RHAP B&B with Mike Bloom & Liana Boraas | Big Brother 21 Weeks 11-13 with Peridiam


Some game right off sounds law as long as the R H Peyton day a write off. I can sell you the our ASE Hi everybody looking to the RHA. TBN Be for the final three weeks of Big Brother One am one my name is Mike Bloom still sweeping up some confetti and watermelon shaw from the end of big brother twenty-one along thirteen weeks but we are finally here and if you days afterwards as well truly digest all the stuff that has gone down. I have assembled a fantastic panel to break down the very end of the season personally bringing somebody who you've heard in your get your buds every Saturday breaking down big brother twenty-one Liana Boris Liana how are you. I'm good. No it's funny. I was actually at the grocery store the other day and the or out of watermelon and just oh my Gosh Jackson was here like now that I know he's out of the house who's like he came and he bought all the watermelon with his half a million dollar winnings. That was my wreaking havoc on Kroger's across the country Buddy Watch out. We are so excited to have our guest here. This is the first summer having him on for big brother proper. He was on survivor earlier on in edge of extinction. I would call him the best survivor and big brother Youtuber bird there is out there his handle is parade welcome back to the BNB how you doing thank you so much Mike for letting me on this podcast inviting me on on for my this is my third time now with HP second time with the I was GONNA quickly. Say Bouncing off of your watermelon store Ileana. I I don't remember the last time I've had watermelon or ever be so relevant in my day to day week to week living situation just having the word and just picturing it seemed Jackson eat them on the live feeds nonstop so actually went out when I was at the grocery store about three weeks ago and I bought myself a watermelon which I don't really understand why it was just there I was walking around in the aisle and there was a watermelon right there so I'm going to buy that and I'm GonNa crack it open mostly because at the time that was when that was when things were going well l. for that for some the cliff Nicole Jackson I was really on. I was behind Jackson's okay with him. I was actually phone pretty good about considering where we started but then I don't know what I forgot about the watermelon it's just been sitting there and then all of a sudden it became really messy at the final five and then the next thing you know I have not I had just had neglected the watermelon altogether and it's been sitting there on my counter top for about a month now and it's really like the story of Big Brother Twenty one for me. Were just was a roller coaster emotion all centered on one little watermelon and that's it yeah I was GonNa say that's actually a pretty good analogy especially for the the game too. It was like okay. You're feeling really good and it's like oh no. I was looking out of the other day I was like I wonder what it looked like just like a sledgehammer to it for the heck of it. I don't know this led chamber could represent. I don't know certain comments that Julie Chen might use right and just smash things open completely the play where you make a similar face to Ah Jackson Dan when he walked out of the Big Brother House five hundred thousand dollars richer put at what cost you got a gallagher it up also though you might just want to throw the whole thing away. I don't know how long watermelons last but I don't know anything about them so it's GonNa cool is this good and my wife was like I think it's still oh good right but she has no idea either and even like watermelon so I don't know okay. It says it says the shelf life watermelon this pretty long about three to four weeks when it's when picked off the vine they got along well. This is also a mini watermelon smaller different. It's like it's like it's what zing embodies the baby's bought watermelon watermelon yeah. That's so cute. I don't know I don't know considering our canonizing but I don't know what that's GonNa mean. Oh yeah that's actually very true. I don't think you want to get involved in these sort of zing by comparison so yeah maybe just toss. It would probably be the safest option so a lot has happened. Even since we were on last with as Caribbeam said last time we were on we were looking down the barrel of a really intriguing final five though Nicole and cliff I do no wrong. They were riding high in fact Leon and I got to not only meet sit next to each other. During what I would say is probably one of the most energetic addic- epic big brother episodes ever in terms of how live at the vote was up until that point and we watch things kind of just slowly roll off countertop from then on culminating in a win from Jackson making with very belated congratulations him holly for second place and of course coal anthony in one of the most I would say overwhelming fan favorite votes to the point where Julie Chen evening quantifies it. I'm really intrigued to get all of our thoughts about the season especially if she podium since I know you're arranging big brother twenty one season and review. Let me just throw out a question and get all of your responses to is big brother twenty-one the weirdest modern season big brother I would say personally I was thinking back. I would modern big brother or consider. Maybe like sixteen onward. Give or take and I would say yeah. I think it is. I just think the whole dichotomy of the jury versus the poster how it's almost split right at the middle middle with day forty four and then just there's just a lot of mixed emotions here where I think I know I'm feeling and then all of a sudden somebody else walks into the room and I'm like I don't know about this anymore and it just as a weird mess of all kinds of emotional Mike. I'm happy that make one but also like Ooh but I'm really not that happy sometimes and I'm like I love Nicole. I'm glad that she's received support and then all of a sudden like ooh but she won she won part two almost think she probably would have been the winner. I think she taking it but anyway lawn mixed emotions. I think it might be the weirdest I think that's a really good way to describe it in terms of the mixed emotions because especially with Jackson and seeing the reaction to Jackson's win and of course with all of the sort of racial comments that were discussed at the finale and of course happened during the season just so much controversy where I feel so torn where I can appreciate Jackson's game play but also he's done a lot out of horrible things and you have like crazy characters throughout this whole season but I'm still sort of torn about so yeah maybe that translates into weirdest artist. The other answer I was GonNa give actually was sixteen but that's only because the battle of the block was so stupid and I don't know to me that makes it weird but but yeah I think really the dichotomy between all of the different events that happened on this season has to make it weird right. It was all over the place. It feels like yeah. That's the thing is that actually on the note about of lock. I would say that almost the consistency of the bowel the block makes it less weird because big brother twenty one the first three weeks Kim combat like okay. This makes sense. We're GONNA end when there are four people laughed and then someone's GonNa come back into the game and we waited a couple of weeks okay. There's a field trip. Okay okay sure this will sort of be like a way to vote people who don't like right so next week must be something right no okay. I guess we're done with the twist we what is prank thank week. What is this person do? Why are we voting on this okay? When's the double eviction okay? It's not happening to later and then we get extended weeks of the vinyl. Live haven't find four there was just so much on stuff going on. I can't say I'm particularly mad at all because I think it provided some entertaining moments but I mean you're both of your points. Look no further than the art of Jackson Mickey. which was you know you pretty you know universally reviled the first month of the game gets separated with holly leave from the rest of his alliance and become a bit of an underdog because he's against someone like Christie who the audience is turning against and joining a Nicole who people like so he becomes a bit of a rude mutable person then he turns against them and ends up getting rid uplift Nicole and he becomes hated again by the time is blocking that house especially bringing stuff like Eliana? I know we got your opinions on the finale with regards to them addressing not even just accidents comments but allow the general itchiness of that pre Jerry pretty me as someone who has studied. I mean you just did to videos about finale in terms of best and worst jerry speeches. What did you make of the way this? This finale was struck in particular wanted to quickly mention what you were talking about with. The whole structure was really unique for this season and I think it really started once. I'd say the post story started. My theory was that all of this this whole bowl just the domino effect. I think started with when Jack got a victim. I I think the producers looser kind of happy they kind of I mean this is just all tinfoil theory. I don't even know anything about this but I imagine given Jack was easily the most controversial person and I think probably the biggest Heynen thorn in their side for the producers. My theory is that they might have just said you know. Maybe we don't do a battle back. I don't know if they produce this so far ahead that day for sure or had a battle back locked in a battle back after the first four. That's usually what it's been pretty pretty unique that they have like everyone sort of been like maybe in the last few years and we're like no more battle bax pleased like it's just a little too much last year and big brother twenties didn't work like maybe they're listening or maybe in this case is just Jack was so bad that he like inspired inspired them to not do something that I have not worked in the first place and then it just sort of created a weird series of events where America's field trip was strange because it felt very reactionary if like a slap on the wrist and it was more like okay. Let's punish the people that we don't like but what if it's a cast of really likable people where we don't want anyone if you know hypothetically not that that's realistic but what if like what if it's a bunch of people at all we really want to see wanting this to happen so they're punishing them. Maybe this like a reaction and they're not letting they're not giving Jackie chance to get back and at the same time earlier punishing them with this weird twist and they sort of a really cool and the twist for a while they cooled down it seemed and like I think based on my memory and then on the prankster showed up which is like a a a weaker version of the packer from last year ultimately and then like the whole ending comp the whole schedule was pretty bizarre with the final four final three just I couldn't predict it and actually preferred it that way. I liked being unpredictable in that sense because I think that big brother has become very predictable in the modern era at least and maybe just in general going all the way back to the earlier seasons you can kind of see there's very much a pattern and the same like every week the houseguests in this season on the live feeds. They're just like I know exactly they can already tell what cops coming and they already know like most of the best strategies for every single comp so it was kind of refreshing to be like they're on the life is like Wednesday saddleback and they're all talking about. Everybody know battle back okay well. This has got to come up when it's out. There's this like why is there. This endurance at the final four that's unusual and so for me is is a super fan. I was totally it was sort of expect the unexpected I was expecting the expected and then it totally superseded tatum expectations which is very unusual for the last few years of big brother know you're expected to expect the unexpected I believe the chicken Georgia's jockeying for the Coupe de dookie or not and then as far as the finale went yeah that was tom view a little bit. I was half and half like I understood that there were there was good that they were responding into a lot of the criticism that were happening in the pre jerry particularly in the pre Jerry and I liked that I liked that there was emphasis on that to an extent. I still think that they're very rush the finales I don't like it even though I was a little bit bored watching Mickey and Holly in the final two because I felt like it was a foregone conclusion. I thought it was going to win. If that was the case and initially it was going back and forth that final week in my mind like I think hall he's got I think he's a he's got it and then by the finale night I was like I think Mickey has this. I Ah actually told my wife I guess the votes and I got them right so I was happy with that although also predictable but ultimately I think it. I think that the finales need just a little bit more time for some reason I think that they need to like part. Two out of it. They already part one. which was that was good and that's what I was hoping hoping they would do because I think there was in the Big Brother Twenty? It's always been in the family they start with part one or maybe I'm confusing they kick off art one usually when the recap of the the the recap episode on the recast started it but then yeah they pretty much do one center and I totally agree I totally Ho- sign putting parts one one an two in the Sunday up in might make you know like in this case for instance physically gives fans no hope for an old going to the end since you would know what Jackson and holly going par-three but that being said wouldn't have Julie Chen essentially doing hurry up offense sprout a you know an hour and a half period yeah. I think think that having it I just I'm looking at the older seasons a lot where it's a little bit more. There's more time to digest what's going on and I enjoy watching being the final to sort of. I Dunno mingle for a little bit more being able to explain their games a little bit more. I don't know of Hollywood benefit more from that if it would have made the final two more interesting I thought it was alright like I thought that their Jerry Cuny performances is Russia's. They were thought they actually both did pretty well. I wasn't too. I was like trying to see what would I put them in the top five or bottom financing now I wouldn't put them in either. I think they're both somewhere in the middle or even upper half of as far as overall performances go and a lot of did some meat to what they were saying. I think actually Hawley was able to and from my from where I was standing. I was like I think I don't think she played that as good of a game and she was saying but I was totally buying what she was saying. I was almost like maybe I would have voted for or then but yeah just the finale was okay for me. I'd say it was like it was progress kind of felt like on some levels it was good. I liked not having having Parwana nate. I wish I was out of two. Maybe we'll just jump right to part three. I wish there was more time for the final two to talk more and then as far as the the mini reunion with the preachers it definitely yeah the spotlight preachers which is unique it usually doesn't they don't get as much time I think but I wish there was more time to talk about that stuff and less time on it. Just felt really rushed. The whole thing felt very rush to me and I wish I know there was probably getting like five six seven minutes to talk talk about but I kind of wanted more wanted a little bit more of a conversation going and just one off liners back and I think in comparison listen to previous years. It definitely felt less rushed to me but that being said I mean I completely co-sign the the idea of wanting more time with the final a two just because I always feel like now that we've moved to this live I mean I guess it's been several years now since big brother eleven but this live jury questioning format I feel like is never ver- is satisfying as giving the players a little bit more time to really truly explain their games so yeah I mean I would agree with you on that point. I would say looking at Jackson in Holly Apartments. I agree that I think they both did a pretty solid job. I've very quickly rising all the survivor that I've been watching that like final speeches ages slash jury performances or one of the most intriguing thing for me to watch any reality show and I feel like I mean the past couple of years and you had people like Paul in Tyler make pretty glaring hiring errors in their jury despite the Games that they might be playing. It didn't really seem to be the case here. That being said you know holly was reticent to tell me that she she doesn't really believe anything really changed anybody's minds in that mullet but I will say when it comes to trying to separate yourself from the person that everyone is looking with the entire hire time. I thought she created an okay narrative. I do agree that. I think you know maybe maybe it wasn't exactly rush felt Russia's because Julie giving us time limits by being like Oh holly only have thirty seconds or oh okay yeah. Oh David sorry you can't talk about you. Know implicit bias anymore. We had to go to this question. Yeah I think a part of it was probably a Hollywood talking a lot so for me I was I think I was caught off guard by what she was saying. Because I was interested in hearing more and then it was lamenting that this was the new modern it's been around for the last ten years and that she doesn't have more time 'cause I was interested to see where she was going with a lot of it because I think she was doing she was hitting a lot of the notes that I was noticing when I was looking at all the best approaches to the jury and how these final two and big brother have been handling especially since big brother eleven with the modern format moving forward forward and I noticed that a lot of the best ones tend to have like a couple of really strong quixote they just hook the jury with one or two lines that really like slammed down the gavel Alec this is is why you should vote for me and I thought Hollywood doing a pretty good job at presenting herself and building her case up with this euphemisms even the sniper and she explained her what she was strong with the social game and creating relationships early on it's a kind of checks a Lotta linked up buzzwords that I think a lot of juries do like to hear I wish she probably she's still tried to maintain connection with Mickey. It was a little too strong. She could have done more to go. Make is clearly getting shaken up. As the Cuny it was going on and he was trying his best to to stay as composers he was when he went into it but I think he was getting rattled kept going and I really really wanted her and I was like a young put on twitter was like go for the jugular holly like you need a crush and put your foot your foot on his throat and just get the five hundred thousand dollars. Make them move and then tomorrow you can apologize to to him. I mean I don't know what's going to happen with them in the future but you walk out with five hundred thousand dollars richer that's that's what she wants. I thought Holly did I was more impressed with hers. I'm probably because I had low expectations yeah. I wish I kind of wish one more time. She kept going on going on now. She kept going on and I waste Brehm. I told you we had one minute. During our we recorded yeah it was really I was intrigued by her speech. I wish they'd kept going and it was just interesting to hear a little aggravating here. Julie aren't hall you. GotTa Stop Okay. Stop like we're going to the next person. It's like all right no actually Julie in that moment when she was you're talking about okay so we have. We don't have any time left. Please wrap it up but it felt like she was spending so much time telling them they didn't have time it reminded me of happily from parks and recreation during indicate where I have an update on your time remaining and you have ten seconds remaining on your time that is left and right now. We have an update on your time. The update is you have no time actually takes takes the five to ten seconds yeah well. We can certainly get into a lot of stuff that happened not only in the Finale Anneli but during the final five onwards as well as we started here with our various segments and games. Let's start by finishing off our pre season season prediction only five houseguests left and waited here to talk about how Leon and I thought they would do. We actually have comic Book Names Bill Off of now compare. I don't think any of them measured up to Hashtag horse but you know what I manage dream the letter with Tommy. How did you think Hami was going to do seem to be pretty high on him similar yeah so mike sitting next to each other at the live show whispered over it was like spoiler alert? Tommy was my winter pick so spoiler alert Tommy as I winner pick what I wrote about him that he would be most likely to throw calms early will run the game behind the scenes and we'll strongly benefit from his relationship with Christie and for his bb comic. I had the tiny dancer in parentheses. Hold me closer. Oh no well I think that he nick would probably have the opposite message imparted to him and in that conversation Liana whispered that Tommy was his her winner. I was backed me to the second big brother season in a row on and I have had the same winner pig who needs to get some for Big Brother Twenty we had Tyler Oh nice looking okay track record. I think we've done better. It's a smaller sample size. I think we've done better with big big brother survivor but so I said the Tommy was going to win at least or competition where he drops into a split or a toe tap and celebration uh-huh. I said his fans will be the most annoying on twitter due to his Broadway following a said Hill succeed in strategy big Italian meals to make everyone fat and I said he'd freak out the most when Jeff Slash Rachel slash polls slash slash whoever comes into the house guest or host a competition and his superhero we're here. Oh name was either Broadway Bronco or Tommy the Mommy that just based on rhyming or do you think that was motivated by something. Oh I think it was remember he wanted. He wanted to be the house. That was the strategy going in okay yeah. Well imagine him in like a Strega. No now like you know like a head wrapped happen like early gray hair. I could see it happening. I see all right so it's your call which one of our two winner was the more accurate when Tommy also also that when I was looking at the winner picks I also had Tommy is going in so you guys is Irma similar company here and also picked Tyler from Big Brother Twenty so we are all on the same page potty go I will say that I was a little bit more obsessed zest with with LAWA's. I liked what you said. You pretty much said exactly what I was thinking if I was to do what if I was taking part in writing pre jury stuff I are pre-season stuff. I think I would have written exactly what you said. His his comic was the Flash Mobster which sounded pretty similar to what you had and yeah. I'M GONNA give it to you Liana. It's all right. Let's move on to the returning did not come through in a battle back did come through in a buyback. He was able to survive our oldest house guests. This is Dan Mr Cliff hog the hog father also with the fear. I had him making the jury. I said he would be nominated the first week but he survived since people feel they could use him as a pawn. I said he'd wipe out a bunch during competitions a said he'd be the most game to make pardons in the diary room and I said he'd make the top three for America's favorite player and a superhero name was oil baron. You wrote title lot for cliff. Did you just feel like there was so much to work with their yeah I think I think that I think he feels a certain archetype. uh-huh in big brother that you know you have a lot of work with in terms of like they're going to do a lot with him no matter how long he last and I I don't know I just got a certain impression per minute and appears people did as well considering that they have them around for as long as they did yeah yeah he definitely stood out as amongst this cast. I think so there's definitely work with okay so I was a little no less optimistic about cliffs chances so I actually had jury. I said that he will be a fan favourite for the few weeks. He's on the show. We'll talk talk about wanting to win competitions but won't be able to win. Competitions will be in alliance with lovie. I don't know why I thought that but I'm happy about that one and then. DD comic name was boss Hog because I'm creative turning him into a weird like furry combination with groundhog yeah that was so weird. I didn't really understand the connections. It says if you see his shadow run was that on on the comic back that was actually that was the line on that weird does that have to do with the groundhog as Shannon. No I know I know that but I just didn't know if there's any other association with cliff specifically also his last name is two GS and the only just one g obviously it's crown entitlement better for you include Jeez there. They didn't even put a second gene the NOPE. It's just one g looking at it anyway. It's interesting because technically cliff breath was both pre jetty and poster. That's exactly you guys kind of divided and conquered without one. You did get that. He was in an alliance with lovie which was right. He was in the top three America's favorite player. It was very it was very light. I think he might have been at his most light up until he got busted with these cliff notes so oh early on he was definitely fan favorite. I would think I'm going to give it to Mike in this. I think you've made more I agree with more of what you had to say there and he didn't go quite the distance almost almost one the season so you didn't win competitions. I don't think he was going to be able to so it'll be very interesting to see both how all passing and the contestants look at the older man archetype now that someone is sort of I guess broken the curse and like deer point not even May Afar but you know was a couple moves away from nearly winning the game you know I feel like seven Kevin Brother. One thousand nine hundred certainly went the distance. I don't know if he necessarily had the wherewithal actually get the win in at the end but I wonder if that's GonNa change you know if the knock on wood today CASS older people or people say let's get this person out quickly because they might pull it out at the end. It might be less trusting 'cause I was his key. His keep focal point that strategy was you've got to trust me. I'm the old guy and everyone did and it costs a lot but I mean he was also affected preacher so he's back because he e said that competition but yeah he was evicted preachers. It's just like remember them. Oh all right well. Let's move on to our Lord and Savior our Queen Nicole Anthony Leon. How did you think that okay so I said technical would make the jury and said that she will channel Rockstar on the feeds she will also do arts and crafts projects in parenthesis assist Pegasus drawings? She will get voted out sixth place. I don't know why I was so specific had super super specific. You went very like Mike you know a super weird and then her. BB Comic was the Pegasus early so I had I was less bullish on on four or less Unicorn. I had her going out and read jury. Actually wrote literally goes out in the in the Bronx spot in a similar manner so totally quirky underestimated girl who just happens to get nominated and maybe due to other people are one other person on the block that can be more useful than her gets it almost like what when cliff ended up getting victory over her exact reasoning I said Gee be part of a few worke antics that weird out the other houseguests said she'd wear at least he's one costume that she that incorporates in her regular wardrobe and she does a lot of singing on the feeds and her superhero name is high now the toddler Tamer Tamer all 'cause she's a kindergarten. Teacher is a preschool AK. Yes okay that makes sense yeah. It was interesting interesting called. A nickel losses was be comic name. Maybe I'm thinking for Instagram Davis Strong Island from strong island on it so you might Batman not too far off. I would probably give I'm going to give this one to Liana simply because i Nicole went much further and she I wouldn't say she was much of a Rockstar type She didn't really have any costumes that she incorporated into her outfits. I don't think she did arts and crafts. That was one for big things that was like one of the biggest things don't all our wacky arts and crafts now swimming around with those so I'm GonNa give it to the on a two one yeah I I don't I remember not feeling hi Nicole going into the season. I don't think a lot of people did I mean draft right and I think that that that was a feeling I think that was shared by by a lot of people so it's actually really interesting to see her trajectory over the course of the season and especially to see her become a fan favourite and of course you know when America's the player in the end. It's kind of a really cool almost success story. I guess Nicole in the preseason. I didn't have very high sort of like Dr like the Bronco and I mean I'm looking at jokers update. She was at the bottom of the poll in the preseason to one point so I don't think a lot of us like a lot of people didn't have a a highly at that. I don't think it was I remember she said like she was not a big fan of bullying but then she was like my number one favorite Paul I think that's also the the lock my parents it's been saying like we Nicole turn out to be like the complete opposite personality of that but I feel like when you're that and that's one of only if you sound from someone you're like you're a little unhinged. I don't know how you'll do in the house and then she told the story she told the story I think postseason I don't actually was founded way more charming because I in your sandwich better and I was like wow that's how it works. Isn't it yeah it was she wouldn't show or parents like wouldn't tell her what's in the bag or something and she still doesn't know what's in the bags. I'm really hoping that Teheran Keren can really get to the bottom of that. 'cause I really WanNa know that's the that's the one thing we need right. Let's move on to you are runner up here Holly Allen Thirty one wyoming and see how she did so I had holly making finale. I said that Hollywood get nominated at least three times. I said she did a segment about ranch facts where she talked about her upbringing. I said she'd win at least one H H. I said that she'd be the first lever current job when the season it remains to be seen her superhero name was ranch hand parentheses double entendre Andrea because you'll also get covered in ranch during a salad inspired Endurance Hgh oh man that's a that actually wait didn't didn't that happened happen because of cliffs the tossing salad before the wife joke. Oh why husband bowl catching. They got salad tossed right did she. She Give Ranch Board on my I don't think so she could have been ranch sauce. The close the most accurate prediction all season okay so I had holly making jury I said that she will form an alliance with cat and Christie that alliance will be completely ineffective will will go in a fiction because she's a good boring consensus boot and I had her. BB comic name as the Safari Cevantes. I think I'm going to give it to we had a really strong point. The right other ran out of the gate. Mike Mike I'm GONNA give it to you for just you Patriot going into the finale which is pretty good she she was there she she was a bit of an insignificant character throughout at the season so I could have seen her going out on double diction and some alternate universe she maybe even could've I guess if say Tommy on the double at the final six and Jackson won the veto so maybe either yeah I'm GonNa give it to to Mike with this. One all right. It's all tied up as we move into the one and only Jackson in Mickey Martin DB winner obviously neither mind nor Leon nor ready oems winner but Liana. How did you feel Jackson would do take sorry I had Jackson making the jury I said that he will be Winston two point Oh and his intro packages and will kiss his gun? He will let paranoiac get to him in his attempts to build a big Alliance Aka see Devon for BBC sixteen will be a very emotional player and make a lot of emotional decisions and his bb comic name is hip to be square so Liana. You and I are on such the same page because I also had him going Jerry. I also wrote he gets the Winston Award or most intense stare and pitching skills. I said he gets nominated for being perceived as physical even though he hasn't actually won anything and I said a superhero name would be tracks in but it's just him running. I also imagine him an attract suit also for some reason in this comic so between the two of you guys are pretty similar. This is really coming down to the wire here. We both thought Jackson was so similar to Winston I mean he did he did he did a gun in his intro. Oh you know like he was going to be that guy. I feel like he was more parent as like who Winston was once after episode whereas in the preseason Winston I think I just remember everyone was so blindsided by all that making it was a little bit more predictable to me. He kind of played what I thought he would do and he. He didn't really deter too much. You definitely wouldn't say wasn't unless he's definitely wasn't emotional. He had some moments where his emotional but I feel like he was definitely more stone cold than most of the people this season so Kosh on just cut the point now offer something Dr Jackson Mickey Give One to Jackson won one Jackson the awesome let's do it. I'll take Jackson you want McGee B Jackson and I'll take the Mickey Point here congratulations to the both of us everybody well it kind of makes sense also like we had the same winter pick kind of in lockstep so well so. I think this is a fair room. We've been we've been divergent on survivors is it just seems to be our trend that survivor wrong completely separate pages over totally in the same book Airway uh-huh. Didn't we both have Morgan as our winner for yes there. was that one time that we have more. I think that was sort of our curse that we're like okay. We're done being on the same page now. We're going completely different directions this morning. She was actually a pretty underrated. I remember I made a joke okay. One of my videos the week before she got voted out where I made my the last by used in the video the week before her elimination was of Morgan from getting being voted out and I ended the video with that because I was joking about her getting Jacob gave her the advantage for the information and she voted out I I joked about it and then all of a sudden shut voted out the next week and I was just like oh my gosh curse all Morgan dollars y out. She'll so man man before we move onto more fun game. We're GONNA take a quick break to listen to a word from our sponsors and we are back. Let's keep on keeping on okay so I think it was really fun to see everybody's trajectories over the course of the season and so we're going to sort sort of stick in a similar theme I WanNa talk about the final part of h competition and the little videos of the jury during this time so I know most people were focused on what was being said in the video. I was just watching weird stuff. That was happening in the background. So Oh i WanNa talk about. Just you know some of the things that were. Maybe a little behind the scenes if you will during these videos so the way this is is GonNa work is I'm going to essentially ask a question that has a numerical answer and we'll just go back and forth and we'll do it where you each like pick a number so honor system and then whoever is closest without going over just whoever's closest. We'll get tiebreaker exactly all right so let's just go ahead and dig right into this so this is all about hats video so how many pictures of Brett were behind cat in her video so yeah so each of you can think of a number and then Mike when you're ready. We'll start with you all right. I'm going to say they feel like there. Were three things behind her but I don't think Brett was all the pictures I'm pretty sure one of them was like a heart that she'd she'd made him one of those jury instagram things and not the head that she ripped off somebody. I can't remember at this point. I'm going to say there was. I'm GONNA say there. Were two pretty. What do you think okay so we allow the same answer to? If that's what you put down okay okay I was thinking too. I remember seeing him doing his jury or when he was on the block and he was doing that weird speech where he started yelling. I remember seeing that. I don't know if there was two more. I'm was one of the left. I think there was one on the right so I think I'm going to stick with two who I don't remember what the second one was but I do remember seeing him doing that weird yell where he was standing up during his speech so we're starting off much like holly versus Jackson in an in this competition. You both get correct so yes. There were two pictures of Brett and Mike you're right. The other one was the heart I like cat. Hearts Brett sign that was in the background okay so let's move on Jack's video so I talked about this on the finale podcast but I was obsessed obsessed with the fact that production was like blowing wind at Jeff and it wasn't in a sexy way Jason Momoa type way no it was like sideways ways blowing his hair in front of his face. which I thought was so bizarre so the question here is how many times did Jack push hair out of his face? During hiring is like a twenty second video okay so I was thinking like what would you do because I do. Recall Jacks just is being hidden in a forest and just not having a fan blow the right way just like so it's just a weird too because like you put him in at a windy forest. Why those forests are the most Lindy they're basically hurricanes can be formed their unifrance trains? Thanks Okay Pretty. What do you think boy? I'll say three yeah. I'm a bit more bullish. I'M GONNA go with five times Dong the hair Tussin okay so pretty on the three was correct so you get a point ain't here blooming the money I did. I did think it was much more because I just remember him constantly doing it apparently so oh the next question is about Tommy's video so this was super weird because he wasn't writing a letter which the just like staring off into the distance him weirdly fantasizing about the season making some uncomfortable facial expressions so that was very odd production choice of this question is about what percent of the time was Tommy's is closed as he fantasized sized about the season during this video so again so anywhere glance a percent of the amount of time so I'll give you guys a second about okay. Mikey will kick this off all right. I'M GONNA go with Miko with mercy thirty percents. I feel like Tommy's someone who used dramatic is not going to have his eyes close most time he wants to be big inexpressive so I'm going to be a bit conservative and say his is closed only thirty percent. I think so if it's whoever's closer without going over or just too close okay. I'm GonNa say twenty. I I think it might be even less even though he's definitely somebody I remember seeing that I was just like what is what is this is. I think that was what encouraged me to start tweeting tweet out that I would rather get evicted pre jury than have to do this. I I'd have to make the finale in the final three or go pre jury because I cannot be in this. These videos does so. I'm going to say twenty five percent but I think it could very well be higher. Would you rather lose and have to be a part of these weird jury things would you rather win and not have to uh-huh oh boy. I will go in third if they'd asked. I'll I'll go to UH. That's sweet smart of you. You definitely missed it so you. You don't have these weird videos so mike you work closer. It was actually thirty six percent of the time yes so so you're both pretty close so given the range that is that might be the most useless trivia I will ever know. I'm very I'm very happy to know. I mean you know there are times. When when I'm putting together games right take a step back what ridiculousness am I doing right now me sitting on my phone timing? Tommy's Oh Ikhlas is okay so the oil yeah I wanted this. I appreciate you doing that. This is stuff that I'm here for all right. Let's move onto the next question which is also pretty silly. This is about Cisse's video. How many any chickens were behind this in her video so I do watch this multiple times to try to figure it out because sometimes the chickens go in and out of frame so I picked the frame when there were the most chicken that I would see? I don't know if that helps or hurts. The what was the maximum capacity of chickens on the screen right were they different chickens or whether the same chicken and it just happened to be walking back there. They were definitely different so this is independent distinct. Thanks so in general how many distinct chickens walked behind system the background. I think that's what I want to know that we're not counting her. As a know. Your costume does not count also I feel horrible that everyone else do wearing regular clothes and she had to Kim chicken it back. It's all they know about her all right so we'll I'll start with you. What do you think the chickens and the details I appreciate that she was the only one there in the costume? It was the most memorable thing she going for. I think I would say there. Were Gosh I. I'll say six okay Mike. What do you think I'm going to try to count my or there on screen? I'm going to go with four okay so there were thirteen so is like four when I I watched it four four or five or something like that I barely remember to bring any says the chickens in three different areas of her videos so there's like some in the foreground around some sort of middle and like some way in the background like by the abandoned cabin or whatever she was sitting in front of but yeah there were thirteen so this point goes to teen eighteen that must've been really fun stock footage that someone had to fines ends of for this for sure okay so our next question is about Christie's video how many inflatable pool toys boys are in the background of her video. So Mike we will start with you are well. I depending on the same numbers chickens check into might be like twenty-five Christie is that she was doing very nice. Yoko old post which is interesting is like like you forget how she was sort of like this. This very boutique owner I mean the season and that's regret loss amongst all the other Christie stuff that happened manifest aside. I'm municipal. I'll say four I'll say five five pool toys behind I yeah she's doing her yoga. Okay pretty money aside legit. I don't remember there being any I remember there. She didn't like a campground. I think doing the Yoga Pool Toy Gosh so mike. Would you see said I five. Is it five all right. I'll just say I'm going to say four go lower okay so there was only one so pretty and you get the point here. I originally went in thinking all do how many are in the background because I also all I remembered was the tent as I was watching I was is that a giant inflatable killer whale you you know like one of the ones that the handles that you can ride in the pool so as soon as I saw that I was like well that's super weird. So of course I have to make question okay so congratulations pretty Amir the winner of this quiz on the other ones. I had tried to come up with ones for like Nick Super Boring. He was just sitting in front of a campfires. There is nothing exciting there. Oh surprise surprise did not have an exciting video that was forcing them to bring out its personnel. Exactly the most interesting thing I could come up with was how many pockets next shirt half it has one so dumb. It's like okay never mind. I won't everybody'll just do a subset of people muscle essel like that at cliffs. was I mean it's it's really interesting. They brought the memory wall stuff but I kind of felt that everyone else was like this happened to me was like my picture was below average on the on the memory wall like eating it along the game. Even some conditions like wore glasses or something or centuries contract dragged lasted like basically what you're making people play guests who instead of talking about what you did at the gave you know it's an unfortunate yeah which was so silly because he had a lot of game related things that he did so yeah very very odd much more than a thirteen chickens yeah oh man that was uh funny all right so I know the last time you were here. You surprised us with a game and we are living up chicken. George won thirteen chicken relatives than we are expected to hunt expect a year. I believe you have brought that game back for us. Big Brother Style I did yes of course of course I had so much fun doing it. Last time I arrive edge of extinction. I tried to put together. This family feud you'd fast money game and I thought it was really good actually really enjoyed it a lot. I think you guys so. I thought you know what let's do it again. Let's do it one more time and that happened. Actually before the season ended now we have one with the season over so we have cumulative opinion the Agra opinion of all of my youtube channel followers that responded and I went ahead. I asked on my Youtube Channel for People's answers to questions about big brother twenty one. I pulled their answers took the first one hundred that responded bonded over about about nine hundred total right now and I decided to try and put them into this family feud fast money game so I can explain the rules or shy explain the rules I yearn for those that are uninitiated that are we're too busy checking out big brother all summer that they environ watching their ABC family game night and Harvey on the family so basically in the family feud fast money game or shall we say the big brother fast spewed. This is going to have five questions asked you to both Mike and Liana separately there one is GonNa step away from the microphone on headphones or you don't have enough to do. I'M GONNA ask five questions to each of them. Their objective is to try to find the most popular answer that was given to me from my youtube follower so for example. If I said what who is your favorite player this season they're trying to figure out who was my youtube channel favorite player season. They want to figure out the number one and eventually number two two answers that will accrue points or their answers the pick the more popular answers they'll get more points. The objective is to get to two hundred total points between both both Michelina and last time we did this was the edge of extinction and you guys narrowly beat the game you were very. I don't know if you guys remember you. Were really close to not beating it. Do you remember how close it was down to like the last question and we barely got over the edge. It did yeah it was the last it question the last answer you guys out of two hundred points at two hundred and three points so that was I was I was I I remember thinking like I have no idea this could be completely broken. This game could be completely imbalanced and it'll be like incredibly hard to find like incredible guys to win or it could be like the easiest the thing in the world. I don't know both happy to see that it was sort of the best of both worlds. I think it was pretty difficult but also good enough that you guys you guys excelled that image to beat it so we'll soon happens this time. It was GONNA say I don't have high hopes for the version. We'll see I'm here to play well. I'll step away I so I'll lightly on ago because I think I think I went first last time suggested me in the chat when you're ready to have me back. I'M GONNA go listen to my h headphones dance around all right all right so Liana with Mike offstage. I'm going to ask you five questions. We'll have about about twenty seconds the timing for the most part if you can't think of an answer would be incredibly surprised by you can say pass and if you can come up with two hundred points after the both of you go. You'll get that confetti on your shoulders. All right thing are open twenty seconds on the proverbial Clark Doc all right so question number one is going to be named the player Youtube said was their favourite for big brother's gone okay name. The Big Brother twenty-one twist Youtube said was their favourite the field trip other than Jackson. Tell me the player Youtube said Ed played the best game this season Tommy Okay on a scale from one to ten giving the score youtube rated big brother twenty-one sex lastly named the Big Brother Twenty one player Youtube believes is most likely to return for an all-star to all right right all right. Let's let's bring Mike Back. I guess see us. This is again recreate some of the magic from survivor There's there's no matter well so you can stick around for this since you're near the questions and all that sounds good okay so Mike Leon I just went. We'll reveal. Both you guys his answers. After you both go so ready to go mike we're going to give you about twenty five seconds on the clock proverbial clock half a net. I'm ready to go all right so question number one name the player Youtube said was their favourite for big brother. twenty-one Nicole need other answer cliff okay name the big brother twenty-one twist that Youtube said was their favorite okay other than Jackson. Tell tell me the player Youtube said played the best game this season army in other answer Nicole okay on a scale from one the ten Gimme the score at a Youtube rated big brother twenty one six in other answer seven last question a name the Big Brother Twenty player Youtube believes is most likely to return for aid all-stars to Christie all right there you go. I've answered a lot of us. I'm GonNa wants to know what it is drinking the same Kool. Apparently I think it was the same aim flavor that Paul made in the house. lets us an adjective to describe this tall. No can you describe a noun she that she said physical or unless you see she used a noun to describe him. I loved her and she was like a noun. As a person placer thing bang great jobs says okay so we can sort of just tabulate the points as we go along with these questions and I'll reveal both your answers for each question one through five I do the math and I figured out that well we'll go through. These question and I'll let you know what my thoughts. I was trying to make sure that the game was broken or impossible to win at the same time. I didn't WanNa make it so easy that you guys would win by like I dunno question too so okay so for question number one an wise named the player Youtube said was their favor for big brother twenty-one Eliana you said Nicole and Mike did you send a call or is it and I thought I said Yeah. I figured that would be the case so Nicole was in fact the number one. The answer not surprised she was worth forty one points which is an insane amount mathematically. You WanNa get about forty points for a question so you've already the everything else. After this is gravy cliff was the number three answer was worth twelve points what you no not number two Kenny was number one two three six and I was GonNa ask do you think would be number two if it wasn't Nicole or cliff maybe Christie if they're going for like the train wreck factor of at all nope Christine actually read after Chemi Tommy nope Thomas or after I know right. I have no idea so I'll say no obese Lisa five people didn't get a single mention sadly and over he was one of them will auntie and the other four were Jack Sisson so the number to just does not know Jesse was she got one person right this is it is a cat. It's not cat was Richard Tommy and number five on the whole rock I can't I can't believe this. This is crazy so pretty. Much three is literally only three people I think left that you haven't said one of them was the first David it's not David the other two. Were the final two it. It was Jackson Jackson number two thirteen craziest since you did this survey like right after the season right I did. I did it over this past weekend. How you would think of it in the finale given how much people were like? Yes we got our pound of flesh from Jackson. Maybe they were happy happy about painting such a negative light. I think I think the only community there are some Jackson's Tigers who weren't fully one in one sync with what was shown on the live feeds versus the episodes so for them. They probably were a little bit blindsided. Maybe they feel bad for Jackson or something. Maybe they WANNA forgive. Give Jackson these your favorite though is a pretty big stretch. I couldn't imagine putting him as my favorite but actually I have a little bit of insight right on that because I was putting together casual corner game that we're going to play and there were definitely a lot of comments that were I can't believe that. CBS would do that to Jackson you know what did he do to desert so so yeah I can definitely understand where thirteen percent of people would come from Geena or having him as their favorite right well. The good news as you guys are sitting pretty after one question with fifty three points over a quarter of the way there to two hundred so go into question number two which was sort of a random question and I couldn't think I had four that were pretty easy for a fifth one. I'm like okay. Let's talk about twists so this was named the big twenty one twist that Youtube said was their favorite now thank you I yeah I know right so I was interested to see if we're going to say and if there was a runaway winner or something on it you said the field trip America's favorite America's fueled trip and that was actually number three with twenty three points so actually a decent amount yeah not not so bad mike like you said. What did you say you said? The double eviction even count was one of those so that was one of those interesting ones where it's like technically. I guess it's a twist because I would. I called it a twist in the past but the actually it actually was worth three points. Oh great so I went ahead and decided to not skirt around some people leave lots of random answers. Sometimes they'll fill out four to five answers or they love to leave leave multiple names so who is your favorite half the gas and like I just go with whoever they put. I sound like that was the person at the front of their mind so a lot of times people for this example. They didn't like it so in this case I took some of the joke answers and included them because why not only worth like one or two points. You guys have any idea what might have been American. America's field trip was number three. Do you guys have any idea what might be number one and number two. I feel like it's like none of them number number one or something that's exactly on the Internet should should give it to be so I was initially GonNa name in this question. We're GONNA make it say including none of them named the Big Brother Twenty one to us so you do so decided to get rid of it and I'm like that's too easy but number one answer was none one of them for thirty one cents was I can't seem to okay so I was it. America's pranks that our number two is frankly yeah no pranksters. There's actually a number four with only four points. It was a huge drop off after America's field show a the Oh yeah the wax worth one point while they got even less double of Vixen might not be a twist can't is Kim combat embed can come back. I think it was so so remembered that people just by default put it in it got thirty POW. Wow Wow I guess as much as none of them. I guess it's because it allowed us to like watch the people that we liked more but I feel so much. Watch bad happened almost as a result him come back to the bad outweighs the good yeah I mean that was my thought actually because I thought cam come back and I was like Oh. No you know I had a lot of controversy or at least that's what I remember but but yeah that's point. Also you know if you're trying to think of twists. That's the one that lasted the longest so maybe you're more likely to remember that so but yeah none of the above is is great. Yeah I totally forgot activity competition think people have stronger memories when they're in pain and I think cam comeback was very much a month long unfunny cancer cell so we can go number three. You guys got twenty six points after question to on top of your fifty three points so we can just sort of slowly do the math as we get down questions but that'll be sitting at seventy nine total which is pretty good about where you want to be number. Three question three was other than Jackson figured most people would say Jackson and he'd be a runaway easy obvious obvious who who played the best game this season so I started to say okay outside of Jackson. Who Do you guys think and Liana you said Tommy and and Tommy was a pretty good answer? He was the second most popular answer for best game other than the winner. He was twenty four points. I guess that's pretty good and Mike you said you sit in a coal played the best game I've I assume some people like to equate popularity with the gameplay employees as well so I just sort of went with that might set okay do do you feel confident with that already. Feel like that's going to be another double eviction through actually feel pretty confident about it because she's someone who we saw up until finale night and she was making some good moves at the end of winning competition so I feel pretty good well. You should feel good because that was that was the most runaway answer of the entire survey us do self worth the forty five points. Nearly fifty percent of those responded that I surveyed believe Nicole played the best game other than Jackson Congratulations I. I don't know if that's the case but I'm not going to the Internet. If it's helping us that I honestly I was. I was like wow that is such a runaway answer. I wonder if you guys would would maybe like not good enough of an ad like no. No aren't going to sign a coal and then you wouldn't get like forty five points there. I mean I've been I've been following the Stock Watch. I'll see we know oh how much the audience loves to equate popularity with good gameplay numbers. Yeah turn okay so that netted you guys sixty nine point one for number three which is huge so you initially had seventy nine going all the way up all right number four scale from one under ten. Actually I really want to go back. Let me go back on question number two. I had a few jokey answers that I wanted to bring up. Bring up that I thought were really funny and this was talking about the twists twists because a lot of people didn't like the to us and so instead of saying none of them they gave me jokey answers that our great like on person said Jess winning two comps in one week uh-huh hey expect unexpected training odd twists Marcel. Somebody I think was so over the moon about Nicole they the best waste list of Nicole's existence and last one person said letting Jackson in the shower. Oh yeah that's so funny. Money didn't keep deny that when he came out of the House it's like I didn't do it yeah yeah yeah trying to come after him with video evidence which I think he's just GonNa keep denying until you know until until he decided not to go onto the yeah. I wish I don't know technically. We didn't see the food go into his mouth but shower. I don't exactly know what purpose would be if not to eat said well. He brought a cucumber into the bathroom that one time so true all right so number four question number four and a scale from one to ten give me the score youtube rated big brother twenty one. Let's see Gaetana you said six hundred ten so just barely above average that was actually the number one answer worth twenty the three points all right well. That's could be worse. You know I mean it could have been so you know what I'll take exactly which I'm assuming assuming we'd be like the one of how many people gave this one yeah on the Internet also tend to go like really one way or the other so I'll be intrigued when all of this has done to find out how many ten about how many votes there were somebody gives us season Nicole ten so that would have been worth one point Nicole. You're saying Nicole for every single answer you could have done it and made a killing but anyway so then okay twenty three points the next one was Mike my seven out of ten and I assuming zooming six hundred ten. Wasn't everyone answer seven to ten the number to answer for eighteen. I assume that maybe it would have been a given uptick because Jackson say what you want about him but I do deflect he's one of the most unique player types win this season of big brother and he certainly was flashing down the line so I think that is definitely a very different compared to the past two finale or it was more of like the quieter which is set out Josh but like less flashy player one so I think that's helpful people's opinions right. It's interesting when we did this edge of extinction the top two answers were by far and away. There are seven and eight hundred ten so it's interesting to see. I'm not a huge correlation. I I can only imagine if you asked that question. After the finale that number would have been yeah right. That's true this is right after the double double of Gillian David so more a lot higher on it before for that point. I wonder if this was done after the double of twenty one. I think that six seven might turn into a seven I mean that's that's the thing and especially with ninety nine days of such rollercoaster. You know you pull at different times. During the season you could get a huge array of answers from nine to ones. I'm sure just depending on when you ask yeah and so I figured since you brought up the people number of people give it a ten and ten or one out of ten actually really low only one person give it a ten and one I give it a one wow yeah one hundred people so the same number of people gave the season a one ten in another ten yeah and I decided to look at this survey of the first one hundred people and see what their average scores out of ten and it turned into a five point three nine out of ten which isn't that high yeah especially compared to the number one number two answers. I guess is so heavily weighted to the bottom half sale yeah looking at the numbers go down the the number three was five at a ten and Ford Ford attended three hundred ten so those are the third fourth and fifth most popular eventually state nine people were more down especially with the ending of season so number five question over five was name the big brother Tony One player to believes is most likely to return for the Hypothetical Authentic Uil Mythical Pegasus all starts to season that will not come to be. Maybe this winter knows okay salona cliff and Mike you say Christie now knowing how many points we have between between the flask four questions you guys are at one hundred eighty nine. Oh my goodness means. We're going to work in a similar situation. Although I will say you were in worse spot with the previous one that lasts times about five months ago you guys were at one eighty seven with one answer left now. One one eighty nine with two answers left so suming you didn't totally a double of action on this morning should be okay for some reason. I assume that since I got something interesting on on ahead said Oh. I didn't realize you said Yeah I said cliff. I should've answered Nicole for everything. What have I done? Yeah you have to just believe in their faith of the Super Stans who just love Nicole so say cliff and and cliff was the flip best answer out of ten that were given so named the people that are twenty one player you believe is most likely return. Cliff cliff was a fifth out of ten names out of the sixteen. Hour cast was worth. Oh No what have I done hope that at least east six people wanna see Christie TV screens again so of course was it five with five points yeah. This is going to be an interesting ending yeah so I can tell you now. Nicole was in fact the number one answer Tom by far and away she was at thirty six points and so okay so you said Christie while I can tell you some good news. Tommy was number. Two with twenty one points joints number three number three was Christie and she did not have five points. She had twenty. Thank God God save the day by the last answer. I really doing this Atlanta. High anxiety is not good for this type at the gate puts you at Total of twenty two hundred sixteen two hundred points you guys now officially have confetti on your shoulder my gosh and I think I looked a little bit happier than Jackson so yeah my teacher not as red as his during that one commercial break when he was like furiously whispering at Hollywood right or are they talking about yes clustered. I was GONNA say my fear of going in. was you guys were going to say Nicole for everything because she was like thirty six points lanes forty five points forty one points like somebody just says Nicole. They're pretty much like one hundred fifty. You can say whatever you want at that point you one person said for name the the player that's GonNa come back. I decided to accept this answer and the answer was worth one point and I don't understand. I think it was a phone typo correction. It says pretty jury back you know we want the pretty I think trying to sing the preacher even bring the whole sense. That was my best. Guess Lazinski pretty good when they were on the finale night. I didn't notice that I was texting actually with Liana about this that I did notice that they did not do speaking of the rush along the they did not do like that each jury member walks out on stage to rafters applause and part of me wonders if it's because of the mixed reception of some of those jurors that they wouldn't want to risk them. I'm getting booed by walking out onto stage finale night yeah. I don't think they were going to be coming out with you. Know everyone's like yeah. We Love Jack. Yes yes yeah all right yeah. Thank you for bringing that game. That's a fantastic way way to get a pulse of very interesting way to get a pulse on on what people thought especially post finale so I'm glad we were able to pass the test as to what the pulse was on your community yeah. No it's fun for me too because I don't always have the best read and this allows me to sort of assess like the people that watch videos and come to my channel. I don't always know what they're thinking king and maybe I give this season like a seven out of ten who knows and they're giving it an average of five out of five out of ten. I don't know who they like and it's like okay well. They clearly all all our Song Sandler page. We all love Nicole. Nicole is number one pretty much and then as far as the twiss goal is really interested to see because I'm not a big fan of twists. I made that known this this year and and get a little bit of pushback from the thing. Most people are pretty okay with the twiss but it's like the number. One answer was none of them. I'm like that would have been so. It's nice to know that we're on similar pages well on that note of sort of getting the reactions to the finale and the season in general I want to move into next game that takes takes the power from the people to the people who have played big brother before and I have cold together several tweets about the big brother twenty-one finale rahm previous outs or we're going to do is we're going to go back and forth between the two of you each question. I'm going to read to tweets from big brother. Alumni is your job to tell me which one had more lights from the twitter verse on the night now a lot of stuff lying around with that very interesting finale and we'll see who had the hotter takes or who was just hotter in comparison to some of their big brother rather okay all right right well. Let's start with Yuliana. This will keep it in the family. Start off so your your tweets again. You have to pay which one has more lights. Kayla Herman said I feel like the big brother Fam- is like Greek life initiation. They spend up to ninety nine days in the house are version of hazing then they come out and joined tasers community welcome to the club Hashtag twenty-one you paid your dues mode of a goofy face versus Eric Stein Stein that finale dot dot dot. I'd be twenty one which one had more like Oh man okay. Yeah I think on this one. I'm going to go with Eric. I'm sorry it was a heat lynch. Eric had five hundred forty likes CAITLYN's had nine hundred and nine how okay I thought it was a simpler tweet. Mike Garner more likes of but but yeah okay all right now we have the big brother Greek system and that could be the team did camp this season. We could do GRANOLA ratty guys on this season that like I feel like we already got a pretty yeah. That's true I'm good with and this next one is for you to big brother. Winners had very different opinions as to how the end game would come out to be. I tweet Coal Frenzel. I right now think Holly has it at tag twenty one. What do you think versus as Derek La- Vassar this Jackson's game to lose and if he doesn't own his game with the jury he just might Hashtag twenty-one so nicole versus Derek which tweet had more likes okay? It's interesting that Derek was on her school Nicole on his season. I'M GONNA say I'M GONNA say Derek that is correct. Eric Cantor four thousand lights on one thousand four thousand likes on his tweet Nicole had at one point one thousand so it's close but it was very interesting to calls like oh I think holly has maybe she was to your point about her surprising on the on the jury question I think meal pre I was just thinking like I think more people were less interested in holly winning than Nicole our Mickey so I was just thinking if you're going to favor one side of the other more people probably GonNa go own Mickey's direction but I don't know anyway all right. We ought to this next one for you. I all of this question own your game. Natalie new GROTI tweeted word word of advice for all big brother future players jury management is important. Some people have it and some don't simple as that and it's a if of Jack Jack from willing race or doing like a gesture versus Josh Martinez Goodbye messages will forever be a game changer. You Are Wealth Dhamma Dhamma wink emojis fist emoji Ryan laughing emoji Hash. It'd be twenty one so now I know both of those players have crossed over into the challenge world but I still feel like Josh may be more prevalent with big brother especially because he won so I think I'm going to go with Josh here. That is on challenged tonight. Nonetheless Josh was trying to all his plate spinning as a word tweeting about both yes. Josh is tweet had one point five thousand likes Natalie's at five five hundred sixty six not surprised all right. We're going back to you here. I'm really going back to Nicole friend. This is a conversation actually between two in house. S and I'm GonNa let ask you which one had the more lights. I guess side of the Internet take okay. Maybe we'll said I feel so sad. That was not happy finale or break Emoji Hashtag DB twenty one versus Andy Herren all and says it wasn't but it was necessary. Sorry I think the show realize it go a little happiness in order to each valuable lessons about how some people treat others because of their race sex age etc Hashtag BB twenty one so between Nichols. Why is this finale so while wha andy sort of rebutting that point? Who Do you think had more lights? I think Andy I think Andy's pretty thorough with the twitter community you think he knows what he's done. Yeah Sandy you overestimate the rat voter. It was a whole will andy speak up five point eight thousand likes to eight point or off the record with Andy more but it seems that the twitter verse maybe agree with Oh. That's crazy yeah well. I think it's similar to what you were saying before about how there were some people I think the thing about finale while some of us were like I'm glad they're bringing this up. I think some people have the image of a finale supposed to be like a big happy ending for the season no matter what and this was anything but so I think that might have sense Liane. Let's go back to you here or some shoutouts Mr Pek tackler Jesse Daughters tweeted huge congrats to Hashtag Jackson it'd be Mickey on his amazing at CBS Big Brother Win last night what a win whatever finale what a season and baked and grasping America's favorite hd at bb Nicole the two H Jeez who said things about me one who incidents I think not ha ha ashes BBC twenty one at this was an instance where I'm like twitter needs to go back to one hundred forty characters. This is clearly an abusive. You're tweeting power Jesse so so that's one versus swaggie see Robin Click passes literally like my best friend. I love this woman so much lol. That's my dog Hashtag Bagged Twenty One oh man it was a shoutout to CBS extended shout out by Mr Patankar much Julie Chavez rushing him along versus Swaggie see see on out robbing bats. I mean Mr Particular tweets allot did he. I don't know if this is cheating eating but did he APP people in his tweet. He added. Cvs Big Brother an act CBS did not add any other okay. You know what I'll go with. Mr Particular story was Swaggie. See Don't underestimate the gang game darn those t shirts. It's man guys on Marketing Swaggie see got two hundred fifteen for his robin cast. A bishopric tackler only got ninety six year point lead on and just might be the church proliferation. What I know about Jesse is that he not only tweets incessantly but also re tweets his own tweet as well so they appeared voice so I didn't know you tweeted so much? I very rarely I've seen him on twitter. I don't all yeah that's interesting. I didn't know that he was still even watching in the show. I mean he did he did he make an appearance not using him Pandora's box after beebe another another used last season right is he he was the one who gave Rockstar the instructions of Adam Smith but before that he wasn't really on since fourteen when he popped out and was I think that's that's when he was Christmas version of some. I don't know I don't so he does follow me on twitter which I would say a humble brag but maybe more darasing at this point though so like I don't quite know but he's always tweeting about big brother or he's always just always tweeting. It's kind of annoying twitter. Fingers sodium bolted up all right. Let's move back to you rhythm. This one's polled expect the unexpected. The first tweet is from Brett Robinson at BB. Maybe twenty breath plot twist dot dot dot I walk into finale Hashtag. BBC versus Paul Abrahamian Wow Ashtec bb twenty one feels like an episode of Black Mirror. I'm going to say Bret. I actually remember seeing Brett's don't actually actually members in both of them. I don't remember their likes. I'm going to say breadth. Are they. Use a little bit more popular. Sorry surprisingly all the doppler the bigger reception here with his black lack mirror comparison. He got six point. Seven thousand likes opposed to Brett's two point nine thousand. I don't know exactly what Paul meant when he said it's an episode sort of Black Mirror which one also the ringling they're being deprived of technology doesn't really feel like I guess if it's someone being publicly humiliated lead in front of America during a reality show. Maybe but it's an odd comparison I will also say this is completely worthless. Speaking of survivor Brent Robinson did tweet on fact Teheran Meredith in Survivor was my cross coaching high school. Oh okay well. It's a small world fund crossover. I suppose on Cross Strait great all right. Let's move on here back to Liana. This one's called thirteen hates Jackson first tweet it is from Shelley Moore Hashtag. Bb Mickey Mom just kept saying you're good. You're good to Jackson Hashtag. Wow HASHTAG LOUIS VERSUS ADAM PA he was turning Purple Hashtag. BBC twenty-one with a Gif of I think it's Bob the tomato from mm-hmm Veggietales of God a I'll I'll go shelly. I guess is he's correct. Shelley's Kurt but very angry aiming about Jackson's mother dot four hundred twenty seven likes Adams Veggie comparison only got six. Okay Um right back to you. Iridium some pre juror love from the alumni meg molly. All I have to say is Cammy is stunning Hashtag. DB twenty-one Ursus Jessica Graph Lovie for President Hashtag twenty one which one got more lights. Gosh I feel you should underestimate the power of cameo on twitter. Let's see okay so Jessica. Graphs lovie and the first person person was who NAG MOLLY GRANDMA MEG Meg molly four I`Ma say Jessica graph just because of the fact that she's pretty big on social media that is Iraq Iraq her lovie president one point six thousand lights megs only got five hundred thirty game. Okay I think it would be yeah I mean he has nothing to do with Zing Bot I think then he'll be fine because we know the controversy of his presidency. We really want to try to avoid avoided anything associated with imagine lovie being like I dunno like a cookie in every play and I won't wake you up with a nightmare power. I'll be the solved off tonight airs. Oh man remember the nightmare power. Oh maybe we should put that as I'm sure people ironically put that as favorites whistle the man com. Nobody remembered any of that stuff yeah. There wasn't really yeah I mean might might didn't even remember it. Ah Twist so I will say it was the naming of those powers were nightmare panic and chaos and it was funny when we were watching it at the time I recently recently moved. How about two weeks ago? I'm in a new place. Since I started recording. We used to live on a peninsula and for some reason the just the one way street that I lived on have tons of emergency medical service vehicles rushing down firefighter shocks just ambulances. They just called blazing down every every day. I don't know what is it random times and sometimes early in the morning I was like how is there so much like chaos at the end of the street. I don't understand like how many people are actually down. There and my wife and I look was a loud noise wife and I ended up nicknaming naming the street that we lived on nightmare panicking chaos just because of all the constant noise that we would get involved there. It was endless and that was definitely one of the pros for I love you said the year Panik power have been for you to pick a new house to redraw right yeah right they they because of Jack's right so stupid two out of three same people yeah we've all along with the nightmare power where I think it was. They have to like move house in the middle of the night you get up. Take your stuff and all of a sudden there's new nominations so so yeah and then Christie's our is that she comes to you and says look. I could've issue from this house right now but you have to do what I say or. I'll all use it and then you say okay fine. I'll do whatever you want and the Internet really craps on you for a little but then ultimately benefits your game because people trust you know exactly actually I'm going to finish off with a couple of questions here. We're GONNA we're going to change it up a little bit these next questions one for each of you is actually going to have three tweets and what you're going to do is order them from most likes to lease like you're going to get one point. If you get the first place one you're GONNA get one point. If you get the second place you you can get a possibility of two points if you do all three in order so Liana. Let's go back to you here. these are three Nicole lovers and again and you're going to rank them in order of most likely slights big meech tweeted let Nicole they'll hugger parents ash tag. DB twenty-one Danielle Reyes weeded baby girl. If you walk out tonight don't trip vanilla chip. We are proud of you. You may not one but you the game that you want America's heart thank you for being the Ray of light of this season. We got nothing but love for you at. CBS Big Brother Ashok between one hashtag Nicole finally elissa Riley slater in graphs to the winner of Hashtag DB twenty-one Nicole we all love you so much and you're trending girl wing face champagne emoji. Oh Gee up already horn Emoji Hashtag coal ash tag big brother winner Nicole Ashtec big brother and Nicole big brother okay. That's far too many hashtags I'M GONNA go with Danielle Meech Elissa. I'm GonNa give you one pointing wasn't he. The first one it was closed between the other suit and Y'all got one thousand likes. Don't trip Manila chip Elissa wasn't second but only with six hundred eighty one lights Hashtag Galore and then meet was in third with six hundred thirty five all right already for this last one which I like to all who put a nickel insys Judd Party darty wow analysts is alive and well now Hashtag. DB twenty-one Daniel Mercury wow our dot dot dot wow dot dot dot on elise is looking really really bad to me in this Brown table speech. Not a fan of people like that. My entire I review of her has changed dot dot Ashtec. DB TWENTY-ONE HASHTAG bitter ask shocked at over it and J. C. Do you guys thinks she's showered every day or not. Laugh Primeau g laugh prime. OJ Till Crime Og chiltern Emoji and this is also tweeting his big brother after Dr Orwell backyard interview with where he confronted her about the not showering so between Casey Daniel Murphy and Judd or those tweets from most to least Lisa okay. I'M GONNA say Jaycee is number one number two and Daniel Murphy is number three that is Karang when you're on the money Sir Jaycees tweak that seven hundred thirty seven lights judd dot two hundred five lights and Daniel Murphy got one hundred twelve l. but they all have the same feeling about on Elise where the hell she came from in that round give quick tangent the WHO put a nickel and Joss 'cause I is that what you're referencing yeah from the challenge. Oh my gosh I still say that line like now. Watching whenever jazz does anything that's the first thing that pops into my head so Kudos into that reference. I appreciate them. Congratulations for radium by a score of four to three you have won. This game tiebreaker was going to be a how many likes investigator for the tweet. How do I watch right now on east coast if I'm in? La Awesome it's such a such a tweet. What would it be? I think it was ninety. Okay I was GONNA I was Gonna go a little higher. Maybe one hundred something but make sense very fussy man. Actually you know what my phone. The other day was like. Oh you know you haven't used these APPS and awhile. Would you like to delete them from your phone and one of them was Fethi Z. Fitness and I was like no I need it. Have you gone onto it recently. I think I lost my log in information so I think I downloaded like right in the preseason bill twenty and I left like a really good review. I started using it as a joke. I haven't touched it since but yeah I don't know maybe he's got another since then also is ugly but the other part of it is that no one uses it so you know I don't know problem the challenge I see might have another outlet to him. Belfast fitness coming very true bracelets for a while or something like that or you could buy them. I appreciate the fans out there that tried to push for me to get one. I did not receive one a but anyway all right so let's get into our last casuals corner owner of this season wrapping everything up here with the casuals response to the finale so this okay so overall. I will say there was actually a lot of I don't know if controversial is the right word but essentially there was a lot of debate going on about how Jackson was confronted with regards to his his comments during the season so there were a lot of comments that were not so funny so I focused on things that I thought were more entertaining and that is Jackson's reaction to winning and casuals thoughts on so this first question is for you pretty amazing so again. WAYCAPITALS quarter works is I pulled three comments that were from the casuals and then I wrote the fourth comment so it's up to you to guess which one I wrote okay comment a wow dot dot dot. has anyone been less excited to win be. He wanted the confetti the and he looked like he could care less see. How can anyone be sad with confetti? Maybe they needed balloons as well or India. Oh my why the big square red unhappy face Jackson so which comment did I write okay so it's trying to understand what your psychologist for writing these. I'M GONNA say I'M GONNA see. The third third one was on that you wrote the balloons right okay. I don't know I thought I think they'll be the ones that yes. That was the comment that I wrote one zero but this question is for Mike so the casuals were also interested in Jackson's clothing that he wore at yeah he wore the exact same thing that he entered the house in yes exactly and the casuals have some thoughts on that so a couldn't have dressed a little better for finale be did he dressed in plaid because of the camp see sad mickey had no other change change of clothes same thing over and over dot dot dot well now you can go go buy you some more clothes or who by us for more cows or D who cares this. Dude stupid needs to get out of those thrift store clothes ooh I I really liked the amazing that you partially so ambi. Were were was putting find anything nicer address. What was he addressing plaid because of the camp? I kind of hope yeah. That's correct we own. You're making comedic decisions. I'm like dress and plaid because of camp or because of the camp like which one do I think is more stupid but yes that is correct Mike that I did. I did right okay so now. Let's get into some more general comments that were made so pretty on this question is for you. This is just a potpourri category. A The camp stuff was very very immature and childlike didn't care for it be Mickey hit it at the Holiday Inn over under under and then an a-plus slash minus sign question mark a boy. Why would you over under an plus? I don't know but like over over under what not a numerical value got guys see. Three out of five of the past winners have openly cried for their MOMS can't tell if bb is changing or the world is what is Holly's always name again okay so I wrote D- The most so I'm GonNa just going to say to being a very comedic line weight. It's so now I'm intrigued to find so re the five last. PB winners. I guess who are the two that they felt didn't cry for their MOM's okay well. Josh Maybe Casey is one of the ones that it did not Casey Josh Dead. I think oh Steve Dead so just like us so the three during the three guys cried for their MOMS and the two women yeah sure we'll go with that yeah I think my favorite comment was the camp stuff was very immature and childlike didn't care for it which I think was just a Typo but I like to think was somehow related camps for. I don't know no I like this. Yes I do like no. We didn't like the campus to go to a fort into the military should be the theme next thing more mature. BB armies right okay. I Mike this question is for you. Hey can we just redo this season with a whole new cast which I think is just another season and like I don't understand how you redo the they're coming in and doing a redoing season with the tardily new cast is just a difference fritzy right. Okay be big brother. Please no more Chad's Becky's and stacy's when casting the show dot dot dot well. We talked specifically last time about what made Stephen or whatever it was that an Chad I think were the two that we talked about. There was another one that we looked up Spencer. I don't remember this at all. See My wife had the remote so I couldn't change change the channel. I was very angry or D. Welcome to the Illuminating Brotherhood where riches empowers are achieved having you looking king for a way to join the great brotherhood. Here's a golden opportunity and a chance to join the great fraternity during the Aluminum Brotherhood today and receive a sum of eighty thousand dollars immediately really after your initiation and more benefits to come your way no human sacrifices involve only a few items needed for your initiation interested. What's up the temple Lord on the plus a tooth insane? What's going to be my new twitter bio? It's like the high on bumble yeah just like swipe right under the temple Lord certain phone number for more information on how to be initiated. Oh my God I feel like you really bent over backwards for that. I I read a long one. There and I'll wait for bb twenty twenty two the illuminating but the grand prize is eighty thousand dollars more mature than camp so yeah. That's true very Tom Okay now. I I completely forgot about the first three because yeah. Can we redo this season with a whole new cast the Chads Becky's Stacy's or my wife hid the remote because I had this image of hiding veto like miniaturized with this guy is just like tearing out to find the remote. I feel like you wrote. I wrote see yeah so I don't know where that came from creating this character of this angry hudsonville chart it's changed a journal wants to watch murky well. I guess I was trying to understand what I was like okay so they're mad because they have to watch big brother. You're forced force is what show and somehow that's more so is that we well congratulations pretty. I'm for winning. I will say my tiebreaker were all comments about the season being over so there was some comments that were the best part of the season was when it ended which which I thought was surly fun comment so so yeah so the casuals I think overall pretty torn on everything but the holiday and we'll never know I think Ed's represents howling. We all feel a little silly little strange about big brother twenty one. It was certainly an interesting summer and we're going to have to wrap this up by temple or what San I am personally I see some future but this was so much fun to get literally everybody in the planet's thoughts at this point about the BBC twenty-one Finale segue into whatever is coming next for big brother at least big brother Canada is coming. We have no idea if there's a celebrity big brother. There's GonNa be a miniaturize all-stars version that they're going to do a completely different season with a tiredly redone season with a new cast who's to say but for more breathe brother no matter what premium thank thank you so much for coming on and subject yourself all these games bringing one game yourself as well. It's always great to have you on. I'll give you both all you on social media and what do you have coming up in terms of coverage for both Big Brother and survivor yeah you can follow me on twitter at Billy guys real name you can also search the per diem will probably show up on Youtube Youtube. It's PALADIUM HE D. I am as far as he was coming up next week. Well whenever this we're going over. This podcast is going up. I should have a review for big brother twenty-one. She's GonNa be a long one all encompassing talking about the entire season but we just watched for the past ninety nine days he's and then after that I'm completely shifting to be talking about survivor and survivor island the idols and unless there's a winter season of big brother. There's a good chance chance I could be talking about survivor until who knows maybe big brother Canada or brother or big brother twenty two so yeah. I'll be talking about nothing but survivor for the foreseeable future wow so quick thoughts by the way what did you think about the island of the idols from here. I thought it was okay. I'll say that my wife was very down on anti was much higher on it than I it was interesting because normally we will talk about it and I was mixed so it's all right. I guess we'll see where it goes. I kind of felt like a little bit like ghost island with the theme that twist raced except instead of there being flashbacks we had flash forwards with Robin and Sandra Fair bit older than they used to be and you know I was like okay. We'll see where this goes. I thought it was really interesting that we had such a prominent female cast. I don't think I've ever I don't think we ever had such a so much. Visibility with the women on the season which I was I was blindsided by and looking forward to Let's see where this goes. You know people were saying the same thing with David versus Goliath so maybe it'll lead to good things yeah and I liked it I because of an so focused on big brother twenty I almost went into the season almost totally blind which isn't usually very common so like for season forty. I'll be totally the opposite so I have nothing distracting me so I thought it was pretty good. I felt yeah not offensive to not like didn't in straight up dislike. It and my wife thought it was Kinda Hokey with the whole Rob Sandra thing it's like gosh there's really really phony at this point. Aren't they and I'm like half survivor's life spans than voting voting in your is it your on board with the phoning or you're just like not watching anymore. Interns accordionist not too big brother shame but she just needs to wait like an hour longer and see the other show at the time what sort of valves the other day and she watches big brother with me so I'm like I don't know where you're going with like we just finished a ride. We're going right into big brother which is top anyway so yeah. I thought it was pretty good. I'm looking forward to it. Pretty high hopes glad there's no edge of extinction. We'll see if you can always be happy about that for childlike Campy Leon. I'm glad glad Ronnie's gone for episode one. That was nice. It wasn't rooting informed so anyway we all know what about you all you on social media and while the brother might be off the air for the time being but you have working on in the pod sphere well so first of aw I will give this podcast in coal out of ten very very fun and then also I have to say this because I thought of this quote since I watched watch the video about the final two jury performances the comment about Gina. Marie de one where she's reading from a teleprompter written by a first grader. That's trying to write it yet. He's hard to their grandmother. Oh my God I left so hard. I think about that quote often. I'm just I'm just Gina Maria itself so it's been really fun to have you on Kurt for the finale of this. You do absolutely great coverage on your Youtube Channel Yeah so for me. Mike and I are back together for the survivor her RHA PBN. BSO We had our first week of coverage with Nicole Susteren. You know which was a lot of fun and then we're going to be back this next week with Haley strong so definitely definitely check out that and then I'm also doing mass singer coverage with Julia over on the rops Channel And oh man. It's such such a crazy season. It's so weird. It's so bizarre. Definitely check it out. We have a lot of fun breaking everything down and just talking about all the ridiculousness that is the Massingir and you can always follow me at a Mike Bloom type. You can check out the exit press. I did with everybody this season on big brother twenty-one I talked with the final read the day after the finale and role in good spirits of got some very interesting perspective is on their game so you'd be sure to check all out. I'm also doing exit press or survivor thirty nine fine as well. I have a very unique perspective on because I got to go out there free season and definitely a you know talking with people both before and after the game even just experiencing in with one person so far with Romney a very interesting experience and it was the best time they had in my life so I'm excited to watch the season now you know I was out there for the first few today's so on the NBA at a bit about what I got to see from my vantage point of the first episode and now I'm completely in the dark and I'm very intrigued to see where it goes. I I was very high on the there was a lot of great stuff into it. The we'll see you know how this concept you know ends up playing out and how it plays into the airtime of the season specifically but it should be an interesting season no matter what of course Josh Burglar and I are going down the hatch every week on Po show recaps recapping an episode of a loss awesome. We have confidence man the Big Sawyer episode coming up actually a very much a Jackson e type in terms of very reviled person who might become an underdog at at one point though maybe problematic in different way than Mickey. I should say only less than affinity for fruit more of affinity for books so be sure to check all that out on post show recaps can do it for the BBN. Be Thank you all so much for tuning it. I know with big brother. We tend to do less recurring ones more on these every review weeks monthly basis but we're such a strange season as big brother twenty one. I really enjoy games to get into it with you. Liana and our guest mapping worry Mary Hausky the ski who Ya and of course already I I always love keeping the doors open an air condition for the summer as into move into the fall and we replace our watermelons analysis on. I don't know what's going to be the next fruit that we're obsessed. Maybe like our new food obsession yeah we were opening the BBC check our survivor coverage for that backstory as it is weird but is a lot of on much like like this show but that's GonNa do it for B Twenty one coverage depending on what happens if there is a winter season they will come back and do something if not we'll be talking survivor like parade radium until the summer when DB twenty two rears its ED. Thank you all so much for listening again. You can always submit to us any games that you might WanNa WanNa play the Perceivable Future Rha g mail DOT COM or Ashtec Rha P. E. N. B. R- always open to any and all suggestions. Thank you all so much. Watch for listening and your support all season long special thanks to Scott saint-pierre readiness behind the scenes from America for the use of our theme Song Pretty. Thank you again Liana. Thank you so much as always my ride or die keeps being the positive check you all out your next game bright offense law as our H. 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