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And then when he came up to me gave me a huggy bent down gave me a hug, we went cheek-to-cheek ear to ear. And he said he loved the show. It's nice nice touching moment before we flew off. And I had to run to the washerman scrubbed. My ear just kidding to my right? It's the beard of Trey Kerby. Right there. That's the Ozzy li-listen next to him dropping them drops starters producer Medio. Smash? Thanks. Simon night. I even on all the night. Smashed. All the has on finally making this magic happen JD. There isn't here. We are leading an unbelievable job yesterday. Doing your Stephen Adams beef parody without nana's head to speak like an Australian for a change. Yeah. It was really weird wasn't strange to give back into that. The difference. Yeah. All the blahdy is on see if I say normally all the bloody time, but that the Belotti taught. Good actually inference. You're great hilarious job. I all you guys. Putting that together really really quickly. If you want to get in touch with the show, you can't a number of ways you can Email us the starters at NBA dot com. You can follow us on Twitter and Instagram at the starters or check us out on Facebook at Facebook dot com slash the starters. I guess it's official. We're now on Facebook on today's drop we're going to discuss whether the Boston Celtics are the new Washington Wizards. We'll get into the Dennis Smith junior trade. Rumors woes reporting last night that maps could be looking to move that young guard. We've got top five we got some MBA trivia, we get a whole lot on today's. Hopefully classic addition of the drop right now, though, we got start with James harden because he's continuing to play just stupid entering the second half of the rockets matchup with the grizzlies last night than it already scored thirty six points giving him seventeen straight games with thirty or more points. That surpassed Kobe streak of sixteen consecutive thirty point games. Achieved in two thousand three the Wiltz still has the all time record record home. Any isn't it like sixty two games? And it's it's something like that. Yeah. I don't know fifty a game for. It is something like playing more minutes. Like, he averaged more than forty eight minutes overtime. Yeah. Well, the beer though, finished with fifty seven points in the rockets won twelve ninety four victory once again just unstoppable seventeen to thirty three from the field. So pretty efficient for him seventeen of eighteen from the line and his point total was higher than the combined points scored by the grizzlies starters in this one and this was without cling. Capella who we found out in the last couple of days looks like he could miss four to six weeks with ligament damage to to his right thumb. So no, Chris Paul, no, Eric, Gordon now, no cling, cappella and hardened still goes out and puts up fifty seven and they get the win against you know, agrees lease team. That is struggling right now. No doubt. But not how brutal team in Memphis, and it's just wild watching this. When is this going to stop can keep this up? No, why don't we keep saying keeps doing this thing is watching them? They play like a high school team. It's it's like. Here's the good guy on the team the other four guys, you know, get out there and rebound if he misses especially with going Capella as you mentioned he's out. So there's no Senator to pass to it's really just one with four guys around him. Eric Gordon's coming back, very soon. And that'll take some of the pressure off James aren't because he will give it up to record. And plenty because I think now that he's you know into this run. I think he's deep enough to say. All right. I am the MVP he can chill out for a little bit and try and save himself for the playoffs. Because as we know that's a problem with James, and he gets tired in the postseason. The bird note goes phase Zillur had an article on that can you like bottle this right now put it away and just save this type hard for the playoffs. But I don't think. KT's man. Yeah. He the years. He finished second. He was talking about how he should have won it for the whole season last year. He was talking about how he should have won it. He's talking about winning and already he ain't going to be shutting it down or bottling it up for the rest of the season. He's going to try and score fifty seven every night. And maybe he'll do it. Maybe some more rockets they'll get injured. They'll just let Mike dantonio play lead. Dan, Dan, Tony play ninety. I don't know. He could get eight. I hope he's eighty one hundred percent agree with that. I thought seventy was a legit. You know possibility last night with the thirty six at half. And one of the like, it's almost mind boggling, you see he has thirty six, and it's like I was watching a lot of that. What they really like it wasn't like you hadn't hit ten three's or something like that. I know he coming off the night before he couldn't hit a three hundred the magic he bands back pretty strongly and go to the free throw line and a lot. But yeah, it's fun. It's feels like this going to be an unhappy ending for him at some point again for the season is gonna is gonna be a an early exit in the playoff. So I just feel that. But while he's. Hot like this right now. It's fun. And it is only one game without cappella. Yeah. I am interested to see because it's one thing when it wasn't Chris Paul and Gordon because he's like, well, you know, I'm going to dominate the ball even more obviously going to attack as much as possible. And all that Capella was just I thought instrumental at least keeping like the defense confused when heart had started to drive it's like where you're going to be throwing that lob to him. He was putting up really good numbers. Cappella like eighteen twelve type numbers, obviously, a high percentage nearly two blocks per game. So Ken, Ken heart and really do this. I know Gordon is coming back, but without that type of center because they got NA starting and he can only give you fifteen minutes. Yeah. Yeah. And that's and they've decided that Tony's the side of that. And then who is it who are there centers has the first time. It's not Martinez. Chris just run to the rim. Hot and Stein. Yeah. That's really their big talker. Plays the five. Yeah. I mean, so wow. If he can like is hardened the front runner right now for MVP. I still saying you on us for now because I'm looking big picture. And I think I think again it will regress some point whereas Janas not regressed than he's being consistent from the spots. I'm I'm sticking true to Janas Fennell. But certainly James harden is making it more difficult by the day if he continues to play like this then then yes, he will win. But I'm just he hasn't been doing this for a week. I. Six weeks just about this December. There's no no question. This is this. He's he's gone from like that. I think it was last show before we had the break. And we're like we haven't even he's not even close to the MVP conversation. And now, it's like, easy the MVP. So the leader. Yeah. I, you know, the the box will have a better record and Yoenis there's no reason that Jaanus wouldn't still maintain that lead in my opinion because he hasn't dropped off either. He's been great. I'm sorry. I'm staying with us, but it's a lot closer than it was a couple of weeks ago. I think the thing that James harden has going for him is that he can't really slow down because they're two and a half games from dropping out of the playoffs which is nuts considering that he's scoring a lot of points every game in an unprecedented fan fashion, but they started off really poorly, and he they they literally can't they can't stop. They can't just stop playing the one on for it, which is really fun. That's wild. All right moving on just one thing the grizzlies. I mean last year I had an excuse win. Fist fide, Mike. Conley was injured. They thought of well this year. What I mean? They just awful. Yeah. I mean, it'd be I think was Zach Lowe tweeting last night or the day before about this. If they continue to play bad up until as we get closer to the trade deadline. They're going to have just to make a decision and go, okay. Because at the time to actually blow this up because we're not even good when they're playing here at the start of the season. It was like well link us all healthy. And as we suspected they are team. Yeah. But then not anymore. I mean, they're not even they're a bad team right now. That's the problem. I mean channel that. This is not that is not the reason they're struggling they've got some real concerns because they I mean, the rockets would never really not in control of that game on the loss. That's the thing. It means great wbob guy fifty seven, but if it was like a two point game and this back and forth. Then it's like that shows that the the the the lack of depth the rockets have, but it wasn't even really even that close. It's really surprising to see Memphis, so bad. Well, I've got an insane. Trade proposal for you regarding the grizzlies when we get to the Dennis Smith gator. It's insane. It'll never happen. But it's fun to talk about. Let's get to the Celtics here, though, Kyrie Irving he like he's already talked about. He's going to resign with the Celtics. But someone I guess you tell that to Brooklyn nets fans because the nets route twenty five points last night early in the fourth quarter. Right now. It's the butcher. I think that down. Didn't get a fresh market this morning. The nets were up twenty five points early in the fourth quarter. And the Brooklyn fans, they jabbed at the Celtics with the Kyrie's leaving chant jammed up. Pretty good chance. Strong Chen enough people chiming in you can hear it on the broadcast. Now, the Celtics made a furious comeback late, but they fell one oh nine to one zero to the nets continuing to roll here. The ngelo Russell another what six or seven threes and this one he says give me in the all star game. See that after the game should be an all star should be a couple of guys. But he's got a he's got a point. You could be in the conversation after the game built Jaylen Brown said that the recent fingerpointing between teammates needs to come to an end quickly as Boston their struggles have begun to spiral here. Once again they've had a weird season. They were bad, and they were going they're bad. They're gonna level. He said this Jaylen Brown, we've just got to have each other's backs. At the end of the day. We can't make comments we can't point fingers. We just have to continue to empower each other and have each other's backs. If we don't if we start pointing fingers everybody's going to go into their own little shells. It starts from the top to the bottom. Not from the bottom to the top. But the top to the bottom we've got to continue to empower each other and make the best of this a not so subtle response to Kyrie irvings comments the day prior saying about, you know, calling it the young guys and their championship mentality and playing smart and playing harder. It's going on here with the Celtics are is this nothing. Is this something that is something that is definitely some problems within the locker room for the car. Rita sort of had the digs that he had the divide of some sort fish oil. And I think it does come back to the fact that they achieved so much with that car. Ian, Gordon last year and inserting those guys back in on Gordon coming off the bench, but they're having trouble with that having trouble with guys like Rosie. He's in a contract you saying, you know, last year, I played really well. And he was probably in line for a bigger pie then easing law enforcement now. And and I think some other guys like Jaylen Brown's, well, he's he's numbers and his touches of being affected, and it's very hard to pull that back. When guys of of been successful, you know like because again, they made the one win away from the NBA finals last year. And instead, you know, I think a lot of people that are going to go out in the first round, you know, when went Dan's like the season's over. So they achieved they overachieved now. It's like, but now you guys have to take a step back, and that's very hot for anybody to accept totally youngest. But as far as the locker room. Goes you got the the oldies call out the young east, the young, and it's calling out the old guys some teams will overcome that. And some teams will not. And so now it's out on the table. And I think this team can overcome it is it a team that's going to fall back and just implode or going to be a bowls or wizards as you mentioned skeets a bowls Jimmy Butler. Dwayne Wade I'm referring to fix up. I just think it's out on the table. They're ready to be better. That's all. I mean, they're going to go off. We're gonna go down. Yeah. I feel like he's saying you guys were good last year when nobody was expecting anything out of you, and you went to the conference finals, and you almost wanna conference finals he's saying I want a championship. I know what it takes to win a championship. I'm the lead guy here, which I think is kind of right? But like Jalen Brown, basically saying you point a finger. You got four pointing right back at you. Classic retort. And it's true. I don't really know who side I'm on this because I do feel like Kyrie should one hundred percent be the man for the Celtics and the veterans should be the ones leading the team because they know what they're doing. And they know what it takes to win year after year after year. But on the other hand, you can't be calling guys out in the media like that. Especially when you're sitting on the bench hurt Jerry rally curry didn't play Massachusetts. I don't think. Jalen Brown is calling. Okay. Irene saying, you shouldn't be our leader though. He saying you should be a better leader. Yeah. And he and inquiry saying you should be better three or four or five guys. So I don't think anyone's wrong, I just think that no one's playing to their potential. I think. Carrie knows he was wrong. How he may be his initial laments that started this whole thing. And he has said that he's lay this is going to be the last time, I sort of take that approach. It's probably not the right approach basically saying, yeah, you guys out there play better and getting and then the whole situation at the end of that game. Obviously Tatum getting the shot and him maybe being upset with Hayward. I guess. Yeah. Right. Because I think the way that Stevens drew it up. He wasn't thrilled with but Stevens tried to guy Popovich last night twenty nine seconds. He was upset with Rosiere. Yeah. Who's not playing? Well, no. This is the thing is he's he's shooting a forty percent under forty percent thirty five from three maybe, but he's in and out of the lineup as well. You know, and he started a couple of guys in Cari hasn't been there. And he's and he's coming off the bench. It's hot for him to get into that the Mojo flowing lucky headlock chief. So I think that's affecting his his his game. Yeah. The the truth is it's just expectations were super high for this team. Wasn't Bill Simmons saying like they're gonna win sixty seven games or something like that? And a lot of people had them like, yeah. That's the number one team in the east. Look how good they were without their guys. Now, they get them back. Brad. Stevens is a president. He's the wizard, and you can make it all happen. And like, they're just, you know, they're not even close to expectations right now fifth in the east twenty five and eighteen now after losing to the nets and the plus to some bad teams they lost that harm to the sons and the loss of the magic twice once. Home. You're saying he even in his initial comments right at one point. He's like, we know we're better than these teams. So like, what is it? Then it's just our effort. Like, we have more talent. Especially one through ten but. Yeah. It is. Yeah. Yeah. And that's why I got a Morris. Both teams got a Morris. That's probably not. It's a good point. Like, you're saying is like how do you can you can you channel this and turn your season around once again, and they felt like they already did this. Yeah. I know we didn't have the public displays of like disruption. Be it like Morris and Jaylen Brown pushing each other and then the comments and stuff like that early in the season. But then they we like we were talking on the show not too long. Yup. Celtics have figured it out here. They come. They're gonna climb up the ranks here in the Eastern Conference. No big deal. And then this all happens. But I don't know is it that's the thing is are these just sort of one off moments of frustration. Or is there something underlying? Here's a little deeper where it's like these factions in that locker room, you know, are broken, and they can't be healed. Well, Jason Tatum hits that shot. And it goes, oh, I have a Tom and I win then nothing happens out of that game. Like car gets if they lose last night. It's like the end of a three game road trip. You know, Carter was out against the good nets steam. So you can sort of offset it against that sort of stuff. But when you lose three in a row, particularly when they probably figured they going no worse than to. One on that road trip. They have things things get magnified because we shouldn't we shouldn't have lost three games. Anything goes as I people start getting a little upset with each other for me watching kyri and his leadership qualities and the way he's calling his teammates. I can't separate it from LeBron and him being LeBron being Kyrie's leader for a few years and those teams ended up. All right. I think he's mimicking LeBron style. And it's hard for me to disconnect left that that he ended up leaving that we left LeBron. Because maybe some of that was I'm not really a fan of being called the youngster that kid. He's mimicking that. Exactly. What he's doing? What he's doing? Right. Is see not. But I find it ironic if you're think, it's it's interesting. Yeah. Who knows if it's going to that extent? Yeah. Kyra was reportedly mad that the Brun constantly referred to him as the kid got special treatment, you know, on their airplanes bringing in. Having a buddy go with them at all times. Why? Well, Kyrie could not yet. Who knows what the circumstances are with kyri if he's really embracing that number one status, but as far as the locker room goes as far as what we see is very similar, but those teams did end up battling through and becoming a decent team. And I think the the Boston Celtics expectations of sixty seven wins was just that was bonkers. That's that's wild. I know they want fifty five games, and you should say they should be better. But you would think by we're a sixty one team. I mean, that's all right. I didn't think so. But I don't know. I thought they'd be fifty five there should be a fifty five win team. But you have to remember Gordon Hayward last time play bass, what was the number one guy Jason Tatum. The last time he played basketball was the number one guy. Jaylen Brown was the number two guy, and there's just a bunch of world terrorism or the starting point guard. There's a bunch of rules that to figure out and we thought, you know, by mid season for me anyway that they would have figured it out. And then they haven't quite yet. But they're not also their fifth. They're not this should be part of it's the terrain. To me or to me, it's Toronto and everybody else as far as the standings should go. And we'll see where they get. According to a report from Woche. The Dallas Mavericks are escalating discussions to try and find a trade for second year point guard Dennis Smith junior so far they've had discussions with both the Phoenix Suns and Orlando Magic though I've seen now. The sun's like their beat writers. What's that guy's name? John gumbo. Thank you. He's denying the sons have any real interest in Dennis Mitchell for well. There's also some reports that maybe the pistons have had some initial conversations with the mass about acquiring does Smith junior. Oh, they're acquiring John Gamba door so twenty one year old Smith number nine pick right two thousand seventeen NBA draft. Now, the Mavs I guess are deciding here if these reports are true that they they don't think he fits with the direction of the team, and where that team is headed and the main concerns are whether Smith fits long-term with a guy like Luca Danni chew needs to dominate the ball. And decimates was junior was a point guard obviously had a high usage rate in his rookie year. And now is being asked to be more off the ball type guy, and it doesn't really work and the numbers back that up when you start looking into the, you know, points per one hundred possessions when the two guys are out there together. And when they're not when it's like, Jalen Brunson or JJ Berea before his injury. Are those fair concerns is my first question that if the Mazar deciding, you know, these guys don't sort of jive together, and we look to trade Dennis Smith junior because you know, we're hitching a ride to to Luca mania. And the other part is do you think? Dennis Smith junior is any good and what he could get back on a trade on the trade market. What do you think I think he's good? I think it's a little early to for the math to kind give it it feels like that's what they're doing. Certainly don't you just say going forward? So they they need to invest in him and let him run the offense and control the team. But I think this needs to be a little bit more time just to see if Dennis Smith can become an off the bowl play because he's he's quick and he's athletic. He can get inside. So he can be a bit of a slasher. But I feel that the Mavericks simply don't feel that he's he's a pot of their plan. So they want to see if they can cash in on him now and get something. But he's value to me wouldn't be all that high right now because he had a down season compared to where he was last year, and he hasn't been playing now they're saying it's a back injury. But that's more precautionary. So that he doesn't get any other sort of injury. So I think if they really want to try to him the Mavs a sort of in the playoff hunt, and I might as well sort of showcase him. A little bit more maybe to show what he can do. Because right now, I think he's he's taken a bit of a nose though, which just low is what they can get in research. You're saying you don't think they should be rushing to move him. Give this more of a chance. I also saying you don't sound all that into the idea of Dennis Smith junior being any sort of real star player in this league. Or is it just too early? I just think it's a little too early. I liked him last year, but this year, obviously things have been different for him. But I think he's twenty one on. And I like it when he attacks remedy gets in sought. I love that sort of stuff. He needs to be a become a bit of shooter in a threat for show, but most guys at twenty one need to develop that. So I I think it's I think if you want to get a better return on EMI's soda need to show him off a little more than than what they're showing right now. He's played forty two games. So far, Dante Chaz, and they're already ready to say we're moving on with him, which I think fine, you know, Lucas gonna be your star. But you need other players around you need other guys who can run or jump because if you trade Dennis Smith junior there's not a lot of athletes left on the Mavericks. You're telling me that they're back court going forward for the future is going to be Luca and Jalen Brunson. You're going to be given up a ton of points. But I don't know. I think it's just too early. I think it's going to be impossible for Dennis Smith to kind of fall into what his role is going to be long-term as an NBA player. He seems like a sixth man, or at least a second guard. He doesn't seem like he's going to be your main guy. But there's no way to know that now there's no reason that the Mavericks need to be chasing going to the playoffs. They're trying to win the title because then you end up in an Anthony Davis situation six years from now where you're like we've traded away so much youth and so much talent. And so many picks trying to be good. And you're not. Gonna get there right away. Lucas nineteen years old take your time. Yeah. That yeah. That's fair. Because right now Smith junior on his contract. He's a controlled asset trolled costs. I guess what I'm saying. Which is you know, there's some benefit to that. But if they also believe, and it could not just be on court, right? This could be his attitude. I guess he's upset with this totally new role. Where Luca comes in Sunday's like, oh, yeah. You're not our point guard anymore. Learn to shoot or you're not going to be playing out there. I mean, that's got to be tough kind of guy that gets us tooth fixed to go on camera for the late. Right. Right. So maybe it's again. Yeah. Maybe it's not just on court. And maybe there is something happening behind the scenes where he's frustrated, and maybe you know, once out just as much as they want to try and the why not nurture him. If that's the case look at what happened Dangelo Russell kind of the same scenario. They brought in Lonzo. They're like you're not going to be our guy anymore. We're we're moving you. Or was that Brandon Ingram the came in? I have lost track of who the Lakers pick number two. So many years in a row, but nonetheless, they said, you're not part of our plans, you're a little bit of a diva we're gonna. Move you. They made some moves. And now Dangelo Russell is good might be an all-star all-star. And that was a thing. Magic didn't like his leadership or is decision. Making again for twenty year old go in the NBA in Los Angeles. It's very very difficult to come in and just be instantly good at that sort of stuff. So it takes a little bit of time to grow into developing. If the Mavericks up on I think it was a ninth pick last year or in two thousand seventeen for Dennis Smith. I mean, that's a that's a big asset. You'll giving up the musket something similar in return value. Otherwise, it's like well that was blue that. This is the best case scenario for desma junior to me like you're saying like wrestle situation where like let's say he goes to Orlando, and he's sort of given the keys to run that team that could be good for sure. You know? And that's one I've been you know, seem thrown out. It's pretty simple trade, but it would be a big for a small in Jonathan Isaac for Dennis Mitchell near what was your crazy was that's not the crazy one second. But what about that that concept of that, you know, Mavs get an athletic big match. Got a lot of those guys could use a guard. You take the flyer on a point guard. Dennis Mitchell, hate it. Love it, whatever Jonathan Isaac doesn't do much. Okay. He takes like, I don't know five shots a game or something like that. And it doesn't seem like he's got a ton of upside offensively. I don't know the way the NBA is going. It seems to me you need more than one guy to dribble not at the same time. There's only one ball, but there's forty eight minutes, and there are other ways to make plays the better. And better Luca gets the more teams are going to be geared towards trying to stop him. Somebody else is going to have to score on the other side. But if you were the magic, you're like, absolutely sure. Yeah. We've needed a point guard for ever since. Yeah. It's been a while. And that is a sort of situation for luck. Russell in Brooklyn that could work for for Dennis Smith. Whereas like, you know, what you got nothing to lose the team's not close to contend and go to couple years to really show out here, and before you become a restricted free agent. You know, go go crazy. We know he's athlete. It's just now whether or not he can sort of policies game a little more. Is there anyone that comes to mind in terms comparisons? Dennis Mitchell this early in his career two seasons in to a to a former NBA player to me. It's like a little bit St Francis. That's his game. Yeah. And I'd like St Francis. Who is actually a better shooter much better shooter pretty early in his career. Once Steve's like usage rate started to soar like his officiency, obviously to to plummet. Yeah. Exactly. You is twenty three in a second year and Dennis Mitchell Twenty-one, but if you look at their like per thirty six minutes because because St Francis would playing many more much more minutes than Dennis Smith junior was like at this point. But per thirty six that really really close basically they were eighteen point per game score over per thirty six. Again, Francis shot the ball better. But assists, were similar and usage even similar to some extent. So yeah, I mean and like St Francis. It was a different era. I guess like almost Dennis Smith junior would be better off in that, you know, sort of era. But I think there's some similarities there now, here's the crazy. When you want the crazy, one don't talk about their time of the grizzlies. Yeah. All right. Okay. Grizzly. This would be under the the idea that they're like, okay. Well, this is dumb. We've got all this money in Conley and Ghazal, and let's just move on. And let's make our franchise. Jaren Jackson junior, and let's get Dennis Mitchell, Peres grizzlies trade Conley and more castle. All right to the Mavericks for Smith junior. Wes Matthews expiring deal. Andy Andrea Jordan's expiring deal so grizzlies save a ton of money, obviously become a completely different team. And then it's now just like the Jaren Jackson junior show, and then I guess Dennis Mitchell, and you get off all that money from your bigs, and then Cubans got a team like that. When theory be obviously, much better. Can't do. It. Luca needs the ball. Can't let Mike Conley dribble now by calling cashew. He's way better off the ball a five companies got two years after this. Is like thirty million a year three three big. It was five in one hundred and fifty I think that's big. Yeah. It's definitely three or two. I think it's three. So you think about that tash wanted to that grizzlies Mavs just completely swapped teams there? Yeah. I can't imagine. Do y'all know anything about people? Do you have any knowledge about basketball give it a shot? Mavs? Sure. Why not they'll be old? That'd be really old real fast. He would like to trade guy. They don't want an expiring contract for two. All stars. I think they would do it. But that's the thing. That's so silly about the narrative that Dennis Smith junior has to have the ball. And we can't take it away from Luca because if my calmly came free and a trade they would do in a second. And they would let my calmly handle the ball quite a bit. But they've Mark assaulted touch the ball time, but simply put they want a better basketball player. I think to be there. Other guards. Well, Carlisle aids like headstrong point guards, he hated Iran. He ran Rondo out of town, and Rondo has turned out to be a decent player since then. But maybe they wanna happens all the time you want a guy who's taller and better defender than you know, six to guy. I know he's listed at six three and who can shoot a new doesn't turn it over. So. Yeah, I'm in a dream world, you'd think he can turn into the Angela Russell, I guess that's a chance, but I'm just saying center. Daniel Russell E could get better. He's should get better. He's a second. You have the ngelo Russell could shoot in the first place, and I guess and the Brooklyn nets situation, I think is is it's under appreciated for how they get players to be better under their system and not every team can do that. But maybe Dennis Smith junior. I think at this point is ceiling looks like a guy a six six men. And that's all right. Maybe St Francis should have been a six man, and he would've played for forty years. It's always tough to tell like a top ten pick. Twenty one I missed a year in high school white one year, call it like, yeah. Yeah. Hey, you're are six man. It's like, no, I'm a top ten BIC at least give me a chance here to prove that I am a starting point. The other thing is when you're trying to trade them. You know, there's not a lot of teams that need a point guard like the magic is one sons need one, but they don't sound interested in this type of point guard and Dennis Mitchell. Who else is there? I mean, I guess the bulls the pistons. Yeah, I mean the pistons wanna move on. Reggie, I don't know. The bowl got Ryan Archie lock down. Top ten picks somebody who's going to trade for them and the Knicks I guess by they've got a bunch of life. Remember? Yeah. That's right. They've already got like a moody. A and then you got Franklin defense that they're trying to figure out is he their star point guard of the. Yeah. As not a lot squads to make a deal, though. I do think he's going to be moved here because I think this whole like keeping them out. Yeah. Is a part of like like you said Lee not to get them anymore injured. But but then you you cost yourself by not showing any faith in him pull. Yeah. Exactly. So keeping them healthy. Yeah. Where will they end up? That's going to be a it's going to be our blockbuster trade deadline deal. Dennis Smith junior top ten pick just two seasons ago. Exactly. It's exactly right. All right. Let's hit the news. Stepping on the beach reading your tweets. You guys are bringing people in the starters at MBA dot com. Hash day the starters on Twitter. I one HALE with D Wade swapping jerseys with everyone in the league and Vince Carter and Yoenis recently swapping threads. I wanted to know what oldie and youngster would you like to see swap jerseys? Also, if you're in the league who would you want to swap jerseys with and you've got to try and avoid obvious players like superstar players like LeBron James. I think that's fair. I would probably rights are writer in here would probably swap jerseys with JV you own a cell in favor of actors players ever. And a dude who I feel it'd be super Chile. This Email from Josh in Chicago. So a big GV fan, and yeah, the two questions there who do you wanna see in the league right now, an oldie in a youngster swap jerseys? And who would you want to get a jersey from who wants to get started? We've been talking a lot about the Mavericks. So I would like to see Dirk and Luca out there before a game or after a game, I suppose just trading jerseys. I mean, it doesn't make sense they're on the same team. But I think we need the symbolic nature of the official passing of the torch the passing of the jersey. Now, we know they each have each other's framed jersey hanging in their house. I don't mind I don't mind it before he got injured. I would like to see JJ Berea, and Ben changed his what you just for the photo opportunities. It's with these gigantic peaky Wilson on with the two fingers on each side holding up the smaller Berea. That plays into why I would trade jerseys with Damian Lillard because the size would be. I mean, it's bigger than me. But not monstrously bigger than me. You always want zero jersey. That's cool. That's unique. He can go play some roulette wearing that and blazers always have a nice color way OS and he's pretty chill, dude. So it would be a chill situation as our key millers. Do you guys have guys that you'd want to get their jerseys from Westbrook because he would take? Start is to chat. Look the same. Nikolay Yokich is mile high city jersey fish is one of my favorite guys, the watch it'd be fun to trade with them. It'd be big anybody. You could wear it by the pool gangster-style hands under the whatever. All right, next one is tweets from at basketball. Nice which NBA player is flying the most under the radar this season. Took a question. I'll go real quick because mine was Dangelo Russell. But we've talked about him for the first half hour show. Never mind. Yeah. He's over the radar. Yeah. I tried to throw him in there when we were doing your portfolio last week when we were talking blue chippers he's actually really done well since Dinwiddie sign these contract extension. I wonder if that was lit a fire under nets have some decisions Jake now the Angeles not making this like easier, and they move move forward for the first month of the season. It was like man care. Sliver could be the future for the nets. It was like he got hurt in this. Wow. Spencer Dinwiddie, he's really doing it up. And now, it's Dangelo roughing. It got some good guys. Who do you who's flying under the radar for either of you guys? Well, I've got to from the kings, buddy. Hit and coke Dan book Denisovich, really, really solid bogey especially shooting the ball. Really? Well, fifteenpoints again enforce is four rebounds. Forty-four percent. Thirty seven percent from deep. Really? I mean, it's a really good situation right now in Sacramento Kings kings, looking good as a nice win on Monday night versus blazers team who were coming off a loss. Right. You know wanted to get that one. Yup. And the kinks took this and like game got a little tight at the end, you know, blazers got it's within five or so and kings had an answer. Yeah. They all they had an answer. In like, you know, I think kings teams of old you would be like, well, there goes that lead that they they just blew and hey, good fight. But you just totally gave away the game at the end. And it wasn't perfect. They had some questionable turnovers. Miss free throws. But ultimately got it done. That was a nice one. I love like I mean, I love the kings there. My my team in the west. I I was joking at the kings and wraps are going to be in the finals. I'm going to love it. But I love like seven or eight guys maybe nine guys on this kings team. I just like them. I like rooting for the I don't know if it's because we've had a couple on the show. I liked the static of them there. And I'm happy for kings fans. I guess to that. Hey, you have a team here. Midway through January. That's a hundred. Yeah. And fun to watch. But just thinks they're playing in the Western Conference. Yeah. That's right. Because they're above five hundred in there on the outside looking in and they're actually not very good playing against Western Conference teams. They're killing the east aren't they really take care of business thirteen eighteen verse Western Conference teams. Well, if they were in the east, obviously, they'd be in the postseason. They'd be in six it'd be Chilin hanging out. So be. Right. Yeah. That'd be the nets in the east. Yeah. I wrote down the entire Pacers team as far as being overlooked because nobody cares that their third in the east. Yup. And they've got a bunch of guys. They also have bogdonovich doing pretty well. And just guys that are performing above their capabilities to this point that I guess they're perceived capabilities, but they're Iraq in it. And again, deeply miss lots of time. So they're doing well, that's a huge part of why kyri starting to freak out here to a little bit. Like, hey, we're in fifth. We are goal is to win a championship. But to obviously, even get there. We can't like be starting on the road in the first round of the playoffs and like go through all these teams on the road, you know being affiliates. You started in that series or a Pacers started in that series? Like, these are good teams. It's not just the raptors we could easily lose to some of these other better teams. I think that's a part of the psyche of like we gotta get a little bit up here in the sand. And so we have some homecourt advantage. And I think he's right because the Pacers is a good one. I like that like that call there are one more. Hey, fellas found you all on YouTube a couple of years ago, and since then have been a regular viewer slash listener. This is John writing in. Here's my question in high school, my girlfriend who's now wife his wife whose name is Nicole played power forward on the school team. And even though I'd often go to her games. I must admit that. I never really understood the game. It was kind of lost. Most of the time. However about three years ago, I got really into the league. And now there's a game on in our house almost every night. I wish I had been the succeeded and interested in basketball back when she was playing so John's question what's something that you came to later in life that you wish you'd found earlier like John wish she had found that love of basketball earlier. So he could have been he could have known what Nicole was doing that in the post. She been doing. A good question. What's something that you came to eight or in life that you've found earlier for me? It's noise cancelling headphones. They really work. Did they exist? Exists for a long time. Nate Dunkin's been wearing them for a long long time Nate, they call them. He blocks out all that noise. I just blocked daddy. Show to two neat and joke. Don podcast. Why isn't Danny part of the title? Oh now that I think. I think they work. I just assumed I don't know. Why assume they'd be a gimmick. They work though. They work very much work. Actually Nate does wear them on planes. And I wore them this weekend on a plane snooze like a baby. Yeah. You do you love the love them on offense. Really where we also lesson. They also lessen the smells on planes. Yeah. For sure I wish trusted them, push trusted, your your. They would heighten your smell. Yeah. But interesting vigneault that part. All right. Well, it's about three because. Discovered it when I was twenty just because it does make a difference. But when you're twenty. Because you obviously you need to warm up. You just turn up and play sport about whatever. But now, it's like I need to do like about three most days a week just to sort of, you know. Just to feel the buddy loosen up. Right. So how often do you do it three to four times a week? Okay. So now our time you so do you and you and you're saying you feel worse than on the days. You don't do it. Sluggish more rigid. Yes. Yes. It it really oils the body, mentally and physically. True. Absolutely. Does you feel great? It's your at your Cup of coffee Cup of coffee for your buddy. Three copy for your body. Arguably a Cup of coffee is also, but you didn't wish you discovered Kombucha early. How did you say the first Khumbu? Cha cha. Well, apple cider vinegar. I'd like to out of that's my dog twenty twenty. I'll be I'll be feel like this forever. That's right. Trae, I know, you know, been arguing a lot lately, but our preferences. But I bought apple cider vinegar. And I don't really understand it. But I'm taking it taking a drink and drink it up. You're going to be feeling great. You're going to get sick less. You're going to trim down. I mean, your body's already looking tight going to even tighter those CG's. They're gonna come in by summer very excited. Just understanding. And what do you what am I supposed to be doing with it? One teaspoon. One tablespoon in a glass of water. I'm not about the measuring these days. I just wake up more days about an inch or so fill up the rest of the glass with water. You're drinking about twelve ounces of water chugging not anymore. Sometimes you makes a little Honey. And if your voices feeling scratchy or you just want to sweeten it up, but you drink it. And then you just go about your day coffee after one finger of apple cider, backer. Yeah. Sure. Okay. I also consumed some content last night. I just want you to know. I love it apple content vinegar over here. What about you? Being outside. Like going outside as a child and then. I don't know eighteen to twenty eight I didn't like it outside because I hadn't mastered the sunscreen natural fibers short shorts triumph of keeping chilling the summer. But once you figure that out. Being outside is cool. Right. And when we first moved here, you weren't even the of the heat of the definitely not. I would have been winter over summer for basically my whole life. But now living here where it's hot all the time. I'm somewhere over winter. I'm never going back. Fantastic. Fantastic. Answers guys a little bit. You. I don't know something. I wish I found earlier in life. I guess similar to you like maybe the running getting into running. But I actually at the same time. Like, I feel like I found it at the perfect point in my life. I thought he might have started to break down if you'd been. Yeah. Exactly. That's exactly the last twenty years. I'm not sure didn't dip into that book yet. Matt, by the way, thank you for that. What's called let your mind run? Let your mind run Dina caster. Good one. All right. Let's take a we'll get to top five here in a second. Let's take a quick break. Tired of spending hundreds of dollars for prescription glasses. Our friends at Zanny optical offer, a huge variety of high quality stylish frames and state of the art optics starting at just six ninety five. 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Go to bollandbranch dot com today for fifty dollars off your first set of sheets, plus free shipping with promo code NBA. Spelled B O L L, andbranch dot com. That's bollandbranch dot com, promo code NBA. Remember by going January twenty eighth. Don't miss TNT's new limited series. I am the night case and fifteen storing Chris pine and skirl has all about it. Inspired by a true story of one girl at the heart of Hollywood's most notorious murder overflow this thing why open girl. She's. But new limited series. I am the night. January twenty eighth at nine on TNT. Five. Five. Five. I five it's been a big week for fast food. I that cancer has a cheat day it's thirteen patties three eggs and a plate of fries get sick and can't can't practice or play the next to Knicks games. And then last night there was fast food in the White House. Otherwise, we're talking about dipping sauces in gravy boats. We're talking about big Macs stack to the ceiling of the Lincoln bedroom. It was ridiculous. But these are your top five fast food items for for a feat for a feast. Okay. We're not just going to be having like, I'm gonna go grab a Big Mac and eat it. Okay. We're talking candles. We're talking lit candles. We're talking expensive plates that you're setting your cardboard on. So number five, it's a specific feast a morning feast of breakfast, sandwiches, you show up. There's a whole bunch of breakfast sandwiches there. You're like let me holler at some sausages. Maybe I'll get a bake it. Yeah. That might be you might have that too low because nice. Yeah. But you don't the timing is tough the timing of stuff. You've got to have a morning fees. But I think we'll be having a morning breakfast sandwiches tomorrow so lucky. Oh, yeah. Shoot. Usually do get some sort of breakfast spread. So I'm picturing this correctly are the sandwiches unwrapped on on the platter. The metal platter. Interesting. I was thinking them wraps. Yeah. They sometimes I rapped cotton Inhofe or something. So you'd rather than snap as they call them at a breakfast sandwich. So those are rare generally giggles. Rap. Yeah. Number four Tana tacos bunch of tacos lined up. You choose your tacos, you wanna have good. And I also feel like a Taco Bell taco when it gets cold. It's fair. It's fair. It's not it's not such a high peak that falls to a low low just kind of stays right in the middle of their lives machine. Number three bucket of fried chicken classic for a high school sports banquet. They would have like so many buckets chicken lined up. You know, the various sides your mashed potatoes law. Everybody has a piece you can eat a bucket of chicken for a long time. Yeah. I prefer. KFC chicken cold too. So I got no problem with it. Is it a Canadian thing to bring a bucket of chicken tool? Bob accu- because. Founding. In toronto. A lot of times. I'd get above someone ton up with a bucket of chicken. We'll do that all these chicken when he was in university. He wants left of bucket of KFC chicken under his bed. I saw it like four days later. I was like did you infrigement that and put it back there? No problem. There you go. No problem doing that. But I've never seen that. I don't think I've seen someone show up at a barbecue. With like, if you're you're saying barbecue are actually someone is grilling. Yeah. Yeah. That's like a summary sorta thing like you gotta bring something. Well, it's almost bringing the FBI. Yes. We'll bring a bucket sort of brilliant, though, gives you an alternative. What's on the grill? It is a a rule though. That's the thing. That's like off menu. Is the thing that everyone's gonna wanna like if we if you go to the cottage, let's say and everyone's like, okay, you guys are in charge of this meal. You guys are in charge of that meal and everyone's like, actually cooking. Yeah. And then someone shows up with a bucket of chicken, guess what people are eating away. It's great for a walk by grab. You know? You're like, oh, there's a little leg in there. I just regret that two toss a bone later. Number two. I didn't hear anyone guessed the answer was. Number two perhaps controversial. That's why it's at number two. Not number one. Is it a fast food? I don't know pizza. Pizza fast food. Yes. Number two is pizza. Yeah. I mean, like dominoes. Yeah. Sure. For sure you're not talking about a free pizza and fast food, but a whole bunch of pizzas lined up. You're living the lifestyle. I mean, ironically, if you're using a hot wood-burning oven pizza is the fastest cooks in like, forty seconds. It's a great point. Yeah. I actually actually shadow to LeBron James. That's the whole the whole business model for blaze pizza, which is a fast food. No doubt. No doubt. Too fast food is that for the first time over the right? I hate to do this guys. But this is a remix moving down to number two from number one. The votes are in now number two chicken nuggets, a whole bunch of chicken nuggets set out on your coffee table, or maybe on your in, you know, your entertainment center. Yeah. Everybody going up grabbing those damps dip and dip and dip and dip and bucket of chicken chicken nuggets. Number one. Now is pizza. Not the chickens together. It's my only weird thing with that. We did that for the Super Bowl tastic shot at the Jarrett. He showed up at like one hundred fifty nuggets. Was like it was awesome. Yeah. But I prefer like a cold drumstick from Kathy than I do prefer cold chicken mcnugget while right? I mean, I don't know. He's telling me jigger the list. Number three, number two bucket of fried chicken. Number was pizza pizza that sounds right. Sounds right to pizza one. Because it's the nice variation to that you like, okay. This one's just. Yeah. Cheese. This one's veggie or whatever. This one's got all the meat on it. I like that you got that variety basically to pick from and it's simple. Thanks for talking me through guests. What's the problem with that? I I would say the taco is is in and of itself street style food. Why are you telling me we're bringing tacos up into the top three? That's. No way, a great taco could be quote, unquote, fast food. You know what I'm saying? Where's like the greatest, you know, burger or pizza's not going to be close here. It's not gonna be Domino's. I'm just saying you just cook the pizza and a wood burning oven. Well, there's fancy there's like there's bur- a burger is fast food. But you could also get a really good burger kind of takes it make right? But I would say the best taco could be like a a quick and dirty streets doubt. Oh, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So I'm putting those number one. Okay. Gotcha. It's I guess what? I'm saying. It's like we're talking hold on. Hold on the promise. He said, this is a feast how many places have you gone. And there's a taco spread that popular tried to do it at New Year's. But the place was closed when pizza instead, and and people would have been much more thrilled talk. And. I stopped by controversial controversial lot of moving up and down at the college football season. Yeah. I like that a lot. All right. Let's get to some NBA trivia here with another quiz. Just the damn question. Into the damn question. NBA trivia time. This is via our friends at hoops hype. They do a good job on their Twitter account with hashtag guest, the NBA player trivia, we've done this before I'll give give you guys a bunch of questions here starting general. And then getting more specific you tell me the player when you have figured it out just yell it out. All right. I glue here. He averaged eighteen point three points per game on forty five percent shooting his rookie year St Francis. He did some scoring. No not St Francis. Klay thompson. Incorrect. Next clue he is quite serious about bowling. Chris Paul know who another bowler. Chris Paul is the notable is. Yeah. That would be giving it away number two. Donovan Mitchell, not Lowery, not Mitchell. Eighteens a lot very much what he fought. What he fought third clue he wanted the teammate of the year ward in two thousand sixteen the twin Stokes Vince cop, Vince Carter. Thais? Yes, prising got it that early. He had played. He's played for eighteen. He's averaged twenty four points over his first ten seasons. He plays the sex. Yeah. We last made an NBA team in two thousand one. Wow. I have a long time ago. Mid two in his first three years, and then didn't make any more. So you only made it to me too. Yeah. And there's some more closer name is eight teams quick in order. Toronto New Jersey, Orlando Phoenix. That's right. Memphis, Dallas emphasis sacrimento Atlanta. Correct. All right. We've got another one here from hoops set. All right. He averaged twenty three point two points per game in forty two games in the D league. Okay. A little different little different here k twenty twenty three twenty three points. Forty two. Okay. Yeah. Probably doesn't matter. But he's playing the delete. So that's a that's a sign. Yeah. Not the league, right? Interesting. Well, not the NBA either. So he he's not a top pick. He's represented by see a great interested. Leila's he's making ten point five million this season. Ten point five. Thaddeus, young, no? Interesting. Replacement deal. Tough one these contracts. He makes. Next clip. He went undrafted. This is. Terrence Ross was drafted. Top ten he's no Dennis Smith. But he's Terrence Ross top ten. Seven. Amanda. Drafted Andre draft Elvis. The DC G league has found his way way to see a he did. Next clip. Yeah. He only had two scholarship offers in high school. It's like give it away. Probably not Fred vanfleet. No to guess, though. Good. Yes. Undrafted. And he's making close close. Yeah. A little less. He has played for three NBA teams. Are we going to get those who thought we were going to get those teams? That'd be probably get it. Three teams JJ Berea. No good. Guess. He played college at Tennessee State. Robert Covington Robert Covington is correct. Nice Tennessee staters, right? What's what's their mascot? Not in the volunteers volunteers normal, Tennessee, the mandatory can you name is his first team because obviously Houston played a year, and then the wolves. Yeah. There you go. I like those ones there are a lot of fun awhile change up. All right. Great trivia, let's end this bad boy here with a little rapid fire. And made his return to San Antonio on Monday night as a member of the Charlotte Hornets after playing seventeen seasons for the Spurs prior to the game, he told ESPN's Michael c right? They really didn't take me seriously that I was going to leave. When have you told someone you really going to do something only for them not to believe you pass while I was having an issue with my cell phone provider. Billing issues wasn't getting the proper discounts. Been doing it for over a month. And at some point I got those done with it over the phone. I got very frustrated. I told the person over the phone. All right. Give me the the re- customer retention department. Because I've been through this before I'm going to cancel all my services. I'm done. I was not canceling services. I was just trying to pull the car come on. We've been going. I don't think you're doing that. He called me. He told me really. And then so many. On so many words and his breath. Did you eventually get to always sure did? Escape goes way back when when I was a we ll add I told my friends and family that I was going to throw a New Year's Eve party to make money like sell tickets to make money to go to Australia. And everyone's like, yeah, you're probably not going to do that. It's not like I was I was not hosting house parties at my house regularly. But I convinced my parents to do it. And then we went all in. We have laminated tickets and everything that was crazy and a lot of overhead a couple thousand bucks. Really? Yes. So I was it was great though. This is my last year high school, and I was nineteen. So I could legally drink obviously, there's a ton of Andrea people come into drink. It's a New Year's party the cop showed up like ten to midnight shut it down like half of my friends where aid. So we were like now, we're not going anywhere. So we were five we had to kick out everybody. Trey they didn't have the greatest news. It was called selenium, by the way. Very cool. We're still living in the palladium. I don't think any you guys believe me that I would go and dance on stage with Rick Fox for his birthday. But they're shaking my during after dark with Rick Fox. It was fun miss you. Rick. After criticising his teammates following Saturday's loss to the Atlanta. Magic on Monday Cario having walked back his comments and said sometimes I might come off and say things and one thing I wanna do is questioned. My teammates in public like that. Every what's something you've done that. You'll never do ever. Again. Tass owning a real Christmas tree down with it. I don't wanna cut down tree provides oxygen for the world. No. I just want to deal with the mess afterwards. Fakey quick and easy skeets go. I love a good tree though. Dealing a sense. Can't you buy that sent? Now, we have that. That's not the. What's something? I've done. I'll never do. Again. Magic mushrooms in Copenhagen. Yeah. You're an Amsterdam. I guess that's. Tracy was answer. Damn you're right. But we were in Copenhagen at one point during that, I'm still. I'm still confused. But I won't do it again. And that's the problem. There's a deadandcompany show coming in June. If you wanna. I don't know. Who knows what it was? I mean, I know what it was. It was magic mushrooms way too, many of them. But yeah, I won't be doing those trae from sixth grade through eighth grade. I had my hair straightened all the time. We go into the salon and have my hair chemically straightened burning my forehead, they were using why? And I would just get scalded on my face. Also, I could have straight hair. But that was how the bulk was supposed to look. Rocket Senate Clint Capella is likely at four to six weeks after suffering ligament damage to his right thumb in addition to missing games, the time on the sidelines means Capella may miss incentive clauses in his contract, which could cost him up to two million dollars. Win has an injury youths off at caused us to miss out on something like an event or work opportunity or something such such thing important tests, while I almost missed my good friend Dave sets wedding after I broke my leg, but it rolled into the Bredow party in a wheelchair. And I was so pumped I did like a semi Huili. Not on purpose. I fired in there. And I was off the ground, and I got really worried that it was going to break something else. But I landed and I was fine. Yes, was tough. I couldn't really think of an injury that took me out of something completely. But similar to tasks one that almost did. I don't know if you guys remember this when we first started working at the score. It was like maybe within the first week or two I rolled my ankle. Very very badly. The worst I'd ever rolled it playing basketball. It was huge. Posting a full my foot was gigantic like it's had swollen up that much and someone let me borrow crutches and stuff like that. So I still made my way into work, but it was like the first rea- of working at the score. And luckily, I just worked down the street. So I think that was a part of it. I just hobbled my way there, but I didn't remember off the top. Then I remember the photo looking at that photo. I thought it was on metric magic mushrooms looking at them. It was. It was crazy. Trae senior high school our school started late. So we had one football game before the season started. We had big plans to play our football game cake some bought and then go rage afterwards. I made attack on the second half had to go to the hospital and get stitches amidst all the raging. So now every time I look down in my hands. I was like man could have been at Ryan Jetsons pool heart. That was a classic deal man classic for days. Hopefully that was a classic rapid-fire. Classic addition of the drop you tell us if you subscribe to the show on apple podcast, please consider leaving us a five star rating. Leave us a review really helps us out. You can join us tonight. It's Tuesday on NBA TV at six PM eastern three D coming on grill. Daddy, going to be here talking to grill. Daddy, uncle splash. Where is he tonight seeing where are the games on MBA? He's in many right is in Minnesota's that Philly many tonight. Isn't it? I think so Jay butts coming back. I think so we'll talk to three D about that game. We'll get into a whole lot. Sorry. It's info belly Billy Minnesota Philly. But yes that is where he is. We'll talk to him then. So thank you so much. Oh, yeah. Sorry. I was looking up where the game was. And I forgot forgot to do this. You heard it here. I have a great time turn up. Love you guys. Awesome. Thanks for joining us. And remember if you drink your ACV or complete you can prevent you from building those beef rolls. Again.

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