Upgrade 216: The 2018 October Event Draft - LIVE in Chicago


From relay FM. This is upgrade episode, two hundred sixteen today's show is brought to you by pinged him and timing and insta- bug. We all live in Chicago. My name is Mike Kelly, and I'm joined by Mr. Jason snow, Mike Hurley. Hello, Chicago. Jason pretty good. This is our first live. I mean, they're all live, but I mean, we don't read to do a script or something we they're alive, but usually it's just you and me. It is like a cat. Nobody cares about that Jason snow because we're going to go into hashtag Snell token, all snow to- question comes from Steve this week, and Steve wants to know when you haven't seen each other for a while and you come together to do some kind of live show just hanging out. Do you great, haunting handshake or friendly hug? That's an interesting question. Thank you. Listeners Nieve Seve I would say we are. I'm I'm from California, and so I think hardy hug, it's the way to go and I am a Hauge all my friends know this hugger. Yes, you learn. Hardy hug sounds like an Abboud to release well. Because Stephen Hackett keep his jokes himself, welcome Stephen Hackett to the upgrade program so we aren't doing draft today. It is all I draft in front of a live audience and we have doing something slightly different. So we have Stephen Hackett of many shows here rely on them, but we also have, Alex Cox do by Friday, welcome to upgrade, Alex. Thank you so much for having the welcome back. This is not your first time on the show. We really. Yeah, you did the. We did a draw before in the first summer of fun. Some refunds. They definitely remember it and very fondly. Great because we all going to be doing draw today. But for the first because we're doing a live episode before we do something slightly different in, I am of the understanding that drafts a sports thing. It's what Jason tells me, and there are sports Kostas draft, an raft analyst experts who every time anything is drafted outside of this room. But in the realm of sports, there's always somebody or a series of somebody's who are there after somebody made a pick to say that was a terrible pick. So Alex, Stephen will be saying that all of my terrible as we go on throughout needs today, we're going to be throwing to them every couple of rounds and asking them for their now, assists of how me Jason, booming and the drug judge this intro, no. You ruined it. So that's your judging we, I do want to say before we move on, we do have new upgrade draft theme music, which the audience of not heard yet, but you deal listening audience have hunt. So we wanna thank Chris Breen for his amazing what on the draft theme, this Chris Brin and the Chris bring marching band. It was a very expensive production, but we're very excited about it. So we aren't doing draft today because there is going to be as prophesized and ample event next week. Yes, in Brooklyn of all places was not prophecy. Oh, how do you feel about going to Brooklyn for an event? Well, let me tell you I can drive to Cupertino in about an hour drive to Brooklyn. Drive in on your way now and just gonna leave from here. Okay. Most the way there now. So the art work. Well, I should say the invitations went out featuring lots of wonderful illustrations. I think scenic, this counted up a few times three hundred seventy at least different apple. Logos created for the media. You go pretty good looking for classy. You'll your invite Jason has has nobody thought about the irony that the guy who does six colors completely black and white until now trolling you big time. That's yeah, I don't know what they're doing. They're yeah, they're beautiful. That was a very clever idea. I wonder how it might lead into what they do because they've been connecting lot of their art direction for their intros or their, you know, their invitations and all the things they send to people like me where where it's like, please RSVP those like the Chicago event that happened right here in this spring, the intro stuff, the package that everybody got. It was tied to the art that was up at the event through the slides to the promo video that they did at the beginning. It was all kind of a kind. So it'll be interesting to see if there's more to the story about these hundreds of apple o. goes that were drawn with something. I mean at the very. History. Exactly creativity in creation and it's a music school of something, right. Is it the Brooklyn something for the something Glynn academy of music, and it's an opera hall on the campus at the Brooklyn kademi music. Wow. Tim's going to break out in song, but we all do an address today, which means that our rules and I would like to go through as a ways to draw rules. We're going to be doing eight rounds today. Sixteen overall picks is eight picks each. The winner of the previous draft gets fuss bik. Who could that be? It's usually me and it's me this time. For to count as being able to have points awarded in the draft. It must either clearly be announced onstage all be presented. Clearly on a slide during the presentation. We choose from a list of items that we've generated together today. Again, for the first time we generated that list once together at a breakfast Baugh. Nothing that is blatantly obvious within reason is on list because every pick should have at least some risk to it completely ridiculous. Things are on the list. Jason's bottle that was put those in Stephen hack. It will adjudicate in case of a scoring stalemate between Jason a Mike. But if Stephen condescend, Alex, decide if Alex condescend off LIPA challenge coin. But I dearly Mike and I have generally played fair played by the sort of gentleman's rule and we, we can agree. It's usually fairly clear win. I was taking notes for later no half points or would it. There are no points of any pre-announced night that may occur between now and the draft and the points will be awarded on next week's episode off final that will be a PDF scorecard in the show notes to follow along. And there will be also linked to Zack Knox's interactive scorecard as well once live, I believe, as of right now, Jack is doing that. Thank you for for updating it for us. I wanna get some statistics. There's only ever been one other October event draft, Jason one. Not one, the twenty eight team result. So far March and September, Jason one, those I want WBZ. So either Jason obliterates me or I can hopefully take this year to tie and I expect all of Chicago is on my side. With this one. Everybody loves ties, Mike, especially in America for things competitions and the tie. Everyone loves a Braga to Jason. We have discussed potential of if we do come to a time that will be some kind of tie break at the end of the year, maybe a holiday best special, but we haven't decided that yet. I mean, unless we will probably want need it. Jason's probably gonna win new and your set me up now. I don't like this. I think you started that a long time ago so we we should. We should get started with draft picks. But before we do, let's go to a first break for this episode and thank all phones pinged them for this. This show banged him all the company who make website performance, monitoring, soup, easy. Everybody lost loves a foster website and pinged them helping to keep your favorite sites online companies night Netflixing Amazon, Spotify. These are just some relief. We use victim strew many companies Trumpington to take care of their website monitoring because websites can be really complicated. You can monitor any site transaction with pinged Matale stuff like user registrations and log ins and checkouts, and so much more can take care of making sure that your site is a smooth as possible. And disaster strikes you will be the first to know is so easy to get started. All the ping to needs euro that you want to monitor and now take care of the rest that is it go to ping dot com slash relay FM right now for fourteen day. Trial. We've no credit card required. Then when you sign up, use the code upgrade at checkout and you'll get a huge thirty percent of your first invoice offense to paint them for this of this show and relay them Stephen is the website still up this. Okay, good. I have not received my Pingtam alerts from a hot air balloon. It's really, I like the grandiose nature of it. No hot air balloon. Yeah. This I t Powell Mike's joke in the show. I think it's more accurate to say Mike, not going to spend the time to edit that joke. All right. So bust draft pick Jason Snell. Okay. So I want to explain something that Mike mentioned about the rules. Mike mentioned in the rules that we agree upon a list of items to pick from, and one of our rules is don't pick something totally obvious, and so that's the negotiation is. What is obvious and what is not. So I said to Mike today earlier today, Mike is the presence of new ipads at the event. So obvious that it shouldn't be a choice. And Mike said, yes, that is to obvious two of us. And I said, Mike was a dramatic reenactment. Yes, we were sitting just actually just my right. Okay. It's two of Jason and then we carried on, and then we exchanged a hearty handshake. So. As we do as you do when you're making rules in the draft and hugging and draw? No, the very next thing I said. So Mike, what about ipads? Getting face ideas? That too obvious, and she said, no, Jason? Oh yes, Jason, no, Jason. Wait said it's okay. Is what I say? And so therefore I'm going to pick that new. They're going to be why pets with face? I d I think I think it's kind of obvious and I really hope it's kind of obvious because if there's no home button and face ID. What is going on, you have to just just just all to pin codes. Again, the thing is, we think it's obvious based upon rumor appointing, right? It isn't necessarily office. This is going to exist because there are we spoken about many times over the last few weeks. There are lots of technical hurdles to getting an ipad in all of the ways that we currently understand the face ID system to walk with ID because do you have four cameras, do have twelve cameras. Do you have one camera right in the middle voice? Not not. It's just like, oh. Senator content flows around, you can pick that if you want. I'm not going to pick that. But so I think that it is a publicly take so valid that it was going to be my, we call it the super retina hole. It's a Blackhall with an old screen is just anyway. So I think that's perfectly fine. I think you'd pick very well. And there was some some degree of what we do here in this draft is because there are always rumors. There are always rumors it is how likely do we think that rumor is? Do you take a chance on it or not? And that one I feel like is pretty strong, right? It's not hundred percent. All of the rumors that are available, which seem like the most likely to happen. Right. And some my one, my bus, Beck. I expect going to be a new apple pencil. I feel like everything that adobe see like seeing peo- chief product officer, right? Everything that the same Scott Belsky, something like that. And we just referred to him as that adobe deogee guy who said too much on the verge cost seemed to indicate that there would be more about the events. So I think that the fact that these invitations also focused the fact that Photoshop is coming. I think all lends to believe that the apple pencil is going to become a more important product. The fact that the Logitech crayon exists has different technology for connecting the fact that we may get to this. The may even be lightning ports on the next ipad. Prose seems to suggest that there might be something. My hope is that it won't just be like his an apple over USB connect. They will be a little bit more to it. And all I really liked to see is multiple options. So you know, you can get the sleek white. At one or you can get one that has a rubber rise grip to it, which is more comfortable. And maybe they'll be one of a button on maybe the apple pencil. We'll get button on it for additional functions, whatever it is, whatever on might want it to be. I think that we're gonna see some kind of new apple and so on stagings week, I don't want this to turn into a mutual admiration society, but that was my number two pick too. So I think that was a good. I'm not to not to be the judger of how well we're picking here because I feel like. Judge? Yes, but I think I think you did a great job. Thank you. So we're going to go into pick to off the, we've gone to pick to. We'll be throwing to on draft Costa's for their opinions and thoughts about that two picks that we've made. So Foucault, Jason. What is your second pick? Well, I'm gonna key off of your previous pick. And when you mentioned a guy whose name we're not sure from adobe and say, okay, it's more fun when I have no idea who he is the I'm going to say him, maybe I don't know, Scott, we'll call him Scott. Dobie skied anyway, last week, adobe announced Photoshop on the ipad, and they got Phil Schiller to come down to LA to the adobe max conference and appear on stage and say, how great it is that adobe is bringing Photoshop to the ipad. And he even got a jacket with a pun on content Westville. Yeah, he's aware that's Photoshop. Joke. It's a Photoshop references. So, yeah. Yeah, I don't want to judge to about whether it was joke is funny. Sure. So I'm going to say, and this is one of our little show biz picks where it's sort of like, what? What is happening on stage. I'm going to say that in the roll out of the ipad next week they will mention or them, oh, not necessarily demo, but at least it will be mentioned Photoshop, running on the ipad will come up Apple's presentation as kind of a reciprocal agreement. They may bring out our friend, Scott, Scott bells guy, looked it up. He's name SCO bells. Okay. We bring Scott out or someone else out from adobe. They may not. They may just say it in passing. They may do a full demo, but I feel like if you're only on a new ipad pro and adobe is bringing Photoshop to the ipad and your perhaps introducing a new apple pencil that there this has to be a big part of the story. Even though the products not going to be out until twenty nineteen. I feel like it has to be a part of the storytelling that apple does here. I think that this relationship. Is a lot more than we know. You know, I think that apple working very closely with adobe. I think that this is a very strong relationship. This is something that they both need each other, but they're both need things from each other for this. So I expect for some time to come as going to be a lot of adobe on stage at different points. And I think that this. Eva somebody comes out and does some kind of demo or it's like, you know, oh, this, you know, we so happy about anew, Pont ship of adobe, which means in twenty nineteen. When you have your new ipad, new apple pencil, you'll be able to do things like these invites that we sent to everyone this rule made in the new. Like I think there's going to be something this seems like if they're gonna do any app demos. This feels like a pretty good one that they would do. I s a pretty pretty strong pick from you, Jason. Thank you list. Now. No, no, no. I heard you take that breath. Like, what am I gonna do here? I'm already a pick to. She'll what I want to go with. Tap is available. Is it though I didn't see on the list? No, it's not. It's not all this time, but celebrity on stage and musical guests performs or both on the list. Take one of those. Celebrity on stage. Also, if a celebrity like jumped on stage and had to be led off by security, that would count because my my pick here is something that if it happens is going to break my heart which is, and we're. And we're not an audience, they may boo if it's something terrible, I didn't make it happen. Doesn't matter. I am going to go with the new i-ipad. We'll have no headphone Jack. Okay. One one person. I really don't want this to happen because. I use over a half phones when I'm traveling and I use my ipad on, I'm traveling. I use it to watch Netflix on watching making motorist season two right now, which is. I, you know, just as quick side. No spoilers I didn't think it was going to be that good. I was like, they did such a great job, but lost one what more could be a lot more really good. But I think that. I like to plug all the holes in all of the devices. And with the introductions of eh, pods. I think that they're going to be able to use the excuse that the Google guy used when talking about like the pixelbook of like everyone uses bluetooth headphones now because phones have Jack. So we just took the headphone Jack all tablet, which is like the worst thing, but it will be really courageous for apple to get rid of. Jack. And I think that like they will include some of the headphones in the box right wherever they USB have phones, aligning phones and just call it a day. And then probably some, maybe this event all maybe another event next year it has been heavily room at the apples going to have some kind of over here have phones. They're gonna make based on that w chip technology. So. I don't want this to happen, but I think it will. Yeah, I don't want to have in either I edit podcasts on my ipad and it's an ipad pro. Right. So theoretically we're talking about professional us here. The box. I'm sure USB see lightning to. It's just it's unfortunate, I, I've kinda gotten over it with my phone, but the thing is I don't need other than a mowing the lawn yet I can use air pods. Air pods are bad for. Not good on planes for a couple of reasons. One, they don't give her allow, which is which is mostly fine. But the other while I was listening to book on the flight and about every hour, take one of them out to charge it, fill like seconds and then put it in to take the one out charged out, which was just it's an end, you drop them. It was terrible. So I don't want this to happen, but I feel like it's going to happen and I think they're ever going to do it. If they do change, we may not get to this. They do change the poets that go on the ipad ingenuous. There's a puff big time to do. So I didn't have this in my top list of picks, but I think it's mostly because I don't want it to happen. And so if it does happen, it's your fault. Less Laura over to dropped Constas, Steven and Alex for this thoughts on I two picks up well, Stephen, what do you think when you're watching Mike and Jason pick big, you know, all of these great in horrible ideas like plugging the holes, do you see a strategy? Let me go. A new long, very giggling. I know that was like a straighten Alex joke. Feel like I just gave that one have fun. Editing that left. I always see, you know, Mike, as he seems to typically pick with his heart. Whereas Jason's kind of like the Brady and like the Tom John, I don't know sports. One of the Brady's Brady, Tom Brady, it's all the home runs for the Philadelphia raiders. I don't know why. That's funny. Really. Entirely accurate. It's sports hockey. Joke, don't sports. Whereas, you know, Mike, Mike's the Rudy. Is that a real person or fictional character real. Okay, cool. Then it makes sense. But I think he's kind of selling out at this point like plugging the holes, really. He I think he just wants to go for the wind, really wanna win. This is our time. Yeah. Yeah. Sorry. I agree with you. I've listened to a lot of these and it's nice to be able to share my thoughts, not just screaming in my car. Exactly. Yeah. Texting might wide. You pick this, which is what happened last time. I don't know what it was about. It was, why did I say they will be maximum no max? You try to play both sides. It's Stephen. There's time there's still time. We'll say that no max and MAC, no mentioned on stage like they are in our overall pick list so crazy. I agree with you. I think Mike. Mike, just a lover and he he leads with his heart. That's what makes a great person, but what's makes makes him really bad draughtsman. This is a great idea. Jason. Would you like to go with pick number three, please? Yes, I'm going to pick something that I don't understand and I don't know why would exist and I don't understand the rumors and that's why it must be true when I can't wait to find out why apple is doing it, which is changing the smart connector on the ipad pro does some other weird thing in a different weird place that I don't understand. I don't know why. I don't know what they've got up their sleeve actually seriously. This is one of these things that I'm interested. All of the renders that are, I guess, from leaks from people who wanna make cases or something like that. All of the renders of this thing have a accessory port. That's a totally different location on the back. And I can't figure out why it's where it is. I don't know whether they're going to do. We have some theories about like, which I'm not entirely sure aren't just wish casting by us about them, like really embracing keyboards and having like a keyboard shell with a r-. Real keyboard that you can use on your lap and not just on a table and this more laptop like, but if they're moving the smart connector off of the edge and putting it somewhere else, that's not like convenient for a smart keyboard as we know it today. I'm not quite sure what that rationale is going to be. I kind of believe because picking it. I kind of believe those rumors are true, but it's a a moment where I, I can't see the other side of it, like, I can't wait to hear the explanation. And if there's some totally wacky accessory that we've never anticipated that they're gonna come out with, and I kind of like that feeling. So that's why I'm picking some I think in on this is is sometimes to remember that the small connector is not just an apple connected. Only apple can use, like it's meant is like the pot you connect to, but nobody makes anything for it. Yeah. We could probably list we won't. We could probably list all the smart connector devices. The fifth one, right? There's so like, yeah, Logitech makes like three, but they're not nobody cares. It's just Logitech. Yeah, I think for whatever reason, there's just some constraints around that connect wherever it's the amount of power that it can draw day-to-day complete, which has meant that nobody's made anything for it when there were companies that make keyboards for the pro that use bluetooth and they in theory, should use the small connected because it's better. Right? Doesn't need power and you know, you don't need to charge the keyboard. That kind of thing. I clearly it's just not right. So my thinking would be that maybe they wanna give it enough a show, and all of the potential renders show as like a logic connector on the back about the size of the of the Pat of your thumb rights outlooks my expectation, if that's not fingerprint, Rita, which I don't think it is, but like that was the rumors. Maybe it can drive Paolo, maybe that's what I would do it. Maybe they, they're going to try and really focus in on specific things that it makes sense for maybe it's to allow on different kind of charging that's not. Wanna changing, there's stuff, but I agree with you. It's still kind of a little wit anyway because. Everything we know about the small connector is how it works with the small keyboard and the small and small keyboard wouldn't walk with as we know it right now connect if they wanted to leave it as close to what it is now as possible. They would have to create a whole like the old smart cover or smart case, right. That was the whole wrap around thing, instead of having the two pieces that's what they'd have to do because the rumor has that connector somewhere that is nowhere near where the smart keyboard lips. So it would almost have to be a full unit that went all the way around it, which might be what they're up to, but it's a mystery. I love it. I love it. You know, we get these renders and they spoil all the fun in some ways right? Where it's like, we know where all the buttons uses different theoretically. But yes, we get this sort of mystery of like, what is this thing? Sometimes we guess and sometimes we fail to guest, so we're unto us up. Picks h. Everything has been ipad relate so far. It is possible that we won't just see ipads, and I am going to take a step outside of ipads at this point. Here we go. New MAC mini. Okay. So let's just assume that they're all going to be max it as I think, would you agree Jason that is like that we're all seeing max of this event as well as one hundred percent I would've. I would've picked that last time and I, the fact that I didn't is because I feel like there is a chance that we all get really excited and we go to this and there are no Mexican. I mean, I'll still be I'm most excited full the ipad. I mean, now I'm excited for the MAC mini. 'cause I picked in the draft. Yeah, I feel like if they're gonna do something MAC related, just discovered how fantasy sports. Just give me something to care about here. I think that whilst obviously, laptops are important and make up the majority of the market. I think apple as shown over the lost year or two. They are very aware of how fans of the MacIntosh feel right now, and they've taken steps to try and show that they are in Choon with that criticism. If they do an event and do not reference the MAC mini, I will not go down well at all it such an old product. This point something, it's one of these. You have to do something with it. The story rushes gone. One of those two things has to happen. There has been enough rumors to suggest that there is some kind of MAC, many in the works. I think now would be pretty interesting time to show that off. Yeah, I hope it happens. I have a MAC mini a two generation ago, MAC minis with very old sitting in my house and occasionally it stops working. I haven't on a smart home switch because occasionally it stops working literally all to do it dies. And it just gets a little blinky question Mark. But if I powered down in tower, right back boots and it's fine again, can I make a suggestion? Yeah, set it up in Syria shortcuts as hey, Siri, like rebuild the desktop. Some some like old. Workflow name? Yeah, that's good. Hold down. Yeah, shift option shift command, PR, Syria, reset my Instagram. So I, I have a smart switch literally anywhere in the world. If my server dies, I can just go in and go boop and it comes back to life. That's that's a really like two thousand eighteen solution to the to. Please get me a new MAC mini. I will buy it. I, I would love that to be. I'm trying, though again, what gives me pause here is in onstage in Brooklyn, the opera house, and they've got a brand new ipad prone. It's really exciting and I'm trying to picture Tim, Cook's in we got a lot of this is Tim. We got a lot of good stuff. Himself. He doesn't need to on the key as you come on. Sorry, this is Tim. We've got a lot of great stuff about the ipad to show you, but I. I think you're gonna like it. Jay said. No one is predicting this bust. Okay. Well, let's think about this then. Well, now you've seen all of our great stuff. We shown you. There's a new ipad pro in new apple pencil, amazing things here today, but we do have one more thing. All last. I think that it could be here is this MAC thing. We have another MAC thing, and it's this little one and then they just move on. I don't think they're going to spend a time when if they do introduce it. But I think if they have if they do something to the MAC mini is going to be newsworthy because they've done something in how many days Stephen over thousand. I think we're up to like seventeen years. Trust me. I'm the story in the last to be released. Ran a Motorola sixty eight thousand processors. True, Jason, Euell fourth pick, right. Well, I don't want to be lost in the shuffle of MAC picks, and I wanna make Stephen happy. So I'm going to pick a MAC thing too. I do think there will be a MAC thing there. Perhaps they'll say, well, we're very excited about the MAC mini, but we also have a sub thousand dollar laptop that we're introducing that his new. Now, this is a rumor that's been around a very long time in a lot of different forms. We heard that the MAC book air was going to get updated, which is in our list, we could pick that always seem like a superstar rumor. And we've seen some other reports that say, no, that's not quite it. It will actually be a new model that their engineering specifically to get back to that price point. So that can finally kill the MAC book air, which I love dearly, but is rapidly becoming like the monster in a horror movie that you think it's dead and then you open. The door and it's still there and it's so ugly won't die. I love it, but it's time to Sehgal by and and so I I want to believe there will be a sub thousand dollar laptop that apple will provide us that is not just the MAC book air with a slightly less old processor. So let's go through this for the for the sake of understanding the draft USAA new laptop, brand new cost less than the foul dollars? Yes. Okay. Yes, didn't we one of us picked this last time? Yeah, this is the funny thing we've never had this before, like about ninety percent of the things that we pick from which is lifted stray out of the September options. There was? No, I've had it was no magnet anyway. So. Where assuming this will replace a bunch of stuff and is going to be a consumer focused, laptop them, right. Yeah, absolutely. That this is the this is the because the MAC book and the MAC book escape. Neither of them have managed to get down to what this ninety nine MAC book air can do. And the fact that Apple's still sells the MAC book air implies that apple really, really, really needs a computer at that price. And what everything we've heard is that they still sell to this day in twenty eighteen people by macbook airs with technology. That's many years old at this point, not as old as the MAC mini, but still pretty old and they got the. The only reason they're selling it is because they don't have a product that they feel they can sell for that price because the macbook and the macbook scape or both. What twelve ninety nine. Yeah, that sounds about right. I, we had an audience. I expect instant fact checking. But so which is not there at a price that is not nine ninety nine. So I feel like they're gonna. They're gonna shoot for ninety nine with this with this thing, whatever it is engineered to be a new product. I I think that's amid all the conflicting rumors. That's the one I'm going to hang onto about necessarily giving stuff away filet a comeback to necessary. Do you think that the macbook would go away something like this exists? Yeah. I think if there's the moment that there's a brand new computer from apple and baron, new laptop that's under dollars. It's the end of the macbook air unless they've got like stock that they need to move. But probably it'll just be an x. product at that point it'll be gone. Yeah, it will go to education for wall, probably right in my book will probably stick around and then they'll go in. All right. Going back to the ipad. This fills risky. Like I believe the room is by, it still feels risky because as a- questions, my pick number four will be the new ipads will have USB see books. This seems weird now it makes a lot of sense all the reasons that we spoke about, but it still seems wit. Now the full pick that I'm making here is it will have USB see, and that's the connector that lightning goes away and is replaced by USB. See, that's the pick. I don't know how feel about it. Like I, I think it would be great, right. So a pixel three this week, and it was really nice to be able to charge that device using the same John that I use pro the same charge that it was plugged in because Stephen charging his macbook pro and the same charge of the I would bring with me to charge Nintendo switch. This is what you SPCA is full ride, like this is what it's full, and there are of a potential benefits of potential reasons. The ipad charges, very slowly of lightning. And this might be a way to help that, right, because you spec- charges, especially the ones that apple rated cells. The ones that lov apple customers already have willpower foul. There are lots of really good reasons. There are lots of questions. But I, I feel like if it's again as acetylene with removal, the headphone Jack lake of ever gonna happen like a huge haunt web phone, fight the change which were assuming going to occur? Yeah. Feels like a good time to bundle somebody's stuff up and it's a really good way to advance the rhetoric of how this is a computer and not just a big iphone. Right? Like it has the same charger as the laptop the phone anymore. Yeah, I think one of the reasons that I believe this is going to happen when this the moment I heard this rumor and everybody like that seems really weird. I I west device without lightning with USB. My immediate thought was, well, it's a statement. This is apple making a statement. I'm not sure how practical it is, but it's apple making a statement that goes with a lot of their statements about the I've had pro lately, which is that think of it more like a computer, think of it more like what you think of when you think of a laptop, it's not a laptop, but it is. I mean, I know what the computer everybody every time I mentioned the word computer. Now every this, what's a computer a computer, but. But apple does want to make that claim like think of it as a computer. Does all the things that are computer does what better way to just lay that down than to say it even has the same port as the computers. The iphone doesn't the ipad doesn't, but the ipad pro does because that's what it is. And I have to say, even though that's not necessarily the most practical thing for apple to do because you are as we've detailed just trading one part of Dunkeld town for a different part, you're just going to different subdivision? Yeah, you get your your lightning adapters. Go away USB adapters hurry, but it doesn't able some things. But today apple doing something like that to make a statement, even if it's not entirely practical, I believe they would do that. I think today's apple is is the kind of company that would make that choice to sort of push you in that direction because it's very similar. It's not quite the same, but it feels a little similar to the USB thing, which is just like, we're going to drag you into the future. And so to say. Honestly, I've had bro users don't have nearly as much investment in external stuff, right? Because the ipad pro doesn't work with that many external things. But if you do have video adapter and I was looking my desk the other day, and I still have like a dock connector video adapter thing in their Lila task, no, in in the desk. Yeah, but I wouldn't question. Yeah. Yeah, no more. I thought I need to make a little ziplock bag full of things that have the dock connector on it and then hide it away somewhere, far away box catapult. So we go back again to luscious dropped Constas, Steven, and Alex, what are your opinions on picks three full just now? I like the MEC stuff. Koshi did not just general. I think it makes sense. We've been so long. We're like the low end of the laptop line is just really messy connected. If you have thirteen hundred dollars in your pocket and you walk in an apple store, it's kinda hard to know what to buy a friend me today with that. Like I have one Maya. Laptop wash, shall I buy? I was like, nothing like, please wait. Get a surface book was getting. You want to keep him a friend. That makes a ton of sense to me that they've got to straighten that stuff out yet. So I'm on board with that. The pick the, I think the craziest pick so far tonight maybe agree. Is this smart connector business? Like I don't think changes things that they forget about, and I don't think they remember the smart connector. What are these pens? I don't know. What would it be for? Maybe somebody has like a niece at Logitech and they just really need to. Good. Through the rabbit hole here. People. I mean, real real follow logic is the only other company that has smart connector device, but a couple of keyboards and they've got a really, really, really slow charging dock, really bad. I remember that. Oh, you own one? No, I well, I have. I have. I reviewed one and said, I don't know why this exists, and now it's taking up space in the drawer next next to the documentary base. That's the product. I'm curious, Stephen, do you think Mike has become like a self hating pad user because he thinks the holes plugged, but he also thinks that you a spec- is coming to the ipad. That just doesn't make sense because it's pro, it's like sure, there's all these professional, excessive as you can use, but then you can't edit and you can't listen to music. Let me share something the audience here knows this, but Mike is not sitting in front of an ipad. He's sitting in front of a twenty seventeen to port MAC book, which he told me today. He loves. Loves dearly and he's actually lying. I do have a MAC in front of the reason is I need lots of chrome tabs for the draft. That's sure. Okay. Okay, he's here. He's playing. Yeah. So I just don't know about the smart connector. I know it was in the league so like I buy it, but I have not convinced myself of a story. Apple could tell. So that makes that could just be literally anything it does. It could be a magnet like it might not be a small connected. Any small on this thing by state we don't pick is a new smart connector. So to be clear if it is something else. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I think I think what I'm saying is it's either a new smart connector or it's essentially the like the follow on the smart connector something. Yeah. If it attached to a keyboard accessory or something counts, if the role that the small connect to had, which is three magnet or humidifier or crazy thing, or a weird like charging place where you can lay the new apple pencil or something. It's airpower report. Oh. It's not. It's not that. No, nothing's that how it will never exist. So experts pick. Do you have a feeling about the MAC mini? Do you do you feel like like Mike, does that that might be a little bit of a risk? I mean, this is the Hurley. We've all grown to love. He wants. He wants it to exist. Honestly. I think like he also just wants it to exist because wants to set up like a cool plex server. So that's wants us to stop complaining about how long it's been since last update. Wouldn't that be great if we can stop for like at least a month complaining about how long it's been. So have some some more time follow. We're wondering how long it's been. So the average is four hundred thirty eight days between revisions of the vision. So two thousand seven twice in two thousand nine, two thousand and I was a great year twenty ten twenty seven twenty twelve. It has been one thousand four hundred sixty seven days. It's a long time. I think they're just going for some kind of record now. So one has fifteen hundred days on. A bullet and it just. Timmy's fifteen hundred his pool and he's just like, stretching it out. He's going to go. I agree with the assessment that it either gets updated or goes away. I don't know if that's Tober, but I think I will be really surprised if we're sitting here one year from now because we got do the other genius topic and the we're, we're talking about the MAC mini being seventeen hundred days. One of the two things has to happen. I agree. All right. So we all off way through the draft today. So let's take second break and thank a friends over at timing for this of this show. Timing is the automatic time tracking at a MAC OS. Let's talk about why you should be tracking. You'll time for anyone that bills hours or just people that want to have a view, the types of things that are doing the types of work that they are completing. This might seem like something that's a bit obvious, but if you'll employed billing project, you need to estimate how long specific toss is going to take you time. Tracking helps you stay on track with those estimates to make sure you don't end up in the red if you all projects, and that can help to make more accurate estimates in the future of how long something might take you to complete, and this is what timing is all about. Instead of making you start and stop times, timing automatically tracks how much time you spend on each app document a website. It shows you exactly when you were working on what when you slacked off when you're in slack and how productive you have been. So you know how to improve your productivity. Timings functionality is similar to what you may have seen in Iowa's twelve screen time, but for the MAC, because screen time is an on the MAC plus timing office more Vence tracking, including manual tracking as well, and like all good mccafe's has a beautiful dog moat as well. But you know that working doesn't just half when you're MAC and that's time it. That's why the time feature Ulta Matic -ly make suggestions, filling gaps in your timeline that way. You'll never again. Forget to enter meeting or phone call with the automatic zinc feature your track time. We'll to magically magically pair across all of your max. So even when you go on to a coffee shop, MAC book, you'll have a full picture on your MAC when you get back to the office of that home. Again, while I love him out timing, somebody who does time tracking sometimes and very frequently, I will forget to set stop time most about about timing on the MAC. It's all done automatically. Everything's nice econ grise full you and it creates beautiful like chance. And there's lots of amo- g throughout the entire user interface. Big fan timing is so confident that you're going to love their fuss-free approach. They offer a totally free trial. You can download the free full teen day Trump today by going to timing app dot com slash upgrade and you can save ten percent when you punch us. Once again, that is timing up dot com. Slash upgrade, stop guessing how how exactly you'll spending time and instead focus on doing what you're good at. We thank. Timing for this of this show and really FM. So Jason, it is round five, pick five to you. What are you? Got? I think we talked about max. We talked about ipads. I think there's a product that Apple's been selling for a couple of years that's due for an update and it is. Company product at Apple's been selling, uh, sorry, selling. And it's the air pods. I feel like it is time for an air pods update. We've had that rumor floating around for a while. Now I just I feel like we're gonna get something and something beyond just that case that they said would work with airpower, wouldn't it be amazing shift the case that works with airpower and they didn't ship airpower that will cheat. That right? And so I think I'm going to choose that. They will use this event also to launch the second generation of air pods, which as far as we can tell, probably not gonna be that different. The air pods are pretty great, but there is rumor rumor out there that they're going to do a little bit of update that will let you do the activation of a voice, activated assistant person. Hello lady in my ear without having to actually press anything that you'll be able to just talk to her and she will answer and do your bidding for him. If you choose the British Butler as the voice, which is full default mail in in the UK. Yeah, my my home pots are the British pot Butler now British Butler in my home. Okay. Stereo. To home pods, one Butler. Alex left fastest that I think that's thanks so much for tuning in. All right. So. Hey, Mike, how you doing fine. The pods. That feels that it could be the right time for an update, but the same time it feels like a product that. Yes, no right here you. They could just keep selling this for a while and for a while, making more money from them as dick, getting better at making them having a hallway telephone support, and it would be great, but I honestly would be surprised. So one of the reasons I think the haven't done this is because this this next revision of apple was just going to come with Cheech hunting enabled case, right? Because they said, when when Ed, how was showing off that, that would be an update to the pods, which was just a case in new case. And you could buy the case extra and you just get the case, no to the existing parts get sort of slipstreamed him. They would get the new case. Obviously they ship that maybe because. It was actually not cheat on Jane because it's unknown exactly what was going to be inept Hauer. It's going to be maybe a mix of changing something proprietary in. And I've heard some people say that. Apparently it would be very difficult to get she John Coyle into the suffix area of the app case anyway. So it may have been some stuff. Apple was doing, which probably will call file, which is why there's no at pal. So. Just flips open in the airports ejects urgency space space, launcher, Jack, right. It's just like evacuate the air pods immediately, so I'm not sure. I just feel like I believe this product will eventually arrive would make way more sense to show when you add a new iphone though. I think I don't know is an iphone. Why? Except for the fight this all we get rid of the headphones on the ipad. All right. Well, and I think about the this is going into the holiday season and that having having refreshed their hardware and putting the lady putting away telephone in more places that that kind of goes along with it, and also that it's already very popular product, but maybe they have a revision ready to go. And at some point you just want to start selling the revision and I would imagine that they'll probably just up updated, keep the price. The old one will go away. It'll still be kind of slipstream sort of thing. I think they'll probably be exactly the same shape and the case will be exactly the same. Like literally, it will just be the airports, we know with slightly better feature this always on listing kind of thing, and that may be it. I would love a color like to get them in space, gray, all gold, all some, you know, the whites fine. But I feel like the the white kind of had its day, like just the white plastic products from apple. Like I would like to see something a little bit more, but, but okay, I would like to see it. I am not sold on this one is you think it didn't didn't make my kind of my shortlist to go with my fifth, pick that the new laptop that you picked Elia will have no USB apples. Not even one, not even one. I, I just can't imagine apple introducing a new laptop that would be in the kind of the lower end of of cost and it had USPA pulse on. I think apple really wants everyone to move to USB see. They really would like that to happen because they've made some interesting decisions about how their products have been going, including if they put USB on the ipad pro that like, okay, like they're making some. That would be a very interesting thing. It would super surprise me if they will like, oh, we've taken the SPCA on it and the new laptop has US be able. It's on. It was Well, I, I just don't see happening because I also expect that this laptop will be super thin superlight, you know and will not have any like what's it gonna charge with, right so charged by. A USB see. So I expect that we'll have one Omay two USB ports on it. No USPA polls. I what gives me pause is the idea that a product line that obviously still sells into education to a certain degree is if you don't put a USB port on it, you are saying that it may be ninety nine, but the effect of price is greater because you'll have to buy adopters for it. Do you think that do you think that they would change that product. They would add USPA to that product for that reason. Like I know that that is a good reason, but do you think the apple would would make that? So I was about to say that I think apple selling today's apple sewing product for nine ninety nine that essentially requires an investment in several Dunkel's that cost a lot of money to raise the price to buy one hundred dollars or so is very much in line. So it's like ninety nine if you don't have to dungle town too. Everyone can go to dungle town. So yeah, I think that it will be USB see only I think that's kind of where they're going to go of it. I don't think they're going to introduce any type of John ging connector. I think that it's going to be. So I didn't have this on my list only because I'm a little, I'm I'm torn between apple being forcefully in favor of sticking USB on everything and apple realizing that some people have USB a devices and they don't wanna buy Dungl's because I part of me wants to say that apple is just fully committed here and they just, you know, look, we're, we're here for the future and you can adapt your devices if you want, but we're not going to worry about it. But then again, the brand new, I'm at pro shipped with a bunch of USB ports on seventeen contel. Quick story. Yeah. So apple had the I MAC right now, we all know that machine and they got rid of all the legacy ports USB or GTO. Yeah, it was actually the internal marketing hurt. It's not true. But then they had the power. MAC g three similar case like the blue color translucent plastic, and that machine shipped with a single AD port on the back it did and people use it for various things. The big reason, the reason I think it was there Jason United on this is that there was a lot of software required like a hardware copy protection, Don goals that didn't take you to any sort of town at all. They just let your software. Yeah, it was DRAM town. Really. If you were cool high, the prison that's outside of. This correctional facility. Yeah. So if you were cool kid like me and high school and use cork express for fun, you had to have that thing plugged in. So I think about that. But apple wanted the opposite with the MAC book per right, the the new machine that people like us us to like do a live podcast. We gotta have Dongling new cables. And so this is a time like the past doesn't really give a lot of inside think, except that apple is willing to break these boundaries sometimes. And I won't say what I think about your pick yet. But I do think that apple has blurred the lines, the old new when it feels like there's a good enough use case. So. So my next pick, I'm going to go with another product that we haven't really talked about yet in terms of our picks. But I again, partly I wanna spread it around a little bit here and partly I feel like this is Apple's last shot to do their product updates before the holidays and holiday quarters, the big quarter for apple, it not not all the products you think of is something you find under the tree. But the fact is they want him out there. They know a lot of people come into apple stores. They a lot of stuff having the new stuff in the apple store is a good thing for them. And so even though it, there are no rumors that this will be particularly exciting. It's good timing for apple to update the I max with new new. I MAC models. I don't expect that they'll be particularly radical. I expect maybe just be some new processors, but I do think it's time to do max just a refresh. It's super boring, but. But it's important Apple's business. They do sell. I max it is I think a product that people buy for the family and put in the house. And so I feel like it's time to update those those max. Is there a particularly compelling chip that should go in these max? Stephen, I'm calling on Stephen raised his hand. So the the I max use similar class processors, the MAC pro. So we could see something like a six core. I'm back totally the way the twenty seven inch is built. Now, the question I have about that. That's the stock into a part that could do lower core count. They felt competes with the I MAC pro, and I think, but I think I think maybe it'll be that that twenty seven inch retina is six core, and you know, there are a lot of people who use an mkx for professional stuff, but don't wanna drop the money for an I MAC pro. So maybe this is a middle ground somewhere, but I do think the core count will increase at least on the high end. Okay. You'll have to pay a lot of extra for the core I met. So you'll get in, we. Say that, but then the macro did about a fault. So who knows? Who knows? That's right. But anyway, I, it feels like it's time and I know that's a boring thing, but just kind of spread it around that that that I wanna believe that this won't just be about a couple of models that they're going to. They're going to give the MAC, some love, and if they do that, they're going to talk about tops and they're going to mention I max at least I don't expect it to be a big thing, but I, I would hope that they'll mention there's definitely a good chance that this could be like a press release afterward, and then I'll be sad, but I hope that it's more than that this. My next pick is one that I'm surprised we've like get around six, which is face idea will what both horizontally vertically on the new ipad pro I was. I was leaving that I felt like I would be booed if I picked the two most easy features of that. I'm not really sure take that. But anyway, I think that this is a good pick. It's a very good pick. If there's going to be again face ID we assumed is going to be one camera drool. Probably they some have to make this walk like, you can't have just one orientational on the ipad because the ipad is a full orientation product really like you can hold it in any way. We're assuming that they're probably going to have to write that. You'll be one vertical one horizontal to make it work. That is the Ben minimum that they need to do to stop this from being a wouldn't it be nice to have face idea on the ipad to I hate this. Like if it was just portrait right, like face, I just walked in portrait. It would get old very quick. Everybody with their keyboards attached to or suddenly lifting them up like this and putting back down that would be terrible. Although I will say all the rumors suggest that this will be a two orientational thing where where they figured out a way. Through different sensors or through different software so that they can see your face. And I think face idea on the ipad will be great ever since this rumor started. I've been in those moments where I'm sitting on my ipad and it brings up the touch ID and I think, oh man, like my face already. Here. This would be over. And so I'm really looking forward to it. But I, I also started to envision the like wise networking. Why isn't working? Oh. Turn it the other way. Yeah, not I'm not. And how do you? Can you visually orient on that? Can you say, oh, I'm not holding it in the right way used to be with the current model. You can say, which sides the home button on, but there's not going to be a home button. So I'm worried about the usability of that, which is not to say that I don't think they won't. They won't say there are only two worrying -tations, but I'm really worried that that's gonna frustrate people. I think it will be Honda in portrait landscaping, lots of people use at least some kind of cover some kind typically apple cover. Right. And they will help you in your in landscape to have some kind of orientation to it. I got a conspiracy theory. All right. What if what if you can't rotate to the other two imitations. Oh, right. So they what if what if the up is always up for your either in in up landscape or portrait and worrying -tations just won't go because it can't see your face thing. Boring conspiracy. Because there are listen, wait. Wait, Alex, you know. I just in the idea that apple what if apple totally breaks idea that, oh, you can just hold this anywhere in tastes. Nope. You can't even rotate that is helpful anymore to be able to hold it in love four right now. The home button makes a difference. But if it's literally the same in all directions and it doesn't matter than that could be the way that they set that off, I think is just refuse to rotate in a couple of directions. By the way, I didn't pick this. I'm not gonna pick this. Don't believe it's going to happen. It's just my wish. But when they do this mythical, I've had pro with USB. I would really love it. If they would take that apple logo rotated and say, this is a horizontal product, primarily the ipad pro. I don't think they'll do it, but I would love to see that or at on a little swivel. That's right. It's a spin a, it's an LED. It's an lead logo that turns the with you max. Max PC. It'd be great love that. Okay. So let's go over to the draft Kostas, Alex and Stephen for their opinions of rounds. Five and six. I mean, I think. The pick of basically having a, I'm going to call it the bypass of just having two different orientational. That's William. I, I know that's why I say. Very good. If they do that, we can over member, we were all together. Time was coined very good. But one thing I wanna be clear on so it with the air or air these airports. E do you get a point if they're just new? Not if there's a new case or anything as feature. Okay. Cowards. All right. Just something new. All right. Yeah, broad. Yeah, that's real really, really into win. Case counts as a new feature that is the case is wireless charging is the judicata I would say that's a new know we, we have a separate separate picked this. Just a just in case. Yeah. Wow. Cower. Now we. Harsh, you start it. I don't like the airports agree with you. All seems like that could happen any time. Relatives be like whenever. So that I feel is is pretty risky that it would be now except for the holidays. That's that's the one little voice in the back of my mind, saying, holiday buyers and some relics voice. Jason wins again. So I guess we'll see. So the US BA thing, I think for this to be, I think if they really building a computer and they they have sat down, they've understood the needs of schools and students and consumers. I think it will have a USB port on it. I think they, I think apple can go down that road if they are convinced that that's what those people need. And so I'm not going to be shocked if it doesn't. But if it has one, I would be happy. I think that that means they're listening to those types of users, and I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt on that until proven otherwise and that baby foolish. But I just feel optimistic that they are taking the time to get this right. And so I and I think the USB port is part of that as far as the other stuff I'm exits it's time it's it's been a while some the I'm in the chat room as well and the chat room talking about, well. Would it have the t- to in the fastest dis and like, I, I don't know. And that's this is just a mention and it's a different question, I think. But I think it's definitely time for the I max, especially there's that until tips that's been out for a while Abbas time for like the MAC intern to figure out how to put it in there. I think I think that's usually looking for the CD slot for a while. Suction cups, that feels that feels like something that can happen for sure. I like that pick. So we're going to round seven. The penultimate pick Jason Snell what he got. I'm going to do a nother apple presentation pick here and say that I predict that in a video either introducing during the presentation, apple will somehow reference the fact that there were many different apple logo drawn by people that were sent out for the invitation. So I'm basically making the art used in invitations leads into something a story of some kind or even just a montage in the presentation so that all those three hundred pieces of art will get shown in some other way. They might explain it. They might not say where they came from. I think that's maybe a different pick, but that they'll use them in some way because they want to extend the theme filling Mike pick. It does. Did you just insult yourself to insult me? Did you go through yourself to insult me ever. All right. Hashtag, Mike was right. You would be right. I get it like I totally, especially if this was made in this, this stuff was made info shop, right? Like and then like all don't think made in Photoshop, but I think drawn on ipad with apple pencil is gonna be the story? Yeah. No, Matt. How's on? Right. Okay. I see that. I see. But I didn't know they were all drawn by spinal tap. What's your pick Mike. I think we're gonna see some of app debut for the ipad from another major company that it won't just be adobe. You know, every presentation has that 'em o.'s of some description wherever it's games. I also like there's a ways something to show this. You know his this medical thing that you'll never use, but is really, they were slicing the knee open with the Appleton. One of the worse, I felt physically any present. It was Tara awful. I think that they will be some of a company that comes on stage joke about then you up that they've got, which is going to be a big deal. Exa wineries in all here is this company that you know and love who make this product that you know in love platforms, and they also gonna be bringing version of this application to the ipad, and it's going to be amazing. What do you mean by major company? Because that's one component of this big app debut from major companies. So what's a big attache. Familiar with that is going to be a company that comes on stage and you like they have a history of doing stuff. So it's not going to be like super awesome games and you're gonna be like, oh, you played that game that one time on the game. This is not a game. This is an application from a like a well-known company file maker, like mom. Back. This is gonna. This will be one of those ones. We'll have to discuss to agree on, you know, because what will. But I feel like we'll just we will be able to come to an agreement on like we competent. We don't know who this company is because we both use suffer all ready on the MAC. Of. All right. Las back. Oh, well, I did my wacky pick there and seven. You called me on it. I don't know. I'm going to go with another ipad pick and it is. Been rumored and I think there might be more to this, but I'm going to go with a four k. external display port, external display support on the ipad which implies USB see. And it might even be one of the reasons they're doing it as they want to be able to drive four k. it would mean that you could play a four k. HD HDR video out by a cable to a four k. TV and it would play there there, you know, without touchscreens, it's just either Mirroring or an external presentation display on ES right now, which is part of the frustration of this whole USB BC conversation is there's so much that they could do with it, but IRS won't do anything with at least not yet. But I feel like they're going into direction here with the ipad pro. And with that includes that. They have more power with you as I think to do things like dry video, I think also to drive external devices that literally more power coming out of the port than they can do on lightning and that that'll be good if you are running anything that's a self powered device. But for this pick, I think I, I wanna believe that there will be external. You know, really big monitor support right out. You'll be able to just connected in USB in the four k. monitor light up with whatever the ipad wants to project. Really struggle with this one because. If it's just this just on the south of it that you can run four k. extended display. You're right. I just this so many questions and I can't really walk out what problem MRs solving. But apple don't already have perfectly fine ways of doing like, we added a USB pulse. You didn't need a dungle anymore. Seems like a really weird thing to do. Right. Like it seems like a very strange like, oh, we completely changed this of the product just so you can plug into a presentation easily. What if it was we are introducing a video editor or we updated movie for like you can grant plug it into a four k. TV and do your edits here while you see it output there, but like then there will it wet is the I go. I agree. I think one of the mysteries of this humor is what story are they telling around this cause? Because we always talk about on this podcast. Apple vents are storytelling. Events there. Apple is selling products, but they want to. We've their little story about why they're important. Why that tech feature actually means something to you as a human being who's going to buy their product and what's the story behind you? A spec- and there's got to be one right? Like it can't just be well, you better. So we're using that now, although they might do that. But I, I would like there to be more and it could be something as simple as look at this. We can do four k. video now and you can. You can preview it. You can edit your four k. video that you shot on your iphone or that you shot on your ipads, new four k. video capable camera. Presumably you can edit that. All right. And I said she would judge us. I guess I was right, and then you can edit that and preview it externally on a four k. display that might be a story that could tell. Yeah. Yeah, I'm intrigued to also have another boring conspiracy theory here, but I'm going to say that for later. Okay, great. This is my final back now I have in the poss made some really bad decisions. Final time. It's true, so I'm gonna go with something I think is likely is, but it is boring. This is boring, pick Mike? No, you don't wanna. Do you wanna win? You wanna. You wanna tie you wanna tie for the year. I think that will be some some kind of promotion for the iphone ten stage. They'll be video, shows it going on sale or they will. They will meant, Tim will mention it like, oh, we just, you know, just had the iphone ten just down Brooklyn store and you're selling. It is. The second working day off, it goes on sit right because it goes on south Friday. The events choose day apple, I think I'll going to try and make a really big deal of this. I think this is something they want to be a big success for many reasons. I think this just feels like a logical thing. They would do like any part about that that will go on CEO. If they have an event the next week, they'll probably do something to mention it can sit her. I didn't even have this in my list. All right. I think they're gonna turn the page. I think it's going to be like onto new stuff. You're right. Sometimes they do bask in the in the glory of very show of video of the loss parts going on sale. That is a thing that happens like they do in event in October, and they'll show people buying phones in September. We'll around the world. I think the ten will be a big focus of that. They do it. All right. Okay. What do you say so boring and controversial, which is Meyer you for that? Pick when I first saw this list and saw the four k. ipad stuff. I thought that this was Mike and he had just like hate his head or snorts and bath salts or something. But now Jason was me. I hit my head. It's like a freaky Friday situation up here. Very strange. The now with the idea of like, yes, we need a narrative for this and it's not just we're pulling people into the future with USB spec- kicking and screaming. We're going to continue to be like, you can do real things on an ipad. However implausible can do that. How about you Steven? I think there's a world that apple ads for k support, and there's not a story is just, hey, you have a four k. TV and people plug things into TV's. This seems great. Like I don't think, and you can literally, you can take your great, four, caged, your move to my tunes and I don't have an apple TV guess what you just plug it in and go play and it plays, right. I don't think it has to be a story. It'd be great like, hey, I'm moving can use it as a second monitor. You can preview like that stuff would be cool and they should do those things. But I don't know if that is required to get in the door on this, especially if they're moving USB see for bigger reasons they explained and this is like, oh, and this also gets us other thing. Do you think that this functionality can be enabling and they do not mention stage? Yeah. Small feet. Dan always is six colors. Love these post where he like goes through the apple website like these are ninety two things that apple say, but happened today, like I love into that list. Oh, all the stuff is true. Those are the draft killers draft, so great band name dropped killers. It's just a killers cover band. Get to drink a lot of beer before they go on. Who knows. I do think that if they do, they should do this. So I like it from that perspective, but I just don't have buy into the idea that has to be a giant part of the and especially if they're. Giant part. I'm predicting literally. I think maybe if I had to predict I predict they're literally be a moment where if Mike and I were together, we would high five where it'll be like we announce USB on the ipad pro look, does four video. Okay after there and these other things, I actually don't have a problem with your first Jason about art. Being included. Apple has become much more artistic in their events. The last several years. You know, they have all this. The Chicago event was entirely handwritten and get a full, and that was started the invitations and extended all the way to present. But even at WBZ see the banners that are on the outside the building like that stuff is just kind of filtered out to everything during these events. So I expect I agree degree. I expect to see that stuff even if it's just like the apple Lagos are like flipping around before Tim comes on, you know, screensaver on the projector or something I think will be there. I don't know what Mike is thinking about either is like, I don't know how you define a big app from a major company. I think apps, MAC app, some third parties that this ipad unlock. What is on that list? BB at it. Yeah, right. Mars at that would file maker. I want this to happen so badly because I don't think that the two of you will be able to decide what is a big company. We'll have to decide. No Stevens going to let the official wording here. Mike, and I will probably do it big demo of another big app debut and not a game company and not a game. Well, doing these drugs. Right? Like what do the like? What is in that? I'm really trying to think like, what isn't that express. Like a man, you have adobe their stuff's there. And you've said this is not Photoshop or separate from Photoshop, pick office on the ipad. It's really good. Like I just I just don't know what's in that category. I like to be right the ipad. If Apple's made the, I've had more powerful and Photoshop is they're like, you know what? More stuff. I know what it could be. Like Autodesk said that they're pulling their stuff off the ipad, right? They could be something like that where they're like, actually, this new ipad pro, so amazing and the new pencil. So amazing that we're gonna. We're going to bring value like three d. modeling support or something like three as may have a new up. Pixel may have a you up like they would both count. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I guess we'll see. I just worry about that as a pick what I'm saying, what if apple, but probably say no, right? There's a separate. Apple built app for the ipad. Yeah, that is possible. I keep thinking with an ipad bro that at some point they are going to say, here's final cut pro for ipad, and it's not just I'm movie, or here's logic for pad, and it's the great. That'd be great, but I don't think this is the time, but it could be. Yeah. And around this out, I think if apple does promotion of iphones, it'll just be like ten, our tennis all kind of mix together. Okay. As new iphone season people running on store screaming, like sort of a more generic iphone launch. I don't know if they would call it. The ten are specifically it doesn't need to be like if they mentioned the point, it's true if they just talk about all the iphones and they talk about the tennis and the tenants maximum support from like they go, that's, that's all I care about ladies and gentlemen. You've really laid the groundwork for like a technical win. Yeah, I'm not fully them game here. Yeah, I have a very lily. The letter of the pick and like the intention of the week. Got so many great choices here that we didn't pick because they would be entertaining, but they would threaten the sanctity of the draft. Thankfully, we have one last section. We do gonna talk about few of those, but before we do let me thank final sponsor of this episode that his insta- book insta- is a lightweight SDK that provides one in twenty thousand companies. We've bug and crash reports from uses test is helping them improve app, quantity and iterative foster. Let's say you finish developing your app, you wanna test it. When you distribute, you'll need to deal with tons and tons of feedback which sometimes use won't give you enough data full instable has superintendent tive bug crash reporting solutions. There SDK streamlines bug reporting. When you find a bug, they can shake the phone. 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Fos is offers only valid until the of October. Thanks to insta- bug for this of this show every laugh and all right, Jason. So what else did you have on your kind of shortlist that you. To the you think in might make it into drop. So I have a couple keyboard related things that I didn't choose because I think I already with smart connector. I've really revealed that. I have no idea what apple keyboard strategy is for this thing. I assume there will be one. I have a hard time believing. There will be no smart connector of any kind Apple's going to be like, yeah, that was really great. But we give up on the smart covers like this marquee board, like what we're just not going to do it anymore. Sorry, see later because it's like the defining feature of the ipad bro along with the pencil. Those are the two key things so they have to attach somehow. I think I don't think they're gonna say, well, we're just gonna use bluetooth, don't worry about it. So it would be a real. That would be a real setback. Yeah. I just can't believe that they're going to do it. So I had to that. I kept on my list and I kept looking at them and looking at them on, I just couldn't pick either of them. And one of them is the boring and simple pick, which is a new kind of smart keyboard lot, like the one we've got, but knew the argument there. It's so boring. It's like, hey, these will be slightly different size. And therefore the keyboard will be slightly different. What a pick. Everybody's excited. My one that I really wanted to pick, but I don't think will happen because I wanted so much that I think apple won't give it to me is the how do we we phrase that apple built laptop shell for pad pro includes keyboard, and the idea there is that that you will have it. It'll be a keyboard and a back shell, you pop it on. It uses that new weird connector that we don't know what it's for. And your ipad pro is a laptop when you want it to be like the bridge keyboard that I use a lot of the time. It sort of turns my ipad into a keyboard, but apple designed built in concert with the new ipad pro design so that it that it was always intended to be a part of the product if you wanted it to be, and then you can just pop it off and go about your tablet business. I really want that to happen. I feel like this could be a time where they do that, but I want it too much for me to believe that it's anything but wish casting. So I have like three that REM. I list the overlay to the MAC mini. I don't know why I care about someone. You don't know jet lag. Pro focus. I think we'll be one like who they selling this product too. I think that the old. Market for the MAC mini doesn't exist anymore. I think that that market has been taking. We've laptops talk about hard pick to judge has a pro focus. This is one of the reasons I didn't pick it. It's like, oh, the arguments. It's true. That's all it takes. We wanna keep doing this show. So we. The way that they will. Maybe they'll talk about like who uses the vice, what it should be used for, maybe just the hallway, maybe expensive has more powerful chips than it. You'll like it seems to be out of whack for what the products is like being in the post, which is just plug it into windows setup and you have a MAC now, like, you know, I think that he's going to change from that because I don't think the MAC mini is really a thing that people want in that way anymore. I think people just by laptop so they buy hands. I don't think that that Allwood idea of the MAC mini really exists anymore one that you put in which I do really like, and it would be a shame if they didn't do something like this, that the new mcmanis radically smollet in the old model that that it is close maybe to an apple TV in design than the old MAC minis. That will be really cool and would make this product desirable for many more people. My theory about this because I listen to, especially ATP talks about this and there. Like it doesn't need to get that much smaller. It's not that big a deal, and I agree with him. And yet I feel like for apple to care about the MAC mini apple needs to be proud of the MAC mini, and they need to be proud of how they're using it to redefine something and having to be radically smaller even though, yeah, there are very small PC's Intel's got those little nooks that are just like the size of an apple TV practically, but for apple to go out and boast. Like, look, how much more mini it is. I feel like is would be driving factor potentially. Product and they could make it really small. It doesn't have to be as small as an apple TV, but it could be a lot smaller because the current mini design is really kind of still based on soup. Having a CD slot in it. Yeah. If you take the when they went to the unified design, they had one model that an optical drive and they ditched it, but it's like it's the same footprint and there's definitely room to to ranger and think about what they've done with the MAC book lines since that MAC mini was designed, they can make those got smaller. Absolutely. And the other was that it would have a USPA I feel like that the desktops can. I don't know why, but I feel like that stops can keep USPA whether laptops on when we when we made our run of like port choices. I, I thought about talking about this too, because I, again of two minds of it. I think it's more likely that the new MAC mini has a USB port at the same time if out old designs, many once every five years, do they put a USB port on it and have it hang out there for all that time I would because it's used, it's whole purpose is to be jack-of-all-trades. My Intel has USB and it has three USB ports. And I feel like that's in the spirit of that little little upstart, weird, tiny is you want to have a bunch of different ports on it 'cause you don't even know how people are going to use it, but I was afraid to pick it because it's also apple and they could crush dreams. The most of the most oppressing trip to town can make is for a desktop. Right? So like my, I'm MAC pro, I've got just the right number of spec- things and just right number eight. Things like understand, like Emma different environment and plugging my laptop into a bunch of stuff. I don't love it, but I can deal with it. But if I'm buying Odongo that's going to be on my desk for five years that just really makes me upset somehow deeply inside. And so us be forever. What I'm saying. I'm not actually saying that used to be a little bit longer. That's like a strongest. Sounds good slogan. Just hold on little buddy. Is there anything else you wanted to mention Jason to more than I want to mention really quickly? One of them is this is the one that we were putting this list together earlier today, and I laughed out loud and I said to Mike, this is the pick that will get me booed not again, and then you made a totally different pick that was also Bubel, which is the filling of the holes. It's a choice that I almost made, which is. New laptop has same butterfly keyboard. Going to though will like, hey, everybody really exciting ninety. Nine laptop, it's awesome. It's got are awesome. Butterflies, which is that everybody loves. Go, come and get it. Everyone. People just leave the event. I think it might happen. And then I, I was thinking that this one would probably mean really haunt for the federal scoring because I think that they would probably not talk about it one way or another, like in any let Crete mention the keyboard. Just be like it has has accused. What does that say. Hod right? Because then we might have to do the research afterward and realize, well, actually it is a butterfly keyboard, although it may not be the same, but it's similar and they didn't mention it on stage, but they did mention the keyboard happened with alost macbook pro wet. They basically wouldn't talk about it. Right, and someone kind of found out, but no one's really one hundred percents you think it would be really telling if they launched a brand new laptop and just didn't mention the keyboard. It's got a great keyboard. It's got keys as there is definitely keys on it. It's great. And my other one is in the in the Bourne conspiracy theory category. I mentioned conspiracy theories, okay. I mentioned a, the four k. support for the ipad. I was thinking there might be larger four k. support story here where the ipad pro suppo- supports an extra four k. monitor where the new MAC mini, which doesn't have a monitor because it's a MAC mini supports four k video out and apple. Sorry. MAC pro fans. Apple uses this moment with the release of the MAC mini to release its own four k. retina display is that I think it might happen. I don't think it will happen, but I think it might happen. I think it's possible that it could happen because and wouldn't that be great if John Syracuse was like, well, you got your apple four k. display now by MAC by amac mini. Needs to display and the ipad pro doesn't, but it could use it the loss Owen to dimension because I'm just not sure how I feel about this one is that there may be some addressing of the business week thing. I don't. I don't feel very confident about this. I don't think they're going to mention it, but I also thought it was an interesting at least I wouldn't have picked it, but I thought maybe they won't. Maybe. I also think that it's possible somebody from the Brooklyn academy of musical appear on stage at some point, but I made my one stagecraft pick. Approved on, and I walk out by accident. It's Joe. The sound guy don't get off stage. Oh no, they don't let anybody back there who's not from apple. They don't Brooklyn the Brooklyn. They'll be like up in the balcony is everybody from the Brooklyn kademi music. Hey. Hey. So ladies and gentlemen in new in Chicago and listen as at home, that is the draft that is the full draft that we are going to be submitted. Live with these picks. Now we're gonna spend the next week looking back at this list and going, what were we doing? I knew what I was it was it was lost in the lights. So thank you to everyone for being here. Thanks for get to all guests in a moment. And again, if you wanna play along home as a couple of great ways to do that, they'll be a couple of links in show notes which you can find in your podcast app choice or relates on FM slash upgrades to one six. There'll be a PDF that you can download and scoring and Africa choice. So you can check out the track. School Kant may by sack knocks and you can. You can take off as you go a great way to do it too. I do wanna thank on draft Constas for joining us. I think this has been a wonderful experiment and something which has been very enjoyable sometimes mean to me, but mostly enjoyable, Alex Cox of Dubai, Friday and robo ISM here on rela- fem Alex at Alex Cox on Twitter. Thank you for joining us. You so much for having me and Stephen Hackett at on Twitter hosts, many shows including lifts off. Would she Hosa Jason and connected? Which hosts of me, which is also. To be doing a life show in New York this week from very excited about Stephen also writes that five pixels dot net. Stephen, thank you so much for joining us. Thanks for having us and Jason. You're going to be in Brooklyn. How can people follow along with you'll coverage of the event? You can go to six colors dot com. You can follow six colors event on Twitter, although Twitter has refreshed problems, but if you go to six colors, it'll be embedded there and it should work. And then of course, we will do an episode of upgrade immediately. Following the event. I'm gonna take subway to New York City to a studio and talk to you in Canada. So that's a whole thing that's happening. This one of those things where I did have to call my airline and say, can I move my flight please? Because I have worked to do. So I'm going to be in Toronto which is going to be very interesting. I'm really keen to see how that's gonna go. You can follow Jason at j. snow onto, I am at. I'm Mike. I m y que thanks again to sponsors. Pingtam timing, insta- bug. Thank you all impossible for joining us today. We really, really appreciate you coming up the show, and thank you for listening. We'll be back next week until then segue. Everybody. Oh, it really was. Everybody's. Thank you so much.

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