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Hey this is Kirk herbstreet. This quarterback really knows how to run this team which is why we liked him up before the game. Let's listen in on how he got them ready on that. Last play boo forty nine. Nine hundred on average etched carried on a double double grill off the bone. WHO WHO A? Hey hot hot meat sandwich. Now that is a quarterback that knows how to handle a home game eh Krige you do you nita ruptured. I'm Michael Von Kornheiser. He's under the weather. So you know on the back to back. No load management management fulfilling frank no aerial wrestle. I do back to backs I could even do. The DWAYNE Wade retirement tour the three day event down in Miami. There's no load management there. That's going to be a big party. You can have a nice speech at the retirement ceremony. CHICAGOLAND'S GOTTA support Chicago. Guys stick together they say it just themes welcome the PTI with Tony running back and forth. I'm pleased to be joined by our great friend from the athletic. Mr Frank is a you know if you start you get some applause. We begin today with with language Culture and Sports Cavaliers coach John. Beeline delivered an emotional apology to his team for using the word thugs while talking about about them while talking to them and film session Bayliss any meant to use the word slugs in reference to his team's sluggish defensive retreat and didn't realize realize he had used the word thugs until a staffer pointed out to him. Reaction has been varied and so as a speculation. About what if anything should be done. Frank where do you come down on all of this. You know John. Beeline is sixty six years old. He Coach College Basketball for forty years. We really haven't heard anything like this from him before he said he misspoke spoke. Can we take him at his word. Here I tend to side with John. Beeline did he make a mistake. Perhaps he owned up to it. He apologized but you know Michael. It's funny I spoke to someone. I'm one yesterday before this story broke before anybody knew anything about it and I asked about John Beeline the whole Kevin love thing and they told me John Line was probably going to be a one and done that they were going. We get rid of him so I think this is just going to be more. That's kind of evidence that's going to mount against the fact that he hasn't connected with the players all this stuff they're ten and twenty seven Michael if they twenty seven and ten. I don't think this would be as big of an issue as it is right now franken piggyback on that. I don't think it's an issue now. Not Everything is a big deal and even if he had. I used the word thugs. I know. More people wouldn't take intentionally. I know more people would have taken offense at it offense. I use the word I know. Depending on who uses something can determine figures into how we feel about it but using the word thugs in a casual way can mean and probably ought ought to mean nothing especially if you're using it to people and not a bout them sort of behind their backs in some way so I heard this and I thought really really people are GonNa make a big deal. This whether it's John Lennon anybody else frank any I think any of us who have conversations with people in the industry no the beeline was going to be in trouble based on with the team's record is look date. They sort of are taking offense to his old school. Hardscrabble way of doing things we know young players I want to do that but in terms of language this is one where maybe it's generational you're younger than I am a little younger than B. Line. Not by much but I don't see anything anything here and I'm waiting if a storm of protest coming from twentysomethings and thirtysomethings so be it. Then we'll have to this out on that level and Michael Remember to they pursued John He didn't go to the Cleveland Cavaliers and say I desperately want to coach in the NBA. They went after him there and it hasn't worked out that it was that story in the athletic that came at the players. Think the practices are too long. The film sessions a tool and we've focused too much on fundamentals. And here's all I know about the cavaliers. The first time Lebron James left they won nineteen games than they won. Twenty twenty one twenty four and thirty three last year they went nineteen sixty three with tyler. Lou and Larry Drew Wizards coach. So unless Lebron James in that locker room you're going to get into the coach's they're not good enough so to me this. They WANNA get rid of John Beeline and this now is GonNa give them more amunition all right Yana. Synthetic Co doesn't become become unrestricted free agent until July of twenty twenty but apparently the recruitment of the Greek freak. It's already begun. Take a look at Steph Curry. After the bucks defeated defeated the Golden State Warriors last night in San Francisco. You know Michael in College. I minored in lip. Reading and Steph appears to say Jaanus. Let's do it come on man Michael the warriors they still Kevin Durant from Oklahoma City. Do you think they can do the same with Johnson. I wouldn't rule it out. I mean I don't know how. How serious is by the way by the way steph curry has said that this is he was talking about a new online game? Chris Hey guess placed. It's Chris Hayes reporting this is probably replaced as fortnight as the game that will just sort of ruin the lives of everything. The male child between the ages exactly and thirty five. So that's what Steph upset. He was saying come on. And let's do this. Let's go back to basketball because I see it happening. I don't necessarily see Jaanus onto the Kubo having to stay in Milwaukee and frank. I know you know this. We already hear about the Knicks and New York and an enormous welcoming friendly Greek community. Say they were Queens. Well I hear about this all over. The country can't be ignored. So yeah I think the Golden State we'll take their shot and why would golden state not taking shop. What will here's what you have to remember this summer? Your honest is eligible for the Super Max extension. So if he turns down this summer that we know what factors into it Michael. How the season ends does it end with them making it to the NBA finals? I think that helps if they win. I think all bets are off the warriors. uh-huh the box believe that. He's going to resign with them that they're going to give him the money. But the thing about the warriors okay. He's not unrestricted until the summer of twenty twenty twenty one so entering that season. You're going to have steph. Curry is going to be thirty three Klay Thompson. Thirty one draymond green thirty one. I get it for him to go joy. They've played a lot of games. They play fewer. You know what I wonder. Look as a child of the mid West a great part and we want to stay to stay in Milwaukee where that city in that region is having a renaissance around him and what he's building right there in downtown Gawky. It's because you saw it. Last year is great to see it and Michael One quick thing one quick thing about you mentioned the Knicks Messiah Jiri. Yana Synthetic Combo Kubo connection. Perhaps a new even in Toronto new rule them. I'm not gonNA rule it out. I'm not the collision between Jimmy Butler and TJ Warren. Last last night in the larger dispute between the two that is absolutely going to carry over in the future games. Listen to what Butler said after the dust up led to Warren's projection and Butler's objections is tough for him because I can go him he can't guard me like at the end of the day. That's what it comes down to But like I said I think you just gotTa Watch him out in certain situations. There's some that you just don't say man and I mean he got he got to see me the next time because I feel like what he said was was truly disrespectful. And it's all good because We see them again. I'm scared nobody saw. Oh you know he's talking about We don't fight this just that it is what it is to me. He's not he's not even in like nowhere near. And if if I was a coach I would I would never put him on me ever again. He's like no put somebody else on. Because I'm I'm GonNa Ted so he's trying to add. God I love this Frank. Is it worth taking one side of the other and if so who you got. If only I had a nickel for every time you told me you're not in my league frank remember the backdrop of this this is the heat playing on the road. Eric's pulsar told the team the day before as a nine and nineteen. We're basically a mediocre team on the road. This is Jimmy Butler trying to be a leader to the younger players. So I think the quote. It's funny I think it's great that he's stirring it up and I think it's he's. He's trying to light a fire now under his teammates. He should have been booted out of the game once he blew kisses because TJ. Warren was clapping and his face. That's why he got tossed. After having a technical Jimmy Butler got tossed. But one more thing Michael you know the NBA going back to Maurice Lucas. Whether it's Charles Oakley the real tough guys in the NBA. They didn't send a letter to somebody before they said they. We're GONNA fight. And they just went and bought him. Jimmy Butler went on twitter. And said I'll see you more down. Whatever it's all right? We're going to talk about that in a second communication but look TJ Warren. I think is one of the underrated may be the most underrated player in the league. People said Oh. We didn't have a three point shot. He can't play he's Mr mid range. He moved his shot out. He's as a player. TJ warrant. I really like him. But Jimmy Butler is my absolute favorite player in the NBA. You know he has been for years. Look he's got a five five hundred record against Lebron over all those years. Yeah most of them playing in the eastern that time Jimmy Butler is a tough guy. He's the heart of that Miami team. That might be got a lot of young guys who need to be brought along and Jimmy Butler guy to do it. Minnesota's young guys were scared and they fought it. They didn't WanNa do it. And where the hell is Minnesota all right now. Miami Young Guy there. Can't it. spoelstra gets it Jimmy Butler gets. I can't just I love this beef. This is what the NBA in part is built. Talk on you and me not the lease maybe not so but the NBA. Yes threats on social media. Do you trust the Miami Heat young players whether it's Dunkin Robinson Urban Sin Kendrick Nunn Tyler Hero in a playoff series. Jimmy Butler is going to have to do a lot off a lot. He's GonNa do that all right. Here's another Kevin Durant social media story. He may be sidelined for the season with an Achilles injury but apparently Kevin durant his fingers still work well enough to get into it with anyone and everyone on twitter after the nets lost their seven straight game. New York radio host Brandon Tierney tweeted nets. Win seven straight. No one cares nets lose seven straight. No one cares. uh-huh speaks volumes. Durant responded to tyranny with what does it say and then you want anyone to engage with tyranny and many others about the relevance events of the Nets in New York his decision to sign with Brooklyn and even how loud the Barclay Center gets during net. Games Michael was it. Smart of Durant to engage. In this way it's entertaining is Kevin Durant and so we is thank God for this part of Kevin Durant which I personally like and let's facing Franklin you and I are post practice. Shoot around Kevin. Durant is one of those guys you can get into any kind of conversation with Kevin Durant has opinions. Kevin Rant. Travels he reads. He's better informed than most and he's got his opinion. Washington not express them and on twitter fund. This is the way this generation innovation and Kevin Durant. What thirty years? This is how they express themselves. So why wouldn't Kevin Durant engage. He didn't curse anybody. He didn't say anything inappropriate inappropriate that I saw so what. I don't understand a word of criticism being directed at Durant. There was a little profanity and there but I actually think Kevin during his growing because he a user's own account he didn't use a burner account. Here verner thing me but I'm not Michael the one thing that you're missing out new it it kills you miss out on this. This is the big thing that the nick bands have in. Some people in the media have where they say to guys like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving. You don't have the guts to come play a New York. You're not tough enough. I think players Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant are saying. Well hang on a second look look how things have gone. The last twenty years with the Knicks and management there too. I really want to put my faith in that management like so instead of like questioning their courage in their toughness. How about saying you know what maybe was a smart move so there are layers of this? There's York Part The New York Brooklyn New York on New York crime. That would set that aside. My what I find relevant about this is people. Don't want Kevin Durant engage. Okay there are a lot of a lot of money engage in anything anything big ovation Kevin Durant. And he's trying to do it do it. We got to take a break but coming up next last week off for the niners have had really a huge advantage. We're going to ask Tony Dungy. We'll also ask him whether he would have listened if the cowboys call. Listen to the cowboys. Jerry Jones Yeah. We're fewer than forty eight hours away from playoff. Football Vault. Were pleased to welcome back to the show football night in America analyst. Tony Dungy coach. Thanks for joining us. I want to start with the by you have had the by week. You have played right through. Is there an advantage to the forty niners. Having had this by we going into this game I think there is an advantage and especially this week. Because they've got Minnesota coming off a Sunday game playing on a short week. So you've got the rest everybody's healthy for San Francisco. The one thing you were about is is rust. Are we going to be a little bit off. Timing wise in that first quarter as Minnesota's momentum. That's what we'll have to see. You know interesting interesting weekend. No Tom Brady New England patriots but you told Rich Eisen the other day that you thought that Tom Brady would be a good fit with the colts now. The fact that they accused Houston of deflating. Footballs you think the chance to Tom Brady would go to Indianapolis and play with a cult. I don't know if he would end up there. I know how I would probably feel if somebody said. Hey Hey you could go to work for the Patriots but I will say this. If Tom is looking for a place to go where it's pretty well set up the win. I mean they've got really good receivers levers they've got a good running back and Marlon Mac. They've got a great offensive line. Defense against takeaways. You know you could go a lot worse places. I'll I'll say that Tony I'M GONNA skip to a subject at sadly you and I have talked about personally for thirty years more than thirty thirty five years and that is the lack of black coaches in the NFL you or defensive coordinator and it took way too long in my opinion to be hired as a head coach. If if you were defensive coordinator right now would you be any more optimistic that your phone would ring. It's really hard to say. I'm baffled by our hiring process and I really don't think that it's racism. I I would chalk it up to ignorance when I I was in college I was in the big ten and I thought the world revolves around big ten football Archie Griffin won the heisman trophy. And you couldn't have told me that he wasn't the best player in college football but there was a running back at Jackson state who nobody had heard of named Walter Payton that was probably better than Archie. RT Griffin didn't get a heisman vote And it wasn't racism it was just ignorance and I. I think that's where we are. I think there's owners who don't really understand understand what goes on in the National Football League overlooked a universe of people. They could really help them. And Somehow we've got to get that across to them that there's this in this pool of people that you might be overlooking. That could be pretty told me. Follow up on that just for a second because someone was near and dear to you. I mean ruining rule. There's supposed to address that it's in place to address that the mechanism seems to be. There is inadequate now now is just not functioning the way that the league minted to function the people in place are not following the spirit of the Rooney rule. What Dan Rooney suggested was just what I'm talking about? Hey take your time before. You vote for the heisman. Watch a little film. Do some research go to all these places you might have to go to Jackson accent state and do a little scouting and then vote for the heisman. And that's what it was supposed to be. Hey look at a lot of different candidates but now what people seem to be doing doing is led me hurry up and interview minority candidate to to you know. Check this box and make sure that I am under the right protocol protocol for the rule. And then I'll do my search the way I want to and I don't think that was Dan's point at all his was. Hey take your time. Uncover a lot of different people people and then make your decision. I don't think we're doing that. What's on the you know the way? It works a lot of these owners. Now are heavily involved in the hiring process. You just think that maybe they're not as well informed informed now as maybe they used to be when it comes to hiring head coaches in the NFL. Thirty forty years ago people that own teams. That was their business. The Rooney's they didn't have another business. The football team was their business so Dan was in it every single day. I talked to owners who who are doing searches. And they'll tell me ask me who's good. Tell me who's good out there and I have to say. Well what do you want. What are you looking for it? You want a young coach. You want an older coast you I want. You know offensive defensive what what exactly do you want. I don't know just tell me who's good and I think that's that's where we are right now. That a lot of these owners who are involved within the search really. Don't know number one they don't know what they want but number two. They don't know who's good. We'll get you out of here with this Tony but we're going to personalize. It's a little bit because because Marcus Spears has suggested you would have made a great coach for the Dallas cowboys owner. Jerry was listening to that and I always till Marcus. I know you love your life the way it is nevertheless had the phone been ringing. Would you eventually. What would you have done? Would you at least have talked to Jerry Jones about that. You Know I. I worked on some committees with Jerry in when I was still in the league and I I really like him so I would have picked up the phone and listen when my son actually saw Marcus News on TV say that he got super excited. He was far today. Can we go to the cowboys and I said No. You haven't checked with your mother but I I would have listened to courtesy. I would not have gone but I would have listened Tony. Thanks for joining us. For the millennials out there. Tony does more than television. He won a super bowl as a coach and probably should have had a half dozen more opportunities at that. Thanks for joining us. Thanks C is always good to be on NBC Sports Coverage Of the NFC divisional playoff between the forty niners. Vikings begins Saturday at three eastern. Let's take one last break but still to come Mike Leach. Leaves Washington State is his new a GIG and upgrade. And what sort of reception should Russell Westbrook expect from the fans and Oklahoma City tonight. I bet you Tony Dungy would like the coach. It also Westbrook. He could've played any state any sport a happy time. People Happy Fifty Fifth Birthday mugs evokes is listed at five foot three hundred thirty six pounds once. He was an athletic Marvan in a sport where the average players six foot six plus you lasted fourteen eighteen seasons. That's the same number as wilt any average more than ten assists twice in his NBA career. I got to cover for a minute in New York. Great Guy Remember the iconic photo of him with Manute Bol started his career watches you wearing out the government as well. Happy Anniversary Randy Moss on this day. Fifteen eighteen years ago boss pantomine giving packers fans the move. After scoring his second touchdown in a playoff win in Green Bay softies Kornheiser took defense. But I can't think of anything more appropriate than showing genuine dislike for your rival particularly says packer fans the Vikings team bus all the time frank. AOL You saw him down. He made it to the Patriots. Went to a super bowl now. He's a big star on TV. That's right he's the happy trails. Mike Leach leaks leaving pullman Washington from where Sarah Palin can surely see rushing for Starkville Mississippi means leach is relevant again at least as it concerns college football the state of Mississippi now has lane kiffin different Mike Leach so even if they don't catch Nick Sabin and coach Oh and the dogs chase should be more fun. Come on Mike. This is a great move. You want the money you go to the SEC. The scene and we could get a Mike Leach. Nick Sabin game that we'll be WANNA see no air. Thank you this show. Let's run to the big finish. Adam feeling cut an ankle in practice pitches questionable Saturday against the niners. This a big deal for heck you bigamy we'll have a bloody soccer game in the NFL. By by the way to Stefan Digs has missed some games or practices sick sick eagles dumped offensive coordinator. Mike grow did he deserve. How can you tell you players most of the season? They were all injured including a quarterback in the past. Now it doesn't seem fair bear. The mets invited Tim Tebow to spring training. You surprised it's spring training. What's the big deal by the way he batted one sixty three AAA last season? Your Guy Tiger will make a season debut at Torrey Pines in two weeks I- expectations. Let's See Tigers won their eight times including the US Open. Yeah last one. Russell Westbrook returned to Oklahoma City tonight. Well is he going to be treated like a countering hero like Michael wilbon coming back to Chicago the course rather time. Thanks for watching. I'm frank so I'm Mike Wilbon. Same time tomorrow knucklehead.

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