Tony Wants Meaghan To Read A Bedtime Story


the morning just moments ago we were talking about. What's the abc Caused by people have been asking about at the app that you fall asleep to every night the com at the column app where you're gonna have celebrities reads you most of the. There's a lot of things on the free version that you can try to meditate or fall asleep or to relax but to get that most of the celebrities you have to join it to pay for the premium version. What's it costs by the way l. It's only like. I don't know if i paid twelve dollars for the year. Ten dollars that bad. Hey tony yeah megan. Do you think it would actually be relaxing. The fall asleep to meghan. Yeah i like really. Would you like to try it right now. Maybe meghan can Oh i would like this. Read you a bedtime story. You'd be really good at are we doing this. Asmar style Whatever you think will help. I don't know if needs be whispered but you wanna make it relaxing. Tony somewhere similar. Yeah first off. I gotta ask you. Are you single tony okay. I'll be a sister wife at this point. Nine baras dropping. Are you accepting anybody else into your relationship. I've thought about that okay. Let me know what she says. It'll be a part time life all right. let's do. I need to like slow sexy cha piano or any kind of relaxing. He had all meditative spa yoga music. Or something really Make sure it's not coming here. You got a hack. The yeah all the flam before you start there you go. This is good. Are we ready okay. Once there was a boy who became board when he watched over the village sheep grazing on the hillside to entertain himself. He sang out. What wolf the wolf is chasing the sheep. When the villagers heard the cry came running up the hill to drive the wolf away but when they arrived they saw no wolf. The boy was amused when seeing their angry faces. Don't scream wolf boy warned the villagers when there is no off. They angrily back down the hill later. The shepherd boy cried out once again wolf wolf. The wolf is chasing the sheep. What do you think your rate ervin. The read is great. Billy joel's whistling was helping me on on tori. Maybe you didn't pick the right story. Hope this guy has his pants on. Where are you right now. Tony i remember driving home. He got pantheon right. We'll be careful. Driving home is relax you to the point of fallen asleep at the wheel driver rise and shine. How did you by the way your you said. I'll drive up to windsor make deliveries after. They found you on the radio. You are a solid. Yes okay so tony meghan for twelve dollars. A year will will read you a bunch of things okay. The same price. Maybe because i'm forced to do a podcast by our bosses blog posts and all that maybe every once in a while. I'll just read a children's story. It'd be like here you go. It's not a bad idea. No all right tony by the way tony. Are you sure that you have closed on right. Now while you're driv- yes okay after. We don't have just more legal if you do. Do you have a back portion to your truck where you can have a rest area there because if meghan joins you your in your relationship there's going to be need to be a place for began creepy now and that we wanna make sure tony. Yeah okay nagging. Brave reviews by the way by the way. Yes really yes. I'm doubting their tony's guy got his pants zipped up on the news side king. Yeah you could make some money doing this. Megan rebecca funny. Because i am the first person recognize when i get really into a topic are really excited about something. Get very loud shocking and super fast. So i find my own voice Really nice. here's rebecca back. You liked it. I thought it was amazing. It was driving so great st relaxed but it was really well done. I really liked it. And then you kind of work kale to an q. Rebecca do you. Do you believe tony when he says that his pants were set. I am hoping south. I am really hoping making sure all right. hold on. let me grab derek derek. Hey i'll be going this morning. Good you're on with mojo in the morning and tony the truck driver. I think tony's out one hand on wheel nice that somebody finds me attractive magnet for longtime as been willing to like go onto only fans and self your feet probably do this stutter content which is good. I mean that in a good way kinky to make some money on just the bedtime stories. Just the childhood stories. I mean it's just soothing. In the delivery tony you'd be saved today. Okay i'll be good. Say you say goodbye. Say goodbye to meghan meghan. Sometimes making it just needs to be said megan. How real this is mojo in the morning.

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