Are you a number 4?


hub hopper originals stability requires a certain level of Seedier snus especially long-term deeply rooted stability. Now what is the first thing which comes through your mind when you're building a house from ground up a structure right now. That's what a number four is structured. no-nonsense Hustler I ne- her Goyo. numerology mindset coach Tarot reader and healer. Welcome welcome you to this week's episode of undyed nuts off life visit numerology on hub hopper. If you're born on a foot put two ND twenty second thirty first of a month then you do have an influence of the number four. In western Western astrology number four is associated with the planet Uranus and invaded numerology Rahu which is not not the mood and now do notice that van which is urinalysis a Fahd of a planet we cannot see from any kid is and the other will is not even a solid planet. It's the shadow of the moon. What does that? Dennis number four is associated with illusions. Wins that which is not but one might perceive it to be. You know what I mean. Let me give you an example. Uh again going back to that House that he will building in the beginning this structure or the blueprint is not tangible right. It has no presence in the physical therefore it is important for a number full in order to anti not of their life to learn and differentiate and she ate between that which is real and that which is not not that what is not real important. The blueprint is important to build. The house does just that not to get too attached with it. I mean obviously. How will it work if one is attached to the blue blueprint and while building the house? Virginia's required they're still stubborn to stick to the blueprint. So be ready to change because an illusion has known longevity. You number four attracts a lot of extreme ups and downs in their life. These are in fact. Those people who had often heard seeing that my life life has been an emotional rollercoaster and I understand that my recommendation to all number forces to live a scheduled and a disciplined flint life. Now you're here to settle into a structure meet this structure. What it such that it develops you join a group which is driven towards learning something valuable and something new every day meditate? This is a very important tool for you to stabilize stabilize your mind. Learn sound healing or at least dig regular sound healing sessions. This will work on your physical structure structure your body as humans are but sounds anything which heightens the illusion such as alcohol or coffee or tea or too much exposure to TV excetera. I recommended to be avoided as in the long term. Then they might leave with your mental health more than you can imagine number force also number four Viseu Sirius. You got teaches us to lighten up and approach life as a playground of a child. I understand that it's your tough childhood. Who'd had specially your relationship with your father and mother which has made you so CDs because you had to take up your responsibility to soon? But that's the past now. Oh lighten up. What some laughter shoes play with kids? Yes play with kids. That is highly recommended for you. What some Baby David? US Smile and laugh often in fact everyday C. U. R. and out of the box thinker. The way you think everybody around you can auditing so cut them some slack. They cannot be you your unique ideologies in part due process is required by humanity. Yes you are often considered to be ahead of your time. Also that you consider to be a rebel. You know people look down upon you and they try to stop your hustle by saying that. You're a rebel. But whether they tell you are not the do wish to have your kind of guided and your kind of a mind added to that. If you become driven to word Gordon during the night of your life with the above recommendations you are an unstoppable force Bruno that so this his music new signing off if you wish to have a personal consultation or a session with me you can contact me on my. WHATS APP number nine nine double one six six seven one six double five nine nine one six seven one six double five or you can connect with me on my instagram handle any H.W? Gio Why. AL ON FBI KNEE-HIGH GUALTIERI meeting both of these platforms have unique take life hacks and discussions happening on them all the time. I wish to stay connected with you on all these platforms. Do Right to me or wherever you decide. Connect with me have a beautiful week ahead Namaskar. Roddy Roddy help but notice the Nikkei Yep I got up the up Nevada's launch happy full hob Hobo Studio website. Beer gutted minute game. That ended up knuckled podcast launch. Getting yet he. No he studio the up woody as Avi he of NEPAD cut launch Gimmicky thin thin on step Smith. Though sock me of Nevada's shoot emme Gilliat there yet just hop on hop simply content.

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