COVID-19 Special: Understanding and Supercharging your Immune System with Dr. Jeff Bland


Hi One group. Rodier hosted the brokering podcast today. We have a special Kovic Nineteen episode for you understanding and supercharging your immune system and we have the best person here to walk us through this education in this material. Dr Jeff Bland. The father. The father of the Functional Medicine Movement. You know Dr Jeff. Bland has been a pioneer in the space for over thirty five years. He's been a mentor to so many out there including myself and my business partner Dr Mark Hyman and why we called on him for this episode is that he has this incredible ability to present complex scientific concepts in a manner. That's both personable presentable and accessible. And that's exactly what he's going to do on this podcast today. Dr Bland earned dual degrees in biology and chemistry from the University of California Irvine and he completed his PhD in organic chemistry at the University of Oregon. He's a fellow of both American College of nutrition where he is certified as a nutritional specialist and the Association for Clinical Biochemistry. Dr Blaine is a former professor of biochemistry at the University of puget sound in Washington and he served as the director of nutritional research at the Linus Pauling Institute of Science and medicine in the early nineteen eighties. He worked directly with two TIME HERE. That right two time. Nobel laureate Dr Linus Pauling who? He considers his lifelong mentor. And we're going to be talking about Dr Linus Pauling in his interviews day. Dr Plane has authored five books. Nutritional medicine for the healthcare professionals in our field of functional medicine and Beyond and over six books on nutrition and health for the general public including his last book the disease delusion conquering the causes of chronic illness for healthier longer and happier life. Get by the way. He's also the principle author of over a hundred and twenty hundred twenty peer reviewed research papers on nutritional biochemistry and medicine. And why? I'm so excited to have Dr Bland here today is because if you look at the way cove nineteen is being presented. The narrative is often that this single agent single virus is the primary cause on its own for the symptoms. That people are going through today. Now there's no denying how terrible the virus is but Dr Bland has written an article recently that you can find in medium called reflections on the Cova nineteen pandemic in there. He lays out an incredibly strong argument based on history and the research. That's available to us that these viruses often do not work alone that there's other insults to Armenian system that end up allowing the virus to hijack our body and invade and take over ourselves and if we don't understand what those other insults are then it's going to be very hard to protect ourselves from this virus so that's what we're talking about today now before we jump into today's interview. I you cannot start a podcast and cove nineteen today without just saying we feel for everyone. That's out there in a pre interview chat. Dr Bland and I were just sharing how heavy our hearts are for. Everyone affected directly or indirectly through. What's happening now? Everybody that's gotten sick. All the individuals that have passed away. The healthcare workers the central workers. That are out there. Everybody that's lost their job because the economy we have to acknowledge this and just have a collective sigh for humanity and the weight. That's on everybody's shoulders now. That being said our hope is that this interview in the material that Dr Bland presents can be a little bit of a glimmer of hope a little bit of a glimmer of regaining control in our life in realizing that we do have something that we can do when it comes to protecting our bodies the bodies in the health of our loved ones now to kick us off. What I asked Dr Blended do is answer. Such a fundamental question that it often gets overlooked. Which is what is our immune system. So we're GONNA kick off the interview by Dr Bland answering that and like a lot of interviews. That are happening today. This interview was done on Zoom so bear with the Audio. The material is fantastic. GonNa pass it over to Dr Bland. Who's going to explain? What is exactly our immune system trying to make this quick eating all of our derive from Boehner which may be for a lot of people kind of something. They didn't know our bone marrow. Has Skin cells these waiting to turn in so that are the origin of all the sales for go round and are blind and our tissues that are being used so these are called weightless L. system the bone marrow also doesn't too so it gets involved with a whole array of very important functions when those cells come out of the bone marrow and interim either life in our body at the rest of the body they are converted into various specialized members of Argon. System based on the Barney. That person has happened so the person has environment fashion. Those cells to become part of immune system they're going to be shunted into becoming a certain type of blood cells that will find viruses bacterial infection. There will be a different way to their. If we're for me if they're if our body supposed to chemicals or as a food allergy. They'll they'll come into a different shape and different so our immune system is being pattern in real time by the environment in which we find ourselves. Wicked includes Howie. How we think always late in how we move. All of those things are going to be sending a message to our immune system how it should form it so when I tell people that every ten seconds we form one million white blood twenty million red blood cells in thirty million platelet sells every ten seconds. You think about my words we're constantly regenerating are in what we WANNA do. In these times stresses regenerator immune system. That's optimally able to do. Its job to take on the battle of the offender in this case the virus and we don't want a tired of them. We don't want worn out immune system. We don't want an insufficient clinkers down into it. We want to regenerate with these fresh cells warriors who are given the opportunity to to defend us and the way we do that is to create our immune system with respect because those cells that dinner formed. We'll go to the places in the body where they're needed as know about fifty percent them. We'll go to our gut in they sit in the Gut Associated Immune system which is the the greatest reservoir of new cells is around our industrial and that industrial. Howie is is going to have something to do with our immune system response so if we eat a bunch of junk and we eat a bunch of racket foods. Our immune system gets on alarm officers. Personality comes less capable of kind of addressing the problems at hand might earn section so we are much more in charge of power immune system works. Then we really most people growing understand and you know this is why so much of a functional medicine and doctors practicing talk about health and disease starting in the guts you know in really paying attention to the gut health which redone many episodes of the podcast for so let's make one more connection just to solidify it so now that we know what the immune system is and where it comes from and we owe that certain people who are immuno compromised our immune suppressing negations. Would it? Help us understand connection Egion because Ernie's hearing that okay elderly population or individuals that are that age of sixty seventy eighty are more likely potentially to be at risk depending on the situation? So what happens in the aging process that our immune system is an impact? You're really asking good questions. Like that's very a question. The question is at the forefront right now of Research right at the cutting edge of what research scientists in the area are really discovering and focusing on and dancing that question. I WANNA throw a lot of terms this account. The scientific addresses this issue. It's called Immuno. Theon typing I think Phoenix is a word in medicine. Biology that defines how a person or organization looks acid fields so our gina tied our genes that determine what we might be Venus. I is what actually happened. We look and feel and so when you talk about the new. No TYPING GETS TO UNDERSTAND FUNCTION. How the immune system looks acts of field right it now. This term is currently recently intern in researching medicine. Because it's only within the last couple of decades actually give maybe less than that. We developed the tools to allow us to actually understand each parts deleting system in much more much more specificity so we just don't talk about the effects of white blood cells we start looking at subpopulations. The white blood cells to having unique personalities. And you need now. Why this long story because this has advanced what is turning recognized? His that our immune system will sell that make it off can undergo damage over time. That accumulates and it has a resonance Memory back on the effectiveness of conscience. Those I mean they collect call. Clinkers are injury and it gets progressively increasing over time. They don't get cleansed in replaced by Height vigilant young warriors at the same rate. That you're building up. These personality bargains have been what's called inflammation inflammation we as we age our immune symphony comes more alarm more injured and more producing inflammation. And this is what happens on people as they grow. Senile is that basically immune system starts a not working as well to defend them and be injuring them. Because it's their producing inflammation inflammation not turns out that that processing intimating is not correlated with our number birthdays. It's not directly related to our here. Some people who have huber days to have pretty bad inflammation. There are white cells already collecting a lot of these injuries. And the debris that results in the Inflammation THAT COMES FROM. It is already readiness. Nobody and then there are other people have lots of birthdays. But if you look at their blood cells carefully their immune cell. They're not collecting injury and they are not producing so there is a relationship aging your birthday. But it's really the biological aging than it is chronological surgeon. And so what we're starting to recognize is the regulation of how these cells get injured and collect. Those damages over. Time is allowed under Arkansas on how we are actually treating ourselves because if the rate of production of our yard exceed the rate of the accumulation of our goal damaged cells. Were still vigilant. We a good immune. Arman hip hopper damaged cells accumulate faster than our young cells. Can come and replace them now. We have the shift that balance into an immune system. That's actually doing us harm. It's not completely working to our benefit. And that's why they eighteen individuals have increasing respite. Also people with other diseases Diabetes Heart Disease Arc. Light is the things that we're learning about now. High Blood Pressure because Nassir predictions jenner associated with an immune system. That's collecting a lot of these injuries. Don't they become co Morbid problems when a person gets infected with a virus like his nineteen? Because it doesn't have the reserve that it needs to fight that because it's already in a injured state is almost like God. There's a castle and it's all it's defenses. Walls and MOATS are all been compromised so now it can more easily be taken over and I and I think this is such an important thing because right now the mainstream idea that's pretty well accepted by most people who are talking about the virus even at the highest levels is that a single agent and the exposure to a single agent. In this case code nine team it could viruses retroviruses ever out there that just simply exposure to that would lead to end an infection or what we're talking about here there what you're describing. Dr Bland is that okay. There might be this external agent out there. But then that agent to be able to take over commandeer the castle city it has to really go against defense and if those defences are strong through things off by the second then it just can't be taken over that same way. I think that's a great wins and I think it's a really good analogy the the nature of it. It's interesting if we all think about one of the back. Schoolkids right in vehicle include season and weakening in our classroom and coal a really bad flu season and the teacher was when tell the student appearance like the cautious. This is a bad season. And maybe Accord the class would be out. There would be sick at home and then we think it's horrible. Of course good kids that are out art. But we don't think about. Why did three quarters of the class with sitting in the same classroom? They were exposed Why are they still here? Not One of those other factors that give rise to our resistance to these things which aren't some of it you say well that's is the lack of the draw while there is some luck of the draw but some of that luck rock and improved in terms of its outcomes like I play Blackjack well they can improve their success of winning by doing the game and knowing the game in this case is knowing how free your immune system to defend against things that are out of your control. You're going to be expensive like you know your article that you had written people can find show notes on the topic of a single agent. I questioned statement. Infectious diseases are caused by civil agent by reason stem from the study of history. The study of history and global viral pandemics and their pathogenesis and demographics. While there's no doubt that specific organisms are seen as infectious factors associated AMEX? I believe you street tells us that these viruses do not work alone. So what are these viruses working with? What's helping them take over our cells in our by and compromise us as Thank you that's a really great segue so unlike despite a quick study that somehow has lost in this discussion. I haven't anybody's talking about that. I think is actually your major. What she asked so back in. Nineteen Ninety reinvited at our Institute for Functional Medicine Annual Conference Day investigator from Harvard. Medical School must go public health. Who Kissed written actually overseen a study in Africa with HIV AIDS of women in Wichita published? In what is considered one of the talknet internal medicine and this study was evaluating whether if women took a simple multi vitamin mineral supplement every day. What influence the infectivity of HIV virus in Africa? And it's a pretty interesting question and you might Well Gee Whiz and you probably would never do that because the viruses. So strong lowly multivitamin down but what they did find was a Kissed Place Significant Reduction in infectivity in those women who did get infected. Their course disease was much more bladder and they were more responsive to immune therapy for the disease in every outcome they improved when they were taking a simple multiple multivitamin minimum. Now one could say well. That's an Afghan. People are malnourished there so you diets in favor of positive outcome because of the nature of the people's nutritional status. That's partly true but what it also tells us is that our immune system is directly in communication with what we're reading in the vitamins and minerals and protein and hundred essential fatty acids it all these phytochemicals and all those things are playing roles in even against a very vicious virus. Hiv couldn't prove function. So I think that's a really should be relooked at as an interesting Example of how much control he might harm so interesting and I want to talk about a couple of things on viruses forty continued. You know there was a article in two thousand seventeen and it was published in the New York Times and talking about how a lot of viruses. Dna is baked into our humidity. In fact they were quoting inside of their DNA contains a hundred thousand pieces of viral. Dna so how can you? How does Dr Jeff Plan? Look like the function and role of viruses in the history of human evolution. You're really asking the good ones. This is like a story lab question answer for me so it's wonderful so that's absolutely true. The over the history of evolution of human species we we incorporated this needs viral genetic information into our own gina originally initially when this was being discussed by Jan. It was thought of as what was called jump. The debris that was accumulating energy normal or trying that was not necessarily doing anything good or did anything bad it was just kind of taking space so to speak so they call Joe Montana as looking to the twentieth century however the Agent Gentleman's And we have these new tools with much love decision at really. What's going on in our genome? We know that. The amount of our genome the percentage of DNA in our genome. It's ourselves that is involved with making us meaning coating for our body cone of the human body represents less than five percent of the DNA energy. No and pro so they would say well. You mean there's ninety five percent junk and only five percent good stuff well but twenty. Five years ago I started saying. My doctors said he cautious. What you call junk because I think as we learn more over time we're gonNA find out that stuff is not junk. It has functions that we don't understand it's not coning necessarily for enzymes that are used but may not function that we will learn later so we shouldn't start using the term. John Until we really understand what that leads and I think I've been proven right that over the last We now call this the dark man or genome and it actually in cones all sorts of very important information. That's not making directly the proteins and enzymes in their body word but it actually makes up a regulatory system that regulates how our genes are expressed its shop bus. It's the executive center. So this stuff that we call junkie has been re purposed in our body to be Kinda shop bosses to control and regulate the expression of genes as families. When I try to tell people is that if you look at the number genes in the human genome the coker body. It's something around twenty thousand if you look at the number of genes that code for the function in the Great. Thanks some Piano Greg. They have about thirty five thousand genes if you look at the genes that code for the function of it's about fifty thousand genes so he would say a whole. Does that mean? The Rice is more sophisticated than human rights dance twice as many genes and the answer is no. It's not more sophisticated because it's not just a number you have. It's how they're regulated in their expression that determines the difference between one animal and other plant now and the regulatory control of the genes in our bodies which is all controlled out of this dark matter that used to be called junkie a much more sophisticated than any other planner. And that's what makes us different and a lot of that were rallies the stuff that we incorporated over time in history that didn't necessarily make us may different proteins but it allowed us to regulate how we make proteins in a unique way that become very human so my thought is not all happened that we thought was is extraordinarily important to make what we are. And there's no doubt that viruses are can be very dangerous of course we all know as you mentioned HIV and in this case covert team. But they're also could be a larger element wishes that we don't fully understand how the evolution of the human species as culpable with viruses. Over time to make up some of this what was stars jumped eight but is now understood to be dark matter. That is sort of orchestrating and helping our DNA FUNCTION. Exactly also throw into the impact the microbiome to all these bacterial. Dna's their present in our intestinal microbiome. That influences the radiation of our human DNA. So it's a combination of some of the viral exposure had were you know. Hundreds of millions of years coupled with bacterial communities live of us and all express their messages. Into what makes us human sewing often? You pretty your your some of your experts. Say we're actually less human. Dna than we are bacterial Vienna and at some extent our learning union this viral. Dna that we we continue to have resonance bystander. That lives it's actually. Having an effect on our function it could be positive in regulating our response Barton. So let's talk about regulating our response to Meiring. Because now that we know with viruses are and now that we know that our immune system plays an important role in how impacted wore a things happening. Charlie that either may gets more available to be hijacked or not so. We talked about pilot walkable. I've heard individuals talk about know. Stay away from processed foods and sugars. But how those things how that staying away from. Processed foods like on a biomechanical. Besides we all know John. Food is not green. It's devoid of nutrients that's how that specifically in that case making our immune system will less strong to fight off viruses. Yes thank you so again I want. I want to emphasize it. What I'm giving. You is opinion of land. This does not necessarily mean everybody in the field of Science. Nutrition or medicine would necessarily agree with me. So I'm going to give you my opinion from being involved in this field for four years as how I see it and as I see what we have learned is a principle that ties really to ecology ecology study the rainforest. What ecologist with till you is the stability the rainforest is really determined by its diversity of its plants and animals it is such a diverse ecosystem that it has the ability to resist things that might otherwise in a simplified system causing to go to extinction and if you contrast say a Cornfield Mile. In which has a monoculture of one kind of clamp that you can dry miles and miles and miles and see the same plan versus a rainforest. The plant species is very unstable in its environment. So what is it needs? It needs a bunch of fertilizer and herbicides and biocides to protect it because it doesn't have the protection of the system if you go to the rainforest it doesn't eat for writer. Herbicides Bio side. It does describe myself because of its diversity so the concept in ecology is diversity means diversity now why am I going in because if we apply that to nutrition what was the nature of our guy what we're time first of all it was not how the process we know that we didn't have a lot of industrialization of our food supply we ate with grasping thumb and handle? Malcolm what we could find seasonal Leeann. We didn't have our rifles. We weren't the greatest thing in shooting game. We have traveled a very complex doubt skill to break down the game so what we learned over time as a human speech he was the heat. What was available in the natural environment? That was all involved with this web of complexity right so there was a utilizing analogy web light in which you had complexity lead to stability and the police we were reflection of the complexity of that system now we moved to a new system of food processing and agribusiness and all the things that are simplifying the system for production reasons producing Brains all sorts of products particularly corn. And now we get a simplified system and then we eat that simplified system and we get the lack of the diversity of protection yet in a complex ecosystem. Follow my analogy absolutely and so. It's it's a brighter issue just mucking at individual nutrients. Wanted Tonight saying well. We didn't get enough vitamin D two or visit selenium was low. Yeah that may be true but if you put it into. A system of how body evolved to respond to its environment. We were part of the system rather than separate from the system. That's how our body maintains its stability and its resilience against the opening. We experience unexpected. Streit's that's for us to be a virus or that stress could be a motor traffic injury or that stress could be a blow up with our children. I mean all these things are unexpected. Ask for us to mobilize reserves which caller resilience which basically is our immune system by the way societies have immune systems and the planet commune system. And when they're all working together in concert deputies the resilience when you're on a sink that leads to rhys. That's a great analogy. I think that something. That's so key during these times because I I don't really watch the news. I listen to lie slow news which is obviously a good recommendation for a lot of during these news. Concrete so much anxiety action second but I've seen some images here in going into the grocery store myself. Gatien during his process where all classes through the health food stores is also ships highly processed different things and even that whole foods and produce. Isle is is kind of a little empty uniting. That's partly because people offer eight you know could could be more easily contaminated by worker or the transportation of time but just telling the Times where our body so we. We don't have to begin to fully understand the way the symphony of how all these things together to keep our immune system tout so. Do you remember the Woody Allen Movie? Where when he woke up all the FOOD WITH PROCESS PACKAGE. The no one who beat the nationals. Duffin what's Oh no no? We don't eat that s not say we only this highly processed Highly industrialized so. I think now I heard the term cogan fifteen. Have you heard miss? You know in college the Freshman. Fifteen and now. It's the Kobe fifteen because people are using comfort foods and snack foods and high against I can only guess that he foods to kind of be the Boulter of their spirits and so we're having this nutrition shed their tyner. We really need to feeding our diversity to create an immune stream. What what do you mean no when it comes to the use of supplementation and what is they can help our body with. When it comes to being or Zillion to being taken over from yeah I think so I think the first thing which we always want to say as good nutrition starts with the right so. Let's make sure that we don't think that we can just be attended to the quality of our just a bunch of supplements and that'll do the trick in wall. We have to eat correctly. That's word starts eating correctly mean making decisions on behalf of our candy choice for me out to make the right choice right. So those are the things that we talked about with regard. Michael Foale don't eat too much. What you we diverse and mostly plants a good set of rules to start but then beyond that we say. What have we learned about? Specific families nutrients that are known to have important roles in rejuvenation of our immune system and although there is certain nutrients that we would always immediately jumped to. I think person I think people would think would be vitamin C because of its long-standing Linus Pauling connection with colds and flu. That certainly is an important Vitamin Nutrient in terms of of UN Protection. Defense but I won't even put more importantly above vitamin C. If I was to rank these the family of flournoy dhs better found in all sorts of plans boots. These are called bioflavonoids. His spiriting Bruton where Septem- Ludi all dials man. I mean there's literally hundreds of these different types of flournoy even polyphenols in green tea like if Gallo Catechin Yala Greasy G. See All these are members of of the families of nutrients that all have affects on helping to reduce the incest. Now you say he's in different germ. I didn't say support teens system. What happens if you supported immune system? That's already gamage at which you really WanNa do. No you probably want to rejuvenate the news of them. You're not wanting to really support your wanting to rejuvenate the youthful function of your immune system. So these are near that are Nolan in plant food to have the ability to engage would call the property. Which is the renewal of immune system through getting rid of the old and making room for the new so that is talent really think about families of nutrients. It was really useful to put on our list of important during times of immune renewal and that would be your flournoy families. They come in all sorts of every every natural land gas laboratories in some more than others and different numbers famines. But they're all so that would start. There'd and my colleague laundry for years he had a minute talks not heating colors of the rainbow. That's right and you get those through those kinds of foods. That's right then beyond that we get into specific nutrients like the mineral zinc. We know and now there's very interesting information surrounding zaentz role in the boat. General Museum a defense but also maybe even specifically its effect on viral advances precipitate cases. So very important. We THINK ABOUT SELENIUM INSULIN. Into relationship with a very important protective substance in our body for violent events call glued violent that we know that selenium is a mineral in our diet. Plays a big role in supporting news brought today's Zimbabwe with violent function in the body. And then we talk about Vitamins like vitamin B. Two which has a very important role to play in the support in activity of Glutathione and the defensive parts of our he he says some so then of course people will say well. What about Vitamin D? That's topical in the News Right now. Yes I think. Vitamin D does de has an important Whatever call curve linear but does that mean it means that low levels that has an adverse effect on arms at too high levels. It has an adverse effect on immune system in mid range. That has been official so we shouldn't be saying the more the better. We have the saying the right amount for your need for optimizing function. What would that probably somewhere between a thousand two thousand international units Obama the three days somewhere in that range maybe for a person under immune Stress maybe a good amount to consider there may be need for those certain cases better but I think the general public I would say in that range. Then you say what about? The name doesn't vitamin workers inconvenient mcgeown in supporting immune system. Yes it does but vitamin eight also has it. Koerbel in Europe that is well vitamin A efficiency absolutely compromises immune defense and we know that in children who are vitamin A deprived and they have much higher rate with measles and other viruses. So you need to have adequate vitamin name. But also we all know too much by today as Conan that study that I was talking about AIDS in Africa actually leads to immune reduction of the offense defense so again. What's the right amount of probably somewhere under weighs like fifteen hundred international? Today would be a good between a thousand fifteen hundred just as a kind of a baseline so these are kind of some of the things that we're learning from. Taking the information has been developed in the past related to the moon function. And Its relationship in attrition now applying it in this immune defence application for Kobe in other viral proteins. You mentioned at the beginning when you were talking about by. Seeing that was light is falling and all of our listeners. Know that is and also impact that this individual ads on your legs a little bit. About how the work of. This incredible version really changed the game. When it came to health lines polling was the only person in history to run win two Nobel prizes in two separate independent in the independent Nobel prizes one was in chemistry and one was in peace and he and his wife Helen. Who was his advocate? Partnered in -OPAYS efforts and was herself a neuroscientist. Change the world for the betterment of all time and I can say that having the privilege of working on for two years as institute on Sabbatical for my university professorship in nineteen eighty one to nineteen eighty three dollar alto athletes volumes to decide the news and and my boss was was falling and the effects that he had on the world our ear reversible in good not only getting help us understand stuff about vitamin C. And he was actually when you look back. The person who really made dietary supplement to the journal because his book vitamin C the common cold and flu so over ten copies and made by NC. Something everybody thinks about they get a cold but beyond that he was really the other The founder of the concept of molecular medicine and molecular medicine gave rise to functional medicine. And I feel very privileged to have been the ambassador to take what I learned from him in the development of Molecular Medicine and translated into functional medicine model which is really built around. Light his concepts of you're there to diagnose disease you're too late in the game you gotta go upstream understand the root cause and the effects that has on the body. Not just what you call out when you get. That was his mom. When you think about the larger beyond like physical health and what's happening in the body if we have going upstream during his current state of the world that we're in right now singley about going upstream Russia's and if you were an alien you're Zuri humanity and you're like okay. Help humanity on their health and wellness. What do you think are some of the upstream factors for the state of anxiety and fear and chaos? That many people are finding themselves in right. Now that's a very interesting open. Invitation for all sorts of philosophizing. So let me let me make it simple. Because I could wax long and boring on that topic United Seventy four years old. And I've been in this field for four years for my children are three sons growing up now and they have their own grandchildren. And I try to get everything in the in the concept of perspective. But what seventy four years of living as what I've learned from those experiences have also traveled six million miles in my life. Go around the world have been extraordinarily people in so many countries that have been printed me with really great ideas and different perspectives about life and let the living on this planet. And so to if I was to summarize all this high into kind of a soundbite yet stat this issue that we're going to right now with Kobe. Nineteen with all tragedy producing has some positive outcome because a positive outcome is that there are many many people now whose lives were so complicated and so to spread because of the complication all different. All the information on all the things that have all the time urgency all the worried about. How am I going to make a living and get to cars? Have a nice house. Have Kids in school? Have a good job. All these things are now being reduced down to us. Being in our houses our homes and our burdens living with whoever our martyred most important people we think in the world either because they're cohabitating with us or they're virtually connected to the new technologies only recently income available obviously interest Lincoln incident with Colin. Nineteen isn't a good that we have on the Internet and that we have remote shopping and that we have team in off the Internet thing of what this would be in the absence of that communication system right now with everybody and stay at home so thin flow is now an opportunity and I can see now. My children and grandchildren to deduce immediately by horse beating selectivity Simplicity our lives are reduced to very simple concepts one value propositions of living. How much did we really give up? We didn't have all this technology. And all this buzz. All this other stuff going on are trying to progress world. Are there certain things. We're learning about our value system that when we get out of this wave Cova nineteen which we will ever return to normal. It will not be the normal we came from. It will be a new normal that not my generation of a bunch of Geezers But the new normal of individuals who are seeking a different way of seeing the World Relationship Bennett. It brings the value proposition of living at a different level so that suicide and drug overdose. Death aren't the major cause of young people leaving this planet in our country and re you know our relationship to the true value system produces a sense of purpose for living. If that's an outcome from this in any way shape or form then the price we will pay it will be worth. That's mightily. Those are beautiful. Final thoughts I into close on Dr Bland and I WanNa thank you for the fundamental understandings. That you always were buzzwords immune system. We hear that viruses genius. But sometimes we don't make a connection to the most simplistic things which is why already things where he made up on when we understand the basics pillars. It's a lot easier for us to understand the headlines in context and under what you'd actually do to maintain their health and actually protect ourselves volley and I swear acknowledge you because I wouldn't be here practitioner. I'm on the business side of things like to interview yourself but My audience worked my business part time in a everybody else. That's out. There are in the field of medicine. They win. Year wasn't for you and I just want to thank you because I think it's time where where this perfect storm which unfortunate Scott yearly people. Aren't we've never had more access to technology that under before? And there's never been more distributional unhealthy healthy foods out there. We saw a lot of work to do to give educational but also people have never been sicker than ever before and so that perfect storm is creating a place where wellness mainstream. And it's because we are able to do that because the foundation you another prime years. Like a lions Paulie has worked so thank you and I acknowledge you for all the worth you thank you. I WANNA turn that back to you. I think that I'm very involved in about the future. I see people like you. That are coming up to the other and take to the next level of race of living. It's a race of life the ratio of evolution of human existence and that we need ambassadors. Who Really. I can't tell him. Enjoy this this has been a just a a really fun. Walked down all sorts of lanes. Thanks for your Guided tour. It's been incredible and then thank you so much. You can find the link to Dr Blance article in Charles and for anybody. Who's a practitioner? Who's interesting Your Organization has actually virtual conferences happening. I think he's seven summer. Yeah thank you actually The ritual conference is coming in sixteenth from ten am to twelve thirty. Pm Pacific Standard Time. Those of you that would like to look into it so you can go directly to our website which Ya. Www dot p. l. him institute DOT. Org and we will send you to sign up. It's obviously free like anybody that would be interested in participating in snap our exercise. What did we learn from nineteen and where we going for your beautiful? Invite Lincoln actor. Brian thank you so much for being here. Mike thanking you grow on.

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