Rivera Regret?


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I know it Tommy would wager on more on that coming up, but all you gotTa do is enter my Promo. Code Kevin DC to claim that free ten dollar. Mlb Future Wager. When you sign up, remember at mybookie. The terms are simple. You Bet you win, they pay. You want it. You need it. It's what everyone's talking about. The Kevin Sheehan show now Kevin you're listening to the Sports, fix? A sports fix Tuesday here. With Tommy by phone Aaron somewhere out in the in the Netherworld and I'm right here in our studio. Feeling great today. You know what Tommy last night. You just tell you a quick story. I didn't feel well last night. And I actually started to get a little bit of anxiety. That may be. I was coming down with some symptoms. First of all I went to my dermatologist yesterday. I do a one year dermatology appointment you know skin. Cancer is one of those things like you should go to the dermatologist once a year, if not twice a year just to get a checkup, because that is the most preventable and treatable, as long as you catch it early, and so I hadn't been in over a year, and a part of that was because of the pandemic, so I went yesterday, and they took my temperature when I walked in there, and my temperature was ninety nine and a half. Now, they didn't stop me from coming in, but that is a low grade fever. Is it not? Yes, I believe it I think it is to immediately said to the woman I think that's high, because we have one of those thermal scanners in this office Mesa, occasionally I'll I'll walk by and I walked by it two days ago, and I was like ninety seven point, seven or something like that which you know, there's a new normal on. It's no longer ninety eight point six is the normal actually less than that, but anyway they let me go in, and I got my checkup, and I actually had something cut out of my upper forehead with. I've had things before and I. Don't think it'll be anything else. Knock on wood, but anyway I got home last night. And I was like I wonder if I do have a fever. I feel feverish. and. I took some tylenol and. I was drinking some water and I ate some dinner. There was like some tune in there and. And, so I didn't have a big dinner and I went to bed early. I mean and litter when I say early it was the inning of the nats game. It was four to one. It was like eight o'clock, and that was it next thing I. Know is four a M so I and I felt great when I woke up this morning, but I think I was just in need of some sleep. and and I got it and I feel great today I feel great today, but you know there is I mean. How many times have you felt? I don't feel that well, but you don't give it a second thought, but now you give it a second thought like well do I have shortness of breath fever? Do I have dry cough I I? Actually have had a cough. It's not a dry cough. It's more of an allergy cough. But anyway I'm fine, and I'm feeling great today. Meantime you survived where you live a major fire in a building nearby. Will you share that with us, please? about quarter to five Sunday morning. My wife wakes me up. She says Tom There's someone knocking on our door. And I said. What time is it? She told me I'd say well. That can't be good. Don't answer it. Is that what you said really yeah. Yeah, but they kept knocking. So I went and answered it, and it was our neighbor. In Our CONDO building. There's about twelve condos in our building. Where we are four on three on each floor tree floors. And they said. the building next door is on fire. you might want to get up and get out. In case they start having to water down the building here. and so we we walked around to our balcony and went outside and you. Oh! There's fire trucks everywhere flames shooting out of the building. Right next door to us and I'm sitting there thinking. How did we sleep through this? How can we possibly not know what was going on? It was it was a circuit. Out there, so we got dressed. quickly and we went outside, and you know never did the ashes or anything never did go to our building, but one buildings next door on the other side of that building did sustained some damage. and the whole third floor of the building was burnt nobody was hurt. Everybody got out safely. and I don't know how it started. But It was quite a Sunday morning seen to wake up to. You sent me a picture. I'm looking at right now. That's a real fire. Oh, it was! It was a two alarm fire. There were two fire departments there. it was it was the real deal Absolutely it was pretty scary looking. Guy Who's the guy in the picture that you sent me? What Guy! A guy standing up on the right hand side looking at the fire. I have no idea that's from a newspaper story. That picture I mean that was I. Mean I could send you one that we talk to, but that was the best. That's picture illustrate. Takes a while to determine 'cause. Yeah, but there was no initial feeling as to what the cause was. Down I mean there's neighborhood gossip? Well, you'd have to talk to neighbors in order to get that and I just don't do that. The neighbor actually when you mentioned that someone was knocking on your door at five am in the morning and it was your neighbor. Do you even know your neighbor? let's. Just. Out. Now, you're not a neighbor person. You're you're. No, you're not. You'RE NOT GONNA. They can help somehow exactly exactly unless there's somebody like really interesting, but you don't give it enough time. Even find out if somebody is yeah, Gosh. Oblivious! To there's an aloofness to you. Who've? So four more marlins test positive today, so we're at seventeen. The games been postponed tonight. They postponed last night. They postponed it today. Rob Manfred said in his statement yesterday that and it was not a very alarmed statement on the subject. He said he does not believe this is a disastrous situation. I think that was the quote. Something to that effect. Actually I've got the Mary Matic Night I've got it right here. Yeah, it was he said quote. We built protocols anticipating that we would have positive tests at some point. During the season, the protocols were built to allow us to play through those positives. We believe the protocols are adequate to keep our players safe I. Don't put this in the nightmare. Category closed quote. You. Know? No, the nightmares coming. This is a bad dream. This is a this is July Okay, let me read to you. What the Institute for Health Metrics and evaluation reported recently. Guests nationwide are predicted to remain fairly level through August. And Begin to rise again around the fourth week of August with a more pronounced increase in September. Although some states will see the increase earlier due to increase mobility and relaxation of social distancing. Mandate The second one this is this is July. This was supposed to be the downtime. October! This was supposed to be that so why? Why are? All of the a lot of these projected. projected numbers on this virus. have been off a little bit. So why are you so convinced about? August September and into the fall. Because there has not been any real among experts who are credible. There has not been any difference of opinion that there is a second wave coming. And second wave is going to be coming in the fall and the winter, but the fall when it's going to start, the first way was supposed to die out with the heat initially right right right, and and it has. That's my point. This is this is rely. I mean in September if they get to September. That's when the nightmare scenario good. It's just inevitable I. don't understand how anyone didn't think this was going to happen. When you start traveling around the the country, even if it's a small part of the country come into contact with different people. Have, come into contact with other people or the marlins still in Philadelphia. I don't know I. Don't know if they are or not. I know the Yanks. How many of these seventeen people have been hospitalized in or sick? I, don't I don't think any been hospitalized or any of them say. Symptomatic. I don't know. I don't know if they are I mean. This is sort of an important thing right as we as we go through inevitable inevitable positive tests now this is an outbreak clearly of infection. This is an infection outbreak. I'm reading through the latest story. There's no reporting on how many of these seventeen people are symptomatic. How many of these seventeen people are sick? How many of these seventeen people are seriously sick I? Think that's important information, don't you? it wouldn't change my opinion about what in at being contact with these people. I didn't say one bit say that that's the only I would be your only concern if you're a at this point if you're concerned with your own health. It'll particularly care if they're sick or not. Well. I thought you were speaking about yourself. I thought you speaking about yourself and your age underlying conditions. Any player playing Major League baseball or their family member well, that's precisely why I think the the information about how many of these people are symptomatic? How many of them have actually gotten sick is important. Because look I agree with you. It's the last couple of weeks haven't been promising The information isn't encouraging. It's not improving were in day or on day four or five of this baseball season, and we've had a major outbreak of positive cases, a major outbreak of positive cases on a team, and that is shut down two games already for them, which is already leading to a snowball effect where? Where the Yankees were coming into the marlins locker room, right in Philadelphia and so they had to have their game postponed, and you can see the snowball effect of games getting canceled the integrity of the competitive portion of these games, being compromised ending up with an unfair competitive season. If you even get to a season, but just right now in the moment like I want to know what this means. You know. Does this mean that people are going to positive or does this mean that come in contact with them? The teams that they play the teams that they're scheduled to play, or does this mean that they're going to test positive and get sick? Those are two different things, but I don't understand what what would. What difference would it make to you? If you came in contact with a person who wasn't who tested positive, it would be a fringed on me, but it wouldn't make a difference potentially to a twenty four year old healthy with no underlying sicknesses person. Oh I think it would, there's. There's an expectation that eventually they're gonNA test positive, but they're not going to get sick. I'll. Look it. They test positive. They're going. Oh, they're done. I understand what the protocol is. Now. I'm talking about not their protocol. I'm talking about for most of these players. If they test positive. Amer going home. What Tommy You you've said that from the beginning in this is the thing that you are dead, right on. This is the thing that actually threatens the shutdown of these games in the season's. Maybe even more than the threat of sickness does, and they say sickness, not positive tests, and that is the fear, the fear, the fear of the players, not only themselves testing positive and potentially getting sick, even though the odds seem stacked very much against it, but the threat that it would pose to the people that are in their lives in that they love in their homes around them. This is the real threat I don't know that. The positive tests aren't the real threat I'm just asking a question about, or I'm very curious about W- these seventeen people, especially the players, the younger players. I'm curious as to what happens. Are they all a symptomatic? Are they all you know slightly symptomatic? have any of them really gotten sick? Because in the bubble sports take hockey in the NBA. You know if they aren't going back to their homes, and they're not putting their loved ones at risk in. Nobody's getting sick, even though they're testing positive. Although the hockey thing I think it was like their last group testing for the to bubble, cities was like zero positive tests. Where where the to bubble city, Toronto and Vancouver Right. At the different country. This. Yes, Sir actually thought. You're asking me because you really didn't know where the two cities were but I, I just. Look, I mean the the you're right. About the fear factor fear factor. You were right about the fear factor I'm giving you credit for being right about the fear factor, but I just wonder why. You know if no one gets sick, but there's just a lot of positive tests. You know we have to. We may have to advance to the point where these players unless they have somebody at home. That's at risk. Just understand. Hey, I'm gonNA test positive but I'm not going to get sick. Oh at the can't ask somebody to do that. 'cause you don't know they're not GonNa get you. Well I don't know that yet, and you don't know. But. That's why I'd like to get the data on. You! Don't know what kind of damage this could be causing it within your body. Even if you are a symptomatic, you know what I do, Know Tommy a hell of a lot of people for several months now who don't make anywhere near the money they make have been working six five six seven days a week and coming home to their families and growing the follow basic rules, which are wearing a mask and social distancing, and you know it hasn't I understand the number of deaths I do and I'm not advocating that everybody in every single situation. Just go for it. It and play the odds in the odds are basically. Everybody's favored that they're not gonNA. Get seriously sick or die, but with this particular thing I just I don't personally want to say. It's all over like many people were Baas basically wrote. It's over. Shut it all down. Other people are saying all right. Let's focus on real life matters. Sports are diversion there an extra. When we have a functioning society I just would like to know whether or not these people are actually going to get sick or not 'cause right now. It doesn't appear as if they are. Well to me that that doesn't make any difference. and I think he's got people I think this was an arrogant and ignorant exercise. And it's GONNA prove to be the NBA. Make the NHL May really get away with it because they went to another country and they may be able to pull this off. Tory. I? Know but part of the problem. Is that you know? Baseball came up with the hundred and thirteen page. You know manual on how to deal with this and they operate in a country where to manual from. The White House was a mad magazine. Guy Guy Running. It says why me worry. That's part of the problem. What? What was the phone call that took place in April between the president and the. Commissioners would have been. Great to listen you hear it now. What what that did he did. He go over his competence tech score with them. Guarding, didn't he do a great job of remembering all those things thirty minutes later. He did better than me how that? I doubt it. I doubt he would have done better than you. Fun I mean that's also part of what they're trying to operate the best they can. When they're living in a society where you know, there are so many people just. Convinced that this is some kind of government conspiracy to kill them. God it is. It is a you know. It's a very unique situation. When you have three hundred and thirty five million people and fifty states, a lot of these states are like different countries Yeah, We have a lot of we have a lot of cultural and personality differences in this country. Yes, and and I mean when it comes to help wanted the basic thing the most basic thing. What is your health? I mean money doesn't matter really if you're if you're like you know. Jackson cooked already had enough one guy, he could live forever and he did. So I I. Exercise. I mean he that would to say. He was convinced. That he he was rich to die. Was He. I don't remember that yes. Yes. So and I'm sure there's other people like that as well, but I just think this is you know like? I said the NBA may have a better show. Not traveling gives those sports a better chance at it, but again I think the fear factor ones and the fatigue factor of living in this bubble for a couple of months for free young people young NBA players who may have a difficult time with that kind of discipline? I think it's going to do in the NBA as well. Football Football, the NFL! You know they were painting I. Somebody posted at at at Fedex field, or or they were painting black lives, matter and in the end zone. somebody said I said in four weeks dopey painting Seine doctors. Are they really painting black lives, matter in the end zones of on NFL fields. Let me, see I. I could find that by. that. Remain late that. So I. So predict Gimme your prediction right now on all of these sports. I think baseball. We done before the beginning of September. I think football will be done by the By the end of October. I'M NOT GONNA go in on the NBA your DNA chill. I suspect I still think the NBA. We'll collapse but they have all they've got to do is get through their playoff. You know it's sort of like the NHL. Those two don't have to go through with season. They have to go through the playoffs. Nobody tenure two plus months. We know how long off steak. You're right. I. I don't think football is going to finish the season. I don't think baseball certainly gonNA finish the season. I have no idea what's going to happen. I don't know how anybody does every week. Although the last couple of weeks have been pretty consistent with being more, I guess. Pessimistic than optimistic, and you're seeing today. Some football players opt out these the the NFL. And I mentioned this yesterday, Tommy But I'll mention it with you know. The NFL's players and owners had a much more collaborative. Effort in getting things agreed to than baseball and its players and we saw everything agreed to in one of the things that essentially the NFL allows is for a player to opt out. They'll get if they don't have any legitimate health risks, they'll get one hundred and fifty thousand dollar stipend, which will be taken out of a future salary. If you have an underlying health risk, you're going to get a three hundred thousand dollars stipend, and it won't be taken out of future salary. We're seeing some players opt out today. It's still just a few as training camps. Get underway. If you WANNA call them training camps I, just I have no idea what this is going to look like a month from now. I still believe that meds. The therapeutic answer would change everything if we came up with you, know desert, Aveer, or some combination of whatever that you know, everybody was sold. Kept you from getting seriously ill, but we're not. We're not there yet or not there yet and I take. Let me make this clear. Jason Re reported that Ethernet NFL's kick off week. That league is going to have social justice messages painting in the end zone. Off Not necessarily black lives matter got it. you know messages like it takes all of us and racism and things like. that. That's the report so I do think though that this marlins thing happening like I'm just I'm thinking through this right now with you. Because I didn't spend a Lotta time. spent some time on this this morning. But I do think that how these people progress. Like weather, not you know they get sick whether or not they're symptomatic. How quickly they're back into the fold. WILL BE At the very least interesting learning experience and it may be. I! Don't WanNa say predictive, but it will be one of those things that could give people a different outlook in a few days. If, these people get too quick negative tests. They were a symptomatic. Nobody got sick. Everybody's back on the field. They're doing the right thing. Don't get me wrong by postponing these games. But I'd like to see how the Marlins case plays out. This is an outbreak. This is one of those things he didn't necessarily, even though Manford said, we had protocols in place with expanded rosters. Etc Your Plan for a major outbreak where you lose half, your team is not. You. Know isn't like they're not designed to handle that right now. Clearly, they're not because they cancelled to back to back games. They postpone them. They didn't set in send in the rest of the roster. That was that was negative. You know I think you've gotta see. The marlins taken out of commission for fourteen days. Well this speaks to something else that I've talked about yesterday, and you just have to be prepared for this as a sports fan. If if you believe that the seasons have a chance of starting and finishing, you are going to have competitive unfairness to all of these cities now the bubble cities for hockey basketball seemed to be a little bit different, and we'll see because who knows I mean you could still have a major outbreak, but you're going to have. A mate I mean right now. It's very possible that the Marlins won't be able to make these games up against the orioles in the orioles in the marlins left to less games played than everybody else. And and in the NFL. It's it's very possible. If somehow you got through a sixteen game regular season that some teams had a major outbreak and had to forfeit two games and played to less games in everybody else. That's possible. But. You're just going to have to deal with it because it's an oddball year and there's GonNa be there's GonNa. Be Some unfairness to it. competitively. Yes I would agree with that. I have no idea how to. Future on this one I have no idea the only thing that seems like it's certainly becoming a mcgibbon. Is that high school sports are pretty much done in the fall. the W C A in one of the best high school, basketball and football conferences in the country. They've called off football until at least January one. Montgomery County last week. canceled football and basketball season cancelled basketball season in July, which seemed to be a bit premature from my standpoint, but whatever well you see you see what the smart people did at Google. What did they do? Google announced that they're keeping their employees hold. Through the end of next summer. that. That's a little bit different. You know when you're at home by saying working, you know. It's an indication of what smart peop- again. You know. They have that option. They can continue to work from home. Their business isn't being shut down I. Know that, but but but they're saying to them. You know you can stay home for this long. I mean they're. They're telling them that because they don't think it'll be safe to come back to work. Until the summer of twenty twenty one look timing in. In some cases, some of these businesses are realizing that they don't need offices and real estate in and A and a huge expense line to be able to operate their businesses. This is a trend in terms of teleworking. That was already beginning to happen. That's going to be accelerated because it's going to be cost beneficial to accelerate it and I'm not saying. One that one that the trump administration was pushing against. I might point out. TELEWORKING! Yes. You know because the whole idea of all these employees must be getting away with something when when you're working at home well. I I. Don't necessarily agree with that, but I do think that it is a different output from home than it would be in an office I. Think Anybody who's ever worked in an office versus working from home realizes that. Yeah it depends on what your job of course of course. Yeah I. Mean if you're if you're a podcast, who radio talk show host or a communist? You really don't need an office for that. And in fact, you can be much more productive without one. But anyway. So yeah, it's It's interesting by the way real quickly on the nets. One in three start the I you know you've got. You've got some issues there. With first of all Anthony Ran. Don't hasn't played yet in in Los Angeles. He has not I don't think he last night he had he didn't play in the first three games because he was on the injured list. I'm I'm watching every night I didn't see last night. The box score to the angels play last night. Did he play last night, teach. No still hasn't played yet. but Rough Start for the nets so far long way to go another fifty six games maybe. or The everything you'll be done before then. Yeah Yeah I do, but even if they managed to get to the finish line, everybody makes the playoffs now in Baseball Sixteen Teams Indiana and approve it ten to sixteen. Could be exciting. It could. Can we talk about one thing here like what if? And, it's very possible what if baseball ends at the end of next month and football doesn't make it past October, or or before then in, and you just don't have sports in twenty twenty. But what? What is the result of that? What are the ramifications I? Think haven't haven't well. I meet financially. You could speak to that more than I. Can I mean for Baseball? It'd be the worst case scenario because for all intents and purposes. You would have played. you would have gone a year and a half. ACCEPTED HIS LIP that turns out to be an embarrassing situation for you a year and a half without your game. Football, if it happens that way to, you would have played God, a long time without football as well I. Don't think it'll have a big impact financial I think people are always going to be starved for football. I mean I think socially as as a society. I think a lot of people have learned to live without it already. They like it. But it's it's not parted or oxygen. They don't need a debris. Yeah, I mean the economy needs it. More than maybe people do. From from a mental standpoint, although I, do think mentioned this many times that the routine in the habit and the the rhythm of football season. That's when it will become very apparent that our world has changed in a significant way for a lot of people, and it crosses over right I. mean it crosses over into every single demographic. The NFL does, and football does college football does, and it's popular in every. Every portion of this country, and to not have it as part of your fall into winter routine. Will you know lend a level of seriousness to this situation? That may be some didn't really feel Until then I'm not saying that that's not that doesn't go for everybody clearly, but it will have economic impact. This isn't going to be one of those nineteen, forty, four and forty five. There wasn't sports. Sports played because of the war So be it I mean sports didn't have this same economic impact on the country back then that it does now so there's the I mean there are so many businesses that will be negatively impacted by sports, not being played I mean so many businesses that rely solely on these sports being played in small businesses. Many small businesses as we've seen you know whether. Whether. It's in the hospitality industry a lot lot of service businesses. You know it's they've been crushed over the last five to six months in no sports will continue that trend, and there will be new businesses because of the new world we're living in that will thrive and grow, but those associated reliant on sports in there are many of them It'll be devastating. It'll be very devastating to our business. Yet. Yes. It will go that long without sports. I think I think people. I think people in our business are looking to the football season as a life preserver, and if that life preserver punt gets a hole punch didn't. It's gotta be pre. I agree. Quick word about Roman. If you were to guess on how many days people in the US after way to see a doctor? What would you say a week? Maybe actually on average people have to wait nearly a month to see a doctor and major US cities. If you're dealing with a condition like erectile dysfunction, you'd treatment ASEP. 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I will get to Alex Smith and what Ron Rivera said just a little while ago about Alex Smith here in a moment I also WanNa. Get to something that Ron Rivera told Ben Standing of the athletic in an interview that he had with him yesterday, but you wanted to ask me a question that had nothing to do with either one of those two things. What was it right and it's pop into my head from. Listening to the read that that you just for the podcast. Yes yes, his popped into my head. Just popped right into your head. Yes, it did so to speak. Did your hung up on that news? That? We've ridiculous I'm not interested. When you go to the doctor to see a doctor. When I go to the doctor do I see Dr did yesterday went to the dermatologist I saw Dr Jaffe over there in Bethesda. He's a big fan of the podcast. saw them probably because that's the only reason he probably sees you. Otherwise. EP seeing what is being called a physician assisted now. This is where we see most of the time when you go for a doctor's visit, you don't really see the doctor. You saying because of the pandemic. No No, no, no, this is, it says it's a change in the medical industry. Where you have people now who are designated at almost the doctor, but not quite. That hasn't happened just hasn't happened with me. You, share you. Pay attention from now on when you go to a doctor and it just see who is seeing you. You know if it's a real doctor or physician, because I don't always tell you. You know they don't always you, but this is. This is a phenomenon and it's it's part of. It is I know I guess the whole down 'cause. Cheap, out over you WANNA call. But this is, this is a change. From years ago, there were nurses and there were doctors before now. There's nurses physician's assistant. And then docked. Do you go listening to you? Don't go to medical school. I, mean they. They have training. And they make a pretty good book it's it's a pretty lucrative job. But they're not doctors. act like doctors, said they. We'll do you have a problem with it? Well I have questions about it i. just wonder how safe it is. I've never had an issue with it per. Se, but the fact is if you took your car to to get fixed by mechanic and the guy fixing it is almost a mechanic. That would probably a body you a little bit. It would buy it. Bother me much more if they were working on my body instead of my vehicle but I. But I am curious. I'm curious if the person that stuck the needle into your I a couple of weeks ago as an assistant or the actual ophthalmologist. That was the doctor. That was that was the CEO. He's a pretty hands on guy. That would SAM but. But but for the most part a lot times I see physicians assistants now. Dongo mostly to in network doctors based on your insurance policy like all in network, so you don't even really know who you're going to. You don't have a consistent person you go to or not. No I have I've consistent doctors. I have a pretty I've very good medical coverage besides Medicare which I have now. Kevin mytalk Medicare recipient. Yes, I do. I am but I. You know it's funny. Because I think I was having this. Oh I'll tell you why. I was having this conversation the other day with my father-in-law. I went to pick up a prescription for my mother. Who broke her hip recently and I needed a prescription I. Think I told you about that? And do you know how much the prescription was when I got to the pharmacy? Sixty nine cents. A new. It's something like that I've never seen I've seen the you know. The Co pays of three dollars or five dollars or ten dollars. I've never seen sixty nine cents so anyway I dropped it off in having a conversation with my father-in-law that night and I told him, and he's like. Oh, I've never heard of sixty nine cents heard of a couple of bucks here and there, and then he started to tell me about you know Medicare benefits, and he said they're they're unbelievable. He said your mother may were I mean we're getting incredible benefits from Medicare. Pay hardly anything for prescription drugs. Yeah. It's a pretty good. Now, it doesn't cover everything as you know. From all the commercials you see on TV about Medicare supplement plan. You have to have a backup net. To basically covered the stuff that Medicare doesn't cover, and since lives was a federal employee, we still have that even though she's retired, so we have very good medical insurance in addition some better care, so I see regular doctors. I don't just have to go to whoever my shirt company doing this. Why are we talking I because I think that the whole physician assisted movement is a bit troubling, and I think it needs to be examined me. You're not seeing Dr Sounds like your column. Free Strasburg to to get after. I. Honestly I can't I'm sure I have seen a physician's assistant at some point I just can't remember. sing one. But I'm sure I have When I went into, see doctor. When I went to see the dermatology, she there was an assistant now. I have no idea if she's a dermatologist or physician's assistant, she was a part of the examination, and by the way she had the same bur-. She had the same birthdays me but anyway can we. Can we talk about things that our audience here more likely than not is more interested in physician's assistant discussion. Out Orgy out audience. Note that. That's way too presumptuous. They don't mind some of this I. Get to Alex Smith is the starting quarterback for to watch. So this morning on the the press conference that a Ron Rivera or the zoom conference call that Ron Rivera health with local reporters. He did say that Alex Smith did not pass the football physical. They put him on the physically unable to perform list. The PUP list and he said that they WANNA see more football movement football types of movement before they can clear him. said the same thing about Reuben Foster as well but I. Did you know I? It was sort of unclear yesterday as to whether or Or, not he had cleared that he had passed it, or didn't. They just put on the PUP list? It's funny Tommy because the insurance policy that the Redskins took out which isn't that unusual anymore on a high priced big contract quarterback in particular, they took out a policy that will has a benefit of I think between ten and twelve million dollars. If there's a catastrophic career ending injury, but the thing that triggers it is not passing a physical before the physical that he had to take yesterday, and he didn't pass it. Now they didn't say, retire or cut him. They put him on the pup list to give them more time. but I don't know I. Don't I. Don't think it that. Alex Smith is going to take a snap again. I guess he did say this morning about Alex Smith that if he does pass a physical down the road, then it quote he becomes part of the equation closed quote. He said that on the on the conference. Call our zoom call this morning. I. Just don't see it. I don't think Alex Smith ever takes a snap on an NFL field unless it's a ceremonial one which I don't need to see. Okay? I I don't think he's going to be able to play. And I, don't I mean my own personal view is is if you care about? Alex Smith you know you. You know hopefully he just you know. Take those home and spend time with his family and doesn't put himself at risk again on a football field after what we saw, but. My point which I made on twitter, the other night and people. You know Washing football teams fans. Even have a hard time to come to grips with it is if he if he sounds through all the hoops? Passes all the gates? And is on that football field practicing alongside Swain Haskins and Allen. Out Smith? Is your starting quarterback come on? Of course he is come on. You can't no football and not realize that. I know football. And what planet the planet. Who's good buddy with the owner? I'm saying that it could be i. don't want this. I don't want to manifest itself in this way, but it could be look Alex is getting healthier. This is so good for him. He's a great presence in the locker room and he can go through. And he'll be great for dwayne but I. Don't think and I could see the owner making the case for that and ron going in on it because look having Alex Smith around is not a bad thing in terms of you know his experiences mentorship. He's not starting a game if he's their. Yeah eating it. You're not getting it. You really think. That's Wayne. Haskins can't beat out Alex Smith in competition if there if everything's equal. Yes. Oh come on. Based on what? Well what what I explained to me, explain to me all things being equal. Alex Smith is healthy. One hundred percent healthy kids play. Duane how? You can play. Hasn't. How could he possibly lose a job Wayne Haskins? That's absurd. I? I love when you get to. Put our notes. It's not absurd Alex. Smith is going to be thirty seven years old. He can't be. Healthy. No let me ask you questions. One more time answered honestly everything equal weight asking speech out Alex Smith. That's ridiculous why I mean because you're. You're basing it on a pike three. What is asking you to indicate that? He's beat out a thirteen year NFL, veteran. Alex Smith Show. You and twenty eighteen. That convinces you. He could beat out anybody. Playing in a bad offense. Often For coach, who he, he's still went six and three. Still went six three. He wasn't very good. He wasn't, but you know what is Wayne asking, do you? What what planet are you on? That this guy, what if John What have we done? Well tell you what he did. In his in his eight starts, it was eight right. It ended up being eight last year. Thank God. We saw them by the way he proved to me several things he proved to me number one. He's competitive as hell He's much more mobile than I ever thought he was He has great timing and can throw the ball with anticipation, which is innate. It's harder to teach. He is very good feel in the pocket. He plays with the level of urgency. He played played well with the game on the line, and in his final game and a half he threw for three hundred ninety four yards, four touchdowns, no picks with a seventy five percent completion percentage and got sacked the fewest number of times in all of his starts, so the era was clearly pointing. Pointing upwards towards the end there and by the way if and I'm not buying into all this stuff I. WanNa see it on the field, but he appears to be based on all of the pictures. He tweets out of himself and videos. He tweets out of himself to be in phenomenal condition, and the future of this organization is Dwayne Haskins? Junior and Dwayne Haskins in the end this football team this year. The Washington. Football team isn't going to the Super Bowl and it's a critical year for them to determine whether or not he's the guy or not. He winds. Bunny. The beats out everybody faces, and we never see Alex Smith on the field, taking a snap for the Redskins and Dan Snyder forces some sort of ceremonial kneel down play at the end of a game. He wins the job based on the future. No, he went. No. What did you miss the first few minutes of what I say no I. I caught the last week. Well, we'll listen to the first part because the first part is the. Kevin. I've listened to the first part, but you just go just in the last part as if was the only thing I said. I see it aired on the Haskins Network all the. Who's got the HASKINS network. Oh, you know the Haskins, network I don't actually. Okay. Who are you referring to NBC sports? Washington again. I, believe I am okay. I. You know this going back to last year. I liked him so much more than I thought I was going to like him as a player as a competitor as a guide that appears to be very coach. I, don't I absolutely believe he could be a thirty six year old veteran quarterback out given everything and all of the context around it. Yes, I do that. How can you quainton? Know? How do you know what makes you think Alex? Smith can beat out Twain Haskins at thirty six years old based on what? Because Alec. Man knows how to play in the NFL. Find receivers. Really. Yeah at thirty six. You think he's GonNa be finding all those receivers that he found when he was thirty three thirty to thirty one. Did He, not I. You just admitted. He wasn't very good when he was healthy. I think he's gotTa find more than a kid who barely got his feet wet. Scott less talent around him. Any didn't twenty eighteen this coming season. and. That's why the kid with no experience is not gonNA wind up winning job if everything is equal, that's why the kid without all the experience, but was some mobility. Fight in health is going to win it out because look at what he did those final. Couple of games he actually carried that team for the last game and a half. Are. That's that's that's. That's the head of a pin. Yet it's not a lot of data. No it's not, but it's not stopping you from from not seeing the big old such a ridiculous, anyway that you're painting because he's not going to be fully healthy. And, all things are not going to be equal from a health standpoint. So except difference then that's different. I know it's different. It's also reality more than the reality you're trying to paint. You can tell everybody how dumb they are for thinking twain. Atkins would beat out. Alex Smith if the thirty six year-old came back and had a healthy leg what we saw in that project eleven where he had no leg left I mean that flesh eating virus. Who's going through that leg? like a warm knife through butter. It was terrible by s grotesque Joe that I know all that my point is. That if he can play. He's the starting quarterback next year. Remember where you heard okay and just remember where you heard this. He's not going to be able to play. An great relief. Okay good so this was a waste of a conversation because we both think he's never going to be in possession to play anymore. Wasn't a waste of conversation because he's been cleared, he's passed through one set hurdle he did. He did not pass the team physical yesterday. No, he did not. Yeah. That's the that's the physical that matters. Right. Here's the other thing real quickly on Alex Smith. This is not the organization to put him back out on a football field, Tommy the organization of bad medical, bad training, bad thing when it comes to health in recent years. Right or they're gonNA. Can you imagine that if he beat all odds? In Past, a team physical and was out there. Looking like you know Kansas City chiefs 2017, Alex Smith, and they were in maclaurin was a star any new the offense better than anybody else in Rivera, said Oh, my God, Haskins. He's a disaster. Kyle. Allen's no good. This is our best chance to win. Even if that happened, can you imagine just a cringe-worthy to that first time? He drops back in his pressured pour. It would be horrible, and nobody needs to see that in this organization led. If that's going to happen, it should happen somewhere else. Think about it. Think about how? I mean, could they? Could they overcome that if they were the ones to put him on the field and he were to get his leg crushed again and this time have it amputated? Or worse. How do they? How do they survive that? While that was, that was the Washington redskins. Watching football. Yeah the new heiress. Ron Rivera era. Or, Baby I am I, wouldn't call myself part of the Haskins network. And I don't even know if I believe that that's true. About NBC sports Washington, but anyway I am very optimistic about Dwayne Haskins I am I was last year. There's a lot about the way he played last year. That I was like. Wow, that was impressive. There's a lot here that I think has a chance to flower into something really really good, and the only right now you see, here's the thing about Ron Rivera. There's no risk for Rivera starting. Haskins this year. To See what you've gotten Haskins. He's not going to be blamed for Haskins of Haskins doesn't work out. And he's got to get to that answer on Haskins sooner. Rather than later in this team isn't going to contend for anything in this upcoming season. If there is one although who knows maybe they'll get to play every single team that has twelve guys on covid nineteen. Sit Down each week but I. I just don't see any chance that anybody other than Twain Haskins is if he's healthy starts games for the redskins this year for the Washington football team this year. Okay? Let's say I. Mean You know I mean you just? You don't take into account different scenarios. That could take place if Alex. Smith is healthy. And it's good and like I anticipate is clearly better. Than Zwane Haskins. In the limited amount of training camp. That, you're going to have available, which will also hold Haskins back? How are you going to say to those players who play on that team? We're going with the guy who did win. You just you just painted a completely different picture than the one you presented to me before because you said he clearly beats him out. You didn't say that before all things being equal. Of course going to be out well, that's your. That's your opinion. That's your opinion. you know I was not very impressed with Alex Smith's two, thousand, eighteen, nine and a half games played now. I always liked Alex Smith and I didn't hate the trade I hated the contract extension, but I didn't hate the trade and I. Always Thought that Alex Smith. was you know a serviceable mid range starter in the? NFL knew that he had to have A. A running game knew that he had to have weapons around him. He was not a carry the team on his back kind of guy and wasn't that in Kansas City but I just was I. I saw guy that just wasn't very good or dynamic in two thousand eighteen. That could have been a lot of J.. GRUDEN's fault on I'll concede that and he's worked with North before. Be Scott Turner, but they again. What are we talking about here? He's not going to play football. And and he shouldn't play football. I WANNA get to this. This is the thing that I really wanted to get to and I'm GonNa read through this I'm assuming that you haven't read Ben Standings interview with Ron Rivera from yesterday. Right I'm I'm assuming that is true. Why we! I. Because I don't even know if you're a subscriber to the athletic. I am you are so? Did you react? Did you read Ben's interview with with run? I don't understand why you would. You assume that you don't what happens when you assume don't do in, but you know more times than not when I assume I. Don't make an ass out of either one of us and I'm actually right especially when it requires a subscription fee for you. So you are a subscriber to the athletic. That's A. that's a surprise. Okay, so acid. Why wouldn't they that's true? It is tax deductible for your line of. I want to read this question and the answer because there was a lot here. that. Really, made me feel even better about Ron Rivera and I've already felt pretty good about him. Already and I know that this is something that you're GonNa push back on to a certain degree, but let me read it quickly as quickly as I can. Basically the question and I'll shorten. The question was a question that basically asked Ron Rivera. Dea. have any regrets about taking this job which I think. We've all discussed in recent weeks. Oh, my God can imagine like if he had a legitimate shot at the giant job, he and his wife saying Good God. How did we take this one will here was his answer, he said. because. This is where I WANNA be. I said that my first press conference I'll be honest with you. Maybe it's my own ego, but I really felt that this that this is an organization that needed somebody to come in in lead, and I felt like I could do that I could come in and lead this organization, and that's why I'm here because I really do believe that the second part of his answer, I like the young players one of the things that really caught my attention. You guys heard me say this to. To when you look at the depth, Chart Board look at the guys when you go down that death depth chart that especially with the young defensive line I like the players I'm Gonna I'm GonNA shortness up because it was a nine minute answer that he gave to Ben. Ben Estimated it to be nine minutes, so he talks about the roster, and he said it reminds me very much of when I first got to Carolina there. It's young, but there's some veterans and I thought. This was where I wanted to be. Then he said in referred to the teams history. He said what happened this year. I've looked at it as it's just a part of what I'm doing and one thing I always try to be true to is what I believe, believe me, I've made mistakes I've learned from those mistakes is a person as a coach as a husband as a father, and when I make mistakes I tried to correct them I try not to repeat them. There's a challenge here and I really think that there's an opportunity to have success here. That's why I'm here and also one thing that excites me. ME. This isn't original franchise. It started in nineteen thirty two, and then he goes through a list of player Sunny Johnson, billy kilmer and Chris. Hamburger was one of his favorites. He said Charlie Charlie Taylor's Dad was in the military with his dad, so he goes I understand the legacy. And I played at old RFK stadium and felt the energy. So that's one of the things that draws me to this. Because I would love to see this. Happen here I just think that there's so much possibility and promise then this next section. Heat again in answering the question. Do you have any regrets about taking this job? This is a this is a part Tommy. That's really interesting. He said Ben. It's guys like you and other local reporters that could help us right. All the bad articles now get all the passed out of the way, but as we start going forward right about where we are and where we're going help push us forward. That's my message. I'm trying to tell everybody I get it. There's some things that were totally eft up. St He says okay. Let's stop telling everybody that everything's eft up and start saying to everybody. Hey, look look at what they're trying to do. Look at how they're trying to fix it first and foremost Mr. Snider Mr Snider new had a problem, and he made a decision in October, which was firing Jay And then started researching what he had to do, and then I'll paraphrase the rest of it. He gets into the whole coach centric thing that Dan had research and he came to the conclusion that he wanted to have coach centric system. and. He said like I said starting in October, Dan made that initial initial move and then researched it I talked to him and I said all right. We're going to do this. We're going to work here and and everything about the way he pitched it to me. Basically made sense, and here are the last two sections of it. I got a letter from somebody. That doesn't know me that said you took this for the money, and I would say bullshit to that. You don't know me. How can you write that and say that I get it. People have an opinion, but don't come at me if you don't know me because I really wanted the money. You don't think I would have pitted the giants Cleveland. Cleveland Washington in Dallas all against each other. No I was enthusiastic about this job from the beginning and this is where I am. This is where I think everybody needs to understand. I didn't come here for the money. I made a lot of money in Carolina could've sat out the year. I could have collected a very good paycheck played a lot of golf and got my. My handicap down, I just look at it this way and think to myself. This is an opportunity and that not too many things are going to dampened my spirit about this. I know it's going to be hard. Believe me, it's not all roses. It hasn't been all roses. There's been a lot of thorns, but that's a part of it to get to the roses. You've got gotTA. GotTa go up on the stem. You've got gotTa get past the thorns. So that's what I'm going to do. The biggest thing I tell everybody is to understand. It's about culture, trying to build and develop a sustainable winning culture I will do the best I can, and hopefully in three four or five years, because that's how long the military says, it takes to change a culture. If I have time to do it I. Believe believe me. I'M GONNA. Do everything I can to do it I just like where I am. Now there were parts I. Shortened there. But going back to the beginning, he says I know it's my own ego, but I felt this was an organization that needed somebody to come in and lead it and I felt like I could do that that. I could come in and lead this organization. You know he's talked about Culture Tommy since the very beginning. I believe his answer that he doesn't have regrets because I think even though it's gotten worse since he got here and many of it much of it was unpredictable like the pandemic I think he looked at this with his understanding of what it's been that it needed a big culture change. What was historically and he looked at it like you know, here's the Charlie Brown tree. I can give it some love in caring. And I can be the person that turns this thing around. I think part of that is in play here. I believed him. What did you make of his answer? There's more to it I want to get to, but I want you to give your thoughts on what he said to Ben. Okay stick with me here for a minute, okay? he doesn't have any regrets. Isn't that a bit alarming to you? About his intelligence level. No! That's funny. SMART GUY! Would have would go home every night to his wife and say what the F. that we get ourselves into. A smart guy would say that. Let me. Interrupt for one second. Let me let me interrupt for one SEC. Let me interrupt for one sec I think if he were presented with this opportunity today versus the giants after the sexual harassment stuff after the name change after all of that. I don't know that he would take this Gig but I think he took the Gig any sticking with the gig because he. He saw the opportunity to take something that used to be great that he remembers because he's a League lifer, and he understands how fucked up. It is and how fucked up. It's been, and then he as a guy that has a ton of respect and a lot of discipline and understands how to fix things. He looked at this as I can fix the redskins. or The Washington football team. Okay First of all I'm sure. When he looked at things and so, how fucked up they were. They weren't as fucked up then has. Now, Okay and he hasn't even coach a play yet for this team. And Intelligent Person Would have to have regrets so I think and I think he's a smart guy. So I think he's just telling a party line there and I. Don't believe a word about that I. Think if he could turn back the hands time, he wouldn't be the coach of the Washington redskins. The Washington football team. The Washington football team. Excuse me James. Stick with me at all you got. That's that's all I need. I mean how smart I mean. If he's a smart guy, he's lying. But nobody with any intelligence. It's GonNa. Sit there and say yeah I'm glad I'm here. This is great. Just what following on piled more on beat I love it. You know it's interesting in you'RE GONNA? You'RE GONNA push back I think on this. Most people spend a lot of time looking back and regretting and of God. Why did I? Make that decision, but I think there are certain people and I think competitive professional athletes would fit into this group that don't look back a lot and just look forward, and he made the decision, and he made the decision for the reasons that I described I. think he saw this as an opportunity and let me also say that I don't want to minimize what Mike Silver. Silver remember, wrote in the in the day that he spent with him the weekend before he took the skins job that he liked this roster, he didn't write it. He told me this on the air silver did that. He really liked the roster and saw an opportunity with good coaching on defense in particular to turn it around, especially given that they had the number two pick in the draft. I think also the conversations with Joe Gibbs probably very helpful and influential. But I don't I? I believe him because I think that he is cut from. That mold of what's done is done now. It's about solutions now it's about you know moving forward and getting through this in and improving why I was the guy to be the guy here to finally be the person that fixes all this mess. I also think it's not. That's not regret, but that's not the issue. Regret is again turning back the clock I. Don't think people like him. Turn back the clock. But if you put you and I do, I don't think he does. I look I, don't! I do not live my life with regret. But, but ignoring history is foolish and stupid when it comes to decision they. And I I'm sorry, but any television person. If you could go back in time seeing what you've seen, you're not going to work. But but I think you could make the case that 'cause you think he is intelligent, and therefore you think he's being disingenuous here and that he does have regrets, but if he were really that intelligent based on the way you feel, he would have never taken the job in the first place. Well Look I. Mean there have been other guys who have taken because a lot of this is where it comes into play this athletic mindset that you're talking about this competitive mindset. There are guys out there who think well if I get my hands on it. I can change thing. There are guys who are convinced of that. No matter how bad is situation is? Because they're they're eagle demands. They think well once. I put my stamp on that organization I can change it. You know ignoring the are of self-destruction that is in engulfed is franchise for more than twenty years now. Without! No it's not, it's that that's not very smart. That's that's that's competitive ego. That is competitive ego. Get in the way. A lot of athletes think like that or else or else they couldn't compete. It's as an athlete. You couldn't put failure behind you or explain failure. Your competitive juices with trained from you. Of course you. You can't live In your failures if you're competitive athletes in this case, you have to be able to explain them or forget about them or or or rationalize them. but this is not. That's not the same thing as intelligence. So. All. Right I mean. The. The bottom line is in reading through that answer and talk to Ben this morning. I had him on the show and he said he was really passionate. Zoom interview that he did with him. The that. I think they got the right guy. I don't know that a work I would still bet against it, but that's because the number one risk factors, the owner, and that's GonNa. Be The risk factor for this organization forever as long as Dan Snyder owns the team. but I do believe that he thinks he's the right guy for this situation and that you know what we do, know about him. We do know this. We know. He's very well respected among coaches and players in this league. mean the over the top. Compliments that he got from players who aren't even going to play for them. You know here and his former players in other coaches around the league, my general feeling about him before they even hired him, which is I always felt he was a very good coach. Maybe a bit underrated I loved the ways teams I thought overachieved you over delivered. You know on what they were He and I also like that he doesn't seem to be coming in here. Naively his eyes wide open. And talked about a culture change long before the name and the Post story came out, and long before covid nineteen started, this was something where he walked into understanding. How F- DUMP IT IS! So he understood. How many times have we heard him? Talk about that military line the three four five years, which by the way brings me to this, and that is the last few lines of this answer to Ben Stanbic what he says. again the biggest thing I tell everybody's understand about the culture, trying to build and develop a sustainable winning culture will do the best. I can in hopefully in three four or five years, because that's how long the military says it takes takes to change a culture, and then this line Tommy so if I have the time to do it, believe me I am doing everything I can to do it. I, just like wire where I am I. think that's another self aware. Of I'm telling the owner here. It's three four or five years in that. There's a major culture change. Give me the time to do it. I don't know if he will or not. I I actually believe a lot of what you've said about. He better do something quickly. Like he better show improvement quickly because the lack of self awareness the Hubris the arrogance. All of that will then you know you know basically rear its ugly head again if he doesn't get results but I. I. The success. I'm like them too I. Think the whole military culture things a bit overblown. Maybe maybe I hear on that I. Hear you on that. I think what he's what he's saying, is it's GonNa take a long time? This culture is really aft- up. Yeah and I think I think like you brought up which I brought up a long time ago. When he I got hired, he needs to have. It's like a Joe. Torre George Steinbrenner situation and Tori got the upper hand on Steinbrenner early because he won right away and became an icon and the guy responsible for winning right away and became more powerful than owner. In that situation that's that'll go a long way through help and Ron Rivera. If somehow he can win early. and he may be thinking that when he's looking at his three quarterbacks working out. Training Camp and saying wow I thought it hands to win a lot more games with with with Alex. Smith then I deal with with the kid who's barely played in the NFL there would be no bigger indictment on Dwayne Haskins than Alex Smith on one leg winning the job. one last thought on this because he talks about culture and building and developing a sustainable winning culture I've mentioned this many times before in the past, but it makes me. Happy encouraged that I hear it from him as well. One winning season does not make a good franchise. 'cause the League is designed for every bad team in bad franchise and bat owner to have an occasional good season, the best franchises develop and sustain a winning culture over a long period of time, and that's always the goal, but it's never been attainable in the Dan Snyder era, and it may not this time I would bet did. It isn't even though I really like Ron Rivera and I'm really hopeful the other the last thought on this is you know we still don't know anything about when it comes to Rivera in. Washington, is anything about his contract? I haven't seen anything reported on his contract, have you? Not, really, no! Isn't that strange? Yet is it is strange. It's very unusual. I mean. I don't even think we I think. We know that it's a five year deal that he got. Anything about the money you know we've always suggested that. If you're going to take a job in Washington, you have to get some level of of contractual authority to run the football operation. You know to coach your team without interference, but we don't know anything about the money I mean I you know if we found out that it was a Jon Gruden kind of contract. We might feel differently about whether or not. It's for the money or not. But anyway, and we might now one last thing for me about you know coach Rivera and so far his reign as redskins coach. One of the first job. One of the first things he did. Was Hire Jack del Rio as defensive coordinator. How's that? Turn out so far? Well Lunatic defensive coordinator, the crazy man on social media that he's I didn't see this until you told me about it before the show I didn't see it this morning. Go ahead and tell everybody what you're referring to I, mean we know? Weeks ago. He's made his politics very clear on twitter. He's You know, and by the way the first. Amendment allowing you that even though it doesn't seem like it in days like We've had here over the last couple of months. But or people seem to be trying to quell first amendment free speech, but go ahead and tell everybody what he tweeted out last night or yesterday or whatever? Well, you had this Dr. that was posted on social media, some kind of Voodoo doctor. Who basically about the benefits of what's the drugs? Hydroxy chloroquine I trust the chlorine and I use it on hundreds of patience. You know as a cure for treatment and effective treatment for covert, and that's very disputed at this point so much disputed that twitter took the video down. Took it off off off of social media. And Jack. Del Rio tweeted if this video was taken down then shame on those seeking to make large profit rather than treat Americans. The doctor clearly explains the benefits of the drug and its use it on hundred over patients. Getting exposed and you know it. What is it defensive coordinator of the Washington Redskins do in this sport. But you didn't really whether he. Just. To her as a Voodoo doctor I mean this is some woman from Where does she practice whatever she practices? I read something briefly about her. Essentially be believing in alien DNA. Demon sperm, and other crazy You know I guess potions to make people better I don't know enough about her. I issues a doctor in Nigeria or was it. Somewhere else was a guy. Where was wasn't. Anyway, I don't look. That wears fire. The bigger issue here is that. You know when you are when you're new to a place. And you have a diverse group of people that will be reporting to you. and you're in a climate like the one that we're in right now and you're an adult I don't know why you're spending so much time on social media. I don't know why you're making your politics known on Social Media I. Don't know why you continue to get duped by fake tweets. UNSOCIAL median seemed to be completely unmoved by it. Let's I mean I'm not suggesting he can't multitask and that he doesn't have the right to express the way he believes I firmly believe in that I just don't think it's very bright. I mean if I understand he's he's A. He's a guy that's established. You know he's not up and comer that he has some stature in the League is a former head coach in a successful defensive coordinator in mind in this league I. Don't know you get to a new place. Especially, when that new places as toxic as this place and you're trying to change a culture and in just a few days you're going to have a lot of. Of Young players who have a lot of different beliefs in verily in a in a very much volatile time, politically I just don't know why you'd go down this path. Where's the game for you? Unless your goal here is not to be the best defensive coordinator and leader of a football team, but potentially to to have some sort of activist role in your life when you're done with football I, don't get it I. Don't think it's very bright. Is that a conversation at the head coach should have with his depend coordinator I thought there would be a conversation the last time you know, remember his politics lineup completely with the owners, and maybe a lineup completely with Ron Rivera's but Ron Rivera's PA. I don't know what his politics are. I would bet that he probably leans a little bit more conservatively but that's a total guess, but he's smart enough to understand what his constituency is. which is a bunch of young players who have a lot of different beliefs, although in in an NFL locker room, probably the majority are very much. Less, a liberal leaning I mean he talked about yesterday. He's not going to kneel during the national anthem. He's going to kneel during the coin. Toss because he really believes in the military, but he's totally supportive of players who will kneel during the national anthem and support of their First Amendment Rights which by the way Jack del Rio when he was a coach, in Oakland, did come around had. Had to be convinced of of it being something that he would go along with with his players kneeling during the national anthem I don't know I I thought when he made those stupid comments and got duped by the AFC tweet, and was liking tweets from Sukhbir conservatives, both black and white on twitter. I thought he might get a talking to then, but clearly he didn't. Or if he did. CARE. Not a good sorry for the new era of the culture change Ron Rivera well. Again I don't I you know I don't have a problem with him. You know speaking his truth or what he believes, in I, just think in his particular situation new place toxic situation to begin with unbelievable climate that we're in right now as a country as a world that you know if he really was dialed in on football that he just lay low in. Save all this for another time. The only the only thing on on his radar. Should be. What's what's the best thing for the football to right? It's not this. I mean you don't think that if things don't go well that at some point, somebody in that locker room isn't gonNA. Say Well. He's a trump supporter. He's a racist. By the way is the default for a lot of people when when the when discussing people who either supported trump in sixteen or going to support him in two thousand twenty. You know in this guys made it very clear. What is politics are and they are going to be at odds with much of his locker room. I. Just don't know why you would do that. Why in a new place you know without these people, even knowing who you are and even having had one live conversation with you. If this is the first impression, you would want them to have of you. It just doesn't seem very smart again I'm not I'm not I. Don't have a problem with you, know he? His beliefs are him wanting to speak out on his beliefs I just don't think that the timing makes very much sense, but what do I know? That's just me What else? That's all I got off. So I got to. We're done for the day. I'll be back tomorrow I. Think I'll have a guest tomorrow. I'm not sure who it will be I've got a couple of possibilities Tommy will be back with me on Thursday. I have a good day.

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