Larry Magid: Samsung's New Galaxy Fold Releases Next Month


Refresh our memory. The the foldable phone didn't really fold it folded failed. They made the mistake of sending reviewers phone that were defective effective the biggest one with it there is just like on my galaxy note ten. It was a little plastic screen protector and on my note ten. If i feel like i could peel it it off in fact i probably will because it's beginning to kind of decree colm part but if you peel off on the fold you actually broke the screen so the reviewer though i don't. I don't need the protect your i'm going to peel it off well now. They have a rookie screen so that with one problem they they now make that totally integrated so there's no reason why you would even try to do that. They also had a little will sort of a gap in the phone where debris could get in so in other words. They were just little manufacturing defects on the physical aspect of it which caused your viewers to have real serious problems. They took it off the market bringing it back. They fixed it. <hes> my colleague over feet news over in germany right now testing fence sense. It feels a lot better so it's infinitely better shape but it's still too grand. You're not gonna see me. Showing two thousand dollars to buy one is yeah. The concept zipped sounds very enticing. I mean i is this ready for market. I mean even even if it's technically ready is the market ready for it you now what is really the phone that folds out to a tablet and personally. I think that's clever and i'm sure there are some people who are willing to spend two thousand dollars for it but for a lot less than two thousand dollars you could buy a phone and tablet and you really need the convenience of a phone that folds out for tablet. Some people probably like the idea to an interesting in concept and it's really i think concept product samsung being the first to market off the mainstream company they can brag. They've got it on the market but i don't expect. They're going to sell a lot of these.

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