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Episode 20: Turks and Caicos


But you can't for another Schnitzer Golden Fifteen is my limit on any problems dial information thank you for calling is going to be very popular. Hello and welcome to cure live podcast. Your weekly does for all things travel and your hosts. My name is Don Meyer and my name is area Meyer and thank you once again for joining us on our Puerto Viata Adventures. Thank you thank you yes. We certainly hope that we're helping you find some greatest nations and more importantly find some good tips and tricks on how to get there what to do when you get there and all that stuff on the family yeah especially around family travel exactly so last week we were talking about or wrapping up our adventures in the Hawaiian islands just given a sneak peak winds. We'll be back there. I guarantee it so this week we wanted to switch gears a little bit Lali now and yeah go on the opposite opposite side of the ocean there to island elk area called Turksancacoes Sin Keiko's. Oh my God I didn't know about Turksancacoes until we found this resort. I know yeah how how did you find out about Turksancacoes well. We've done John Dozen of all inclusive us to mostly Cancun about touring cobbles. The rest are all in Cancun in south my light of my Ribeira the player that cut him men anyway so we wanted to venture out and Cancun is very easy because full those people who are based in San Francisco Bay area. There's nonstop goes to replace wrote direct and while the kids are younger her is just easy how why and Cancun <hes> great destinations because of the fact that we can get nonstop Flight Turkson K. goes for us is not a non stop destination from San Francisco. Go and why I said where's it located. It's in the Caribbean and use it. It's a British territory actually a British overseas territories part of the British Empire still if you will so it's ruled ruled by a British governor who appointed by the Queen Geographically. It's in the Caribbean Sea in it's kind of east of Cuba Hugh about that north of Dominican Republican Haiti so it's actually absolutely perfect in terms of its placement in there right and then the temperature is like in the eighties right right. I recall very comfortable temperature year round. The temperature doesn't really drop below. Maybe seventy eight seventy nine degrees just absolutely perfect and then and how many islands cake owns Keiko's is made up of around forty some odd islands in small keys. The bulk of our around providential is in the areas that we went in and out of so not a big populated ah country there's like thirty one thousand people that live there and the bulk of the industry there is around tourism so as you can imagine they really do a great job of inviting towards of all kinds of families couples that sort of thing to be able become now to the islands in have a good time right and for those people who are based on the East Coast. They're easy no from New Jersey. I'm sure all over the east coast up again Miami or I don't know a lot okay yeah and then what what which airlines yeah it's interesting. Providential is the main international airport in and out of Turks and Keiko's and the major airlines that serve our providential 's include Luke Air Canada American Airlines British Airways so you can fly from London into Turksancacoes obviously because British British protectorate make sense Delta Airlines out of the U._S.. Jet Blue South West southwest. Let's go sheriffs and even United Airlines. Fleischer is well yeah united. We know that I think we took a united over new New Jersey New York yes so it's a little bit of along or it's usually overnight right on the on the west coast of the United States right but home. I remember the first day that we got there. The kids were Tucker over dinner could barely holder. We had a blast the day after starting so yeah so it's an out of the airport is called the providential 's Yup and those other airplane airline carriers they take to get there. It's super safe. Yes that's is one of the things relatively clean yes yes and that's one of the cool things that they note about it in any travel travel magazine or if you check it online it is one of the safest of the Caribbean islands are island countries really really really really comfortable and not a whole lot to worry about right so in terms of family vacation destinations should on the top of your list because it's it's really safe so let's talk about a little bit of a beaches so beaches is owned by sandals all inclusive so resorts all the food and activities in Oh one other activities. I should mention scuba divers unlimited scuba over diving. I think they might have had a limit like maybe twice a day. I think not the day before you or the day of you flow Dr Twenty four hours before you go there are minor restrictions but as safety restrictions restrictions times in another thing is if you are avid diverse then no problem but you need to put your own gears together. Yes remember for those people who a knock comfortable. Do they still help you. Yeah help us. I think I remember we were doing that on the well. I took my scuba class there to go by myself just finishing helpless so yeah they did help me on quite a bit so having dove know your longest tire because it took me a while to get going right. I got my license age seventeen well that was like last year wasn't it. Thank you really yeah yeah so then I haven't you've probably I took some refresher. I had to annoy you took one with me in the pool. That's right that's right and then so I had to go on my own but the staff members were really nice there several of them they go on this each with you and then then it's not the shore dive dive yeah about die but they go all over the place depending on the condition and they just choose which islands to go correct and it was just fantastic tastic we did maybe three maybe it did more more dives. I did a at like three alive because I do. The certification dives so yeah I did a couple extra in there but here's the cool thing about it to your point. <hes> you get on the property and everything is included including the scuba including the boats including all the snorkel gear and everything it's really quite fascinating so maybe we've done what dozen of all inclusive trips to Mexico Seco and I don't recall none of them. The one that we did so far included scuba diving as part of the whole inclusion and and this place is just the accommodation to they have Butler Service <hes> they get the room with a Butler there. The rooms is very spacious. We had two bedroom Italian quarter. It came with the bunk beds and they came with the P._S.. Three three or <hes> xbox or something like that and so kids had blast this is before third came along and so we had two kids you have separate bedroom again you you can choose one bedroom two bedroom three bedrooms but all the activities included including those dance parties and they're how many restaurants Oh zillion of like a choices is in again. It was very high quality. There's a talion obviously food in Italian Gordon French and there's the cafe in there. Is the coffee shop then there's ice cream then there's the pasta place pizza place and then you you know a course meal couple places. I thought it was adults only to infringe quarter to the French side right there. There is a kid's Club Yup so oh. I'm sorry so this trip we did have have a third. She was small. Oh maybe to choose yes. I was thinking about Grand Cayman so that she was not there but this trip we had all three kids and she went to sesame street. For toddlers and then the facilities super clean wait they keep everything sanitized and no worries for parent real you get some downtime. Go on a date night with your husband wife and more go scuba diving scuba diving wing or something right yes so you get to really relax indeed indeed and it's GonNa be a busy you on a vacation but still have to watch out for your kids. Can it's not that kind of ACACIA. You can really you can choose to write went to be alone with your spouse and when you wanna be reunited breakfast place by the ocean name but there's so many again choices so many places that you can go and all the restaurants. Were we really a happy happy with the service happy with quality of food. The pools were beautiful <hes> huge so many pool. Oh my gosh well again. You've got five villas. Five villages is if you will so you can imagine the places twenty-one restaurants at the resort itself twenty one one individual restaurants ranging from anything from like pizza and Burgers to Indian cuisine to there was a Japanese as I can tap on thing as well as right that was fun all sorts of stuff in between British style POB we can get some British pub foods it would just amazing all included right and then I don't really mean to sound sound like a stuck up or anything but we we've had shares of high in low in only inclusive and compared to that maybe because I'm biased when he comes to Japanese intent on some of the tip on in Mexico it's retry but it's different great very entertaining or absolutely but I remember beaches. They did a great job and <hes> like I said Japanese I know what Japanese food shoot taste like so I'm more picky when it comes to that and I thought just the overall degrade variety of food food choices cuisine choices and there's also a huge waterpark where boys loves right. Wasn't it the surfing like a simulator yeah. They have a wave surf thing. It's called the pirates island waterpark says here on the website that the the waterpark is Chai Ganic Water Slides kid-friendly Pools Swim Soda Bars for the kids too so they can kind of join in the fun like the adults there's water cannons Walpole's Lazy River and the Caribbeans only serve surf simulator that the kids really really enjoyed so really great for for families in the best part is if you your kids are old enough there the whole day they're they're. They're they're they're offering nation and they know the super safe and organize. There's always supervision around. There's always going around watching pager. I forget the worst for for baby for the daughter the baby there's a pager in his there's a different different age group kits club and so you know different age group can enjoy right different types of activities and they have xbox play lounge to sesame street characters are there for the a little ones and from the top two teens to tweens inbetween. It's for everyone in for adults. We were saying that the scuba diving in and everything so the nightly activities or fun yeah they were a lot of fun. We had like Luau style banquets on the beach dancing parties up on the stage. We're somewhat little rug up there. She's Eh we even brought the kids on the stage of mistakes daughter just when it was fun had a blast Susan always something going on. It's really quite cool right so again. I don't recall or even we needed to do. We need to wear the ban. Don't thinks player was a band. Don't think so but anyway so in the beach right upfront was really sandy crystal clear you can or we also did the photo shoot. Although the four yes sees cameramen did a wonderful job they ah brought us do a different location and I forget we had to sign up for that though right so you have to sign so she has to make reservations. We'll talk about that a little bit. I mean they have this service where they have camera folk there that will capture you your spouse your family that sort of thing but this is a photo shoot Roy like a Royal Caribbean where they just Kinda come around all they have a station where you go and you can take pictures when you disembark whatever right but this one we you have to reserved the time that works for you and in a camera man will be available for whatever the however many hours that you choose. I think there are different packages and then they will take just your kids the family poetry individual visual by the peer this gorgeous like a sunset. You know the background on the silhouette kind of Oh. Yes we have a beautiful. That's one website. IOS I want from the back Exa- shadows here so all in all I just sat only good things to say about this resort and I think if you're looking at all all inclusive type setup so that you don't need to leave the property but it's not small way you don't feel cluster. This place is huge walk around and roam around and lots lots of places to walk round lots of places and lots of different themes like like again five different villages. Yes a different thing Caribbean theme. They've got the alley and seem they've got a French theme. They've got a key west kind of American the so I mean it's like walking into five different resorts all kind of clustered together each has its own pool area or its own splash area its own lounge area its own restaurants and that sort of thing so you never really feel like you're board running out of things to do. We spent a good week there. In man we walked all over the place is great exercise and every day were in different restaurants or trying something new and it was it was just a lot of fun and I know they're always promotions. What's going on but we did receive something? You're notices that there are some promo going on so we will put this on our blog. In with a link this is that it is affiliated link if you would like to support our website and and also a quick linked to check it out we will make sure to have a banner something there so that you can find and again. It's called beaches Turks and Keiko's and it'll be on the W._W._w.. Pure Lie podcasts US DOT COM absolutely under blogs under blogs so let's dive into a little bit in terms of where we stayed we were in the Italian villages and we stayed in one of the upper floored rooms where we had a great view of the pool area in the pool view so everything included that we've talked about everything from the water par to the different restaurants to the scuba diving and snorkeling and all the water activities even waterskiing is included if you can imagine that but there are a few things that are optional or as you can pay a little bit more for one of the time yeah and or one of the things that we're considering or were considering there. I think we'll probably do when we go back. Is the Butler service. Yes yeah a little bit about what the Butler service is news in. It's interesting to consider while we did have a bottler this resort but the time that we had whether Ritz residents GonNa be like that but oh but at this resort I think there is a pool aw section at least that they talion quarter <hes> if you go with the Butler room you're going to have your own cabal. That's part of your but but this all inclusive that we will be on us. It's pretty pricey and so therefore the service I I think the quality services impeccable and quite honestly your you'll find chairs. There's plenty of towels all over the place but the Butler services kind of cool for a couple of reasons number one when you get there. They'll take your bags for you. Bring them up to your room in the unpack them for you know. Put all your clothes around for us. You have to think about that. You just go up there you. Do you think the Nice how nice and when you're leaving you call the Butler service before they'll come pack all your stuff you getting ready to go any. Deep whom you're off on your way back they can draw bath for you. If you're you're going that direction and to your point. They have reserved Cabanas for you where you're Butler will be which bring your food bring your drinks kind in a be there at your Beck and call if you will just make your vacation that much more relaxing that's an interesting kind of twist on on the services there with regards to all inclusive. That was something that we definitely want consider next time we go back there because I think depending on when you go if you have to go during peak school holiday season then to having your own Cabana is such a convenient kinda like I'll Lonnie I remember pool area was voted. You kinda crowded and little kids the family and it gets crowded and party party of five and try to get the C. altogether some some other challenges so for that we thought having a Cavanna might be a nice nice little bonus ending. They come with cooler. They sit up each day so I that's nice it is nice in having that added convenience of someone packing for you unpacking for you someone taking care of your food and your drinks for your right there. It's very nice definitely. I feel like you're on vacation. You're definitely letting loose inherited time. I think they were escorting not that. I'm okay without it but personally but they take you to each restaurant. Remember old who is being that's right. They make it eliminate the hassle of making a reservation because you still do have to make a reservation a certain restaurants right out of how many user twenty-one restaurants that they have on yeah so anyway <hes> there are some convenience and so along with that you know another thing that you may WanNa consider to invest in to your point earlier is the photography packages they have a a dedicated staff that goes around and you can hire them to take some cool pictures especially if your family or special occasion stuff like that. The photographers are wonderful. They really work with you. Well and they've got a facility right there on the property where we can go check the proofs you can order prove you can order custom frames. You can do all sorts of cool things so that ship to you before you even get home in. It's ready for you when you guys get home. That's another kind of cool thing to think about especially to your point. You know this is <hes>. It's not your your low in kind of budget thing. It's kind of a pricey thing and it's it's maybe one of those things that you do once in a while or maybe once in a lifetime great to capture those moments in great to have that as an added souvenir it was so oh worth in and we win with this. How do you call that plastic? The picture is already you kind of framing. 'cause I'm lazy. I guess sometimes how many of you out there I mean really honestly we do all all these kids portrait. How many of them actually sitting in the envelope will it happens more with the third child while the second for a little overboard secondary like okay got her third enough so it was <music> such a great memory in just good quality we ordered his plastic are arched frame really will frame and all I have to take it out of the bag living? We've got it. It's such a gory memory absolutely and then it's visually beautiful and to to look at and it keeps the keeps their memory memory live and also text the picture the picture itself so I thought that was worth it so another thing that I'd like to point out that might be worthwhile as an added expense is certification for diving they do. They do a couple of them there. They'll get your patty certified. Vitamin PATTIES recognized around the world so you can go diving just about anywhere in the world they do to certifications are actually do multiple certifications but for beginners you have two choices one of which is a scuba certification which certifies you up to you about forty-five feet in depth and then the other is an open water certification which takes you sixty feet and below now. I was not sure how I was going to respond to it. And was you know not sure if I was Gonna continue to do things so I opted to do the scuba certification and it's a two day certification I mean it's a real certification. You're in a classroom environment and then they throw you in a pool before they throw into the ocean and so if it's something that you WanNa what do you do have to dedicate two days worth of doing this and it's very easy to do. I didn't have any trouble with that. You're gone long gone. You went off jive nonetheless unless I was out for a good today's half was spent in the pool have was spending the classroom learning all sorts of cool stuff more importantly learning all the safety stuff and really actually helped me to be a better swimmer because I know how to <hes> you know use my my Arab a little bit better. I know how to equalize myself a little bit better know how to keep my calm in swimming a little bit more concisely can ask you absolutely that way. You have to brief out of the what is it without the regulator species the regulator what had happened well what they simulated was. There's a valve in the regulator that allows air to come out at a controlled pace well sometimes those valves break over usage usage right over time and the valve could get stuck open allowing era just continue to seep out so they taught you they throw you down in a pool down twelve to fifteen feet and boom they pop the valve out of that and you have to sit there and learn learn how to breathe. I didn't need to do that in Singapore. It was it was pretty cool. I've just cut my hand cupped my hands over the exploding air those come on I could breathe like just like normal wicked cool. I KINDA WANNA learn. I'm scared to do it but in a shallow in and you can stand my face in and just they just put your mouth right over your hands you could breathe normal at least get yourself up in or get someone's octopus over to well even save. Somebody's exactly they'd say somebody by Blah well anyway our going to anyway he. Oh that's the place that you win you. Did it okay so when we got there. The first thing I took a look at scoop is included included colluded. Well pretty certified. How much can I do and they said you can go as often as you want twice a day due to take dives whatever you want done in done sign me up so I went immediately inside myself up but if you're certified already you just go right down to the dogs sign yourself up for the next day and you are there? You're going you can bring your own equipment or you don't need to they've got CDs buoyancy control devices. which are your vest? They get the reds they get the mask the fins the weights name everything I'm reading equipments clean clean. They have this process right in a boom boom boom and Kling Kling clean after each dive absolutely everything shipshape you're going down. There was certified divemasters. They're keeping an eye on everything in my God. What did we see when we were down hunting? Remember show Hamas sat on one yeah. I don't know what you were doing but I was a Bob. You and you're looking at something you must have been super excited right various but luckily glee was a nurse Shark and it was coming towards underneath me and you start to put your head down right. Try to touch you almost touching a shark as it was approaching so I had to pull your like I grabbed you kind of pool you up. I remember that you grab my vest and I turn around and look what the hell would have gone ahead. There's a shark Oh yeah so we saw nurse Shark <hes> so I think we saw white tip the SEC e we sat Barracuda Barracuda Octopus. I don't remember seeing an octopus. I just remember the reef being just healthcare be. I Remember Fish Galore. I remember being down there going. This is a frigging coolest thing I've ever done. I am hooked. I was totally hooked at that time back in back in the cool thing was is that a number of the dines that you could go on would be in the shallows close. I mean you go down to maybe about a maximum forty five feet. You could go a little bit further down the net if you wanted to but the bulk of the dives were around that on they had some that we're a little bit more adventurous you go wreck dives and stuff like that but for where we were just outside of the. The beaches hotel the the bulk of the recent where they're like. I said weren't that deep so lot of fish lettuce to see they've got beginner courses that you can take you don't have to get certified just wanted to an introductory to scuba and just do a dive is so worth it and so much fun to be able to see the marine life from that perspective and spent much time down there so it says they let you dive every day twice a day with one tank a once a day with two tanks Nice Nice is love that love that and the got their own fleet. They've got what about four or five boats and they'll go off in any number of different reefs that are runner. I think these thirty some odd reefs in the area that go to so if one reef is bad the way you go so oh my got highly highly highly recommend exit all worth diver like that's a lot of cost savings. Oh my gosh is you can go. Oh so you can go scuba diving most places. It's I've seen it as low as like seventy nine dollars for a single team tank dive up to one hundred thirty dollars depending on what it is that you're doing if you're going short. I've or boat divey. You need to bring your equipment and Blah. Blah Blah Blah Blah to have that included as part of the resort. What a savings but not only that how convenient is at it? Just go right down. Sign yourself up every day boom you get on the boat your suit up you find your your die buddy in a way you go really really quite cool. There's plenty to do so it was seven days for us and that was perfect duration. Wouldn't you say mind staying a little longer because you were getting certified and had you been certified. From the beginning in the you just went diving. Oh man we would have been would have been diving every kids who don't even know where the exactly exactly so those are the things that I think makes sense in terms of added fees or or add ons. If you will that you may WanNa pay for. There's some things to take into consideration when you're there. It's hot it really warm. I think we were there when late summer and I got burnt doing the certification stuff because we're sending put on the Sunscreen onscreen put on some sunscreen but over and over and over again so I invested in some U._V.. Shirts the godsend. Those are license basil those cute yeah they got a store there that has them all you know like branded beaches and stuff like that the logos goosesteps grab a couple of those to what the Hell it'll definitely save you from having to put on so much sunblock sunscreens. It's really comfortable especially if you're GONNA be doing a lot of diving and stuff like that too so really worth it to do that. And if you're you're looking for a wedding location they have wedding packages there and so looks like me. No it has some good. This is a SPA. I'm sorry to prep for your wedding day but I'm sure they do. They hold weddings there too. I can imagine the police is just so beautiful I would be. I'd be surprised that the people don't play in their wedding sir. Yes so unlimited all inclusive you looking for that I I think beaches should be one of them absolutely and on top of that the food we kind of skirted around talked about twenty one different restaurants causing all sorts of different cuisines. How did you spend some time talking about the Japanese food? But what did you think of the rest of the food there the rest of the the restaurants Italian I remember was good. The place basically had threatened st place was great. I think in drinks goose or again alcohol all included and again twenty one restaurant fifteen bars the premium spirits for it and I don't think we have bad meal at all while we were there. Say was called Kimonos. That's right that Japanese and then they have just so many cafe faced like I was saying. How do you call this more American right right Bobby Bobby de restaurants baby barefoot the by really nice that was the hermit crabs or the fee and then kids would just having a blast just picking them up and it's a sand floor so you just walk in? Would you sandals or kick yourself. He's walking with your bare feet. It was great great restaurants Russian and said for everyone everyone's taste right. It's just <hes> yeah I had a Mexican to southwestern flay Arizona's yeah you're right. I think you're right and I think if I'm not mistaken. Every one of the restaurants had a kid's menu too. I mean it might have been a little bit different depending on which village you were in but I think the all head Kid's menu so they could accommodate just about everybody's taste and then food allergies and cover food allergens and all that stuff so again twenty-one different restaurants in seven days I mean we weren't eating and I don't think in some sit down breakfast by the beach that would that's I highly recommend absolutely it was it was beautiful really schooners. I was in my saying yeah and be so grill you obey Cy Restaurant was a nice and just everything but you know you have three meals a day. Try to hit the Moss on Shinichi Dot exactly twenty one exactly perfect perfect. We might have gained some weight but that's vacation so let's go back. I'm I want to go on the. We're talking about this. We highly recommend it. If you've been there. Please share with us your stories. He's yeah and and don't forget if you go through beaches on the transportation it'll pick you up from the airports. Take you right to your villa and take you from your villa right back to the airport as well as rather convenient so easy to get in easy to get out highly highly highly recommended and to your point. If you've been there checked out some of the other resorts there let us know we'd love to hear about him. I know there's a Saint Lucia. I think that's a sandals. Though that's another place that we talk about that. We would like to check it out in speaking you're gonna how was the water when we were flying into you. Remember Only God flying into Turks and Keiko's and flying out of Turks and Kim because I think we grabbed a couple of shots of the turquoise blue just gorgeous Lord so so if you're if you're into water anything no scuba snorkeling water skiing paddle boating sailing whatever it might be lovers paradise absolutely absolutely and as far as I remember safe super super safe yeah and so highly recommended wonderful with family or couples some secluded areas. I think it was adult. Only whether that was a pool or whatnot so you can have your Privacy Yeah Day Nice and providential to your point. There's a lot of other resorts. There's also probably some other villas or AIRBNB and stuff like that love to hear about them. We'd love to learn about them to go back. If you're from the states states or from the European Union you have an international driver's license you can fly into providential is rent a car drive where you need to go tons of beaches great for snorkeling and all sorts of other things. It is a wonderful destination for any type vacation so skip planning so what's up coming in the following weeks. I'll take a vacation break yes heading to we're going to be hidden out to Spain. We're going to go in Portugal. We've not quite explored Spain a whole lot. We've been in and out of Barcelona. I've been the Madrid once. The family hasn't yet so we're going to show how about watch out honey. Watch him. I don't know about it and pay attention men but come on ladies ladies well. I'll let you you be the judge so we may take a break in the next week or so as we were together are stories in our tips and tricks but upcoming. We're going to be talking about cruises. We're going to be talking about Spain Portugal. We're going to be talking about the U._k.. We're we're talking about going on the Baltics Baltic going in the Mediterranean grave Greece talking about Turkey emphasis. We've we haven't even amazing was that it was insane. We still got more the Caribbean Dumbo I haven't interest and it was I'd love to talk about that too but we still have more of the Caribbean discover to we gotta talk about Saint Martin A._B._C.. Island Saint Lucia Antigua. We've got so much more to talk about ruble Nair Absolute Chris Sal and more importantly help you point to yourself in the direction and getting you the right information to make the most of your vacation and help eliminate some of the planning time absolutely absolutely hell with that will be great indeed indeed so with that on behalf of everyone here podcast area myself. Thank you so much for joining us. The voice certainly appreciate you spend time with us. We hope you're finding this useful information and we look forward to seeing you again and again and again.

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