Music Superstars Kesha & Jason Mraz


welcome back all our bachelor happy. Our listeners Jet Commandments. You WanNa do. We need to do our daily check every single time making. Sure you're okay. You're safe healthy saying we're here back again bringing you a little bit of normalcy during these abnormal times. No other way to put it. But we've got pretty exciting news for you just to top off the show because today not only do we have a listen to your heart. Episodes talks to you guys about the. We have not one but two amazing guests to share with you guys but we also want to let you know that we have officially launched our social community. Yes we want to hear from you guys. We say every single time but guess what this time we actually made it. You guys to check us out on at Bachelor Happy Hour. You can find this on Instagram. And you can also on facebook and you can find us on twitter at Batch. Happy hours so now more than ever we want to get in touch with you guys so follow along like comment. Diaz go crazy. Do it all so you can get in touch with so we can hear you give you guys some feedback and give you guys the content that you're really craving also in other exciting news. There was a new episode of listen to your heart last night. And we know you tuned in because you know you guys are washing it. You can't get enough of Basler content so of course we're GONNA break down all the drama from that episode for you guys but most importantly we have two major when I say major Brecca. I mean we've done a big before but I don't know we've done it this big so they were therefore next week's episode and they're going to be joining us today so we hope you have. Your quarantine is all ready to go because we have Jason Mraz Ebola. Becca named the other one because she is such a fan. Yes you guys. When I found out we have this person on the podcast. I May Have Pee. My pants a little bit and called my sister was like you'll never know who we're talking to. But Ladies and Gentlemen Drum Roll please because we have cash joining us today and I can not wait. My hands are shaking as we speak. I don't know what to do and Jason whereas in Russia we are bringing it back to you guys on this episode. So I'm a major fan beck is a major fan of both of them And I know we've said this before but I can't help but be just a little bit jealous of the listen to your heart contestants. Because they get to be in the mix I mean we talk to them on Zoom and everything and that's great but I can't even imagine being in their presence like these are some major music icons that they perform in front of and get some feedback from right. I mean I like. I'm a little nervous knowing that we get a talk with them. I can't imagine being an artist and having to perform in front of other major artists props to the contestants because I would be shaking in my boots but but yes we do have cash. We do have Jason whereas and I can't wait because not only am I just such a fan of their music but I can't wait to see them on the show. This is the first time that we're really bringing in the guest. Judges that have blue lived and breathed embedded in this world and so to have their feedback. I think is just going to be something really great for not only the contestants but for us as viewers to watch okay. You've heard Rachel and I talk about how much we love. Bud Light Seltzer. And if you haven't tried it yet well let me tell you you are missing out but let seltzer is five percent alcohol and only one hundred calories and the best part is it tastes great also by just came out with their new boat. Lemonade which is a premium light. Lager made with real eliminate for a refreshingly crisp taste but also wants to remind everyone to please stay home and keep you and others safe by Seltzer and Bud Light. Lemonade bowl tastes just as good as hanging out on your couch or having a virtual happy hour with your friends to get beer delivered directly to your door had to drizzly dot com. That's D R is E. L. Y. dot com first time drizzly users can use the Promo Code Bud light at checkout for five dollars off. That'S DRIZZLY DOT COM. Promo Code Bud light for five dollars off. Some state restrictions apply you know before we jump into talking with both of them. We have a whole new episode that we have to cover and Rachel I mean. We've we've only seen a couple of weeks now. But from what we've seen attacks one of the producers this after after the last episode I think it is one of my favorite shows now in the franchise just because it's you know we keep saying it's like a combination between Bachelor bachelorette Bachelor in Paradise Winter Games like but the fact that these people are so talented and it just adds a whole new amazing layer to what the show is. I mean I am so invested and and this week we saw a similar performances. They weren't massive. They were like these cute small things here and there like on the boardwalk and whatnot but just to be able to hear these people saying in perform. I mean I'm so invested I'm so invested in suite two so I can't wait to see what the season has to bring but not only am I in love with the show for the music. But you guys. We can't forget the drama which we saw a lot go down between so many different people between so many different couples or starting couples and we have a dive in. Because it's getting good people now to kind of recap what we saw last night. I mean obviously. The men had the roses the power this week to try new girls came into the house. There's four dates total. We've we have even seen a little. Love Triangle already began and then also dubbed done a wouldn't be Abacha Fridge show without some drama and achieving scandal. Rachel where do we start with this one? There's no other place that could end to just start from the beginning so we pick up where we left off and the next morning after the first rose ceremony and the guys. I find this so interesting so the guys are sitting around talking because they were given the roses last week and off. The Bat Brandon is rubbing me the wrong way. I mean he's like yeah. You know I appreciate the rose that I got from Savannah like Kinda like basically. I did what I needed to do to get the rose now that we have the power this week because the man had the power. He's like I want to get to know the other women and I'm like you were all over Savannah the first night and now you're like not that I have the power. Let me just see what else is out there. I don't know I I. They were cute couple and it seems like he just used her four rose to yeah and that's one thing too that like even watching paradise last season. I I started to pick up on it. It's like people are forming certain alliances not based necessarily on a connection with somebody. But just stay safe and trying to make it to the next week and so I mean obviously. We've seen a lot more. Braden this week because he appeared to be a hot commodity with multiple women and we will dive into that Diet but it is interesting to see how at first all the guys last were shaking in their boots and not knowing what to expect it now. It's like the flip. The switch has flipped because just talk. Flip the switch talk. You know all about those challenges God. I'm such approach these days. No I definitely line people Yeah so we see another day card comes in and it's for Jamie So Jamie and trevor go to the Venice Boardwalk which I think is actually really cute Side note when I'm on the show. This is an a spoiler on that one of the episodes this season. I'm on with Andy Grammer. And he said he played the Venice Boardwalk for four years before he made it big. So there's a lot of history there for musicians so. I thought it was cute that they had this moment on the boardwalk. Doing their thing. Now let me put on a different hat. Okay I'm like okay says something positive Bellamy's okay. What did you think of Jamie and trevor on their date on the boardwalk the performance? I will say I. It's still seems like puppy love. I thought it was three when they were talking before they actually performed of She was kind of nervous. Didn't quite know how the performance was going to go and he took the lead and I like how he's like you know. What Song do you WanNa do if you need me to play? The Guitar will step up. Do it watching them. Perform the lake physically perform like we see the kiss in. We see the smiles. I'd like I feel like she's more invested and he's a not not more standoffish. I just don't know if it's fully like the level of commitment or like desire in that relationship on his end is necessarily there. Yeah because I feel like there was a drop off between last week's episode in this week you saw him stand up in a room full of people and say I'm here for Jamie. Jamie doesn't really pick me. I don't know what I'm GONNA do. He was all in because it was more of a competition. It's almost as if he's trying to get her away from Ryan now he's got her and I just villa like the passion wasn't fair to say she had better chemistry with Ryan at one point. She's in her. It and she's talking and she's like. Oh I'm just afraid to sing with him. I'm afraid we don't have that musical connection online certain girl. You should be afraid because you had that with riot and we were rooting for you. We will make for you and you you win with Trevor and watching them saying I mean. She sounds great by herself. He sounds great by himself. I felt like they were two individuals singing rather than singing together as one which She Ryan Sang Gravity and that studio I and she was so scared to me. He carried her and made her feel comfortable and we saw the two of them make beautiful music together with Trevor. I know I mean just the little bit that we've seen of trevor and even talking to him on the podcast said a few weeks ago. He's so sweet. He's very kind and polite. I think he's more like he just seems maybe a bit more. Bashful and reserved. And so. Maybe that's where it's coming from. I don't know him well enough. Haven't seen enough to know That's just like me trying to come up with some sort of reason why it fell off a little But from the Short Montana that I've seen of them. Nfc of her. I just think she seems much more into him much more smitten in the relationship than he does. Yeah well BECCA. I feel fooled after after. He had an interview with Trevor and we. We Adore her. We thought he was great. We thought hey. If this doesn't work out for you you could be great for the Bachelor on starting to sing a different tune. And it's not because of Natasha who we are going to get into the mansion raising straight hell not. That's not it. It was his response to Natasha. It was his response in how he acted. I watched the Way People Act. Not necessarily what they say. Which is why now my antennas up with Trevor. So let's just gets into Tasha. Yes so latasha comes in beautiful right. I'm like the girl is Chilean. She's franch she thinks in Spanish. She sings in France. She's stunning. Say what can this woman not do well. In addition to that she comes in and she brings US drama. She brings great cv so we thank you for that. So she comes in and says she knows. Trevor because she was friends with travers ex girlfriend and then she reveals to the group that there's no other way to say it. Charles dog he's a dirty dog So what did you think about the TASHA coming in? Did you believe her? Did she think she was exaggerating? Like what was your initial. Take mine take okay. You know me you know. I have my doubts girl. So I'm all about honesty and transparency so the fact that she came in and was like I'm going to say like it is. I'm not going to hold anything back again and I appreciate. I don't think it's anyone's place to Start Gossiping. And saying what she was saying to the entire group now if rains if her main concern was really. I don't want this to happen to another girl. She should've been waited for Jamie ticket home and had a conversation in separately with Jamie. Okay again people this is a TV. Show I get that. We need the drama. We need things to be amped up a certain way but I don't think it was her place to pull trevor aside and to basically say you have to tell her this because this is his first date with this girl like Jamie and trump. This is their very first date. And if all of the allegations that Natasha's says are true of trevor like that. He did cheat on her friend a year and a half ago. Okay everybody has passed. Everybody has made mistakes if trevor is into Jamie and into the relationship at some point and hopefully he's GonNa respect turnoff to be honest and tell her when he's ready but I don't think necessarily after a first date Having somebody else basically say you have to tell her I well after she's already told twenty other people it just the wrong way again. I'm not saying she shouldn't have been honest. But I think the approach could have been handled very differently. This is where I agree with you and then I disagreed on one part so I definitely agree. She should not have told the whole room. It was like she was trying to turn the whole House against driver but I think that she was right to confront Trevor. And Not Jamie. You don't know Jamie your your beef with trevor so we have traveled the opportunity to tell Jamie but I agree with you too. That it's not the the best time to say it on the first day but when he said he's made mistakes. Jamie didn't ask the right questions on their date. He's like Mate's mistakes in the past. Jamie Lee should be like. I'm sorry. What MISTAKES. What exactly right at the end of the day. Jamie's also twenty one. So I feel like she doesn't have necessarily the experience or the wherewithal to ask those questions. Maybe half those experiences in a relationship I I think my favorite part though was when Trevor's seasonal Tasha they get back from the day and Natasha's like I know you and he's like carrying a credit look familiar and she's like I'm friends with your ex girlfriend and then she's like I'd love to talk to you and he's like yeah. Let me go get settled for a second. She's like actually no bitch right now. Talk to me right now. And I felt like she had his number he was gonna go try to figure out how he knew her linger out kind of his how he was going to approach the conversation with their and get a game plan together and she was like absolutely not. You'RE GONNA sit down right now with me and have this conversation. I loved it. I will say there was one part in that conversation between Natasha and Trevor. That can bother me a little bit because and it wasn't until the very end when you know she asked him did you lie. Did you cheat whatever the part at the very end where she goes and I don't remember where forward what she said like? Are you going to go tell Jamie and like act on this? And he goes yes I am and her response goes while it doesn't seem like that to me and in my mind. I'm like doesn't response. You should be giving it. This just met him. You just met Jamie for two seconds. You don't know how he's going to after how he handled certain things so that that comment and I wrote that in my notes. That's the part that irked me And then going back to your thing about Jamie and you know she is only twenty one. She probably hasn't been in too many relationships to kind of know how to navigate certain situations. I mean we do kind of see it. The instance where it Natasha. Trevor go off and Jimmy's left talking with other women and she starts sobbing and it's like the end of the world and will look wise anything going right. It's like honey. Give it time give it three hours. Have a conversation with him. Get his side of things before you think. The world is ending So you are starting to kind of see. Jamie's age a little bit. I like Jamie. I think she's like we spunky. I enjoy watching her. I enjoy listening to her saying on but it is just an age thing that you you do. See between her and some of the other contestants. Yeah because she can't be definitive with her decision. She said. Sheetings dill breaker for her. And this world. You only have a few seconds days. Whatever weeks to really get to know someone so you Kinda have to be very definitive and Mike your stance on what what you're gonNA take and whatnot and if you're just meeting somebody and you find out that they have this past people can't change totally change but In this instance. I thought maybe she shouldn't have just been all in with trevor inches taken a step back and say like we'll still navigate this relationship. But I'M NOT GONNA put all my eggs in one basket one thing out and this is for batter nation people to never trust okay. So you see Jamie. And she's balling and she's got these real tears and the cameras all interface and it's up close and personal and you see trevor. He has his hands in his head. He's rubbing his eyes rubbing his hair and it's all from a distance. Never Trust the guy who was so distraught that he hides his face from the camera and his quotes and I'm using air quotes here people tears. Why because he's religious hiding? His lack of emotion from the cameraman are not yours. John was not distraught. Was just like Dang it on my kicked off the show. I was like you have to watch the the person who's tears. You never really say. There's something they're adding there. I will say yes because there are times where I mean coming from the show and being on bachelor and Bachelorette like there are times where there are like you. Have you like you WanNa feel certain emotions in like for me? It's hard at times like feel certain things like when you really are upset and you're not going to let optima because you're constantly filming you like you have to let that out and so you can got an people watch watch future season so you will see this. You will notice. We don't keep going on like the bulk of the drama was between trevor an Tasha and Jamie. There were two other dates. So we'll get to those will cover the dates brioche it. Three remorse dates buds. And we'll get to those less but still it was beautiful things so pre and crest. Nothing dramatic here. Just really sweet and lovely to watch. They go on a date A Guitar Center and I really appreciate it this because they were so excited to be at this hit a Historic Guitar Center on Sunset Boulevard. And they're talking about the instruments and just appreciating the artistry of everything in the history. That's been a date on the bachelor. They would have been like. Oh we're not breaking the Guitars Whitney. Somebody famous coming out. Are you going to gift me with an instrument? What's what's happening here? Yeah it was nice to appreciate the simplicity mandate because there was so much more to it the part that I liked about their date. Is this the first time that we've seen this? I think one of the contestants is they when they when when Chris are complaining that Guitar and Bridges. Start singing like they were performing a cover to any other song that was just them on the fly and I thought that moment was so beautiful and special and in my mind and thinking. Oh my gosh if I was put on the spot like this there's no way I would be able to come up with lyrics. Sound this amazing. Have this connection and so I think watching that moment was something really special for them and it was I love. I like them if I wrote in my notes. If they're not supposed together after this I quit right. Watching them is unlike watching. Trevor in Jamie on that Venice Boardwalk that Chris and bree chemistry German Janey still struggling trying to find it a bit I do have to point out hot. How heartbreaking was brief story about the guy that she was forming leads to and how she had found the wedding dress. She's so excited. And then he basically tells her Actually buy the dress. I felt like it was carry sex and sitting when she got broken up with the posted. Yes on the same level that you know it was like sex in the city when Carey was walk going to her wedding and sees her future husband driving by the opposite way from the church. That's what it was like just and you know when we talked a couple of weeks ago I knew. Obviously that she'd been engaged in that things had ended. I didn't we didn't know why. Did you hear the way that it went down? It was I mean I think for any woman. Anyone who's been in a relationship where it hasn't turned out like you feel about heartbreaking. You feel that empathy for someone else but Kudos for her to Burford going out putting herself show in. Everyone watched a potentially new relationship. Unfold and so I think I think what her in Chris have going right. Now is very sweet and it. I'm GonNa say it could be a real s relationship from what we've seen so far very sweet. I am a little concerned that they are moving a tad bit fast already expressing feelings of love. I know that you're on the fast track. When it comes to his franchise but it was just low too soon for me. Shoutout to whoever had them sing? Can't help falling in love. Especially I like the song. Wise Men say only fools Russian. I'm just saying they are moving fast. Skurdal's whoever put that together Okay so Sheridan and Julia probably our next dramatic relationship so off the bat. It's very obvious that they're on two different pages. He's in the her than she is in the Hem. Yeah more so than I think. Jamie's into two trevor. I think Sheridan is so into Julia and you can tell it's not there for Julia. No it's not it's like she's trying she's trying to do something different and anytime she has to talk about it. I feel like the the true colors come out. You know their I. Heart radio side. Note shouts Kevin Manno who Was alleys husband. I thought could for him for asking all the messy questions. He's clearly buried to a Bachelorette when he said. You kissed anybody else to help. I said yes Kennedy Right. Yeah when she was like actually have poor shared it. It's like I like shared and I'm a fan of him but it's like Bra them on the writing on the wall. Yes yeah she's not that into you. Know no definitely not and he seems like such a sweetheart but like you just a little bit ago. He is one to put all his eggs in one basket. One thing I will say about Julia Julia when they performed I. I don't know for whatever reason I thought when she was gonNA sing like it was gonna sound operatic and like this like oh was gonna come out and her voice was so different from what I expected but it was beautiful and I think on in that moment on that date in that performance she really carried it yes I actually thought. They had a lot of chemistry inward performance. I'm looking at my notes and it's like voices are fire. One of my favorite voices. This is chemistry. Like I'm looking at the little notes. Julius voice was so it was effortless when she was singing. Almost thought is this prerecorded. It didn't sound like she was standing in line. I was so impressed with Julius Voice. I was to Beca. It's funny that you say that about their voices. Because I literally wrote to ask you a question. Are you surprised by the people's voices when they start singing? Because you have this image in your head and then it turns out totally different. Which I think is the Nice beautiful surprise. Yes I agree. I think I don't know what I expected like knowing when the show is coming out I was like. Oh Yeah of course. They'll be talented and they can sing but like these contestants can really really saying I I love it that like I want to. Just listen to them like I want to be just one episode of them straight up performing like nothing else. They just want us to them. I feel like that's GonNa come so speaking of voices that were surprised by Savannah Brand GonNa date honestly could have just passed right through this nothing. I felt nothing from the date. I was completely shocked. At Brandon's voice. It was very theatrical. It was great. I just wasn't expecting him to sound like that. Nor was that maybe it was the song maybe fever nature's grooming Savannah to. I don't know I. Yeah it was it like for a date. It was very mediocre. I There wasn't much many fireworks like they had a conversation they sitting. That was really the just a bit. Yeah the the fireworks were that couple. That was a part of that. Date credits thank you with a half day. Yeah so I I'm trying to think of the other highlights of the episode. I mean I mean there's Malan brand. There's the drama with that Cornell. I it's it's sad to me when a woman or man is so into another person and they don't reciprocate it even wrote down. I'm like poor Mellon shared and found each other in the kitchen to loss lovers. In the night I write a song about this now but the counter like neither one of them are into each other. I mean they're lovers aren't into them and it just it was. It's very sad to watch. The other only highlight from episode. Like we get into the rose ceremony. We get into Julia now questioning which feels her Sheridan going back to Brandon. Brandon's GonNa pick her. We see it all go down. I'm starting to have a slight with Julia. Her words are measure actions. And so I'm very interested to see what's going to happen next week. Quite honestly because she fled outside in her interview. I won't Brennan's rose. I need to get this from Brandon. We see Brandon. Give it to somebody else then. Giuliani accepts the rose from Sheridan. Don't Don it's like you just said one thing. The entire world is seen back. And now you're GonNa make our shared the second he gives you. This rose and then still want brandon. It's getting very messy. No one hundred percent agree. I couldn't I couldn't have said it better. I'm so glad she pointed out Julia. I feel like we need to let watch her. You know we're we're onto you. Only other thing I will say is. Can we get a heartbreak every single episode? Because I needed rudy to lay down the soundtrack for it. Can we pause on her singing? Love is a losing game. Anyway I don't even know the other girl who was on the piano rudy. Who's The music musical director for the show because picking out the racial I went down a rabbit hole last night? Watching Rudy on instagram. And Okay Rudy. If you're listening or if anyone is listening please have rudy. Just can you just audio record me? One Song Incentive to me. Dm Me. I will give you my number whatever I have to do to get you to sing me a song because I literally watched every performance on her instagram and every singing video that she has like fourteen times. And I'm not exaggerating garrison. Why the Hell do you keep listening to business? I'm sorry no I will do that now. I haven't listened to her on instagram. But she's absolutely amazing The other thing get rudy's amazing when she's singing. I can't comment on her the way she is. How or or a hot mess and I but I love it. I love it and she knows it. She knows about yourself. One thing I did not. I don't know if you caught this when brandon gifts van of the Rose and you know how they're always waiting to see who's GonNa come around the corner. I do love that though. I love that dining on another show when he comes around the corner with Savannah. Pure disgust is on his face. You caught that if anybody else were wide. Go back and pause it on. Brandon's face when he gives savannah that rose but then do you notice like five seconds later when they're waiting for the other couples to come up and Brandon and Savannah are making out as all the other people are watching whose votes were making out in the court not cast that. We're GONNA go back and Rewatch like this this little clip of the rose ceremony. Okay Beca you know we keep going on and on and on we have to. We feel like we have to carry this over into our lives. Guys have got to come to our lives where we do. It's like the after hours time we talk more about the show. We answer your questions and let you know even more indepth what we're thinking about each episode of listen to your Heart where we hope you're loving it as much as we are but as much as I love that episode especially the dramatic ending. I cannot wait for next week's episode because next week. The couples start performing in front of celebrity judges. And let me tell you back of these. People are freaking talented. I notice first hand. I can't talk specifically about the episode that I was a part of. But I'm telling you you're going to be so impressed if you think. This has been good just way even Brian. I mean we still talk about it so I am so excited for you guys to watch these next upcoming episodes Gingrich. I'm very jealous that you Brian were guest. Judges I I. If there's a another season of this I want to be part of that because I find this so interesting and I just I'm like gravitating towards these people in their voices and so I'm so jealous that you could see them live and I can't wait to see what familiar faces for other guests. We're going to have to Just imagine if they've been this good for the first season imagine with season two is going to have. I'm talking and I'm not talking about anybody who's been a judge on the show because the judges have been phenomenal. But you just imagine like you know shows get bigger and bigger so we're talking beyond stay Justin Bieber you know what I mean. The Sky's the limit. All right guys I could talk about this show forever but I'm way too excited to talk to her. I guess if you haven't already poured yourself another quarantine now would be the time. Just screw the quarantine. You can just go right ahead. Brush your teeth with a bottle of Jack because we have a major guest joining us right now. 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I wish you could see my face right now because I have the biggest grin I have to start off by telling you girl and so hard but you are what I swear. Got Me through my season of the Bachelorette because so my I quote unquote theme song for the season was woman and anything to do with the producers. Told me like what song it was gonna be any time throughout the season that I was down or frustrated or in a funk the producers would come up because I didn't have my phone on me hobbies. They said they'd come up and start playing woman on their phone and that would just like snap to the funk and get going again it would just turn me back on and the fact that I feel like it's come full circle the fact that we're now talking to you. I am so excited so thank you nothing we can do. My God meet you. Find me feel like it's like my heat grit and I was like you know what I'm GonNa come out with it. I the Bachelorette. I don't care what anybody thinks. Judge me world but I also get a battle a lot with my music like people be like. Oh secretly. I really liked your music and it doesn't have to be a secret we can just have the Bachelorette exactly yeah send you a T shirt. A t-shirt account cash when this quarantine is over and the seasons also up again Like Bachelorette once he watched Claire. I'm just GONNA invite you over to drink wine with me and hang out and watch the show together. I love that now. We absolutely one hundred percent. I love watching you. Just be such a bad us and like I swear. I'm not even trying to be a total nerd right now but I'm going to be just soon. Women be able to express themselves so eloquently while there's cameras rolling and I'm sure it feels like the way the world is on your shoulders in that moment and your without your phone and without being able to talk to your family. Yes and just they can air all of that. I love just watching you guys be so direct and Baba's and straightforward create boundaries. It's like very empowering golden has to get you off my when we get loose at the Tong and start spilling please. I want the secrets from now but later all the secrets. Oh yes you'll get girl and I will say to back at. You have just shown shown so much strengthening you're just such a powerhouse of a woman and so thank you for that and using your voice to empower all the girls out there who are fans. Well we're all in this together especially as women like I get it. I love watching you guys. Just hold it down with like thirty days. You start with thirty. Yes ma'am sailboat. If everyone's like Oh wasn't that so fun and the first thing when you meet thirty dudes it's actually really intimidating and I mean difficult to remember names and all the Info that that's coming to but you know let's be honest. We can't complain dating thirty guys dream and the nightmare to put it nicely. Yes we love. Hearing that you're a fan of the show in the franchise that's amazing so coming on and being asked to be one of the judges like what was going through your mind and and to be able to experience being on listening to your heart. I was super geeking out and really excited to me. Chris Harris and and and I brought my friend got into the Bachelor started as a drinking game and I wasn't really paying attention. 'cause I started with one of the seasons but there was a guy in charge. Now like what is this now. Thanks and then switched over to the woman and getting to be in charge of like wait. I'm really into the show into the Bachelorette so then I got sucked in and can't quit. Just being brought her with me and she's now pregnant so we no longer have bachelorette drinking games She came with me and we just keep that over Christmas and we were sitting there. It's for the new singing show. Have you left to sing together? And being a couple and really curious how that's going to turn out because like in a star is born works out but like in my personal life. Has Me and my boyfriend had to make music together. I agree with murder each other. So I'm really curious how they're gonNA go like how shows gonNA work out. Yeah we'll let me ask you this because we've had actually some of the contestants on our podcast the past few weeks and we always ask them like have. They dated a musician before. Or could they see that partnership work and it's always kind of a split vote half are like no we you know we think about heads into be too much and then some of them are like it's really cool emotional experience that they've never been able to experience in a relationship with the partner. That wasn't a musician. So it's interesting to get your take and I I guess I WanNa ask you have you in. The past dated a musician. Oh God yeah I won't ever do it again. Took law goes. We're so lazy. Conditions are crazy people. Especially if you get like someone who's truly just like a Weirdo like I am and then you put it together with someone else. Who's a true Weirdo? It really entertaining but it can get like real crazy. I guess it'll make for great. Tv Music and music music. Yes I can only. Which is why this is going to be a great TV show. Because you know for people who are fans of the bachelor franchise it's like. They say it's Bachelor Pad Times Bachelor Times Bathroom Paradise Times American idol. So I'm curious with the coming on the show and you don't know what you're walking into. Did you expect it to be 'cause I know how back I reacted it? You think that you were going to. Actually they were you impressed by the artistry of the musicians that you saw the show I was. I was really impressed with a lot of people such different kinds of Asia. And we're so talented but that would be the hard part. Some of them just really felt so in love but then stylistically. They didn't match but they were both really talented. And then there was one girl. That's incredibly talented. But I just Kinda didn't feel like she really liked the person she was singing right and that was hard for me because they said they're supposed to be here for love. I like you have to put talent second love and the relationship has to come first and so watching someone being incredibly talented bit not seemingly fell in love with their partners kind of confusing and difficult for me to hate judging people anyways it's like the worst on it but especially in that situation 'cause this girl so talented but she you're not in love with this guy he yeah. So that's actually you raise a good point because one thing I mean. I'm not an I cannot hold a note worth my life. I wish I could but but I watch you and others perform and there's just so much emotion feeling that goes into it for instance. I need to talk about your grammy performance. A couple years ago when your performance crane let me just say I if for anyone out there who hasn't seen this unique to Google Youtube it whenever you have to do. I'm such a fan of will one of my favorite movies in sister. Act Two and so I lost the dwyer like great everyone to my favorite hands on one of my favorite movies and so When you started that performance it felt like I got that vibe that feeling and watching you perform on stage with all of these women like you could save even just talking about it like I get the chills remembering you on that stage with all of those women. You're all in your stunning white. Like just had that beautiful choir esque feel but there was so much emotion that you could just feel like you could've saying like two seconds of that song just felt it and so I'm wondering when people reforming guests kind of going into now. Listen to your heart. These couples do you think like when you're performing and you do have that amazing artistry like is it easy to to fake that emotion at times or does it really just have to come naturally and if it doesn't for some people maybe that that's why you're seeing like the disconnect between couples. I really think and thank you. You're so sweet. I can't wait to sit around and drink wine with you. Guys is going to end We could do like a zoom wine called later anyways but you're so sweet and that was such a scary moment for my life have not watched it back just because I was so scared for like two months before that happened. The emotion us on that moment was so real to the point where I just felt like I was going to pass out. I was so nervous though. Being knowing what it feels like to be in a situation where it's really high stakes. It's really emotional on. Listen to your heart. I was really forgiving if someone hits funny note or makes a face because you know maybe they missed a part or they messed up apart because to me a real artists can mess up or hit a wrong note and that's totally fine. It's not about being perfect. It's really about showing the emotion and I for one. Don't know how somebody could do that with. Someone just met and then putting the relationship. I am Ben trying to sing their heart out. It would really have to be like a magical connection. I think to be able to have that. Come through with the songs. And that's what you see some of that. There were a couple of couple of like wow. They're in love and I can tell just watching them. Perform I know their in laws and then there are some that kind of came off more like they were. Friends are any kind of didn't seem like they liked each other very much at all. I was GONNA ask did some of it with some few more like an act where they were just trying to give that performance that saw that they really cared about. Yeah and that's okay like again. I mean you guys know this. You can't force love and if it's not fair like it's no one's fault and it shouldn't be you know I don't blame. I wouldn't blame myself or anybody else that I didn't fall in love with someone but yeah. I think I saw some people that wanted to be in love that they just weren't and for me. I can just really see that especially when combined on stage because I been on stage so many times in so many high pressure situation so I know how that feels and there was one in particular in pretending her name but she was just so nervous and they just want to give her a big hug and be like okay just breathe and but you could tell. She really likes the purchasing. Yeah Jamie I think you're talking about Jamie. She's so sweet questions. So since you're a big fan of Bachelor Nation Franchise now you've been a part of it and you've been a judge on the show. Would you ever go on a show like this? Are you kidding I dream? I told Chris Harrison as like listen. Boyfriend doesn't work out. I'd be the most be the most fun Bat Shit Crazy Bachelorette. You've ever have you for that season I would love. I would love to just like put through the ringer. That sounds really fun. You just test on your favorite one is not so catchy your current play for now. He so he currently is not a musician. Correct well he makes music but we don't we like sometimes make it together but for the most part he just lets me do my thing and I let him do his Bam. We don't make music together. Because he likes to make like terrifying sound his words he calls. He calls it like a trash noise so he makes contact. I like I like to make a fancy pop songs that make people feel good. So you kind of reminded me of Garrett my fiance and I because I'm more indie music and then Garrett likes the heavy metal is like in scares me and I'm afraid if you were to if you were to perform what would be your go-to Song as a couple. Oh my God. That's really funny I don't think I've been dating him for years now and he never wants. We'll do karaoke with me. Which is really funny. Because he's come on tour with me for six years. He's been on tour with me. He won't do carry out with me. That's how I think we had to do with I don't think he would do it but I accept some flamboyantly windy on fire and he would probably just sit in the corner. I Love Hill Kessel. We could keep talking to you on and on especially now that we have gotten the pleasantries out of the way can out over each other. I love that we have. We know we love you too so we know you just released a new album Jairo. Can you tell us a little bit about it else? You have going on right now. Yeah I just released record in January and it was something I was working on for a year and a half but some of the songs. What people don't I wrote seven or eight years ago and then you can kind of go back and revive them. That's been really interesting. Process is going back and finding little hidden gems. Maybe weren't right for that point in time when I wrote down but then bringing them to their current situation which is on the record. I just released so I have found that I started writing almost a decade ago. That are now on the record and then I am song you know three months ago. That are on the record. And it's just funny to to play with art and brilliant. I wanted to make a record. The boundaries just. I just want it to be whatever I wanted to be and have it be really fun and really positive and they just like I think the world can never get enough positively. Yeah that's right now. It's like a diary you can go back and reread this old entries and at times pull bits and pieces and still feel the same so I feel like that. That's what this album sounds like so I can't wait to check it out in endless into it all but I will definitely well. I'M GONNA I'M GONNA get your number after this. We're going to talk but I I love that that that just sounds like such an amazing piece of an album to have together of all of the the music from a decade ago. That's just crazy But I need to ask you because I was craving hard on Instagram and I saw that you just release your home alone in which I was dying. I love that video so so is that all just done at your home. Yeah shot all that Like four days ago because we've been in warranty now for thirty three days. Not that I'm counting. Sorta like keep my creative whatever you wanNA call them us. Just keep it alive. I've been making videos in my house of just running around. Who who films at or do you just do like the the Selfie. Stand where you do the hands free? I like all thing I have. I bought ring. Y lights up and Amazon got stand. It's like a one woman show over here. Oh and then my boyfriend would like get. Then he'll be like whipped now. Dan Thanks I can picture him. Because he has like the highest socks. Like and you're crawling under. I can just picture him walking in and be like what the hell are we you doing. He's probably low. Asha that's younger. He's he's like. Oh okay look it is not faze him anymore the behind the scenes of this now put it all together because it's probably like a little bit like what you do with the Bachelorette but I just whenever I date someone. I kinda put him through a series of tests and see if they pass like the first time. I take my wig often. Someone see how they react like you. You have to pick my wig off to in the morning and see if they can do it. You get there man enough to take off wig. Andy's Oh say cash you have to do a spoof on the show that has to be put out because you have to do it because you know it. Well you're a part of all of this now. I WANNA be by one of you now. Talking with US NEXT ON DECK. I feel like this is the silver lining of quarantine is seeing how creative people are becoming in releasing content out to all of us like re craving so much of it now more than ever. So thank you thank you you you you also bring me so much happiness especially at night. If I get like weirded out by the state of affairs I just put on any episode of the Bachelorette and just all of a sudden. I knew like happy and okay so you guys are all providing like the same kind of happiness. Hopefully that could provide a little bit of you definitely do. We're all in this together. We'll catch thank you so much for joining us today. Like I said I'M GONNA I'm GonNa give you my number after this and we're going to. We're going to have twins bachelorettes. He starts up again for sure. Yes we can totally watch. Listen to your heart together. Yes yes be so fun next week's episode all three of us together cute so we'll thank you so much harsha jazz guys say yeah. You Chew Cranky. Don't go my God I will on. Thanks for putting your entire love life for the world to see so entertaining slide. Were all right. You Take Care Bye. I was just waving goodbye like she can see me. She can fill us. Becca freaking call that I mean you never know go as a fan of basketball no and I love finding out and I feel like I feel like we just became best friends cash. Oh my high school college self is literally freaking out inside. The test has given us their phone number address. Her zoom log handed. Except it's like it's so funny because people come from this show and you see all all the other girls like hanging Noah Selena Gomez or Demi Lovato and now we got a girl cash now. It's so now how willing she was just like sit down. Talk with us out her time on the show. Apparently she's been waiting for this call forever which they didn't. I feel I feel like we should have had Chris Harrison on the line with us because it seems like she is such a fan which I get. I remember the first time I met Chris. I was like just speechless. Obviously no even me. It's like a universal feeling because I didn't watch the show before but you know Chris. Harrison. He's laziness franchise. Yes any other leads. So when you meet all my it's happening that got real. Yeah well I do hope. Things work out with her boyfriend. I mean they seem like a good balance for each other but things did not work out one thousand percent. I would want her to be bad short in at some point absolutely also curious as to what trash music sounds like. Just WanNa just WANNA know. I'm going to connect with her after this and see if I can get like a little audio sampling of it. So we can play one of our episodes. Replace the Bachelor Happy Hour Music with the trash music. I love that he calls a bet to. That's so perfect. Yeah I do okay so as much as we've had with cashew we still have one more special guests for you guys today. 'cause bachelor happy hours doing a big today. This singer Songwriter is a multi Grammy Award. Winning artists with so many songs is truly unbelievable. His newest single look for the good is out right. Now people and you'll see him as a guest judge on next week's episode of listen to Your Heart Ladies and gentlemen the One and Only Jason Mraz Aka. Mr a tizzy clue and Tim. Gunn are back together to launch the next global fashion brand in making the cut a new original series from Amazon twelve designers from around the world compete to take their brand to the next level. Join Heidi and Tim as they travel from New York to Paris to Tokyo to find the designer who has what it takes new episodes available every Friday. Watch making the cut only on prime video. Okay so Jason. We have to welcome you to the bachelor experience. I don't know if you know that she talking to to former bachelorettes you are now a part of the family having been a judge on the show so just off the top. How was your experience on? Listen to your heart. I loved it. I was pleasantly surprised because performing live is not an easy to do. Engaging with an audience in trying to find a connection with the audience is not an easy thing to do trying to connect with the song as a performer With Your Voice in what you're physically capable of not an easy to add in the fact that you have now also connect and not just musically. Connect with your collaborator with musical partner. But but see if there's an actual potentially intimate connection or long lasting relationship connection so it was it was so I was expecting like just drama and or train wreck and or not great musical performances. I was expecting awkward moments and honestly didn't get that many of either of those things I thought it was tastefully done. Great music great musicianship rate singers and a couple of potential connections. Some of which I felt were really authentic. So I was GONNA say is at least surprise I was GonNa say Jayson Dallas. Just let's be honest. You say pleasantly surprised they thought they were GONNA suck. I was a judge later on. I was like okay. This is GONNA be they're gonNA suck is going to be a lot of drama. No we could say I. I thought the same thing so I was in the same boat as you. Well and Richland. I've talked about this. We didn't know what to expect because this is the first time this show has happened. And so we went in thinking like okay. You know there's going to be hopefully couples that form. Hopefully the people can carry a tune and be decent singers but like when we started watching we were both away and so watching the couples in these performances. Go down there. I'm just GONNA ask you. Was there anyone that really stuck out that you were like that person has what it takes to like? Keep going keep going far whether it was just an individual or a couple. I was in the early. I was in an early group. You had more a lot and most of the couples there there tend to there. There seems to have been like a a standout female standout. Who really was like this is going to be her act and it was really going to be his role to support that. Yes he's part of it and it's meant to be both of them delivering this message. In a lot of cases they're really sent seemed like it was female dominated in the performing side of things. Okay girl taken the lead. I like it runs the world. Becca so you brought up a good point. You know you're trying to connect. These couples are trying to connect not only with each other but with the audience. Did you see anyone? And we don't need names but did you feel like I was there not for the love aspect but more for the fame or the performance and what could come after all of this absolutely. Why think each of them had a little about some of them really ward on their sleeve and you could see like they're really here because they love music? They love performing. They love themselves. And do they love this person at their with? They're not sure yet. I did see a little bit of that. I did see a little bit to see who was here for the right reasons in the wrong reason. Yeah in a in. Throughout the course of the show that will that will be told for sure so prior to coming on this show because it is the bachelor presents. Listen to your heart. Did you watch any bachelor shows? I did I did life sellings or hurt at all. No discredit to the bachelor. I just I haven't really seen any programming. I only just recently got WIFI because of the whole lockdown situation prior to that no TV no Wi fi at home. So I wasn't really caught up on on all the entertainment. You had no idea who Joe Joe Jordan War when you sat to be now knowing people abuse had you cash before I mean another. Choose one of your judges. No but I had just seen her live a couple of nights prior so that was really cool ready to acknowledge her for what I saw her. Do it was cool. Yeah I really enjoyed meeting her. She's Orsi so one thing that we've talked about not only with each other between rich night but with the contestants and some of the other judges that we've had on here is like I personally have never dated a musician. A lot of them also have not They just don't necessarily think it could work. So Jason. Have you ever did musician? And do you think it could work in the long run? Good question I have dated a musician. Maybe two I've definitely dated artists and it can be competitive very competitive because each artist's really wants to be in control of their their personal expression. And you already may have advisers whether it's wardrobe or management or an agent or even just your mom kind of giving you ideas or support. If you have a partner or a spouse who's also giving ideas that support in day to are a musician or artist then they're going to have their own spin on expression and what that expression should look like. So what I found in my relationships with other artists is it's very competitive. Were both were both Sharing what we think is the best way to be seen and heard and it's really in is not healthy. It's not enjoyable either because you want the best and I think this goes for any relationship really you want the best for the person you're with and you really have to give them space to be fully expressed. No matter what it is. They're into they could like different foods. They could like different people like different clothes. And if you truly love them unconditionally. You will allow all of those things to happen. You will allow all of that love and expression to exist for that person so they can have the best life possible and vice versa and in the art industry in the music industry. It's just naturally competitive. And so if someone's trying to impose their thoughts and ideas and opinions in style on you or change the way you're seeing this it's annoying after awhile and it's not unconditional. It seems like you would be cooler if you did it this way. You would sound better if you sang it in this key. You need to practice more. You know all that stuff on a hits the heart that would be the end. It ruins the relationship. Plus you're working together all day. You're on stage by the time you get to the bedroom still interested in this person or do just need to go hide in your closet. Do A podcast piggybacking on that thought. What advice would you give for these couples on the show as they go into this next phase performing their music together if they are serious about the relationship the relationship is going to be more full-time than the music and art because that that happens in windows that happens on the schedule but the relationship is it's really full-time? You know whether you're in your physical presence fulltime and in this case seems like they are Or even if even if you're touring in the studio another person's doing a photo shoot and you're not really together. You're still together in the sense of relationship I think you would be most important to To just consider that this is a job that this is a profession that this only happens in windows and schedule so if we can put on like a work hat if we can be constructive criticism if we can be a bit detached from the artistry so that we don't hurt our our true selves or we don't hurt the other person we have to be responsible about how our criticisms GonNa land without because you want them to be your beloved and feel beloved but you also want the best for them as an artist. So it's GonNa be it's GONNA be wearing too. That's my that's my advice is know that each person means the best when they're offering criticism for the art but also know that there's a time place for that. There's going to be a scheduled for that Bachelor happy. Our listeners thought they were coming on this show and hearing an interview with Jason Mraz About Music. And and what? It's like to be a musician. And how he was judging on the show little. Did they know they've getting relationship? Advised over here. Taking notes Jason. We are working people right into us now for different love advice in dealing with situations and that they're going through suggesting we made just call you up again and take inserted here so Jason. One thing I find it very interesting that you prior to the quarantine you didn't have Wi fi you didn't have TV so during this time. We're really stuck indoors and I think a lot of people are finding new L. Let's be creative and are you finding yourself being more creative able to songwriter a little bit more. Oh Yeah Yeah for sure. Because if I if we weren't in this shelter in place kind of physical distancing. I'd be out on the road right now. Promoting my new album. I be doing interviews at radio stations and TV stations. Be doing some live shows. In fact today I would be in Los Angeles rehearsing with by band. We played show tonight and of course everything's cancelled so that is actually inspired me to organize my space at home. Figure out how I can learn how to do. Concerts from home still connects still create Ihnen ways it's upped the stakes for me because now it's not about the audience at the club tonight is not it's really about The viewers at home. And if they're giving me their time I'm in this. This is the same for audiences no matter. What if someone shows up to your show where they tune into a podcast today tune into your livestream? They're giving you their greatest resource. They're giving you the greatest wealth which is their time and attention and it is up to me as the artist to respect that time in attention and use it for good so to deliver some great messaging tribe delivered beautiful songs. Try to keep it interesting. So I've actually felt more accountable for the quality of my entertainment and the the meaning behind my entertainment more than ever because of the sensitive situation. Well said that's amazing. I I wish more people took took other people's time into interest. I feel like that doesn't always happen enough. So thank you for saying that that's Will and speaking of also you know. I know you have some big news today. Obviously you can't be promoting this new album. But what can we expect from you? I know that you have some big news. What other projects may be working on the future? Sure Well unfortunately my future projects are being moved. There's there's really no date in no program but I did just finished a new album that we're putting out digitally regardless when I say regarding because most albums come with vinyl or CD. You know my parents. They want the CD. My steady the cassette because the kanikar drives. Yeah so we don't have physical Albums this year because manufacturing is slow down but we have a new album. That is out a single is now out. It's called look for the good because I'm just a positive person. I always want to look for the good in in any situation and I didn't think a year ago when I was writing this song that we'd be living in the kind of world we're living in now but regardless of a pandemic. Humans always need hope. Humans always need inspiration to look for the good. A great way to practice looking for the good is to practice gratitude practice. Saying thank you for anything. I mean. There's always something on the surface level you. Can you say. Thank you for breathing. Because without breathing we expire an actual definition of readout is to expire so once we stopped reading we expire so when we practice gratitude. We look for the good. I'm straying from what you asked me. But Avenue single out. It's called look for the good and its title track off of an album called look good which is gonNA come out. June nineteenth filled with all kinds of positive tunes that I breathe life into issues. That are important today. The whole album is a reggae album. So you can dance to every area Like it's hot. Tropic is what this album is and I've always been a big fan of reggae. Santana I teamed up with Michael Goldwasser from easy star all stars which is incredible reggae outfit and we've produced At home actually last summer so finally excited to be getting that out and sharing that with the world. Yeah well I'm so excited to listen. I mean richland. I will probably be having danced. Parties to the new album on on here in our closets are boost if you will But we can't wait and I think the fact that I think not only. Are you an amazing singer and performer but songwriter as well and so the fact that this album is coming at this time? I think it's something that people needing to look forward to so I can't wait so thank you for sharing with us in that regard. It's it's very special. Thank you for everything that she said. Today I mean do we do this. Podcast for Bachelor. Happy our listeners. But I truly been inspired and I know Becca has to see her nodding her head in everything that you were just saying just talking about life and hope and gratitude and even the definition of breathing out. I mean that's like Yoga Talk. I I mean I'll let you know little sacred allergens everything I've ever learned. I learned from Yoga Class. The Yoga teachers they know. What's up? Yes I don't know where they're getting their information from but when you lost check into a yoga class I guarantee an hour later. You'RE GONNA be completely transformed. I I know you don't do five but I have to ask you. Have you seen the Bickham Netflix documentary? Because I do hot yoga which I'm a big fan of hot yoga derivative beak room. Absolutely you've got to watch the documentary and the story behind it you will. It will be disturbing and you'll see why they call it hot yoga now gift to you heard. I've heard through the community and I'm happy to call it hot yoga as well but yes annecy. There's nothing quite like that hot yoga. No no I'm a fan of I could do. We could do a whole our podcast on just talking about how you want to say. Thanks for that recommendation. I'll check it out. Yes yes thank you so much. You have been such a delight. We are so honored to have you on this podcast. Honor to have you be a part of the bachelor franchise guest judge on the show. We hope you come back for something else you know maybe maybe on the Bachelor Bachelorette who knows who knows different things. You could be a part of cool. Thanks for the invite. That's very kind. Thank you get to talk to you BECCA. I I feel like we don't deserve the fund that we get to have on this podcast crazing. Is it that we got to talk to cash today? Jason Mraz and it's just like I don't know I mean it's it's great enough that you and I get to Ki Ki and talk to each other about the show and everything else happening in life but to add to that it's like Oh you know just another day. It's just another day on a Tuesday where we get to talk to think. Bradshaw in our closets Banal is so much fun to talk to them and you guys if you thought that that was big. I mean it was big. But that's just the tip of the iceberg because the guest stars are just GonNa keep coming the season and we're so excited to see. Were so excited for you guys to see this next episode because our judges as you heard or absolutely incredible and also you know we have to sprinkle and some Bashar nation in there. So we've got show Joe Jordan. I mean when's the last time you saw Joe Joe Jordan on your screen so you're GonNa get a little bit of them. You'RE GONNA get Chris and more and lane. The newlyweds the also be on this episode. And are couples finally gets take the stage and they get to perform for us and we get to gain some insight on who they truly are as strong couples in the House and like we've heard snippets of them saying but now we're getting this full outperformance. I know personally. I was blown away by every single performance. You know if I wasn't gala. Hear it on the episode but I literally had chills after each one attorney. Brian and I would say. Are you freaking kidding me back a you know? I feel about music in this episode religious delivered for me and I can't wait to keep saying these performances and it was just round one. I can't even imagine what it's going to be moving forward. I mean I can't a little bit because I was a part of what episode but the other ones I can't even ask. I think I mean it's hard to top week by Week. But it's just gonNA keep getting better and better and I can't wait. I mean I'm personally so excited for our listeners. To Watch too so please everyone make sure you tune in every Monday eight seven central on ABC. And then come back and hang out with US next Tuesday for another episode of Happy Hour with another fabulous cameo from listener heart. And in the meantime everybody we're always trying to give our listeners. Just what they need and now more than ever. I mean we always say this more than ever. We want to hear from you guys. We love the DMZ love the comments. Whatever you have to say like we want to hear the good the bad the pretty the ugly we wanted all So that being said we have finally and I. I don't know why it took us so long because we're constantly on social media especially more so than ever these days but we finally got our own social pages where we can post everything about. What's going on with bachelor? Happy Hour I mean just coming up with some of the fun behind the scenes content and home has been like. Gabby make sure this quarantine so I personally love it. But we of course wanted to share more with our listeners and moreover we want you to also share with us so please make sure to follow us on Instagram at Bachelor happy hour and twitter and facebook. That's batch happy hour now. Let us know what you're thinking again. Follow US DMZ. Slight Gus comment. Whenever you gotTa do come see our stuff so go freaking crazy because we love it people. Yes as always. Don't forget to subscribe on Apple Podcast spotify or wherever. You're listening to this right now.

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