Rome - Pliskova and Nadal Take Titles; Djokovic, Konta ... Kyrgios


Hello, everybody. This week's edition of tennis podcast is brought to you in association with Sony us who produced those incredible speakers. And we've been sent one Catherine. We're together. I'm Wayne Sooners beam is my second already have one regular sonars. Mrs it's, it's an addition to my Sonos family, very welcome one. Yeah. Makes you feel like your tennis tournament sit in your chair, Phil at the balls of whistling buyer, also sent one to Matt, but his television. Leaders bring him into the conversation, but with wasting. With wasting listening go worry, it's good. Have it sounds dot com. If you'd like to go. Hi. I'm John McEnroe board, this is Martina Navratilova a massive Lander. I'm Sandra Rinker enlighten, you? I'm Andy Murray. And you're listening to the tennis podcast. Well, you join us this week in the dressing room of Catherine Whitaker, here prime video. I'm backstage Catherine. Wow. This is good. Isn't it? We are so privileged. I know it's very exciting. And we're, we're here we've got the tally on which Catherine will be old in a minute. Then she we present in the aftermath of the Novak Djokovic against Rafael the Dow Rome final, which is currently taking place. We're midway through the second set as we come to you after this startling bagel set forever on the down in the first set we'll get onto all that in a little while. But I've just come over from BT sport where I've been coming, tighten the women's final and women's tournament all wait long which has resulted in a title for count in a place giver over you Hannah concert. And to be honest, either one of those players, the just not players, I expected to see in the vinyl, maybe we should've expected to seek only in the Bush tonight. I mean, not sure anybody even after to the final in Rabat expected to C, J Konta. They're probably not even Jake onto she said winning that semifinal against KiKi buttons was the, the biggest results she's heard since winning Miami. Back in twenty seven. No since reaching the Wimbledon semifinal, seven twenty seventeen. That was those with the I mean that was peak. Joe Konta wasn't it? So that shows the significance of every team that final. But maybe we should have been thinking of plush giver, but we're doing talks about. And that was the point being made is why is counting applicable. I think it was in our questions announces show. And we were talking about who's the best the most underrated player who's the best plan to wanna slam that kind of thing she has not wanna slam yet. She's overseer incredibly talented player. But for whatever reason she isn't a player I ever pick to to win a slam. She's reached to reach two final, and she never kinda comes to the friends of my mind, I would say, much more. So now given the season she is having that I think he's now six out of eight tournaments where she reached the quarterfinals or better. This is the first time certainly in about three years where she's really put it together consistently. And she looks like a player who does not want to leave a stone unturned in her career. He yeah. I, I think will be isn't. I've always thought is quite consistent may. Maybe the numbers date back that up, I will always pick her to reach a quarter resent me. I'll just never usually pick her to win a slam. I think I had her in my Wimbledon final couple of years ago where she's never done any way. She's never. I mean, I think maybe that's why she's a little bit overlooked because I feel like she, she should she should have had results at Wimbledon should be. She should have been a massive feature at Wimbledon the last five years. Juice doesn't been fourth-round was her best she'd ever done. She'd never gonna be home beyond the second round of Wimbledon until last year. I mean John is, isn't had similar echo. Didn't he before before last year? Obviously when he. Swell to give. But I mean that's not an experienced anyone wants to relive is it? Cullman sheep eighth. And fortunately, no no styles might match his. Kevin Anderson against John is I mean look either one of those two players against either one of the two that we watching right now. It's just that much up was was deathly. I've always thought an happened to. Always think that with actually, you know you kinda push cover against Simona Halep for instance or someone like that. And I like those sort of matchups, but for her to have not gone beyond the second round for several years. Wimbledon is just a strange kind of stat given the, the surf she had she is served again. More aces than anybody in the world this year in the women's game talking down about cross today in Coventry. She just says she has almost the perfect service motion. There is not one little kink in that serve, and I don't get how you, you don't produce on grass with that kind of game. She's reached the semi final at the French Open, but she's never gone beyond the last sixteen at Wimbledon, the only thing I wonder is whether a bit like Richard Krajicek, who also didn't get past the third round for years. And then suddenly one thing, maybe it's just gonna. She's going to suddenly Wimbledon. Didn't he say bought he was going to win? Darvin actually picks push have picked party to win a slam this year. Well as, as I think we're raking enroll turf now but you've got to pick one of the three then. Well, yes, no. She's got win one of the three another step for EJ contest, never wanna match the French Open his way it, isn't it? I was looking at the four years in a row. Now the last one was Unia Putin save as she lost to the level. Live. That was a messy tussle. She had that very tough one against chassis way, which I think she had a tie-break to win it in the second set and didn't, and then ended up losing that Denise rally Tova. She lost in the first round having qualified that was her first Goto in two thousand fifteen I ain't got into the main draw cut, remember she lost to the other one of the four, but this year, she's now one more clay court matches than all the three years, previously combined. And how much is it down to set Cup? I think a lot because confidence is everything for contour isn't it? I mean she's got one game plan. And when it's on it's great, it's so gutsy in and it can be a bit route one but it's, it's there's no holds barred is shameless drilling of a tennis ball. And, you know, I think she's she's come under fire for not having a plan. B-b-but but her respond to that is always, I know what my strengths are. I know what I'm good at that the when I'm on it's good enough to be most plays in the world is just, you know, she's, she's been on a bit less over the last twelve to eighteen months, and she has before, but with that style of if played low margin style of play confidences is everything. We know you know, sort of personality wise, we talked about her being sort of an introvert in the past, and I think the getting us off in the right frame of mind doesn't come as naturally as it does some other place own experience like the Fed Cup. I think is just enormous. What was happening there issues having to win despite things not going well. And I, I think that that's donor the world good. I think it also shows what a fighter she is. She will not give it in until the very last ball and, and she has. Her ways of dealing, and compartmentalizing every single point. And, and that's over the years. The British media, we've slightly chuckled, her talk of processes, but it makes total sense. Really doesn't it to just strip down the reality of your day job into the bits that you can control every single time you do anything, rather than worrying about big picture stuff that those processes contribute towards it doesn't come naturally to she's not raff on the dog. She doesn't wake up in the morning filling in zone for tennis match. See, she has to trick her mind. She has to have tools to get herself in the right head space for a tennis match in those tools. Don't make forget interview for the but if they get to the Rome final thing that she has been during this week, which I haven't really seen as much of the Fed Cup as well. The number of dropshots she was hitting against Marquette wondrous over who is a bit of a job shirt, dragon. Yeah. Earn Albert Portas? She's been going to his school. She she hit one every shots every single rally against Derek, it candidate wonder service, you can't match. It was a wonderful match was played on the pier translate court, which is the third main quarter in Rome. I think that they should use it way more for night matches the place was packed people were chanting von service safety issue that they don't, I would imagine. I mean, this is a small core to us to be the centre court many years ago until they bought built. Leaving individual seats is just sort of marbled bench style seat and couldn't emerald it is. No Dow federal Jackovitch on those courts. I don't think with put Fanini sits a pass on. Roy. Got into that in a minute, but just on on the subject of the drop shots that Konta was hitting against Vondra Sova. It was. I just find it really interesting that she got in there. I you know, his a woman who were expected to hit countless dropshots in concert got in there first. And she, she Nelly amid a really good job of it. And, and so I think she has added to the game. And I just think she needs to win one match as French Open. And then with, with a half decent draws she could really make a run. It's going to be seated now. Isn't she up June twenty six in the world result of this week? So what about push give out? Do you feel like she was saying that he's in the mix? We've in that make Matt what have you done? I feel like she drops from the poll this week GT creation of the mix. Yes, we removed one of the ingredients. So the podcast mix, she. Said that she didn't feel like she played that well and she was in the final, and then suddenly in the final. She started to serve in the first century had ninety percent. I serves in with that serve. But the big factor. I think that is different to me. She was kind of joint coached last year. Wasn't she by Renee stubs in country? Martin has now. It's just not in as who whenever she comes onto the call. You end up feeling invigorated as a spectator, little let alone a player. She was saying, actually, in her press conference yesterday that I think Ben Rothenberg asked him is, is him later. More heavily hitter is the other sheer amount of question. The sheer number of questions or bits of information you get given by Martinez. Is it possible to take all of it in, and she said, honestly, I kind of take the bits I feel, I need so I do listen to it all. It's not like I'm ignoring I'm listening to it all, but there is a lot, and I just I just want certain bits of it. I want to hear it all. And then choose, and but as in the main thing is she doesn't allow push cover to let down does not. She went a set down to, to really feisty competitors, and severe cannon and Victoria, Raza. Rancor. I mean you have to play well to turn that around against those two and mentally she was there the whole time and I feel as though she's got obviously huge respect for Martin. Is one this title four times south before. And she just feels good. When she comes down to the core if feels right? She knows that she's getting the right information from a person that has been there done it. And the vibe is really good one full reign titles their four in a row between two thousand and sorry, nine hundred ninety three and ninety six I think of her can cheat mountain as Wimbledon champion, but well that was the outlier really she was a clay court specialist with a loopy game and somehow managed to beat much in the final with some of the best returns you've ever seen. So I think one of the other factors that will be very interesting. The French Open is Martinez. Can't come on the court and will she be able to do it on her own same? Same as KiKi buttons and Raymond slaughter. I think because of Slough to Sluiter honestly, I've this week alone of called him as louder. Slow eater. Greater Greg says Slough tower and bless him. There's lots of great things about Greg gerski contribution to the tennis broadcasting world, but name pronunciations is rarely one of them say, if Greg, thanks louder. I'm going Sluiter. We'll slow eater core holding our fleet slow eater. I'm confidently going to okay. I'm going to get in touch with him. I don't namedrop here. Is it namedrop? And if you dream namedrop, Raymond, is it named dropping to say, I'm going to contact Raymond slaughter? Be by your phone. I'm coming. Yes, I because I love that too. He I just want him to. I mean, I want him in my thing, just to be available to guide me through life is a lovely lovely, like he's just got away about him as knees, lovely, aura. Amd heck of lot with good tactical input as well. But. Yeah. That's that is, is it. I mean, I, I love that extra element of intrigue. The it's. On on the men's side, you have the fact that it's best to five. That elevates, the challenge of a grand slam above what they do. We can we can't. Well, this is something I think elevates, the challenge and adds a new dimension to it on the women's side. Who does burning the better the coach, the more you depend on them? Still disappointing that, you, you end up with this situation of it not being available at the slams, because then you remove that, and I don't know that just bothers me. Yeah. I mean, said it before I'll say, again consistency. If we think coaching is on. Catchy is a good thing. And I by and large day. Then let's do it across the board every tournament men's and women's, let's do it. None of our cross likes it, by the way, she doesn't like sly. Jerry head to head on the franchisor. I won't hit eight say most people do most people were ex plays plays. But the, the other thing that Annabelle really spoke strongly about was injury timeouts because Petrovka ver- in a match against Maria Sakari, who was fantastic this week. She got to the semifinals, once at all three love to Sakari Kavita, the had an injury time out for cough issue. And she did retire game later is clear injury done. There was any attempt by converter bend. The rules order stop momentum. Don't that's not her in my at least my view of. But it did stop the momentum. And there was an eight minute break the Sakari hat to deal with and. About said, I feel that you're either fit to play or you're not, and should be now injury. Timeouts. I don't agree. I see where she's coming from. I think the current role did we have at the moment is, is you're right? Just doesn't feel right that does it. But I mean, presumably the diagnosis took five because you're not allowed more than three minutes for the actual time out, but you without unlimited time for diagnosis the injury that is the problem. And I mean, if you change that, then you, you, we've got health and safety issues on hand seventy because you cannot possibly Russia medical diagnosis. No, do you want to, but equally on the other hand, I didn't wanna see a match stopped for a blister, and in a completely debilitating yet entirely and quickly treatable issue, but surely, you can treat your own blister. Be probably need more than the sit down to do it. So whether you do it yourself or not, you still again to, to some extent disrupt the momentum of the match. And if you're going to do that, why not get it done by a professional because then you'll get in help from outside, and it takes. Ecoboost. She. Get racket strong maybe should just spill out to use the, the sit down and nothing else. So that you can't disrupt your opponents time ballista repair against the clock. You're never a ballistic, log is next to the shot, I think's a Caramba ZDC my point the totally, you know, I don't want to say a great match, but I think by the empire, I'm sorry. Ashburn was unable to, to get her socks back on in time after pulling a blister plaster. We're going to have to cancel. I think it might have been Joe who said, well, maybe what you what should happen is you have. You lose points if you going over certain time, lots, you know. Just so that a player who is having treatment has to have some consequences in terms of time if they department there is a limit on the time for the treatment that exact rule exists. It's the diagnosis is time limit is unlimited. And then you're putting the pressure on the medical professional and that's not fair. E e I don't think we get into a situation where we're putting pressures on physios. Doctors russia. Are we never all this? When we were playing. Yeah. But I mean, that's, that's the, you know, the good old days, but it's Brexit comparisons. As an isn't it great that we saying the longevity of plays extended now strew let us know what you think that tennis podcast on Twitter, senators, an Email website, contact form, is there you can Email us at tennis podcasts dot net. So yeah, it it's an interesting talking point. And, and one suspense that will run along forever. Think it's worthy of some discussion. I mean yeah, it's so uncertain typic- to talk about failed but you're absolutely right. It didn't feel right? And there are adjustments be made. We're looking at a shot clock on the side of the court during this Rome, men's final at the moment. We're looking at I read today, that the French Open will only allow one bathroom break for, for players per set at the French Open things like that, you know, which is that men's? And women's, I'm not sure. Actually, I can't remember but anyway, I would potentially issues with that on the women's sign. I'm not sure to have we, we will seek clarification. We will maybe Ramos, louder knows about that. Whatever his name is. So the rest of the week in Rome, we saw victory once again chin marketer von dress over who, who got her second win of the year over Simona Halep. And she just dropped shot at her into oblivion. Plus Alip was incredibly complimentary about how good wonder saver was on the stretch out wide to either four hundred backhand, she hadn't -bility to slice on the defense. I was so impressed with this woman, she's nineteen years of age of none of that was not a bad for a couple of years. She had a big result. The US open last year. Didn't she car remember to slam by David echo? But what she did she beat Konta last year at Indian Wells, and she has got to forty four in the world. She she wouldn't, you know, she won her a title in her second professional event, as a seventeen year old, but this was the first time that I've really watched closely, she's the left hand. And senior on play. It just felt like you really get to see her full repertoire and to play against Erica. Kane A, who's a kind of similar player isn't she very expensive and, and extravagant spins and paints pictures, and it was just a beautiful sight to watch this woman in action and really natural tennis player. She KiKi buttons goodness. Alleging see. The third night less she around sixteen and lost out to leashes soaring. Well, I think she's going places vendor server based on what I saw this week. I I really think she is a serious player like just a natural tennis player and she's got a bit of a serve on as well. Which you looked like a Dali of a serve by comparison. I loved the Annabelle and commentary, described her job. You're seeing is just is best wind up. Was because against because again, it literally. Finishing with the top show, which is does wind you up. So that was very good. The rest of the week. I mean I mentioned how because I kind of feel like we look at her as the French Open favourite and yet. Well, kinky buttons lost to Joe contra semi's. I mean who is the French Open favorites? Who is it? I still get help just. Yeah. Howlett but it's definitely the field. Obviously, he's probably more than any other individual. Interesting. I mean a soccer pulled out focus funded with a hand injury slightly bizarre injury that she she woke up. She said, shiver up, you find the day before woke up that morning and a thumb was numb plane willows. And she, yes, she is playing. You said at the start of the air, it'll be interesting to see her on clay, because that's not where her best results have come and yet. She's won the last two slams. They had this. If you didn't follow it, this week, they had the most biblical rain you've ever seen in your life on Wednesday, which I think ended up being the first wash out in the tournament's history. The did not get a ball hit. It didn't mean that on Thursday. You had fifty odd matches being played. You had the Dow federal Jackovitch all playing on the second court all have interplay twice in a day. And Asaka was beating good plants in. She is able to transfer her game a little bit like concert was doing today, which also please does these plays if they're good enough. They can transfer the hardcore games onto clay, which, which I find very interesting. Yeah. It seems so. It seems so much more possible that now than than it did ten fifteen years gave the concept of if clay court specialists, I think is slightly fading. I mean it was only a year ago, I thought, if KiKi buttons is a clinical specialist and she's, you know, he's clearly not, she's Michelle success on gross law student. She Christine Garin. Proclaim co specially all about. Well, we're gonna keep a BDI and finally, can you think of a some need called appropriately specialists in the women's game? Maybe call us far as Navarro a little bit. But she's also reached the Miami say, career finalist last year, the did she do that last year in you commented on it. David didn't he Madison keys really bizarre match on the Friday night where no one was paying any attention? Tell you word for it. Maybe it wasn't a quarterback, you definitely commentate on it without oppo Annabelle was appalled that maybe a qualifying offer through the event. If it was a Friday, then it was either the semifinal or. Like it's sunny has had results on other services you. You're quite right. And, and yet the, the concept of it is not what it used to be. There are not many Sergio garrison frankly, but then, you know, you look back we've just been talking about cheetah Martinez back in the day, you would not have got a player that you described Moore's clay-court specialists in country to modernise and yet he won Wimbledon chain. Likewise, wrath on the dome back in the day, the time that he went is first Wimbledon. You would still have described him as clay-court'specialist. Fit at nine knots, fittingly, please take it back for even set it should do Joe and saying, if I can identify one that somebody could Elizaveta Caccia Reta who I've never heard of before, but could could well be clay-court, especially sorry, Irani. Tell you what older Carlos fires narrow did reach the quarterfinals of years opened last year. Well back, good work for the new. She. Anyway. Yes, it's all happening. So the other one the other player, I feel like we should talk about not a clay-court, especially is Serena Williams, who made her long-awaited comeback. She'd only last time she played with Miami. And she, she played Rebecca pizza Nash she played here. She beater and played pretty well. And then and she told us quite interested in the about her the kind of health kick that she's on, at the moment to keep herself in, in the best shape, she can be in, and then satellite he was forced to withdraw ahead of her match with her sister, Venus. I think it's the ongoing knee injury. Isn't it? Ongoing Nina is literally the, the, the terminology that was used in, in the statement. I didn't know what to say because I just have no idea was raining Williams is. I mean what can we say? We've seen we've seen plenty Rebecca Peterson. What, what conclusions I can draw on that basis? She certainly she arrived in Rome radio early didn't she? She seemed to be. Begging off per Sereno yet, this is where my claycourt season begins. She loves Rome, doesn't she is where she met her husband, and then it was just this big damp, squib. So I Don I well, I really, really hope she can just find enough fitness to play properly, again because the ball striking is there. That's the, the really frustrating thing. It's all there just needs like these top mayo players in particularly. I think of the Dow just needs them to be fit in order to, to keep on producing it. He still thinks she'll break Margaret court's record. Yes. Do I think there will? There will be a period where she can get that fitness. Right. I the ball striking is so good. And when she's playing playing well she's moving well enough. It's just yes, I do day. What do you think? Yeah. I think she'll get one more. Okay. Well, let's wait until the end of this match showy and then we can talk about what happened. Yes, you did. Live out of data update. It's currently six love Maddow five four jock of its juice. So this week's edition of the tennis podcast is brought to you in association with sonar who have centers, Catherine the Sonos beam this speaker, that Tatchio television, and so you can feel like you within a tennis match. It's, it's amazing. They've also sent to Matt his tally doesn't work look at his face. He's not that you haven't even got Italian. No. No David servicing storm, watching the tennis, is we, it is good map. It is is worth waiting. Five heard. Face. If you choose tin with troop leg, right? You can go anywhere in your room and it will make you feel like you're Anna tennis tournament from any seat, and he can control it from your phone, or with voice commands viral exit which for the people of a Lazier persuasion. Maybe like myself, it's notch. Perfect for gonna look send dot com. So rough on the Dow is the Rome champion. He went on to win it in three sets despite the fact that Novak Djokovic, somehow managed to win that second set though coronet how you join us now Catherine were together. I myself David law in a calm, we are heading back to sunny, Putney over the Putney exchange where Catherine lives where I'm staying at a local hotel, and yes. Well, what do we make of all that? We've just witnessed because we've had a six love set. We referenced it briefly in passing cancer in, but that is quite a shock on paper. But is it shocking reality given the difference in their preparation for this particular match in their turnaround time after their semi finals? Well, I guess not. I mean, I've just come affair with a number of pardon pundits, Greg says gives them smitten studio commentators out there on site in Roman. All of them seem to see the, the, the narrative that much as jock vigils was tied to, to really challenge Nidal, and it was named ship will that enabled him to, to take that second set. And that was, I agree. That was that seemed to be the case to his first line in speech, which I was having someone translate in, in my ear which then hunter rela- on the air. You shouldn't have told us are cover. We were all thinking Kush speaking, I wasn't fooling anyone and then flipping dull steps there and start speaking Italians have to do the same thing. Again night. The first thing he said was I'm not going to talk about being tires there by talking about being tired. Or at least mentioning being tired. And yet, I mean he was he was tired. He was he was doing everything he could to, to try and keep pointers. That showed spas will use the Netto. He was job shutting persistently despite having the zero percent return rate. He would he started moon bowling midway through the first set, which was extraordinarily news out of ideas. But. The me that raises the question of okay. Yes, he played a lot more tennis. I think the disparity of about three hours in the amount of tennis there that each played since Friday and jock. Richard had the less beneficial shed chilling. He played his semifinal late at night on Saturday. Finished about ten thirty local time, I think, so. But seventeen hour turnaround before the final, plus a one A M finish against Oprah Tra. Plus I am finish against poetry the night before. Yes. All of that is punishing in it, and it, it wasn't a level playing field. However. I was a bit surprised by how naked Jovic was. I mean, this is the marathon man. This is the guy that beaten a doll in six hours, in the Australian Open finding in twenty twelve off to having had a, a five hour battle with Andy Murray, the round before a k you get a day off in between mounds it slams bidding also it's over best of five it slams, they've been they've been doing. They've been winning these most titles with Marsden battles and minimal recovery. Time for for ten to fifteen years. So. Yeah. Nidal was with helped along by the budget vich being seemingly exhausted today. But I it, it does put a, a spec of doubt in my mind about where joke, which is at physically, if he does get embroiled in a in a long match, which he could well, d a role, I would think it the bigger concern is probably the more cumulative effect of several matches of that ilk because let's not forget he had two successive three-set matches against patrol finishes at one in the morning comes out plays another three-set match pretty pretty energetic matches against dago Schwartzman. Then he's got a face the greatest co player of all time, many times, have we seen that scenario jump of itches come out and you're inside gravity motor slow starts the but I, I would say she he's still defied gravity, but he did it in the second set because Boris Becker. Tweeted at the end of the final. His only chance really is to make a good start on this surface against Ned Al. And he didn't. He didn't make stop the Dow worth saying how well he played an, an I I'm not sure if it wasn't a studio. Maybe all of you just acknowledging the way he was going down the lines relentlessly wasn't just trading cross-court with, with jockey itch, he was doing in a way and Dowell to junk of each one what he does to him. Yeah. That's a really good point and, and not allowing Jakovich sits take the ball as early as he would like you is pushing him back in back in back you've serving. Well, I think that's something that that's been a bit errand in recent weeks and the. The, the satisfaction, and the joy on his face when he won. I've, I feel it. That's one of the most significant titles for him outside of the slams in recent years, really do that he just was beside himself with joy, couldn't stop smiling. Hold it in. I think you need as there was a statler Nick last guy, the news the longest title drought in something like since two thousand and four. Yeah, what a stats and the. Just he needed to know that he could win again, at the very highest level, just even the greatest need a reminder that their form. Is there going into the big one and what we all want to now I suppose given what happened. The Australian Open have big a deal. Is it to do it against Georgia vich? He didn't wanna play that game. He wanted to talk about how he needed to know that his game was there. And then the rest well while you're over your game is really that unless it's been tested against the best. Yeah, I feel like Fairmont it is actually he he's not the sought to play the game. But I think it's significant because it was such a chastening defeat to jock itch he needed to know that he could hurt him. I heard today agree. Yeah he did hurt him. I think that defeat. We'll sting a bit. I think leaky still Jucker. It's you're still going into the French Open with a tight laundries motley each one, one title, but. Generally all other things being equal. Roy Moore is a bigger indicator, Roland. Garros Geeta similarity in conditions than is Madrid. Yeah. I would I I've always typically thought that this way has been so strange with all an maybe even the rain is a is a good indicator as well, because you have sometimes to deal with those conditions in Paris. But it made it so soft, it seemed in the clay surface, didn't feel that. True this week in uh. There was a lot of slipping around. There was a lot of broken courts Jackovitch last night, you can Schwartzman was asking for the, the court to be swept at every change of ends. We're not just at the end of the sets. He wasn't happy tool with, with the state of the court, I can only seem that the that the extent of the rain is a factor federal wasn't happy was at grouchy fed against Buna church. He still won came from t- much points down to be born a charge, but he was doing a Lord complaining they use complaining about the sleepiness of the lines. I guess, because they were watering, the quarter lot. I think he's not used to Klay Tortona super. This red stuff, but he, he withdrew from his his match against sit surpass just on the Djokovic Nadal situation here. Does it shift your view more generally, therefore, you said it gives you a speck of doubt over the form of jock itch going into the French Open, does it. I think you still had the Dallas the favourite anyway, didn't you did? Yes. And joke which is still my second favorite. So. Like guess nothing has changed other than I just feel a little bit more confident in those t- things are still feel that the rich will win the, the French Open because I don't feel that he will have a situation like he's had today. The won't be any backdrop to look back on and think, oh, that's that's where he got exhausted. I have lost from from a very low base. I have lost confidence in your predictions today. They David I mean, the after the second set of the final, he said to me Joklik can steam older now your career. With such steely confidence almost have me believing it. Well, I, I can't forget the Australian over final, and I still feel from a level playing field that jockey rich is level is higher than the Dow's overall if you take all the surfaces into to account and his record against him. What is it now? Twenty eight twenty six he's been more dominant. More recently. And he said, I and that's where that came from now. I got it completely wrong. Folks, what I would say, I, I did sort of think when he lost the first set six love, I didn't think that was automatically it as well. Yeah. The tweet that thankfully. And then and then after Jovic Matz, I can say David David garner is phone pointed to that Twee instead as good on that. Katherine is decided to just even it up here on the podcast. Fair enough. I just I still think that Jacob ritual be different at the at the French Open. I didn't they could they're going to be talking to Said's. Yes, I still think will go. Them in the final, and it'll go away five. Sounds like you think it will get all the way to loud. Dues emma. We haven't looked at him progressive zoo. She can translate complete Italian speeches to the numbers. So what about the rest of the way before we got there's a couple more points on, on the men's store and oversee. We got curious to talk about by did want to talk about kinky Medina vich who has made it through to what was it the, the quarterfinals this week? She one two when once an incredible matches along the way to to get to from a qualifying position. She beats kind of, like Garcia. She was really excellent this week. And she's coached by sash Abidin now who oversee had great success with Caroline Wozniacki was part of teams during a Williams for for a long time. And then the most impactful of all, or at least the headline grab forever body is that he joined team Naomi Asaka. She went and won. Two grand slam titles became world, number one, and then Saxton so. The reasons for which we, we we've never known completely. We aren't you know, what was put out publicly but he does seem to have an impact on the players. He coaches in terms of the results they get. Yeah. Well, I mean, I don't take anything away from him as a coach is that treacle Charikar detailed speech itself, but spiv an easy win with KiKi. Madonna vich isn't it? Because she's a former top ten player that has been in the singles wilderness. But worshiping singles wilderness does she in don't sixty four in the world right now. We would be debating this the other day, -mongst ourselves weren't we with Martin? I think we speculated that it was just sort of lack of desire, sort of a just a, a contentment a contentment with life. A lack of need to, to, to do what's required to to be consistent top ten player. But is it was such a? I drop off. I mean too surely, too to I'm not saying, Sasha will necessarily get her back in into issue at each you'll turn a benign, and she, but I'd say to get her to, to, to being a top twenty five player again is a is an easy win your I with all. She is she's a really good player when she's on. But anyway, that's, that's one last a little bit that I that I've got to mention in the first part of the show, Stephanie, sits the best continues to do well, although that was a pretty chastening defeat from from Nadal, and there was a, a comments at the end of your coverage tonight by Sam Smith. Just reminding us of the chasm is still there between the very best players in the world that have been dominating. What was it? What was that STAN about ten years ago and the quarterfinals in Rome, and there was still the same him this year? Five of the eight men's could finalists in Rome with the same as they were in two thousand nine and actually. Two of the matches were the same. That was a grad, Matt staff. Djokovic, and del PO and dull and Vida's both of those accords finals from two thousand nine and that was a guard stat, and it was an absolute corker world. And Sam Smith said that the still such a distance when they look at these two players today and over the last couple of days, they realize how far they've still got to go sit surpass apart because he is the one stunning to bridge it. But I mean I, I was struck by that one. I watched Chiappa valve play jock vich on. I was the first of junk Rich's team matches on on Thursday. I just I just thought was he doing him blank? He's just he just so evidently had no chance at all at any stage of that match. That was not a moment where I usually with those young place that that is so talented. And have none of the baggage and have nothing to lose. You think maybe just? Maybe maybe they'll be some exciting here and I just didn't feel about for even a split second. And that's the problem. That's a problem. I think they've the, the top players are improving so just improving as young player isn't enough, because you're not closing the gap, you've got to be improving leaps and bounds. And some, some of them are doing that, and they're most of them is still extremely young, and we shouldn't quite be hitting the panic button for them. But there are one or two that I've previously been very excited about that. I now have a little bit of come on just soya so, yeah, just don't be a Demetrio. Oh. Trump's done. Yeah. Quote, he's saying David's in the qualifying in Geneva is he really here's a he's playing call easing into the qualities go on Griego. That's the way to do it. Sal, I go unlike to these thing it. But that's a sorry, state of affairs were does rocket, isn't it? When you realize eighteen months ago, he was winning the ATP finals says it all of how far he's fallen Nick curious. Where do we start he gonna have to promote a rival podcast because it was the no challenges remaining podcast presented a coup, but they did by presented by Ben Rothenberg had a bit of a to and fro with an curiosity of the last couple of years on Twitter, quite tiny out sound Twitter that, that, that exchange he ended up getting an interview in Rome with curious which was warts, and all, I think it is fair to say it's all, but not. Just his wards people won't aid. I mean, I think the, the slightly unfortunate thing is that there were some absolutely fascinating self. Analysis in their reflections and insight into who he is. And the way he sees all sorts of things that is the sort of first half an hour. And then at the end he basically slagged off half a dozen people and told us white lightning so that made some significant headlines, particularly his his comments about Novak Djokovic and on the dial in front of it. Lasko the followers. All right. Yes. Very commercial way. I mean I Silvana going into it wasn't lesser here. He does he does. And then the following day he went out onto the court against casper rude did a good win in the first round against Danielle Medvedev had curiosity been talking about this started play in the way. Undreamt seven the first point you out and he was really proud of that he told Francis he would do it, and then he did it and he won the points. He's very happy. And then he played casper rude. It was pretty. Nothing in well, the not much was happening in the first set wasn't gonna very well, then the second set. He didn't just go fund see this on my own course Ray of lost the first that he stuck with it played himself into the match. She was fired up. The crowd were loving. It was brilliant these into it level. The mar- I sent the tennis because what's upgrade going. I simply can't believe as per his comments on charges. Meaning I can't believe that he just flat out doesn't enjoy tennis, because that was the site of a man, enjoying himself, who's showing off to the crowd. They will absolutely love in that and all the rest of it, and then on our chat, you said, hold on. He's just smashed his racket into the ground. He's just flung a chair across the court, he shaking hands and he's walking off, and he, he simultaneously retired and got defaulted Gerry Armstrong coming out onto the court, curious actually shook hands, but with his opponent, the empire and Gerry Armstrong, and then walked off it was notable for me, how quickly Gerry Armstrong appeared courtside almost as if it been Lloyd. Cering we in expectation of something eventful, jerem, strong, who was responsible for defaulting John McEnroe in hundred ninety one of the Australian Open. He was in the chair at the time. And now he's referring, he can smell crisis. There's not too many situations. Jerry hasn't come across his career. It seemed to be sparked by somebody in the crowd who curious ended up having a row with and then he got given a points penalty than a game penalty. Then he went really he lost it. And the chair went flying. And we've had headlines for twenty four hours and more since then the usual kind of analysis of whether that makes him bad for the game. Good for the game should he be fine suspended. He got ended up getting I think, title of about fifty five thousand fine, if you count the prize money didn't get paid. Males had to get his own hotel sort of thing, fifty five thousand years. I think it was the total of the fine. If you can't everything the three, lots of seven thousand fines for his various point penalties game penalties, etc. The ATP deemed that his actions neither injuries to the tournament nor brought the game into disrepute because those are the two circumstances under which they can impose subsequent sort of after the fact, extra penalties and the, the incident in Shanghai. Couple years ago was deemed not to be something that this would add onto it was it was a separate offense back then he'd had think an eight week suspension, and he was told he had to get some sports psychology sessions and this was a separate incident. So that, that's where we ended up with Roger Federer said afterwards. What did he do? Ensurer chair was not anything that required. Any special treatment, he said the, the fines and the various things we've just described where noth- casper? Rue the opponent. It said there's a lot of people think he should be suspended for six months. Plenty of people defended him. Plenty of people attacked him. What do you think? Suit. You think all of those things at once? I think that what we did with the interview, I or the do they go hand in hand, we dealing with them all they related event possible the, the interview and the things he said. Could have almost prompted what he ended up doing because the backlash because he absolutely knew he was going to get backlash. There was a moment in that into you. And I think he's agent it sounded to me like he's agent tried to intervene. And you heard him say may have come this, I'm pressing, I think it was just it was just as he was starting to go, gophers, fellow Pleasanton. He was just about to lay into to Novak Djokovic. And there was sort of a pause, and then he had him saying Todd Woodbridge said today on channel nine that he, he thinks that there is a direct relationship, and that he puts so much pressure on himself by giving the amount of candor in his interview that he did that he can't handle it then in the situation when it gets tense on the court and it caused him to blow which which was very interesting in itself. I thought I don't think that's impossible nothing. That is possible. According fact, with curiosity so impossible to identify because frankly. I'm not sure any of this can even. Go. Anyway, any kind of meaningful way to, to understanding him in the work workings of his Brian. I mean in terms of the interview. There were there was the some things he said is he say was wonderfully self reflective in charming and interesting. And as much as they might have been annoying. The very fact that he was so wear of them makes makes it sorta charming. It's like he is not enough room to achieve something. Any main Sunday, too, if he can, if he can look cool is doing it. Cool seems to ensure saly ultimate aim. Do look in the mirror, and I think is this a front emerges. Am I put in this on? Oh, no. It was the, the fatalism and the, the determine ISM of his attitude to life, which made me quite sad. He sort of said. Yeah, this is how I am an saying really real self-awareness in his description of himself, and how he is in his deficiencies in his flaws. But he just accepts as and says, I can't change him. This is how I am because he can Cousy can you just have to, to want date like that about yourself. If it's not making you happy, which is what he's saying. I'm not happy doing this, then identified the things that are making, you unhappy the things about beginning awfully deep here. But that, that fatalism. Made me really sad. I agree with you on many levels. I still listen to him and watch, what's happening with him and think, well, but is that his control? Is he wired in a way that can take control of it at all at I'm not sure? Night, not currently I'm not really sure he can can seek help to, to reward if you if you fully understand, you know, there are ways to rewire. He is. Yeah. He's, he's, he's approach to life at the moment is one of self sabotage and sadism, and I agree with you doesn't know any other way, but there are there is. There is help available. He does need hope. And I, I think he's. He's unhappy. You'd I, I didn't think somebody that's happy. The way that, that we saw listening to the props to ban forget in the interview, and etc. Some people say, oh, I'd, I don't think we should be praising an interview lied. I, I see it on, on a couple levels. I think it's it was fascinating to listen to. I do feel a bit uncomfortable with elements of it. And that's not as our wouldn't it on the interview had I had the chance I probably would the. There are elements to it, though that made me uncomfortable. And I, I, I actually got in touch with somebody, the ATP to ask is, is there any sort of kind of fitne- fitness test mentally the plaza required to go through before they take to the courts and join the tall, and it was pointed out to me, the, you know, there is support out there and the. Well, I think there is an I mean don't forget when he had what he had previously. He he was given access to a psychiatrist psychologist which. Is available. I think the reason on the standing that mental health is increasing something that people are aware of within the game and need to be on or not. I'm not sure it sufficient, I certainly wouldn't say there's a totally blind eye to it. The point that was made to is how can you help? Somebody doesn't want to be helped. That's very difficult. I do see the problem there. What do you do you saying, sorry you can't come on the call? We don't we don't think you'll inefficient state to its who makes that call. Very difficult. Yeah. I don't I don't know. Deny identity answers. I'd I. And a set an interview that he deliberately surrounds himself with people that don't challenge him. You know that, that for all for all the right reasons, because they care about him etcetera, etcetera. They, they enable him enablers. They're not then not people that are going to walk out the door if he behaves badly award. Hold on. I know one of them who are now tries to get him to, to do the right things, etc. But I don't think there are those sort of ultimatums. No they, but they care about him. That's the thing they won't him to be okay. And, and, and it's. Maybe we maybe just have to be accepted as, as he is. And initiate, the isn't a soda warm size tennis player fits all. And if you bright the roles you get fined, you get this, that the other, and there is the other side. There's a lot of people were noticed in the sport. I feel so conflicted about all of it. I really do. And say much of the reaction to lacks any kind of nuance that, that's what way this made. Some people will say, oh, so ridiculous. That everyone's coming down on a net curious like a ton of bricks this just let him do his thing. And some people will say this is absolutely appalling needs to be banned from the game for for a year. Absolutely. No sympathy with him whatsoever. It's. Binary response to Nick is simply not possible sword. I really know. I mean it is possible evidently. But it's not right. Doesn't roy. So there we are. Absolutely. No. Say confidently is that knickers is not going to win the French Open. That's prediction here cast an will be making similar wonderful predictions newsletter, which you can sign up to, and that just about does it for this particular addition in the car. I call edition. Thinks I we've done the bus of the US, we've done the to the bus, we've done the walking into a tree while walking to the bus show that happened as well. Lots of different things over the course of the last our seventh birthday coming up this week. Eighth isn't it something? Seven years, tennis podcast to Bank cake. Thanks for listening to all of you do. Tell your friends. If you've enjoyed the show in the somebody, you think might enjoy it. Let them know so we can keep introducing more people to it. Hopefully they'll enjoy it too. We are going to have another show in a few days time in the lead up to rolling. The French Open is on the horizon, Katherine is going to be there for years. I never get to guy because I'm always too busy at the Queen's Club, but she over there working for Eurosport as part of their team, but our show our new show coming out in a few days, time is going to be Raffaelle in the Dow an oral history, it will see Catherine myself and Matt robots going through his career in some detail reflecting on amorous and, and great moments from his career challenges, faced all sorts of stuff trying to give our insight from from our dealings with them. And gen- really telling the story on the Dow. Rafael Nadal delve into the David law memory Bank since vast. And usually pointless, however, it does have the Auden docket. Then we will be daily, of course at rolling earth for the French Open daily tennis podcast will continue throughout Matt's going to be there. Grab Matt is going to be there for the first week accredited for us. That's good, very exciting. And we are brought you in association with the Turner got. We are executive produced by tennis balls dot com mask, Israel with a why I will be.

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