get in. There would. but mike's the way. I looked at it and i look at it this way because i've come from cutting grass and all about the relationship. I'm always been a relationship type of guy and making people feel a certain way when you make people feel a certain way they'll give they're more open to giving you tips especially if you're working for commissions or something of that nature i would actually have conversations with people would hop out the car i'm like. Hey what's it does similar to what you just talked about where you. Why are you getting your car. Washes the normal call wash. How long do you. I mean how typically do you normally wash your car like where you going on a date. And they talked about their date. Okay where'd you meet her. This and this. And i would develop that relationship as i'm going through and they would always come back and ask for me always so go ahead and loved them. The penal code is one of my favorite ones. It's it's the kind of Job where when you're when you're working like you see the hustlers really fat. So i could totally picture you at car was dressed in work in and and really hustling not only physically but even like mentally conversational. You're you're engaging with customers and and that's that's really what we look for in in our guys B because car watching people get car washes yeah to protect your car from the west and things like that but from that people get car washes to feel good They just they feel good about their. It's more like going to the barber or the hairstylist hundred percent. Bring your hundred percent or so. We try to create that experience right. What does the barbara do. When you're cutting your hair talks to you. How's it going halberstadt conversations. They made a movie about it. From town is a station is a totally different. Like me being italian group in south carolina. Which was you know. Barbershop was like a church so i will go to the barber shop and i had one. Barber seems roddy passed away years ago. Remember i remember cutting. I don't have any hair now. But i would go there every friday even if i didn't have to get a haircut i've gone through my grandfather. The conversations that would happen in a barbershop that i experienced and i was that young. It transformed my life. Yeah it laid the foundation on just being really outspoken. and quick one liners. I was always good at one liners and i learned that from a young experience has just being barbershop but at one hundred percent correct. They're having their building that relationship with you because there's how many other barbershops out there in a world but it's a sense of community as well and and as as businesses here. Here's the the challenge. I think before us. The consumers want a world class brand. They want the efficiency and the excellence that consistency of a world class company. But they walker relationship of small town business brian. So how do you bring the shoe together to it to a consumer I i liked it. He said that ended his conversations on a little different than a lot of maybe interviews. That you've been on. Because i i loved us about different reason what i stated. I just mentioned to you on friday. I went and stayed at a four seasons for my own personal reasons. Why do you think stated a four seasons. think you. You knew you knew what you needed and you you and and you knew what would be what would meet that. What would meet that need And four seasons has a level of luxury and pampering that you could expect and count on when you go there. I stayed at a four seasons. Goodness gracious in vegas. I think i was. This is years man feels like a lifetime ago. I feel like. I don't even know how old i was. At a time i know is an education i was wondering was recruitment type of thing in education and i was speaking on stage and i was in vegas. I watch sitting outside and is back in the day when i used to smoke cigarettes. I don't do it anymore. But don't judge me for those smoke. But i was smoking a cigarette sitting outside. And of course you're in vegas. You might be a little hung over whatever it might be some sitting outside and i watched a buses during march madness time. Okay and the big tournaments are going on. And we're. I was leaving that day to go into airports while i was sitting outside and i was sitting outside just smoking a cigarette watching. I watched a bus pull up. I can't remember what college it was. What the concierge and people who the baggage the guys they walked. They treated them like they were like. Nba stars not college. Wouldn't you know it. The next bus pulled up a bustle and nuns. I don't know if they were having none convention or whatnot guest they treated. It's not even better than they treated the basketball players. What does that say overall. Do you think they've they just value people in the customer. They how they felt. Yeah yeah i just wanna have them increased their experience so much that it makes them what to come back. There's only there's a couple different In london now that. I'm in london. There's a couple of different kinds chained and i asked. I stayed at this one hotel recently. I think it was about maybe a year and a half go in and say recently and they were so good customer service. If i would have probably said. I need x. y. z. They've admitted happen. Yeah and i asked him. I said let me ask you a question. Did this used to be a four seasons at all. They're like what do you say that five years ago. That's all the training that we sent them to the four seasons and i was like ha ha that means something and i pay attention. I built an when i was there. I was like when i ever owned a business. We'll on a business. One day i'm going to build the business around like customer being customer. Centric i and everything else to come from from here everything else. Since we're talking hotels. I have to share. What was kind of a bedrock experience to formulating this Customer service focus I met a boutique hotel in taipei taiwan. I checked into the hotel. I leave for the very first time and the bell man says hello mr kim and okay. So he knew my name right away and the following morning i go into Get breakfast Sit down. And i tried to go get some papaya. They're they're all out And then i asked him. Could i have some pya and then also by any chance. Do you have any skim milk. Trying to be healthy. And and and i go sit down. They come and they bring me a massive plate of papaya completely. Cut fresh right. And then they say I'm sorry mr kim. We don't have any skim milk but my colleague is on his way to the store. He'll be right. Back comes back they bought. I don't know this guy took some petty cash. When it bought it brought it back I'm blown away following morning. Go to have breakfast. Stimul- milk ready for me blown away. How how much time. And how much cost was that That milk was two bucks. You know maybe a few minutes but man. They wanted me as a customer for life right and how long. How long has it been since that time. That's been Seven years seven years. And we're still having. You're having a conversation about absolutely think about the if this goes out to the listeners. That people did you own a business or they haven't even gotten a chance to own a business yet. That's how you start. You provide your customers with such a high level of customer service in a personal feel to it that it changes the way that they look at that industry and loved and they'll never they'll never forget you man you make you make them feel that way when when they got to get a car wash. they'll never forget you. Our goal is to own that space in people's minds when they are watching that that all they think about is every clean okay. Let's bliss peel back. The layers of that real quick. And i think maybe another reason why you're able to take it to another level on top of just even being like community centric and customer centric the reason why say community and ties into co customers because you have to know the community to be able to adapt to increase experience of the customers right turning him into a lifelong customer. So on top of that you have to develop your people and that's something you really do. Well of you develop your staff. You develop the people within and giving them the opportunity to grow and giving them more knowledge there. You have some people that make sign up and they get to assistant manager level. Those types of managed pretty quickly but they. You're you're dumping in a lot of mentoring. A lot of value there that most companies are overlooking because of time and lack of time. So talk about that if he can. I think that stems from your ship in you being underneath a wing of so many great people around you when i first got into the space i notice that a lot of the guys who are working there were Of a particular background usually a part time job hoppers just working odds and ends hourly job. So they can pay for their gas and their cell phone bill and Most of these guys. That i i saw were were lacking the the motivation and really passion for what they were doing. So i started taking them out for one on once a big deal for us in our in our practices. And that's i'm gonna take you out for lunch. And i'm just gonna have a conversation with you. I wanna find out about your life. I wanna know. what are you like to do. What excited what gets you going. What are you good at. What do you not good at. And i want to start talking about. Where do you wanna head we started doing in my goodness. Our guys started coming. They the their level of engagement Then then we made a party out of it and we do it every two months. It's used to be every month and we used to do it in my house. All the locations would come over. We'd have dinner throw a big party. And i'm going to give a talk about one of our core values and i share the vision of where we're heading into. You want to join us. I'm telling you that following day. That's sunday nights on monday morning. Number of guys who quit all their jobs other jobs and come full time with us. 'cause 'cause they're ready to go. That really has grown into training and development program that we have a master plan and Guys come in started They they start at minimum wage and they work their way up in all the different competencies and within twelve eighteen months they become managers. Earning salary ninety percent of coverage 401k opening their own site with a team that they've hired recruited and trained themselves. And that's what we get most excited about every location that opens for us. It's not just a car. Wash lakisha can generate more. Money is actually behind that. It's a life that's been transformed and someone who's talent has been unlocked and now they were really going hard trying to grow into a leader and you wouldn't be unlocked potential unless you took an extra time and took them for that one on one and asked the diagnostic questions. It really dug into their story. Most people in those and that type of industry. Yes you're right. They are looking to pay their cell phone bill or pay for gas and look for a side job. they're not they. Don't look at a car wash as a place where they can really flourish and grow. Because you can't you start a call mentioning and a car wash space in the industry. You can't you can't name five biggest ones. You can't i. Can't i probably do it in charleston. But i can't do it is in nationwide in the united states can't so when they're saying that name there you know like ever clean. That's gonna mean something in the next couple of years. Big time. i mean have already success. You've had and every single location. There's a story from that that came from that special relationship that you've had without one on one and showing them. There's a bigger opportunity here. You just have to take a step back and realize what your true potential is like. What do you really want to do with your life or viewing this as a stepping stone and getting you to where you really wanna go or do kim. You even visualize those steps in. And that's what we find a lot of those conversations they've never had before They haven't been they haven't been mentored before and People have actually looked at them. And so so. I really think it's this combination of Unlocking motivation but then also giving a pathway our training program when guys start day one. We print out this sheet. It's as it's the master. Plan everything you need to be. Awesome on one page and we show every competency the stages you need to go through and we tell them after orientation the pace with which you grow is completely up to you all like that. All of your raises and promotions are right here. We're transparent so basically we've given them a track and said run on this as fast as you want to And it's the guys who are They they can. They can hustle good with people. The street smart. I said you got those. If you've got those three things You will really excel. And then there are guys that don't and that's okay too. They're just not ready And some guys come in. They're just not ready to to work on that and they're not already a lot of people when they say when they say they're just not they're not built like that. There's always be working for someone else. I liked it. You said they're not ready. It gives them an opportunity to grow into that. I loved. i keep going love this. I hope they come back sometimes. We let people go. There's a someone we let go last week. He was crying and he said. I love queens. This i this place and We said you know what We're pointing out some things and the guy who let him go is also getting pretty emotional because he invested a lot in and said i hope you come back and so we let go of people sometimes. There's that in mind like work on this and then consider come back Because we a lot of pets lead. It's not the right time for them. They're not ready okay. I i'm going to bring up an opportunity. And i haven't heard a lot of people talk about just yet and you touched on some. You let someone go. They're not ready yet near using that terminology that way of thinking in now i want to pick your brain on. This one was the first time that you had to fire someone to let someone go clean. Yeah send general. Yeah the the very first location actually the most memorable one. It was my partners. Okay all right tackle. -cation yeah uncomfortable. Where you at that time to let them go it. It's a it's a hard conversation. Yeah you're there are two parts of me I'm a business guy. So we're we're teetered more than the average person to have difficult conversation okay. We've got to be done but then at the same time there's a part where like that's tough man. It's you know. I don't i don't wanna have it but but just realizing fit. It's not that it's not that you wrong. It's it's it's fit and and the big thing for us. They take more of approach. And i wanted to transform an industry right. Let life's like. They wanted a lifestyle business. I didn't wanna lifestyle. I went into business. Where i can really throw myself into. That's what that was my point. And i wanted to bring it up because it how you approach you you letting people go and firing people if you're trying to change the way. The game is looked at in that industry. You can't go about firing people or letting go people the previous people in the industry or the top ones. You have to do and more of a nurturing and and letting them know why they're not ready yet but here's what you can do in the meantime if you get yourself ready then i'm gonna keep that opportunity open for you if you keep that door up and a lot of people when they think they got let go from job or in their career. They can't come back. You have to keep that door open. That's that's how you're able to continue to keep your fingers on the pulse on what's needed in your communities rather than just you know what's needed in your business community and business or it needs to be together you need to have your finger on the pulse and knowing what's happening a loved us keep going to add to that guy who let him go actually gave him a couple of names of places that he should go considered a work because he was aware right. And and so there's that relationship You know some of the hardest layoffs. I i leave it open. you know. we're If you wanna talk about this and more when when you're you can calm down a little bit and wrap your wrap your head around it beach out to me. Let me know and Yeah it and so we try. We're not. we're not perfect chris. But but we're we try. Not no you. You're lot closer to than a lot of companies that are major major name companies. That don't know how to properly. I've been around some people that they would ask me to fire people and i would do it differently like i just like i actually learned. It's funny how i learned this. I was watching a movie in. Moneyball with brad pitt i. It was like two thousand eight two thousand ten ish. I don't around that timeframe. I love baseball but i was watching this movie and i watched him was a general manager for camera that the actual the oakland a.'s anyways but he walked in and i guess the person in his protege. He was training assistant. He was trying like fire. That means like you gotta go fire. You've gotta go tell him traded or tell them or whatever and he was like well. How would you do it. And he's like training jonah hill and how to iceland one mellon he all based on this and this this this and he was like they don't wanna hear that shit they they don't care like you just have to like listen. Here's the name of the person you need to contact your service. All he needed needed. You're good ballplayer but you gotta go. Yeah i try to train. And this is where i was kind of companies and corporations i was going in and i had to make a lot of those decisions behind the scenes. They didn't know that came from me. And i was what it was pulling the trigger but i would prep. Hr on how to deal with them and them for that next step so i didn't have so i would leverage. Hr so here's here's your. You weren't math. Let you go your vision. you know. Obviously what you've done here. We appreciate everything you've done for this company where we're trying to next leap in a different way of going about business you're just not aligned to the division overall. I'm not saying you can't come back one day. But as infrared your cer- your services are no longer needed. Here's a person for. Hr give him piece of paper number. Go talk to them and they would prep them on the next step to maybe pointing in the right direction. That way you don't have to. I don't have to train my staff not having an emotional conversation because once you have an emotional conversation about it. You're you're now making open for them to have that kind of conversation. That goes on forever. And i'm like all right. He's got gotta cut. Cut the head off the snake and let them go like am. I gonna you go up. I'm not gonna stab you to death in and watch you bleed chocolate. You hit often. You gotta go do what. You gotta do but anna. That's probably sounds really awful for those. Who are listening to this. Damn chris hardcore no it. It's all about community is all about trying to help them. And if you lead with that. I it's really going to take your business to the next level and i think that's where the team that rolls down through your staff not just on a manager level or an employee type level but that you're raising morale because if this morale is low you can't now focus back onto your customers again raising that everything if you look at our our Cool reviews and people give us positive reviews. What are they talking about. It's it's the people yup and if if you want happiness in good service to spillover customers it's gotta be in house to and and if you if you build that culture in house it'll trickle over into customer service our approach there's like no you're highly well-spoken highly educated person as well i think you have. Nba is in school chicago university of chicago. Okay got it. I read it somewhere. I couldn't remember the name of the school. I went and i put my pigeonhole myself real quick but the the reason why i'm bringing this up because you come from engineering to real estate gaining a lot of cafo gaining some a little bit of liquid right and allowed you to have the the finances to seize an opportunity when he saw an opportunity for engineering world and i want to go back to the engineering mindset just real quick and how. We look at things a little bit differently. Because i'm not to talk about personal things. We had something unfortunate happen. That's probably the worst thing ever in in the world. That would ever happen to a married person with in a brand new dad unfortunately lost her daughter. Mackenzie and now it's really difficult situation and we'll sprinkle this kind of lean into this as much as i can and try to be. Try not to get too personal with this. But there's a point that. I want to bring up when you were nine months into the hospital in your mom having i guess what forty years experience in the same hospital and you were in that hospital and you got to experience mackenzie. You're smiling for the first time in going in you know even though it's a really difficult time but there's also there's two sides to every coin right to be grateful for the good and bad right but there is something that happened i'm i think that is it electrostatic clean thank. We're new went through something really traumatic but you never went through that. If you didn't go through the situation but you're ever take something even more positive about him and he'd been implemented into your business can you. Can you expand its own. You're comfortable level of talking about this. But i wanted to touch on this because if you didn't have that type of mindset on on looking at things differently then you wouldn't have seen the opportunity even implement making it. I guess make it an easy for your own business when he saw an opportunity. Yeah mackenzie at thirteenth surgeries and hospital. Protocol was when she went to surgery. They would sterilize. The room and I saw than using equipment that i'd never seen before to to stabilize the room and just being curious person and engineer took pictures started asking the janitorial staff all this all these questions probably android and probably even hello everyone to that place very often in our yeah so no And by the time he's even finished. I'm already on google. Why finding out all all the background artist equipment at the at the moment that's happening. I actually didn't know exactly. What would i do that. I was just curious well Kobe hits and my mentor Asked me what can you do from a business perspective to do your part and to help the committee And immediately thought of Sterilizing equipment They weren't as popular back then as they are now us on airplanes all over the place before it was mostly just a nursing homes surgical rooms and then he also told me whatever it is. Don't try to monetize it. Don't try to monetize on a pandemic visor there for the community just doing. I don't wanna poo pooing businesses that started during the pandemic me. You know they. They they hold for us. We're caught. We thought if we can sterilize the insides of people's cars and make them feel confident to people like get in their cars and bring their family after they had some symptoms maybe You know that would be a great thing for us to to offer that to the community even if we can only prevent a handful of quotations by doing that like it's worth it so we we ordered these They are live at our sites We do them three days. A week and We're just going in a spring on people's cars who want it and it kills corona virus within sixty seconds to losses within three minutes and plenty of other Diseases as well viruses bacteria and thank you for going into detail on that because if you're one hundred percent correct. Tenure mentor is a is it a woman or a guy guy guy okay. I didn't say oh. Yeah a guy just because there's a lot. There's a lot of common entrepreneurs out there just i. I've learned more from like women mentors. I guess you would say as an entrepreneurship. I'd have in michigan. And i'm just i'm telling you. This decade is going to be the decade from an entrepreneurship. I'm telling you mark my words aren't my word leader khalid that emotional intelligent side of it. There they understand it more so you touched on something. Her mentor brought up. Hey if you don't try to charge don't try to monetize from this. Just try to see how you can implement this in the overall it all goes back to your customers and goes to your community. I it is what. I'm was jumping out to me. The most is how i can increase them and make them feel safe that hey even if you have symptoms in you did experience those you know being sick. We're going to create the environment for you to feel safe that hey our equipment and the people that we are here. Were conscious of that. I thought that was great. I thought that was phenomenal. Goodstuff in in a lot of it for entrepreneurs this minutes depending solving our own problems to the when. I i I had some Kobe did like symptoms. And i couldn't go to the hospital for two weeks. And when mackenzie was getting better and we were trying to bring her home. I didn't feel comfortable bringing her in our car. And you know. I didn't have a way of what what do i do. I do to make it safe for me to bring my home sick. Well these sprayers. And if i'm having this problem other people are too so you are not aware even if they're not aware of it that's knowledge is king right. I mean knowledge is the best we can. I mean they might be even like me. Being a father of me. Not being a father if i if i if someone else knew a little bit of information that i wasn't aware of and it was potentially going to save my life and my family's lives that's a big deal. Yeah yeah and in. We've had customers actually mentioned that like. Oh my gosh. I was sick. And i didn't know what to do. And thank you so much. My goodness we. We've won that customer over for life hundred percent and they're they're they're taught so it's not getting nothing out of it like they're going and telling them something different. You're doing something extra. You're you're now what you're doing now as you're you're creating the standard for other people in the community interviewing you as a person. Hey hey this guy you know. He's been through this. He's been to that but he took this from this type of unfortunate experience and learned it but you. That's the engineer to saad of you. And i it drives my family crazy and it drives even people that are around me. I'll say the most outrageous shit. I drug people because i'm not supposed to be doing. I'm not supposed to be thinking like this at a time. Like this. And i'm asking questions like why is this important. I'm like i don't know because i'm going nuts. We here because one of the no like i'm curious. My mind is google. I'm telling you man is like my best friend. Sometimes i might even uncomfortable conversations. I'm like why can't ask right now. Because i don't know them that well. This is my works. I see so many opportunities. Like i can't stop my mind from going so and with plenty of annoyed friends and family from the things i bring up here we go. Yeah like until restaurant. And i'll asking questions are how like who was this and especially like mom and pop places. I brick and mortar businesses. I ask a lot of questions. Even if i'm impressed i'm going to ask question after my odd. We can't take chris anywhere he's going to have a conversation with them for an hour. Then i'll get a business. I was actually in here in london and of course in here in london for those listeners. That art in london and they ever wanted to travel in london. If you love chicken wings don't come because there's only a couple of places you can get actually a real good chicken wing as different types right. So there's a food truck here and it's called orange buffalo and a founders are from england but they went to the us and it started off as a drug story. They were out in new york. There are drinking and they got the recipe of some chicken wings. Like the sort of food truck. And i went there and i was like wow you know. I don't drink so i dig a root beer. Only bad part is the root beer was from australia. And they don't know what they're doing over there so take that well so only bad thing a negative experience by ate chicken wing. And i was like i up to the food truck was like who who made these like. Where'd you get this recipe. 'cause it tastes like i'm in new york right. I love this. I like you have now. It's like do you need investors. I this is where my mind goes. Do you need investors. i will hook you up. I got you this. That comes with passion right because i was like. I can't get good chicken wings. I might as well make sure you say stick around in a marketplace or my own reasons absolutely. That's the engineer and businessman coming out and you can't you can't turn it off. Read just a part of who we are. I don't think it. I don't think that i'll ever be able to. I don't know. I'm trying to say i'm trying to turn it off because that's obviously was assisted me and i'm sure with you. The same of looking at things a little differently and cutting off some light years off my learning curve when it comes to business and adapting to the marketplace and adapting to the times and being a data change overall. There certain things that i'll pay a tissue. I'm my fingers on the pulse. But if i'm not in the business enough to be able to understand the dynamics and the moving parts then i can't reverse engineer it because there's too many things moving around the first place how with ever clean. What is your strategy on being able to expand where you are right now in the business world we are obviously trying to grow locations but what we're investing in is in our actual classroom. We're investing internally Inside so we're when i look at we're has businesses failed. Or where do they struggle to expand I think it's most in in your in your people you can you. Can you could brute force a single store. You just by just by force of personality to have the right kind of culture but if i can't replicate that in a different state because we've systematized in some way culture which sounds weird but if we can't systematize that then as soon as we go out of state We're we're gonna we're gonna denver. I want her. Yeah so we we. We've developing systems as much as we can to replicate People and culture So that we can see the other things are still a challenge but i think are more outsourcing. I can't outsource culture. I can outsource real estate development. Let's say that again sent to listeners. The here that is not what we say right is what they hear me. Take it up against party. You can't outsource culture and we can outsource real estate development You can outsource marketing. Even i but culture is. There's no one who can who can do that for you. You gotta do it yourself and doing it. Yourself takes time and effort personal. Feel to that to develop that culture because it's not something that just happens overnight. It takes sometimes years to develop that culture. You understanding why it's essential for you to expand in the marketplace or you expand in certain industries. How many state do you currently thinking about being in different regions. I mean is the goals for you when it comes to your outreach when it comes to your own personal brand without not personal brand but has in business brand So we have a five locations up and running chicago three. that will open later. This year and We we'd like to in my mind i we. We'd like to be five hundred locations. Some day and be be nationwide. I just think the need is great. i think there is a lot of opportunity and frankly with all their plenty of new car washes That are opening up here and there but customers frequently tells his non experience similar to ours so eager on. So how can you duplicate that without losing the personal touch with the culture. Do you think yeah that. And that's that's the challenge before us. We we try to embed our culture every opportunity. We have into our training Materials so we try to make sure that will for first of all. Most of our guys are not super good at School that's the accession. A beautiful part that. They're not because what they're going to really need in that type of situation. At growing a franchise building our own business. It comes from being. I guess having that emotional connection with people understanding what's happening but go loved us. Yeah so so. Our training we we we think about. How do you train someone who's smart street. Smart and they've they've they've good Issue but man they just don't they get sit down with the textbook. All of our training is done in relationship. Love it. so it's it's i. Do you watch i. Do you help you do i help you. Do i watch in the last step. Is you teach so a lot of situational training. Yes and it's you cannot progress by yourself. You have to do it right. There has to be another person there and and to me. That's one of the best ways you can Instill culture because i think culture is more caught than taught. Love it you you you can you can Read about how to change a flat tire. But what you miss in watching a youtube video of. That is the gusto with which someone did that. When it was raining and the attitude they have which is a thin can stay with you forever. Change about your life right so so for us. How how you know. How do we create a situation where you can catch culture and that's relationship right into tree right okay. I like that. Let me go back to something else you said and not to poke holes. I'm not poker. Holds in a in a bad way and put a halt e street smart. You touched on that twice. Before i got a chance of bring it and go back up and i love that latest conversation just naturally just went there because i wanted to touch on this real quick. You touched on street smart. I believe it of people have a little bit more of street smarts in that type of industry in that type of business model especially right now in the decade in an era of business were in right now. Because it's all about how you make someone feel rather than just info dropping or data dropping of something xyz. Anyone could hand your clientele a piece of paper at the beginning of this thomas. Okay what's fragrance. Would you like to have this. Is the program. This is the the cost you a member. She can come this. Anyone can hand something like that to you but if you have someone that had a lot of street smarts than unions using their emotional intelligence to really develop a relationship and explaining why this is what this is the process. Here's what we're going to do in anything. Any questions comments concerns. You might have during your experience. I wanted bring it up to me on how we can improve. Or how can we reach more customers. Just like you so such on that street smart. Why that's so important for you to be conscious of the people that you do have aboard yourself love this. We're we're looking for a people not that we can just program with information people to exercise so we we do have this curriculum but we want people to exercise their own native genius and take take their heaven ability to critically think and apply our principles and culture in in different situations. So yes you know how to. You know how to pitch at you know word for word all the content in this sale script. But exactly what you're saying. Then what do you do with that and you can you talk to customer And that that is really what we're looking for in our guys. Now that street smarts can be applied in different ways Our guys so we have. We have three different tracks. This fairly new that we're developing We have a sales genius with technical genius in a management genius. I like them guys. Yeah we have. We have some guys who really good in sales context over the guys who Not so good know in sales context but you put a wrench in their hand. No my goodness all of a sudden you feel like this guy's really smart in the failed you you felt like he was not so smart but so so. We're trying to identify that. It is important that somebody has that for this role. Because if they don't have that here they should be somewhere else applying. Whatever it is that they have yet is understanding. You had to understand your staff and where people are good at and whether or not getting it sounds like you're you're really starting to identify that in shitting and getting start pulling on those threats to really sort of didn't find some areas of opportunity. I think with your engineering mine. I think you're gonna explode with this just understanding that within your own staff you touched on where this is. Why train especially when it comes to sail the people all your award-winning salesman. How did you get to you know education sales. And how did you do well. I really didn't sell pitch. You mentioned pitch a couple times pitch if you learn how to sell the right way when you hear customers status to you. What's the next step. what are the. How do i go about getting this. Or how do i do this. That's when you got him already wrapped and you don't have to pitch them. You should never try to pitch anyone you just say from based on what you just you brought your car here and you have your alloy wheels and you have chrome we have this and you trying to get them in just to kind of if i was the guy. I was based on the way that i'm looking or car and what you're trying to get from his car. Wash as endure ability of you coming back next week or whatever. Here's what i would recommend from this package. And they will go. You're right because you're to genius and you're the expert in this area but you have to develop that credibility and you using your street smarts emotional intelligence to know. Wanna turn it on a turn off for them to give off the impression to them. I've been here before. I knew what kind of car that is. I know what you need. What you're trying to accomplish in your first date i get it. Let's make sure the backseats really cleaning the car fragrance has. What's here's what i recommend. And they're going to go with that recommendation. But if you hand them a piece of paper thomas though i don't know maybe they don't wanna pick the most expensive ones. They don't see the value though. I don't wanna pick the middle one. I'll pick this one just because there's a little bit more a little bit more than the normal one. I'll do this one. And in in this in this industry The bar is so low for providing education recommendation. That like all we know of is clear. Quote triple foam loud lombardi carnival wax ray next Shield soup like nobody knows what anything means like. I don't know that. Yeah and we've all heard so how gimmicky is at that guys. Like you and me and a lot of listeners. We're sharp people who know how to operate a pocket computer but we don't know what any of these car wash terms need it. It's it's been a terrible way to sell and really we're not educating people stuff is not that hard to understand the we don't use any of those terms in our car wash you. My biggest pet peeve is about car washes okay. You have you make it look a certain way and everything else right. They don't tell you. And i would tell these i would tell people this. Listen do not roll your windows down next hour. Prelate note right. Yes they should. We should have you know. Just make sure the people understand. Because there's a what's going to happen is this. They're gonna drive run off the lot and they're gonna roll down. The window is messed up your whole window for next a whole car. Wash the whole. I don't know to two weeks because you're never gonna get back. That stain does not go away. That you know. I'm stealing that. So i just wrote it down because we don't tell that to people and we should have the and even myself right being in the space. I make that mistake right. And good at the drive through or whatever and i pull it out and oh my goodness and I love it so thank you for that. You come and that's just for my experience of years of doing it. You know before. I graduated high school because it was kind of a seasonal thing when i would go work at a car. Wash like weekends and and whatnot. Because there's nothing worse than having your car immaculate to way it needs to feel way you know whatever and you rolled on a window by accident and you're like And you can't. It's it does something to your window because it's all that water is inside of the door or inside of the track. It messes you up. What what. I will say slightly different about our model. Why some of our members might not feel that way as much because they are on A subscription unlimited plan. Okay me taking one car wash and drawing it out and maximizing that for long as they can the thing so are you know are people are coming in to get the car washed even during the reign sometimes on a cloudy day when when they know the things have changed things have changed in like. I don't even how old am i. What thirty bucks term. Forty thirty nine. So i mean i was wet fifteen so god knows how long right so what you do. The math guy so twenty five years ago. If i haven't figured it out by then so i'm sure things have evolved with windows and enrolling down things without a nice touch. It still an issue. It's still. I wrote it down a nice little little end of it and like hey by the way what did i tell you. The beginning of it. Don't roll your windows down for the next like out. I love it or they do the windows and they leave these big streak somewhere like have a vivid memory. When i was a kid my mom my dad would wash a car. And i would be back in you touch the windows. You might as well just like. I don't know like my father with a knife or starting. I mean i've gotten yelled at more than anything else and touching windows. My dad told me is when you finally get a car or you know. whatever. I'm just i'm gonna tell your children when you have children touched make sure you're touching a windows. It new putting this on that so chris. How long does that last four. But that that attitude of your dad wanting you not to touch anything in the showroom condition frederick productive prep like. They're always like well. Well your was. Your dad always like that or after several with car. Were those rules all the time. I was used when a car the across touching a window. That's awesome you can point outside and not touched a window. Why are you touching the window. I mean what is the point of touch. I can go on a whole pitch. I can go to a whole conversation about the window. 'cause i've heard it like what's the whole point of view touching a window. I can't look out the. Hey hey dad look over there. You're touching a window. What is the point of you touching a window or when it rains i'll be kid like taking my finger and going down the reindeer stupid stupid game but my i'll get yelled at the funniest things in a world I guess it's the only thing that you're gonna yell at me about. I guess i'm gonna. I'm gonna get kid but i mean i'd be clinton is of about someone also by what's in her car and what's not in their cars. Well you really do. I think you get in and you you see You can actually imagine how they're Day to day is how the kind of live right just by. What's the car. And what's not and how they keep it. And based on how their car is you might be able to guess how they're homers yup hundred percent hundred percent hundred percent and you don't think i'll put you don't think that men don't pay attention to women's cars. I know when i was dating at one point. And now we're getting someone's karma like. Whoa you live like this. Yeah Don't think we're going to get past the second date you know like i don't think so. Don't this is what the house gonna look inside man. I'm gonna spend a lot of money on cleaners. that's for sure. Don't be but you're using your emotional people listening. Might man chris awful. Like when you use your. You're very tactful. Firing skills that one hundred hundred percent. I'm gonna doubt to the marketplace. Sure i'm like have you thought about in like have you been approached. I'm sure you have with from some investors looking to try to make you expand faster. Because i get this a lot in entrepreneurship when even myself included when i'm building something out in other. They look at that as an opportunity. Investing opportunity for them. What is your thought process on may be potentially having an investor come in. Are you turn off on that or maybe just. Are you open to something like that. So we do have investors right now. okay One of the nice things at least so far has been just because this isn't my first rodeo. I've been able to be very picky about our investors and make sure our investors are values and vision aligned not just on the business model but so i look for track record of investors who've been highly philanthropic and if you've given money towards causes you believe in not that we are charity but that tells me you care about vision of what we're trying to do socially as well so for those who are in south carolina right now and you're listening to this new. See one of these kind of companies pop up car wash around. Your area might have been a good indication them like hey thomas. I'm going to invest in these. Bring it down to charleston. When i go to visit carolina when i go back home to visit then i at least i have someone who can go to a car. Wash 'cause that was one of the things that i wanted to do for myself. Was the first car wash. I ever went to also buy it out. But it's like there's nothing in it. It's like a rundown like don't even is probably crackheads. Living in their Maybe i can just tear it down for myself. I told my first job but this thing. But there's nothing there so Might be an opportunity so for the most under that we covered a lot. And i know this probably conversation for those who are listening to this and i appreciate every single last one of you. Make sure you're submitting your feedback in. And i would love to have you on as a q. And a. i've been neglecting lately. Just because of what i've been building with windex videos on me getting that autograph and making sure we're doing beta testing What do you have currently going on right like right now for maybe our listeners. To find more about your business is what you're doing you personally i. How would you kind of like frame that. And kinda might maybe just explain that to the listeners on maybe pointing in the right direction so that i know you don't get lost on google. Yeah so We're is it mainly membership model We have a baby frame it this this way. They're kind of three. If you're if you're listening there might be sort of three points of interest. One is if you're interested in in what we're doing As a consumer we have Were mainly a membership model. We're trying to do is have drivers. Imagine their car always clean. And no no. More of the car mostly being dirty. You get a car wash times a year and just try to stretch it out. It's just it's just changed the whole the whole mo. Just have your car always clean. And so we have thousands of members who find value in that we have an online special refers. Month is a buck and you get to experience that unlimited washes per dollar and You can you can just take what that's like. The chicago area nuts. I mean like that's helluva value going. Yeah we we just want people to taste what that experience like. Because once i started tasting a car that was always shining and just did not need to worry about You know keeping the car clean and and making it convenient for someone to do that. Like in and out within three minutes at our location Second would be if you're listening to this and you're interested more From a career opportunity Go you can go online to everclean. Cw dot com And you can click on careers. You'll learn a little bit about our growth trajectory and what you can expect. You can apply to particular location right there and Thirty if you're listening and you happen to be an investor and you feel like this is something i believe in both business model and the social mission you can also reach out to us Through our website and we will be raising expansion round the capital in the spring So those are free ways that you can kind of connect with us. I like the last one especially. Because maybe i could. You could take. This is fine. If you think is a good idea like you know how you have a lot of companies that maybe don't have the education and don't have the training that you guys have obviously expanding on it and change in a way that people are looking at those like as personal development and in really helping your pc you can probably end up getting investors and buying out certain companies that you're like i guess that's like a sister company underneath your umbrella where he really expanding and that might be a huge area opportunity on the all the small things but you probably already a thought of this. I can't stop my mind my mind. I love that you go there. So yeah we to us ever clean is h human resources. Company just happened to wash hearts mother cars now and but are geniuses not in the car washing segment to us it can be applied anywhere loving and And we have. We have pokes to bring out there as well. He can do it in so many things you can do it dry cleaning. You can do anything. We're cleaning this. Yeah absolutely. I mean our guys. We have very few people who work here who are actually specifically interested in car washing. They love the company right. they'll do call exchanging a game. That's how you're changing the game. You're you're they're not just a trying to wash cars right. They're learning how to transform themselves into something special. You very beginning of this. You mentioned identifying their talent and sometimes they're not able to can can see what their what their true potential you know is you're pulling that's worth best mentors and that comes from your upbringing as well and people being around you being onto lidge. You don't you when you look at an opportunity or look at individual. You don't look at them where they currently are. I don't either. I look on who they could be one day. And and i think when people think about careers a lot of time there's too much focus on the industry and they decide where to go based on industry. I actually think minority of people are are really have been obsession or passion with one specific industry. I think most people are pretty open to working at the right place in the right type of role in. That could be most of our guys. I love it. I love that I four months. I want to say thank you again for coming on the show by beyond beyond me on a lot of different areas of opportunity before i even thought about hey. He would be phenomenal guest. But i hope the listeners really caught onto the method behind. Thomas's madness it's just at because there's not a lot of I guess you'd say entrepreneurs that do have that personal touch to them and being adaptable to change and making the proper adjustments. They just say they are and their staff doesn't really reflect the result so i love it. Well thank you kristin and it and it A probably should say at the same time that there are things that are super messy about that And striving for a social mission. And being so relational in what we do But to me it's worth it. It's it's worth that. If i'm gonna labor and toil in something i want it to be something i One of the challenges. I give to the guys Is when you can integrate who you are with what you do toward something you believe in side the people you love. You'll probably find some happiness there. Wow that's that's what we're good. You should put that on t shirt. We haven't done it. That's powerful. Because i feel that i mean you have to be aligned to those values core values. You're saying what that truly means and you will find happiness if you're going about your aided day-to-day operations or just living your life. You know as as a whole and trying to put all those pieces of a puzzle together. Great advice ban. I appreciate coming on again much chris. You're welcome. You're welcome and god bless you your family your wife Especially what you've been through. And i know that we'll always be in contact from brief conversations that we've had but not just k- yeah my and not been in that great or at long like as an elite known each other for years but i know this this relationship. I'm looking for to build on this relationship for a lifetime in your great person. Likewise chris really really looking forward to what's ahead. Yeah absolutely guys. you'll be well be safety. You hope you enjoyed today's phenomenal information. Info dump pretty much on customer service so many areas of opportunity for you guys to like really take something and a ball it up and catch lightning in a bottle but other than that guys. You'll be well be saved me you piece out. You'll take care thank you again thomas. Thank you chris off.

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