Slumber Party with my College Roommates and Besties.


the holidays are here and there's no better way to get in the Christmas spirit than with a warm crackling fire. Time with Family Holiday Romances Winter Wonderland and new lifetime holiday movies. Twenty four seven all day every day all season long with more than one thousand hours of Yuletide themed programming and sixty plus days of holiday movies on lifetime. It's time to kick up your feet. Get comfortable Wonderbra and enjoy. It's a wonderful lifetime and you won't want to miss a special Thanksgiving week filled with even more premieres treat everyday Christmas and make lifetime your destination for new holiday movies. He's twenty four seven all season. Long Queen attack. You take care episode. So is another episode of my little mysterious. And I'm doing roundtable. Talk from interviewing a lot of people at one time not just a one. This one is with my college roommates. It's best friends and we all get together. We're sitting on my bed at my house. Liked old times like we used to do. We were in college and we're talking about the good old days how we met. What what we learned all the trouble that we got into believe me? It wasn't that much trouble Boys do we kissed how we've all become mothers. What we've learned from motherhood how our friendship unshipped has grown through all of this how we have grown as women? It is really such a fun fulfilling conversation. And I think all of you guys will relate to this on some level level because we're just talking real life stuff mom stuff girlfriend stuff and life stuff you guys relate to so get excited here is Katie Arab. Emily SERTA's in Beth laugh potter and myself. Okay so this is a super exciting podcast because it's not just any regular podcast. This is Oh gee college roommate bedroom bed your e ended bed as rubies. We were in each each other's beds all the time. All the US is is. We're drinking wine. We're all MOMS in Leonardo new. MOMS that indicate your your old mode where the old mom mom every pay someone start by introducing. Everyone and that broke antsy. I got my. We're like twenty years old. Maybe IT OSCAR FOR IT WASN'T I. Yeah I think you we were at the Initial not initiation but one of the purse Toriente and Caroline came up to me like I didn't know anybody I was with my mom and caroline came up and she was like you look like somebody Anita do like yeah. What's it became roommates and then came? Emily early next. No family was raise was crazy not to me. We are the same. Okay thank you emily. Invest at the same time if we owe our case of hating dynamic deal for we both transferred into Belmont in Nashville. Our sophomores Both of us were so oh afraid of people like so. We just like from small towns. Small towns from Radio Louisiana rejection boomtown. Because thanks to chip and Joanna I WANNA go there. I never yeah have you been my nine cried. Went to transformed that channel beautiful. Yeah so Katie numbers of people. We were clinging to each other. We did not the Social Belmont. I mean we were deathly afraid and so we got invited to scrape anatomy girls viewing party and we were like well she we you better go to my friends. Let's go try to make them and in comes Cooper Emily Shepherd and they knew everybody. If you want it seems like it seemed like it. We've been there for a few years older than you one year old. WHO's best essay high high? That's that became Beth superpower now. Say Hi Hi Emily Scheffer Serta's now we'll have new lessons MHM Yes so. We're going to integrate that in what was that way. How do we link the also fast? 'cause I we had a class together and you don't even remember me from the past. I secretly wanted to be with you so it was so happy that you were there existed. That friend was I. She had the sugar Glider Squirrel and now. I wish that would've really seal the deal. I would've probably been more aggressive. Had you had a road in your bra had a pet. Sugar Glider Squirrel and I put my sports sprawl around all age joey. Joey Joey Joey that you Miss Joey. I mean no I knew about her. Name's Julie O- okay. So then how do we become friends with the I. I think we were just like all hitting our social prime time and we kind of armed forces and the rest is history and then we moved so emily actually did the literature class together. Didn't we I think so. I I feel like I gave you a team. Who just gets? You're talking about. Yeah I started five guests. Babies tampons become a funny thing. Now you forget what something that happened. Oh my God. How many years ago Lake fifteen are we know what we've met before we are out called? Yes but anyway. It doesn't matter because we're all twenty one one twenty-one ish thirty six so wow she's the baby Katie. You're thirty five thirty seven thirty seven. I thought we become old people from. It's funny because I remember when I started old and like seeing young kids at college like they looked so young now. I remember when I was babysitting reasoning for people when I was in college and now we hire people to cause babysitter and we feel I feel like I'm the same age as money. It's so weird. I was doing this yesterday. I WanNa be friends going. My food totally bassist as they come over one time like geopolitics over. She's like twenties. Now I WANNA be your best friend and I say anything to the Patriot cause you feel like your. They're your friend but yeah we're adults. Yeah they think they think we're old. Yeah because I remember. I thought that I'd be Blah. BABYSAT BABYSAT for world and China. To be cool and be friends with us. Yeah just go to the bar the babysitter out. After I get home I used to shower. After the kids I was babysitting went to bed at their at their house and get ready and when they got back home then now so your pint going out to like eleven o'clock. Yeah that's that's what you do when you're that that's what we he did all the time we could ten roof the Bar Nashville. We miss that stage of your life. You Katie United. That's what we're trying to be cool. Sorry the smoking cigarettes and stuff cigarettes reuven like day out lay. I remembered I decided I was going to become a smoker. I decided title. And then I bought a pack and I smoked it on the House we lived on the four ch and I was like in turn the AC off in the car. You're not you know religion. Yeah air into the car seats. Yeah people turn their off. Yes she exits be ruled on the windows than cigarettes. Well it's not like getting sucked up into the car. Since I guess it's better but no way like decided I'm going to be a smoker That's awesome and then I always knows. quit like goes into a real smoker. I just couldn't commit to know I love WHO's grew I. I know you did love it. Yeah committed for why thing about. Oh my gosh. I think about like a sitting on the porch smoking across the street from like our neighbors neighbors pepper. I was like twenty three years old and and we really grown up. Yeah Ah in smoking made you feel grown up and emily new all the boys at school and so we moved into house with it was a front house backhaus so they all lived behind all always lived behind us in. Emily Make Haiti. Beth would come over all the time. She didn't live this. You had other roommates that you were signal with somewhere somewhere so emily and you all these boys and so there's like six guys live behind us and then there's us in the front so they were coming over all the time. We're basically just forty four all party. Primetime Canyon Ehrlich. Hey look at us like rude so now after it was amazing to like we were ruling out. Yeah cool and then one time one of the guys. He looked behind us. Had A friend who was like hitchcock hype. You Cross America through through in we come home from school or work in. There's a tent in our living room. And he has decided you he's GonNa stay at our house and put a tent up inside our was in the yard any it was yes he stayed there for like a week. And that's it was really nice to uh-huh inside though. I think privacy that you want to press you close James. That sounds convenient. Asked us or anything he just set it up. That's acquiring one of the guys who say they know. I'm just giving explain your arm when you drop the names right but yes. That wasn't really really fun. How many years have you lived there? y'All lived there for like five years right before I moved in I think in one Ni two thousand seven. I was three years interfere. Sure it wasn't is it me was just making at least make Mingo. Monday's concert the waterfront frogs. Didn't it didn't sleep with any of them because we're uproot like that but just lots making out sometimes when you made out of. Are they just little. Spend the night at your house even though you're not like hooking up because really all were good girls we looked at the and you didn't want anybody to drop drunk but one time made this one guy. Sorry Matt frozen your husband again you man he wants to put this end do he'll. He's okay we probably okay okay. I don't know these things work. Editing face keep those heard worse who probably heard US talk about those before he had made out and the guy to spend the night at the house sure but it was very G. rated force tonight. Take your shirt off. So the next thing he might not have even maybe just moved onto. Yeah huge rather hairy. The next day woke up and his body out one was on the bed in hair so it never her laws take out there like I felt like if I didn't make out every time I went out when I was in college. It was a bad night. I know that's terrible. That's what Michael Together because we're at a bar when I and some. I thought you met at the dog park. He asked about a date and we went to the dog park data. I like that didn't happen though he wasn't a day. I had ruby. Yeah and then. He acts like that wasn't a date. You didn't ask me. How but did he was like nineteen eighteen? I was like three at the time. Dating is a Golden Forever Listening Puma Cougar. AM We didn't have any money to go on a date anywhere. You didn't need money. Who Me Ladies Do? I never went on. I didn't go on hardly any dates when I was in Nashville Nathan College wasn't a dainty. Actually like it was more like gotta off more. You're good at getting out there. Like in general in life like you're outgoing. I think all of us are skier voice. I remember with brothers. That's one thing didn't know it's true. Not One brother sweetness except for you all I got them. You think think that it made you more comfortable around boy. Hopefully yeah and you like score you probably because I like. Yeah yeah definitely. That's how you met your hubby doing that. You Cheer Oh Chicago yes okay. So now. We've gone through college. We've like became smokers realized. We didn't want Dana Sign. We didn't do any of that. Katie nine went from one France Brent finding only like totally getting the popular crowd so grady under so popular so wait. Let's talk about what they used to call Beth. College still still hot bath. Everyone was like Oh. That's hot music not around like you you at work for. And it's a major internships for George Shrinks Manager Right. Why works for him? But yeah and then you like new anti-people in the music industry and everyone called you hot beth. That was your name George Strait. Call you that no. It didn't get down to Texas us. I guess about that you were still off that night. Your milk hot bath shortly. That uh-huh user wrote intern days. I did so much in Reno music. It was so fun did you do they pay interns now. Oh it's quality care that you really still but it was great. I mean you just feel like number one party as you get to hang out of the school hit songwriters. Here's the thing. It was so hit songwriter. They talked me into. Does it sound like exhausted. I mean now to do all that in the beginning networking and getting to know people feels exhausting already. Done it okay. GR's we're tired yet now. Now we're getting. CBS So fun. Yeah I know 'cause you would like go for fifteen hours a week and you'd like do some data entry in like then like go do fun. Things got a free estimate all felt really fun and exciting interviews Jin Way and I tell the story because if anyone who falls my pockets and listen to all of genocide him up when she moves to Nashville she moved in with Beth. Yes Cooper I introduced introduced you engine. You introduced Jin for everyone who's listening John Lewis Granddaughter June Ugo so was great but then Jin found a roommate on craigslist and it was death. Yeah well I was at the one that put it on craigslist but we both found the same house in seventeen thousand yeah. We had a tent in the backyard. remember that yeah a little house behind like the dentist honest Yes oh like dogs. At least three. There's like three extra girls per yet of it was is crazy. Boyer Gal Oya. Yeah I think about her. Sometimes she was sweet and her dog says I s weird. Yeah but so Beth would live in south voice. Girls like sleeping wasn't royal table. We would go out all the time like good school immigrant party concert to work. I mean hey united saying together for member every Winston we say judge beans argue is like are they and the boys played the band. It's fun it's still there now. No it's the show on a yeah. We'll just great Indian food. It's great okay so then emily goes. We Graduate College. We've done all this stuff because Katie and I both were pursuing singing belly wotton and so it was really fun together and then emily what were you doing. Beaumont you're running saucer. You went off scholarship right. Yes Yeah Seti Eddie. Psychology and Iran for a couple of years. Some figured out didn't want to do that anymore. And then I just stayed stuck around babysat and loved it. I was just a little small town too big city. Just everything was new and awesome awesome. Yeah Yeah how did you find it such a different city back then. It was in nineteen eighteen years. Starting years we've been here Holy cow you grew up where you grew up that was eighteen years years. Now I've been here for eighteen. So Yeah we've been here as long as we were in our hometown crazy before brought to us by. Why don't you come to Nashville Nashville? Music Business Manager. Something you you just want to get in the business yeah. She entered in high school school. Radio station like cool popular. Radio Stations Zoned in. Heck Yeah Okay so then after after college how did you where were you Chicago. Yeah Matt Scott. Yes and losing inlets from Kentucky and she loves Kentucky Blue in chant cheers. There's any time she can cats. What is it I add well? The cheers S. cats cats. Can we were in so I was in Chicago so for a friend's wedding and Scott was in Chicago for New Year's wedding. This is what we're talking about. Inland is not scared. To put yourself out there in lieu never told JOVITA stranger. You're always say yes to things. I feel like yeah. Maybe maybe not Luckily Scott showing his Kentucky Pride the night so you were there as well. No so I was there for a wedding New Year's Eve wedding it was New Year's Eve we had done the rehearsal. Dinner era was the polar vortex. It's freezing cold so I put on and I was like scared of slipping and sliding on Ice Chicago. It's freezing. It's like negative eight so I put on my running shoes. My running tights running she circus knows and so and I've had my makeup done for the rehearsal dinner. It's always like done up but in my like sport close. So your Sean. All sides of your purse yes and so then we went to the bar and they were the guys in line behind us and we're just talking because its freezing and and from Scott Kentucky and so then I did this chair the cheer him oceans. So I'm sure no maybe in the same spirit fingers yes did. Cat Cats cats cats Because you just so so then we wouldn't. We talked for a minute then. We went inside and thought that was that but then Scott came up by a beer or something. It's so crazy. 'cause he so oh Scott sweet amazing guys quiet unlike. Yeah yeah pretty passes feeling it. Yeah Okay thank God Adam a- and then we took him picture running close of us like and I like track sprint kind of things. We got a photo and then he texted it to me. I needed so you got my number. Yeah we met up the next night on new years after the wedding out at some bar and then came here we might have kissed of them are yeah yeah and and then within a huge national league that we with you on my gosh out and you're like who is this guy stranger coming to town and I was like to raise the Dr West Virginia. He's a doctor. He's a footnote. This guy just stay. Stay with us. You had a good intuition about it. I did you carry around his axa everywhere he he did that Tomahawk and freaky axes. So much gave them to all of his groomsmen. It goes wedding. He did with their names on them and our wedding date. I'm like he did. He build like a backwards. You can throw accident. He also did that. Looks like an alien made out of tiny to I love about Scott all here. Put this heavily on the grass. You can see caterpillars evernote spider cider. Hyder hunting you guys to do it. Nothing it's crazy. They're there for you like it or not and just walk around the grass at night and you'll see there are everywhere anywhere they don't hurt you though Starkville and a lot of them. It's free everyone seeing an alligator in your backyard trio. No there's only one alligator and there's like millions of spike you. You'll never lay your again when she sees this part of Nature Surfing. I think that's pretty neat. That he knows like everything nature and survival. Yeah they did you guys know that You know how you know. If you have a yellow jacket nest. How did you in the ground? No yeah our neighbors. Yeah I guess you see them. Coming around story was that in the ground. Yeah AH little mud no. That's not a yellow jacket dirt. Dog Her being no never mind just like nature center over there. Oh Yeah Oh yeah now that we're like out in nature. Well you're not out out in nature. They live on some acreage. You Do Anchorage one great. So then I will end up getting married. It was great and the next weekend right to you yes we dated eighteen months long. Suber von it. I really terrible at the end. Longest words you. Oh yes and then you move in together great but also so adjusting to await. We're not just like hanging out partying every two or three weeks or the other all the time we have to adjust eric citations But great and then finally we got engaged and those. We'll get married y'all there and growing up we learn. It's really great that you led the way okay with marriage though. Yeah we had our ten year anniversary this and everyone her husband's in the lost trailers Muller Back Holler all back in the woods. This all gets on farm brewed. Oh homegrown oh yeah yeah I remember some girl love your husband's Jeff Potter Loving Drummer Sombre Love Your hasn't so much she. We made a scrapbook of her wedding. With Jeff Yeah Oh God. She had a whole scrapbook put together. Just wedding yeah girl that you knew just knowing. I didn't know her either but she would print pictures off and just cut my head off. Did she give it to his online told me I don't even know who it was taking egging US facebook pictures. Yeah space maybe mine. May My space you overdo dating or so. L Ode L. L. dated a long time before a cotton gauge right. Yeah but Because you move to la you are consistent for Madonna's manager That was a wild year for you. Those crazy town. I'M GONNA get on Nashville. I'M GONNA go to La in in your like is this thing not as manager and then Jeff came out and it was like it must have you and Mary you well. It wasn't really like that rushing me to move home or anything anything but it definitely was a factor in like when he got out of La a little bit. That's what made him really know that he wanted to be with you. James Yeah One Time Jeff said I just like having dinner with her like she was the person that he's like wanted wanted to go out and just sit at a table and talk to now. That's sweet sweet platelet. Johnny Cash said her morning more morning coffee with her or something like this. This is favorite thing about June Carter like legends to marry hot baths. He did. He's lucky key him. Spit not kids early. Because you're the first one of our group because June is like a teenager ager basically been. Where were you twenty nine or thirty? I turn thirty like a few months after actually not that young born so yes we had our good. I recommend twenty eight. We're having Italy yes. I don't I'm glad that I was later having a kid. You your body to see me just my whole pulbic. Area just can't necessarily labor. It's just what is the area. Uh Head sars-like. All this is it so tight. Is it still like now. Oh Yeah I get up off the ground. Go see a a a a male there I did I did I went for four weeks. Tinkle your panties. No it's not gonNa uh-huh okay tightness and I think it's like the whole runner thing I should. I should definitely do. Some Yoga did at one time this week. Good the job accident hip opening. Yeah Okay so bad enough. Yeah it was. Yeah didn't get just so you think it wouldn't hurt. Have you had kids younger. No I don't think you know I think you were covering remember when you get it wrong and go right back the next night but yes that's awesome because we wanted to go so hard. You just more awareness now about like more energy old. Yeah Yeah it's just your body does get old so I now I mean I like being older and I think we agree. She ate and more and like it's very special but I think the body could've done recovered vile means you thirty six hundred seventy you thirty June. How are you had James? I think I was thirty. One therefore wonderful. Yeah my zone that comes up with all the Hash led caroline changing. Actually say thirty to thirty terrific. Yes I like it. So what is being a mother. What is what is being okay? Let's talk about how that delivery day because to me. That was the craziest day of my life league craziest. Oh Emily Dory was nuts. You're deliberately story. You GotTa get in a car you forgotten already. I think it Labor a lot of people have that story. I mean winning now. 'cause you're GonNa Hong Natural yes and you were at natural ray center is great eight. My water broke round. Track like to get you to the. That's how you knew you went into Labor at six forty five on Saturday morning and then for people out there who your own water breaking because there are a lot of juices when you're pregnant. Yeah but you know you're GONNA get your water and your time soon. It was like in the movies. We don't WanNa hear this over story you just Okay so broke six. It's worth five. And then finally we decided to like check into the birthing center at I think it was eight. PM contractions were like starting to get more intense than I had. Also done hypno- babies like here until I was like breathing through that was great. You're right birth waves normal contraction and then That I I just wanted to sit in the chair. The whole time so to Labor on up and it was great. I could like hypnotize myself through it. It was fine. I don't even remember the words yourself you tell them Agean that orange I can remember our oren. Lyons no I don't even remember letting the Orange Light. Yeah you just feel it all three. You'll you just did. He just like didn't just focused on. That knows great but then in her saying it didn't hurt when you know it was great. It actually took away the pain totally totally recommend him baby. Yes absolutely and I'll use it again again. I need to brush up but But then they rise that she was sunny excite up or whatever. You're sending the wrong way. And so when our genes positions it was really more painful and so as in the TUB and on on the bed and on the toilet and on the chair all these places and then like midnight I got the urge to push which is like. Hey I was only seven. Centimeters circulated can't push then so then. I had to do horsey breathing. Could you always knew what is really really bad. Always try to not push everyone listening emily when she's tired or like she's stressed out or she. He just wants to calm down she always that. Don't ever want to do it again. In my whole life what might you make yourself. Yeah so that I did that for a couple hours. And then Try so I could do it like every other contraction. I'll push one contraction. Because I couldn't help it. The other one would do horsey breathing out. And then she's she's let me check you again. If you still feel like do they try to move like did they. Try to push on your toes unless the one thing that I feel like they could have done done better but I maybe should've just had to do anyway. So then they checked it out senators. So yes there were pushing and the non-throwing were in the TUB and on the ban on the toilet all these places again three hours later she had I nine remember. Assure I'm sure it was like a litter. Joe Remember but like Scott was like always here. Here she is so or share and they're usually a and finally. They decided that her head was swelling. She wasn't actually progressing because they're like oh she's getting further but she wasn't. She was stopped because of the way she was position position. So then they're like. Let's transfer you to either Bill O.. And I'm like great. Let's go cut me open. Stick me within the I don't care let's let's go read D. S. it. Is You have to get five. Fifteen in yes and so then I we have within adding to get in the car. and they're doing email is not an emergency. You know so mostly out of your badge base head here even yeah how it was and then I wrote in the car hugging the kneeling down and then and then they're like at the Er like do you WanNa will chair. And I was like I can't sit in that you are you having contraction Actor Director Guy All the results. He's he's he's he's doing the relaxing. 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It's time to get in the Christmas spirit so he had to. We use the suction. Yeah you really had to go through. It cannot fly it was seven. AM The next day. So then. But I did not have contractions like for twenty. You know it wasn't like that it was just like I didn't sleep was about part of you know it wasn't like Labor favor was for twenty four hours. It wasn't a toy that is that is exactly what you're poet Florida shot maybe you vows twisting and turning Liam average person. Unless it's done. He signed the doctor. who was a doctor did? Yeah Yeah I'm just glad I didn't have to have a C. section because I've seen imagined that's really hard okay. Well this is actually people to share my story summertime all White House C section Sankei earlier because Katie was like why shouldn't C. Section. So I had planned to have this really natural birth guy was going to do an heritage in my head I was like. Oh I'm just going to breathe through your November the orange. I'm going to feel it more by embracing my contract. You're going to do no epidurals and everything do and my mind Mind's eye these I mean. This is my dream. I can't tell you what my reality would have been. I could've gotten in there and freaked out when I give them freaking rural but I was like like I've done yoga for three years. I am so connected to my breath. I warned I am just going to read through this and I was like beyond say said that she had imagined her childlike kicking wall. Take pictures or something like this. Just picture her childlike pushing. This wall does like obviously not get in with the child child moving through this. I'm not going to be caught in my pain so attleboro how to do. All the things doesn't China's you're Never Daryl and then ah sunny we got to forty one weeks and she was not coming out. The dilated zero dilated zero effaced. Choose happy the happy as a Lark in there like toasty. I wouldn't mind Michael and I went on a walk downstairs. Came plots lots trying to get the breast milk going to simulate. They can dress for forty weeks. Oh Yeah we all coming out one hundred early. I got a bouncy ball and I was like bouncing all the time I was drinking the raspberry tea I was like eating spicy spicy foods. Everything it's a sense like everything that you can do to get your baby to come. I was doing. She was every time I go to the guy. How can I go like twice a week? Check just to see where she was at then once we got past forty and she is nothing no movement it nothing and so I was like well Dane so basically I had a couple of friends who just had ended up in an emergency sexual after laboring for After laboring for hours and then the heart rate after like getting off the heart rate dropped the baby and then all of a sudden they had to go. Oh engine emergency c section and it was like really emotional and hard livings all worked out great but I was just like man I just do not want to end up. An emergency section got feels really scary to me like I just had fears of my own about childbirth. I got a big about the cord being wrapped around her neck like that really freaked me out that she would have a quarter after on her neck in like possibly die from that and and this is worse case scenario but that was like a legit here that I had to vary invalid and then I was just worried. Yeah I've just like I just was scared about that and I was like we have see section at the. If it's not having actually like I did you evacuate force because signed catered ceiling. We have a family friend at home. WHO JUST I don't know like it? Costs like mental damage when they had he's a force of back in the day it was like fifty years ago. So I mean obviously things I've ever seen side now. She's fine head vacuum like it's all it's like legit. Here's and so. We got to this point in the doctor's K.. Your thirty six years old. You're forty-one weeks we can induce you. You have a good chance. You could end up an emergency c section with induction because it just happens and so I was like you know what we talked about it for a long time and and we decided to go the C. Section. Because I was like I my alternate goal here is for me in baby. Tend to healthy like I want to have a a healthy baby and I wanna come out healthy and I don an emergency situation. Not say that I would have. I mean good chance I wouldn't have it as I insist sister. I have this legit fear about the Corbin wrapped around the baby's neck and I was like okay. I don't WanNa ever end up with a four separate anything like that. Sounds like I'm I'm just going to. We're going to see section and I had never thought that until the last two weeks of my late in a pregnancy I had never even considered a C section. Give you a sense of control able to like to pick that. I was devastated like realizing that I wasn't going to go into labor and I wasn't gonNA feeling feeling and I wasn't going to like experience that but then I talked to my sister on the phone. She's like well. You know what honestly you might as well embrace that parenthood is never ever how you plan and the sooner you can let go control the sooner you will realize that that is just how it goes in like as long as you are. The result is what my goal is have a healthy baby and maybe healthy and I was like was I accepted it. And that's another thing I've learned about parenthood. which has been hard for me? Learn about life is. This is my biggest struggle. I have a hard time making really hard life decision sometimes and standing by them because I doubt myself south and I am a people pleaser. I'm trying to recover from that. Sometimes I just don't know how what the right decision is because I can see from every angle like how each in June choice could work so I have a hard time. Picking One seining doubt myself and my question to wonder if I made the right choice but I'm realizing using a parenthood you have to make a choice and you have to just stand by and you know what you have a mother's intuition Let's just say you used your mother's intuition commission to have sunny VNC section like peer like you have it now and it's serving you well and there's no reason to think that wasn't your awesome motherly instinct telling you to do that then like you know it starts when you're pregnant. You know on a lighter note here motherly instinct measuring the bath temperature. You know you just like but you do worry about and you know how to make the right decisions and you make the right decisions Like I would always worry about that. I got the honor. I was so worry that your brain damage are taking too hot bath that I would want. Is You wrote about I miss you. I wouldn't take that I only uh-huh scares yeah. You're really like you know like we're worried about our when he got a sunburn on your stomach. Oh and then I got sunburn rest pregnant and I I thought that like and then I put on it and then I was double worry because I got the summer and December through into her damage her and then I put it Alabama on it and all these chemicals in the elevator. And they're playing. Yeah yes she. She didn't plan on her. She got in the bottle. Well okay those all this ball Jim Sundberg seeping through Friday fire from the sun and now she's going to have all these chemicals era I mean and now you know better per I will be sell much more relaxed if we get pregnant again. Dan have another child. I'm not going to work. I mean less than sure. I was scared because we were coming off that miscarriage pillow. You're pregnant and so much is such as you can't area you and that's the hard I think that's the hardest. Part is just to relinquish English the control control. Now that you're gonNA mom now for how James He's four. How do you let go of control? I don't you know I mean they're going to be like they're their own people but I mean at four. You still control a lot of their like environment. So but I don't know how let go controls. I just try to trust that like I duNNo. I remember this quote by Wayne Dyer and he he like you can listen to his youtube stuff. Ellison to me and he says like you have to remember your children come three. You not bore you. Just come here to the earth for their own purpose. And it's it's a privilege to be their parent but it's not for you and it's really hard to accept that but you know try to remember that how you remind yourself off of that just when you're in the midst of a controlling state and you're like worried or stressed out or there's something that you're really like wanting to Taua. They just like I met. I try to meditate or workout or just pray like I just try to. It's really really really hard when you like when you worry. Don't always do a great job. Good I don't think it ever goes away because now you have a seven year old you have a teenager teenager Judaic they teenager and then grace five five era and then Davey is one eighteen months. Yeah almost two and a half. So how'd you now that you have three case like Katie has to because only three. How do you because you have kids everywhere so I can keep a perfect watch on them? Like I'm hovercraft sunny right now I'm a little bit. How how old? Yes yes. Yeah seven seven so so how do you. How do you relinquish control and how how do you make it through your day? Happy with three kids Well I mean it's alive and you know you do have to trust that like their path is their path and you do do the best you can but you cannot control every situation that they're in and you can't control how they react or respond to situations and you now an nnl respond yet. You're a good responder our response. Yeah like you respond. I try to hire to react. Don't yeah but to respond. Okay so you what's scramble of how you have no not respond like with your emotions getting upset yeah see. I don't react with my emotions but I try to like. Just take a beat and like you know because no one wants to see like in kids especially. It's like like what you were just mentioning like She June my oldest like cut our neighbors hair Before here's a little girl and like really short. Yeah she bangs like basically all the way up to her hairline the room. We were amazed examiner. Yeah she's the coolest person but like you just let let me give you a haircut. I'm really good was giving era makeover and it's like you just have to like walk into the situation and like you've got to control your face you've gotta shut your mouth and just take a minute and breathe and like and because to. I didn't want to upset the other girl who she's living with us and she was fine fine with it. I mean she probably because June cut her hair and I didn't WanNA upset her and you know make her think that her hair is like her identity Eddie and like what she should be like judged on and blown away. Yeah that's and that's why you take a minute I think about it. What did you do? Yeah Yeah because what's the point in that and who is here it's going to grow back totally and their kids and they don't obviously they don't know or care 'cause south agreed to it and truly it's like and I've been reading. This book tells the newest book because it's called the awakened family. This is great and Yakima commit for all parents. Yes it's so good and it's like what really is at play there like I'm worried about how my neighbors GONNA. Yes and that's that's my ego. Yes it has nothing to do with my kid shakes that like I the way that people perceive her in her actions Sion's reflects on me so that's about how people view. Yeah and that's just ego and that doesn't have anything to do with her and her path right truly truly and honestly theirself expressing. Yeah you know. In their mind. It was beautiful. You just cited as adults that it's does it's not op beautiful. Yeah really to them as kids. They're proud yeah what they've done. Yeah so hard but how do you like also to tell her like you can't do that. What do that? Yeah I mean I think it just comes down to like scissors like she just has to ask permission users into the bigger pledges yet safety a simple as a yet on appearance. It's safety and also like don't don't people's hair you have to go to school. 'cause sounds like a personal boundaries. Too How do you think of that though. How do you think of scissors safety? And you need to be skilled Barbara Arbor. That's a skill to cut hair. Like how do you have to like take it all in and just take a minute and that's why you don't react that's why you can't react because it's always always wrong. It's always wrong react. Yeah so then you can actually understand a reason for why this wasn't area. She is shamed. She's not ashamed. The other girl isn't shamed yes and there's a reason. Yeah and she's like. Oh that makes sense I didn't do anything wrong. I shouldn't do this again. Because there's Great Yeah Dang Coach better ways bath over there. The bathroom breath over there. Yeah I feel like you are about your so And I love it like you just like bus. Even breastfeed everywhere like that has uh-huh to rescue the public. You know you gotTa do it. You GotTa do it into trusts them because they have instincts to. Yeah Yeah I can talk about that your kids. Yeah just like they have the purest instincts. All I WANNA do is eat and sleep and love love. Yeah and they're so pure. Yeah I just think to. Ud Learn your baby. And that's Anita's name that you yeah no other people can and that's what I feel like. I'm still a new mom. Eight and a half months in so I don't have any guidance for anybody other what have you. We learned from being a new mom. You need a good husband. And who isn't there. You're all mad at them. And that's the thing I regret like talk to you. Love your husband's but they annoy you cannot do it without them. No that's shop cook clean. put the car seat thing correct. Yeah yeah move is huge put together the CRIBS Petillo carseat put together. The banana can't even like call the exterminator. Like I don't even know how to do anything anymore but I it also say you learn your baby and like it's so weird but you're just like I know like I feel like she's wants me layer down you. You can just tell by the way she's her is her cries her movements or face. Yeah like sometimes. Let's Scott do it. I know hard but it's like even tonight like you put her down. which is Great? They're sunny ninety right now. Michael Hazar try to eat right now. Of course I wanNA run and dislike holder. Oh I know I can. I can cybercrime Megan Meghan. Her bottle was GONNA get a bouncer and get cozy in five seconds. Best but Beth. You told me this you said you bet as always tonight vice okay. What's your advice you you say you said to me you know you have to let your husband might find his way? Yeah I'm with you yeah even though L. Like otherwise you're gonna be doing it all the time for control freak right mirrored. Maybe because I'm like Oh God and I feel like I know two hundred everything but he he has his own way capable able into good for both of them and their relationship. Because it's easy to stick around now. Yeah exactly that if they can find their own groove it makes your life easier and it's really special for him. It makes him feel confident competent. Like as a dad because it is easy to assume all of the jobs as a mom because a women in our incredible multi-taskers I have always women are phenomenal after becoming a mom like I always knew they were amazing. I never knew how incredible whenever Bermeo until and our bodies our body. We're making milk right now. Yeah that's weird. You know maybe baby coming here who are amazing. Were able to like raise. Children make food for babies a take care of their entire schedule have jobs be wise. Clean the house like I don't know if I'm able to do all those things house but all the things we can figure out how to outsource it true true true that delegate tailgate manage. That is something. I'm learning like in the beginning. I love Michael More than anything. But you're so stressed out that it's hard to have the the space the room and the patient that used to have So tired you're not sleeping. It's exhausting their husbands trying trying to figure out how he can help but like he can't. He can't help beginning because the baby needs to be on your boob eating all the time sleeping. It's like it so okay. How have back to back and Katie Jar? been at this for. How do you navigate that? What exactly the new loss in your own exhaustion your own meaning control your own like thinking thinking you know just like making room for your husband? How do you do that in the beginning Year I will say like you have to make they can effort. I mean you have to have a date like you have to. Have you basically have to schedule Tom for your selves. You have to take a day night. Thank you might have to schedule sex like it becomes less But I mean it's just you have to if you want your married. I think these being early and I think you just survive MHM figure it out I am not scheduling any day night. Thanks a little more important than the date night. Just depending on your husband advent. Yeah I think you just survive and a lot of grace for each other. Yeah you do survive offer. Probably what do you think like like three years one year really. Yeah I just need a year of just be in survival news and the rain but it is just so much and they changed so fast like everything. Viola L. A.. She's like she's bigger girl now. What did that happen sprout up? It's so fun I know it is the most amazing thing. Okay so what have. What have you learned from being a mother and all the different stages eight months and now seven years in with three four for years and with to like what is your takeaway from here? We started off in college trying to be cigarette. Smokers out with guys every night taking a how this thing too you know. You're all dream chasers. We met college chasing our dreams and now our lives have evolves so much. We're all moms now obviously on the news one but like what is the takeaway of what have you learned about marriage edge about yourself and about being a mom through all of this everybody. Just start all they one thing is. I always always loved my mom now like really really down with her like she works fulltime three kids. She's always never mind. I know he's he's doing that like she started babysitting kids after she and my brother before I was born she she had all these kids at the house and they were like super poor and like way behind on their bills and sees it one time. The Electric Company came out and they shut out there his last night and she talks talk to me and was like as far as like Ma'am there. Make me turn this off and she was babysitting other. People's kids may turn off the electricity and then she really she needs to get a job and and start working and bringing more money and then then I came along so they really need job. They made it knows great. We don't remember being without electricity Avenue Shoot Babysit kids while having her own well she had like a daycare. Yeah so she was like yeah okay. Common in small. It's a great way to like heck. Yeah or terrible because that's a lot that's a lot of kids yeah. There weren't that many but making it work. Yeah interesting going going out on my God. Imagine letting your like getting that is stressful to me getting that far mine and your bills and having two babies and then reality offer a lot of a lot of yeah yeah. It's like a major reality person in the world. He has a my gosh. I know she always says the best attitude. Yeah Yeah I remember after having kids like I remember calling my long like I'm so sorry everything uh-huh anything mean I said or did like God I just felt Utah. Awful yeah apologize. I know I still the same way I used to. Just I just think like now like Oh my God. My parents like even like just in this Newark face the fact that my mom and my dad like you know your mom's like my mom stayed home with me but like changing diapers all day feeding me all the time like keeping our meeting live not leave being her whole life. They're like my parents are worried about our safety but yet giving us room to fly in like ourselves and it's like you do not realize how much time love devotion faith goes into that and I think when you're growing up you think your parents have it all figured out. Yes and so. There's like this like set of expectations on them to like do the right thing and like read my mind and know what I'm thinking and Mike do this exactly right but then you like get into it and you're like they were doing it just like I am. You know like it was their first time to. Oh you're just like yeah like the grace that's like just comes out with the baby I think is like extended to them and it's like Oh and that that love that love that you feel for your child. Have you ever experienced anything like that in your life and I know there's a lot of a lot of women are like major postpartum for like a long time or like I didn't have my baby right away like you know. And that's the total memorial to but I I also just know eventually I think it all comes around any feel this overwhelming love for your child like for me Sonny came out. I have never felt anything like that in my entire life like this that like Oh my you view or who was. We created you from nothing you grew into this human and now you are here on planet Earth because you have a you're saying the conscious parent or both VR. Saying your own destiny to be here. And I get to help guide you Lead you you in the best friend of your journey you came through Michael and I like what privilege and like Oh my gosh like that weight. Eight of that if you her so like the egg that made her was was in you. When you're in your MOM's belly yes isn't that wild? Yes like your kids. The girls girls that eggs eggs or they're all there you have. Yeah Yeah and the chances that this child is the one they came and I have even realized that after like miscarrying we had a chemical pregnancy and miscarriage and if either of those babies would have happened like sunny would be here. You know the whole thing is just so much bigger than us you know. It's just such a wild experience and I've never was ready to be among the guy was like episode off to the end. I was thirty six to the last minute and I was like. I'm not ready for this like I'm like live my life on got too many things to do for myself. How and so I put it off for a long time but now I'm like Gosh I get it? I get the whole thing now. Appearance are obsessed. The talking about their kids. I tame sure why it's just the most is the hardest thing with the best thing ever do. I used to think thrill in the best thing ever do to scary for kids as the best a truly I think too. It's like it's if you it's a miracle like you really witness a miracle to have a child it is and say how can you deny that they exist the things that you like work to do in work for our harden are challenging are always the most rewarding and this is like the biggest challenge the reward. So what have you taken away from it all back because you've now got seven year old a four year old and a two year old of US learn after that it's chaos but it's wonderful and just to like that it goes so so fast and that sounds really cliche but it does and just to like try to really live in the moment and learn from it all and take take what it is in the moment because usually it's temporary like even outfits hard this. Yeah and then this Yup right I try to myself out with like the sleepless nights and everything. I'm like because I know even just like from seeing Viola Now Ag- I remember when choose born when she was like three months six months in sing her at eight months old and she's gotten so big and I have another friend. Bree herbal daughter water six months old and she's so big so fast so I just like I tried like remember that my sister-in-law told me that 'cause she's had four kids they have five kids but she has four kids and she was like they have a new. They had one that six months old now. Oh yeah this is the price right when she was born a newborn. She told me she's like I'm just really try so in every second because I know how fast to go they go so fast does it. Sounds like don't get hung up on your exhaustion or that. Your life has changed because I remember when Sonny was first born I was like I'm never going to leave the house. I am housebound forever like I'm trapped here. I don't know how to get out. I will never leave my hormones. Were insane I was a weeping and crying crying the weeping. Anyone would ask me how I was and I would disolve wasn't I wasn't depressed. I was just everything all the feelings. But it's just like that goes away all of a sudden you start feeling like yourself again. Your body is already gone like the everyday everyday I think and I didn't feel I don't think the president has felt like overwhelmed in. Yes I cell phone overwhelmed. It's overwhelming it is. It's a whole life that you're in charge of your. We're we're not in charge of this life but we are responsible for this life. Yeah doing so good now like we're doing good. We're all doing the very best we can. You know I read a thing and it's like AAC things you worry about. You know whatever like if you're ever gonNA sleep again and like the transit. Ask him to run in there. Like maybe you don't sleep for three years but it's like it's like they're gonNA sleep through the night like they're not gonna go to kindergarten in diapers potty train. You know like they're not GonNa go to college with their past. You know like stuff like that hat and then it's like we always celebrate like the I like their first step in their first word you know and it's like but you don't the things that like slip by their last. The you know like the last time they reach up for you to like pick them up or they crawl the last time they narratives like. And it's like yeah. It's heartbreaking waking up but it is like a new stage and every stage more legs mon hardships but its own blessing. They're last yeah. Oh my God because you never know if it's going to be the last year never no and then they just like Develop this. This is why women need women to talk to and like support each other because there's just so much and busy man like Manley now other Chad Yashar and the of course you need to you. Talk to your spouse but like there's just us need support all this it's so heavy is has more on that note we do. We did it. We made it through about cars Way More I think was the most embarrassing for free you right here. Oh and that's the story. You're gonNA thank you very much every up while we're recording guys okay so Katie Rookie Anti Arab did you draw one of those names all four you have already know Katie survey candiates airway Bette Cooper Potter. Sharing Elizabeth Potter is my legal share. Share yes Sharon. Elizabeth forgot that hotbed. Emily you dropped heffer the whole story and Caroline Hobby there. You having fun. Loving is when it comes to sports. History doesn't change or doesn't come find out on the special teams podcast which just now available on Jason Smith and Mike Harmon together. 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