1011: It's almost 2020? Did anyone tell Doug and Strickland???


A science experiment gone terribly wrong. Here's what's coming up on the nice guys on this. It's time to listen to Jerry voicemail. It'll be like eh Bob. I got some jeers never told us what kind of music he likes. I you GonNa just say I bet. He's a hair metal fan. Oh Jared Kids Hydra wife come into your from California. The State Prison in Los Angeles County is prison. CAST would doug pretty mouth sandler and stricken soap on a rope bonner bill from where you are now to where you could be get expert tips to grow your business to be more productive and more efficient. Whether you're trying Brian to build influence grow your community or make it rain bestselling author of Nice guys finish. First Doug Sandler can lead the way the nice guys on business is is produced by turnkey podcast productions. Now here's your host Doug Sandler way okay. Well we do have a whole bunch of stuff to talk about. We are post holiday right now. Do you have the Post holiday blues not yet not yet. Hey by the way Welcome back welcome back minister about on the other side of the micro Mr Deck Sandler Moorer So welcome to To one final episodes before the beginning of Twenty twenty I can see clearly now the the clear vision of twenty twenty is now here. The Rain Is gone the rain is gone. Who is I can see a ops? Johnny Nash One who really truly one hit wonder if there was a remake. Cover that somebody did ooh. I can't remember who do the remainder because remake was really big too although almost exactly like the original. I'm going to have to look it up now. So did Did Dan Fogelberg. Ever think that. His Oleg Zein was ever GONNA take over. You know into the into into the new year's by for a few years kind of get this popular thing going on but just never really did. I just ate myself by saying Dan Fogelberg his old Lang signed I mean his. Does he have a same old Lang Zayn or something like that. Would hold on a second Jimmy Quinn remake of it. Jimmy Goldberg hold on. I'm looking I'm looking at up because I because I can't. I thought the name of the song was. Yeah there's an old lifetime but I didn't. It's it's like an old classic explains it's all on the Dan. Fogelberg I think wrote is it hold on a second New Year's Eve in for Same Old Lang Zion. That was the name of it. Don't you remember me and my old lover in the gross restore the snow. Who is falling? Okay is that was that one is called my only now. It's actually called Same Old Lang Zayn so I wasn't sure if that was ever supposed to take over as a As like a a New Year's Eve we've hit but you know it kind of pulls at the heartstrings. A little bit and he was. He's a little bit like down in the dorms. Because I I don't think he or his or his ex actually had anything to do on Christmas Eve. 'cause they're both in grocery store on Christmas Eve and they go out and drink a couple of beers in the car. Who knows what happened after that? I don't know kind of ships over that kind of skipped over that entire part and then just moves onto the rest of the song a she gave a kiss to me has a hey guy out say something about the snow turns into rain. It's depressing song though. I kinda depressing. Uh of going to look up the lyrics now what do you think of that. All of a sudden is that like a New Year's Eve song now just because it has the words Alang sign in. Well I thought it was maybe one one of those songs that That was trying at some point. The reason I thought about it was because I was talking about This is GonNa be our first song until our for some are one of our or last episodes until the the new year and and then I was thinking A New Year's Eve songs and then I was like Oh yeah Christmas Eve song that Dan Fogelberg and and then I remember Shit I just age myself and then that whole the whole process went over my head. I don't know. She said she married her architect. Who kept were who kept her warm and safe and dry okay? there's there's a lot of lyrics in that song. The songs that they have now. How many how? Many words you think anchor before they start to repeat themselves during the typical lyrics of a song. You would probably know any. Tell me what you want what you really really want. No tell me what you want. No idea what made me think of that song right so in Dan Fogelberg Song Same Old Lang. There's like one two three four five six seven eight nine. There's like there's there's like fifteen paragraphs in that sauce lot. Yeah that is a lot. That's a lot you must have put a lot of thought into. I still have no idea why we're off on this but okay yes last. Our last show of the two of us for two thousand nine hundred ninety. Is that true the last episode for you and me for two thousand nineteen. Let's see what's what's the date. What is the day? Oh you're right because the into this when he said Yeah. Wow tomorrow the twenty seven seven. Yeah editing is tonight and we're doing it's going to be out tomorrow. Yes that's incredible. Yeah it's like we're like hey we we get more time like we used to have to record on Saturday instead. Right we bunch up. Yeah always always always happens. What is the? What's that saying? Oh you're going to fill the exact amount of time that you're Tasca's whatever it is you're right however given for your task at the the amount of time needed to complete a task will expand to the amount of time that you have available to do the task. Yes and I'm noticing strickland that you're it. Sounds like you're not in your normal setup today you're a little bit more eco-aid sounds he get some glass going on around. You is my sensing that the right thing. They should be quieter. Because I feel like if I if I talked to close then it's GonNa pop all over the place. Is that not good. I don't know I don't think I like that strict because of creepy. He's a little. I'm in a day job so I'm going to office right now and it is like just all it's like nothing on the walls and it's it is amazing audio like I moved into my office downstairs. I think I was telling yes last week. And I've got these panels all set if I don't move the panels even when I'm really close to my mind. I still hear the echo because the room. It's it's Acoustics are amazing things. But it's okay. I got metal panels but I don't have my panels here so so I'll just talk nice and close to the MIC instead. Quieter selling you're just say hi stricken binder and we are at the golf channel so so doug is now teeing up to the eighteenth hole and wow really got all of that one. That was kind of A. Oh looks like it's balanced and it is. It's someone someone in the head. It's I think it's okay because it gets other throwing it throwing it back on. That's not not very good. Not Very sportsmanlike. Sean knows all about that. He's a big golfer. Has I wonder if that's ever happened at a professional golf tournament where somebody actually like Like what is it called when you when you wait not wing the ball but you hit hit it off to the side. He hits somebody the in the in the and then they what happens if they throw it. Are you allowed to so. I know you're not supposed to throw the ball. But when they considered out and play Sean Carpenter to to And to chime in on this because he would know better than me. But I'm pretty sure the whole thing is like play it where it lies so David was to hit somebody right. Wherever it hits it's them and then falls and balances that's where you play at from like they'll just get out of the way like if they're on lookers in there on the side like they will do their best to get out of the way and and if it falls like not in the rough but like out of about Oh well you know? There is an outer balance rule too. But I don't know what that is like if it falls out of bounds you take a one stroke penalty me and bring it to the edge of the INBOUNDS. But Shawna's better I added you were looking at. I just happened to. I tried to Google it and then another article came up corner fan struck and head by Foul Ball. During dodgers game died of blunt force injuries. I heard that well that was a year or two or three hours When was it that was that was in February? So it's about a year ago. The California woman died in August is result of being hit in the head by embattled ball at dodger stadium. Yeah that's that's that's crazy shit. God that's not that's not good. How much does that cost not good not good? She was She was celebrating a recent seventy ninth birthday and fifty nine to edit wedding anniversary with her husband. How talk about a celebration in coming to a screeching halt? No doubt. Can we talk about happier topics. Sure absolutely well we do have a voice mail in there I believe it is from From jared and we and we got some I wanNA talk maybe maybe this year maybe this episode about the upcoming year goals and maybe where where we have been over. I know we didn't really prepare for this. We got some time. We've actually been all. These are old town dose. Oh my God they're sold. I haven't heard anything. It looks either because some of them are my topics. I have discount tires experience funding fans meet up and Bucky haight hundred day challenge. Oh okay yeah well we can talk about all of those but I really would like since this is the final episode or maybe the first episode. We probably should do in two thousand twelve. Twenty twenty is to talk about goals for the upcoming year. Not only for us but for our team as well because of a topic that you just mentioned which is our which is our Turnkey team absolutely absolutely. Do we want to just get get into the voice mail now all before we forget totally sounds like you're in a studio like a professional studio and somebody. Somebody turned up. The river still sounds. It's so perfect. Really close is it's okay doesn't sound head yeah you can fix it in the verb. You can't truly Fox you're screwed if you've Henry is very hard to take river about and that's okay it's all good. I just sit here it sounds okay. Okay yeah it sounds it sounds sounds good. I mean if you had never listened to the show you would think that normal but if you are listening to the show in your hearing you now you're like what did strictly just get into a professional or something like that. You know all those guys. Those radio guys at turn their reaper mob. Just up they had like yeah. So that's that's kind of weird. Sounds all right now. Can we get to the voice. Yeah yeah play the voicemail hate allegations x-jerry here so it's fries it's I guess I really don't have to say it's fried anymore. Because it's always it'll be on a Friday. I'm listening to Friday episode. And you're listening voicemail about the MERCE and and going on here here we go about Doug and his band card yes yes yes yes having lotion in your merce. And it's all women compliment house off. Your hands are yes that does qualify for removal of a man card once once again taking a long time ago my friend equal listening to your show that are men. Probably I agree with me. I can't speak for everyone but I will speak loud enough that everybody will hear it my friend just saying he'll love you great show. I'm only a few minutes in. I don't know twenty percents. This was action. How long you start you? Couldn't you know give to cartridge giving us an hour. Man You know we should do you know I mean. I don't know how long we requested that people call in leave a message coffee to forty two. Dd Doug leave a message. Anything like we WANNA listen had time we can just talk about your company. We won't give Shit. And who goes jared in which we love them. We Love Jared. I don't want jared to stop calling in. We maybe need to create like segment music for jared not not not focused right not like. Hey who's calling today. WHO's got no fucking specifically for jared all right just seriously I like this but but but I see adding extra time onto the on onto your editing? I I don't WanNa give you any more over 'cause now now it's new to what we do is this is N.. caster drop so like before instead of instead of doing it in the edit later I'll be like. Hey it's take for it's time to listen to jared voicemail Babak Jerry. Yeah that'd be the eighties hair metal version. The yet part was it Steve. O'Brien record something but then like it wouldn't be like a musical thing so maybe I will just records to find some good music on audio hero. Hair metal music. I I think jared has never told us what kind of music he likes. I GonNa just say at Betty's hair metal fan I'm gonNA find like an eighties styled uh-huh and put vocals overtured. I don't even know how you did. That include occurred for next week. I'll have to ought to do that to make myself a note. Okay all right. Well I don't WANNA I don't WanNa take away from any of the Subjects or the topics that you have and we haven't spun the wheel in quite so I don't have the wheel here. The wheels at home so I can't spend it but we can pick. It's obvious to tell that whatever if you're using the twenty one hundred or whatever you're using your must be holding making noise as okay now you. You're you're very fidgety. You normally and just in life alone. You're fidgeting and now put something in your hand your extra Fiji so so you need you need like A little velcro thing or you need. Maybe you need a little bit of a buffer between you and the minor one we use. User Yeti Mike's Right and you hear yourself really pretty loud right twenty one hundreds like I hear myself but I don't hear myself I self that loud. That's the problem so I'm not hearing all the handling noise I'm trying not to. I'm aware of the fact that I'm holding the Mike and so I don't WanNa handle and move too much but apparently it's not doing ching album so well remember remember about six months ago. I was at this At this event and one of the things they gave to me as a podcast or Being represented there and helping them out was they gave me a high all microphone. It's like a two hundred and fifty or three hundred dollar microphone and they also gave me the the little digital The exelon digital mm converter. So it's the same thing this really really good sound quality microphone and technical piece of equipment which I figured out US sound but I couldn't hear yeah figured it out but I couldn't hear myself in my microphone out of the It's not that I couldn't hear myself but it was really really salt. It's kind of like using using your Your bose headphones as a and they have a little microphone on the court using bose headphones. When you're on the phone with somebody and you can't use here that perfect perfect person perfectly clear? But you can't hear you because of the the noise damn noise cancelling side of it so like I hate using this as a as a as Phone and that microphone the highlights. The same thing. I can't stand using it. Although it's a really high quality Mike I can't stand us a curious. What the sound quality was how it's different from the he added very curious to do an AB test of that at some point? But you know it's not not that big a deal right right all right. Well let's go on to some of the topics. I am very curious curious about we tease last last week. About the your Your discount tire story and then I. I'm really curious about the the the buck you hate when you go. You bought tires before for your car right so yeah. Let's do when you buy tires. Do you just like go into wherever and just say give me tires I well I do a little bit of shopping ahead of time so I know what kind of price I'm going to be walking into. Now keep in mind. I've had my highlander now for uh-huh ten years so I kinda know that it's going to be about one hundred thirty to one hundred and fifty bucks tired go in there but I still shop the sales and see what's going on but they are my place to go is I really like to go to COSCO. Because it's like they don't they. Don't try to sell you anything. And that's the that's the part about going into a tire place. I hate is they. They always try to upsell you. Then they try to sell you on the on on the The hazard warranty thing and then they try to sell you on Xtra balancing in a line not balanced but and so by the time you get out of there that hundred and fifty dollar tire no cost you about two hundred bucks so you take a five hundred twenty dollar sale and you turn it into an eight hundred two thousand dollars sale. And that's not cool so anyway. That's that's traditionally my experience so it's funny because I totally agree right. I'm GONNA COSTCO membership. And one time I had to replace one tire for my Ford Ford Focus and and I was getting ready to sell sell it and I just wanted the absolute cheapest one I could find because I was literally getting ready to offer right and they were like okay. Well we've got one. That's like hundred thirty dollars or something and I'm like don't you like sixty or seventy dollars tired because like I trust Costco Right. They're not gonNA mark stuff up like but they only sell mid and in high price tires so costco doesn't they don't care the cheapie. Whatever budget tire so it wasn't like Oh my God I said so so I did a whole bunch of research and I'm I'm shopping around and stuff right and of course so when I buy tires us when I do it's like I N T W and there's discount tires and there's all these faulk in places and and really the the what they carry can vary hugely right? I mean for most cars. You can find a sixty seventy eighty dollars higher but the exact same ones from a different manufacturer could cost two or three hundred bucks easily right. Okay so I do try and I find discount discount tires right and I'm like what type can I make an appointment. They're like no just show up. I'm like okay. What time do you open eight o'clock so I get there right at eight o'clock because look you know these places you don't get the puck and early right like five 'til ain't right and there's probably six or seven people? They're already waiting like in line. It's like okay. It's crazy right now. And these aren't like drop-off people these. The people that are that are going to stay while they're waiting outside the door like lined up like you know who's going to be I in crab. Here's where they they just fucking won me over okay. As soon as as soon as the doors open at eight o'clock right there are like seven tails guys that walk out and fan to meet everybody and basically every sales guy just walks right up to a customer immediately immediately. So it's not like okay. You're next in line your next online. They fuck in walkout to meet US and like the guy comes up and he's like hey man. My Name's Corey and I'm going to be helping you out today. What what can we do you for you and again i? I'm assuming everybody else got the same experience but it was so that was the first thing that was corey so hold on. Let me I gotta Ask Questions Art. Should I listen to the story either way so my question is are some of these the texts that are actually gonna put the tires on or do you feel like these are all front. You like like you can't staff like that the entire your day because that would be a waste of good question. I honestly don't know I should. I should have checked because they had like eight bays right. What did you do that? You're attack or visit a sales guy but normally like if if I go into a store the tech guys know pretty much as much as the front they might even know more and I feel like they give you more honest information. Although it's probably a mall solution which is probably why they they have They actually have make up. Its Polish looks like under the nails. Let me see your nails Terry. Okay considered uh-huh yes but yeah it was really interesting so like the and the guy was again he was just really nice. Like A. What's going on? What can we do for you today and I said Hey I'm going to? I called in and you told me you've got this cheapie. Whatever seventy dollars tire away? We're talking forty the Toyota where we go on. This is my Toyota. See The mini. Oh wait a minute I sorry sorry you originally thought you were talking to your because it's just a couple of weeks rent okay and I was like yeah. We called in earlier. And you know I don't know how much longer we're GONNA have the car so I just want the budget tires. I called earlier. You guys said okay. Cool he walks over he takes a look and you know really helpful and he had not pushing not trying to sell stuff. I can't remember some of the other stuff you but it was all just really Friendly Nice personable. You know there was no push to sell shit. I mean you know he threw others like do you want this. Do you want that okay. Cool off and when I said I wanted really cheap ones he. He wasn't like well. You know those kinds of Sauk you know. Oh I know like he walked me through he says. Hey here's the stopping distance of these versus other ones and and get I did the really cheap ones in. And he looked at them like dry stopping distance wet stopping distance compared to the more expensive ones right and he's walking Any showing it to me on the screen. He's like yeah this is like Oh yeah these are you know it's not quite as it's like ten feet longer stopping distance for the cheap ones versus. This is the ones that cost twice as much. And he's like that's pretty close. It's all good right so it's not even like he's trying to push me. It's it's it's kind of like going into into the Carmax and into have you ever been the word Parker glasses kind of like going into those two places where you go in they basically give you the facts and they let oh you decide. It's like when you go into Carmax I. I know that you are probably going to pay a little bit more for the car. Because they have this no negotiation perspective or standpoint or that's their philosophy that's great and I appreciate the fact that they have that but I I love the fact that I'm okay paying a little bit more because I'm getting the the gift of not having to the haggle. I don't want to buy a car. I just WANNA go in. Get something that I. I'm happy to pay a fair price for it and and if I can get out of there without the that that that should be feeling inside me like Oh my God I was either just taking advantage ever man. I won that deal. I'm not looking to make a killing and win. I hold a car for for a long long time. My Toyota again. I've had it's two thousand eleven so it's I've had it for almost ten years now and you know I remember just going in there and just so happy when I made the deal made it so easy just made the deal. Toyota actually was offering zero percent financing at the time. And made it even easier for me so I don't WanNa negotiate any of that so the idea of going into a tire place which I get the same feeling when I go into a higher places like go into store. It's like you don't you don't really know what you're buying. It's like it looks like to me. I don't know okay. What's the what's the difference? I mean I know the brands like Michelin. You're going to pay a little bit more for that but outside of Michelin I don't really know any other brand. That's like We met like Pirelli fast gas right and here And Michelin Tires and then goodyear is like a solid brand but when it gets to like I don't even know any of the other. It's I have no idea so with and he you know these guys they didn't. I don't know if this is specific to this discount tires that I went to or if this this is company wide. But it's like I think of them as like the generic cheap guy whenever with their customer service was totally. The and I'm I'm a convert right if finding new tires again I'm not gonNA shop around. I'm going to go to fucking discount tires. It was cool. I was very impressed. Okay all right. I love that you were impressed but I love the fact that you were impressed right out of the gate. I mean it sounds like at eight o'clock by eight. Oh one you were impressed already and they would have had to have done a real real huge turnaround in order for you not to be happy with whatever was going to happen at the like. I think that would have made you comfortable. Actually spending a little bit more money because of the and then the other thing they did was we had like wheelock. The Guy Ask if we had wheel locks and I'm like no. We got rid of those ages ago and he looked at the tires and he's like Oh you do have one wheel lock on here and I'm like Oh crap you know. Could you guys get me a another bulk to replace it. Because I know what he's going to steal fucking a ten year old minivan tires right and so he's like straight in the black market right now. Ten year old. Hey soon as you went over ten years damn you just hit the the popularity thing. There was mini classes. So I was like yeah you know what at tack on whatever. And it's like no they. They just threw men right and apparently there were three other bolts that we had on different wheels that were the wrong ones or something weird so basically yeah they just throw man. It's like whatever I'm like Kroll of that. Hey Hey I don't want you to be fearful of this Mr Bonner but You wheels are within about selling off. How many miles have you been driving this about? One hundred and fifty thousand Sh. Hey so that was. I mean that was really it that was I was. Actually I would consider a generic product. This is not a product that I would think to myself. Oh my God i I- right coffee. I'll have to go to starbucks right or you know whatever it's like this couldn't be more generic but they have won me over as client now with that service. Okay well you'll see what the next experience has in store for you if the next experience equals the first experience and you know that they have a system in place to maybe do that. I don't know all right. Tell tell me about the Bucky haight. One Hundred Day challenge. Now you've got my my curiosity for those of you who don't others in a podcast call eight minutes motivational hate with Bucky. haid which is one that we produce and very interesting show. All the episodes are about eight to nine minutes. Also a short form. So it's a great one if you don't have a whole lot of time but his one I today actually just came out today. You lost me strict way. You lost me there for a minute. I don't know if I'm sure you probably have it in your recording. But you blanked out author. You're I'm sure my local you said you said eight or nine minutes motivational hate. And then I lost new episode coming out today or actually it would be yesterday from the days. Being published is one hundred eighty challenge so he blocks out his world his life in hundred the day blocks and what he does on the given day of the first day you basically says okay here my goals for a hundred days from now now. I like when you go like Oh. I want to make a goal for the year right well the year. It's kind of long. It's a really long time right or a week or a month. It's assigns to short right. So he sets out. He creates goals for himself. Four hundred days and he lives his life in hundred day blocks and at the end of the he says goals up and he looks at them. You know every week to say hey. Where am I going towards my day goal and he wants to get there and at the end he says? Okay what did I accomplish. What what did I accomplish the things that I didn't accomplish? Okay why did I accomplish it. Because the goal was to far too big or was because I really didn't apply myself or was it because maybe it wasn't a good goal at all in the first place and then he starts all over again. I thought that's pretty fucking smarter. Maybe we should think about doing that. That it is and all that is a pretty interesting way to set goals. I I really never thought I'm I'm not really good with Maybe I should. Maybe this is a self fulfilling prophecy when I say I'm not really good at podcast that I'm not gonNA. I'm not really good at setting goals but I really do have a hard time because I feel like it puts me in a pressure packed the position to try to reach those goals. Now I'm not saying that that's a bad thing but I like to enjoy what's going on. I I you know life is not a destination. It's a journey. They really like enjoying the journey. It's kind of the same thing I've talked to. Jj about this many times about hiring coach or getting somebody in position to to kind of to help motivate you or inspire you to get to the next level and it's like I know I'm going to get there and I feel like I'm not looking until I'm ready for accountability. I don't want accountability. Yeah until until I'm actually ready to sign up for it and the couple things about coaching or goal setting that that have a challenge for remade especially when it comes to coaching. Is that number one. Somebody's kind of There to check up on you but the second thing is you're paying money somebody checkup on you. So it's almost almost like It's a double edged sword for me so I don't like to spend the money and I don't want to be held accountable. I WANNA be. I WanNa hold myself accountable for stuff. Well I agree I. It's it disavowed. Anyway I agree and I WANNA I WANNA have fun of my journey but I like to have fun with more money in my pocket too. So you know that's the we. We need the balance. I think there's a good balance and we do have We have some additional expenses that we've taken on turn key that are You know for next year her. You know some investments that we've made that mean we've gotta bring more cash in. I mean I was just thinking about that the other day. The the the commitment that we've made made to this. It's it's pretty significant. Actually I know I know. It's pretty significant. I totally agree with you. I did it. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA blame it all on you. I did it because you I I said to you. Here's here's here's the reason why. I don't think we should do it and you were like. Yeah Yeah I agree with you and we get on the phone with them in your you completely change your mind. I'm like Oh district on the other side of this now like yeah I know I know I know we have to have things. Things like like diversification in areas that we can shelter our money from not in the League in an in an illegal way but shelter legally from from tax liability. But it's like dude. I'm just trying to pay my bills right now. Let's like can we get passed the bill paying stage and a saving stage. You know. I'm in a different part of my life and maybe you are or maybe I'm not maybe we're in the same exact position but it's like you own a house and I have own houses in the past and I wanna own House again. I'm like now we just put this investment strategy in place where I'm like jeeze. He's now this really does take. This has to take a priority even over that because this is a commitment that we made to do it or we lose it I E ee. Let's let's see what happens with turnkey sales have written here in the check so I still I totally. I'm curious to see what happens a turnkey with us here with sales and profitability. Because I still completely agree with the principal and the idea deorbit. I just don't know if the amount that we might have been a little aggressive. That's the only thing I'm Marie considering. Is that made a little more but can you talk. Can you talk with our investment. Strategist and you guys figured out and let me know. I'm happy to go. You know I always say this. I'm happy to go along with anything that you agree area and I did I I really did because I was thinking. Oh okay with that. got a little bit more room here. I don't really have to worry about it. And then like shit story moms now. I'm going to think about. I'm going to give them a call. It happens I I'm not blaming not blame not blaming you at all not at all I just I just get to the point where I say okay. Is this a good goal and then I figure all right well you guys know what you're doing too so it's I'm just one one part of the equation. I'm just the guy that's that's doing the selling but I'm not the person that actually keeping the clients clients or all that other stuff you kind of work with backend systems and if we don't have a good back end system then we're not gonNA keep our clients anyway so it's like oh no we have to have a good front end bring in clients and we have to have a great back end where where you're actually maintaining and doing what we need to do for the clients all the stuff I need to get matt and show in gear and then we'll be fine. They can help us. Let's bring a lot more money and I think we just have to have right those well. I always talk about this all the time about those hit. Those hidden gifts Ed podcasting is offered in one of the big ones is the is the joint venture partnerships in the relationships. That we've built just like any good business. It really isn't just about bringing in customers in the front door and maintaining and servicing them properly. Yes that is a critical component to having a successful business. But it's all the other opportunity that you've created when that you create when you're doing those things so important too so Yeah I agree. I agree All right do you want to Any other topics that you WanNa talk about or do you want to wrap up. I have an appointment with funk fans bring up just for anybody that will be in the La area next weekend we are one week away from our a a turnkey podcast get together. All of our team is getting together in. La and you've guys can come meet US any listeners. Who are in the La area or if you WANNA fly to the La area drive the La area? Saturday what's the name of the place we're going to the TIKI bar Saturday afternoon. It's called the Purple Orchid Saturday the fifth of January at four. PM We'll be there from four to five. At least maybe five thirty who knows. We'll probably reporting episode. And if you happen to be in the La area this is Los Angeles it's in El Segundo right. It's actually going to. I'm I'm GonNa give you the Purple Orchid Elsa Gundel I'm GonNa give you the the link for that seek input but They are at two twenty one richmond. Just nice showers in the in one. Oh that's just unbelievable. By next week we may be talking about Monday. Dot Com also. It should be exciting. That's our new project management software that we're still working being on the details. Marjorie is feverishly working with Monday. Dot Com to set it up for our turnkey so we can get rid of the spreadsheet because I know you hate spreadsheets. Well it helps us to Joe Definitely considerably give it makes my job makes my job easier if I have less stuff to do. Hold on a second and for some reason I can't I can't walk and Chew Gum at the same time. So hold on just GONNA PUT I. They only have a facebook page. I don't I don't understand why places can't have like stool. These are good. Picking good drink pig drinks drink pictures right in front of yet have. Have you ever been into a bar. That's got the The little bit cooler almost like the The tap it's got bigger meister but it's exclusively an APP thing. That's what this in the background of this photo. Yeah here's all the information it's going to be right on our facebook page Yeah fifteen thousand. Two hundred eight eight people loncle three. PM To two a M. We won't be so they don't even open until three so we're GONNA get there like an hour after they open so it'll probably be pretty dead. That's good yeah yeah all right so that is again is that Saturday. I don't know my counter. Whatever wait are we doing? Yeah next Saturday the Saturday a week. Not Tomorrow Okay. Yeah that looks looks like hold on a second. I can verify that more when my calendar here that is sh got you know if if things would just work better you know online. I just have no wait you know. Saturday is the fourth okay. This Saturday is the fourth is in your brand new Mac. Just like doing everything for you. You don't even have to think anymore. I'll tell you something. I did. Click on a speed test and my upload speed now that I'm actually hardwired wired in is over three hundred my download speed. I still don't get it. My download speed is still around twenty five. That's I guess that's okay. I'm sorry my download speed need is three hundred twenty. Five three hundred is yet so that would be on Saturday. Saturday January fourth Saturday January four o'clock Pacific Time El Segundo. We'd love to see all their anybody that wants in fact will buy. Hey drink for anybody that comes by. Wow okay we'll by everybody. Wow we are really so and you think we're going to record an episode at the at the Purple Orchid. Your ear your Puerto Vallarta Right. Yeah totally totally. I think we did that last year from From Rocky dish down in Manhattan beach. Yeah it was pretty loud but yeah we did do that excited. I'm actually shows up. Let's check out of here. Happy New Year. Everybody enjoy the New Year celebration. Be Safe and come one out to El Segundo on January fourth. We'll see you guys there. Steve O'Brien go ahead and take us out of here for the Nice guys on business. I'm Steve O'Brien thanks for listening bartender. Doug here's going to have a cosmo and Stricklin is going to have a fireball on the rise not the little glass. Yeah the Big One the twenty four answer answer. Oh and they both like a little umbrella. Just give me the bottle and charge him as much as you can.

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