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Live from NPR news in Washington. I'm Korva Coleman. The Corona virus pandemic delivered a record blow to retail sales in March. Npr's Windsor Johnston reports. The pandemic is setting up consumer spending for its worst decline in decades. The Commerce Department says retail sales plummeted eight point seven percent in March. The biggest decline since the government started tracking the series. Nearly thirty years ago. The report COMES AS MILLIONS OF AMERICANS REMAIN UNDER. Stay at home. Orders and businesses are forced to operate on a limited basis to help slow the spread of the corona virus but some stores such as grocers and Internet company solid increase in spending last month as many people rushed to stores to stock up on essential goods or shopped online tool boy leaving their homes retail giants. Amazon and Walmart reported strong earnings in March with the sudden shift to Internet sales Windsor Johnston NPR news. The European Union is expressing deep disappointment at president. Trump's decision to suspend funding for the World Health Organization to results reports the cutoff will deprive the UN's top health body of about fifteen percent of its budget. The US top diplomat says he deeply regrets the US decision. There's no reason justifying this move at a moment when their efforts are needed more than ever to help contain and mitigate the corona virus pandemic Burrell writes in a tweet. President trump says. He's cutting off the funds because the. Who did not sufficiently investigate. Beijing's accounts of how the outbreak started and spread German. Foreign Minister Heiko. Maas has also criticised. Trump's move saying blaming does not help but funding. Who efforts does TERI Schultz reporting nearly ninety three hundred. Us healthcare workers have tested positive for the corona virus and a majority of them think they were exposed at work from member station W. P. L. N. bleak farmer reports the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released some of the first day on infections among. Us Health workers nearly three quarters or women more than a third at some underlying health condition. Most of these healthcare workers didn't have to be hospitalized but some did require intensive care and twenty seven died. The problem is only a small portion of corona virus tests in the US indicate if the person getting tested works in healthcare so the real number of infected medical workers could be much higher epidemiologists. Saskia Popescu says the preliminary data from the CDC is helpful. It's giving us those first indicators of health care worker risks and exposures but ultimately we need to be collecting more on because we have to understand the failure so that we can correct them in the future. Critical care nurses say it reinforces that they need abundant supplies of protective equipment for NPR news. I'm Blake farmer in Nashville on Wall Street. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is down. Nearly six hundred fifty points soar nearly three percent. The Nasdaq is down. Nearly one and a half percent. So as the S. and P. Five hundred this is NPR. The International Monetary Fund is cancelling six months of debt payments for twenty-five poorer countries. So they can address the pandemic. The IMF is spending half a billion dollars in the effort and it will help nations such as Afghanistan Nepal and the Solomon Islands on the first anniversary of the devastating fire. At Notre Dame Cathedral. In Paris there are no builders on side because of the pandemic NPR's Eleanor Beardsley reports. French President Emmanuel Macron told his nation. The cathedral would be restored within five years as promised to Nikola done in a message on his twitter account macron said the restoration of Notre Dame lifts all of us because it is a symbol of the resilience of our people and the capacity to overcome trials but finishing the work in five years is a tall order. As the Cathedral is not even stabilized. Three hundred tons of charred timbers and burned and broken scaffolding must still be brought down from the vaulted roof. That work will take months and was supposed to begin in March. Just as the corona virus hit Francis locked down through at least may eleventh mackerel thanked the donors and builders at Notre Dame saying you pave the way to better days when the French will be together and the spire of Notre Dame once again reaches to the sky. Eleanor beardsley NPR news. Paris renounce sculptor and painter Glenna goodacre has died at the age of eighty. Her family says she died of natural causes at her home in Santa Fe. Goodacre created the Vietnam Women's memorial on the National Mall in Washington. Dc She also designed the US dollar coin featuring Sokha Julia. I'm Korva Coleman. Npr News in Washington.

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