Hour 1: Canseco's Search


This is the dan le batard show with two spot cass. I would say it's disappointing to have me. Here's years in for dannon stu but the shipping containers here so not everybody is going to be disappointed guys. We're happy to be here. Knock on wood. If you're happy to be here <hes> they're not a fan of hard knocks. Although by the end of yesterday's show when dan was basically the asking you to give hard knocks if you agree with me. I thought that was that was brilliant. Randy scott is gonna join us and he's you know he's boo. He's transitioning. I like i like i like he's transitioning. Oh see i don't know about all that he is. He is making a move from sportscenter the radio i believe and while we have this time i did want to do dan tanna tends to do right and says hey. I heard this raging debate over there in the container. What were you guys talking about. I do wanna get to how we got to this. Raging debate on how kanye west walks in pictures for starters do we. We need to know how we got there. I think i just asked you about miley cyrus and somehow we got to kanye west walking and photo yeah so i told you i wanted to talk about miley cyrus and it turned into a tangent about how kanye west walks and it did so in like thirty seconds quickly. Let me see if i can top that miley cyrus and liam hemsworth uh-huh worth broke up. We're all very sad about lie. You break up with a hemsworth precisely. She was photographed almost immediately kissing her best friend on a boat food who was female friend who was married but not really to brody jenner that recently separated from brody jenner and if you're worried about brody don't be because he's already moved on and he he is now been linked to jose canseco daughter josie so you know hills information then here's the thing i haven't watched the hills this season which may be surprising to people because has it does seem like it's something totally up my alley now with these plot twists i may be in on season two of the new hills because pedal well anderson son is on it so pamela anderson has been on it jose canseco could potentially beyond it and miley cyrus because brody has now been linked to jose canseco's tickles daughter. Oh so we make it a jose consejo cameo a pamela anderson cameo. A miley cyrus cameo a possible hemsworth cameo. You guys believe this is real by the way or this. This could all be just. We're playing it up for the hills season to try to your thirty seconds. I was trying to get there within thirty. Seconds and billy got that was fascinating thirty so quick tangent engine there. Did you know that one of my tattoos was inspired by brody jenner really which i think it was which one is it. The brody jenner's face no no. How did you see that one. <hes> no it does he have like an old english be somewhere on his forearm asking you. It's like you don't know because i remember ever sitting on well. I mean it was a while ago. Hold on you're saying on your body sits a tattoo that was inspired by brody jenner posing to us whether or not brody jenner has said tattoo that influenced suit because i knew it was somebody on the hills and i believe his name started with the b because he had to be on his forearm and old inglis lettering and i remember literally that day getting up for my sister's couch i was at my sister's house and going to the tattoo parlor and say i want <hes> an old english. I accept that put it on my wrist. Confirm flirt has it on the wrist forearm area here. I was complaining about how much you know about the hills and yet the hills has affected my life in a permanent way while the hills touched all of our lives and date yet many people because they were separated but people did some investigative reporter married and they were never actually married so i was saying how sad i was liam hemsworth breath and miley cyrus that and i was like can you can you believe that mice highest is already out here kissing and it's gotten ugly and allison's like it's all fake. I'm like what do you mean. It's it's all fake. She's like this is all just promotion for the hills and look it worked because now billy's like. I want to see what's going on with the hills. Well i mean after wait a season for it to happen but it look look this is sad. Relationships have allegedly ended things have gotten uglier has been accusations of drug use and infidelity like these are not things that are replayed around with so i would be kind of sad rug youth and infidelity in hollywood couple data yeah so these are things that are sad. These are lives that are being changed and ruined and these aren't things that shouldn't be taken can lightly and these things that should be made fun of just for television show however if it is what's going on. I am down for this television show. How did we get from this kanye west walking mike trying to get there but billy's playing line defense here we go so allison says it's all staged and this august promotion for the hills. Get it got it and it got me thinking you know what else is staged staged and fake and just use the drum interests or something candidates of kanye west walking wearing the new ye sees they are totally fake photos folks and anytime these pop up on your time line you say oh connie spotted are these anew easiest and it's him walking and it's just very casual like he's looking at his phone phone and just walking right zoomed in to his feet and then you actually dissect the photo and realize he's got a ballerina point on a shoe. You know creases in it and you realize oh snap. This isn't an actual candidate. He is posing for fake candid. He no one walks. What's this way. It's impossible for someone casually walk this way. Although you have chris debating you on that chris believes that you can walk this way and if anybody would walk this way it would be and that's the only thing that's throws a wrench and all of this is that if anyone were to walk like a ballerina just casually it would be kanye west. I feel however we did a bit of a science experiment and chris cody. What were the result but let's explain this. I when you say walks like a ballerina so if people want to try this. I guess in their cars. <hes> if you're taking a step your back foot is completely perpendicular to the ground or to the floor depending on where you're walking and so it has to be straight straight increased and just lightly touching the ground as if that that shoe were sending against an invisible wall right no creases in the shoe right up and down which is very very important detail though for our creases that really look like they crease very easily so we did an experiment where i took a couple of laps around the studio and i went into it thinking this is definitely possible that you could get a snapshot of my foot in that exact position just because the natural walking motion and after taking a couple apps more in the middle now in this argument because i was saying before that there's definitely a way that you could get a snapshot of this but you have to kind of walk. Talk a little strange but kind of could just walk strange though i don't know i'm up in the air on this. You're in the middle yet. Somehow you never actually got your foot anywhere near. This contorted boarded position yeah i mean i don't know how you can say that now who is actually taking the pictures. Oh the team of kardashian photons that do all these fake candidates. Who are we we to believe is actually taking the picture we believe we to believe it's paparazzi and they'd happened to catch him wearing the sneakers or no no these are not paparazzi however they realized that like the effect of paparazzi photo because it makes them seem bigger than life right so if you follow any of the crash on social media they post like fake fake paparazzi photos all the time the that's her whole marketing strategy. It's a whole like <hes> yeah. It's it's the entire design of it is to make it feel like oh. I'm so famous but i'm also just so naturally beautiful that the wind is blowing as i'm walking casually as a ballerina. Do people really care earbud that though they just want to look at pictures of the kardashians than cognac people really care about this man. They are huge influencers. You can knock them all the one and you can get down to the origin of how they got famous and blah blah blah blah blah were here now. They're america's royal family. What they do matters okay i mean. I don't think people are going to be outraged by it. I think like if people think influencers are doing things that are real and they're instagram. Accounts are real then. They're silly are they. Not there's a lot of silly people out there and a lot of young impressionable impressionable teens which is really their their wheelhouse. They're trying to sell makeup to <hes> teens and tweens here after hearing me talk about butcher box for months if you haven't taken innovative they're amazing offers. You need to listen up every month. 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I'm not going to lash out elsewhere because i understand understand why everyone would think that i was the one who did this but i am sitting here telling you guys that i did not do it. Stugotz you absolutely he took a bite out of a piece of pizza and put it back with the rest of the pizza. It was me these safety. Dan le batard show with two guys on e._s._p._n. Radio oh i see a randy how are you. I'm doing great good to hear you good to hear you too. I feel like i've seen i've seen a lot more of you than i've ah interactive with you because i've seen you on around the horn and i've seen you have a busy summer and i it's nice to finally lineup with your schedule again yeah. It feels like it's laboratory that brings us together when he goes away. You and i come together as the tie. That binds are you. Are we on tv today. We are not on t._v. Thanks so we don't get to see your flowing locks. No i was going to say your your <hes>. Your photo spread in one of the magazine yeah no not today was it. I i forget was it was it was no. I'm waiting on the g. Q. cover <hes> it was as men's fitness. Men's fitness online was obviously men's fitness. Remember i remember remember the photo dot com slash garbage vile well. It's been awhile since work together happy new year. I feel like we're still in that acceptable when not essentially you wanna just go ahead and give me happy new year for twenty twenty while you're at it not them both out yeah we're but we're closer to one and the other so can i. I know that i missed shamefully. Mm fully and i'm gonna do it again tomorrow. That's a tease and a promise. I'm not going to be here for the for segment again tomorrow because come over from from the sportscenter duties here sportscenter am weekdays weekdays seven to ten a._m. Eastern <hes> so what did i miss the i. I think there's selfishly something that i would like to get caught up on. If you guys have already touched the hills well we did we did touch on the hills and billy is apparently a hills aficionado. It wasn't really the source of the beginning of our conversation but of course billy took it over and decided added to to be the center of the conversation. So what was the hills recap for randy here well. Here's the thing randy. I have not watched the hills. I don't if you've watched the hills new beginning. I used to watch the hills. When it was on ten years ago. Whatever was but i haven't watched the reboot yet but the hill storylines seem to be crossing over into reality which by the way is why the hills was always great back in the day because you never knew how much was real how much was fake and and season finale or the series finale i should say of the first hills go around the greatest series finale of all time of in television history but that's not what we're talking about right now. Randy what we're talking about about is the fact that brody jenner and caitlyn jenner not that caitlyn jenner caitlyn jenner his wife separated now people then started looking into it and apparently brody and caitlyn were not legally married because they didn't have the proper licenses at the time so earlier in the week or last week or whenever it was the news came up that brody and caitlyn had separated now a couple of days later we find out news that miley and her hemsworth whichever one daily cyrus miley miley cyrus yeah there's only one name she's exactly like mcdonagh liam and no-one conveyances the hemsworth well whichever hemsworth it is thor captain america whatever over it which one was he he was the one that wasn't for liam okay so them were captain american. Whatever so miley handsworth also separated right so so. It's like okay well. These are just two celebrity couples that have separated none. No no no this story gets connected how you ask good question. Randi because photos came out later in the week. Uh of miley and brody's ex apparently have been very good friends for a long time in italy together kerr noodling now this how's the mouth canoed link. Yes wow yeah candid can noodling shots some would call it kissing now most would here's the thing about the canoed alling. That's going going on you think. Oh my god this is terrible. You know to relationships to marrow jenner and liam hemsworth get caught <unk> noodling anywhere well. That's good question. Let's go all doors open here so here's a thing brody then commented and tagged the hemsworth. Whichever i'm i'm having trouble with him liam okay so he tagged the hemsworth earth and he's like. Let's go take pictures holding hands together at the beach and miley didn't like that and she commented back something. I don't know what it was but these things all seem to be playing out which is giving me hope hope for the fact that this may make its way onto the hills new beginnings next what does now they just held hands on the beach. That's not the same while hold on a second so then randy scott. This is the thing the hills new beginnings has pamela anderson sun on it for some reason also michel bardin which i don't get because she was on the o. c. which was kind of like scripted hills. Even though the hills was scripted the phenomenon oh yeah for a small time though i heard that michel barton confronted perez hilton on one of the episodes of the hills hilton was on the hills yeah because of how perez hilton would treat me really on the website. How has it all it got awkward and peres apologize at michel did not accept her as is hilton's apology resulted went to my high school related rose hilton was surprised i believe really i believe he was a valley okay so this show has everything going on on. It has pamela anderson. It has pres- hilton it has michel bardin has spencer pratt. I mean come on spencer. Pride is a gold mine site saw him the other day and was shocked that he was still on t._v. And only looks about six months older than he did before. It's amazing. It's amazing. He looks like so phil. Kessel looks like spencer pratt. Pratt looks like phil kessel. Royal royal knows who i'm talking about pits erstwhile pittsburgh penguins eddings in arizona now yes but he looks like phil kessel of phil kessel spent a month doing nothing but entering hotdog getting contests. Well things get spicier from here. Randy okay so now if you remember brody jenner is technically alone right not for long. He has now been linked to a new and love interest not a hemsworth. Who do you think he's linked to randy. You're never gonna guess. It's all just tell you okay josie. I can't saco <unk> who's josie conspicuous. Jose can seko's daughter so what if these things all make their ways to the hills next season we could potentially have jose can say go. Oh pamela anderson miley cyrus something hemsworth brody jenner perez hilton michel bardin panel anderson. Yes has a hostile to make his way and there's somehow because hasselhoff daughter was on another reality show. That got cancelled. I think it was rich kids of <hes> whatever it's called beverly hills or something like that one that's a magic johnson son uh-huh but that one also has dropped because that one the morgan who's like the main character in it morgan and no they split yeah oh oh they were my favorite yep can brendan split. Can i ask questions first of all. I find it strange. That brody was dating slash. Maybe married quasi married to kaitlin and is now dating a conceico that jose deemed appropriate to name josie. I feel like it's like a george foreman the thing we're just named his daughter josie because it was very close to jose i think billy's just angling to finally actually get on the hills himself. He's got a connection to jose. Okay so have jose's daughter happens to be there. When he's you know he can't hang. I couldn't let you jose oh. You don't know about this no jose. I don't really have a connection to jose except that we're both from westchester but here's the thing jose canseco and i'm sure you caught this news. He was offering trips to go meet bigfoot or are you familiar with that tradition and of course so we bid on that and we contacted jose can saco and i don't know how much of this has been revealed. I think a lot of it has so i feel comfortable saying because also it's never going to happen so we essentially got in contact with jose canseco and his representative and then they can take appear on the call that was supposed to be just us with his representative and we got to the point where we were negotiating a tv deal where we would make kind of like a mini series. He's out of this. Were i'd be chasing big foot along with a couple of other people with jose canseco and there was like a legit budget which i was shocked by and the number that i was told was staggering to the point where i was like listen. I don't know that this is a good idea because i feel like you guys. Were going to lose a ton none of money gambling on this thing happening and it was very sketchy where you had to pay jose half the money in cash in a bag upfront and then pay him the rest later naturally because that's the way these things go l. Stay liquid yeah and he made it a point in the call from what i remember to say listen. I don't want this to be made a joke. I want this to be taken very seriously. Sleep and we have a number of people bidding on t._v. Exclusivity for this adventure however we're going toward to ever gives us the most money so yeah keep in mind. I don't want it to be a joke. The whoever gives me the most money so i'm gonna go with very good at a certain point legal came and they said no. This is not gonna happen. So are you satisfied randy. I'm superstar so you filled in. I'm filled in and i think we should move onto colin kaepernick jay z and roger goodell that was absolutely not a recap that was worthy of radio. I loved it and i feel supremely thoroughly. Unsatisfying lee caught up donlevatar. Nobody in my life has as many unlikable traits. I still like as gods stugatz. Would you have taken the bait gut. No cuts please. Hell you talking to these saddam lebatardshow with two guys on e._s._p._n. Radio so i've actually i've tweeted with spencer pratt before about the phil kessel thing and never got phil kessel jump in but i needed more from roy in that last segment i understood he took he doesn't break he was like i'm this hills conversation. Check throaty caitlyn. Josie jose all of it. It's this isn't isn't for me. Bond glad guys have talk about it but you did jump in and i'm sorry that i miss you. You said that's right. That's right and you continue to be the most efficient words per impact act part of this program thank you i wanna talk. I want to wait in to the jay z. Roger goodell waters well. Here's one basis it added i i should i actually reach the bit works at sei randy all right. This is a great question and it requires many follow ups. Do you dance when no one is looking know. The answer to to me is strictly. Actually that's not true. Based on a video is scented mike earlier today. That is not the case. Yeah you dance when people are looking to. I like to <hes> downs when people are looking but if i'm going into a scenario in which hey i i wanna flash new move or two. I may do quick rehearsal rehearsal before i do a quick rehearsal like in your bedroom in front of the full length mirror. Yeah i gotta be feeling the music. Did you guys ever go through a phase where when you were younger or maybe maybe still now we're in front of a mere. You'd put on a song and you would just do an entire performance by by yeah. Yes me too bye bye bye younger. Did we have to be by the way it was me that said that random right therefore you choreograph music videos of all time i tape yourself off and watch it back. No i never did either. I went up on that actually go deeper into the incident catalog in the dirty pop video okara what happened in that video you watch making the video right. Oh joey fatone joey fatone sustain an injury and you know who had to replace joey fatone during the nia crucial dance number in the pop video veto no one wade robson was in a little bit of he was no he actually looks slim but he did get to go teague and if you look closely you can definitely tell when it's not i mean have been the best answer there. If it was wade right wait could be both joey and chris uh-huh if dressed up properly right yeah and j._t. Because remember they both had the same permit the same time for a while. I was definitely well when we already pop. Come out late twenties. I was in my late twenty s when i did that. I believe didn't didn't chris have dreads though retirement but you could easily get fake dreads one time. Chris kirkpatrick was downstairs the clevelander bar and was doing highly questionable and i'm like i. I came upstairs. I like i see him like a ghost. I'm like oh my god. Oh my god and audrey everyone's no. He doesn't have and everyone's like what's happening. I'm like guys i think chris kirkpatrick downstairs and then we all just casually started taking trips to the bathroom four so creepy before mike did that. I had walked by that guy and because i don't want to be a jerk. I've kind of done the same thing he he's put out a little bit since sink so i walked by him and i said to myself. I recognize that guy. I didn't stay in sync. I didn't say that the weirdest thing and i just had that and i go to the bathroom comeback and then ten minutes later. Mike comes up. I think chris kirkpatrick downstairs. I'm like wait. A minute confirmed. I thought the same thing isn't that happened. Often though in southeast you guys especially at the clevelander i mean sometimes people are at the cleveland are like shawn. Mccoy was here one time but but they're usually outside. This dude was in the sports bar which at the time was relatively empty so you could lock eyes and i believe there was a moment in which chris kirkpatrick was like i think i've seen this guy on muted television. One time as i was walking airport like we we locked eyes for a little bit and i was like i know you're chris kirkpatrick and and he's like i know you're on t._v. So you just have been on the t._v. I do linda what was happening is not what was that what was happening is chris. Kirkpatrick was looking looking and he's like who the hell are all these guys coming out of this one stairwell and keep staring right at me. Go away and if peed twelve times each richer ready the cuban coffee. I'm glad we're getting to the boy band conversation earlier because like earlier in the show because <hes> actually boy sold out boston last night the t._d. Garden sold sold it out not as some answer larry piece of some throwback to it like they sold out the garden in two thousand nineteen. You go wonder since we're talking in sync. Which was the mortality were you. There were no no i had worked. This morning was the most talented in remains. The more talented are the two compared to backstreet boys. I wonder what an instinct tour would do attendance wise here in two thousand nineteen. It would have to sell out you work this morning. Is what kept you from going to a backstreet. Boys concert randy work. I'm not above it. What time did you have to get up one thirty in the morning well jeez. I live out at yeah because i live outside boston. So that's why i would have gone. I wouldn't have gone to bed time right about now. It's basically the time when when the kids go down eight thirty eight thirty minute time just say out though that's easy. It's easy solve there. You go take in the concert and you head straight to work. It's very fair. That's very fair no sleep but i wonder what instinct would do because it would be a reunion of sorts to pull timberlake together j._c. shahzada. That's the key timberlake to agree. Fill it up yeah. They'll they'll fill it up just a c. J. t. and it's just like what are you gonna do to incentivize this to get j._t. To agree because he doesn't need the rest concentric now he's not there yet. I mean he would pull like you'd have to put like a homecoming tour and then just bring out for a couple of songs the way beyond. What do you think roy yeah no. I'm not in in this conversation. I notice that's why. I was trying to bring you in. I feel like i later boy bands and that's about this randy. If you weren't working at the ridiculous time of one thirty in the morning would you have tried everything to make it to the boss and joe for by a for backstreet boys. I'm i'm talking outside about. Who's gonna end this segment out roy moore instinct or backstreet boys but we're asking. I was more in sync hundred percent. What was their song though because i feel like a lot of people day but that was no. I want it that way. Backstreet boys had v song. Yes maybe instinct had a better catalog. <hes> never let him album was is really good. Though i need you tonight will slow jam trying to beat curfew. What are we talking about. I think my favorite song out of like that entire group outside if i want it that way which we all agree is the creme de la creme but girlfriend by sink when they had nellie join in and they had the the the neptune's production to me. I know it's one of the bigger heads. It's just is one of my favorite songs because that song still slaps to this day. I always thought sorry randy. I always thought that some of the j. t. leads should have been stung by by the other one j._c. Problem with insignia. It's always the other one. Do you think things would have been different if j. c. Shehzad was the when that was dating brittany spears like was there a brittany effect on justin timberlake. Oh of course there. Are you kidding me. The what was the song what was the provincial river in crimea rim. I might want to try video backstreet. Boys have the best anthem though because i'm with billy i want it that way. Best song everybody everybo- ah video you on your on your masks all of that. What are we asking with these and what's the like can new kids on the block be thrown in there. They were again kids on the block number. Gone back and listen to step by step. It sounds like a six six year old road. New kids on the block never had them shut the blinds on t._r._l. Nobody's talking about new edition. The other day we did on the local hour podcast a boy band draft we just did instinct and actually boys and i was thinking that we left out a big guy. That could have been drafted really high. If we included other bands nicholas shea from ninety eight degrees yeah he had he been in that he was way he wouldn't ahead of chris kirkpatrick ajoy he wasn't even the most wanted list. Shea drew was hit addict. That's the end of this. If true was lawler he would have been a star guys. Is i have jaycees dating history. According to who's dated who dot com and there are some absolute star-studded names on this list. Did you know j. c. N. aurea dated yeah. We'll get to the eskimo brother link there. Let's do that though on the other side of this break donlevatar book go boom stugatz. I like that idea. Go the goldie grady. I like the idea of a friend named goldie. I go d._c. Donlevatar show with stugatz bats on e._s._p._n. Radio getting a lot of love for the boy band conversation on twitter on you guys opposite. Oh yeah the distinct opposite why does randy scott sound like he's broadcasting from his bedroom trying not to get busted by his mom. That's good that's good. Craig tried to join in on on a on a well oiled conversational machine fifteen hundred miles away from bristol. I got outsider. Slash ak smoke break. Aka mike you see twitter assassin twitter. Bali is jump in rip. Friends and foes alike aren't supposed move on from boy bands. Although i i will say that we had a male beauty pageant for charity in my high school in one thousand nine things that probably can't happen now but it was for charity and our lip sync song was bye bye so that was the own video tape yourself practicing dance study the tape and the things we do for charity randy things we do things we do. Let's be honest. I had i did i did. I did something very similar. <hes> rather recently recently what i would say it was last night. I did a little lip synching in front of a crowd <hes> except <hes> unlike like you in your mail madison. I was just as a woman there you go. What are we saying a little bit of a little bit of <hes> drag performance for charity if you will and <hes> we did a song called me hint they. You know that's on really really. I'm jay galvin beyond say clara k._c. Yeah yeah that was that was my last night last night. Which is why mocked you for not being able to go to a backstreet boys concert when i was doing the impossible and pretending to be a woman you're you're doing it for charity speaking of charity. The orioles are a nice charitable team to play against right now. Mike did you know that the yankees have won and there are seventeen into against baltimore season. They won sixteen in a row. Does this not bother anybody else. Bothers me as someone that's just on the periphery of baseball. I saw it on the lower third as i breaking news headline and i find it pretty absurd that the yankees can get fat off the baltimore orioles just because they play in that division which is arbitrary. I say do away with divisions. Do away with conferences do away with leagues guys. It's an antiquated concept that was built on travel. Do away with it. All everybody plays the same amount teams the same amount of times so move the orioles out of the east is what you're saying saying do away like and it's cool because at the end of the season season you get the best two teams so what happens to the east there is no alias goes away. I don't understand sports that i've n._b._a.'s n._b._a.'s closer to doing that. Yeah i mean there are still divisions in in the n._b._a. Nobody nobody cares. Nobody cares yeah in baseball. It's going to be the hardest thing to do because of just the history of young dennis red red sox and television partners need to see those two teams place. What is it. I think it's up to seventy five times a year. They play seventy on sunday night baseball alone by the time lebron requires the n._b._a. Basically gonna be soccer it is they're gonna have all this time off these in-season tournaments or late. Maybe postseason tournaments with the non-playoffs soccer. It's a misnomer. Soccer actually doesn't really have an off season. <hes> yeah the the clubs season ends and then you go right into international competition like they have like one week of vacation i just i think baltimore what was probably the most frustrating right. Now is not only that they're they're playing poorly. They're not even they can't even see their tanking because two tank would mean you'd have to have a plan and they don't have they don't have a plan. They just bet they read into the fact that you needed power bats. They just invested in the wrong ones. They've chris davis taken up almost thirty percent of their payroll. You hit one eighty. Yeah i mean you get that is funny right. That is baseball right. It's a strike outs in home runs and you try to get the guys that hit the home run then. You just happen to get the wrong guys. They'd do it poorly and now this is you even though at one point you know he hit fifty plus plus one season. That's all it takes brady anderson season. It's happened to that same franchise before and they don't have all the pitching either and you can't even say help is on the way there they have one prospect in major league baseball top fifty list and it's a guy they just drafted adly richmond and he's top six and he's still don't really know what they have in him. It's not like he's coming up tomorrow and he's going to save the season. Mike just wants to change baseball altogether and that i mean the orioles are the yankees not good and they're just beating up on on what like forty games over five hundred so it's not. They're not only good just because of the orioles but potentially. There's a team in the a._l. I e could just be good do it and well over five hundred because the baltimore orioles exists in their division british or the patriots run had a little something to do with the rest of the a._f._c. east being garbage yeah. It's just arbitrary to me you. Go chasing that bully you go chasing that leader that just pummels you all season. I get it man. I get and that's coming. You guys watch a lotta marlins baseball.

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