Winsor McCay born - September 26, year unknown


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The Day was September twenty six sometime in the mid eighteen hundreds Ritz Windsor McKay was born McKay was an influential cartoonist and animator well known for the Comic Little Nemo in Slumber Land and his pioneering advances animation McKay was born Zina's Windsor McKay though his birthplace and year is unclear he began drawing during his childhood and he later said that he drew for himself not anyone else he drew incessantly anywhere he wanted to and he said he never saved his drawings. McKay's parents sent him to business college but he continued to be drawn to art. He skipped skipped classes to draw portraits visitors at a dime museum he would sell those drawings and share a cut with the museum he did not finish business school but it all the time he spent drawing in selling his work helped him hone his skills as a professional artist and it instilled in him a desire to perform John Nine goodison an art professor at Michigan State Normal took notice of McKay and began giving him private lessons that helped mackay develop skills in his technique composition and perspective goodison encouraged him to attend the ART Institute of Chicago. He did go to Chicago but he did not go to school there. He worked at a printing company in the city but two years after he arrived there he moved to Cincinnati Ohio there air. He began working at another dime museum but this time he was making a promotional posters and art as an employee outside of his work at the museum them he painted billboards and created drawings in a continuous line not long after he moved to Cincinnati he met Maude Leonore to four with whom he later had two children McKay's ability to do those continuous line drawings and his talent for drawing things for memory proved useful useful after eight years at the Die Museum he began working for a newspaper called the Tribune as an artist reporter illustrating stories and drawing cartoons he also created art is a freelancer for the magazine life a lot of which portrayed racist humor as did other work included in the Humor magazine. When the Cincinnati Inquirer him larger salary he began working there and soon rose to head of its art department. Some of his most popular and notable illustrations were done for a series called the tales of the jungle and they accompanied homes created by the Sunday editor. He was only at the Inquirer acquirer for a few years before he moves to New York and began doing illustrations for the New York Herald and the evening telegram there he began using the comic comic strip format which was new but growing more popular he wanted to have the money and fame that came along with having a popular comic Strip that could be syndicated he found success with his comic Strips Little Sammy Sneeze and dream of the rare bit fiends but he was working a lot and did not feel he was being uncompensated. Fairly he ended up getting a raised and in nineteen zero five his comic. Little Nemo in slumber land made its debut in a Sunday comic section. Any of the Herald Little Nemo was immediately popular being picked up for translations in OPERETTA clothing and Games it ran the Herald until nineteen eleven then in the New York American under a different title until nineteen fourteen McKay also began performing in theatrical reviews as a fast scatter and in nineteen eleven he finished his first animated film which featured characters from Little Nemo McKay he went on to create more films including the story of a mosquito and Gertie the dinosaur with the latter film he used a technique he called the MacKay split a system breaking the dinosaurs movements into small parts and filling in the drawings between the poses in Nineteen fifteen he created his longest film the thinking of the Lusa Tanya which he created using transparent celluloid sheets he found a success and passion in his work on animation but hearst publishing his employer was not happy about how much time he was spending on his outside work between his relationship with hearst and feelings about commercialism of animation he lost some inspiration around cartoon in July of Nineteen thirty four he went into a coma and died at his home in Brooklyn. After having stroke McKay's work in cartooning and animation at greatly influenced the advancement of the animation industry. I'm jeff coat and hopefully you know a little more about history today than you did yesterday. And if you like to learn more about McKay you can listen to the two part episode of stuff you missed in history class called Windsor McKay get more notes from history on twitter instagram and facebook at td. I H fi podcast. Thanks again for listening and we'll see you tomorrow for podcast from iheartradio visit the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you listen to your favorite shows this episode is brought to you by the Rolling Stone Charts Rolling Stone is the definitive outlet for all things music bringing you. 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