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You're listening extratime radio. Ultimate heightening. He was on fire last night at all because you guys like Drake peer word association before he can get you out of here. Eddie johnson. Quick win will city Simon board over Snapchat. Do you know what Snapchat is since Wiki faces are not your no, I do and Snapchat one at all my contacts. And I refused to give it my Simon. You are in improve. From New York, New York, you listen extratime radio. Siriusxm FC channel ninety four and MLS soccer dot com. I am Andrew we with me. Just David Goss. No Simon board. Here we not just I'm sorry. David back to actually introduce Simon as being here. And then at the last I can be like, oh, man. 'cause I you know, you get into those auto mode and felt like you're in one. I'm normally I'm at the beginning of episodes. Of course, Simon Borg is down cavorting in Miami. And for Simon cavorting doesn't mean what cavorting means for the rest of us. He's probably hold up in some dark room working as his his habit. But hopefully, having a good time down there. Hopefully thinking about his New Year's resolution. We are we are. We are. Of course, our Christmas gifts from him shall come later some Mediterranean lunch, which I'm looking forward. We've got a great tweet about that though. Throwing it out there. Alex Syracuse things and he said how could Simon not think to get you guys Panini sticker. Yeah. That's a good point on Simon. I went through an obsession around the row before the road Cup with those fueled by Mr Borg, I no longer feel that obsession. So I'd actually rather have the lunch. A big show for you here on this Thursday. Just a reminder. It's the last one before we take off for the holidays. We'll let you know. What's coming up of I in this episode, Jason LeVine DC United managing partner. Co owner. They got the stadium done, David. We will talk to him in the second segment and then to start it off their entry draft you love drafts or MLS fan. You have to love drafts. And there's also some news floating around the league Kubo Torres, it appears he will stay. It's looking like Houston update you on that one Jermain Defoe. Joe verto some news out of Toronto. When it comes to those things, we'll get all that in just a minute. But let's let the people know what they can look forward to drown rats into. We have been working hard. I've been working David like the dog that he is. We've been podcasting. Yes. Very very very. Packed schedule for us. It's not yet over on Friday will do a couple more. But here's a schedule for you to simmer. Twenty-second will be the referee episode. That's Peter Walton the GM of pro as well as Crispin. So who is a pro referee in town. But he also refereed he was a center ref in the opening game of the hero Indian Super League. So there's some interesting stories from him there, December twenty fifth Christmas. We would not leave the people hanging on Christmas. What we never never ever. That's the American exports episode Alejandro Doria he will come on with us as well as David Patey. He is you don't know who he is probably listening there at home. He is the American owner of Yano in Costa Rica is a fascinating story. He's a fast ridiculous story to say. The least. Yeah, it's pretty good. And then we will check in with nNcholas AC. Who of course, you may know played in the couple of Premier League about a year to half or so ago. So he'll have some interesting stories from down there, December twenty ninth and expansion episode. We're very very hopeful to have Tom Paine. Of Elliot see that is not yet confirmed. We hope we can bring that to you. What we know we can bring to you is the president of MLS Atlanta that is Darren Eales. So we will certainly have him perhaps Tom Penn as well to give you the lowdown on what's going on with those twenty seven expansion clubs, and then January first drum roll, please. Kloof finally back. We've dropped the ball for so long the numbers game. We will talk to one of the authors. We will have the armchair us. Matt Doyle in the office are for endeavour bluer up to analyst and stat stat guy extraordinaire will join us. So we do want some mail on that we have some good stuff for your on ready already because we announced this four months ago people actually read the book, so but if you have opinions if you haven't pinions on stats and soccer Quinlivan to add extra time radio and Twitter extra time and MLS soccer dot com. Okay. That's it. That's the the housekeeping that we needed to get done. Let's jump right into it. The richer draft stage two was on Thursday. And it was a little bit busy. Dave. It was it was a mixed bag so to speak majority of passes from teams, but here's who got taken if you weren't paying attention. Macho had the first pick. They took former Chicago fire former Philadelphia backup Hikari Sumaria. Remember here in stage two team. Can renegotiate. That's the difference between stage one and stage to San Jose was second took marvel win. And then the second round they took Senan the dumb Canir reinforcing on the back line. And then also figure he'll play that four four to seven the wide guy in that formation Houston careers. Former team Chandler Hoffman from the LA galaxy and perhaps we're actually this year lows dose and Sturgis who has pretty much been everywhere in MLS. I think he's making a return to Houston. But this guy knows how to pack a bag so to speak whole lot of passes. So you got to see Dallas Tiba Harris taken by the hoops that would make sense as well. He's played for happy. Yes. We'll we'll take a look at that later. He's one of those big kind of target wide guys speed strength athletics goals. Goals. No matter where he goes New England taking tristen Boeing, and then passing of course, we've talked about them. They're whoa. On forwards right now, really just Charlie Davies top. So he's wanted to look at and then Orlando finishing it off with Josh Ford. Who is Josh Ford? You ask unless you're a Sounders fan, he's the number three goalkeeper for the Sounders the last couple years, he played at uconn, which is important because Paul mcdonagh, the VP of soccer operations, essentially, the GM down there in Orlando coached at uconn. So that's kind of a familiarity pick. Let's run down this this day. What stands out to you? Who's the guy that you really like this one guy when I saw the whole list before the draft was marvel win that I thought had to go, and he did I think it's a good pick. I think he's full back and centre back at this point. Which is why I was a little bit surprised Montreal didn't take versatility. But I think maybe maybe they think that right back there. Okay with both hustle Kamara as well. As as Miller, you know, that's just kind of quibble there. But Samara his best is one of the best centreback. We had a long time. So yeah. Marvel went was the big one for me out side of that. I put can push to the starting lineup though. What do you think you've got Bernardo's you've got Goodson? There were some injuries shoes there last year. But I write back you have an opening now with Hernandez gone. And I think with his versatility you have a guy who whoever's hurt you can throw him in. Whether it's he also knows the league. So he's experienced. He's a great athlete outside of that. I think Chandler Hoffman's a guy who may be Houston hopes. They get something for and Josh Ford seems like Orlando just wants cul Kiefer's, look, just that's your third keeper. And you you probably needed a guy who who didn't have aspirated necessarily at that top spot because you do have the two number ones would come in under stand the role do his job chamber Hoffman. What do you think own coil scouting USO big Los dose. I think Owen Coyle been talking about him over. And I think he tried to get him in. He just couldn't get him. Now his chance to get Shailer off. There you go. Now, he has them Nathan Sturgis. Of course, it good. Depth piece in that central midfield area. They needed somebody there behind Garrido and Rico Clark Sturgis once again veteran in this league. That's the kind of guys that you saw taken in this draft. Is there anything else really to talk about not as much happened as I thought what happened? I thought more players would be taken just in wires. You know, what I mean e- taking risks on guy like a guy like Henry Thomas who could be a stud, but has had injury problems. But you have the opportunity negotiate with I thought maybe someone like that would get taken. And I was a little bit surprised. Maybe that the expand that NYC didn't take a chance on anyone. But they clearly have their signings that laid out in the way they want to go about it. Yeah. You have to think that they're going to make a lot of news internationally. They certainly no way that that they're gonna go wasted international slots on this draft. And you didn't really see anybody do that either. Let speaking internationals let's move on a little bit Kubo Torres. We mention Hoffman in Houston. Kubo Torahs has been kind of a saga here for a while. Dave nobody really knew what was. Going to happen with this the word on the street was I wanted to keep Kubo and rumors were that no to do that they'd have to pay seven point five million to mothership Chievo Guadalajara, I guess they're not the mothership anymore though, are the now just a sham just the ship. So they could win ship. No. They're just trying to stay in the ship the championship that is. Right now, and this is all room, or this is all conjecture a lot of this reporting coming from go up, gold dot com, and and soccer by of course. But the team rumored to be in the running for Kubo is none other than the Houston dynamo. But also rumors on the street or that Kuba would not arrive in the preseason. He would not be there in March for the opener. He would play the first half of the year, the close Suda in Mexico with Chievo Guadalajara because they are desperately trying to avoid relegation is one of the top two clubs in the country. As far as support goes, really not from a results perspective over the last few years. They need goalscorers coup. Motza goal score. I'm sure he feels some sort of responsibility to his club. But what do we think of Kubo to Houston complicates their? I think from what we hear from own coil is he's a guy who likes why play and he likes wingers taking is on and crossing. And what do you want on the end of that is a lethal finisher a guy who loves to? In the box, and who loves to put put home any chance that you can get. He's young opportunistic, opportunistic, we know that he was able to score a lot of goals on a team that didn't create any chances. So you gotta think on team that creates chances. He's going to pour them in and on top of that. We've had the conversation a million times but bring a Mexican potential current international to Houston could be pretty special in terms of marketing. And you think about the guys that are gonna whipping in that service or not even it doesn't have to be whipped him balls the Kubo. Of course, you get foot on it in the box. Got Brad Davis on the left score Boniek Garcia on the right now you've also brought an Andrew driver who can fill in for Davis. If say they wanna play them in more of an attacking midfield role Giles Barnes perhaps behind him pushing play being physical a guy. That's as far as matchups goes, one of the most terrifying in molest, and all of a sudden you starting to think okay on this attack. It could have something here. But will Bruin is that? We haven't mentioned his name. He's been the number one guy there. He's been productive. What happens? To him, of course for the first half of the season. He's got an opportunity to really prove himself and to gain the spot. I think the question with Kubo is we actually haven't seen in play anywhere. But that center forward FOX in the box top you want him anywhere else. Right. You don't. I mean, he's only twenty one maybe he can do more for you than just be the guy in the box. Maybe he plays that position or close to that position that Giles Barnes was playing this year. And you push Barnes out. Why maybe there's a way that you can get more around the field out of him than just being the guy on the top certainly to reinforce centreback down there in Houston. That's their big weakness right now. But I think if your own call you have to be very happy if this deal goes down, remember, that's the caveat. Here. We still don't know as of this Thursday, if you had Kubo and will Bruin kind of a tune-up top so to speak because Wilbur although productive has been hot and cold oftentimes that that's the recipe for perhaps a Western Conference playoff team. So that's certainly something to watch. Let us know what you think about that. Is that the right landing spot for? Kuba? We had suggested some other spots in the past. But I think everybody can agree Houston make sense in a whole lot of ways. Let's see some other news. We're running down here on the news front. Hercules gomez. Speaking of league Amax, they did not get it done Tigray that is against club America in the in the title game for the well, not the mature. But the championship match they lost to club America Ventura Alvarado. He is the American that comes away with a winners medal too bad for her keys off to Pueblo though. So it is full circle for him. Speaking of international strikers, though, some news coming out today from his Tim best pachinko, he sang Jermain Defoe. And Joel berto are expected back at Toronto in two thousand fifteen do we believe him though, I eight sounds like it could be a bargaining chip away to China drive up a transfer fee from from other teams that are trying to come in for him. But the question is do you want him? I mean, he's a guy who if he's healthy he probably scores twenty goals this season. But it felt like his heart wasn't in the team. And so do you risk that and come back with him neck? Year when you're trying to get it. Right. And finally make the playoffs. I think I'm on that same tip. I said video the other day that if I had a house I would bet it on him not coming back. I don't think he wants to be there. And I think if you are Toronto you recoup your investment, and you go elsewhere, and you look for something that's more long term. Of course, they signed Robbie Finley from that stage one of the reentry draft. They resigned bright decay. Both those guys have flaws finley's only got one season more than six goals break decay. I love but can't stay on the field. Yeah. So you don't know if you can actually do it for any sort of prolonged periods. You'll berto though, I felt like he started to figure it out. You know what I mean? And he was a guy that from an attitude perspective. You didn't have any question marks about. So I like to see them hold onto him. I think they need that kind of, you know, elite goal scoring possibility at least there, and you let the other guys be depth around just needed a little bit of pace next to fo gave you that earlier in the year when you didn't have default. I think they lack that. All right. Well, that's kind of the rundown of news. We're gonna head of the DC United stadium situation. Realistically that was the biggest news this week. He has your finger up here with one more little piece. There's a rumor out there that mixed disc rude could be on his way to league max as well to go to Chiloe sin play in Tijuana. He would actually be the first American to play for Tijuana that didn't have Mexican citizenship because Paul Ariola was able to get it through his great grandparents. So he would actually be the first American signing that they've made from outside the area. And I think it's a legitimate shot across the bow of MLS and of American fans saying where where America's steam, no doubt. And you'll remember, of course, that Columbus a rumored winning spot for mixed disc rude. We'll see what happens with that one. That would be very very interesting. I think easier for a lot of us to watch those game. Interesting move for him. I am I wrong. But I on Instagram that he was in San Diego recently. And he was with Joe corona does Andre yodel. And of course, yodeling looks to be heading across the Tottenham this winter, let us know what you think at extra time radio extra time at MLS. Soccer dot com. When we come back. She's loving DC. United. We want to hear from you. You're encouraged to Email extra time MLS soccer dot com for tweet at extratime radio with me comments questions oriented. Uh-huh. Hey, this is on one hundred from the US national team. And you're listening to extra time radio. Extratime radio. Andrew, david. At last finally the saga that it never seemed would come good in a molest DC United's stadium situation. While David has come good. The city council voting unanimously to help fund this thing groundbreaking coming at some point here. We'll have decided Kohner Jason levian here on very shortly. I also referred him. Of course is the managing general partner. Most importantly for this. He was the point man for this project. And he got it done as I said, he'll join us in just a second. But first our reactions, I think when you looked at Twitter yesterday, which is pretty much the Taffer gauge for the world of American soccer. Not disbelief because people kind of knew that this was going to happen that kind of joy when you see a fan base along suffering fan base. And that sense finally get what they've been working for for. So so long and deserve. I mean, I think we were we were just talking about it. I think even in our K it's one of the top five or six atmospheres and MLS with the way that their fans I'm and putting them in the stadium. It becomes a dynamic club with the tradition. It's exciting. It's going to be an absolute blast to see a game there and they have a good team on the field as well. Right now. There's a lot of things to be happy about you mentioned the atmosphere. It's only gonna get better because we Mark McCloy. Here works in an office used to work at DC and kind of one of his anecdotes when talking about this. Was you talked to people on the phone? Yeah. We'd love to buy season tickets. We would love to be there. But call me when the new stadium gets bit. And at this point now you have to get season tickets to get priority seating twenty thousand seats right now. What what the team is saying it will be around. Those are going to go quick. This is another pasta. Ability for a Kansas City Kansas City with I think more of a winning tradition. More of a tradition. Long standing at least of. Of intense fan experiences organizations, the Barbara's gonna get down all the screaming eagles all these different fan groups that have just been patiently waiting have been pushing through at RFK, and we'll do that for the next couple of years still. But with a I on the future with a little bit of a twinkling there is because they know it's coming. Great times to be exciting. Great times of Jason Levy, and he got this thing done, and we're happy to have him on the show here on this Thursday. Jason how's it going? It's terrific and good morning to after the niche now, how do you feel are you did you get a proper amount of sleep is this has it really sunk in yet you've been working for? I think I heard you say twenty nine months, so it's a long process to finally feel like, hey, we got this thing done. Our ownership group, you made the invest in the club in the summer of two thousand twelve we join forces in partnership will chain exist owner, and the three of us myself are so here in world Shang, really we're focused on our number one. Priority was finding a permanent home for United. And you know, we focus on the district Columbia from the beginning knew we wanted to be in the district. We, you know, we did have some interest expressed some serious interest express and surrounding areas, but we locked in the district, and we wanted to make this a reality. So it's been tumultuous twenty nine months of some peaks and valleys, but we're very glad that we got over the finish line yesterday. And now that you're over that finish line yesterday. You celebrate it a little bit with the fans. What was the best reaction that you got from fan? I one fan. Tell me that he was at work yesterday morning and he read over on. The news on Twitter and asked his boss for a half day because he sold emotional and came down to join us our celebration downtown pin, social after the devote, and there are a lot of folks a lot of like that a lot of people who have been season ticket holders for nearly twenty years that feels so invested in this club and its success and really wanted to see today become a reality. And of course, the fans get the reward here, but I have to magin it's a reward for hard work for you. And the ownership group as well too. I'm just curious how did how did last night in for you? Do you sit down at the end of the night, and like an easy chair at home and import yourself a drink and say man that was a long process, but I'm here. How did you? How did you finish this off? How did you celebrate? It's like you sit down on your couch, and you fall asleep, and you shoot and you wake up and it's for him. You haven't slept so much for awhile. It's very gratifying for my partners. And I to to have this opportunity. I think the watershed moment for soccer in the United States, and certainly soccer in the district Columbia, and it's an opportunity for us to continue to grow this sport. Which is growing so rapidly in this country of Major League Soccer all that it's done to enhance soccer in the United States. It's just a an important moment. How much personal responsibilities you feel here because we've talked about you being the point man, you were the public one the guy behind the scenes, the one that was really focusing all his his time and effort on that. So I'm just curious how much I don't know if weight is the right word, but kind of in a way weight of the fans of the hopes of the expectations of the future of this club. You know, when we so we did our introductory press conference in the summer of two thousand twelve you know, I knew going into that. How important game stadium was. But at that event the amount of season ticket holders the amount of media interested out the stadium. I walked off the stage. And I said, wow, this is, you know, this is a heavy responsibility. And we've got to get this done. And I carried that with me for last two and a half years, you know, my partner who bested with me is based in Jakarta, Indonesia, and the end of the responsibility of getting stadium for DC United. You know, I promised him that we deliver on this. So I felt a responsibility to my partners. We certainly felt a responsibility to the soccer community into the fans and initiative Columbia. So it was an awesome responsibility. There was one we took very seriously. And I think we're gratified in humbled that you know, we saw through three yesterday. And what was it that we've seen it fails a few times before what did you look at those past experiences? Take from say, this is what I have to do different to get it done. This time. Well, I yes, I needed on the ground. We needed to build strong trusting relationships and partnerships with leadership in the city that that including the city council members the city administrator's office, the mayor's office to make sure they understood we had a we had a a a focus that was pure that we rented together with them that we wanted to see an outcome. That was gonna be a win for the city and a win for the club. But one that everyone was getting happy with a long and building those relationships and strategizing with those folks and being in the bunker, getting the bunker altogether, the public private partnership truly emerging that that was the key to getting this accomplished. I believe now what was the lowest point. Then what was the moment when you said, boy, this work is paying off. This is going to happen. Well, you know, there were some scary points. I wouldn't say low points. You know, I think having a male election changing leadership at the top. We just didn't know. Exactly what to expect. And we were so fortunate that, you know, mayor like has taken the role she has and the leadership she's taken because she's already made some very gutsy and bold decisions as part of the stadium process working with us in terms of getting legislation passed, but we just didn't know what to expect. And I the other moments are just the amount of time that passes, you know, you working on this months and months go by and you keep your head down as group you're focused on making progress, but some days, it doesn't feel tangible others what about what about the moment. You knew it was going to happen. Was there a watershed moment as you said? There was a was kind of a gradual process of momentum building and building and building. And maybe a few words here. There was a gradual process. I think somewhere around the fall when the consultant reports came out that city in the city council had ask for we even we had. A lot of information that accounts a lot information the mayor's office at a lot of information that we're all gonna try to move forward together. And then the last two months since that time, I've really been, you know, one step forward another step forward and felt the progress happening and that we were making progress towards solution towards an outcome. That was going to be successful. We seen in the press release twenty seventeen can you give for stadium opening can you give us a little bit of a time line of of what to expect show where the city has some some very focused responsibilities. We're going to closely with them on which are assembling the land, formerly they have agreements on most of the land and also doing some environmental work and some some work around getting us Ray. So that we're able to start building the stadium putting shovel in the ground. So those things are gonna happen starring first year, and we're going to be focused on our design implementation. And making sure that Archie is ready to go. In terms of the build, but also working closely with the city hand in hand as we have been for two and a half years on continuing to move the process along. So I think twenty fifteen is going to be a critical year in terms of getting the land settled and starting to build the process now, we've seen what San Jose. For instance. They're always unforeseen things that come up when you're building structures of this magnitude, and obviously as you mentioned, they're they're still not hurdles, but some things that get done before. You get started DC fans, I see on Twitter all sorts of people from all over the US. In fact, San market down March twenty seventeen I'm going to DC I'm going to do this thing. You know, part of me wonders should we be prepared for you know, like San Jose twenty eighteen opening maybe you're or do you feel really really solid about that year? The reason I feel good about our progress. Moving forward is because of the relationships we developed we the leadership and making this public private partnership. But we know they're gonna be along the way. And we're going to have to tackle those outcomes and do so affectively, but you know, we've been doing that together for a while. And so we feel good about it the responsibility we have to our fans, and this community continues it's grown in fact after yesterday, and we got so much support from our fans so much support from residents the district. Emailing calling writing into councilmember saying you wanna see this reality. They really made the difference here. Have you heard that? Have you heard that on the season ticket lines because I'm reading through the fake you on the website and to get that that. To be one of the ones in the new stadium. It's probably worth your time. Now to get in there and reserve your seats. Are you already seeing dividends being paid on that side? We are yesterday. We were talking with our our ticket sales team and our leadership team on the business side of these United. And there was a tremendous amount of interest and excitement. There is gonna be priority for those who sign up now, and we're gonna have to exciting seasons. And k saying goodbye to how ground they're all compliments that the team did there and chief so it's gonna be exciting process moving forward. But yes yesterday, there was a groundswell of support an interest. That was exciting to see in terms of new season ticket holders wanting to be a part of this wanting to be a part of the process, and we're gonna make our stadium development of very proactive and very engaged with our fans, we're gonna we're gonna use them to. To get input into how we designed the stadium. How we make it best in class and how we make it's really going to be the venue. And we wanted to have a voice, you know, he'd moved going forward of what you envision when we're looking at the stadium process. Do you know who is going to for instance, design it or you know, we've seen populace do some impasse number other firms? Have you narrowed that down and we've heard the twenty thousand number as I said, but what are some must have here for you? What are some things that that you look around the league or you look at what you have in your own venue now and say we need that we need to give our fans that will surely Fain gauge -ment check -nology is going to be important communication is going to be important in access to the building is going to be important. You know, what we've done over the last couple years as we've gone and seen and studied other socks civic stadiums that really have have done very, well, we're trying to learn from their mistakes. Also, but we've traveled around the country doing that looking at other venues, and we traveled around the world. Somebody stand looking venue. So we wanted to be first in class we've gotten a lot of work done already in terms of architectural design. But now align share the work gets done going forward. And it's going to be an exciting process. It's one that we've been chomping at the bit to start quite honestly, it's been mostly focused on the political process up to now. And now, we get you engage in in, you know, more focused way on the design of the state is there anything already that? You're most excited about in the design anything maybe unique. You know, I'm gonna I'm gonna have to tell you that we're gonna keep a little bit of surprise there. We have we have some ideas, we certainly do for ways to make this Nikkei signing venue, and I can tell you we're gonna do that. But we're working through some of them. And you know, before we sorta unveil what those are, you know, it's gonna sort of work in progress. You gotta keep some things close to the vest as we do when we. Have guests on that? We know our fans will be interested in we put out some things on Twitter. And we say what would you want to us to ask Jason? And a lot of it was about this design stuff, and as you can expect from the borrow Bravo. And those sorts of people they want to know where they're going to sit. They wanna know if you can engineer bouncing stands, how do you? How do you keep some of that that personality that makes RFK so special, and it's really as you said made it kind of this hallowed ground is there any thought to replicating some of that? Shit earlier about the responsibility, we feel towards fans, and and there was a tradition and a history that's so rich and so prominent and so critical to DC United success and our supporters group success as a part of that that we're going to do I best known to replicate, but enhance it. So that is at the top of our agenda as we designed the stadium. You know, we want our fans, and and those are strongest supporters to just rejoice in the new venue and to enjoy it with us for many, many years to come and one of the things that I've heard personally from DC, vans, one of the things that they love and that special about it is that tailgate culture outside of our f k and how it might be affected if they move. Yeah. You're absolutely right. We've gotta look for nachos. The stadium. It's the area surrounding the stadium. And fortunately, we have some rights development writes this manslaughter development around the stadium. But we've got to think that. Through a very thoughtful way in terms of it making a place where fans congregate before and after ashes to engage in in. What is the soccer culture, which is not just those on the stadium, obviously it's in. And so we're going to think that through it. You know, we won't have access to the same amount of land. We had our case, certainly, but we think it's going to be a very very special place modern place easily accessible for fans for more than Egion. So, but we're going to think through exactly how do we do things. The best way, you know, in the area outside the stadium as you pointed out within the one before we kind of get to the mindset that this can usher in for a club. Do you have any thoughts of of building this? So that it can have the potential to expand. Because we've seen some new stadiums coming into the last we're thinking sporting Kansas City in particular, where we're going to build it right around that twenty thousand Mark, but we have an eye toward the future and saying that you know, what maybe this could get bigger. And maybe we'll. I need more seats. Does that does that pop into your mind at all? Yeah. I think it has to the way this sport is growing and the interest level in the United States and soccer. You know, we would be remiss if we did build a stadium that didn't have the opportunity and the planning to expand because we're just getting more and more momentum in terms of our fan base here in the district, and we're going to do that for years to come. And you know, we strongly believe in five and ten years we're gonna wanna bigger state because we're gonna we're gonna have so many more fans that want to participate in this. So there's absolutely, you know, at the top of our list is making sure we built something that has the flexibility to grow in. You mentioned that growth aspect, and one of the things that has been talked about so much with the stadium with RFK is kind of economic ability of the team to compete to put, you know, invest money in the onfield product. How do you see this new stadium potentially changing? I don't know if dentistry is the right word, but the way you guys compete in Major League Soccer. And and the way you invest in your team is this a if you're a DC United fan. Do you see the stadium and say we're gonna we're gonna see some big name DP? We're going to see some femi-. Martin's Michael Bradley's of the world. How do you guys see kind of the relationship of this new building and what you're doing and the competitive sphere? I. I think that we've got a soccer operations needed should team. You know, let by general manager. Dave casper coach Ben Olsen coach of the year. By the way, who who we are very very proud of who we have a lot of respect for who. I think terrific job this season. And I think it's questionable that they really impacted our club in the positive way this season that said I think that going into new stadium having more resources behind us to make business. More viable is is important, and it's good. Those resources are gonna lead to more any mission for us that we can expend moving forward, and we're going to be thoughtful of doing that certainly it's going allow us to utilize those resources to make the team better. One of the things. I saw we reference back. The Twitter really is kind of the heartbeat of of American soccer at this point. And it's it's life span. But I see some rumblings on there. Or yesterday from the likes of Brian Strauss and others about a potential not rebrand, but maybe a polishing of the DC United brand. It's such a classic. Well known successful brand both on and off the field. We've seen teams they move into a new stadium. And they kinda they kinda massage that identity, and and move it to the next phase of their lifespan. So to speak. Do you have any thoughts as an organization that some of that might be either necessary or maybe just help augment what you're doing? Elsewhere in question. I think that we've got we've got a very specific, and you need culture support in DC United. We've got her fans who care so much about a rich history and tradition, and we're not gonna do anything to jeopardize that, first and foremost that being said just as engaged in the stadium process, and we plan to engage our fans and supporters in that moving forward to make the s venue for them. We're gonna have I log around other ways to improve the. And other things that we can do to bolster what we're already any discussion starts and ends with the fact that we care so deeply about the rich history and traditional DC United has. So we're mindful of that. But certainly as forward, and we look towards the future, we're gonna look for ways to improve upon everything built and Jason for you personally talks about how much time you put into this. Now after you take a nap later in this afternoon and get yourself ready to go. What's your focus gonna be on really on around this team coming up over the next few months? Yeah. Listen, we've got big decisions to make on the roster. You know, this off season got the re entry draft. We've got you know, we've got look at how we build that Rosser the combines coming up, and I'm you know, I'm involved to the extent that I talked very regularly with an Iraq coach and general manager kept their thoughts and their strategy of that and trying to be helpful in trying to sounding board for them. And it's important. A very good season next year. It's important that we go even further finished first in Eastern Conference this year. It was the biggest turnaround, I believe and Major League Soccer beliefs history. But we want more than that. And we're, you know disappointed, and and it was a bitter pill when we lost in the Eastern Conference semifinals to the rebels, and we like to see a better outcome next to your certainly so that's what we're focused on in. And then it terms the business side. I think we're very focused on continuing to work with city continuing to foster those relationships and make them productive to move this process along to bolster our season ticket holder fan base and RFK to let our fans know that. Hey, this is the moment to to stay locked in and focused because we've got to deciding seasons at r k coming up there's gonna be a lot of nostalgia around the stilling. We wanna bring home another championship. Even before we get into a new. Building and do that. And you're gonna be with us from the start. And you're gonna be with us in terms of getting already in the building. History here in the spring, right? I mean, cut cap Champions League. Some people are forgetting you guys are the number one seed. Yeah. I'm excited about that. We are. And I'm going to be traveling down Costa Rica with the team in February? And you know, I'm hoping that our partners Eric will might be able to make that trip. The three of us are very engaged and excited about the upcoming season. And certainly Jeff in just just what we've accomplished there is is really inspiring excited about if you're a DC United fan. Certainly congratulations to you Jason on a job well done here. Getting this across the finish line. Thank you for coming on here on this Thursday, Jason being DC United managing general partner and co owner the day after the vote goes through we've been waiting and it is done once again Jason. Thank you for joining us today. Hey, guys. Thanks so much for having the and let's catch up against you. All right. Thank you. That's that's what you wanna hear. If you're a DC United fan. Right. This is this is going the direction that you kind of always dreamed that it could always had kind of these at least in the recent recent history kind of these valleys, and then some peaks, and then some valleys it's been up and down. You've always been going after the stadium. It always felt like it was just out of reach. You have it and have Jason Levin here saying all the right things. Right. I mean, nothing in there if you're DC United. I don't know. Maybe we're wrong. You can hit us up on Twitter view, Email. But that sounds like the trajectory is decidedly positive. He's also a guy who walks the walk. He said we need to get boots on the ground and get the stadium done and he personally went down to DC. And does it gets to know these people? So I think a lot of what he just said you can believe in terms of taking the club to that next level, which this stadium is going to be a part of doing. But it sounds like like you said there's going to be other pieces to that on the field. Maybe maybe some tweaks with the brand they don't think they'll go away from DC United or the band stopped tradition. But you could give things a facelift tradition a little bit. Let us know what you think at extratime radio via Twitter, extratime soccer dot com. Email when we come back the mail back. Want to hear from you urine? Courage to even extra time MLS soccer dot com for tweet at extratime radio with any comments questions orientations. This is marva win of the Colorado Rapids, and you're listening to extratime radio. Where nothing there. Oh may care. I'm just a. Now on X radio. Winced hitter weepy. David Goss, your final episode before we go to to the Bank. I guess what we've been banking for you. I think you're like that stuff. Let's jump in the mail back here. David and we'll find out immediately. Why we played the king? Well, one reason is because Elvis phenomenal. Yeah. That's good. I spend eight hour car ride listening to only only Elvis, oh who was who was driving that. You're not my pops. We from Memphis to Saint Louis so Email from Vinnie. And he says, hey, wasn't the only stadium vote yesterday. What do you guys think of Las Vegas potential? I love it. And I love how you said Vinnie Vinnie, very New York of. In case, you haven't paid attention. The Las Vegas city council on Wednesday voted four to three in favor of a public subsidy for a soccer stadium downtown soccer stadium in Vegas. That's part of this whole bid that's going on. I believe there is called symphony park. Yeah. That's the that's the area on that. One. Of course. One of a couple of different groups Minneapolis has to Sacramento, we've talked to them in the past, but Vegas is going for this thing. And I for one would love it come on who doesn't wanna go to Vegas. What players not going to be sold ongoing Vegas who doesn't want to be the first team in. I think that's the cool part for me is something unique for this league in this country. How can they can they figure out the weather? That's the one quest yet when I've been to Vegas in the summer. It's a dry heat, which is nice, but it's still extremely hot it. We get some Qatari engineers in here to figure that one. Got a lot outside the box ideas. Yeah. But speaking of stadiums. What's the one we've been talking about sock? United Marlin Argueta from crofton Maryland home of Kyle. I oh, you I have a number of swag items that I've owed you for a while that I need to get here. So I'm hopeful that I will get those in the mail that tomorrow or at a later date. Listen, I don't think Marlins to upset right now. I think Marlins in a pretty good mood pretty much. We sent out some messages the ecstasy of DC United fans, we're going to convey it through Marlin it looks like they're gonna get their stadium. They finally made the push he had a few questions in terms of do you think maybe they come in with a big signing. Brian Ruis from Fulham to connect with the local fan base there. And what do you think would be a good reward for DC United season ticket holders for San Jose? They got to be a part of the road around digging. A lot of them put in their own seats if I remember correctly. So he was asking what do you think would be good? One. His one suggested was maybe a tore before the stadiums are need to be open. I think you'll get your tour. I think they'll probably have some sort of walk through like that or at least like an event out at the stadium. But that's a good question. What something really special pet raccoon a chunk of concrete from our? I would take Chuck of concrete from our k you could probably just take it. I don't think they're not gonna get your seat from RFK. You have to be Landon Donovan together. That's true. They wouldn't just give those things. That's interesting. Maybe fans have some good ideas. Maybe they have you know, one of those things where they put your name on a brick or staff. You know, Jason loving was talking about developing that area around there. So maybe they have almost like a walk of a legacy walk where the the people to help pave the way for us to get here. It'd be pretty awesome moving on here. We have in tweet from both Benton and Ben Phillips, Ben Phillips, and Arabic linguists and Jack of all trade, and they both tweeted us about one thing, which I'm thinking of making a Twitter handle call you know, your soccer nerd win. Because I thought the same thing, and you know, your sock nerd when the US in Cuba normalized, diplomatic relations, and your first thought is Ozzy Alonzo playing holding mid for United States national team, they want to know, do you think that this will pave the way, and is this a potential still I think there's a possibility the question is do diplomatic relations 'cause the Canadian Canadian what am I talking about Cuban federation to to have their own thaw spoke so to speak because the word has been that Ozzy Alonzo's asked for that. And we saw. Ker dot com are limbless compadres. They have asked the human federation for comment. They've wanted to talk about, hey, why is this happening? Why why are you releasing him? Of course, a special considerations Ozzy to move over after playing internationals with them. They did not get a response on that. So if it hasn't happened yet, I'm not sure that that diplomatic thaw will get it done. But I think Ozzy would probably like that. And I think probably a lot of US men's national team fans out. There would like I think the one thing that we might not know is maybe the central government was telling the FA don't release him because we don't want our players playing for the US, and we don't want guys getting asylum and thinking, they can do the PR implication. There are not great. So maybe the FA really doesn't care. And now that maybe it is still tough to to just give away. What would be one of your best players? Yeah. Yeah. And also, maybe he could play for them. Now that the helps we'll say Email coming here from Jim Nelson in south Sioux City, Nebraska. I believe he's a Creighton and sporting KC fan, and he had a question based on Creighton playing in the big east and college soccer now, but just more in general of do you believe that there's an east and a west style of soccer? There's a different, and I know that this is a huge basketball conversation always been an east west style, which has kind of like a complete like black hole of style right up in the upper midwest and the big ten pretty much misery. And I think that style starting to be lost a little bit with TV and internet where everyone watches each other and plays with each other. What do you think about in terms of soccer? Boy, that's that's a tough question. I'm trying to I'm trying to think because you have an east coaster in Bruce Arena coaching the galaxy. Yeah. So I think oftentimes style is often dictated at least in the mainstream from the highest level that you're watching. So it's hard to say like, I couldn't sit here and be like, oh, you know, the ten teams in southern California really play an expansive aesthetically beautiful. Style football. I just don't know. Yeah. I don't think. So I think it's interesting that both sides kind of have like a ground zero of talent, you know? Of course, it's the LA southern California area for for the west empire. But but here on the east coast. I think it's just west of here in that like jersey, Philly eastern, Pennsylvania or not eastern eastern, Pennsylvania kind of triangle area. And that seems to be where a lot of that elite talent comes out of Florida starting to make a push as well. But that's interesting. I wonder if people that are more embedded in say, like the soccer culture, or like college high school, whatever could answer better. I think one of the things he seeing the college soccer is what you end up with at the end of the year, which is one playing in cold areas at one playing in. So you have different styles. What I think is unique and exciting about molasses. You have that academy system, and you have the potential to keep guys at home, and you have a potential to build a culture where you can say. Hey, look, this is how Philly soccer place and we play for the Phillies. Union rather than other sports where you have to get drafted. So it's tough. And then adapt one to get in. They are probably drafting you for your attributes and your fit. Exactly. So I think that's that's an exciting. Interesting question, if anyone has any a- respond to here's your interesting note that just came through on the wire Jay Vitovich, the head coach of Wake Forest that's east coast. Of course, heading all the way west Portland he will be the head coach at t to yet. So that's an interesting move. That has some implications for both college soccer MLS on the pay attention to. So here we have a question from Brendon from Irvine. And he said he was on Twitter the other day reading, rob Hainan's Cuna. And when asked about if Kansas City would try and site, Stephen Girard. He heard that the New York red bulls had a discovery claim on him. So he's wondering do MLS teams just put out claims on the Messier the Renaldo those Lonzo just in case they end up trying to sign or is there a limited amount where you don't wanna waste and another the hotel bar like super draft like a discovery signing a lot. I think the way it works is that you have a limited number of these. I believe it's ten I could be wrong on that. But you have to be intelligent about how the us though. So if you don't have a shot at landing guy, AK Lio Messi, don't put it discovered. Claim it on him for the red bulls put winning on Jared that tells me that they think that they have a chance you have. Of course, we talked about this on the last show has that relationship. So they probably think there's a possibility here that you know, we could get this guy. And that's how I have to do it. A lot of them. Of course, are people in South America, guys that you don't know probably but ones that the teams have been scouting for a while. And, but if you had the chance to get messy, and you didn't have the discovery Claremont, and you'd be kicking you would certainly real quick before we get out of here. Simon's New Year's resolutions. We've got a couple Jamie from Grand Rapids says that he has to stop using to me at the beginning of all of his sentences. David aren't on Twitter had the best one. And he said resolutions futile. The board is in a movable object of opinions, and I think. Dave is going to be a winner. I think they are futile especially for Simon Borg for us. Our news resolution. Well, it'll be come back into be better than ever. We were not gonna be around. Of course. We'll get your evergreen episodes coming up very very shortly. But that's it. That's it on this Thursday. His thank you to Jason. United co owner general managing partner they've got their stadium. Congratulations. Thanks to Dave. It's been another good year. Thanks to our listeners. You are what makes this show special. You're what makes us excited to sit down in the studio every Monday and Thursday and thanks to siriusxm see we love that partnership. We hope anybody in the car listening right now is driving safe and enjoying themselves for David Goss. I'm Andrew we will see in the new year.

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