03/18: Free Agency is Awesome! (Fantasy Football Today)


Fantasy football today from CBS sports. Email us at fantasy football CBS. I dot com. It's time to dominate your fantasy league. Hear some of that day janey agency recap. It really has been awesome week around the NFL. We have a lot of talk about I that baiser here on fantasy football today. That's Bartsch fatness to talk about that possibly a way for you to get into the podcast league. Welcome to heat coming. Dave, Richard good afternoon fellows. Thank you for that. Warm. Welcome. I'm mom a little work cited for March madness this year that I had been years past and stunningly my college is not in the tournament. And yet I'm still excited about it. How? Because for years and years, I wanted to dedicate time to watch in college basketball, the try and actually have a good bracket instead of just guessing which is what I pretty much did for the last seven years, and I took a step forward. I watched a lot of basketball spent a lot of time watching some conference tournaments, and I'm not going to act like, I know everything about college basketball. But I feel better about filling out my bracket issue than I have in your spouse. See I was going to go the opposite way. I was thinking, you know, I've done a lot of research in the past and watched a lot of games in the past and not done very well in brackets over the last five years, you're telling me I've wasted. By haven't really watched much college basketball. So far this year one of the biggest advantages, I have is that the Kansas jayhawks have lost like a third of their team. And so I won't pick them to win at all. So that will be a bonus for me, and you have absolutely zero expectations for them. But now awhile after all. There was a problem because they put them in a region where if they win their first two games, they get to play in Kansas City. Oh, and that could lead me to make some bad decisions. But I'm gonna do no research whatsoever. I may even pick based on like proximity to location or mascot strength. Yeah. Mascot drink. And I fully that could really hurt you in years when mining makes the tournament because hurricanes are really strong. But we'll all made that mistake either. But our our mascots in Itis are hurricanes in IT. They are not in any though, there did not make the agent they did not deserve it. And now, we should probably end the they should we should. Absolutely. And because we have plenty of football to talk about. But the reason we wanted to talk about brackets because it's it's March madness. Everybody's talking about brackets. But we have a bracket challenge that I will tell you about if you are in first place, actually, you know, what if you win it. And you're a football listener put in the podcast. So I was gonna say. Dave earlier. What's the best way to talk about all this since we last podcast that on Wednesday. We did a Monday show about Antonio Brown. Mostly with a Tuesday show about not a lot some other stuff that happened on Monday and Tuesday, we did a Wednesday show though about hotel Beckham and Levy on bell since then we've had some big stuff. We've had Mark Ingram. Tevin Coleman golden Tate, not necessarily all good. But important stuff for fantasy. Devante parker. So what was the best way to do? It. Dave suggested we do opposite day. So Dave give us some opposite day fantasy football analysis. Well, let me just tell you how excited I am for Ryan Fitzpatrick is the quarterback of the Miami Dolphins. I see a lot of big games coming your way. You're gonna wanna take him with an early round pick on draft that note, I love the Tevin Coleman citing. I couldn't think of a better landing spot for Tevin Coleman then team that already has good running backs. This was exactly what I wanted on. Opposite day here for ten Goldman. Not supposed to like mention the opposite. Yeah. Everybody assumes. We are going to have to clarify when we stop with opposite analysis and go to like honest, I just wanna I'm proud of Adam because I know what a big giants fan is. And it must have been really hard to hold his excitement for the huge hole. The giants got for Dell Beckham they did a mass. All right job getting ready and overrated wide receiver. Thank you are all of those assets. And then basically replace him with someone who's just as good if not better, I was thinking the exact same thing golden take catches so many passes and doesn't do does. So I forgot he's never. He's never felt so much with never fought with kicking net. Oh my goodness. That's true. That's real. I've never ever seen vote Miami. I can't wait to draft. Golden Tate ahead of Odell Beckham. I very I'm throwing the directions that the giants are going. Okay. Let's end opposite day. Now. Get back to reality to some superlatives best signing or trade. The brow frowns. Okay. I'll I will say the ravens love love Mark Ingram there. That's a that's a great runner up worst signing or trade. The giants there, right? Not we're out of opposite. An yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. For real golden Tate signing with the York is stupid. What is that? Thirty had a good slot receiver. Throwing Shepard good. Not great. I think takes a better slot receiver than swing shepherd was. I mean that they're gonna kick shepherd outside more often. Yeah. I would assume. So I listen I would love for that to happen. But are the giants doing anything that makes any damn sense? I've got a different one. Go ahead. I'll go with Murray going to new they gave latavius Murray. I think sixteen million dollars over four years when they could have had Mark Ingram for fifteen million over three years and less. There's something that we don't know. And Mark Ingram just did not want to play in New Orleans anymore. That was terrible. I mentioned it before Ingram had six fumbles over the last two seasons Murray had one and that combined with the cheaper per year rate is probably what did in Ingram leaving New Orleans in Murray signing there from a fantasy perspective because like from a fantasy perspective we'd love the Beckham Trey and I really do love Ingram with the ravens. And I'm interested to get your take on that. I think it's great. What do you think the worst? I think take the answer to that too. You know worst fantasy signing Kevin Coleman for sure Kutab. Goldman is right at sucked. I'm going to end up being a little more optimistic than you guys on Coleman. Is that contingent on them releasing Junkin? Nope. Not at all. Because I don't think they will. I know there's talk about it. But I don't think they're in that. I don't think they're that cap strap that they need to let go of jerk. Mckinnon most confusing citing most confusing see now that would be. We're golden Tate would fall in for me that one was confusing. Right. It's like it. Just mine was Jamison Crowder like you already have Quincy on your team. I don't think Quincy's that good. Okay. Like, I said Jamison Crowder you already Winston on your team. Yeah. I'm trying to think of a good one Tate like signing golden Tate to a four year. Thirty seven point five million deal. My million dollar deal on its face is fine. It's just the giants aren't going to be good enough to make that matter, and they don't have really outside receiver. I guess they could draft one the other one I would say, and I think the bills did some very good things. I don't understand the Colby's, right? Exactly. What's up with these slot receivers? Like, they have value in certain offenses. They evaluate certain quarterbacks. I don't think Josh Allen or the or the offense. It looks like they want to run that situation. So was the John Brown signing bad for John Brown? Yes. I don't know. When are you ever gonna feel confident starting him? Let's let's let's see Josh Allen makes any progress in theory. He is a great pairing with Josh Allen. If Josh L. Gets more accurate, but that's going to need to play itself out. How how can that play itself out on a consistent basis because I agree with you? John Brown's got great speed. We know that Josh Allen, can Chuck it. So it's just a matter of them connecting. There's gonna be three tries game max between those two on the Deepal. And I don't know John Brown can stay healthy and contribute. This is still a team. I think that needs a number one receiver. Yeah. You know, you give you give them Beasley given Brown. Zeh Jones a fossil they're both came on. And then it's like Jason crew Matata, it's not bad for Josh Allen. I don't know that any one of these guys gonna jump out as a consistent fantasy contributor. But it certainly upgrade for for Allen, and John Brown is I nine you just look at what he did. Joe flacco he was on pace for. The number seventeen wide receiver a non PR number twenty NPR is on pace for sixty catches one thousand sixty eight yards and seven touchdowns. Unfortunately, dive a little bit deeper into that. He was great as I four games. He was pretty much trashed the next five games. And then seven games with the March at seven games with Lamar Jackson. John Brown had eight catches for a hundred fourteen yards and one touchdown like seven games. So those tanked is numbers. But okay. So maybe it's better for Alan than any one individual on buffalo, and what was my last one under the radar great signing. So there's three that I think in qualify for this. They're all wide receivers that went on two different teams. But I think there's one that. It. It's not exciting other than just like the fit. And that's Dante Moncrieff to the Steelers where I'm going to assume he's going to be a starter potentially the number two receiver not the number three, and he's had a knack for scoring. And he's he's not going to be the one double covered every week with the Steelers. It's going to be juju. And he's not going to be the one stretching the field either that will probably be more like James Washington. But he could still be in position on team throws a lot to catch a bunch of passes and be a target in the red zone. So I like him more than the other two under the radar guys which were shot permanent of the bucks and Kevin white to Arizona. Kevin white to Arizona like on paper makes a ton of sense because he's got the speed that clippings very wants in passing gain as he's still though I think he does at least straight line speed. It's just a matter of whether or not he can put it all together. I think it was a great low risk. Signing by the cardinal. I was gonna say another receiver that I guess maybe wasn't. I don't know councils under the radar not. He I think it does Devon punches to Colt. You liked it? I think it's an under under the radar type situation where I mean, he loves his titans. Right. I think it's bad for Hebron. Well, I already downgraded Hebron quite a bit. Just because I didn't think he'd repeat that. But yes, I agree. Because now it's another big body in the red zone. It's gonna be good for Andrew luck. Luck by more touchdowns next year than he had this past year. And I guess I'll cheat and I'll take somebody who did not change teams. But I'll just say I'm excited at your Allison is back with the Packers a one year deal. His first four games get the numbers of the second. But he had something like around seventy five yards all four games. And then when he came back for one more game Marquis Valda scaling kind of carved out a role. He didn't do so much with it. So I think Geronimo Alison might be their second best receiver swimming. They don't add anybody else. I four games he had between sixty four and eighty yards and all four games with two touchdowns. And I think it's I think it's nice. I think he's certainly worth. I don't know ninth round pick easy. He's asleep. I hate it for Aaron Rodgers because he's still just has one good receiver. Alison might be good. To guy. He's probably not good. I mean, he might be. But like we're going into year four and he's got seven hundred and fifty yards receiving those are superlatives. We got some Twitter polls. We got an Alice on all the major things you need to know about some rankings. Have you guys adjusted your rankings yet? Yes. Cool who is the biggest riser faller? Probably Baker Mayfield. Yup. That sounds about right. To me. I've Ingram did some nice rising. He rose for me. And then kind of settled back down a little bit, really. Because golden Tate guy. I don't mean. He's still a top six tight end. I had an eighth before. So he's gone up. But I had him as clear number four in that short window of time before golden take signed. I trashed golden Tate in the rank ace kind of a barrister, aloe. I put him. I don't know. I don't know like allies, not good. But they're going to be behind all the time. And it's not like he's going from a a world class quarterback in Matthew's Deford, he's average it. I don't know that other than Eli. And it was it was in a well defined role. Where he got a steady dose of targets on a passing team. And the giants are pretty clearly gonna go to a saquon focused offense. So it's gonna be hard. When you're down twenty one in the third quarter. Dave Gilman's not worried about that Haga Bali's. He wants the hog Bali's the offensive line at the hand of God will touch the whole offense. They are going to have a really good offense. They could have a very good offensive line. So. It is interesting. I think that when you look at Tate on Detroit, he didn't have really tight end. I mean like Brandon really do that much. He was always disappointing. And they didn't have a sterling Shepard like player, I guess in my opinion. So it is a it's just a weird fit. Yeah, I'm not I'm not going to get in non PR e Braun. Was around six to seven hundred yards and fifty to sixty catches. Different than what Ingram has been. Well, what he's been? But but what he's been without Beckham is a lot better than that we owe. And your number two Corey Coleman. He's the number two. Coleman is number two. I see what you're saying. So so you're saying that if Ingram performs well finger performs like e Brown performed the lions than obviously everybody's going to be too high on Ingram because he probably shouldn't be drafted Ingram's rookie year sixty four catches for seven hundred twenty two yards. That was basically the best year free run before he went to Indianapolis. It is awesome. Without beckham. Awesome. Okay. Has has been awesome without beckon? I think the the thing for me is that it was at that. There's no Beckham or was it that sterling shepherd the number one? And there's no number two at all. Yeah. I agree with you. I mean. It's probably. I don't know gotta go somewhere in between. Right. What he was with Beckham. And what what he was without Beckham and without Tate. It's got to be someone. So you haven't six day where do you have an Ingram? He's number four Chattan, and we were pretty excited about him on Tuesday or Wednesday when we did the show with Nathan before the golden Tate citing I also think they're going to draft a wide receiver. Maybe in the first round. I doubt it, but. I'm not so sure they draft one. And I'm almost certain they won't drop on the first round after getting golden Tate. I mean, they have a lot of picks. So they'll they'll draft one. But okay bracket challenge just tweeted out a link David heath retweeted right, now, let's see how many people right now. We only have two people in the lead by the end of this podcast. I'd like it to be a hundred by the end of Wednesday night to be two thousand I want you in this bracket challenge. If you don't have Twitter Email fantasy football at CBS. I dot com. Put like bracket challenge in the subject line asked me for the we'll set it to you. Join CBS sports h I'll tell you about that a second but go to sportsline dot com, sportsline dot com and get our optimal bracket upset bracket. Great ornament. Coverage picks on the games. Great gambling advice fantasy content sportsline dot com. If you want it for one dollar for your first month, the promo code is huddle. Again, the promo code is huddle on sportsline dot com. One dollar for the first month, and it's only nine ninety nine after that. And honestly, you've heard me talk about CBS sports HQ if you don't use. CBS sports. You don't watch sports H Q. This is a great time to start watching it. It's twenty four seven. It's got all the tournament highlights. Alice's the picks that you want the bracket algae all week live shows to help you win your office pool. It's on CBS sports HQ. It's always on. And you can stream it live on all of your devices guy used my Roku. Whatever you have apple TV get the CBS sports app, and you can get you can get H Q for free on the CBS sports app. Can I say how excited I am for the next three weeks of you saying the word tournament? I say weird. I don't think I think it's normal for someone from your part of the country. Lots of people say it that way. It just makes me giggle. What do I say? Tournament. I do not say that. Yes. Get it to our to challenge right now. Dave Gettleman and say you all right to Witter poll which running back. Do you want in two thousand nineteen twenty five hundred votes? Mark Ingram, Damian Williams or Phillip Lindsey Mark Ingram Dame Williams. Don't forget Carlos Hyde is now on the chiefs and Philip Lindsey. So what would you guys have answered? If I could pick one without round consideration draft around consideration. It would be Williams. Yeah. I think I'd still go with Williams as well. I think the only way Ingram's in don't really thinking in this conversation. But the only ways in this conversation is if it's a non PR league, he's very good catching the football. But I don't expect there to be a lot of pass catching opportunities in Baltimore. Not compared to the other guy. Right. So I'll go with Williams for now. Williams Lindsay Ingram all top twenty four fantasy running backs. Well. Yeah. Lizzy for the record. He only caught thirty five balls last year. I mean, I know we're hopeful that that could improve. But he wasn't exactly good in PR. So am I too excited about Mark Ingram? I don't see competition there. I see team that led the league and rush attempts. I don't think he's old. I mean, I know he's he's a little older. I think he's twenty nine but he's he's had only one season with a ton of work had about three hundred touches one year. And he was amazing. So I I love it. And I I don't think answer Ingram. I think I'd probably answer. Oh, man. Actually, I think I would answer Philip Linsey who actually won the poll thirty eight percent, Damian Williams. Thirty five percent marketing, I'm twenty seven percents pretty close. But yeah, my too excited about this Ingram news going to Baltimore. No. I think it makes sense. Because it seems like he's got a clear path to being an every down running back for Baltimore. I think Kenneth Dixon if he stays healthy could take away some third-down work from him. I don't think. I don't think you can run the ball forty five times a game and give I don't know that Ingraham's going to be twenty five touch guy. Third. How twenty five touch guy? Maybe twice. Yeah. Because like a fourth maybe a third of those wash attempts are going to Lamar Jackson. And they did use multiple back's pretty regularly last year. No, maybe because they didn't have they didn't have anybody talented marketing. Groom exactly. But I don't know that just because they got Mark Ingram. They're going to just give him all that work. Well, I think Mark Ingram is the better running back compared to everybody that they had last year. Yes outs Collins, but he's got the same type of fumbling issue member. Six fumbles the last two seasons that matters. But I think he'll have more belief outs. Collins had I think it solves their goal line. Dilemma remember because they were going between college Baucau Allen and everybody else. I think Ingram gets that job. I think he's going to get the most carries of any other back on that team. And it's a good offensive line. It's a run Centric offense. I the problem is I don't know necessarily. It solves probably the issue of giving curious to multiple Bax, but they had a goal line issue. Once the Mark Jackson. Quarterback because it's hard to run the option that close to the goal line and Jackson was sometimes taken him. Senate teams don't really have much of a threat of him beating them with the pass in the red zone. So it gets more difficult to run down there. Okay. So how would you rank the three of them? Lindsey Damien Williams Mark Ingram. Williams Lindsay Ingram for no same. Okay. So Twitter poll number two. Oh, by the way, we are going to talk about not not much about it. But the tyreek hill situation because I mean, that's huge Twitter poll number two, assuming both Tevin Coleman and jerick. Mckinnon are on the team. What is your approach the San Francisco running backs about three thousand votes here? I want Coleman. I want my kid in I'll drive both. I'm avoiding them. I'm avoiding them one going away. Fifty nine percent draft. Both got seven percent. I want McKinnon twelve percent. I want Coleman. Twenty two percent about you guys. What is your Suming? They're both their plus Brita. What are you doing with the Niners running backs I want Coleman? But only if I can get him in late round four or around five if he slips. I'm not taking any of them in the first four rounds. Okay. I just I think that he's the most versatile the healthiest. Best playmaker of the three. I think he just has everything in his favor. I think how Shan and knows exactly what he's getting because he helped draft having Coleman once upon a time when the two were in Atlanta. I think it's I think it's a no brainer that he will be the best running back in San Francisco. And I think that offense is going to be better this year than it was last year. It has to be they're gonna get their quarterback back. Their offense of line will be better. I think that they realize that they. Should not count on jerick McKinnon to be their primary back in. There's no way they can trust map Brita to be that guy when he limped off the field practically every game. So Coleman solves those problems. He's not gonna get every touch, but he's he's going to be their best answer running back. I think that's been question is what the whoever it is that leads the forty Niners in Russia temps this year. How many do they have? I'm not sure leaving two hundred. Yeah. That's that's McKinnon stays healthy though. Brita stays healthy ranking Moster will be back. They're going to be able to do some sort of a rotation there. I just think Coleman a lead the rotation. There'll be some weeks where he has ten carries forty yards, and you're gonna you're gonna act like Cuba when he gets hit by that Coley snake, and he has all those curse words come out of his mouth. But you don't know what the curse words are because it just letters third signing letters. It's symbols. I I don't know. I don't know. I don't really get this reference Hubert. You're never played Cuba, replayed it. I know it, but I've never played it. It was a pretty annoying game. But part of the fun of it was knowing that Uber. Curses every time he gets bit. So I am seeing in PR leagues. There were like six top fourteen running backs who had fewer than two hundred carries Alvin Kamara was fourth James white was eighth. Kareem hunt was eleventh and to recon was twelve so four top twelve how the hell was three Cohen top twelve running back. He had seventy one catches. So four top twelve running backs and PR that had fewer than two hundred carries and two of them fewer than one hundred carries. That's but they had a lot of catches in that format. Each catches worth points. I don't think anybody on this team is catching sixty passes. Let me let me check not without injuries. Yeah. And if they caught McKinnon doesn't seem like they will. But if a kid didn't exist I'd be pretty fired up about seven coma going to forty Niners. I mean, they read read it in exist. What if something happens to either one of those running backs during the preseason? Yeah. I'd be I'd be I'd be willing to take a late fourth round pick flyer on Coleman. And because because I feel like one of them will get dinged up at some point in the year. I'm gonna make the assumption that Tevin Coleman will get the lead way. And I'm going to be to them late round for. Hey, I forgot back. There were five running backs that had fewer than two hundred carries and finish at the top twelve. Melvin Gordon was number seven. He only a hundred seventy five so chimera. Melvin Gordon Kareem hunt in non PR and James white four in the top twelve and non PR had fewer than two hundred carries. Well, and the other key besides the catches chimera scored eighteen touchdowns Gordon's word fourteen hunts word fourteen James Wieser, twelve. So you don't think Coleman could score twelve touchdowns. I wouldn't expect him to score twelve touchdowns. See expect it's probably closer to eight or nine map to scored five Moster scored one. I don't have their. I don't have what Alfred Morris did. Okay. Whatever you probably have twenty. So that would be the Niners running backs. How would you? How would you rank Kevin Coleman Jerry McKinnon and latavius Murray? Mccomb is going to be number one far and away. And then actually have Murray. Spot ahead of MacKinnon. And PR right now. I believe I have it. Mckinnon. Followed by Coleman and Murray. The second quick break. When we come back. We'll talk about tyreek hill Kareem hunt some rankings some interesting stats about the saints. All the news and notes you can handle and your emails at fantasy football at CBS, I dot com. And that's a great time. What we take this break for you to go. Join our bracket challenge update you on our participants right after this the NCW tournaments here in the CBS sports. I on college basketball podcast is the best place to keep up with everything. That's happened in the sport name is Gary parachute. I'm joined by my colleague, Matt norlander, three times a week talk about college basketball's biggest stories and issues. Sometimes we discuss Campbell fighting an leaky flag. But the conversations are usually centered on do Kazakhstan Kentucky, Kansas whatever is the topic of the moment could be watching. It could be Wofford could be a wiretap we get into all of it again three times per week. So enjoy the pick dance with us. You can subscribe to the CBS sports college basketball podcast, the apple podcasts or listen wherever you listen to podcasts. So make sure you do that nobody is breaking down the instantly tournament walking. Through the bracket and keeping you up today on the coaching care sale. As thoroughly as we are or as often as we are. It's the CBS sports. I on college basketball podcast with me, Gary perish, and Matt norlander Shasta Devon down chefs to you go. Subscribe now. Hey, Danny and surprise. I'm not here to bash the SEC I wanna tell you about my podcast off the bench with canal and bell by co-host Raja bell. And I cover sports from the perspective of former pro athletes five times a week. We talk about what we are passionate about. And it's not always the Xs and os, actually, it rarely is we dive deeper into sports discussions while relating back to our own playing days people. Tell me I'm much different on the podcast. I am on Twitter. Let's hope so I'm not very likable on Twitter. You be the judge subscribed to off the bench with Cannella bell anywhere podcast found. So the big news, and there's a lot of news, but two items that were important in on tyreek hill being investigated for domestic violence and Kareem hunt suspended eight games. Well, do we have any new information about tyreek hill, I think the main thing to keep him? And it's just a obviously difficult things about there is a lot of conflicting information and no new information since the first report came out. And so I don't think we have. I don't think we have any real for sure information at all at this time. If he were suspended for six eight games, where do you think you'd rank Patrick Mahomes? Not number one. But still top five. Maybe still top three. Would you rank Baker Mayfield ahead of him? I don't think I'd go there because he Patrick Mahomes is still going to have other options in the offense straps. Kelsey is pretty damn good. Sammy Watkins would probably be asked to contribute more. Sammy Watkins would be amazing. He was fantastic lash. Right. If tyreek hill were not playing Sammy Watkins would be like if this is more about Mahomes, I think Mahomes could turn Watkins into a top twelve receiver definitely on a on a per game basis, for sure he'd lien on his running backs a little bit more like the chiefs would find ways. But I think that insane upside of four hundred yards and four touchdowns goes away. Tyreek hill is not on the field. So you would you would you drop him behind who's QB to for you Aaron Rodgers I have loved to I have Watson to. Okay. So would you take Rogers or Mahomes in this six to eight game suspension scenario? I think I would go Mahomes. I think I would drop him behind luck. And he would be by number two quarterback. I was thinking. Yeah. He'd be number two or three for me. Then I really hope that this is not true. But you know, tyreek hill we did have the domestic violence issue in college really hor- of horrifying stuff, and they cut Kareem hunt. And I can't imagine they'd cut tyreek hill, but it's not at a lot of. It depends on the severity of the incident. Yeah. I would say if the regional report was true. He would not be on the cheese. They got 'em. How could they not after what they did with current day? I know they sort of set a precedent for themselves. But you know, winning is important and hill hunts. Great, but he'll is a lot harder to replace hunt. Don't. But it's still saying what's right or wrong. You're like, I think caught him if it's true. But I'm just saying I don't know what the chiefs would do because they almost went to the Super Bowl last year. And like it would be I'm sure it'll be a difficult decision for their front office. But you know, what? Let's let's let's wait for it to play out Kareem hunt suspended eight games when we think what do you think about Nick job and Kareem out now. So I'm I'm first of all I'm a big fan of Nick shop, and I was a big fan of cream home. When he came out to people who've been listening to podcasts for longtime might remember that I think the first game of the season, you're gonna see Nick Chubb come out as a house of fire. It's such a great situation for them. Now that Odell they're never gonna see seven bucks. It's kind of like the same thing that Kareem month had each of the last two seasons in Kansas City such great receiving core around him forces defenses to play their safeties back. They've gotta respect the pass. They can't stack the box and it opens up tons of opportunities. And I think Trump is a better pass catcher than you might give credit for last year. I would assume that he'll begin the season as the heavy lifting running back for them. Maybe only getting off the field of Duke Johnson is still there which maybe maybe not Duke will probably come in obvious passing situations. I thought long and hard about what happens when hung comes back, and it just makes too much sense for the Browns to not use them or to use them. I'm saying it does it wouldn't make sense that they didn't use them. I'm sorry for mixing what I was saying. They're thought that clarify what you're saying. What I'm saying is Kareem hunt is definitely going to have a role when he comes back. He might replace Duke Johnson as the passing downs guy and take a couple of carries off of Nick Chubb. What's the motivation for the Browns to lean heavy on Nick Chubb in the second half of the season? When. Theoretically, they're fighting for a playoff spot, maybe for the division title, which I think they're gonna get. So Nick might go from twenty touches a game down to fifteen sixteen. He'll still be good. But I can't take them in around one anymore. He's going to be around to. But in early round to a non PR mental around two full PR for me, and I'm still going to be excited to get him. And I'm not gonna commit to getting Kareem hunt. Even if I get niche along, I don't think Kareem hunt will have fantasy relevance unless Nick job gets hurt. Yeah. I mean, it could be like Ingram coming back from suspension where he he was he had good game. Specially as first game back. But Mark Ingram was a headache. A starter said headache, you know, you just didn't know what is workload was going to be. He had to score. And sometimes he did sometimes it didn't. But those are the types of players. I I really don't like having on my team. They don't have define role, and if they do have defined role there. Just touchdown dependent. Right. I can't see I can't see Kareem hunt after an eight game absence coming back and like getting steady dependable consistent work where we have solid expectations and can easily make starters at decisions. There's only one way that happens an inch two ways injury. And Chubb isn't as good as we think you that's that is true. That is true. But hunt will come back is a fresh legged three down potential back in week nine week ten depending on the Browns by is. And they buffoonish not to use them. He's gonna get work. He's going to take touches away from Nick job. I don't think it's gonna make Nick Chubb a dud. I don't think he's going to go from you know, must start fancy running back to I guess I have to start him. I think he'll be a little bit better than that. But I don't think he's going to be. I don't think he's going to be Zeki allow Elliot Todd Gurley. Okay. Aaron Jones will be better than Nick shop to revolts. False false rank these three players Odell Beckham, Nick chubs Eckardt's. In PR. I will take Beckham I then Shaab than hurts. But they are all top thirty. Okay. In non PR chick Chubb over Beckham. Yes. All right heath what you got Chubb Beckham earth's Algo Beckham chub or its and we've almost got a team name. Okay. Let's clean ranking now with no suggests of team names. All right here, we go rank these three golden Tate. Dante Pettus, Robbie Anderson. Golden Tate, Dante Pettis Robbie Anderson. Pettus is my one on that list. Anderson's gonna be my two and golden Tate's can be my three that's in non PR. But I I I love how the off season has shook out for Dante pet do PR because I zero interest in golden Tate and non PR. Okay. Fine. Pettus is still going to be my one Anderson to and tape three. So this the same right? Even NPR I will take the upside of a second-year receiver catching passes from Jimmy Garoppolo. And the upside of Anderson catching passes from second year quarterback Sam darnold over golden Tate, working in a who knows what role with the giants. Algo Pettus, Tate Anderson, and I love raw, and you're the Robby guy. I don't love Adam case. I can we just wrap up golden Tate. Like is he going to be ninety catch guy again because four straight years two thousand fourteen to two thousand seventeen he caught ninety to ninety nine passes in three of those years. He was over a thousand yards. He's always four to six touchdowns. So here's where he finished two thousand fourteen to two thousand seventeen in verse non PR going from two thousand fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen he was thirteenth then he was thirty second headed down here. Twenty four th twenty first then PR he was eleventh twenty-third eighteenth thirteen. So that's the top eighteen wide receiver NPR three of the last four years with about ninety catches thousand to eleven hundred yards five four or five touchdowns doesn't like that doesn't seem. I don't I feel like the catch is won't be there. But a thousand eleven hundred yards and five touchdowns. That's not that unrealistic. So maybe I'm being too hard on golden Tate. The problem is that thousand yards probably unrealistic if he doesn't catch ninety passes. I I've got him for seventy six eight twenty and five touchdowns. So you agree on the five touchdowns. Gravity. That's not a good year. Yeah. That's not. That's not somebody you need to draft. So Dell head over ninety catches in two thousand sixteen two thousand fifteen and in twenty four teen. He did it again ninety one catches then I won't more saquon ninety catches less year. So yes Elias connected with a teammate for ninety catches all but one of the last four five seasons. I wouldn't say it's not somebody need to draft which is not somebody need to prioritize. But it's a top forty wide receiver Beckham had seventy seven catches in twelve games last year. So he was certainly on his way. But but it's so del Beckham. Yes, golden Tate, and I I would be I would be surprised if he had ninety catches golden date and not only that Davey mentioned this the last eight games of the season needed mentioned the exact stat. But they just they just ran the ball so much either. Manning averaged thirty nine point four pass attempts per game before the by. Last eight games thirty two point six tenths attempts per game. That is very low, and that will hurt does that that is what they're going to try to do whether they can do it successfully. I don't know. But they are going to try to run. All right. I think key to that was they played pretty decent defense down the stretch. Right. I. They I don't know there were four offense of line awesome proved their line improved. I don't know if they're events included. They played some some bad offenses. They played Tennessee without Mario they play. The redskins. Yeah. All right. Whatever enough had him. He can you name the last giants wide receiver not named L Beckham to get over ninety catches from. I manning Victor crew Vickers is not correct Akeem. Knicks also not correct ExCo birth. Not correct Amani Toomer. Not correct. But there is somebody someone did it. God, I have no idea. Heath guesses. It's that other Steve Smith caught one hundred seven balls on hundred and fifty seven targets in two thousand nine for twelve twenty seven all right back to the rankings rank these three Antonio Brown. Travis Kelsey Odell Beckham. Tonio brown. Travis Kelsey Odell Beckham. Beckham Kelsey Brown. I'm with you. Exact same order all them. Obviously. I two second round picks in full PBR. Last one rank these three Mark Ingram. Derrick Henry, by the way, underrated signing Tennessee met Roger Saphal left guard. So Mark Ingram. Derrick Henry, devante Freeman. I currently have them back to back to back and I've got Ingram. Freeman Henry I the exact opposite order in PR Henry Freeman and grim. That's funny. They have back to back back did not know that. So and mine are not back to back to back. Why are we not like super jazzed about? Devante freeman. Because we don't know what we're getting other than probably a running back who's going to split. He's also he's awesome. When he plays, right. He's got some pretty significant injury question marks. And he doesn't have I don't believe he has three hundred touch upside anymore. Like, he didn't two thousand eighteen you're probably looking at two fifty to seventy and he could be very very good. But I I'm worried about his ability to stay on the field. That's fair. One other thing he doesn't have is seven Coleman. But he's got -ito Smith Ito's isn't as good as seven Coleman. I agree with you. But it somebody that the coaching staff likes and we've seen it now for the past couple of years at they're very comfortable. Having two running backs all the time. I think I'm gonna. Move Ingram ahead of freemen just based on. What's what's coming out of my mouth, and what's coming out of heat smelt right now, it makes sense. We don't know how much is going to play. We know that the falcons aren't going to rush to give him twenty touches every week. There might be some games where he just falls into that type of production. But Ito's going to have to stink. Yeah. And that reminds me about another point I wanted to make about Kareem hunt. Okay. Though the way that you should view cream hunt is as one of those great quality backup running backs who's got potential to become a starter. But unlike Kareem hunt, guys like ITO and Rashad penny, and I think you can throw Carlo side into this conversation to they're going to be ready to go week one. And if for any reason in weeks one through eight they get an opportunity to start and be the lead guy for their teams. I think that kinda makes them better for drafting purposes than hunt. Well, yeah, I mean, who I guess it depends on how many bench spots you have. But if you only have like five bench spots, and you're holding onto someone for eight weeks. It's tough that is very tough highway point Mark Ingram lash because I would I wasn't gonna use them for four weeks or five of the first six weeks. There are leagues though where when a guy suspended. They can go in that injured sluts injured he suspended. That's not right. We would regulate the hell out of that. But there are definitely league's just allowed. Well, it shouldn't be other provides parking your nineteen eighty nine Chevy in the low emission spot at work. Okay. We only have thirty nine people so far the tournament challenge. That's thirty seven though since we tweeted at like twenty minutes ago. So that's not a bad rate. But we gotta get that number out. Let's get two thousand everybody. Join our tournament challenge stat of the day. So let's talk a little bit more about the saints. And what the tavis Murray brings to the table. But drew Brees averaged forty point two five pass attempts per game in four games without Ingram. Twenty nine point eight pass attempts per game in eleven games with Ingram. Drew Brees not play in week seventeen. But that is ten fewer pass attempts per game. It's unbelievable. Meanwhile, Alvin Kamara was just ridiculous fourteen carries per game and forty seven targets in four games without anger. AM eleven point five carries per game. No twelve point five carries per game. One one and a half year and fifty eight carries in eleven gay eleven or twelve games. Did he play week seventeen? He did not so eleven games with with Ingram. So what do you think? I mean, did you move Kamera up when they replace it with the Mary how big of a downgrade is Murray from Ingram is marriage is going to step in and be the next thing. You know, like there's a lot to talk about here. I think the difference between Maureen Ingram is that earned Ingram could have great success in the passing game. I'm not sure that Murray. Can I do think there's an opportunity for Murray to score a lot of touchdowns and be a frustrating guy on a week to week basis? Maybe a better option in best ball format where you get those points when he scores, but you don't have to choose when to start him. I don't have any room to move Alvin Kamara up because he's already my number three running back, and I can't put them at Zeke or sake. One. I've got him ahead of seek and full PBR. Amici freeze my number two running back there. I do think that this opens the door for him to be exclusively on the field. When the saints wanna throw the ball. I think they will probably try and use latavius very similarly to Mark Ingram. But he's not as good of a pass catcher. And I think defenses will expect the run when latavius is on the field. Whereas when chimeras on the field anything can happen. So look at ten carries a game ten touches. Maybe maybe nine carries one catch and Alan Kamera takes the rest. I think he does see a little bit more work. I think the opportunity will be greater for him this year to pick up touches in yardage than it was last year. Davies Mary has not been a bad running back. He's been a pretty average running back. And as a cited as I am for Mark Ingraham in Baltimore. I do think you have to ask the question. It was Mark Ingram a product of the system. Why really don't think I'll Camaros I think alva- cameras is like a superstar Ingram on the other hand us. Yards per carry. It's terrific year after year after year. But if always had a good offensive line pretty much. They obviously have a great quarterback. They're not gonna see eight men in the box as often as usual and as most teams and thou latavius Murray's steps into that role. And maybe his numbers just get a big boost. Maybe it's a saints boost. You know, I think there's a good chances yards per carry. It gets a boost. The only question I have in the bears of talked about this with wanting to get rid of Jordan Howard is they didn't like the fact that when they had our on the field teams knew they were gonna run a higher percentage of the time when they had Cohen out. There teams knew they were gonna pass a higher percentage of the time. And I think the saints have kind of worked themselves into that situation more. Whereas England Ingram was out there, you really didn't know anything. And so I do worry that he doesn't get quite the same boost from New Orleans Ingram did. And I think that my basic philosophy is like just about every running back in. Passes. If they're given the opportunity guy, I don't think gusts Edwards can. But I think it's very Kenny as a forty one catch season. That's not terrible that's his career high. He had thirty three catch season in two thousand sixteen right after the forty-one catch season. I don't know that you look at Mark Ingram, and you expect like going to Baltimore we don't really expect Morgan going to be a big PR guy. But that's just what running backs do in New Orleans. Sure. Makes sense. Yeah. It doesn't mean that. I would. It doesn't mean that I'm going to be excited about the tavis would've been head marking stayed right? The nice thing about is that if you're getting latavius Murray and he's going to perform like Mark Ingram. You're getting them with the latavius Mary discount because of Ingram stayed in New Orleans. We'd be taking him in round six. And now that he's gone. We're gonna take him earlier than route six he's in Baltimore. That's a great opportunity. But latavius Murray's gonna come to rounds later, they'll be around eight type guy. So that might end up being a decent value. All told in the end think about this though. And if you if you're into handcuffing Kamera, right? It's much better for you. Well, now, it's the first round pick on eight of the K and then round eight you're going to let's say let's say he's twelve team league round eight like end round eight guy if you drafted Alvin Kamara you took them second to fourth right? You have to you might have to go around seven. You want us to go early round seven to make sure. Let's thing. How many raise your hand? If you're going to be excited to draft latavius Murray's around eight, and you don't have Camaro on your team. Like, he can't wait to do it. Well, it's it's a pretty good round seven round pick. If you started off at the end of the first round with the Andre Hopkins and Odell Beckham, and then you took hurts in the third. If you're going to zero RV approach, it's exactly the type running back. You want to target. Are you taking Carlos Hyde or the tavis Murray? Hide right now, I would say Murray. Okay. Why the difference there? I don't think the chiefs are going to be in a situation most likely where they're splitting up running back touches. I think there's a good chance that hide gets that job. But I expect the Damien Williams is going to start the year with the job. And when he has the job anything hides role is going to be much smaller than Murray's New Orleans. Right. But it's we're talking about a running back who when he doesn't have the job in Kansas City might have one fancy point Karla side. What's latavius gonna get on a week to week basis? It's gonna be a good way for the tavis. If you get six, I would guess touch. I think is a flex. I feel like I can do better than that at lex. It's possible. I mean, how many good weeks Mark Ingram half last year? Five six max. No, I don't I don't even think that many, my guess, I I mean, I could check. But let's okay. So so round eight times twelve that's ninety six picks. So let's who who are guys who are currently like looking at rankings going around that Dante Pettus, we'll full or Cortlandt Sutton. Quarterbacks obviously, Christian kirksey, these young wide receivers. Royce Freeman rob gronkowski like today. Strike you. As better this Cortlandt Sutton, Dante Pettis strike you as better than than. Let's Avis for. Sure. Yes. Okay. Had four double digit non PR fantasy point games three of them were nineteen. Plus so his when he was when he was good Israel good. Otherwise, he disappointed when you're looking at flex. You're looking for eight right? Let me get six of those. Yeah. I'd say that's fair. Of course, the problem with Ingram. I guess it should also be noted Ingram did not catch passes last year. So I probably should've mentioned that. But you know, like, I said Ingram was was very good in PR with the saints. But not last year for whatever reason they just didn't throw the ball. How many catches did he have last year twenty one and twelve Marable what the hell was that? It was so weird. So he was a PR thing was he's still caught eighty percent of or seventy eight percent of his targets average over earth per catch. The I don't get it. Remember, they really struggled on the road. Down the stretch. And. I don't know where I'm going with that their offense was a little up and down. Yeah. You know, it was great offense. But let me see the four games. He missed. I forget it. I'll just forget it. All right. Let's let's let's talk about some other news and notes sorry from confusing people quarterback. Okay. Huge stuff game changing stuff. Ryan tannehill. There's that. Yeah. I'm sorry. Ryan, Patrick, but also riot add hell here, we go. I found my notes. Okay. Ryan Fitzpatrick to the dolphins. Ryan tannehill to the titans. I could get excited about Kenny stills again. Yep. But it's still Ryan Fitzpatrick. It's still the dolphins. Yeah. Stills Ann Arbor Wilson or two guys that will be nice fourth and fifth receivers that you can grab very late on draft day. You're not taking its Patrick a must to quarterback league. And you will feel great about it. As of now, he's he's in line for sixteen games, man. They're going to draft a quarterback. I would assume that that guy will get a chance it's starting half the season. But this is just an ugly ugly year ahead for the dolphins and their offense. They're taking they're taking that is good tanking. Tyrod Taylor the chargers the giants. He turned the dolphins down. Yeah. So to Bridgewater. They both said it will they don't want to be a part of the tank. The giants reportedly don't think twain Haskins is a good fit. We'll see could could be a smokescreen. He's too young and too talented, and they like their quarterbacks old and over the hill. Did you see the report that former Steelers running back? Josh Harris says that Ben Rothlisberger. Fumbled the ball on purpose in two thousand fourteen to spite offense coordinator, Todd Haley. That's totally believable. Yeah. It was a kneel down situation where they should have been doing the body. They were up by nine and he called for a running play Haley and Rosberg was just like they all were only there is in the huddle the way Josh Harris tells a story, but rather burger handed the ball off to the fullback. And if you watch the video the fullback was definitely not expected the ball. And maybe that was his fault. I don't know. But it's going to CBS sports dot com. We have the story on our NFL page of Rothlisberger. Fumbling the ball on purpose. According to running back. Josh harris. Who was the running back in the game at the time. Running back news Mark Ingram. Kevin coleman. How about the Redskins re-signing Adrian Peterson? Can you play quarterback? Bad news for it is right. Yeah. Yeah. Well, Washington's another one of these teams that is in offense of hell. And I don't I don't I don't know if this necessarily means that Geis's slow and his recovery 'cause he posts videos on social media all the time. He's he he them run straight now. And I think he's getting close to cutting and being ready to go, but Washington clearly wants to have multiple backs. They liked what they got out of AP. They're they're passing game is going to be terrible. The there these running backs because he stacked boxes all the time. And Washington will probably trail in a good bunch of games. And neither one Peterson nor Geiss will be great for fantasies. It's sad. I'm sad. So would you take guys or berry? I'll take Geiss also guys. That's nice. Okay. The trait. Low re-sign running back Zach Zetter. And he actually finished the season kinda strong. But I don't think it's stiff competition for kerryon Johnson. And the jets released as Crowell were just we are careening toward a draft day selection by the lines that will make us all very frustrated that they will take one of these running backs that we like and they're going to pair them with kerryon Johnson for a young one two punch. I'm wondering if we see Zia Crowell in Oakland. No. That would be interesting. Forty five invites accepted so far for the bracket challenge. Wide receiver news. Golden Tate giants John Brown and Kobe's lead the bills tyrel Williams to Oakland, forty seven million dollar deal. Twenty two million guaranteed tire Williams. He's going to be the number two receiver their next Santoni. Brown will never see single coverage will never say double because they feel a lot of single coverage. Oh, yeah. That's what I hate it rich, but he's got their cards score setting up for Derek arch oak in that botched it. Yeah. Well, I mean, look court car could. Car could be a top eighteen quarterback. He could definitely be a must start to quarterback league guy. Yeah. You know, he doesn't have to play that well to put a fantasy numbers so Sarah William somebody you're drafting a win. Would you draft him? No, okay. You're just not gonna drop them. I'm not going to draft him. I'll draft tyrel. Ultimately, I like him. I I'm always willing to call tyrel. But by week replacement car is not going to throw the ball. Deep down the field. Okay. Oakland released Jordy Nelson dolphins resigned. Devante parker. Tampa Bay shot Perryman bears Cordeiro Patterson. He's a special teams player. Arizona. Kevin white. Dave talked about that earlier. Dallas gonna keep Dave Austin big deal. The patriots resigned Philip or set now going into the Super Bowl door set had a three game touchdown streak. I don't think he had more than forty five yards in any of those games. But yeah with with Josh Gordon, looking unlikely to be in New England. Maybe no gronk anybody excited about door set. I won't be so ready to say that Josh Gordon won't be New England. Well, he won't be there for week one. I wouldn't think I think there's a I I don't think we have there's been some reports that the NFL is kind of softening their stance on those types of suspensions. Okay. And I think there is a possibility that Josh Gordon could have if obviously he's got to do some things. But I wouldn't write him off. Okay. So so no under said, or what know on door said MAURICE, Harris. The patriots also signed no on Maury serice in Jacksonville signed Chris Conley know on Chris Conley and Pittsburgh downtime Ongeri which we talked about. And I want round pick put air signing. Kevin white am I know twice? That's great. How about maybe you're excited about Kevin wife getting that opportunity? I guess so. How taken? Draft him though, I'll draft twice Jordan Mathews to San Francisco and it won't care. I think that's a better signing for Jimmy Garoppolo than it is for Jordan Mathews Toronto. Alison degreen bay. We talked about tight end Cincinnati. We signed Tyler I for that's pretty much. The only significant tight end news Tyler effort. How am I never had the team name Tyler? I hurt. Do you do? Now I do team name Monday. Okay. And then anything big on the offense of line guys. I mean maximum retiring, that's it max hunger. Retired. He was a huge part of that saints offense of line figuratively and literally and they're going to replace him. Nick eastern who they signed from Minnesota. That's downgrade downgrade for that line anything else. I mean, how important is the Roger Sappho signing. That's a big one four years forty four million dollars for a guard. Roger Sappho going from the Rams to the titans. I think it tells you what the titans wanna do on offense. I think traded for tannehill day if they wanna throw it. They they wanna do the exact opposite of that. When you trade for Ryan tannehill. You do not want to throw the football. Yeah. The only thing I've really seen about their new offense coordinator was his dad talking about how much he believes in running the football. Because his I think his dad runs FedEx. All right. That's the new offense coordinator. Yes. Arthur smith. Yes. And he he was giving quotes about their their running. All remind everyone that the new offense of coordinator of the titans is their former tight ends coach who's been with the team kind of as a hanger on for. I believe close to a decade and is going to be using somebody else's playbook to call plays and has never called plays before in his life. It is the worst offense of coordinator situation or play collar situation in the NFL. And I think the worst offensive line this year the dolphins are going to be in the running. If they have lost at least three guys from last year. Right. They lost Sitton. They wont James has sit and got hurt. John James has gone. Ted Larsen is on the bears now. Right. But he he was like a pack of maybe they had to start him. Maybe I'm wrong injury. They're gonna have a bad offensive line. They're going to be there. They're just going to be in bad shape. All the way around buffalo got my favorite backup. Tackle who's going to be a starter for them tie and Seki? Oh, you say thank you for pronouncing that Seki it might be something a little off of that. I apologize. If it's not, right. But I thought he was really good every time he stepped in in Washington that could be bad news for Josh Ellen owners. Well. Well, could you want him running such huge percentages fantasy points came from running after he was pressured debt could be pretty sucky news sucky terrible Denver center. Matt Paradis is now Carolina center met Paradis. And they also resigned are Williams. So the Panthers fortifying the line a little bit Seattle resigned. DJ fluker inside Mike, you potty for the interior of their line at my body is now played for three fourths of the teams the NFC west. So if you were a Panthers fan and you decided to buy season tickets because of this new we bought a pair. Would you say you got two tickets to paradise? The balch. It's joke. Was you potty side James carpenter and Jim on Brown? And that's it. I think we're done. I like those signings for Atlanta. Yeah. Right. Because they're line graded very poorly last year. If I recall that did and they got rid of the right tackle as well. But they were placed they got rid of the right tackle. But they brought in new guards. And we'll see how that goes for them. They're run grade from pro football. Oh, what they was good. Okay. Maybe I was wrong. You know, what I evaluated them on film? And I was I thought. Here we go again. So let's get we'll talk to you guys on Wednesday or Thursday with our second episode of the week. You know, we need to do we need to do a mock draft one of those pretty. Yeah. That'd be fun. David. I'm adam. Thanks. Listen.

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