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Think no one can defeat Lindsey Graham? 'Watch me!' his Democratic opponent says.


Hello I'm Jonathan Kaye. Part and this is Cape Up. When I was in South Carolina in February for the Democratic primary I sat down with Jamie Harrison. He's the former chairman of the State's Democratic Party. The first African American to hold the post and now he's vying to become the Palmetto sleet second black sitting. Us senator by running against incumbent. Republican Senator Lindsey. Graham Harrison has an incredible bio one. That took him from being so poor. He ate cereal with water to being a graduate of Yale and Georgetown Law school his race to defeat. Graham has gone from improbable to possible since we talked. Harrison's first quarter fundraising broke state records and he's within striking distance of overtaking. The man folks once revered. Here's what he said happened at Focus Group in Charleston and one woman. Said said to the moderator. She said it and I'm bothered. By the fact that Lindsey Graham did not stand up for his friend John McCain and she said if he won't stand up for his best friend. What would do for me here? Harrison explain how that sentiment could be his route to victory over Lindsey Graham right now Jamie Harrison. Thank you very much for being on the PODCAST. Thank you Jonathan. I appreciate it so I to get into to who you are and when you look at your biography it's gripping in its gripping in its deprivation and in its success and start with the dipper the tough early years and there one line in your bio that just grabbed me and I read it several times a simple line and it was Were you said you remember eating cereal with water? Because you couldn't afford milk. Listen when I tell folks that we it was difficult and hard it was The that particular situation there are a number of occasions. Where you we go to fridge. Go get some milk. I love fruity pebbles. I also and and and my grandma would You know sometimes. She wouldn't be at home because she's working and it wouldn't be milk and so you have to put water in it I there were times Jonathan when you know my grandfather who were construction would get up in the morning needed to go to work. And the Goethe's car truck in the gas on empty in In so you know. I'm helping him trying to looking through couch cushions Looking for quarter nickel dime so he just get enough. You know at that time Gal. Gas was less than a dollar Just enough to Get to work and back and and because he needed to go to work we we had to have him go to work. It wasn't like he was going. He was on salary. Who's GONNA I mean We were we were Every Nickel County In our household himself you lived with your grandparents. Because your your mom had you when she was sixteen yes she. She had me when she was sixteen years old. And we. My mom and I both live with my grandparents for awhile and then my mom decided She got a job and got a house and moved out until then I stayed with her for a while and then she got laid off at her job and couldn't find anything here in South Carolina so she decided to go to Atlanta and When she decided to go to Atlanta the the agreement was that she would go find a job. Kind of get situated. I would see here with my grandparents until that happened but You know time pass. My mom did eventually situated. But I didn't WanNa leave my grandparents and it's because my grandparents and I had sort of a symbiotic relationship It got to the point where I feel obligated like I took care of them and they took care of me They didn't have a whole lot of education. My grandmother had an eighth grade education because she dropped out of school to pick cotton and then worked in textile insurance she did. Domestic were and my grandfather had a fourth grade education. He Stop School. He worked at a dairy and then he did construction. Most of his life up until he got diabetes but because they didn't have a lot of education and you know I was a kid. Who's the I did well in school even early on I was reading above my reading. Level you know early on and so Bills would come into the house and it was my job to read them to tell my grandparents what it was now the context for what? I was reading. It had no idea what clue was but That's what I read. And so but at the same time they took care of me they made sure I had my clothes my food and and took me to all the little things that I wanted to do. And so we had a very very close bond and in some ways my grandparents And I were is sort of a second set of parents in essence and But due to remarkable people one really horrible thing that happened was that their house was sold out from under actually taken away from them. Talk about what happened in that. So you know when I was this is when I was in Middle School Mike Grimm so the House that I was born in my grandparents decided to sell. 'em Uh my grandma was just had her heart set on a mobile home in this. When you know mobile homes are eight. They were coming out in their fancy and they had like the Jacuzzi Tub and all this other stuff even though we now know it as an investment is not something that you really want to invest. Because it didn't build any equity in thing so but nonetheless they went and they decide to get a mobile home so they took the money that a guy from the house they went to this mobile home manufacturing place and they bought one But they had to meet mortgage payments. Just like you know you would do on a house and so my The Guy who was there at the at the place he basically told my grandparents. Okay every month you bring your your payment to me and I will send it in to the And so they decide to do that. And so what you say is bring your money order because my grandfather always would go to post office and You get his paycheck. Get a cash. Go to the post office. Get a money order. My grandma would take the money order to the The Guy and he said well I'll feel it out for you so I can put all the information on it right and they did it for months and then they started getting letters that said you know Harrison. We haven't receive your payments allied and he took the my grandma and I would take a ladder to the guy and said I'll call them right now and find out what's going on. There's something wrong with their computer systems. Or whatever when on for a few more months then finally. It was a knock on the door. It was a sheriff in an. He's said Mr Miss Hairs. I'm to tell you but The bank is foreclosed on your home. And you're going to have you have until this time to move out. And they were devastated. Grandfather never really cried much had never saw. He's one of those you lose. All southern men just tough Grizzle Digest. It never cried and but that was one of the first times I saw my grandfather cry Because he would. He always believed in being diligent with his bills because his his father always told me to do that. We will. You always pay your bills and So we were. We were stuck on sleeping on couches and spare beds of friends and You know aunts cousins for a few months until my My grandma and you know as luck would have it. My grandfather also lost his job that the guy who ran the construction company rain for got ill and so they had to lay off all the folks on the companies and my grandfather also lost his job right around the same time and so finally we found this little place. Six forty four Green Street in Orangeburg. it was an a not a duplex triplex. Or something like that. And we had this one. Little two bedroom on the in and In my launch video. There's a picture of me walking in front of it. I mean it was didn't having the air conditioning Those little small cramp thing and But that's where we live for an all number of years of and you say in that launch video that and you're calling him your grandfather now but you said you called your grandfather Mr Bookie Mr Buch Mr Bookie and you say in your launch video that you made a promise yourself when when they lost their house that you were going to buy them house yes and You bought them a house in two thousand thousand four. Mr Bookie died three months later so we bought a. I bought the house. August two thousand and four. Because I was down here. I took a leave of absence from Jim. Climbers office to come and help. Ns Tenenbaum run for the US Senate and what was great. Was got an opportunity. Spend so much time with my grandparents because I was here on the ground in South Carolina and so I would go and see my grandfather in and there were times than he would say because at this point he. He was a diabetic yet. Head amputation so he was no longer really walking in a wheelchair and he would sit out on the porch every day and just to watch cars go by and all and sit there and he would get he kept saying to me. Jamie. I just can't sit down policies. These boys just shoot up all the time Meaning this young guys in neighborhood just shooting and carry on. And so that's when I told myself you know this is time to get them someplace because I didn't want him to be out there. Some stray bullet to hit him while he was sitting on a porch. And so I went to the real estate company founder. A House and put down a down payment and then we were able to get but I didn't tell them about it at all It was in. What a quote quote unquote nice out of town right but we So the first time they saw it was the first time I had already Pretty much close to closing on the House and told them put them in a car him and my grandma and drove him to the House and said you know this book I want to show you something and was like this is. This is your house and He thought I was playing with them. but So they enjoy that house for a few months And then my grandfather is. We bought it in August and that November. He pass away. So how does as you called yourself on on? I think it was either on amd joy or Rachel Maddow. How desert around head bill route head? Boy Orangeburg South Carolina given the the life story. You have just told. How does that person get to Yale? Undergrad and then Georgetown Law School as my grandma said blessed and highly favored. I. I knew very early on that I loved to read. I loved education. I love the history and so I always try to do well in school when my grandparents and my mom always Invested in me to do that and fostered that love And so originally. I had no idea about Yale or any of those. Neither League was told you about. Well you find out of this. This is the interesting thing you know I did well on the sat and as you know when you take the psat all kids take it. They senior scores the College Board and the College Board then since scores to all the university said subscribe to them. And so then you start getting stuff in the mail. The very first thing that I got into mail was a catalogue from Boston University so for almost all of my junior year because I flip through the catalog. And here's these these young students and there's always beautiful colored leaves because you know really have seasons here in South Carolina particularly archery and they're sitting next to the river and all and I was like that's it. That's I want to go there. I WanNa go to college at Boston University so almost for year. That's the only school I talked about. Because they were the very first to send me something and then got a little more sophisticated. Because that summer I went to New Orleans. I got a scholarship to go to Xavier. University for Super Scholar Excel trip. And then why was they are talking all these other students who were talking about all these other schools and then I said well maybe I should take a look at some of these other schools that they're talking about early in the senior year? I get this card from Yale University in a view book. And I'm like Oh my God because I even know about Ivy League ye ye. Anybody who's walking. This country knows about Harvard and Yale. Right two names. That are just disappointed of the culture and so I got this magazine from Ale and I was like. Oh my God. I took it to school the next day. Looking Guy from From Yale University and then they invited me to come to Columbia to see the the re Yale Russian chorus perform on an come to Columbia south. This heated Yale Russian chorus perform. And so I went to my grandfather said Mr Bookie. Can I borrow your car now? My grandfather had a one thousand nine hundred seventy four. Ltd was back in one thousand nine hundred. Four hundred ninety. It was a boat right. I'm laugh yes. It was a boat. That's what I learned how to parallel park. So I'm the best partner wherever because if you compare level nineteen seventy four. Ltd Year Damn good traveler so anyway my said boy you know my com might not be able to make always a Columbia because John. I'm telling you this car. The trump didn't work because the the lock was busted on it. So we had this little rubber thing to keep the course and so anytime you can speed up. The trump would go up and down the problem so I would never want. My grandfather compete me up from from school. I would tell you y'all go down to the edge and now walk so you nonetheless so he allowed me to bars car. I drove here with a few friends and I sat there. I listened to the course and they did The Missions Spiel. And I said to my friend. I said that's where I wanna go so I came back to school the next day. I said I'm one apply and my counselor is one of my counselors. Say Well Jamie. I don't want you to get your hopes up because I don't think so. Few kids get in La La. I said that's where I WANNA go. And she said well. Why don't you look at the school in that school? I said No. This is where I want to go so I planned to some of the school. She wanted me to look at but I knew I wanted to go to jail so I applied and April second nine hundred ninety four. I go to my mailbox at that house You know at that time. You didn't get milk because there was no right thick envelope or a little known and so I want to and there's a stack envelopes in there and I flip through there and there's this one big white envelope with Y. A. L. E. on the corner and I ripped that sucker open and read very quickly and it had a book and says we're happy to see you remit to I even have I still have the latter. It's right over at others other headquarter office and I started yelling and screaming. Like oh I got it I got it and then my grandma comes running to the door. She said boy. You'RE GONNA wake up the dead. What are you screaming about us? I got I got I got in. I'm jumping up in the middle of the street. And she said Oh Jeez got in my head no clue what got but you know I get in and but the I almost did not go however because I was twenty five hundred dollars short. They gave me a scholarship but it was twenty five hundred dollars short and twenty five hundred dollars for us. Jonathan was like two hundred fifty thousand dollars. That was a lot of money and so had it not been for this guy this man in Orangeburg. His name's Earl. Middleton he participated in a Tuskegee airman. He was the first African American to to go to the State House from Orangeburg since reconstruction He was just a remarkable man but he gave me a job that summer. In order to make the twenty five hundred dollars and to get a computer and all Just such a remarkable man but I almost did not go to Yale And had it not been for him? I would nod so you go to jail go to Georgetown. You work for the legendary congressman. Jim Clyburn You become the first African American to chair the Democratic Party in South Carolina. And now you are running for the US. For the United States Senate against the incumbent. Senator Lindsey Graham. Yes why are you doing this? What part of IT Jonathan is. I'm doing this to bring hope Beck South Carolina. You go around this s chair. I would go around the state all the counties in the stuck the things that I would see that they're young kids that are grown up just the way. It did but the difference between the way that I grew up. And how growing up now is that. There were opportunities for me right. I was able to do some things. that that opened you know sort of opened the world to me. But there's so many young kids that I and their family and their parents and their families who just don't have any hope who don't think things that are going to get any better who actually think that their kids. Our lives are going to be worse than theirs and for me that's problematic. It's extremely problematic. Because I know that the American Dream Works. I know because I'm a testament to them. My Life is a testament to that And for folks to have that type of hope that their opportunities for them and their kids just it's crushing to me because you see the potential you see how smart they are. You see how creative the are And you know I started thinking I said. Well what's different? What's different between when I grew up to two now and part of the difference. I have to say it's not the the people aren't any different. Landscape is very different. The differences in terms of the type of leadership that we have in the state right now. You know Lindsey. Graham sort of a pit amazes Why people he politics and why people don't trust the people who are supposed to represent them because here's a guy that many of us had tremendous respect for Because when you know John McCain was alive we thought in the end of the day he would do the right thing for either the state or the nation win rubber met the road. But what we have now seen. Is that this guy is only interest is in Lindy. Ogrin is being in In the middle of things To to to have power That's what is relevant that that's how he defines his relevant Whereas I see my relevance is how can I help somebody else you know. My grandfather and my grandparents taught me to be my brother. My sisters keepers. My grandma always said she said Jamie even though we are the least of these you have an obligation to the Lisa. These and I fundamentally believe that I WANNA make sure not only my boys. I have two boys a five year old Timothy. Not only that. They get an opportunity to to to live up to their dreams. I want to make sure every kid in the state gives opportunity to that. Just black kids just white kids but all kids and it's sad to see it to see a kid when they don't have that little flicker in there right the flame that you know that if you feed it will become a roaring inferno right because of the passion that they have in the dreams that they have to be better than than what people believe they can be. I don't see that I don't see that and that that it's like a dagger to the heart And I believe that sending somebody like me to Washington. Dc who understands the hardships in the pains of growing up poor in the state can go to Washington DC an effect change and really make a difference in the lives of the people mistake. Now one of the reasons. Why and and I've heard you say this many interviews one of the reasons why you think you actually have a good shot at defeating Senator. Graham is because of a quote unquote newsouth. It's sort of a message. I've heard from others who other African American candidates. Who Run for High Office Stacey? Abrams Georgia Andrew Gillum in Florida. But both of them despite their newsouth mantra went down in defeat one. What is the new South as as you describe it into? What makes you think you can be the person to actually show that the new south exists and can be victorious. Well for for me. The New South is. I believe you know out of the ashes of the old south. This new South is going to emerge like a Phoenix This south is this. New South is bold inclusive and diverse. We're starting to see some demographic trends taking place in the south Reverse migration is one of them African Americans whose family's AH generations before went to New York and DC Chicago. Detroit are now coming back home. They're coming back to Atlanta and Charleston. Greenville and Charlotte And as a result of that is starting to modify the demographics The political demographics of the seat. We're also seeing here in South Carolina. We are now. I think the six fastest growing state in the country We are seeing an influx of college educated white voters into this into this area. The reason why South Carolina in North Carolina are different is because of that demographic difference you North Carolina's registered African American votes is twenty three percent here in South Carolina's twenty percent. We have twenty percent registered African American thing. We're only behind Mississippi. Maybe in in Georgia a little bit in terms of sheer number of African Americans Or percentage of African Americans in our electric but the demographic of white college educated is has been far lower in South Carolina than it has been in in places like North Carolina and Georgia. But we're seeing that increase that is also impacting knows. People are moving to places like Charleston. Part of reason why we were able to win the first Congressional district that cutting ham is now in because of the demographic changes in Charleston County. I mean more people moving there every day. I mean it's mind-blowing and I think there's also an increase in terms of the Latino population And South Carolina has one of the fastest growing Latino populations in the country's well still relatively small but is drawing a two hundred plus percent a year and so Those things a couple together are really changing the face of politics in the state. And we're seeing in some of our elections for the first time. Ever you know Greenville has been the heart of the Republican vote Here in South Carolina for the first time in since I can remember we now have a democratically controlled city council in the city of Greenville while we picked up Us A US House race with Joe Cunningham. We also picked up a state Senate race here just recently For the first time in thirty years so now the Democrats only four seats down from parody. And so you know things are going extremely extremely well In terms of changing demographics and for the first time we have over a million people of Color registered here in South Carolina and they're still the potential making it even better because they're still four hundred thousand unregistered black voters in the state This all sounds like sounds great. In happy some people listening might think that Oh. Isn't he nice all this happy talk but there are some numbers that actually back up? What you're saying that went back and looked and if you have if you have some updates yes let me know but I think in the last quarter of two thousand nineteen raised three point. Five million dollars. Yes which is a record. Yes in the state and you broke the previous record. Which was set by Senator Graham in the previous and then Lindsey broke my record again releasing that he did three point nine million dollars but listen for rounded boy from orangeburg degrees three point. Five BILLION DOLLARS IN THREE MONTHS. That is as my my grandma said. That's cooking with grease and. I believe that we will do better than Lindsey Graham Court. I really do believe the momentum that we are gaining each and every quarter but s people get to hear our message. I mean Johnson. I can show I'm GonNa show you some pictures of an. Maybe I've shown into your ray just of the crowds. We're starting to get and meetings are in some of these Republican counties. We went to Lancaster County Recently this is a county that went for Donald Trump. Sixty one thirty five and in this county What we were expecting we were going to senior community. We respecting thirty or forty people. I walk in. And they're two hundred and fifty people in the room and as soon as they notice me and these are white seniors in South Carolina. They don't feel traditionally vote for Democrats right and I walked in the room. And they stand up and they start clamping and they start chanting. Sin Lindsey Homestead Lindsey home and a number of them. Come up to me afterwards and they say you know. I don't know what has happened to Lindsey Graham and this one woman said to me. She said I voted for Lindsey more than I can remember but I won't vote for him. This election and many of them are just bothered. They you know character matters here in the state. This is a values. Based that's what motivates people values and characters a huge part of that and Lindsey has just demonstrated to folks. Here's a man who can put his hand on the Bible taken oath to God that he's going to do Xyz and in the same breath don't do it right. This is a man that one we had one focus group where they were white women down in Charleston. They were defined college educated. Either moderate Republicans are independent and One woman. Said said to the moderator. She said and I'm bothered. By the fact that Lindsey Graham did not stand up for his friend John McCain and she said if he won't stand up for his best friend in what will he do from me and the hedge has nodded it in he has. He has a fundamental problem. That he he. There's nothing worse than somebody that you used to trust. And then they they renege on that trust. They step all over that trust this. Nothing like somebody scorn. And there's a lot of people in the state. Democrats who supported Lindsey Independence who supported Lindsey and even some moderate Republicans. Who Feel betrayed by Lindsey? Graham let me get you to react to a quote from the Republican chairman here In South Carolina drew kissing. He he said when the story came out about your three point five million. He wrote at the end of the day. Jamie Harrison is just a former DC lobbyists who supports impeaching president trump while this may appeal to Hollywood elites in the Democrat Democrat donors. It's not a winning strategy here. In South Carolina will first of all. We need to get him back into school. Get that grammar. Lesson is not the it's democratic donors not Democrat donors but but that's trysofi trip over that But listen it Lindsey. Graham just went to I think in Beverly Hills new in a big fundraiser out there with president trump. So yeah don't come to me about where you look weird Lindsey. Graham's money comes from its bundlers a shown Adelson Just give him a million dollars to super PAC. That supports Lindsey Graham. I you know these guys are in south. Carolina had been in control For as long as I can remember for most of my adult life and as I talked to you about all of these issues there. Two hundred and fifty thousand people in the state who don't have health care right now And they should have delivered in any other state they would. Because of the lack of Medicaid expansion a third estate doesn't have broadband access fourteen counties. Were there no? Obgyn's of forty-one communities where the lead level in the water is higher than federal standards. I can go over and over all these issues. All of that happened on Lindsey Graham's watch and and it'd be one thing if he was here actually doing things to try to address that but he's not. He's in Iowa New Hampshire Nevada. Find around with the president on Air Force. One they're doing. He's here in South Carolina today but the only reason why he's here because trump had to drag him down here just because he's going to do a fundraiser for this guy needs to come back home and do the work that he was sent to. Washington DC to do and so Yeah drew can talk until he. He's a blue in the face. I don't care what he has to say. Bottom line is they're going to have to talk about the record. That Lindsey Graham has and is not one to be proud of. Here's the other data point. You can correct me 'cause There's a December twenty nineteen posting courier. Poll where Lindsey Graham as forty seven percent support Jamie Harrison has forty five percents. Just two points to separate in you is at the latest poll while there is another pull the NBC mirrors poll that came out that showed the the lead had grown for Lindsay. But at this point. I'm not really focused on that. And partly. Because there's such a big gap between name. So Lindsey Graham has a ninety percent name. Id My name. I D right now is probably at about fifteen percent and so that's where the reason the money is so important because I need the resources to get out into the community so that people understand who I am but even that poll that came out just recently it showed that I was beating Lindsey Graham with independent voters in South Carolina. Even despite the fact that my name ideas low. And that's that's a crucial part. So Lindsey his last election ran against one of my good friends center. Brad Huddle Brad will got into the recently in about half million dollars but lindsay only want fifty four percent of the vote and that was in his last election. That was Lindsey Graham. One point right. That was the Lindsey Graham that had support from moderate Democrats independence strong support and Republicans. Lindsey Graham two point. Zero is very different. That Lindsey Graham won't get any democratic support that Lindsey this new Lindsey. Graham is under water right now with Jamie Harrison in terms of independence and once those folks get to know me even more. I think that that gap is going to grow. Now that Lindsey Graham has grown his support on the right but I believe that saw I believe that soft because many ots folks called him grandma's St they called him the he was a rhino. They didn't quite trust them. Many of them censured him a few years back now. Some of them are starting to look back at them but in the end of the day. I believe that Jamie Onepointoh is going to build a coalition like Lindsey one Onepointoh head and that is what's going to carry me over to victory. You don't think that those people who were calling Senator Graham Graham the St that they're gonNA come your way you're saying that they they could just sit home. They'll vote for Donald Trump. But they don't trust Lindsey Graham and we see that difference in the polling you know Donald Trump in the same poll the in the Poulsen Curry oppal. Donald Trump was at about fifty two percent believe in that poll fifty three percent approval approval. But Lindsey Graham was at forty seven so that that tells you that there is somebody there fifty three percent of the people who said I support Donald Trump but there was a drop of six percent in terms of support for Lindsey Graham. Right so the question is why and that is what. We're going to spend a lot of time a lot of energy on We believe that's the soft spot. That's the he'll those are the people who don't believe that this guy is a guy of strong character mean you can say what you. WanNa say about Donald Trump. He is what he is right. he doesn't change he he You can support what he believes in or you don't support him. But Lindsey Graham has changed and that is where his weakness comes in. You know we're going to put together the Best Coalition of folks that we've ever have On the ground here in South Carolina. But we're GONNA message to all folks in the state. We're going to talk about the hopes. The aspirations in the fears of the People South Carolina. And we're going to educate them about the record of Lindsey Graham And that's my focus. I'm going to control what I can control is. My Grandma always says you control what you can control you leave the rest to God. And that's what I'm GONNA do. We believe that we can make the case that Lindsey Graham has been a failure to South Carolina and it's time to upgrade. It's time to to send him. I've been seeing sent him home. We'll cinema mar-a-lago too because he likes to spend a lot of time here We'll give them one. We ticket and south. Carolina has a a rough reputation impolitic oftentimes here in the state but also nationally. We all watched to see what kind of nonsense out of the Palmetto state. You're a nice. Decent man of the people can hear that in this interview. Are you too nice indecent for the race? You're in? I'm heard that an effort at my entire life but you know I tell people shopping. You don't grow up the way that I grew up and not be tough now. My grandma is just like me She and my mom same way. We are probably most big heart people. You can find but if you mess with us when you get upset you don't WanNa see us And so I'm going to be The well manner Grandson and son that my grandparents and my mom taught me to be but at the same time when we need to ratchet this up. We're going to ratchet it up because I feel so passionately. This he offered Lindsey Graham. The most important thing to him is being a United States. Senator that's the most board and the things not to do the work of United States Center but the the getting in front of the TV cameras being able to fly on Air Force. One and all that. That's not the most important thing to me. Most important thing to me art I my family And then the people in the state I would make sure that all of the people in the state get an opportunity to be who they WANNA be to love who they wanNA love to praise who they WANNA praise. And that's really important to me and I feel like right now. What is in the way of that is Lindsay Graham? And you don't want to be in the way of For me I am very very focused and people will tell me and people have me my entire life that it can't do certain things. They told me that I couldn't go to college. I went to Yale. They told me I can go to law school. I went to Georgetown. They told me that I couldn't be successful. On Capitol Hill. I was one of the top staffers on the hill when I left. And now they're telling me that I can't win this race for the United States Senate and what. I'm my retort to them is watch me Jamie Harrison former chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party and candidate for the United States Senate here in South Carolina. Thank you very much. For being on the PODCAST. Thank you Jonathan. This was fun. Thanks for listening to Cape Up Tune. In every Tuesday you can find us on apple podcasts and stitcher and how about doing me. Huge favor subscribe rate and review us. I'm trying to think of the Washington Post. You can find me on twitter at K. Park Jay.

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