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Dissecting the Beast


Live from the Sirius. Xm Studios in New York City. This piece busted open your only destination for daily pro wrestling talk in the entire world from the independence seat to the main event of wrestlemainia wrestling like busted open topics breaking news and interviews with some of the biggest names in the game or show designed for the fan by the old school irritable force. Freebie check meets new school w sixteenth. Says I just whipped your live. Now here are your hosts Dave La Grega EC W legend Tommy Dreamer welcome to a very special presentation of busted open. Today we're going to be talking about the beasts Brock Leser and we're titling this dissecting the beast in who better to talk about it then tag team partner. The innovator violence the landlord of the House of hardcore themselves the One and only dream or Tommy. How are you man? Good Bro how are you today? I'm good and I'm loving. These specialty shows that you and I are getting into each and every day and this one is a big topic because it dips into the past but definitely is something. That's extremely topical and that is someone that's probably more polarizing than anyone else in the world of pro wrestling. I'm talking about the beast. Brock listener and this all came about for me when we were brainstorming. Everything and I'm I watched the Fox the F. S. One special on ruthless aggression and they did a whole one on early brock listener and it was Paul Heyman as always who basically like open my eyes and he was like Brock Leser was only in the W Reeve for two years and I was like. Whoa and I we came off of the Ronda Rousey career and then thinking of her impact having the greatest year in professional wrestling and then thinking back of Brock. I was just like wow. This is something very very topical. United STARTED TALKING AND BOOM. Here we are. Yeah when you think of Brock Listener Tommy. Obviously you think about those two years. And you're right it shocking. His first appearance in. Wwe was only two years because what he accomplished in. Those two years is historical but even now since his comeback right after. Wrestlemainia Twenty Eight. You think about what he has done in the world the wwe and the world of the UFC is historical as well. Yeah no other athlete. We were thinking who won world championships. In Two sports dion. Sanders was the only one that I had thought of. I don't know if Danny ainge won anything with when he was with the blue. I don't think he was. He was with the Blue Jays at that time but to be a two sport athlete like Brock. Lesnie her It just says you know. You're an amazing athlete. Dave Winfield Hall of Famer was drafted by four different sports. That never has happened again. Brock listener is a maybe a once in two generations of an athlete and to come out of the. Wwe Take off in other. You know he went to the Vikings and was the last cut to his success. You have to come back to the WWE and be on. Top is kind of why we're doing this. Yeah and you look at all. It's accomplishments first of all when you look at what he able to do in college. Being a national champion back in two thousand what he did in a UFC like walking into the world of MMA into Octagon and become a UFC heavyweight champion in multiple WWe champion and universal champion. But like that's something that's just not possible when you first think about it to be entrenched in a world like he was in collegiate sports and then in a world of pro wrestling and then to go to the UFC and become a heavyweight champion but he was able to do that and be successful like he had two very successful title. Defenses as you have see heavyweight champion and you said something. That's very interesting as well. Tommy and that is a lot of people forget about his kind of flirtation with the world of the NFL. Where he he tried out with the Minnesota Vikings. I remember speaking to brock listener when I was working on the NFL channel. And I was working with Dan Reeves a former head coach and brought a make it he got cut. He didn't he didn't make it as a Minnesota Viking but Dan Reeves was quick to tell me that if this was any other era in the NFL and there wasn't salary caps and the free agency the way it's structured right now. He would have been a Minnesota Viking. He told me that Tom Landry. Legendary coach of the Dallas cowboys he would picked up and grab rock listener in a second he would. It's just the sheer athleticism of brock lesser. He would've loved that and you would have shaped him into an all pro offensive lineman so a lot of people look at his. Nfl stint as unsuccessful. But when you hear a Dan Reeves who talked about him that he would love to have the opportunity to coach him. That tells you if it was any other era he would have been successful in the NFL as well. Yeah and if you think about that. The last time brock lessner had played football was high school and then it was all wrestling in college. And then it was the you know time and developmental system in Lovie w then two years into the wwe. First of all I don't even remember how old he was at that time I don't know if it's truthful because Paul. Heyman said it that he was the last cut by the Vikings were but I remember that time where you know. He was the news all the time. Brock listener from his. Wwe debut to leaving W. W. W. E. to come back to w is always in the news. He's always one. That is such a polarizing figure. People want to know about them and I also think that's because of his not wanting to be a public person. Why so many people want to know about him and I wanna go back to what you just said about brock and the NFL is that he did make the final cut with the Minnesota Vikings. He didn't play college football and he did it in his late twenties. So think about that. The fact that he hadn't played football since high school and he made it to the final cut of an NFL team. And then somebody like the success of Dan. Reeves saying he thinks in any other era he would have been successful that tells you the sheer athleticism of obrock listener and one word that jumps out at me when we talk about Brock Leseur. And it's a big one is credibility the one thing that he brings to the world of the WWe is that word credibility absolutely a little side. Note Dave do you know who cut Another wrestler in Dan Reeves you know who he cut for. The Denver broncos Dan Reeves for the Denver broncos. I do not know you're GonNa Freak out when I tell you this one. You're ready. I'm ready. He's coming to get you the Boogeyman he. Dan Reeves cut him with the Denver. Broncos boogie played for a few NFL squads and had a cup of coffee in the NFL. But that was his last time getting cut and that was because of his age and that's what transpired the whole on thirty. Forty I digress Brock Lesnar and you listen to the documentary with Brock He also basically said I'm sick of developmental. You need to call me back up to the main roster or else I'm leaving because he felt like his time Wasn't there Another great Paul. Heyman ISM was he got. He was listening to the wrong people in the wrong people's advice Once he got called up there my personal note. I wrestled brock listener. A bunch of times and and live events as well as on a few of those Dark matches an on. I'll never forget. We had a great match and trust me when for a Guy I was in my thirties. coming from ABC. W and it was kind of my job to to wrestle the younger guys at the newer guys to see what the out and I would talk to the agents and tell them what they got and Brock I you know you see this guy and you know his act like a man for fight this guy sucks just by looking at him and because I wrestled a lot of muscle heads are big dudes who just hired because their bodies and I could not believe how great brock was in the ring and this was early in his career and when talking about listening to great Too Bad people's advice. I mean I went out and had a great match with Brock. And the one thing I picked him up for my death valley driver. He wiggled down dropdown. Pick me up and gave me the five and I come in the back and he was like thank you. Thank you and I was like cool man. I thought you did everything. Great giving them feedback and then I get pulled aside and I'm told everything was great but I can't pick brock up and I was like what are you talking about. And they were like well. You can't pick brock up and I said I physically just picked rockoff. I held them on my shoulders. I walked around with him and They just kept saying to me. Well it doesn't make sense it does. It's not realistic. And I'm like what are you talking about? I really just did it. You have the video proof and they just kept on well. It just doesn't make sense. 'cause he's so much bigger than you and you know for for you to pick up a and I was like listen 'cause I'm someone who just needs the truth and I just need some I go tell me you don't want me to pick up rock Lesnie but don't tell me that I can't do it because I just did it? And then they were like we don't want brock lesson or get up off of his feet because no one should make him leave his feet and I was just like I disagree. But that's all I needed so when you just when you're up there you're getting an times it's still you're getting so much different pieces of information. It's cool that Paul took him under his wing. Because Paul is always great at seeing how I can make the most money with somebody. He has a great natural ability to see. Who's going to be a star and you know Paul took him under his wing and the rest was history. And you look at it and you. You said it earlier. That was such a short stint early on somebody that from everything you hear was never a pro wrestling fan you know. It's not something that he really had a passion or a love for. You've heard that obviously with Kurt Angle. Kurt Angle wasn't a fan and he just always drawn to it like a fish with water. It's the same thing with brock lesser. It's amazing to me that as a collegiate wrestler and everything he was able to do on a college level was never a fan or never had a love or passion for pro wrestling were just was drawn to it and did so well so early. Yeah and you know you also talk about. It's been amazing athlete. Kurt angle a doubted to wrestling just from years of wrestling. Yeah you think of like Jack and Jerry Briscoe from their amateur days and Jerry was the one who kinda started scouting brock. There are very very few that excel the way brock did You know I remember watching another documentary and it was basically the only person whoever spar with brock with Shelton Benjamin because he was Kinda that weight as well but PROC was always amazing. Amateur Athlete That also just like had this. I don't really care attitude And I guess when you're that type of fee nom but you know what he I can't say that's a lot of speculation for not liking people. I get it But like brock was always super cool to me. He was always super cool in the locker. Room even. When I went back what four years ago yeah? He was dressing in his own room. But as soon as I seen. Here's like Tommy. What's going on? You don't have that stick. I hate that thing and we literally just talked about what he does and his family. There's a lot to get into with the sense of why he left the documentary. Did it well? But that's just like he's just a homebody and you know the wrestling business is not meant for people if you don't like to be out there or when you're the champion your two to fifty three hundred days a year plus doing press conferences and when you're the face of Doug you're working all the time you really are and in Vince. Mcmahon's head it's while you're getting compensated for it but if you don't have that love and passion for the for this you're not going to be like how he succeeded is amazing because like I would do that I would do it. Three hundred fifty six days a year if I could are there are three hundred fifty. Six eight zero three yes. There is intolerant rock scientists. I knew what the WWF at the time in two thousand and by early two thousand and four he was gone. We'll get into some of the reasons. Why is digging a little bit deeper as we dissect the bee's brock listener right here on busted open? You're listening to bust. It opens dissecting the beast special only on Sirius. Xm Fight Nation Channel. One fifty six the biggest names in the fight game or on the Iraq show match room sports managing director and global pandemic plaguing without live globally. And I feel as much as we love sports as much as we mean events throughout Disney. We have to weigh out then. But we'll be sure when that turn comes. We read the rock show weekdays from noon till three eastern only on SIRIUSXM fight nation channel. One fifty six this is busted opens dissecting the beasts special. Here's Dave look record in DC. W Legend Tommy Dreamer back here on busted open Dave McGregor. Tommy Dreamer a very special presentation of busted open as we dissect the beasts brock listener. And Tommy what we did is a really good setup of brock. What he went through his just sheer athleticism him coming into pro wrestling even though not being a pro wrestling fan and just really just a wonderful two years when you think about what he was able to do on the main roster in the wwe but that didn't last long He had his last match with his first stint with the WWe in March fourteenth. Two Thousand and four at Wrestlemainia twenty in a match which I guess you could say Tommy was not well received by the New York's fans at Madison Square Garden. Yeah if I could just backtrack a little bit. I remember. He debuted the day after Wrestlemainia. He in a hardcore match with may even Al Snow. Spike Dudley interfered. Paul Heyman was as manager at the time of I think it took about five months to become the heavyweight champion. I believe he was the intercontinental champion In five months he wins the title They did the turn with him. And Paul at St Man. I remember it was at Mass Square Garden. I don't know what the big show where he lost title and yeah the the grind of professional wrestling really really got to brock Because it's two years now and he basically quit I remember I'll I remember it like there was it was yesterday because we were in Atlanta Georgia and I hear from Paul that Brock's walking out brought quit and it was just one of those days. A of wrestlers were also like. How can you just quit on us? It was the one of the first wrestlemanias where I feel. Social media took over 'cause that match Goldberg Versus Brock is a dream match. But you're hearing about the unhappiness with brock listener. You're hearing about the unhappiness of Bill. Goldberg and that match would not have been a technical masterpiece but it would have been a great dream. Matchup and due to social media the match was destroyed. I mean. Msg New York City fans the best fans in the world. They knew about it and they tore them both. They could care less about either com competitor. That's the beauty of professional wrestling Because of if you don't want us we don't want you and then that led to just a disaster Madison Square Garden and that would be the end. We thought of his WWe career and nats when in two thousand and four. He tried out for the Minnesota. Vikings was not successful and then moved on to Japan where he became. I W GP heavyweight champion on his debut match. Joe You know there is a new Japan becoming an GP champion in his debut hatch. That's crazy when you think about Tommy. How prestigious championship is and how successful? He was in Japan. Also I gotta go back one more time to him versus Kurt and when he did that shooting star press in SAFECO field in Seattle and If you would have thought about that That could have been the end of brock listener but he was done conscious. He was messed up basically because of all muscles that he had in his shoulders the neck areas which saved his life. I remember that day too because afterwards we had always all go to the WWE WRESTLEMAINIA party after that was just set up for the wrestlers and Brock was. He had cut over his face he had a he was kind of out of it but he still was there on. He was a sec. I'm fine I'm fine. He was only there for about thirty forty minutes but that could have been the end of Brock leser literally his life career everything now. We fast forward a year later. He's gone he decides to leave all because of really the grind And like you said he went. People got understand to in every contract is I remember. There was a lot of flack of wild. W just let him go. Why David every Do other things because there really was no other competition in your contract. If you want to quit you cannot quit unless ww gives you your release. That's not just W W we that's impact that was WCW that was e C. W that is regular sports. You if you don't want then what you have a contract holdout or you could have or the player just sits you don't pay him. I know specifically Because I dealt those contracts plus because at one point I asked to quit the wwe. And I was told no by my boss. I don't want you to do that. And then I went into the office but basically for the time that you quit that you're not. They're not only can they? They won't pay you. They can pro rate that contract so every day. You missed is another day. They're GONNA add to your contract so it's a never ending thing and obviously brock had a long term contract and they were holding him up. That's why he went to the Vikings. Because how am I going to make money? But for broncos thing was like because I mean he had his own plane. How what New Challenge can I overcome? And then there was a loophole in his contract where he basically could not just Russell in the United States. But that's why he went to Japan and on his first day he wins the biggest title in New Japan and he's a man of enter automatically and that career takes off for him there and then hey a UFC fighter and if you think about the UFC. That's perfect for brock. You can stay home. You can train at your house or close to your house. You prepare for a fight. What every four to five months you go on the road one day a week maybe tops. If you're training and you've got to be in the town for press conferences four or five and then you go back home and you're making money and he's really really good at it to the point where he becomes a champion. So it's that is the perfect fit for brock and I think that deal where everyone dude. Just think about you me an average Joe listening if you could get that contract where you had to go to work once a month or perform once a week. TO GET PAID. I think a lot of people will do that. And eight years later is now. Brock listener makes his return but his UFC career You know you and I get it all the time on busted open. You know. We'll see so much hatred from UFC fans for professional wrestling. Now here's a guy a professional wrestler entering the world of UFC and dominating. And like I I mean you know you know. Tom Go into Japan working in the Tokyo. Dome that style of of New Japan pro wrestling that kind of fit brock listener as well even though he wasn't a wrestling fan that kind of strong style of wrestling kind of fit into brock listeners. Mode and then you mentioned the USA and he went on and had his first UFC fight. I believe it was in two thousand seven but you know to to go and to do it completely different venture and obviously. He had the collegiate wrestling background behind him. But you know go in there as a striker 'cause you would think that it would the Kalija background. It would be a little bit different. Because of his size he became a striker and to be able to win a UFC championship. I mean that's crazy. I remember at the time because I was working on a show with serious at that time. And all the professionals all like you know the m a journalist and all the people that were the so-called experts in MMA. They thought it was a joke. They're like he's GonNa come walk in and he's GonNa get his ass kicked and it was exactly the opposite that happened in his career. Tommy Dave were sitting here. We're we're dissecting this man and his career think of all the negative that has been associated with this top athlete when he tried out for football. Like Oh this former wrestler is gonNA come in and thank. You can make the team. He almost does same. I remember everybody in the UFC. Everyone is talking about it saying like he just thinks he could enter this world and do what he does and like you said he was an amateur wrestler. Oh I remember a two. Oh He's just GONNA get punched in his face or the old old old story of. Who would win a boxer versus a wrestler and Brock went out there and one and not only did he want he knocked dudes out? He made guys submit and he just was. He was brock but always even when he's The champion. Then it's like. Oh It's a fluke or this or that brock has always answered the call of all his critics but yet he he's always surrounded by people criticizing every one of his moves but yet he super duper successful. I wish brock lessner when brock listener was going through. All this was kind of like a condom think of if he was like Muhammad Ali or Conor McGregor with over the top personality. Like I will choke you out or Mike Tyson. I will you know I will eat. Your babies I think if he had that personality how much of a bigger star he would have been and that Kinda happen because if you remembered I viewed he had I call it the feud but you know that those two matches that he had with Frank. Mir You know Frank. Mir was able to be Rockwood. A submission hold and then he talked a lot of trash and then brock talked a lot of trash going into it and was the heel and was getting booed and he loved it. He was playing up to the booth. I remember that you think about it. He beat Randy a tour to win the UFC heavyweight championship frantic tours regard as one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time. So I think he. I think he quieted a lot of doubters. And you know Tommy when we come back you know with his UFC career. You would think might be behind him though. It never really. Is You know when he made his return to the. Wwe The night. After Wrestlemainia twenty-eight we'll get into that the return of Rock Leng as we dissect the beast right here on busted open you're listening to bust. It opens dissecting the beast special only on Sirius. Xm FIGHT Nation Channel. One fifty-six talking to the biggest names in pro wrestling friend. Show cody Rhodes particularly told people living in fear no way to live and honestly I just want the platform to say that we're all in this together and now we're GonNa get through and please enjoy two hours of hopefully at gaping distraction We have for you tonight I. This is their unique time for busted. Open Monday through Saturday ten. Am to noon eastern on Sirius. Xm fight nation Dave league-record in DC. W Legend Tommy Dreamer dive into the W. W. E. career of superstar brock listener. This is busted opens dissecting the beasts special back here on busted open a special edition of busted open as we dissect the beast talking about Broccoli myself and Tommy Dreamer and I want to get into Tommy his return to the WWF. Dave hang on before we get to his return. I want to say because You know I have my own little conspiracy. Theories about everything is a work. Do you remember the time where it was like maybe one or two fights before he left the UFC where he was either coming to the ring or leaving the ring and the undertaker was there and they have this confrontation? It was picked up by every news media where the undertaker and it's like an undertaker as like any time and lesbians like anytime and here he is in the world. Do you have see and I feel that setting the table for his return because it got picked up a precise on every pro wrestling news but again brock being brock and I don't think it's enough credit. I don't think he's working it like how We there's great people who know how to work social media but brock is setting the table. I feel for a return. And I'll also tell you I was with Shelton Benjamin Brock's last fight was with Cain Velasquez correct. Yeah his last yet Maher later. He went back with more. I believe his last fight was with Cain Velasquez when who became the first ever Mexican heavyweight champion all that stuff I remember. We were watching it and again. Brock is a main inventor. He's a main event in Doug W he's a main event for UFC a pay per view buy rates. We went after wrestling. We went and we want to see this fight and we're in hooters and this place is packed. And everybody. You think about hooters. Everyone wants to look at the waitresses. Accept everyone just watching television and Shelton's US like there's no way he's GonNa lose this fight and I had just I literally not a big UFC fan. But I followed it because brock. And they're talking about Ken. Cain Velasquez be the next Champion you'd be the first ever Mexican heavyweight champion and then their next fight was supposed to be in Mexico and I literally turned to Shelton and I say Brock's GonNa lose this fight and he's like dude. There's no way he's going to crush him. I said he's GonNa lose this fight. You go we watch the fight. He loses like Shelton's in shock because again. Shelton's is French disbarring partner and he's like how did you know because it's all booking? He's the first ever Mexican heavyweight champion. Where next fight Mexico I go? That's really that was my tell and it was just commentators talking like that. But that's how I have to think because I'm a crazy pro wrestler but if you think about it he set the table he then loses. Yeah he comes back another great payday and then boom he comes back to the wwe. And I wanted to say something. Because you're absolutely right. His last fight was against overeating. Where would she lost the fight? You're talking about against Cave Alaska's when he lost the UFC heavyweight championship was where you had the undertaker Brockett change in. If I remember it correctly Tommy. I don't know if Brock's at anything because this was right. After Broccoli like brock is literally just leaving the Octagon and undertakers at ringside and he's being interviewed by Area Honi and and undertakers just talking area and then brock walks by and then and then you know undertaker's anytime anytime and I don't think brock even said anything because I think he was still dazed from his loss and then Arielle like what was that about and other things like well. There's some history here. They're shooting angles David sighting angles. There's some history here between us and it's like all right. This is going to happen now. That was you know late. Two Thousand and ten and then by two thousand and twelve. You know April second right after Wrestlemania. Twenty eight on Monday night raw. The show ends with brock listener. F- fiving John Cena and then here we go. You know the second stint of brock listener in the wwe and you know thinking back at it and people a lot of people forget. It wasn't a successful opening to Brock second in wwe because he lost the John Scene and then at Wrestlemania twenty nine lost the triple h and then I think like then we got to the undertaker and it was a different story when brock their face. The undertaker Tommy at wrestlemainia thirty. Yeah look how dark when we're talking about the undertaker this audio all of a sudden. We're having a cloud form all over Tommy Dreamer we're talking to dissent of rock listener and it it's the undertake really has powers. It's real in for the gone but if you think about you know the day after Wrestlemania is always one of the best wrestlemainia the days of all time and when that music hit and that awesome on ominous music you know. Don't don't don't other dun done. And that drop the rollout and here comes brought people freaking out when he extended the hand to John Cena F five. Am next level pop on my God. He's back it's on. Espn. It's everywhere and yes now we're going to go towards the undertaker the match that they booked at the Dean At the Camera Cameron Diaz fight. the Dean Blazquez fight and that is now next level because it really did change the face of wrestlemainia forever. History is made with him in the undertaker. And ooh Hoof. I'M GONNA turn on a light but you can keep talking 'cause I hear you. Yeah while you're turning on the light and again the undertaker's presence felt just talking about him and Tommy's lights went out during the courses show You look at like what happened that Wrestlemainia thirty and here's the thing. Tommy that's you know. Busted open was in full force. Doug Boardman was my co host and we talked a lot about wrestlemainia thirty. You know we did a live show before and after Wrestlemainia thirty and we interviewed all the ww superstars on radio. Row The one match that we really didn't talk a lot about before wrestlemainia. Thirty was the undertaker rock listener match. Because we just assumed this was going to be another win for the undertaker at streak would continue and we actually had the pleasure of interviewing Paul. Heyman we're almost like all right. Sal US please Paul Heyman the ultimate showman ultimate salesmen. Sell us on how brock there is going to beat the undertaker. That's how little faith people had that brock had a chance of winning. That that's why you had that ultimate shock in the superdome at wrestlemainia thirty because there was no one at NAT building. There was no one in the seventy five thousand that were in attendance. That absolutely without a doubt thought that there was a chance brock listener was going to beat the undertaker and that undefeated streak at Wrestlemania to me. It was all about the streak. No one at that time thought the streak would end. They thought Brock was going to be just another victim. And Y you were there. The life was taken out of the room of the superdome and to me that moment changed the career for Brock lessner. It also changed the career path of wrestlemanias up until how many wrestlemanias later where it was. Ronda Rousey we just talked about it Charlotte flair and Becky Lynch where once now the main event happened the fans started leaving And it was just like the oxygen was taken out of the room. After that match there are so many memes of that people were still talking. I still feel the worst decision in the history of wwe. But as a opinion. Because I always loved the streak but Yeah it it totally changed the complexion of the WWE and Brock. Then you know becoming the champion and having this as everyone always says part time schedule which was Under a lot of scrutiny. But like I said if you could get that and do ratings and be brock can have the matches that you can. Why Not? Why not have that? Ufc schedule in the world of the deputy because there were times I know. You're you hated it. But you're heavyweight champion. Isn't there but when it's time for the big shows and the big matches he was there and Tommy you mentioned took brock listeners. Career to a different height after beating the undertaker and ending that streak. You're definitely right about that. And then then you talk about the face of the WWE that champion Brock. Leser and the love hate relationship that the fans have. We'll get into that. When Tommy Neier Beck? We're dissecting the beast right here. I'm busted open. You're listening to bust. It opens dissecting the beast special only unserious. Xm Fight Nation Channel One fifty-six soccer is a passion that goes beyond the sport and Sirius. Xm FCC podcast more than a game brings that passion to you you in each episode FCC panel of Experts Take a dive into club mysteries iconic grounds rivalries. And so much more. There's nothing luck Darby. Diametric new episodes are available. Weekly by downloading the Pandora and searching more than a game this busted opens dissecting the beasts special fear state look record and DC w legend. Tommy Dreamer back here on busted open special edition dissecting the Beast Brock Leser and boy. Tommy we kind of covered it all when you look at the career of Brock Leser in outside of a ww ring what he did in the UFC what he did in new Japan and then now his home is the wwe. He's made it clear that he is a sports entertainer Whether he had a love her passion for it before. It seems like the answer to that question would be no but do you think Tommy that Brock Leser has a love and passion for pro wrestling. Now Branca's such an amazing athlete. I he has to if brought just sits back and looks at probably all of the things that he has in his life. It is all because of professional wrestling from his wife to his children to the life that he leads in the sense of. He's got a jet he's got a farm he's got all this property Don't know if he could have had that doing anything else. So sometimes you gotta take back and look at it you know as far as being this premier athlete. You know there's been a lot of love and hate your on at times on the hate side of Brock Just because I get it like I would love to see the wwe titled Defended Every thirty days. I think that should be a standard For a company but The Guy has produced ratings. The Guy has produced crowds. The Guy has produced people always talking about us up until this wrestlemainia where him and drew McIntyre and whether he passed the torch to to drew brock is always delivered. He's is delivered again small opponents. There's not a lot of guys who are bigger than him. But you also have to think of you know how many wrestlemanias has he main event that have sold out and I know it's different because you know old school wrestlers will say well. I drew this house or I do that. House as opposed to Wrestlemainia is going to be the draw but brock listener is that you know. Main event attraction that he's in I equate him to a Tom. Brady a Michael Jordan the people of Boston and Massachusetts Patriots fans. They love Tom Brady. Everybody else hates the guy now. We got to see if he could do it playing somewhere else. Brock Listener has played. Other places has played somewhere else and still has one so I feel. He is sentenced sentence. Quieted all his detractors with his amazing athletic ability he really is so. When you look at. There's a lot to get into here. Tommy and time is short but I agree with you. In the fact that it's it's impossible to say that brock is in a great athlete. It's impossible to say that Brocklin's there's not a great pro wrestler and he doesn't have big match field to all of his matches 'cause he can do that unlike anybody else on that WWe roster. I brought up the word before earlier in the show but credibility he brings credibility to pro wrestling. Unlike anybody else can do. My problem with Brock. Listener has always been this. It's almost like shit or get off the pot like he always kinda hangs the UFC over. You know the WWE's head like you know if you're going to be a pro wrestler. Be a pro wrestler. You know if you're going to be a a world champion beal world champion be there. I'm not saying he's gotta be on each and every show but you know what defend that title every thirty days. You know know that like you said this is where your bread is buttered right now and he was successful in UFC but put that behind you and be a pro wrestler if you want us to be passionate about you need to be passionate about US meaning the business so I think that's one obstacle I've always had a tough time with when it comes to Brock Leser but there is no doubt he is great at what he does and nobody can give like. You know that wrestlemainia moment like drew McIntyre had or seth rollins had. Nobody else can do that. Like a brock listener. But when you look at the all time greats. Where do you rank him? Tommy when it comes to somebody all time greats He's a bona fide Wwe Hall of Famer and he would be a hall of Famer if we really had a ranking system of a qualifications of what should be met like baseball football. And if you think about even in that those sports especially baseball where you have writers determine if you were hall of fame player in how. Many athletes who weren't friendly with writers have either not been first ballot or somewhat. Stay away from you know the hall of fame. There's definitely amount of people who were just like well. They got away a few years because they pissed a lot of writers off. That's unfair but for us he he will be A. Wwe Hall of Famer. He has to be in my opinion one of the greatest of all times where you have to put him up there with the Rock Steve Austin Hulk Hogan because he has carried the company he hasn't carried the company on a daily basis but he has been that champion at one point. He was a champion for like five hundred days or something like that and though he wasn't wrestling but he people paid to see him on those sold out stadiums. You know You gotTa keep them up there with the Bruno. San Martinos the the Bret. Hart's just for the fact that he was a champion for such a long time And anyone who disputes it? Then you could actually go to actual stats while he was intercontinental. Champion the WB champion. How do you argue with any of those? It's hard and you brought up like Major League Baseball. The Baseball Hall of fame or Pro Football Fan. Tara Owens was somebody who should have been a first ballot hall of Famer but they looked at like his relationship with the media and they looked at what he did to locker rooms and clubhouses while he was a part of his NFL career. So he didn't get in. I Bow Chris. Carter another player. Who should have been a first ballot hall of Famer when you look at the stats and the numbers? But you know he early on in his career. He was a horror to a lot of media and a lot of reporters so they didn't put him in right away. And I think that's the same thing with rock listener if the wwe hall of fame where it was a round table of riders in a room. Fighting I think there will be a lot of people that wouldn't put Brockett. Let's let's let's talk about in our world right now if if it was like talk. Show hosts like myself and dirty writers that voted. You know pro wrestlers into a hall of fame. Kind of like what? We see in other sports baby. Brock wouldn't get in first ballot. Because you know. He's not accessible to the media. He doesn't have a passion for pro wrestling. He does have a contract like anybody else. He's treated differently than everybody else in the locker room and I think data alone would probably detract people from making him a first ballot all the fame and would probably the track a lot of people from putting them putting brock in their top twenty or top ten though some have made it Randy Johnson Eddie Murray Barry Bonds Curt Schilling even Roger Clemens. Even though they have had ties to the steroid era but there are guys who played in that steroid era who still went into the hall of fame and but it was their relationship with the press And our press or our peers in the sense of our if it was our fans because brock isn't there all the time or brock doesn't doesn't offend the title of every pay per view. Isn't that what makes him special? Isn't that what he is? Great for? Think about if you had you know a quarterback who only played home games and they won every home game they would. They would love him or say. Tom Brady as Tom Brady. Has Lost a few super bowls but Tom Brady. Is going to go down as the greatest quarterback of all time and even though he has left Boston and left the Patriots. They may be hurt now. But they're going to remember those great times and great moments that he gave that time. L. Willie mays didn't end his career as a San Francisco giant. He was a met. That happens Brooklyn while we're talking about 'cause brock lasers now gone from the wwe. There's been some speculation of these pissed off. He doesn't want to be he doesn't want to be around People during this whole time during the pandemic is again rumors nothing. He's never gone out and set it so they'll be talking about brock. And you know I've said it. You said a bully Marx said it. We appreciate people a lot more. Once they go away like Iraq John Sina And Brock 'cause if you think about brock was gone for eight years and the reaction he got and the matches that he's had brought does not Russell every single week and had a really good match. Drew McIntyre think of the pay per view match Daniel Bryan all those different matches he flew to Saudi Arabia. But you know it's funny. He flies a Saudi Arabia. Everyone has their own conspiracy theories that happened in in Saudi Arabia but brock just flies home because he's got his own plane and he was just like he's in and out and then people like. Oh how dare he? How dare he not want to get stuck in Saudi Arabia? For whatever reason it's again everyone's going to focus on the negative as you know. We like to focus more on the positive brock listeners of premier athlete brock listener is the decorated WWe superstar. He's a first ballot hall of Famer and he should go down as one of the best of all times because of the matches he had. And when you're the greatest of all time it doesn't have to be that time doesn't have to be while he put twenty years in. You know you could be. You're in you're out you're done and there are guys in all sports that have like these amazing runs and then it could end due to injury and they don't come back and there's always the what brock is literally done this on his own terms and when he gets sick of something he leaves. How do you get pissed at that? And it's amazing when you said it and it's true gone eight years so when you look at brock listener I mean how many pro wrestlers can you think of that are hall of famers and our whole fame based on both sides of their career? I mean how you could take those first two years away and just look at what brock listener is done since he came back the day after wrestlemainia twenty eight to what. He's done now on a part time schedule and maybe say that. His career is hall of fame worthy just on the accomplishments that he's done in the last five years it's amazing but it's true and then you look at the credibility and look what he's done outside and the eyeballs from the mainstream world that he brings in because of all the stuff that he's done outside of the ring you know. David you think of edges return to the Royal Rumble. Edge returns after nine years The story of Edge. We are watching it but not one person said anything negative about edge and his return. It's what's this amazing story. Oh my God look how grady looks. Oh my God Look how His match with Randy Orton was how long it went at the risk. He still taking. I feel that's GonNa be a second story for edge as well and he's going to be on a part time schedule but no one will crap on it you know why number one. Because he's a good guy and number two is because he was so beloved he's been a fan forever and if that was brock listener we'd be talking about him just like we're talking about edge and it's unfair to brock because brock he's a stud but it is that love hate relationship that the fans have what brock listener. And it's it's a big reason Tommy that we did this show dissecting the beast because you really don't know because we'll never get rock less than come on this show to talk about it. I think that's a big reason why there's the or around him why people love him and they buy ticket to see him and why a lot of people do not like him because he is that kind of mythical figure that you don't see on a weekly basis and doesn't do shows like ours. Tommy Awesome job today great dissecting the Beasts Brock. Leser love him or hate him. He's one of the greatest of all time. We'll talk to you really soon right here. I'm busted open. 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