Introducing Math & Magic


Tomy data's and just numbers. Data is also words, we struck a relationship with Twitter to be, actually, the first one to anonymously connect tweets to purchasers, what I learned is that there are words that people use in social media, that can tell you, whether they're going to go to film, six months for that film comes out. It is astonishing. Every cultural phenomenon comes down to two things. Math and magic. I'm Bob Pittman chairman and CEO of iheartmedia. I'm one of the things always loved his trying to code how big ideas, find their way into the world. My new show, math and magic about those stories about the stories from the frontiers of marketing each show. I sit down with visionaries here L. They've used data and creativity the bringing credible ideas to life. It was just pure desperation. So I come in to the program, meaning and I got an idea, I was fearful that creative executives would see me walk down the hall, and run and hide as a there's the data nerd every label was saying, not really scooter. You're great at marketing, but like it's YouTube kit. Let's guys there's a sleeping giant over here. You're not paying attention discovered. Justin Bieber on YouTube listen subscribed to math and magical apple podcasts, the iheartradio app, or wherever you get your podcast.

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