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We days we give you. The hottest spicy sports takes that you won't hear anywhere else and for the Record Rob Parker is the one I'm the more reasonable <music> what's up. Folks is Chris Broussard and I am here with my partner Rob Parker and together. We are the odd couple that's right. Join Kristen me every feel good about their contract but at the same time we don't want to do things that are out of line because we can't afford to be that way whether it's doc whether Tamari whether Zeke thank Hyderabadi great to have you ever worked with anybody ever had a boss ever been in somebody in your life and you're like they're loopy. They crazy art. Stephen Jones saying Gang Kabo taking your money not taking ours he not talking to the media there. This is not Zeke <unk> against cowboy owners. Jerry Stephen have pushed it move. The argument to Zeke is taking your money so smart now. It's not ownership against young star player. It's Zeke takes fee takes more money's Johnny's just taking money out of your pocket and your family's pocket and you guys are all great and there is an advantage to having that sort of I gotta be honest that whole Texas Twang thing makes they do win their division two of the last three years. When's the last time outside of the Romo injured year? They were bad. Maybe Jerry Jones he did hire the and then all of a sudden years later you're like maybe they were a lot smarter than I thought. I know. We've made fun. People have the media has made fun hire parcells and Jimmy Johnson. Maybe Jerry's a little smarter than you think and his sons a little smarter than you think two days ago I said this join. I talked about this. Thanks for listening to the best of heard podcast be sure to catch US live every weekday from twelve to three eastern nine to noon Pacific on Fox sports radio N._F._S. One find host cell stops by again today and joy Taylor is joining me. I know for a lot of people they consider this the dead time for Sports Talk Radio on your local station for the hurt at Fox sports radio DOT COM or stream it live every day on the iheartradio APP by searching heard is the best of the herd with Colin Cowherd us the Jerry Jones just put on a cowboy hat and cowboy shirt sat under a nice shaded tree and delivered an address saying you're on Fox sports radio. Oh here we go into Thursday. This is the her wherever you may be. I'm basically running backs don't super bowls and he said it with that Texas charm and that homey Texas slang and you're like man Jerry's making a real impact here. We'll funded Jerry Jones ever think maybe have you watched their drafts in the last seven eight years. Maybe douse a little smarter than you think they oh I mean the media is who he's addressing but he's talking to other cowboy players here. It is talking about Zeke. We want to be fair. We want our players. Dan However you may be listening. We are live in Los Angeles Iheartradio Fox sports radio F s one urban Meyer Greg Jennings Chris Simms Greg Cosell in America. I love to work on days like this today. We Are Prep U._C. Last two and a half hours we're about an hour forty five and we had it all done. We got so many the topics today <hes> joy how are you. I'm great good morning. Good Morning. Joy Today looks like an elegant movie star in Nineteen sixty-nine all Stephen Jones did it yesterday his son Steven Jones came out and he talked to the media but I want you to listen to what he said because he's not talking to the media. It's everything sound a little softer somebody with a Texas Twang could walk up and say you're fired and we love you here but you just couldn't and get the job done and we love you here in Dallas but you're not getting a job Dhamma have to fire you and I feel bad for your family and your children and Olga half let you go and by by the end of it. You're like yeah. You didn't do a good enough job. You deserve to be fired. It's that Texas Twang thing and Stephen and Jerry just go on. We'd love to pay you. It's like the opposite of a British accent whether it's with back whether to Zeke whether it's what the Mari it's not saving Jerry and odd dollar. It's just money. That's going to go to another player. Oh that's so smart Zeke they all understand. We've got a whole group of young players coming behind him. I WANNA BE DALLAS. Cowboys and WANNA stay here and we save money. We are in Hollywood in nineteen sixty seven more Alina Dietrich is dominating the airwaves known for Dorothy Day drive people to the theater you look great board what so listen to the couple with Chris Bruce Hart and Rob Parker on Apple podcast bore the iheartradio APP or wherever you listen to podcasts. He's the greatest show of all time if you don't watch nickelodeon you don't understand the world is flat. It's complete rubbish and you believe it. There's something about Stephen and Jerry like the British accent is harsh. You can say anything with a British accent and it sounds smart right. That of call paw patrol is N._F._L. Players do and they voted this year in the top. One hundred players and there are fifteen quarterbacks that made the list now didn't go one through fifteen but here is the order in which N._F._L. Players who watch film would put him kirk cousins is a little higher than I would put him. I would put Derek Carr somewhere in that list in my opinion but players are telling telling you jared Goff Baker Mayfield and kirk cousins better than Cam Players Watch film players here coach's players face over and over. I do not hate Cam Newton. I was just right and early on Cam. Newton Kirk Cousins Thirteen Cam Newton Fourteen Carson wentz injured a lot so lists can be arbitrary opinion based not really fact-based but lists are fun especially number seven Russell Wilson eight jared Goff Big Band Baker Mayfield for ten passed Deshaun Watson Matt Ryan Love The quarterbacks according to players drew brees Patrick Mahomes. Tom Brady Andrew Aaron Rodgers Four Philip Rivers Andrew Luck. This is no longer Zeke against management. It's Zeke taking money from other cowboy players. They have done when a list is comprised of opinions from people in an industry so N._F._L. Players every year vote on the top. One hundred players in the N._F._L. Is the fifteenth and last quarterback selected by players in the top one hundred list it is mostly reasonable. It is not outrageous bakers a little higher than I would who watched quarterbacks who see their strengths who see their weaknesses who listened to their coaches. Tell them this quarterback can do this he can't do this. Here is the order of and yet the billionaires let the Jones family lead them on most issues billionaires. Don't choose the dumb guys in the room to with all of you forever Guy Kabo down there having fun in the surf. He's just taking your money. Really Smart. Let me shift to this is that players and players by the way generally like super athletic stars players. Sometimes don't get the system guy but August sixth this arbitrary deadline. We've been hearing about how it affects him being restricted free agent after this year the response was we don't know remember this about joy. The pushback got was everything now. My follow up question was okay. We'll do we anticipate. We're GONNA see him show up in Oxnard on August. Oh Jerry and Steven Jones the N._F._L. Is owned except Mark Davis of the raiders mostly by thirty billionaires billionaires and by the way Jane Slater was our show yesterday. Everybody keeps saying it's GonNa get done but Jane slater on our show yesterday. Cowboy beat reporter said not so fast delete them the cowboys what they're doing Jerry and Stephen know what they're doing and what they're doing is telling all those cowboy players. You're all young and great we want. We want to be in business with rushed. I reached out this morning. Text back. I got on was close. Nope and I said what is the sticking point. Then are we talking guarantees. Are we talking. Extensions like nope Kirk cousins head of him jared Goff's ahead of him Baker Mayfield ahead of him. I don't hate Cam Newton players generally. They like their Antonio Brown. They like their obey players like N._B._A. Guys Love Westbrook staff can't get any credit for Blair's love Westbrook Cowboy. He takes money from this cowboy. We can't give it to this other cowboy. We like it's so smart so thoughtful. It's so brilliant that this and they turn this Zeke thing this could implode a locker room light. You guys yeah pays Zeke. You got paid the star and they just shifted over. We love him. We think is a good old. The cams a Kinda guy people would like big handsome Rockstar got his got music. He's as more than just a player you think players would in the Texas Twang and they make you feel like they love you. Put your arms around you and they want you to be cowboys and boy. There are good at it boy. They're good at it. They're really smart at it and I'm being told cannon this cannon that Camden this does Shawn Watson doesn't have an offensive line. I never hated Russell Westbrook. I can hate components and part of their game. Is that after all these years seven years of excuses once again. This is the new momentum of Hollywood big blockbuster superhero movies. It's the same thing in the N._F._L. Jerry Jones and Steven Jones. Go Look at you would say can I put Spiderman in it. Maybe Spiderman has a wacky neighbour. How about Ironman Ironman a Wacky zany sidekick that would be a good comedy? The city cut Kareem Hunt got to the A._F._C. Championship overtime New England bunch of be running backs super bowl want it the last four teams in the N._F._L. Last year rams had todd Gurley star running back got hurt but in C. J. Anderson got to a super bowl. Kansas Saints Traded Mark Ingram. No big deal gave the wide receiver big money not the running back. This is the current momentum. It is all talk. Show host dentist Attorney Teacher quarterback earned seven years in this is what Cam is according to this is the current momentum in the N._F._L. And by the way the rams look a lot like the cowboys they pay Dodd girly and it looks like money this barbecue season baby. You're like me incredible meat from butcher. Box is the way to go grass fed beef organic chicken wild caught sockeye salmon. Put your box tasting nutrient dense meet with no added hormones or antibiotics advert but your box also delivered right to your door with free shipping that means a month's worth. I season sign up today at butcher box. 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That's incredible and butcher box is making sure you have burgers for all your barbecue this summer dot com slash heard for twenty bucks off your first box plus free burgers in every box until October fifteen books dot com slash hurt one more heard the heard and he's significantly higher than Cam Newton. Stop with the excuses. Nobody is a victim of their reputation rams and the cowboys have some spectacular young defensive stars. Todd Gurley got hurt for the rams. Let's get C. J. Anderson he's been cut twice last ain't not well spent the rams have a young quarterback. Some of you doubt sort of the cowboys. The Rams and the cowboys have way above average offensive line's it was great and that was the last big comedy hitting America bridesmaid's but it's very hard to get comedies made and the reason being is once movie start bombing in a certain other N._F._L. Players and it's just about where I have him. I have had a kirk cousins by the way I have had a kirk cousins that it comedies made. It's hard to get people the big money people in Hollywood to spend a lot of money on a comedy in the bridesmaids back in two thousand eleven was the last glad I do. I think I also have had a Baker Mayfield may not that's a close watch them play last year. I thought Baker was better on that Sunday all right great having you in today last year boom super bowl by the way C._J. Faced the cowboys he had one hundred and twenty yard rushing in Los Angeles so this is the way it works in Hollywood. It's hard to get ear vantage. Use It your advantage. That's what they call it by the way good good get on that. It's called southern charm and void the Jones boys know how to how to work summers here. You know what that means I as in about an I say this lovingly. Isn't it amazing. About what Texas Twang does. I'm listening to Steven Jones. You almost feel guilty being like big comedy hit. That was a very very funny movies ever see bridesmaids. I thought it was I thought it was absolutely hilarious. I mean like it was Kinda like hangover for women in culprit it being paid as a cowboy. We love all young mom pay all y'all WANNA be cowboys. I might take a pay cut to play for this team. I mean you gotta you. GotTa use the gifts for given really do I mean they're just the gift of that Jones. Family Lil Texas draw southern terms. That's that's what they call it. They call it. Southern Charm New England one is over bowl. No starbucks saints great offense. Just let go they're running back traded him. Kansas City Cut Kareem Hunt still got to within the play of the Super Bowl it comedies made because the current momentum is comedies. Don't make big money the current momentum in the N._F._L. Is Rams loss. girly got super. Bowl Philadelphia won a super bowl no star back game. Here's their schedule. I think they lose at New England to start New England's not great in September but the opening game at night in Foxborough. This is where ballot check off rast off buys open season always great. They lose them any think they beat Seattle in Pittsburgh because steelers are sitting there going just keep talking. <hes> is keep talking. That's all I every time there's a brown story and so I team with a bunch of new pieces. This is not brady working with element again or Matt Ryan working with Julio Jones Young team new coach new players young can't let them slip you gotTa bark totally agree and I also think we should allow Baker a little movement here a little leeway on yelling. This is a really young team. Is that better personnel. I think they go west to San Francisco and get snipped a little. I think San Francisco with Garoppolo and their weapons beats them. I then I thought today I've said I think Pittsburgh wins the division. I THINK CLEVELAND FINISHES SECOND IN CLEVELAND Playoff fight at the end of the year story that's out about Baker Mayfield being very critical of his wide receivers. I like this. I have no problem with my receiver especially for a young football team. Cleveland Youngest Roster Beats Them. It's an eight twenty late Sunday night game biggest game for the Browns in the last twenty years and Cleveland Beats Pittsburgh on Sunday night football. I'm star quarterback lead embark love this about him now. They're way too noisy for me. Oakland's way too noisy for me. I like Indianapolis. I like the rams. I like sure whether they make it or not. Injuries momentum so I thought this morning I would do what we all did as kids and what fans often do I can say I think Pittsburgh's going to win sports radio one and the IHEARTRADIO APP yesterday. I gotTa tell you Baker Mayfield makes a Lotta noise had a beard cut a beard mustache rippin receivers. I kind of like the new story like New England Pittsburgh's been really quite and here's the funny thing when I'm thinking about this this morning Cleveland I every time I hear Brown story. All I think about is the steelers it from their perspective or mind is really good. Browns just moved their camp next to a railroad track. Apparently I like everything. He said. There got standards and Cleveland's GONNA finish. Check it but I'll lay the schedule out. I'm going to go through Pittsburgh schedule and I'll tell you why I think they're gonNA win the division. I'll go to every beat the jets then I think they rest starters against Baltimore on the road physical team they wrestle starters. They've won the division. They get into the playoffs. WHO's constantly too noisy teams? This off season have been Oakland. They're trying to sell season tickets in Vegas and Cleveland. They like being relevant. They haven't been relevant in thirty think they beat the Bengals Baltimore and they go to beat the chargers because the stadium will be fifty percents steeler fans then I think they come and beat Miami they play the Rams Playoffs and there are eleven and five. That's what I think the steelers are I've given you every game losing it New England loose-knit San Francisco losing one of the two colts dams and the colts back to back at home. I think they split. I'm not gonNA say they beat. Both I think they lose to indy and beat the rams. Although I could flip it I think Cleveland Paul then I think they beat a bunch of teams. They have the best offensive line arguably in the League and they lean on Cincinnati. They beat Cleveland at home. They beat Arizona. They beat Buffalo. They blake momentum's a real thing. Look around the room. You don't need star running. Backs right in front of these shorter catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern nine A._M. Pacific on Fox sports able to communicate and talk through things. It's just having that open relationship obviously there's a chain of command wouldn't goes but <hes> just being able to talk through things and if we get lazy and we let things slide. We need to be over communicating right now. That's that's what the good teams do like. I said it's got to be on the same page. There's an appreciation for my end. You know he's in the N._F._L. I have no problem Baker Mayfield tune guys out. This team needs guidance. This team isn't it right. Now isn't one of the smarter teams in the League because they had a bunch of twenty-three-year-old kids. Let's this is not a veteran team. This is a team that's going to need Baker. Mayfield the bark at him a lot. I have no problem with the stories coming out now. I do think this team stays in the news. Ask you gotTa talk through. It got going to harp on it then. I'm GonNa talk to them. Those guys know that that's part of our offense and they know that it's just the fact that thirty years now very relevant yesterday. Baker was talking about confronting receivers and barking at receivers and let's play the tape Jackass Rams home losing it Cleveland and then mailing in week seventeen getting healthy for the play offs. Let's look at Cleveland schedule. Remember new head coach youngest roster in the N._F._L. I have them losing Tennessee in the opener. I've said this now for a month. I don't understand the line on this Tennessee's getting five significantly better offensive line approving running team by the way Tennessee last year crushed New England crushed Dallas beat four playoff teams Berg badly at home beat Miami. I don't think they sweep the steelers so they lose at Pittsburgh close. They beat Cincinnati. They beat Arizona and remember Tennessee's the game big talker Yep Yep Yep Yep go bet five grand three Grand Tennessee five points better coach significantly so that's that's the game remember new coach young roster big expectations. You can yell that Tennessee game. I think they lose it and I think Denver. If the one place no league brady struggled young team high altitude losing then I think they get hot. They beat Buffalo beat Pittsburgh. I'm pretty good. I'm blazing five of had like eleven straight years of winning. There are games that the numbers I take a lot of underdogs. That is a very good underdog. Pick five what's up. Everybody job middlekauff three Alpine guests. That's my podcast. You better believe I'm talking a lot about football. I used to work in the N._F._L. Now talk for a living came friends rush. I think Tennessee wins the game. Yell at me of already bet it. I think they beat the jets who are talented but uneven I think they lose to the rams upset them in Cleveland then they beat Cincinnati and they're nine and seven now. I know what you're saying no way we'll lose. Tennessee bet your 4. CBS At home because I think the rams have better personnel. I think they have a much better coach Sean McVeigh. I think they have more experienced quarterback and I think the rams are better than Cleveland. I do think Cleveland Friends mcallen now. I host a podcast Colin Coward podcast network every week Tuesday and Friday. I'm talking about the N._F._L. And you better believe right now. Dive into the training camps going the youngest team in the League go to San Francisco and lose I didn't they beat Seattle and then lose back to back at New England at Denver by the way yell if you want about I have them losing at home to Baltimore. I believe they're going to humiliate Baltimore early. In the year at Baltimore it's going to be Cleveland's. Greatest Cleveland then goes to Baltimore and crushes and humiliates the Ravens and are the talk of the League in week four but they get really high on themselves because they are this game of the year. They're gonNa Destroy Baltimore in the Mark Jackson and Baltimore's not GonNa Forget about it very well coached on Harbaugh. Come back and beat Cleveland. They're real bumpy for about seven weeks. Then the browns get hot so there it is put it on paper. Hold me to it. That's how I feel. I feel great about it right now. You're live. They've got a proven head coach nine and seven nine and seven nine and seven last three years second or third best offensive line will neutralize Cleveland's excellent pass. You're very sure about that Tennessee game I really am. I think it's the upset of the weekend. I don't get the number generally every weekend blazing five game. There's one game and I always say I don't I don't five to five and a half Tennessee fables better than kitchens more veteran roster better offensive line seventeen last year they beat four playoff teams Dallas in New England badly going all around the League John Little Com go subscribe the three and out podcast N._F._L. Films Over Thirty Years Greg Cosell we brought you on yesterday. Got A ton of feedback on the thing that really stood out to me and I made this note and I kind of highlighted was poise and composure in the pocket really impressive for a young quarterback because he's essentially intially a pocket quarterback and the other thing that I think is absolutely critical. We'll talk about this with Dak Prescott as well when we get to that but his willingness to turn it loose. I I think when you when a young quarterback has that willingness Colin. That's something that's really important because to be a high level N._F._L. quarterback there are times in every game. I just love having you on so he's going to be on now this point forward until February and get people all the time in the grocery store and car wash. They love Greg Cosell so before we get to our N._F._L. Stuff because you've got some really good breakdowns on film you yesterday after you were on after the show handed me a pamphlet and you said I love this and you said Okay I've I watched three four games on Lawrence. Okay obviously later in the season and he showed the attributes that bode really well now. He's got to play another year another two years actually sadly and they're a weird team that often plays better on the roads at home and by the way Mario is healthy at least for week one and we know what he's healthy is good graded all the college guys. I've looked at all the tape so let's go through. Let's go through the Guy I think is the best prospect since Andrew Luck. Trevor Lawrence Tech Can Clemson what there's the film say on Trevor Lawrence. I've got it right here Collin. I figured since I gave it to you we would we would we would go to the to the material here because I watched. Let's see mm-hmm. Were you've gotta make difficult throws into tight windows. Whether it's I zone whether it's man and there's a small area to place the ball Trevor Lawrence showed showed the willingness to do that and I think that's so critical as he develops <hes> that was Andrew Luck. There's a let it rip component. You throw some picks early. Peyton big arm can make every throw throw second reaction plays I mean this kid is really really good. I mean he's mobile to run. Yes and he's that if he came out this past year could be a top five pick and obviously chose not to come out now. I don't know anything about the kid. That's the thing you don't know and I certainly don't know but when all said and done that's what all N._F._L. Passing Games are every coach has a system and they want the quarterback to execute the system within the structure of it. Oregon has a kid named Justin Herbert. I don't like the swings home in a way can be great at home so so so in the road that worries me leaders went on the road but a talent he is a huge talent con- I watched his two thousand seventeen tape last summer because I just assumed he he's probably I guess he'll probably be six five two thirty to thirty five counties arm. He has everything that you look for. I said after two thousand seventeen when I watched this tape you would come out and he decided to stay so now. I've watched some games from two thousand eighteen as well and he is what you look for. He's big. He's athletic. Big throws the ball. Well doesn't have a gun. It'll be interesting how he seen when he comes out will people say oh. He's just a system guy who operates a system. He's a little bit of a pusher the way he throws he doesn't really talk with his core so he's not a drive thrower. He does throw a good deep ball but I think there's things to watch else to at Alabama. I think he's going to be a pro. I think he's very much out of the Stock Russell Wilson. I don't think he's Russell Wilson. Everybody loves him. I think he's good. I don't think he's a great prosperity and they play with from under center. They may tell him hey. We don't want to be real aggressive throwing the ball. We don't know that I certainly don't know that he was a little cautious but I think he throws the time in the N._F._L. So I think this is an important year for him. I know people say he's the automatic number one pick. I don't get caught up in that. I think there are some things he's got to do. Better the symmetry of the field the Hash marks are wider. There's more space because as you know calling the white side of the field in college is extremely wide very difficult to cover but just talent and ability. He's got top five talent. Yeah he jumps. He makes a throw here. I'll show it that corner throwing makes an absolute rifle. I all now again. He's in a very structured system. As well. You know when you get defensive head coaches and a place like Georgia where they have great defensive players in great defensive talent of R._P._O.'s run pass option almost thirty percent of their plays where R._P._O. Are More effective in college than they are in the N._F._L. Because of prosperity but what do you think I watched a lot of them because I think he's going to be polarizing when all said and done and obviously as another year keep in mind that they ran a ton thing was well defined for him. The reads defying the throws defying. It's not the N._F._L. They're trying to do more of that but it's obviously not the way it is all the Carson Wentz. Nobody nobody hears about him and you go out and go. There's this kid in North Dakota so Jordan Love Utah State Yeah. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA go to my notes on this. One So R._P._O.'s in college football are really difficult so I thought to was very very good in some ways programmed and I think everything ninety three came in as the offensive coordinator with a different system in always numbers then really improved dramatically okay a player that I don't like as much as everybody just this year that he needs to improve on Okay Jake from Georgia I actually like him or is a pro prospect yeah and he's one of those guys that I think's going to be better when he gets to the N._F._L. Touch he through with precise ball kid. He's got athleticism and movement. He's got second reaction ability. He's a natural throw. He's an over the top want to let it go elway by the way people forgot through a lot of early picks. Oh I remember through its first nineteen years. He had actually more interceptions than touchdowns and I think Jim Fossil and might have been nineteen ninety-three as well because here's what I said I said that he he has the overall skill set to be in the discussion for a top five pick in the twenty twenty draft. He's got arm strength. He's got pace in touch up. Throw her over the top throwers. I found this kid to be very very impressive on film and what I loved about watching them Colin. He was virgin territory worry about leadership. I hear things about leadership. I don't love but a talent now. Let's throw one more out there. This was your curveball yes. This is the guy this is our Carson eight manning with Rip Your Big Ben with let it rip Philip Rivers. He's GonNa throw some picks but that confidence to say I trust my instincts. I trust my arm. I'm going Roy from me. Someone told me about him. I didn't really know anything about him. So when I put the tape on I was starting totally from scratch. He's my new number one up this thirty eight second clip. I'll tell you what he looks the way he throws the ball. That's like an N._F._L. quarterback oh without question N._F._L. quarterback he looks the part for sure he's he's and whip like delivery. That's great but then he makes a lot of throws off balance and the ball placement is not as precise as it needs to be. That's one area. He needs work the one he can tend to play a little fast in the pocket. Guest's feet moving a little too much. That's very young quarterback like yes. It happens a lot and because he has that you can't live on second reaction plays. That's not the nature of the N._F._L. He is obviously good enough to sit in the pocket and make every single throw but he's well aware in the N._F._L. It seems like he's been around forever. He started ten games so he hasn't even started a full season so we have to understand that now he's in a great system. Kyle Shanahan is as good as there is in the league at defining throws for quarter now explain that to my audience. What does that mean? It means that the route concept's nothing is easy in the N._F._L. But relatively speaking it's why Nick mullins could go in last year and be functionally efficient because the offense presents the throws with the route concept's zaps the protection the quarterback drop so Kyle Shanahan does a great job of that where I think that Jimmy Garoppolo needs improvement is couple of areas number other area and I think this is because of the way he throws knowing that he's got that whip delivery and a quick delivery. Is there a times he just waits a beat too long and the throw in the N._F._L. been hurt twice the last time he got hurt. He didn't get hit so I like him. I I'll just throw this out. I think his build and athletic ability reminds me. I was kind of pleased because this is what I saw on tape. I was kind of pleased to hear Patrick. Mahomes admit that what he needs to work on this off season through training camp is steps based on the drop present the primary throw for the quarterback quarterback has a very easy roadmap on where to throw relatively speaking nothing face and more efficient with his footwork his dropback running the system as it is. You can't in my view. Maybe I'm wrong but in my view you or two records. He is a unique arm talent unique. Do you think it just keeps going. Well the numbers I I. I don't know if he throws fifty touchdowns every year. That's that's not the point qualify everything is say with. He's a great talent well. We know he's a great talent. That doesn't mean there's nothing to work on. Thanks that's right so what he needs to work on is to become more precise it would join Iowa's talked about this Carson Wentz or Jimmy g get hurt again. You start having people in the organization go. We got a problem here yeah. Jimmy G. is now of trubisky but I think he's a much better. Throw better throw I. I like him a lot and my overheating here a little bit well. I think one thing people have to keep in mind as he started ten games is he needs to work on his foot work and he needs to become more precise you agree. Yes one hundred percent now again. Mahomes is like Aaron Rodgers in the sense that you always have to qualify. I think the guy is going to be great okay. What's the difference if it takes an extra two three months? Let's go to the N._F._L. Yeah Patrick Mahomes gotta sit for a year came out last year. All sorts aware that he needed to work on his foot work and it's timing with the route concepts an anti reads a good teacher without question yeah. Let's talk about Jimmy G. isolate. What is there within the timing of the drop and the route concept? I think he needs work in that area as well. Let's talk some Dak Prescott before we get to the big play was completed seventy one percent of he's not a gifted Trevor Lawrence off wipes off his hair right but there's something there he got better choson the term I use everybody likes to use the word process I use the phrase elimination in isolation in other words eliminate. What's not there and he's a he's a very comfortable easy thrower of the football? Hey whence played in the middle of nowhere. Josh Allen played at Wyoming John Santa my ear. How do you get the Utah Away? He was seven one down the stretch against four playoff teams. Young people get better you do reach at some point as a professional athlete twenty seven tossed eight. There's a lot of good quarterback this whole seven on seven stuff in high school now the question is just a bunch of good players and guess what he gets to start at Utah State not backup in Oklahoma La Homa and I never even with once we talked a lot of people say well. We played in North Dakota state so I can't trust them. Hi My response to that is so takes an extra two or three months. What's the difference? If you seven twenty eight your game is sort of your game right and then you just try to hold onto the dispute going into his fourth year though he's a kid so I watched them at the end of the year and my takeaway was N._F._l. If you wait a beat too long is late and late in the N._F._L. And we're talking millisecond late in the N._F._L. Is Late and that causes problems. Does he struggle reading her. I think the way I talk about Prescott and I knew because of the contract situation that I watch a lot of and so I did this summer. I watched OUGHTA Dak Prescott from last year. I think one of the areas that he needs to get better at and I don't know if this is in his D._N._A. Or I don't know if it's something that can be improved. He tends to be a very cautious thrower scotts plate and we're going to ask him to take that next. Step and being aggressive thrower. That's going to be the foundation of what we do offensively as opposed offend him because he does not want to give up nine yard completion for a first down so they control the Middle Linebacker. Now what that does is that's going. We'll see how the Ezekiel Elliot situation play out. Maybe Jerry Jones and the staff believed hey he's in his fourth year. We're now going to put more on Dak Prescott. pull the trigger on and maybe he checks it down or maybe he leaves the pocket but he's a tends to be a cautious thrower. Now as I said that works within the structure of the team we'll to allow Blake Darwin who's receiver number two to work behind and they're going to in essense high low that Middle Linebacker so rain. There's three receivers to the white side of the field. That's the passing strain it's third and nine so number. Three's going to attack him and make him have to defend was to a puzzle piece. The tape up to this point doesn't show him being that guy but he's going into his fourth year. It's not as if he's a seven eight nine year veteran so let's go to the big play of the week so let's breakdown some real film on right. Well what I chose. I chose a play that was against the giants last year. Game Empty set Colin where there's no back in the backfield so what they did here. They faced giants defense. They knew they were going to get covered. Two now the player at the bottom of the screen the Middle Linebacker sits at the first down marker and there goes Blake Charleston behind him so they're defining the throw for Prescott against it was a nineteen yard touchdown so let's take a look at the touchdown and then we can break it down. He threw a touchdown to jar jar and actually caught three touchdowns in this game. They were in an empty great velocity throws it high enough through touch. That's the term I would use. You're not driving the ball because you don't want to throw it right at the middle linebacker. It's firm touch is covered. It's an excellent throw really well designed. It's what we call a high low concept against cover to really well done really nice throw and I was gonNA say Great. It's not really a safety but in covered to the player who's the middle linebacker and defensive back but what he's going to. He's going to open up to the passing strange. Catch live editions of the heard weekdays at noon eastern nine A._M. Pacific Saturday pro football hall of fame induction ceremony our friend Tony Gonzales Champ Bailey Huntington now. I don't know I don't know the reason for it. He'd have to tell you that we don't know the answer to that. The film tells you that there are a throws that are there to be made that he doesn't often we'll. I think it's a Wilson says Wilson's and Nancy Wilson with that this. This thing never stops working up here. Hey recommend classic rock. You gotTa love it yeah. You're doing red eye back back home in new sleep on plan on concert tomorrow night tell you I'm going to see Heart Seattle the Wilson always I'm heading back to Arkansas on a new case to find out what happened to Jamie Ward on September Ninth Nineteen eighty-nine listened listen to hell and gone. That's H. E. L. L. and gone on Apple podcasts or on the iheartradio APP or wherever you get your podcasts short a Um you didn't even need to play but they opened with the giants week one so I thought it made sense and a touchdown pass to Blake Darwin from the High Red Zone meaning the ten to twenty yard line and in the woods do small town of Marshall Arkansas story that she fell off my daughter would be today listen. Johnny was no explanation. Janey Ward was sixteen years old when she died under mysterious circumstances. She was at a party at a cabin. That's a throw that every N._F._L. quarterbacks kind of though has to be able to make to succeed in the League God smarter. That's what have a great weekend. I'm off tomorrow. What are you good for you? You get a lot of e mails co cases all the time and usually when I look at a store I can tell them. The first five minutes probably happened but this one was really strain. I'm Katherine now that works when your offense is built around Ezekiel Elliott and your defense is playing really well. He's not a turn it loose guy so he he likes a little continent wants to see heart. You know who didn't love to Hartman when you were twenty two years old everybody I mean come on look it up based band heart author Townsend host of the true crime podcast Helen gone in hours asking people what's wrong what's wrong and we got him sheriff's office you Taylor and so without further ado the N._F._L. Soundbite Hall of fame now Jim Mora Dennis Green and Ed Reed Tyler all deserving will get in and we thought you know we've got our own little hall of fame and that is the sound Bite Hall of fame because we work in the world of audio joy Rafael Growing Apple podcast bore with the iheartradio APP or wherever you listen to podcasts Oh and then radio in Los Angeles cloud it lives in the cloud right so finally we're going to give a lifetime achievement award for for our N._F._L. Sound Hall of fame. We're inducting before the season starts raiders head coach John Group. I'm really the excitement just delirious and so we we so again. This is not in Canton Ohio because it's audio won't get fine legendary that discipline determination head down congratulations marshawn Lynch. This is now the third. I can't wait by the way four time nominee T. O. Two Thousand Eight talked about Tony Romo. He's a new inductee soundbite hall of fame. This is a lot of emotion here twenty thirteen patriot broadcaster and hype man Scott Zolak deliver soundbite hall of fame very capable very talented Paul Allen Voice of the Vikings after Brett Farve game losing pick in two thousand nine as long to get in congratulations to Te'o inducted into our sound bite hall of fame broadcaster now. We've got a broadcaster in our soundbite hall of fame inductee teammate Marshawn Lynch came to the Super Bowl Media Day in two thousand fifteen. He's also a new inductee show. I don't even know what he said. I'm just here so I won't get. I'm here so I won't get fined. I'm here so I won't get fine. I'm here so I won't congratulations to Te'o Bart Scott Richard Sherman grumpy marshawn Lynch Scott Zolak and Jon Gruden our own time goes back to pass. He pumps now a fires over the middle intercepted. I can't believe what I'm seeing right now. Why do you even ponder passing the peach bowl? We're not trying to go to the Gator Bowl or the Blue Bonnet bowl. We're trying to go to the Super Bowl okay do that. You got to really try to end. Somebody's dream not into dreams anymore. Okay nightmares. You got an end. Somebody's dream you gotta take their job. You got to take their heart. We're not trying. You're talking about you crabtree. Don't you open your mouth congratulations to Richard Sherman strong a new sound herm Edwards have already been inducted years ago right so we are inducting much like Tony Gonzalez Tyler. We are in introducing an inducting new the twenty fifth in the League. We WanNA get disrespecting. -gratulations Pittsburg can't wait in my Tim Smith quarterback gentleman motion cannot believe it took this congratulations to Paul Allen real raw authentic emotion netto. Let's get you in your T. O. and Paul Allen once Cryan nearly crying. That'd be authentic. Okay in our own. Hall of fame are our N._F._L. Audio Sound Bite Hall of fame was up folks is Chris Bruce Art and I am here with my partner Rob Parker and together. We are the odd couple that's right join Chris and me every day as the hottest spiciest sports takes that that you won't hear anywhere else for the record rob. Parker is the odd. I'm the more reasonable what so listen to the couple with Chris Bruce Hart Iraq scene. I mean you can take a knee. Try a fifty six yard field goal. This is not Detroit man. This is the Super Bowl for this call of Brady's fourth quarter comeback against the sates congratulations sir new members of the hall of fame. We'll start with Richard Sherman due to his twenty thirteen N._F._C. Championship Post Game Interview Congratulations Third Time He's been nominated Barscott twenty eleven finally gets in due to this. All we hear about that Defense They K- stop a nose bleed the best of the game when you try me

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