The Great Gildersleeve 50-03-29 (360) House Guest - Judge Hooker


Kraft Foods Company. Crack Quality. Foods Presents Herald Perry as the Great Gildersleeve. A. Again this week. Birdie and I want to tell you about gail. These blade the wonderful night spatula now being offered as the premium bargain of the here by Parque Margarine you'll hear from Birdie and our next announcement, so have paper and Pencil ready for big news from. K. A. Y. Parque margarine made by crap. Well, let's see what's going on in some appeal. After a hard day at the water department, there's nothing the great gildersleeve enjoys more than relaxing in a barber chair. Nice close shame Floyd Okay Commission. You knocked a little early today didn't early. Getting rid of your five o'clock shadow at four thirty. I have well organized at the slide, but I stopped working one stop running. That sufficiency. Yes, it is. A. Getting pretty up for the jolly boys tonight commission out exactly floyd in fact I may be a little late for the meeting. Why I promise Milford I drive driver Home Hospital. She gets off work at eight o'clock. Eight o'clock. And let's see it ten minutes in the hospital to your little nurses house. Then you have to walk up on the porch and shake it night, yeah! We'll expect you about eleven thirty. It doesn't take me that long to say good night. I get that. You did with the patient didn't yet. All right. I. Take Time Commission. The judge is going to be late to. Keeping harnessed. He's having his house exterminated exterminate. Yes, he's got Antony's kitchen. The judge has answ yeah. Filbert facing these closet. Parole Horse, last year was eighth. Listeners rose trellis. Now it's still revisionist. He's getting rid of all them things they're gonNA see left the house. No one pumped full of pest control fumigating. They. The judge is thinking of taking a room in a hotel over the weekend. Wonder, why doesn't stay home and get sealed in? I've seen. Mosque Lila his pockets. Your kidneys? You Commission, yes fly. I. Kinda feel sorry for the all judge having the pack to hotel like that. I wish me and love. You had a room for him. Out. Why don't you take him in commissioner? He's a fellow jolly boy. Floyd I don't have room for either. Got More Room than anybody. I've got more family than anybody else to. Decide you know how finicky the judge is? Only be. Days. Floyd with the judge in your house. There's no such thing as a short day. Another Cup of coffee for Catholic. Thank you. Nice of you to buy my dinner strathmore. The hospital coffee shop not to. Always wanted what they fed people in hospitals when they weren't in bed. I usually eat earlier I can came very interested in one of my patients. Lady patient I suppose no a man. Catherine yes, any of those patients ask you for they own. No, that's against hospital. Rules love those hospital rooms. Sometimes they call up after they leave. What a sneaky thing to do! And I hope this man does do. He can hardly wait to get out of the hospital. Right. He's anxious to get home. Because he and his wife have just adopted, a little orphan will fine. Sorry, he's been sick. One thing I like about my work and nursery so many people doing wonderful things for others. This man can really afford it, but he's giving this little child at home. Good for him I admire him so much. He so generous and warmhearted well. Nobody ever accused me having a cold heart. To think of it, I have a pretty warm Lynn. Oh, no, you. You Bet. In fact, I've decided to help somebody out to. Track Martin well poor old judge hookers fumigating. Has To get out of his house. He's going to alone Neil Hotel by George I'm not going to let him. Go to insist that he come to my house. Invest thoughtful obvious Rack Morton. thrills me when people do nice things like that. I could kiss you. Well. But. It's against hospital room. Hospital took me an hour Catherine's front door. I got around that hostile rule. PD to his violin. Like a cat with his tail and the screen door. The judges here to. Bring Flute to my house. I'd have to go to the hotel. Hey. Here's a commission. Now can get going high commission. Evening Gal I. TV. Band practice tonight, Jauregui trump off the piano commission it the black now wait a minute. Wait a minute. Where's the chief? He's under the weather tonight. Commissioner too bad hope he's better soon. Yeah, I'm taking over the BASS. Drum tonight accu an APP. Before we start judge, I'd like to talk to you about something. We can talk later guilty if I wait any longer, I'll lose my lip. Button it up Doug. Let's play. Here's your copy commission a waltz well marry. We don't want to be fun okay now. Everybody followed the music. Mickey Levy wound mine if I follow the Mary widow. Go. Wait a minute, floyd. Chance to warm up okay. Your warm. Raking in. All Right, okay. Now, let's go gang look when we come to the judges solar part, everybody layoff off. As a solo. A ONE A two. What an arrangement! Night Murder? Four Orchestra. All Rather. Opinion I think we're showing definite improvement. Don't you think so? I wouldn't gain yeah. Yeah very good. That's all action. Open a coke I. WanNa talk to the judge anyway. Johnny House Humor, getting coming on at your manage starting in the morning. I'm checking into a hotel tonight a judge. That's what I want to talk to you about. I'm not going to have an old friend of mine staying at a hotel. You're coming to my house. Judge you must come home with me well, thank you for the kind invitation gala, but I'm looking forward to stay at the hotel do that. Judge I'll considered a personal insult if you don't accept my wife. Hospitality Ma-. The commission must have an angled. How about a judge, but they only inconvenient. Horse at the hotel. I'll have complete privacy nate service. We've got Brady. Leroy can be the bellboy. You've got to come Judge Yeah, Ryan says it can't mean that much to Yasser. Does what are you trying to do? Show me up in front of Kathryn that. Nothing judge CEO come well. Don't you think he should stay with US PB? Man Hotel Jeremy it'll expensive. Day that's right. At least when I League Gillies House. He will present me with veal. All right. decided to come I can't resist such a sincere invitation. I'm glad you can't judge now. Where are your bags are in my car? so as my rowing machine. Ruin she wouldn't think of going anywhere without a again I get up every morning at six o'clock for an hour's exercise, six o'clock judge. Of course, that's why I'm so bad robust. Rowing at six, o'clock with a bust. This weekend's going to be. Return to the Great Gildersleeve in just a minute. You've probably all heard about. Gillies blade the amazing knife SPATULA. We're offering as a phenomenal premium bargain on this program tonight. We want you to hear from a woman who is already using one in her own kitchen. Who can tell you just what a real cook thinks of this unique kitchen implement its none other than your old friend Birdie. Method destroyed I. think that Knives Bachelor just about a handy of most practical thing I, ever you. Then my kitchen bid certainly is, it's too fine kitchen knives, and an all purpose kitchen spatula all in one one edge of Gillies Blade is a lifetime separated edge that never need sharpening wonderful for slicing fruits, vegetables, bread cake anything you want to slice without crushing the. The other edge is a hand, honed razor keen straight ED's for all other kinds of cutting every woman ought to have on Mr Stewart, because it's such a good night. It's more than a good night. It has two different kinds of cutting edges and geldings. Blade is bachelor shaped it mixes turns stirs scrapes, so it's too fine knives and a spatula all in one. Now guilty blade is a real two dollar value. It's made by Kahlon world, famous manufacturers of fine cutlery, but you can get one for only fifty cents, plus the label or wrapper from any loaf of bread you bite your grocer's and the red end flat from a package of Parque. Margarine town where to send Mr Stewart. Every woman is GonNa? Walk lumpy called his wonderful in phone. Anyway, just send your fifty cents bred rapper or label and the Parque Reddin flap to kraft foods company box, five, nine, three, nine, Chicago, seventy seven, and be sure to include your own name and address I'll repeat that address. Kraft Foods, company box, five, nine, three, nine, Chicago Seventy, seven, then in Kalamazoo analysis to. Hurry depth this wonderful knife spatula. Send for Blade tomorrow. well, let's get back to the great gildersleeve tonight. He's helping out a fellow jolly boy. Rather than have judge or go to a hotel while his house is closed, the White Commissioner is invited him to stay at his house for a couple of days. You sure I won't be overcrowding. Of course not I should have thought to invite you soon. Let's most considered to take me and give me a roof. It'll I don't to mention at horse as Samuel Taylor, Coleridge aptly said friendship is a shelter injury. Oh the! The comedown shower like a friendship. Why and judge? We don't want to weaken the little family. Be As. Quiet as a mouse. Racial Equity! We'll put them right here, but then very. Counting. Now, let's get my rowing machine. Rowing. I sure my luggage will be in your way, Gilda mine way. Judge I thought you'd like to sleep here in the den more private? Don't learn the couch judge. It pulls out into a nice soft bed they. Say. Needs Oiling I guess. What makes it lumpy, lumpy judges very comfortable. It's a fateful, old or here couch. I. Don't want to speak ill of hateful horse. And I just remembered day. I'm allergic to horse here what? You're just saying. Not Guilty let's put things back in the car I better check in a hotel with worse. There's somebody that room in the house except one. I'll sleep down here. You can have my room. Rab that into the sheet judge can help me put on the clean linen and anybody new I was coming. Yeah, only well I, didn't have time to prepare for you. I didn't know you bags in the car tonight. The sheep pleas judge. In a long time since I've made up the bed. Not exactly my line either. Tuck, in the corners, judge drunk. Getting a corners that beds against the wall I know it only dues. Push it away from the wall very well. Allowed you wake up the family now, push. Push Lukashenko nightstand. The alarm flack yes. It can't be kind to get. Very funny. Here Mira. talker. Burglar Noli. The judges staying a couple of days. Dreaming No Marjorie which I was. Go back to bed you truly and sorry. I disturbed the household now at least we didn't wake up Birdie. No really I don't have a bed to fall. Judges Right. This is a lumpy couch. Force here. The left the horse. At big spring snaps the back up. Open holes. Never. Did Trustees holding traps? Still that's all. Like this could throw a man on a bit. Judges about, but it's nice to know you're doing somebody a good turn. Makes, you feel good. Tired. Let everything's quiet down. WHO's that? Must Be Leroy. Is You can't sleep. Too Bad we weaken the little fellow. What is it Leroy? It's I. I just wanted to say good night to my host. What A NIGHTSHIRT YOU'LL! Goat looks like a zebra. I. Everything St-. What a couch! I'd be more comfortable on the floor. Warning Buddy. Kitchen with that. Rave in your hand. Looking for a place to Shave Yeah Bathroom, he's been printing for an hour. I it takes quite a while for the judge to make himself presentable. I think might be nice of you to invite the judge Ovalles. Nice Birdie. I am a base hot water. I'll shave out here in the circus plumage. Morning the. Right for Breakfast Leroy. You're not ready for breakfast. You haven't even combed your hair. Yeah, I know I can't even watch my face. While I'm sorry you haven't had a chance to clean up squatting. That to pans of HOT WATER FOR KORN SAKE it'll take a little while the heated. The judge us the park lot of hot water and go watch close this morning. But it's nice to have judge of round. Everybody Good Morning. Wash pants, lodge never mind everything's clear upstairs. Now it's about time the judge will be down in a minute now. Here's what he wants. Breakfast Birdie. He wrote it out. He's on a health diet. Oh my goodness well. I'll be glad to pick whatever the judge wants. Care you calicoes one piece of whole wheat tolls with the crust cutoff. You certainly got his crust. Cocoa made with Skim Milk. And what? About an egg Mr gives me Oh. He wants to Kabul Birdie. Birdie better gets busy. I can see. She's got a lot of content to do. Like you say it's nice to have the judge around, yes. Commissioner, you add a long day at the Water Department! Guess the judge's home already. There's this Little Cape hanging on the hall tree. Leave already. That'd be having for dinner. Glad you asked me that. We haven't Bali Bra. Bra Green Salad with no dressing oil rife, an eggplant, instead of meat eggplant that coddled that what the Judge Audit! Dirty, we should have something. A little family likes Mr Gill's leave. You said accommodate the judge. That's what you said, but and that's what he ought. To please everybody, this ain't no hotel. big-hearted coddled Gildersleeve. y'All did was wonderful dinner. The eggplant was delicious. Yeah! Checkerboard the evening judge I thought I might drop over Sikhakhane. Seething United seem quite a lot of each other. I suppose we know each other well enough so that you can go and leave me alone. House right judge. We'll play checkers. Birdie were. Leroy yeah, since six o'clock when the judge started rolling. Good Morning family you have to make. Birdie who can sleep with that? Roy Machine going? He made me seasick. that. He's paddled fifty miles this morning. and. Now he's a riverboat. Breakfast Birdie. We're waiting for the Robert E Lee. By George I'm not gonNA play checkers tonight. Marjorie. Bronco mind if I have the power this evening, but you judge hooker had it last night. I thought this was his evening. Believe is, but he may want to hang around. That's why I've cooked up a little plan. To I'm having Catherine over Oh yeah, when he sees. Shirley Lee. I've enjoyed having the judge, but. You this Milford can have the pilot. You're sly Gildersleeve? Nice of you to come over Catherine. I understand throckmorton. ACURA. You have a guest in. I couldn't leave until he leaves and he'd be leaving any minute. Then we'll have the power to ourselves. Leroy over piggies. Bertie Stack the dishes and went to a movie. She did nerves. Now guess he's all packed. Good evening this now, bread. Judge, where are your bags bag I mean. Can I help you pack? Thank you? Go there, but I'm not ready to go yet. Oh, not you might be ready. This was the night. We lose you, isn't it? Won't. She'll sit down. Thank you. What are you doing -ment? Row. Milberg perhaps you like the stereo, optic and slides. Thank you, judge. I see quite a few slides at the hospital. Oh, but those are germs I. Bet you haven't seen old faithful in yellowstone and fruitful Noah judge soil I turn off water. Judge. Don't go and pack your bag pack. Well, let's go packets as host I think I should help you guilty. I'm not ready to go yet Tom. Hughes U's me. Catherine Doorbell I gotta go. I'm sure is for me for you. Track. Morton it was awfully nice of you to take the judge in like this guy who's been taken in. What Katherine sometimes a man can have more heart commonsense. I was right Gilded Laskar me a little something. Iheart from downtown Oh a life preserver for your rowing machine. That Gail, it's for you. What that package a small token of my esteem for you personally and in appreciation of your worm hospitality these days. Judges should done and such a big package. What's in it? Why don't you open it and find out? The HUMIDOR! Cigar. Timeless quality isn't that Nice? Judge I don't know how to thank you added how. That's why I couldn't leave I had to wait for your present to Iraq of course. This was mighty. What a real friend! Hope I didn't give you. The impression I was trying to her you off. I hope that I haven't been a nuisance here. A real pleasure. Cigar smell, good. Guy Like one. Judge. Come over anytime. My home is your. Friend. You're always welcome, thank you. As a matter of fact since my house is closed, I've been thinking it'd be a good time to have painted. And it'll only take another three days. I knew these cigars. We're loaded. We'll hear from the Great Gildersleeve again very shortly. Don't forget what Birdie told. You Sam for one of these blades. Get this. KNIFE SPATULA for only fifty cents, the label or wrapper from a loaf of bread and the red flap of a package of parque margarine. Send your half dollar, your bread, label or wrapper, and your parque red and flat to Kraft Foods Company box, five nine, three nine Chicago seventy seven kraft foods, company box, five, nine, three, nine, Chicago's seventy, seven and hurry. This offer is for a limited time only. Own. Just a Moment Leroy Ladies and gentlemen I'd like to take a moment to thank. The city fathers, the village of Upper Sandusky Ohio for making me their honorary water commissioner, and the Community of Palm Desert California near Palm Springs and the Shadow Mountain Club for appointing me honorary hot water commissioner. Commissioner. Goodnight folks. The Great Gildersleeve is play by Harold. Perry, Joe was written by Paul West. Volume. Wife with music back. In the cast or water? Kelly and early Rob William Randolph Cathy Lewis Earle Ross and Dick Legrand. This is Jay Stewart saying good night for the kraft foods, company makers, the line of crap quality food product. Listen vexed Wednesday, and every Wednesday for the further adventures off the Great Gildersleeve. Here's a taste test that counts any meat without mustard them Abbott Golden Dab of craft prepared mustard to your next bite taste. The difference are two kinds of craft mustard, you know salad mustard delicately spiced for those who like their mustard, mild or craft, prepared mustard with snappy of horseradish added have both on hand or remember this. When you add a little mustard, you add a lot of Tang yet craft prepared mustard. Next joined the excitement of break the bank on NBC.

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