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Much has changed since the last mortal Kombat Tournament, dark forces about world have begun invading. Earth Room, these attacks are seriously weakening earth's dimensional fabric enabling not only outgrow those who enter the Earth Realm, but warriors from other domains as well. The only the most extraordinary warriors could possibly meet this challenge. Luke. King. Princess? Guitar. Zero. Jacks. Sonya. Blade. Might will. Kiva. It. Made that the scope to has just slightly to pause at the end? Doesn't stick to regular? People? Being Painting fumbled. Binding. Thank you about. Combat. Singing the tune Kumba. Being bombed. Compounding. Wrong Bongbong. Everything started now, I've got internal. Yes or meeting with a stunning. Even tacked on. I'm. Being, being welcome to stay spall, the doing use the seats may stays open on being made to what? Stove boy, the jobs who are Duncan? Ann. Richards et. Genuine lethal. You'RE GONNA. Do the Scout June again then. Just Hold. We, totally, not exactly what it sounds like. Or. Say. Don't move. From. Fill up the. Vj, can you put your phone on what flip mode is Tom? Because it kept buzzing las time? Did Sweden when I was editor for? It case you read them off to man don't in. Poland? More none doors. Confused because scam. You. Add to the nominal just didn't know and also to offend you bob soon, Jason Fast, technically speaking he would have to. Mutton. Rentals. Indian. Side dishes, anyone. Any why this is the podcast where we might me watch wet cartoons and this Tony Anita nearly said week. That's not correct because don't do this. Can which I. If you can ask in knots the children next door we're not. We're not murdering anyone. Dragon polls across the floor kryzstof on. You can't say that this day and age. The this which might swell what? Better. The around. But. I was GonNa say is is just as good as the one from the actual. Yeah Distinct. Yeah. They throw off the bat before we even saw talking vet content to the Sunday, the music is the only good thing. This show. Even. No. No. No Ron Perlman. Duda voice saying Newfoundland. Roy's when ghastliest. In itself between Saint soon. So. We didn't even know Straw causing the Games until afterwards I always most of them. Chunky. Police officer from the third one. Name? Exactly. Chunk. Three stays in which case I'm they stopped book, it is carrots model in the original recorded street fire whereas all real people looks a little bit Chunky. Blessing is a little bit thick with receives yeah. Is. It this show, really short stories caught more combat defenders of the realm. Of It did not show up more lack of more combat each because there was a good off of them. I didn't. A height vice on your in America. Sonia. A new new KANGOL oversee. Arrow Subzero there is always there are. The goalie who kicked to P run donate to just be like. H and then they. Got Nine Motors. Differently here that for some reason. But with a walk. buffing. That's I. think those are the ones on McKay won't nukes IBOOK. See any. Regional. Daud? Zero payers and he's net the the mask lease won't, and they're not. You killed your brother and that was the original simply around that affects bacteria. Named loops eyeball. Isn't a guy. Ghost or Zombie. I'll be completely honest, Roy. They showed, it may not a membrane switch off, it felt like a killer. Ed. Combat. And then some music eighteen kicks off. The those combat. To Combat Bro Components. It was the guy. Is it? No Wolf? Wolf was. Like he's all as you're going. Wolf only. Thank. God come on. Let's all the bit where return destroy crime went. Did you know that Bruce Lee fate s and went undercover in the Hong. Kong. Police Force too tight down the Detroit. Coats. Conspiracy theory not. Hoke. Well. To be fair, that was a reference. Guy. In the office. Wolf Hawk. Is Ninety because he's got a wolf. Is Not from anything in the. Hawk is a thing. Isn't it? Something Day. Say About? No knowing. No. I'm sorry. Why did you pick this? It's pretty good. EC. Also exchanged. Sporadic light, but don't call him out the call him like Carbon Callosum Shit. CAROB in it just like a slow. Directa the walls in the games at that point yet. -pedia no, I won't be pay PAL in Youtube found. Good Point. We'll be using content. So thanks for last. Number. They had three things and. He I mean, he's he's a member of a race that all like each other they boom like say it doesn't make any sense. They don't refer to him as Barack irs for stupid. Call Barack. Klutzy he go. Cobra. Cooper Nicole the nomads, some reason instead of the talk time. Baraka. Couldn't decide to fuck him word of anything that the enemy said. Now, he's. Maybe, they changed his name. So as not to infringe on any kind of legal territory with the people, he makes tablet, you put in your war. Mike Fuel. Doing getting my ass Baraka in combat full. The. Anyway, it was, fatality. Friendship, filed. Trying to what you in the morning. In this. On come in with his mom and he's full forearm. Pays in any of the episodes of corn cheese in IT OVER UC has. He's he's one of the bad guys that came in in the late game. It went away and three in a bit shit. For more combat. Well opinion. This is true intrigued by the all know. Every, now series is gone so far off the Funky, right. Now. Two on the rial. But not not Freddy Krueger in think. Ten Jason and you don't yeah. Consolidation in Lot. About Copying? Not. A. Robot. But. Not In combat. I'm voting applied they. One of. -solutely sick of important Scorpions and saw. Bloody Injustice Games as well as I want more DC characters though I did with. The, all that was. I've got a place eleven a place fucking spoil now. Spoons. By Eleven Steve as well. Oh boy. Not, one E comes on head because he's spoiled, but he says, they're obverse Giraffe, you will remember me. The old. Spoon. Close much closer to horror us than robocup. That makes sense. As the Predator in it. Yeah kind of. Always doing some slightly we it's the phone. One of the clients from Kenneth Linesmen Spices about. A giant tomorrow under a large massive critters. Quiz. Kevin Spicy. Should be an reckon. We don't want to like kill Kevin Spacey as. Well. You know they say stays, great minds, and old. Hat Yai. So. Yeah. So what I'm doing the show I'll remember. It literally was let comeback Roy, the none of them there, but then the dough, but then they do because he saved him from something. Doesn't seem to like anybody. Not even. That fit. Those about focal she just saw admits about in the background against. This is a person of boy I'm out now. Is She the one about the fans the murder funds? Some things. occasionally, flatly, Kanye. Liu. Cong. Even though he's voiced by the guy who did Leonardo in the election so He's got social media voice. Is the weirdest. It just doesn't sound like Tofu. All. Finally did get Luke Perry s absorb. Didn't even. Took me the longest time to put me. In from Beverly Hills. No too. Busy, I can't do either. Did either of you pay watch raising hope. Now No. Insane, a couple of it Cook fucking now, I'd hardly Burma I'd highly recommend watching at least the first three series. So there's an episode where he plays the ghost of all day the ghost of all day. And it's posted Lucas. There's reasons for in the show, but I can't help but picture him coming out with things like all I'm picturing I was I'm going to see the ghost of. Canadian New Year's something. She's a little sick, but she's got a pretty face. All I'm picturing his him dressed as a tree. Not Fuck. You pay for not having watched the show. None of this means anything to you. Sign, up to the small combat watching that we have to watch three fucking? Seasons. Of. Rising hope. Well. Listen Aachen prep listen it's a better use of you telling them watching this. Matrimony. Do you know what really rolled new? I. Think it was that bad. Now, I do do not rollback. Is the. Even the ANA my same, not letting give a shit. The background just saw. TWO SHADES OF RED AND They're under the ocean two shots. Of bads to be entertaining, old ABC, the Bubka or wherever else looking. Very Mad. Yeah. Outlets. Bowling is folk made. It's weird considering they've got under, must've spend all the money of the voice cast light Known Poelman Camin Ron Perlman roundabout this time when this still be on in the piece in Luke, Perry, still being Beverly Hills Nano to. Still be. A spy now. You've been. It'd been on the whole as well. Surely, because this is what he was doing. Rick. Jones. On the whole one. Are they all cartoon a-? We'd Kasten again. What no I think that worked for for a nineteen hold show. On style. made it again I. Think they weighed. Lucky. No as weird as it be funded sub zero. It's very distracted need. Not Very tough. Again. I'm just picturing him stepping out of A. Of a fun box with his admirals outfit on and he's sexy sexy tennis player. Now. You've. Stasis in community for Christ Sake. Be pleased the American inspectors space time. While out sandwich American. Inspect despised on whoops for A. Number of American doctor. To be fair again, it was the Gus League season. Not. While they yeah. Firing off. So he wasn't actually American inspectors based on. But. Yeah. This was very. It's like when we call him to. Not a lot to say about it and I think he's calling the shape, but not in an entertaining the. Insight. To mock because nothing really happens except a couple flights, which I don't know what to expect if it does the loudest deputies echo drunk anything. Was Not me. Together. A Leyla. Make. I was enjoying a nice Glogova beautiful been fizzy. Weldon on the velvet touch among the cancel. Sugar for the Wall came. So Pop Sunday. Up. Four. Well, he's that came soap op. Can Actually Paul? Does it make you pull county off. Not, from broke out brought, that's. Not from brome warming round. That way. Get the whole God? What was it? Somebody. Work From that way on any any whereas it west, Midland's ego ego. Maybe Watch the West Midlands Alphabet, which was see for council in a for Apple. Blocking chestnut westbound. outwear. Every Tom KS been and he's been hung out gone off and get some soap-opera pop. Of never that texting nobody because we're on A. When he listens to this in the bath, he can take intro tweeted. Dining of ever heard case I cancel. Still. Not Forgotten again, roaming. Think you with these free pop came. For the man in to in the bathroom, some Roy Cream soda are GonNa be Fancy. Cancel Lot pop pop pop man. PUTMAN. You look. Around advanced up and you thought of him Selena. Shit. That ramblers, you ought to request which a popular needs. Wrong. With cry of six pups because that's what we had to wait. Last six polls. Either to creams defense lemonade attempting on the book, and I'll read jade and something else. She come round when you knew the regular those To made in a cream soda and combat with the cast. Now we just got. We just got Krista from the local summerfield. Terrible, Chris. Twenty people lemonade that went. Criticize look, amazing crisper. Avenue. Pound POPs a lot better than crested credit throughout the. Polar bear on a surfboard. Remember vividly. Vote for me all the time I say the minute you opened it probably about ten seconds of says before it just went completely flat and you just basically drinking lemon lemon water. Comparing Panda popped on factors, Penn forty, the green colour. On the BUBBLEGUM. green color. Think, he'd just texted bad colour. Get still. Local. Style. Welcome toast ice, Spa, and the talk. You know what? Speaking Martial Art? It's allegedly. Instagram hacks, and apparently some photos of him getting sucked off on it and he's married. That's very noisy. That's that's a celebrity scandal, Eli them. I mean, why? Why would you bother hackneyed instagram must not have many followers I'm saying allegedly out act the. Beliefs. They put it on their revenge quarter. Some Mrs Cheat on him allegedly. I mean, this is not a most people we slack off on. His training I'm not did he also kimani northern? Denise. Dressed as more when apple. And the other person is dressed as Jao beings. Yes. Yes. They were. Patient, so isn't it? I have. Looked so happy that started going down these lawyers confuse instant Toyota is. It's always good to site. It's been a long week, but we had Mundell. Wake just Tavashikh. Into have. The week off dude, you'll get I've got four off I. This is the last time I. Left annual. Leaf before. Everything rolls over September. Not. Too Far Away at list. Now we are no, but with everything going on with the holidays a little bit shy anyway is fascinating. Is this? Oh. Yeah, I was GONNA say it's fascinating. This conversation topic is I'm sure none of the five listeners give to shit. So. Ordinary waging. Sorry. One Kid. 'cause he's tickets for Caja Mogambo. Keach won't be like to play it so they wouldn't get along. Fine. The first time I ever played mortal combat. All I thought was I think they should turn this into a Gi Joe esque cartoon. You like whatever it was non-euro Duncan in the coming we. Scissors. DISHES UPBEAT Cypher. Compatriot right now. They make this shit. This be awesome. It was less less good I'd love this more. I to. Injure in. Let's kill in. You don't even freeze paper your state senator. Freezes the robots for again? No. To those shitty robots from combat three, the CYBORG ones into like while police patrol. Foot soldiers, I suppose that's close at the buffet. Punch him. To Shatter into paces months style, we can work I've seen. Current may form wrong. Does Sony? Blade have you know who do could pay was in the guy, you can't remember. Didn't think. So I'm trying to catch did after all. One folks in this, I'm not Basic Otis one. Johnny all, Time. Sign. Mentioned it didn't I was doing something. Some of the round bullock's. Alike dog, remember. causing. Style, you watch I like persevere with him still being an active. But Mall Combat Ten, the story marriage as an actor every for some reason we. The movie mortal Kombat on I'M NOT GONNA lie of it. You do. I. Feel that Song. The song listen to that semi regulations. Or? What's wrong? Remote will come back. At Interior when I'm watching film. A main? Street fighter and he's better than the second failed. Give you that the second one is pretty truss. What you want about is got that bit where that woman goes and you. Shall Die, which is awesome. Remember. The second film though there's a lot of people, these tunnels and it's really bad looking. Yes. Yeah. Even though it's a big. Gap. The kitchen worse. This show apparently was only in the cartoon network off have a weakness grateful And I didn't know who was a Anita. Told you about it. Last time I was on again the Gi Joe thing where he's going. Straight. To the streets. What I say? Yeah, to call it in the straight is my five. This is what it might as well because he's tech. Following on from the bloody movie again, isn't it? Don Cabinet Adam. What was the other one is for. A number after it didn't Neil waded. The good cotton ball thinking the Japanese more than fail. The fucking sue. Five fail fee for the an think yet That was. Going to stand in my films, the stuff I'm not seeing them either. One for six months, and then he started back angry if Washington. Out. Not. Stay myself. The one number two is really good. Street fighter, animated movie, but. I couldn't get into. NIGHTS TO A. It relies on knowing a lot more bash story than already cats give it shifts about four street fighter for for a game. That's extensively about people kicking the shit out of each other in the streets. Do any calls, kick the shelf. That's my favorite thing. If Israel walls best rattler because. Just after the big split like if you can. Only played the Guacamole to recently and this. Car. When we CAMELLO. Gorka Mela. Brilliant. Mexican. Malet. Unlucky. It is. You're you play a luce libra and it's It's a metro. Vania. Game by US moves like the compromise the roots thorough and things like that, and you have to you have to use all these moves to traverse the levels. It's really fun game. I the second one, there will frequently on dulled or something. been playing on the switch. Probably from often diploma ball. Well. We got Chris. I actually got to that Applying comes out each pipe at least ten hours. now has times now. Log Don't get to go near the TV. It's not my domain anymore. If I passed it and then. Back, into again. I want to be on the fucking Xbox, but I'm not allowed to the. But in failures. Tom. You'd be set the. I'm assuming most people. Dahlia say so. y'All survive. Long. This allow. Time before people in this country, Dunklin be one of them, just cheerful of will of wanting to fight the expeditious. The new game. Of. Car Backlog. All Times and put them in a pile of fiber. Stop doing that for the experts. I am a bit of Shit going Oh. Look at that crash bandicoot, insane trilogy. I've already got it on the xbox play on this switch, they suddenly twenty five Quid Guan. Just goes on the list of games. Now. It's downstairs now I'm still waiting on a couple mobile. Get recently. On the again. Wellness. On the way to get older Marriott guy. Staying. Look. Collector's edition Guy, lose prank. Oh You're. This this this horticulture bought trigger FRY. Only comb figure out how many I'm really struggling. Maybe, just because I'm on on the wikipedia bit can't seem to figure out who the actual villains are. So you know normally in these cartoons, I'll give you a breakdown school can. From the. Seeing. This one. What you? fucking. As, comes, being. Here's. The villains, strike. What was awesome? Cold fetus can cheat US ON A. Old School know they ago. Just couldn't cheat. Snakes non. saw. Features can cheat us the words. Honest. We have what one now if someone was called something, that's not in the. Let's say. Benign nine. Team? Party. It's usually something a little bit more on the nose, the not. Think. Bastard. Think? Even the toxic crusaders one was. Awesome. Think. He was smuggled. Then it was Kumla didn't James Bond and then on. The other one, the crime, Lord, or big bosses. Some sticking. Up Not catching smoked a cigar and slap balloons on the backs of people to stay on them for his base or is. I'm. A. Big bossy snake always in that. Network. It's now he's not snake. He's a helicopter pilot got blown open. Surgically. Changed to snake spoiler for metal gear solid five. If you've not played in the last hour of many years, it's been out general are tape binding that is still watching the cooks teams. Well. It is a Hideo Kojima guidance get most of them. I can't look at a container crate. You know the big ass metal containers without thinking. If can I slap a balloon on that and? Continue to an economic. Well. I was going through the we wound up in one of the golden sensors outback of. And I was looking around and so plants Coppola featured in the game like, did you tell its own? If okay, this from our research. Did you. Did you see any vendor green herbs? Other mix them together, you get full of beneath Karolyi problems. Yeah. But if you mix it together with yellow on extends, you log far as well. I won't have we mixed all this together with resident evil now. That's a one refusal deep. Go to game now missing. It was never foster. Genuinely only good one is Malka. Solid. Mister National. Be Good. Italian. Never played too because I never had a PS two and number three I got bored of despite the that people say it's apparently amazing. He's to the one way. You mainly doll implies right in assumption. Yeah. Yeah. You got replaced by another Reagan. And I'll be glad the phone to this. Supply them all the game when I was writing and moral comeback, think of it. Prefer it. Yeah. But he couldn't have been any worse than the raid character so bad there to keep chopping off and turning them into a fucking robots try and go look his cold now he's not. The demo that was vengeance. That was he was in his well at least you knew your plan. Is He? I was a good game that was. Pick nine. Now. What within Jim? Slow? Yes. Guys. Metal gear solid games. I. Guess. All the Games. Main premise is hogging boxes. One of them. One of them, you can just will confront a papal, but if you alike wanting Joe, I wouldn't say. That Kona. Game. Carpet Stealth Games olive definitely don't play two stealth. One of 'em if you wait long enough one of the bosses of all age. Last. Thing. Yeah it's number three is that's old sniper guys you change if you fiddle around with the Darmstadt ends on your console, you can just be dead. Seems defeats the object to play a game. One of the buses ain't nothing to. Read your mind what you're doing. To employees to try to put in the second poll than you could bathe him. But callum was that. that. That was. The first one, I. Yeah. Metal gear solid because, yeah. The playstation. To. Playstation two for. Was Yeah because they're the first ones playstation one. If you remember if you had the Kanawha Games on your memory card, read that and go home, he likes football. In the other if you played. A. God. What was the football coach? That's it. He, he'd always read minds and go your blank slates. Its economic. Thanks for making me realize poor. Had signed. It was at the. Game, it cost ten because. We knew about. A totally legally acquired games because I'll get one of those carts on the back. I didn't have a chip playstation. You had to put a diskin so you can play the. DISC in tech it out quickly, and then put the total legal skin. And but because it was a to this game, you couldn't do. It might crash I, had to wait an entire year to finish solid I can get to the end of the first disc fancy seven although I tend to i. Ask put the second one And we all have to. Come up to get some money some horrible Kicks it to. Kids. Okla.. Ultimately. Device anybody should not get me podcast. It's not, but doesn't it literally nothing? Shock is bland diet for one because we're in. Scorpion to up to the big battle would've probably been improved. The combat alerted the subscriber. Here's something that's amusing. Somebody's took an trivia on this So apparently, Livia Donahue the woman who did the voice of Sonya Blade Starting Neal Conan the destroyer cartoon from nineteen eighty, four as princess agenda. Now, Ron Perlman Kurtz strong stalled in the reboot, 'cause onto the hood, take thousand six as. I, think they were trying to say he was in one of the CONAN. Games. Not only got the name of the character runs in the same sentence, they've already types. It also listed the wrong movie and I don't even know what caused under the Hood Ish because I clicked on it, and there's not really any. Age? Won't coach? Ron. Poems. I know that much. Calls under the. The car INDYCAR. Telling me calling you. Go around and you. Knew the car. Window the put. A suspect choose on about is the code on games or there was some kind of I met. There was some kind of. Sunshine was in A. Ajay, film and sound was also. That's sheets you. Know, she got the name Roy. It was the Conan, the barbarian at the acrimony. From two thousand and eleven more. I was wrong. Each could he does do the voice of Conan in one in a couple of the video games as well. Yeah Jason. MOMOA plays all. Carry track. It'd be good though I think. CONAN goes Elephant Vakman. In his Greg Canal. GonNa chromato- coding. Both. Might've film. Climate Greg News. CANARIES. At You, not knowing who Greg Canaries von. Out No hatred like scientists Not Saying it. Of you are. Great Connect-. have. You seen as good as it gets? Yeah, he's the mystery man that's also hero knows there's one actual heroes one. Captain Amazing. Instrumental cells on heroes. They will fulke losers. The Ah kept the things captain. Jeffrey. Kills. Bloke who steals Charlie off Ross, how can I remember the name of the voice used to kill it but not carrying actual land? She's Got Charlie Charlie. Charlie's yeah. She's the one who's GonNa. Joey, she's smart, and so on. On X. who like a genius? He won the Nobel Prize. McCarthy. Grandma or something. So. I got to see him because he's GonNa help brought to the ground does from Shit and that's about together in the room and Asks Him Despu Bosca. Dictator sources. Say That right knock now. Now you did commit. Close enough. that. Greg. is actually ghost town with ricky values yet, that's not going to be. Now. Little Miss. Sunshine is the Dodd. Okay. Yes we talk. Of Cine, don't remember who easing any. Off like. Ever, places faces. Up for blend face. To be? Fair. You're GonNa, show me and I'm going to be like, oh him and then I'll forget him the incident Again you're is very. So Bill Poland ask. Oh. I don't even really recognize him. By pitching Concerned with these mates hanging on. To Breathe Glamour Model. handling. Labban a lot. He's black man. Not. In Alabama not seen blank money. God knows how long you've got my all off. In the past. MILLION, years? Ago. easing of you. Wear, it was captain amazing. fucking say eventually. Uh. I've seen any of these are figuring named all of his biggest roles. He's in the gift CNN command to, but I haven't been the WHO he was not a sufficient bricks people. Detectives. Aren't going robots profile on. The may style walk more things on our daily watch more seamless than all. Friends Benjamin Halibut. CAMBRIAN MODERN FAMILY TAMPERING Using one junk history. It probably. Greg King Lear. Jet Osma. I was GONNA say forgotten. He was in that because in the. Gets no something service kid. Kid. Go with. Your mom. Columbine characters, name. Jacqueline's Kid Jacqueline on. Thinking Jocelyn Banou is on. To be fed, hoity started watching it. So we we've been watching the Cornell series again. Wants to interactive film. to be fair, I think think. About the full series reading like the first second and third one, but the source long was a bit. Fourth was last seen is. Yeah I. think that was the one just went was the one with Paul Mom. Stern it. Stinks out yeah. Yeah. was that was the one where I was on i? Don't always funny. Though is it used to be? Because the first few I series especially fucking hilarious. Upon my average Simon everything from net flicks. Paper got water the Stop. At Three Saves bowl them that you go. 'cause life night avoid unison. We're namely Trina in Tokyo associate cut. Just finish. Donald break. On. Don't be stupid. Anyway watching again. More combat defenders of the realm. Remember that defend deserve the round pick vendors that recommend this. Fluff Gordon and ends recommend this twenty. Ming. The most me we recommend they said well, defended their. Focus Auden. The. Phantom. Low, thor and. Captain Magic? However, the focus name. Drake. Mandrake, the magician. Amazing. Sauce. If, you're a big fan of combat alert. What's this I? Don't. Know. ME. Do the song because I'll call. In the episode. The camps. Ready. If you're a native American warrior with your own cave then yet, why not? You probably love it. Obscene. If view for no reason. Ole have a adjusts despite being a bunch of you know not not exactly rich warriors who mostly all about mystical then. Yeah. They got planes. Except to sell toys I, imagine why I keep trying to tell me this is earth when walking sees power and Wieslaw. And if the Earth Realm earned the desert either way it's took sticking. By. Byron. Wise, LEM lobby. To animate surely. Paid. Frames. All, that was that then. BEEP beep. Beep. BOOP. It'd be. Just, great. Paula do a mile stylists poverty. MALLAKAM SESAME AT COFFEE DOT COM for such slices politician, just dot com. Any recognition. That's no. If you drink came. So pop. Or. If you buy thin cream sun. Cream Sundae basketball AWESO. Is Cream soda bomb. You're the expert in distant Rodney appear also. Sutton. Makamba mortal, Kombat. Mortal, combat. Much has changed since the last mortal Kombat tournament dark forces about world had begun invading Earth Realm. These attacks are seriously weakening earth's dimensional fabric enabling not only outgrow. There's under the Earth Realm, but warriors from other domains as well. The only the most extraordinary warriors could possibly meet this challenge.

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