GSMC Fantasy Football Podcast Episode 176: Unpredictable Players (3-26-2019)


Golden State media concepts fantasy football podcast is your one stop shop for fantasy football news and advice, decide an router draft on first round cowing Gaga, and how to learn of your team got you covered dishes, Ziona steel leaks. He on Lee ide- p DP Lee even daily fed to see football shawna's as we break down all the question of fantasy football. It's the Golden State media concepts fantasy football podcasts. Hello all you fantasy football fans. Welcome to the GMC fantasy football party has brought to you by the G M C podcast network. I'm your hoses always Jeff Mallon off. And we got a little interesting. Well, Saigol some special for you guys. So Bleacher report thank God. For beach report has run a little article based off eight players fantasy football experts don't agree on. And I am going to tell you which side of the coin these unpredictable players are, and they are pretty interesting to say the least. And it's going to be based off wide receiver quarterback tight end and running back. And if there's any others they left out that I'd think need to be discussed. Then we absolutely will talk about it. Because it's bless shown. I do what I want. Well, not actually my show. It's run by somebody else. But I'm talking on the never mind, it's too complicated. Anyways, moving on. Let's talk first about why we missed. We've it missing last week. We I've been in Hawaii. I had a great time back now. And during my time away, we had more information about a certain individual by the name of tyreek hill who I put as one of my top four top maybe top three wide receivers in the NFL right now. And obviously that might be in jeopardy as his he's kind of in a little bit of he's in the doghouse if you will. When it regards to. In regards to his battery case. And. It's kinda interesting to see what's really going on. And I know this was have I think this having what March eighteenth? So is about a week ago, roughly two incidents involving tyreek hill, of course. Involved in the investigation of. Juvenile abuse. And. It's. It's interesting. I there's really not much more detail as a kind of just got swept under the I'm not sure maybe the wrong term. But it's been kind of I guess at old, I guess and the chiefs reportedly considered trading him do all this going on things to Chris sins of NBC sports for that knowledge. But as far as I know. This is the reports I have overland park police and Monday the last of last week they are investigating to allege incidents, including reported battery at the home of cancer cheese. Why does he retiree kill and have forwarded? A report to local prosecutors offices. He was in an investigation. Police reports battery and child abuse or neglect earlier that month. And. As of right now. It's his Johnson county district attorney Steve how early on money said the investigation is still ongoing. I am an heard anything since so, but he also wasn't show over strangling girlfriend in twenty fifteen and he pled guilty for that on that case. And they just got engaged ironic oddly enough to know of someone I'm not gonna get involved in personal life. That's their choice. I'm not going to do. I'm not gonna talk about it. But regarding this does that mean there's trouble for your fantasy teams? If you want to acquire already do acquire in certain situations tyreek hill. It's interesting. Because I don't really know. It's a it's a interesting situation to say the least. And. The bottom line is. Is there a suspension coming is? He getting cut a lot of things are still unknown at this time. And I seriously don't know what the outcome of this is get a hold for the future of the Kansas City Chiefs because they don't have tyreek hill one of their prominent. I know they've Travis Kelsey still get that. But they also have the fact that. Losing Terry Hill is in that deep threat is a serious problem. I. I am going to go on on like this. I'm gonna say hold on did your tyreek hill as a top pick in till, you know, the actual outcome. And when I mean actual outcome is suspension getting cut traded one way or the other seeing what the outcome of this whole scenario is if nothing is turned up by your draft days by your. By your draft days with your buddies having a beer and watching and having a big big board at home or you're doing it online. I will say that. I will definitely say that. He's definitely still a top pick for me. But I would be hesitant until I know the full results, but we don't know the full results yet. So it's still unknown at this time whether to go with that. Overall. I would say. It's poor timing for this to go on obviously this could have went if this was going on in the regular season in the middle of the season. I think it would have to do with certain it would have to resolve a suspension immediately or cut for bench for a couple of games or something around that nature regarding the incidents, but who knows what's the what's going to be going down. But it's definitely a hurting. Terry kills of hurrying his stock as of right now. Definitely. So with that being said. I really have much say about the battery case I'm gonna lead to the police investigators. Of course, I don't think I should say my an opinion on it. Because it's a touchy Subject Child, abusers always a. No, no, obviously. But of course, there's this emissions ongoing. We don't know what's true. And what's not true? So we're not gonna talk about it. So let's get into. The in predictable players, and we're gonna go these in detail. So we're gonna stretch we're just I just okay, anyways, we're gonna we're gonna talk about these guys in detail. I while we're going to quarterbacks views their most interesting, and the one guy that needs to be discussed probably more than anybody else is a MVP candidate of a couple of years ago that entered his ACL, you know, who I'm talking about Carson Wentz. Now, it's interesting to say, the least with you know, like he's coming back from his ACL injury like during eight hundred twenty eight thousand and he said he wasn't at one hundred percent. And he that's why the kind of city out from most of those games last season, and like in Nick foles took over and basically kept Carson went on the bench due to their. With Nick foles. So it's interesting to say the least because last year he kinda had better stats almost better stats in his twenty seventeen MVP candidacy campaign as he threw for three thousand yards and eleven games. Twenty-one touch seven picks and eleven games compared to thirteen games before towards ACL with thirty three touchdowns set in interceptions. He had a higher quarterback rating one. Oh, two point two than his last than the MVP season of one one point nine it wasn't envy PM use that as short term naming. But he said he wasn't that to normal. So is normal now. I mean ever since he toys ACL. It's been a question, Mark. It's been a question, Mark. It's been a question, Mark. It's been a question. Mark. And I'm not sure how else to go about this. Because of the fact that this is so. It's such a. Like, I said, it's unpredictable. Like the episode says it's unpredictable over the course of how everything is starting to light. People are doubting. Carson wentz. And if he's going to be back in the long term process long-term for the if he's going to be the franchise player, you know. So with that being said. I would like to say. Is the or the question is I would like to say the question is Carson Wentz to one of the top wider or two sorry? Still one of the top quarterbacks to be taken in the draft fantasy wise. And of course, usually were thinking when we're thinking about that we're gonna be thinking mainly about. Laid around v six ish that usually the right time traffic quarterback we've said that before on this show. But of course, there's gonna be some people take them very early. But I only he's not going to be the first quarterback selected. I guess the question should be who's gonna be. I who would you rather have Nick foles with the with the Jaguars or Carson Wentz with eagles. Now, the eagles just signed or just traded for Sean Jackson as used returning to the eagles. He's still a deep threat. So that's also that's also a main thing and. Basically, it's hard to really go on like who's gonna have the better season because they both have kind like I would say the better offense goes to the eagles. But with Carson Wentz his injury. He still unknown to me. I I'm basically like the guilty until proven innocent type scenario. But I'm thinking more along the lines of just like. All believe it when I see it, you know. So basically how I see all this going down is I would have picked Carson Wentz over Nick foles, and it's because of the offense around when's as well as very helpful and the deep threat that is to Sean Jackson is gonna be huge help. And the fact he still has his boy in Zakar, it's which I think is going to be huge dishes. Still huge addition that team still very important aspect of that team. And we all know that he has he has a chemistry with him. So that's still going to be a big factor when it comes down to it. So in the long run I would say Carson Wentz while better year. And I say, you know, I would I wouldn't mind having as my quarterback believe you my first choice. Probably not I would say more alone lines. I wanna see I will Baker Mayfield over him. Just how talented that team. Around a Baker Mayfield on the Cleveland Browns, still weird to say that the clean browser that talented. I'm not saying that in a bashful saying that more on along the lines of like they've been a punching bag for so long. It's nice to see them actually being a competitive and very talented team everything working out for them. I just love to see that. I think everyone's love in the Browns being good again. But getting off topic. I just think that if I had to pick between either Carson Wentz or bigger Mayfield. Baker mayfield's my first choice. But I would definitely have Carson Wentz. My second choice if that was the case, so definitely I would consider him as a as a potential big time player with the addition. Of course, like I said of of to Sean Jackson still Zakar it's still being a top three tight end in the NFL. Now with that being said, we're gonna take a short break when we come back. We'll discuss some other quarterbacks wide receivers running backs and tight ends that are going to be unpredictable to guess of how they will do this season. And we'll be right on that. When we return. Are you looking for the very best NFL and college football podcast, then checkout GSM, see football podcast. Get the latest football news both on and off the field from the NFL draft to treats to the rumor mill to the NFL combines they got you covered. That's GSM podcast dot com back slash football. Dash podcasts. Get updates. I'm college rivalries, Kindy, insights and much much more. It's football talk. The way you want it this show, sleeps and breathes football. Don't forget to like on Facebook and follow them on Twitter. Visit. Yes, MC podcasts dot com. For more info. Welcome back. Everyone fantasy football podcast. And like I said, we're finishing up our quarterback talks, unpredictable talks all together. The main thing that this next guy quarterback. Liz is a concern is Kirk cousins of the Minnesota Vikings. Now, obviously didn't make the playoffs last year. He was actually pretty disappointing things considerably as he was supposed to be the guy that takes him over the top. You know, he was supposed to be the hero. He was supposed to be. You know, if case keenum could take him to the NFC championship game the cousins make them win the Super Bowl. That's what everyone was putting in perspective. And I think I was too because how talented that team is around him in. But you know, with losing some players in such I'm actually kind of worried all together about this fully guaranteed contract that the Minnesota Vikings bestowed upon Kirk cousins. So. Honestly, he's dud for me. I hate to say that I think he's a great player. No. He is a great team around him. But there's something about him that brings concern to me have how he had the great team a championship team around him. Be is no one really left, and he had the same team as case keenum. Did maybe was strength the schedule. I'm not sure maybe it was the pressure. But man, I'm actually kind of. I mean worries not the right word concerned. I'm concerned about if I was picking between Kirk cousins in another quarterback to being on the quarterback is obviously. But he's not one of my first options. He would be like my last pick in the draft. If I needed a backup quarterback now. He's just that's how he's playing. He's been playing a such a disappointing fashion that it's just how it is. I can't else. But I can't explain it other than that. And the fact of the matter is it just he just didn't see Mike himself. It just it seemed like his time in. He is his time in. Washington was his prime and like now the he's losing it almost maybe not losing it. It's it's so hard to tell it's it's truly he is truly unpredictable of what he's gonna do this season. But I said if Carson Wentz was one of your options, I say, that's a pretty good idea. Maybe your second or third choice act for the quarterback position. But overall if I if cousins of I had like if I had a tough five receivers our top five quarterbacks issues that I want is my quarterback for the draft that like, okay, I want him to if he's not if he's not taking then I want him if he's taken I want that guy. You know, your backups, of course. And honestly. Kirk cousins is like seven or eight for me. Like, I think it's really all depending on who's available. I think it's a interesting scenario to seal these when it comes down to who's your top quarterbacks. But he's not on my top five. I had to pick itself. I've obviously, Patrick Mahomes is number one. I would even put Tom Brady up there. I would put. That's that's think about this. You know in a surprising move would Jimmy Garoppolo over. Kirk cousins, not because of the talent because I think Minnesota still better. But I think that Kyle Shanahan is is this offense minded coach in the NFL that he would lead Jimmy Garoppolo to a better season. I mean, he led the team with five straight wins when he was healthy. And he was doing pretty well when he was healthy before he got towards ACL. And if anyone knows how to handle a guy with that kind of injury and put them to his best performance. It's going to be a guy like. Jimmy garoppolo. So guided make Jimmy Garoppolo better is a guy like Shanahan. So I would definitely I wouldn't put on my Jimmy Garoppolo. But I would definitely put. Kirk cousins, not in there. So again, Patrick Mahomes would be in my top five. Probably Tom Brady. See bet Baker Mayfield. Put my top five. I would put Russell Wilson. Probably my top five just dumpy stuff. He's consistently good and guys or anyone else. I mean, not Jared Goff golf. Always had my doubts to be honest with ya. Drew brees. Definitely my top five who I that. I had. I forget him. Mike crazy. So yeah, definitely considering not Kirk cousins. I think I would avoid him to be completely honest with you. I think it's one of those things you're looking going. You know, what he's probably not the best guy for the job. Not the best guy to give me fantasy points. I think he's gonna manage the game. And I think that's just gonna be. He's just could be a manager of the game. And not going to be the guy that takes over the game. But he's just gotta keep the game close. I guess you can say, you know. There's nothing really much more to say about that kind of about that. But. Let's go from that to running backs Celli. I think we've talked about the quarterback onto the running backs. You know, you know, the guy that run and are in the backfield get, you know, I'm talking about you know, you know, and speaking of Patrick Mahomes with Spencer ware, still free agent and. Cream hunt. Now, a Cleveland Brown in suspended for eight games who's gonna be in that backfield. Well, Holly, Damian Williams, and yes, he had some break-up performances last year. But he wasn't the number one guy. He was never the number one guy this year. He's going to be the number one guy in Ken, he take all those carries cream hunting. Can he be evolve in the past game? Like cream hunt was and it's going to be hard to live up to the town that cream on was because so many people thought, oh this guy could be a of player the offense player of the year. And all these other accolades and was gave me like a serious franchise. Running back for with the franchise quarterback in big duo that would be dominant league for a long time. And then cream hunt. What's in that domestic salt charge in now, he's with the Cleveland Browns. So he's so that's not going to be what people thought, obviously, so is Damien Williams. To be able to handle that kind of pressure not pressure. But the hype because he's now going to be taking over as most likely the starting running back. I'm gonna say like ninety nine percent sure he's going to be the starting running back. And now he's got a be involved. Instead of like, what was it like probably twenty percent of the place. He's probably gonna be volved in seventy percent of plays. You know, he's gonna move up on. That's nap count. He's gonna move up on in the on the number of plays be on in is that could be a problem for him like that. I guess is the ultimate question. And quite frankly, I don't know this is gonna be his first real test. And what I pick him as a I think the best. I would personally pick them as backup in my running back situation. He's not going to be one of my main options. Ously I think I'd rather chub or AVI. Well. Because you're always thinking about this is like all right fighter like a middle pick in the first round pick, Damian Williams. No. Middle of the pick in the eighth round. Would I pick him? Maybe. Actually kinda probably just to have someone offensively part of the Kansas City Chiefs team. I think that would that would help a lot. But. It's interesting because this is first chest. That's basically what this is is first true test. And that that this is going to be very interesting to see how he handles the fast the the offense that is any read and with Petra Mahomes coming off his fifty touchdown season. And possibly know tyreek hill for first time. Which is also a big issue. Damian Williams might get a lot the ball. I'm more often than not him and try was calcium. I have to take a workload. So it's very interesting to see what's going to be the outcome for. Damian Williams because without tire if tyreek hill gone Chari kills suspended or cut or traded or what I what have you? He's getting a lot more looks and caney handle that that's the alternate question. It's good to be the questions at the season. Like is he going to be good enough to do this that so on and so forth? It's it's it's it's a gamble. But honestly, I think he's gonna be probably either having a record breaking year or b b. You know, what I didn't even think about this. What are what stopping the Kansas City Chiefs from signing a running back in the draft Jaffe one or picking one in free agency? That's not if okay. If deeming Williams becomes if there's no other pickups for the Kansas City Chiefs. They don't sign Spencer where which looks like they're not if they're not gonna get another running back in the free market, and they don't get one in the draft. I'm gonna say. Why why wouldn't they go for the Alabama running back? Isn't that a factor or I don't know there's a lot of options here regarding running backs when it comes to the drafter, very unpredictable. Usually they turn out. Well, if it's a first round pick. So if the chiefs do draft a running back, which they will might or defensive it really depends on what any read is looking for do. They need extra help on the often the side with possibly the lost Atari Kilby as they looked. They looked to train them. So it's not a it's not out of the window of tyreek hill not Kim city cheese by next season. So what does that mean? So are the chiefs in trouble is Patrick Mahomes in trouble having going from MVP of the holiyay to you know, becoming a one hit wonder because the team's kind of fallen apart around him. He losses running back. Well, obviously, it didn't do that much to them. But losing his wide receiver his top wide receiver and not be owned. Rely on him. When win Travis Kelsey is being covered. Triple double quadrupling. During during a play a crucial play third down play or a touchdown or red zone. Play. Who knows what's going to be the outcome? So we're at they're in a tight situation here if I ever seen one. So man, they could draw the light as well. And there's a lot of teams that looked good going into the offseason that might not be looking good. Elsewhere. Honestly, if that's the case for Kansas City, it's not their fault. First of all cream hunt. Did that to himself as well? If tyreek hill actually did abused children like learn from Adrian Peterson man while he's back to where he is now but come on don't hit. I mean, it's air easy not to hit children. But I won't get into that. Unless we the fall details of what's going on. But the regardless the players are making it. So the chiefs are falling apart due to the players not front office front office did all they good the front office did great to have build that team. But they continue to get into trouble. And also trading defor did hurt because he was the best rusher pressured. He was the best quarterback in the NFL season. In cutting the veteran just in Houston, and they get they did get of Matthew. They get the Honey badger, but they did cut Eric berry. So they did lose a veteran there as well. So it's a big question Mark, what can be the outcome for the Cassidy cheese for next season. But as for. As for dean Williams. He's getting the ball a lot. It looks like it's that way or they will draft running back and make him over Williams and David Williams. We'll get the same out of snap. Sees how he has been. But we're gonna take another short break when we come back. We'll talk about another running back and semi receivers in some tight ends. And we write back right after this. Check out the show that's built on the from the UFC two extreme cage biting, they got the fights covered checkout. GSM see 'em podcast. Get the latest news on past or upcoming fights. Join us as we've talked to in about some of the biggest names in M E past president future. When it's the fight game. There's just one show to check out GMC podcast dot com. Backslash M E dash podcast. Forget to like Facebook could follow them on Twitter. Visit yes, podcasts dot com for more info. Welcome back. Everyone GMC fantasy football podcast. So talked about Damian Williams we talked about. Cousins. And we talked about Carson Wentz. Let's to woman running back, and we got a breeze through the ride receivers or one particular or couple zeros, and then one particular tight end, and we can call it today. So we're sharp penny is next on the list. He was the twenty seventh overall pick in two thousand eighteen. And. Well, he was supposed to beat out. The seventh round former seventh-round picking Chris Carson, which was supposed to be the end game there. Number. That's supposed to be three hours long, by the way. If you're going to see vendors endgame when it comes out strap yourselves into long movie, but it's a good one. And. Going back to what I said there were high expectations for the first team all American pro-trump penny. Well, he broke a bone his hand in the preseason. That's what really demand. And so. Sharp penny had. Eighty five carries whereas season. Mike Davis out carried him with one hundred twelve cares. So the question, but the fact his four point nine yards for Kerry was the best among the team running backs. And he had eight point three yards per reception. This is sharp. We're talking about he did well with his with his time on the field. So does that mean he will get more opportunities in the next season is upcoming season. Will he get more snaps? I honestly do not know I think it's a bit. It's a bit of a unknown circumstance based off the fact that there is still Chris carsoup played really well last season still over thousands years and. And with that being said, it really is coming down to the point of where you're looking at any going could he have a breakout year? It's possible. I'm not saying it's impossible Kim possible. My my references are bad. If you're my for twenty to twenty five years old, you will give my references other than than you will not. Regardless back to penny. Will he have more than eighty five yards? Eighty five carries. I hope so actually I think so I think you'll get up to one hundred. I think you'll get a to one hundred carries next season due to my Davis also being gone. Hopefully, no injuries will happen to them in the upcoming season. If it's in preseason. And. With that. I also want to look at the point of where he did have the best. He did have the best. Yard precarious them on the running backs. So why not give them one hundred carries? I mean last season. Chris Carson had two hundred and forty seven carries in his he had a thousand plus season. So if you minus I don't know. Let's say the even though they both get the one hundred and fifty carries each. I don't think both will get a thousand yards to that. But I think they both get like eight fifty is that is that crazy that is that crazy to predict I don't think that's that crazy to predict because I think they're both very talented. I think Chris Carson's get is you see thinking about this. Now, they if they both split the carries. I think they would have out even number of yards. But I think due to the fact that he had a thousand plus yard season. Chris Carson saying I think it's good to be the same as before. But I do think Chris Carson. We'll get the brunt of the carries. But we're sharp penny would get it. He gets at least one hundred and ten all say the over under. There was an over owner of one hundred carries. I'll say he gets over about one hundred and ten carries for shop penny. So. I'm thinking that's a pretty good flex. Honestly. I would say Chris Carson's a better flex but being say based off rounds, and he'll probably be taken a little bit higher than Rashar penny would. So if you're looking for a late round steel for a flex player. In a guy. That's good for by we kind of running back. Shop penny might be your dive. I I was high on him when he was in college was the first American I liked him Alon college. And it's safe to say that he could do the same thing. He key could revitalize for this season. He didn't play bad last season. He just didn't get a lot of touches. So. I don't see the harm in picking penny on your finish team. I would see the harm. If you drafted him in the first round. I would see the problem if you drafted him in the top five rounds, but let's say six below. Yeah. Why not? I don't see the problem there. Like, I just seem as a late round pick. I don't I think he's just a positive flex player that can. Basically, I seem as a positive player that can give you some points. When you need a couple of, you know. He's a reliable. I feel like he can be a reliable flex player reliable bench. Like, you won't say, oh, I wish I started him on this day. But you're gonna say, oh, he did pretty good about loading points. I say like he gave you saw it eleven fifteen points. Not a game. But I would say probably every couple of games. I say he's worse probably up to that point where like he gets two or three points. But he does have like a he has high probably like twenty five and I'd say his his medium is probably like he can probably get you around fifteen points when you need it. And I think that's good enough for those late round picks. You know, I think that's. I think that's what you want and longer when it comes down to the last final picks. So moving from that too. Wide receivers. This guy has been a serious question. Mark for me for longtime. Alan Robinson, the the the for his first season. Chicago was mixed. He keeps secured fifty five of ninety four targets for seven hundred and fifty four yards and four touchdowns and thirteen games. Well, those are like actually acceptable like. Yeah. Okay. Cool. Cool. But he did sign a three year forty two million dollar contract. So Dave was probably not as what they wanted. Well, he did spent a he spent the year coming back for many seal tear that he sustained at the start of the twenty seventeen season. And then he got hip groin in ribbon. Juries the cost him three games in nagged him throughout the this in Chicago. And new offense working within a sophomore quarterback in Mitch Mitchell Trubisky. You know? You know, he wasn't STAN Chicago in Jacksonville going to new team is always a drag when it comes down to new offense scheme, and what have you? So I guess the question is. Is he? The guy you want on your starting lineup. See that's a tricky one say the least. But you know, if I'm passing or cash in on this guy. I'm passing. I don't think that he's worth a bench spot. I don't think because he has so little in far in between. Breakout games that it's a serious concern to me, and I wouldn't want. I would rather have someone who consistently gets ten to fifteen points or fifteen to eighteen points rather than someone that can get twenty five to thirty points or on a great day or go down to five five to eight and not contribute at all. I don't want that risk. I feel like that's too risky. So yeah, I think of it as more of a. More of a too much of a gamble for me personally. So I mean. I mean like I said he could go breakout with Mitch driven scepter second year coming back. That's that could totally happen. But again, I like it's too much of a gamble for me. Personally. Well, I had the other riders put on here was Doug Baldwin, but he just had surgery. He's having surgery for a sports hernia in April. And expected have quote some challenges to overcome getting healthy. So bottom line is I say avoid Doug Baldwin. He's having surgery in April two close to come for comfort. I'm uncomfortable. Then for tight end. This one is interesting to sit. This one is actually pretty intriguing Delaney Walker as he has been very reliable last couple of years. Having played in at least fifteen games and scored over insecure over one hundred receptions are secure. I'm sorry. I said that wrong. Let me go back. He has secured over one hundred targets sixty receptions in eight hundred yards in all of his last four healthy seasons prior twenty eighteen. He his best season was ninety four. Catch a thousand eight yards six touchdowns. He's in twenty fifteen. And. Early in the season. It ended poorly. He suffered an ankle injury. That ended his season. And it seems like he's ready to get back for twenty nineteen and he's pretty optimistic about what the future holds. There are some good people are liking his chances getting back on track to where he was before. But. You know, he's gonna be thirty five when we one happens in twenty nineteen and he's coming off a season ending injury last season. To an ankle which will slow him down indefinitely and design make him less of a threat when it comes down to receiving the ball and catch the ball because he's too small to be a blocking tight tight end as well. He's coming off an eagle injury. So tight blocking going to be as strong suit. He's always going to be a receiving guy. But with an ankle injury getting over that is one thing. But then he's thirty five he's going to be thirty five at least see with that age. It worries me, but Marcus mariota has always relied on Delaney Walker since he got drafted to the titans. So honestly. He wouldn't be the worst pickup. Not. He would be your first tight. And you would honestly think about selecting but coming off an injury and being thirty five. And then there's the kid George kiddle from San Francisco who's completely the opposite healthy coming off a record breaking year and extremely young. Honestly, I seem going on drafted. But I will say this. If you do draft Leany Walker as your tight end, it's not a bad choice. Like, I said, Marcus mariota. He's like his security blanket. If you will he's one of the most reliable guys that he's throwing the ball to. He catches lies like before. He can't he's our just sixty percent of his catches out of his targets. He catches the ball. Sixty percent of the time out of one hundred after hundred cats. After one hundred targets. He catches sixty of them. So the stat speak for themselves the average week for themselves. So he can produce the absolutely one hundred percent can produce. And you know, what if Kittles taken Erz is taken e bronze taken and Kelsey taken. If he's the he's in my top five he'll be my number five, titan selected. I'm going on a limb right now, that's how much faith. I have in his consistent. Offense with the team as well as Marcus mariota. But that's the key argument. Iota starting in not Ryan tannehill. Then I would definitely say yes, you can pick up. Delaney Walker late in the draft probably last pick in steel him the last round. But if it's Ryan tannehill that turns out to be the starter, which doesn't look like it's going to happen. But you know, gotta look at all possibilities than a void. Then avoid Delaney. Walker avoid tines in general. But that's how I say about all those and those are the unpredictable guys for this season for me personally. And that is our show today. Thank you so much for joining us. And actually this could be my last fantasy football show as my contract has expired. In after at the end of this month. So I just wanna say the bottom of my heart. Thank you for letting me talk about fantasy football. I've had a blast talking about it. Whether you hated my predictions or loved by predictions. I enjoyed talking about it. I had a blast doing it. And I hope that I will see all again soon maybe on I don't know where my future holds. But hope to see all there. And as always I'm Jeff Mellon off. I'll see you later. You've been listening to the Golden State media concepts fantasy football podcast part of the Golden State media concepts podcast network. You could find this show and others like it at WWW dot Jesus MC podcast dot com. Download all cast on stitches soundcloud and Google play. Just type in MC to find all the shows from the Golden State media concepts podcast network from movies to music from sports entertainment. And even we are us. You can also follow us some Twitter and on Facebook. Thank you. And we hope you have enjoyed today's program.

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