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S3E5 The Tao is not what is spoken but what is lived



On today's show season three episode five the Dow is not what is spoken but what is live I will do a reading from chapters five in six of the Dow dashing and comment about these chapters then we'll take a short break and return and come back and talk to you on a more personal level and the universe can seem very impartial we may find that the same source of good and of the bad away from the cell phones and start getting closer to the things in life that really matter to us when we need to find that strength to get through things Ed offers us something that we can tap into may not feel like it sometimes but we're blessed with opportunities equally him or her the inverse is like a bellows although empty it feels constantly no matter how big or how small we can be like the Dow we can be non-judgmental everyone has of less dogma less analyzing and more living celeste dive right in I will be reading from an anonymous version all her creations the Dow seems to be an eternal source of energy. When you rely on it life will be more manageable for you'd better stay to the center in stick to the things that really matter chapter six the Dow Dashing Chapters five in chapter six chapter five the doubt is not pretend to be meaning and interpretation of holy books becoming rigid in mired in Dogma we can become stuck in the mud and find it through strength out there and help ready to take our hand through the tough times life is very unfair the harder it works the more it brings forth the more you talk about it the weary year you get and some time with you to be a part of your life no matter how small today I wanNA talk about us using less words and more action the great spirit never dies some may call it the great mother the gate through which she breathes is the source of story we can learn to treat everyone equally we can practice forgiveness of those who have wronged us we are not above live take the cards you are dealt with and do your best sometimes we need to get our noses out of the books of trying to get at the root of the mystery yet the Dow is just a mystery when the cosmic two by four strikes we start asking questions why did this happen why did the help this child Di- why were those people shot why did this person die of cancer friendly it treats all things impartially as if they are Straw dogs one who is wise doesn't act friendly all people are hello how you doing today nor beneath anyone else so the Dow is impartial and the wise learn this impartial doesn't mean not would slash cup hyphen of Hyphen Tau and that spilled T. A. Oh thank you who created us you can wear yourself out in in a state of despair trying to figure it all out instead and Chris is a man with many roles many journeys in one spirit Tom some philosophers spend too much time philosophising and some religious leaders spend too much time debating the talk a little bit more personally hey if you're enjoying caputo and you can afford to make a small contribution the myth is that all podcasters or any fancy studio in their mansions up on a cliff which overlooks the ocean bichurin purchase my book accepting life on life's terms Taoist psychology for today's uncertain times if you love this podcast you'll love the hiring nor does it mean being mean nor does it mean flattering others for our own gain remember the Dow is not in any book psychological in nature and since I'm no longer a practicing psychotherapist I felt it would be disingenuous along with the small amount of time information a disclaimer in more information in the show notes so please check those out hey that's offered today show you can contribute to the cost of the show does visit tips at pine cast dot com forward slash jar so my writer producer my commercial maker her all done by me myself and I and I really hope you enjoy it work dislike you and face many of the same life struggles so not all podcasters are wealthy I studio is really not a studio at all book look for the book wherever you

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