Rock Candy Ep. 107: TLC - Are We Having Fun Yet


Birthday to you happy birthday to you. Happy Birthday Dear Maggie. Happy Birthday to you so the me. Yes for like once this comes out. It's no longer celebrating. It's not today is your birthday. Happy fucking hey I want you know. We're recording on my birthday. I could be doing a lot of other things right now. We're going to be doing a lot of other things after we're done recording. It's going to be a night. It's Monday we already had an eye on Saturday. We don't need another one is. We're getting old so all I'm still a little hung over host Saturday definitely today hangover. It was a rough day at work and I didn't really even do anything. Actually no I had to do two interviews today with so yeah. I did do stuff I did. You gotta be on when you do interviews. It was hard. Yeah no I'm not into. That is fun Saturday though. It was on Saturday. Well you know what though I actually like but but for tonight story? I'm cool with this being my birthday. 'cause I'm really excited at the story and this is a story that we wanted to do since we started the podcast. Yeah because there's definitely a part in it that we say all the time. Oh Yeah we're GONNA WE'RE GONNA queue that up and say that real strong I. I made a good lead up to it. Exo I mean I know what part is. You'll all know when it happens you. Oh okay if you watch one's behind the music. Yeah and that's what we're talking about. We're talking about your TLC array the crazy this sexy and the cool all of it all at one eight no battery ugly in here. It's all just create a sexual Yes candy your weekly podcast. Bringing yes. Sweet treats from the world of music stories and tales and maybe a little things. You didn't know about certain artists that you really like some fun. Trivia Fun Trivia. We hope you will do well. It Music Trivia after this. Yeah you're welcome please credit us. We're helpful yeah. And we're your host. Maggie. I'm Ashley and yes. We are talking about the one and only TLC. Yeah Wonderful Group from our childhood. I love talking about right. I mean they're so influential influential in just in general a very big part of my life. Yeah I guess but I would also say that their music totally stands the test of time you can still listen to them and it's a God damn shame that will never get music for them again. I mean we won't get music for them again as the three of them. Yes but they they definitely Kennedy. I know I know. Yeah Yeah we'll get into it but we had A. We had a pretty delectable beer. This time we did a nice. It's a good beer. I was pretty excited about it. We don't always complain about a lot. We don't always get a good beer this week. We were drinking prairie artisan Ales Artis Anal. No it's just artisan Ales. Oh okay to now but if you put them together. It's artists angels. Arniston nells artisanal as Liz. That's so fancy very French. It's French guy on your Anal mercy buckets artisanals. It's called no chill milk. Stout aged dot coffee make sense because we clearly have no chill chill but still see arguably at least one member certainly didn't have any Chil- yeah no but one of them did have Chil- renamed was Chili. Exactly also and also also no scrubs also no scrubs. I don't want him getting here. What what the fuck is that? I Scrub get America. Here fuck out here scrubs. It was a really good beer. I think it hasn't fully been out for a while things. This is a bit of an older can. Yeah I think that's I think it's an older beer but I really have no idea because our local beverage center sometimes rotates things too quickly and then doesn't rotate other things for years which makes no sense to me at all. There are some cans there that I have been staring at since we started doing this podcast over two years ago. Actually the same exact can literally so this could have been one of them. I don't know either way. It's still good so no. That's what I was GONNA say. I mean if you happen to come across it. I would highly suggest getting it. Yes there was five percent will baby and that was the only can that they had but it was good. It was Kinda bummed. There wasn't more but we'll do. We'll make do we always. Do you have a ton of notes so we should probably just dive right. We can do that. Never I am may tell me about. Tlc Tebas left Diane chilly spoilers. That's what he'll seized not tender loving care not learning channel which is which learning in that sense. Highly suspect hiding. Kony comes to that. Tv Channel Not learning anything. They have like like. Isn't it like a thousand pound life now and like the little women which is not just little women little people yeah people? It's it and like you know just exploiting people time explaining people under the guise of learning. You're not learning anything GAWKING AT everybody. Yeah but this is not the TLC. We're talking about. It's not fairly. We haven't been things we discover tonight yeah so TLC started in nineteen ninety in Atlanta Georgia. But it wasn't started by anyone you may have heard of. The group was pulled together by teenager named Crystal Jones. Rumor had it that crystal under the direction of Perri Pebbles Reid whom you might not recognize that name however you probably would recognize one of her. Like two hits. She had that one. Hubble son's really familiar she had that song girlfriend girlfriend. How could you let them treat you so bad? Oh that's yeah. I do know that song that song and I very often forget about it. One of those lost hits. What is that like late? Eighties Leah's Ladies Ladies Ladies Night. So Yeah Crystal. Under the direction of pebbles was there to form a girl group. It was a group the likes of which no one had seen before all black all girls in featuring that new jack swing sound. That was so popular in the nineties. I still love that New Jack Swing though. Yeah that's still. That's still fucking slaps guys. It's slaps it swings in. Its slaps it whips llamas ass rhymes swings and if all his ass. You're welcome you can use that. Tm TM like credit us. Use that crystal. I set her eyes on Tian. Two niece walk INS also known as Tebas. Yea Tian was born in Des Moines Iowa on April twenty-sixth nineteen seventy two James and Gayle Watkins. Her family was very musical. Her Dad had his own band in which her Mother Sang. Backup vocals also. She came from a musical family. Indeed Partridge family there. That's Kinda funny because my next line is this wasn't exactly the partridge family. I look at you. Were on point tonight. What except not because he's not a partridge purchase. But you're wrong tetons. Parents divorced when she was three years old. James Watkins chose music over his family essentially abandoning tianze mothers. Who go out on the Road Rod. Yeah good good choice. He continued to be a pretty deadbeat dad missing Christmas and birthdays constantly. Rod Rod Dad. He had he's not like other dads. He's a Rad Windy. Actually did you see her dad. He and his various girlfriends allegedly would subject her to ridicule and abuse. What yeah he was Kinda Dick. Sounds like it. Man Like so far. Not a winner. So far sounds like Dick. Yeah making matters. Worse was a medical diagnosis at age. Seven that would affect hands life forever. She was told that she had sickle cell anemia with which is a disorder where there aren't enough healthy red blood cells to carry oxygen throughout the body. This causes extreme fatigue. Extreme pain organ failure stroke heart problems and a whole slew of other problems. Jesus this meant. She was in and out of the hospital constantly from the age of seven dealing with the effects of over exertion and pain When she was nine Tian and her mother moved to Atlanta in Atlanta was a very different place from a small city in Iowa. Yeah but gill wanted her kids to have more opportunities to have great futures and it was a rough transition for Tian. Are you saying that gale was a cool mom blake in actual cool mom and then her dad was a red dead dead out on the road? Yeah yeah by the way read debt is not a thing you ought to be in our book apparently you you can only say it if you roll your eyes as you say yeah radd because mom gaels doing gum kill student job. All right into mowing there weren't a whole lot of black people. She could hang out with their. She was to black so nobody wanted to talk to her. But in Atlanta it was the opposite. She wasn't black enough so she was stuck in this weird limbo but she still tried to be a regular teenager. She took an interest inherent nails becoming a hair model and getting a part time job at a salon but her real passion was dancing. She liked to hang out at eight. Young Person's Club is what they called it. And that's what I'm calling it. I don't know what else to call it secrets as it was secrets. I'm like I can't say secrets. 'cause nobody listening to US right now. In those with secrets. Secrets is a young person's Club at a roller rink. Around here guys they have to water cannons into two in no dress code dress. Canot hoodies can't wear hoodie grinding. No hoodies leave enough space for. Jesus yes. That's a kids club spot. Yeah a children's Children's multi use a entertainment venue also virgin dockery's and a lot of other virgins there. That's it's feel weird. Yes the baby. Show weird but that's what it is. It is just like this. That's that's the club for virgins. It's a club for children. These children should not be phoning yet. Yeah if you're going to secrets you're not boning yet. Yeah but also. This place has a better name than secrets. Yeah it's called Jelly beans. That's Jelly me. Fucking Youth Club. Yeah and it was a roaring too so it was a club. Roller Roller Blink. I'm going to rollerblade cry now. I'm going to point blank. Point BLINK BLINK. Point Break Still. Can't say it it's okay well. We don't really long tirade about clubs. Anyway she would go to jelly beans all the time. One of her favorite things to do was challenged. The boys that ruled the dance floor. Shit and she could sing too but her passion was dancing as luck would have it. Tebas had a connection to pebbles read. Crystal Jones Mentor. That was helping her. Put the girl group together. Crystal was in charge of finding the talent while pebbles would be in charge of managing them. It just so happened. That one of towns co workers at the Salon was pebbles his hair stylist and this co worker suggested Tian to pebbles oh also auditioning for pebbles was Lisa Nicole Lopez later to be known as left. I left die. Lisa was born on May twenty seventh nineteen seventy-one and was raised in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. Philly her mom Wanda was a seamstress and her father. Ronald was a staff sergeant in the US Army. She was the oldest of three having a younger sister. Raina and a younger brother Ronald Junior and Lisa. Antiguans childhoods were very similar. Though Lisa's parents weren't professionals they were still musical. Ronald senior played harmonica clarinet piano and saxophone. He's a real woodwind kind of guy. He was his role. Woody guy he would. He likes them read instruments into the wood. Dick Jokes again like Tian. Lisa came from an abusive household. Her father ran their house like a boot camp or God. He was extremely strict punishing. His children for the smallest most inconsequential infractions. Physically abusing both them and their mother. Maggie matters worse with was his drinking problem which was something he unfortunately passed sound to Lisa. By the time she was fifteen she had also started drinking. So he's not a rat dead. He's just a bad bad. He's a bad debt but like that kind of makes them sound like a kick ass dad bad. He's a shit dead. Yeah that's not great. Yeah Shit dead. I should just want to keep the rhyming scheme. Yell Left. A thing of. We'll come up with better. Yeah in nineteen ninety. Lisa moved from Philly to Atlanta in part to get away from her home life but also because she had heard that pebbles was looking to start a group also a fifteen now she was about six eighteen. Okay so the seven she could leave the house the first thing she was. Leave the house and go to Atlanta yes. She had already finished school and everything since she left. Good for you get the fuck out of there. You can do better. She took her keyboard and seven hundred and fifty dollars. Booked Georgia immediately impressing pebbles with her exuberance and talent so Lisa Join Crystal in Tian to form the first incarnation of TLC. Which at the time was called second nature it wasn't long before the name change to TLC which was short for Tian Lisa and crystal right. Krista was the original third member. Exactly wasn't she technically the first member? Technically Yeah Yeah. After practicing a bit. The girls auditioned for the face records. Which happened to be owned by Kenneth? Babyface edmonds wait a minute. Is IT LA- face or LA face? La Face I always thought it was ellie face it easily confused because baby face owned it along with pebbles is husband at the time la read. Oh that's where I get it but it's less face lower case a la face face the French the French for the face. Oh No it's Spanish for the face but it's a woman is the time in face would have said Mister Phase. I'm going to call it. La Face because when you go to L. A. It sucks so hard you have to put on your la. People think you're having a good time gentlemen even though they're totally on the east coast we can call La face okay. Ellie read and baby face loved he on and Lisa. Behead A BIG PROBLEM WITH KRYSTAL O. After the Audition Crystal Kinda just disappeared. Oh my God what happened to crystal. Where's Christopher's crystal? What did they do they? They did a crystal. What's in the box? It's crystal off crystal and he really shoved her in there. That's wow really wanted to get rid of her. We know what happened to crystal. She's in the box. Oh good okay saying that Fox crystal. Just stay there you're fine. The details are a little murky awake on true crime story. You didn't see coming. It's not so one story. Was that baby face in L. A. Thought Crystal was a week performer and should be replaced. Another is that Tian in. Lisa's simply asked her to leave the group. Oh yet another is that pebbles didn't like that crystal wanted a lawyer to review their contract before signing it and therefore shoved out the door. If that's what happens crystal was the only smart oil. Yeah and man own. Yeah because that will come back to haunt them or she got shoved in a box. She's in a box. She's a vauxhall guys. Either way. She's fine she's Fi- yeah like she's probably just living your best life either date or she wants to write a tell book so like whatever she's there she's not so re-live she's fine great not in a box. None of us guys crystal was out in San Lisa. We're in and they signed that contract that crystal wanted to go over with lawyer. After they sign the contracts they celebrated their soon to be success and celebrations were short lived however leader the same day that they sign their contracts. Lisa found out that her father was shot and killed in a drunken argument. Why not same day crazy? That's a fucking roller coaster of emotion Holy Shit especially because she had a really terrible relationship with her dad so like the feelings. You never really come to terms with those feelings. You know whether you had a good relationship with the deceased parent or not. I think you actually come to a better place. If you did have a good relationship with your parents did or did not did. Oh Yeah but still. Losing a parent is very is still. I mean like in the way he died two is really insane so he was in a fight with. Yeah I think he yeah he was shot. I think it might have been outside of a bar. I'm not really sure but the I. He got into an argument with somebody in the just shot him in a parking lot. That's awful her way of dealing with her father's death was to put everything into making this group work and also drinking a lot. Yeah that sounds about right. Yeah I know that feel now. They crystal was gone. They needed to find a new third member and quick pebbles would find that in Redonda. Oh sealion Thomas. She has a very complicated. Melanie later known as chilly. Who is a backup? Dancer for the group Damian Dame which happens to be on the face. Records resigned was born on February twenty seventh nineteen seventy-one and is a native. Atlantan growing up resigned to know her father all she knew his name. Abdul Ali and that he was a soldier in the army her mother Eva. Thomas was only seventeen years old when she became pregnant and Abdul left without even knowing it. Wow but walk. It's a debt issues after. Tlc made a big and everything. Chilly went on Sally Jesse Raphael and met her dad. Good Job Sally just Rafael and found out. She has to two brothers and a sister that she didn't know she had and all that stuff and it was a very very sweet clip. I watch it on Youtube. Also made me Miss Sally Jesse Raphael in her fucking red glasses s jr man. She has great actress up her and Donahue. I watched after school sometimes though dining is kind of Douche he was oh he was a jeff. Shaw Zal yeah not a kind of Douche nozzle I definitely not a regular Douche nozzle. Oh Cool Dude. He's A to. Nfl Anyway resigned. Grew poor with a single mother and her great grandmother had a big hand in raising her. Her Great Grandmother also introduced her to the seventh day. Adventist Church for better or worse Yeah we've up leave it. There is going about their in school. Resigned was often ridiculed because of her looks Lake Tebas. She just wasn't black enough for some people. Oh her father was of Bengali and Middle Eastern descent while her mother was black but it was difficult to explain that to her bullies because she didn't know her father But like even if you did not like guys thank God they all know what the fuck is before fuck you? But that's like pretty awesome. No that's super awesome but kids are dumb and Shitty. Yeah the kids can go fuck. Themselves may sorry kids. Y'All can fucking adults learn not to be an asshole? She persevered through school however and enrolled in college after graduating. She intended to study fashion design. But all of that was put on hold when she heard that pebbles was searching for someone to fill out her new grow group doll. She hit it off with John and Lisa right away and officially signed with the group. In April Nineteen ninety-one the contracts. The girls signed were for production management and publishing deals with pebble tone pebbles management company yet. There's a lot of sand pebbles in this Christ drinking game back to the beginning. Drink EVERY TIME. You hear pebbles yeah. It was a really really bad contract. Where pebbles basically owned everything the girls created including their name? But the girls didn't even think about it ex young they're like what eighteen to twenty at the spam. Waiting Twenty would not have thought of any in a heartbe like I just said. It doesn't matter if they're not going to screw me giving me a record contract to sing and dance and like go on tour with MC hammer and shit yeah fucking signing. I'm signing you're signing. We're all signing assigning. This right now. I don't even need a lawyer. I'm not as smart as Crystal Gad. No Chris C crystal was a fucking smart one. Although she'd rich one shit now no they were more worried about a different problem. They already had the name. Tlc But now that they had so they had to think of something else. Yeah I was. I was wondering about this part. They decided to give themselves nicknames. That would fit. The bill Tian became tebas. Lisa became left. Eye and resigned. Became chilly a name. That Lisa gave her because she was so hot. I mean honestly when you keep telling me that they got made fun of for their looks like why they're gorgeous. Yeah the three of them are Baber. Ham Lincoln's should weighing leak seriously though there so attractive. So why are people making fun of them? They're gorgeous. I don't know you're stupid and jealous. Basically the girls got to work right away on music through their deal with Tone they signed with the face records with a distribution deal through aristotle records. And that's a pretty big deal. The list of writers producers on this album is also impressive. Germain du Pre L. A. Baby Face Marley Marl and Dallas Austin during recording a complicated and drawn out relationship between Chile and Dallas Austin blossomed. I think his name is funny. Dallas Austin actually. Yeah wait a minute. Did they mean to do that? I would have been funnier is that they needed of Texas Austin or Austin Texas for these last name have to be Texas and also L. A.'s. First name is la like all of you have names after cities is just like reation. I'm sure it is like Louis Albatross Lewis Albatross Salvatore Salvia. You manage my. Mamma gave me name a mob and gave me you can call me luebbe troughs luebbe trough although chilly new. Dallas was not the Kinda guy to keep it in his pants and she was constantly jealous of women hanging around him. They continuously broke up and got back together girl. Why don't you just to go to? Here's Tangun just don. He's going to cheat on you than ever got chewed on him or just go find somebody else. There's plenty you're just a baby bird. Trying to get your beak would yeah. After recording was over Chile found out. She was pregnant with Dallas trial. We Shit considering. She was only twenty years old and on the brink of stardom this was a pretty compromising position to be in yeah knows compromising gutter in their whole whether by Dallas Austin himself or her management or the group or whatever. She decided to have an abortion a decision she later said she regretted. Yeah and you just. You did what you think you had to do you. Can't I understand regretting it but you also can't dwell on too much rate because you have a out of the way it did. Yeah and I'm not even talking about the stardom but I think she had a lot of good things happen to her life and she could've easily just as much regretted it if she did. Have the baby. That's kind of a catch. Twenty two about a situation like that like young. And you're not going to be happy with whichever result you pick exactly always gonNA wonderful. What if I didn't do that? There's plenty of big decisions in your life like that right. She barely had time the process the abortion before. Tlc's first album Luwan the TLC tip debuted on February twenty fifth nineteen ninety-two. Oh which is happy birthday to me the day after my birthday. Yeah but also. That album is twenty eight years old tomorrow tomorrow or yesterday. Yeah yesterday for you. Listening Twenty eight. Yeah and that's a great album by the way. Yes that is a solid fucking jam. Indeed what about your friends? Oh Yes oh so good. It peaked it only number fourteen on the billboard. Two hundred but it would eventually go cool wide drubel platinum honestly fourteen for a debut from van goods from like these young women. Three young black women in this old little weird for the time exactly so now. This was good. Yeah three top. Ten singles ain't too proud to beg baby baby baby and my personal favorite. What about your friends? What about your friends? So what about them catapulted? Tlc into astronomical levels of popularity. Oh yeah a big part of their appeal was their image. They were tough and tomboyish but superfund inaccessible. Their message was positive in grounded. They supported safe sex. But we're overtly sexual. At all right there close had the exact opposite appeal. Massively oversized shirts and pants. Doc MARTENS BANDANNAS giant hats. None of this said I'm here to corrupt your child's minds but it also was super trendy right and they also cover themselves in condoms. Which is like Joe Safe Sex right? I do believe I had no idea that they were condoms. Nope no no just oddly placed polka dots. I I had no idea what I thought they were but I did not think they were condoms to know what they were there. Videos were on heavy rotation on MTV and they were booked for their first national tour opening for MC Hammer luck yes. There album was selling like hotcakes. So they were thinking yes. We're millionaires. Yeah of course. That's IT wrong. What very wrong. No way the girls were starting to realize their contracts were probably pretty bogus. And they weren't and they were getting cheated out of money away because they were plagued put on a weekly allowance and it was like. I don't know how true it is. But they're they're official movie. Not The not a documentary. It was like a movie that told the story of TLC And it was. It was their official one. That Tebas and chilly willy. Like were consulted. Say They didn't director but they know but they were. I don't think they didn't write it but like they stories that yet I. I don't stay but in that movie. They said that pebbles only gave them twenty five dollars a week each for whatever they wanted handy and so like what the. Fuck can you get for twenty five dollars to get some Bazooka? What are you gonNA get tebas about all I can fucking afford? Maybe a can of beans can be fucking eat it la- Campfire fire fight of their tour. Fires Start Them? She is so we haven't gotten there yet. No no spoilers. Their main issue was with pebbles herself. Who seemed to be spending a lot of money but not paying her clients The appeal to La read expressing their dissatisfaction with pebbles and desire to get a new manager La even though pebbles was his wife Agreed and although they stayed with Pebble Tone. Pebbles was removed as as their manager. Wow she did however retain the right to royalties So she was still getting that money. Yeah but at least like at that point I would imagine. Tlc getting the money as well you would think. Oh God but I'm GonNa keep that under my belt and Go on a Commercial Break Hari. And then we'll keep on going when we get back all right. It's a tasty tasty part when we get back into painting. We'll be right back and we're back we back a nice break nestle break. Would you guys do on your break? We breathe 'cause you can't breathe into these microphone. Just pick up everything. So let's let's continue with very tasty juicy part of this story. Oh my God what happened. Is it crystal? Did you come back out of the box? Crystals out of the box crystal in the box crystal out of the box. He's a good horror movies. Czar you could take them credits to say. Inspired by true podcast. Yeah so yeah. In the meantime. Love was in the air. For Lisa she started dating Andre Rice and Wide Receiver for the Atlanta Falcons football filled Madden John John Madden. It's John Madden. Where's IT James Man? No you confuse me. Yesterday with the same thing confirmed it was John Madden. I don't know football and Pigskins pigskins. Yeah wow no TLC anyway. Lisa Andre Reisen. There was a great beautiful relations. Joe And the test of time. Why on no way? Their relationship was tumultuous to say the least from day. One day one. They fought constantly and Lisa accuse Andre of emotional physical abuse on countless occasions but abuse wasn't the only problem. The couple had Andre was extremely possessive of Lisa but he was also a flirt in a cheater and Lisa's jealousy. Temper was a force to be reckoned with. This is a real mixture that you don't want. Yeah this is basically just putting gasoline just dumping it on that fire your cooking beans on your theory being fired wires too big so you fuck up some bees. Yeah on June ninth. Nineteen ninety-four wait didn't she? She did actually call the COPS ON HIM. A couple times. Oh Yeah like. He was actually beating the shit out of her. He was legit abusing her. Yeah like this isn't just like accusations. There is proof there are on at least one occasion. She called the cops like filed a restraining order against him or something or he was arrested on domestic abuse charges. Black I at one point. Yes Yeah Look. He was fucking garbage person. Yeah he was not a cool dad he. I don't think he was dad. He should be just garbage. God I hope you shouldn't have kids. He probably does Lord help them. It's fine he plays football and as long as he's really good. It doesn't matter what he does. I'm pretty sure he he. He had to have retired long ago. Probably I don't know what yours ninety four ninety four. There's no way he's playing anymore has twenty million concussions now just dark spots all along brain basically on June ninth nineteen ninety four. The final Straw was had according to Lisa. They had an intense fight After a night out and Andrea was physically abusing her. Lisa took several pairs of Andres brand. New Shoes didn't the fight. Start over the shoes. I don't know I thought I had read or saw something once for. They fought over the shoes because she wanted shoes. Hsieh's yes she was pissed off on a shit ton of shoes and she's like why. Fuck you have all these shoes? Their brand new. How did you get these and Lisa? Do you have any money right? That point so like she was kind of relying on Andrei for money. I don't know why say forrest gump a month. Yeah we're not talking about shoes. Yes but I just wanted to clarify. I feel like that was even like how the argument initially started taking could have been. There are differing stories everywhere fair so I just diplomatically. Said she just took the shoe. She's shoes she took the shoes brand issues Through them in the TUB douse lemon lighter. Fluid and set them on fire. She didn't anticipate that the fiberglass TUB would melt allowing the fire to spread. And you know what? She did what she do. Lisa done part house down. She did though. She burned the house down. Lisa dumb burn the house down and that is our favorite thing to say. Yeah I mean honestly. We've been waiting over two years to say yeah. It was good. Yeah Lisa burn the house down to though like legit. That was everywhere. It was big fucking news. If you Google Entree risings house you will see a house on fire. It's not even on fire. It's just half of a house because it was on fire and now it's half gone we in the Revenue Shit. Burn the whole fucking house down. Well he deserves it. Stop by and all those fucking shoes. Man Stop beating the shit out of her meeting. Maybe that's what she can do sure. She's just an irrational woman Ashley. She's just having her period. She was hysterical. She's hysterical no like Jennifer Lopez. She had enough. Enough was based on Lisa. We wasn't no fake news here for us. We're here for all your fake news needs anyway. Lisa was subsequently arrested and charged with first degree arson. But nobody fucking arrested Andre for by too many shoes also. Nobody arrested Andrei any of the time that she was like. Hey He's beating me. Can I have are straining wanted? Please he did once as far as I know. There was one of like a time when he was arrested for domestic violence. Yes may I have one restraining order please? May I have another no? You get arrested this time I did it. This is bullshit. It was accidental arson. I mean the shoes were intentional. She intentionally set the shoes on. Yeah but she didn't WanNA play. She didn't want it done. Burn the house down well so she was convicted and sentenced to five years of probation and was forced to go to Rehab for her alcoholism. Which okay that's fair. Your thoughts fair. The Rehab was actually a halfway house where she underwent therapy and that had a huge impact on her. None of us to get away from Andre though the couple reconciled and continue to date off and on for seven years on why nobody was like Maybe we shouldn't like put this in magazines and newspapers and stuff immature. It's almost like you know when a famous person beats up there also famous significant other Maybe we should all I duNno. Hold them accountable and not keep celebrating like thorough musician. Report Ninety Eight Zero Magazine. No clicks together. You're like Oh my God. How are they back together Omega? She forgave him. Oh my God what is this like? Maybe we should. Actually I duNno. Give a shit about someone. Safety envy hold somebody accountable for their shitty action. All they can still be famous musicians. It's fine yeah yeah talking about you. Chris Brown yeah. Go Fuck yourself your piece of fucking garbage. And I don't understand. Chris Brown apologised. But you're cool. Whatever go for it. Some shitty things about that in particular is that when we continuously give attention to these people in Essentially. Forgive them for the bullshit like we. We basically forgiven him for beating the shit out of Riana when we review that that makes it so much easier for people like Riana to continue going back to him which is what she did and the same within. Here's again the same thing Lisa. Yeah nobody stepped is like what are you do way yeah? Nobody focused on the fact that she burned his house down because he was beating the shit out of her. Yeah everyone just focused on crazy. Lisa burn houses down. She's just beyond her period moon blood. She howling at the moon when she did it. Jesus like stop thinking things like that and think about why she fucking did it. Yeah there's got to be a reason it's not just because she's an arsonist maybe if somebody abuses their significant other they should suffer re real repercussions. Yeah maybe maybe maybe like an NFL. Players shouldn't be allowed to come and play if they're going to like abuse kill people and animals. Yeah if you WANNA know why. We don't watch football there's a list also concussions like stop black spots all over your brain blackspot slacks while Lisa was in Rehab. The group with went back into the studio to record crazy sexy cool which turned out to be an even bigger hit for them. The album was released on November Fifteenth. Nineteen ninety-four to huge success. Oh my God huge pray that and massive radio and MTV play. That album is an iconic album. Yeah that for I. I feel like for everybody growing up in the nineties. I remember my sister playing this album like repeatedly for every evening all evening. Yeah Oh my God no. I listened to the cassette tape constantly up thing at the take that remember those I do. Magin get out of here kids. I told you come back to your grown up and children. Worldwide sales for crazy sexy cool tipped over to twenty three million copies if used three top five hits and two number one hits creep and of course waterfalls which is arguably the group's biggest hit. I mean like I said he's going to argue with me. No no I was GONNA say. That's that's pretty definitive. Yeah yeah the music video is iconic. And the Song's message which deals with gang violence in HIV as still resonates today and the girls were tackling more grownup issues on this album. And their image reflected that gone were the cartoonish oversized tomboy close and in came sexier outfits and impeccable make-up God this hunter image boosted t buzzes self esteem at a critical time. Her health continued to go downhill She said the anemia was making her lose so much weight that she would wear multiple layers multiple pairs of pants just to make it look like she had hit and when I forgot to put this in my nose I don't know why but when they were on tour with MC Hammer. That was the first time the girl saw her have this really bad attack. caused by her sickle cell sickle cell anemia. Oh my God. She collapsed backstage before a show and they had no idea what was wrong because she never told anybody that she had the the condition. So that's something you tell people something you tell you where medical bracelet for that. Shit. Yeah get like tattooed on your chest or something. I don't know but In the early nineties like nobody knew what the fuck that was so? You're you're not bryce figured at this point or lifelike. She'd been doing fine. She's young she could control and she didn't want anybody like the e being her about it. She didn't want anybody making concessions for her. She wanted to pull her own weight just like everybody else. Well good for her but also take care of yourself. Yeah you don't WanNa claps on tour and have everybody say what happened and then ended up in the hospital in probably create more problems for you and the group because you're stuck in a hospital. Yeah waterfalls was written by Lisa along with collaborators Marquees ethridge and Organiz noise however Lisa didn't have a whole lot of input into the album as a whole. She was in Rehab during recording. So she wasn't there to collaborate. This led to some tension within the group. Oh with Lisa feeling left out in like her ideas weren't being acknowledged like Lisa left out nevertheless crazy. Sexy cool one. The girls two grammys but that night. Those winds were not what made headlines. Everyone was talking about their backstage speech in which they finally told them media about their money woes they literally told reporters that they entered into an unfair record contracts and while they were busing their assets to have the careers they have they were still quote unquote broke. His broke can be. Yeah so they're out here. Finally exposing now I mean not like. They're the first but they're people the artists who are exposing how up the industry contracts are not fair at all and the artist rarely is the one that benefits the most and they will rarely speak out about that right. They're afraid to lose what little they do have. Yeah I think they're either. Their manager or Elli Reed himself was like they're just off camera while making the speech and a reporter pointed out there like they're standing right there and they're like we don't fucking care this. Our record contract is bullshit and we're not making any money. Can you see? This is the most successful album. Probably of the ninety s there. They were standing there each of them holding two grammys. And they're like we. These things prove that we have successful careers and yet we don't have the money to show it. Yeah we're still like getting by week by week. Exactly they were so broke then on. How broke were they face? They were so broke. How broke were today? That on July Third Nineteen ninety-five. Tlc officially filed for bankruptcy even has to borrow fifteen thousand dollars each from Andre Risen to file the bankruptcy papers. I mean I guess it is warm. Running came in. Isn't it ironic that you have to pay fifteen thousand dollars to file for bankruptcy? Don't you think it is ironic? Not just a bummer. That fifteen thousand dollars a file for bankruptcy that you had to borrow from your friends abuser in really sucks shitty situation that we never should have been in. What is it? Figures very big album of the nineties? He does figure it really does figure figure. Yeah like everyone else at the time. You're probably saying to yourself. Therein Insanely Successful Musical Act. How did they find themselves so destitute that they had to file for bankruptcy well? Let's talk about the contracts. Let's go into it. While the main reason was terrible contract with the face they only gave them fifty six cents per album sold which may sorry which they had to split three ways. I'm sorry I'm just sorry period. Don't not even a comma. That's a period. I don't even know. Yeah that's yeah so go albums for like twenty bucks back an and the sense sense. So fifty six cents. You say that sounds entirely miniscule and your rights It is for those might not know how album sales work. Here's a quick breakdown of the album sale revenues in TLC's case local through the break down. This is the good part of the song. There are one hundred points assigned to each individual album. Sold points are assigned to different people that worked on the album. Touched it in some way that means the artists producers session musicians the record label managers the mixers engineers. Everyone like that gets points while each point equals eight cents. Tlc As a group got seven points per album eight times. Seven equals fifty six cents math math. We did it so if they sold ten million albums that equals five. Point six million dollars. Total okay that sounds like a lot But the face. Aristotle and pepe tone forced the group to pay report recuperation 's meaning. Tlc had to pay them back for the cost of recording manufacturing and distributing the album. I know how you're looking at me right now. As well as touring and extremist expenses like air travel food clothing music videos hair makeup and so on everything that they paid for for. Tlc TLC was made to pay back so basically everything they made. Every went right back into their pockets when right back to the rallies faces la La Faces Pepito of pockets Pepito Fucking factor anymore. Yeah so that left them with two point. Six million dollars after paying everybody back would they need to pay back well now they have to pay taxes on that and their tax bracket is in the forty eighth percentile. Right that was it was that left them with one point. Three million dollars split three ways which equals forty three thousand three hundred thirty three dollars each for one year salary. But that's not all. They still have to pay their managers and they were in the midst of legal battles with pebbles so they were actually in the red for hundreds of thousands of dollars. They were negative flake. Almost a half a million dollars. Cnn Ohio saying before we started that like my stomach was feeling hangovers going. It's all back. All came back came rushing back. I'll coming back to you now. Yeah it is another big apple nine so I mean even if they even if they just got that net income after they paid la- face and pebble toning everything still forty three thousand dollars. Each is nothing I make more than we have an office job. We both definitely make more a public servant and I make more than that. We are not creatives that anyone gives a shit about right excess. We have this podcast. This certainly does not make us any money truth. The girls found a new manager. That actually gave a shit about them though. Legal troubles with pebbles lasted for over two years. Wait a minute do you think? After they made that announcement on the grammy's just managers were coming through the woodwork. Like Hey I'll save you see girl. Hey girl hey girl babe hey babe. I'm totally going to get you out of the stall. We're GONNA do this together. You and me. The legal battles resulted in their contract with the face being renegotiated and the contract with Tone getting ripped up couples again retain royalties on future releases like if you want to give them to her on past releases fine but future Gopher Yak yourself pebbles leak I now I don't like your music go fuck yourself and also your husband is the head of the record company. He still getting money. You're arguably a musician of sorts. Right go to your own things. The fucking piggybacking off other people at least a manager. She's managing other acts. Yeah so for knocking off. Get Out of here pebbles. Whose name is pebbles. Anyway we're S- Bam Bam habits Bam Bam your ass on out of here but I do want some fruity pebbles. You know yeah. I don't like cereal cereal. So the yeah. The girls found themselves a new manager while on their new manager. GotTa meet of their new manager immediately. Got Them on a new tour and actually generated revenue and managed to get them out of the hole that they were in a manager. Doing its job. They continued working making music. Pretty much anywhere. Someone would let them. They recorded the theme to the NICKELODEON show. All that Oh and appeared on the thoroughly. Superb waiting to exhale soundtrack. Oh my God. That's such a good soundtrack. Though one of the best soundtracks has ever existed. Id I've never even seen the movie I don't need to. I got the soundtrack yeah I got Winnie. I got shuck. Akon Hurson Tony. He'll see I got Tony. I know all of them shits all them shots so good. Meanwhile Chilean Dallas Austin's on and off again relationship was on and was soon turning into a family on June. Second Nineteen ninety-seven chilly gave birth. Keep pregnant she was Propganda Nance and she gave birth to their son Tron. But what's his name Tron like the Disney movie? Yes okay. Was it originally Disney movie. The original Tron. I believe so from like the ilise. Yeah all right need to me. They named him after Disney movie. Yeah good for them. I like it okay. Choices but their relationship finally ended for good shortly after his birth in on Tebas Zen. Her health was getting any better and she could see it. Interface which inspired her to write the song on pretty pretty would appear on. Tlc's third album fanmail. They decided to give it that name as a tribute to all of their amazing fans that stuck by them through all the bullshit of the previous few years. The mail they would get from fans was a huge inspiration and helped keep them going through all their legal troubles. Stephen put the names of hundreds of fans on the album. Artwork that's awesome. I'd actually never saw the artwork for the album sell. I don't think I have either. Maybe I did not buy this album. Either I'm pretty sure I was thoroughly into the new metal. Oh Point Jefferson and really liked. I really liked the video for like no scrubs and stuff. I like the futuristic thing that they are doing because this futuristic thing was an idea that Lisa had very early on in their career. She wanted to do this. Futuristic Shit back like when they first got chilly in the Group. I wonder if she saw the movie. Tron. Maybe maybe she suggested that for your call name now. I just have this whole Canon of like Lisa's like I'm going to get one of them in their kid tron. I love that movie. It's the Beim. Listen to my fucking ideas out game. Name Your Kid Tron. I wouldn't do it and she does. So I'M GONNA burn this house down below but I but I remember this house of kid try. I'm alleged you burn this house down but I let me 'cause you name your kid trump right. I mean I really like this Canon. We've come up for Lisa. She's she interrupt. She's an interrupting Kanye before. Kanye wiscon- yes but also much better at it. Yeah definitely I remember. The Music View on pretty too though is very sweet and also kind of reminded me of butterfly by crazy town because they had like the same like jungle early backyard. Only you're right there. I just remember. We'd have the different scenarios of women who were doing things themselves to make themselves prettier. Yes and I remember the Boob Job. Wanted to hear a fight me and that was what made. Besides the fact that I've got big jugs already. Yeah was like. I'm never getting a BOOB job. Oh Yeah. Because they like the power they pull the silicone. Alex I think it got infected or something right holy shit terrifying. That was pretty terrifying and I was like. I do remember watching that. This is a bit too real for me. Terrifying face started work on. Am L. in April. One thousand nine hundred but work was delayed due to friction with Dallas Austin friction. Clever name anymore. Not you're just dumb. Friction was inevitable considering Dallas's outrageous demands. Four point two million dollars and full creative control. What is like how are you? Is he still helping to right at this point? Yeah he is but like four point. Two million dollars in full creative control. Do you really think they'd go for that. No no no can do no Hollywood that Shit. There's three strong independent women they don't get You Dallas Austin. Why don't you go your ASS BACK TO HOUSTON? I believe it's Fort Worth Fair Rea- We all know by now the TLC was not down someone else having full control over their music. Even a longtime friend like Dallas legal battles ensued and recording was put on hold. In the meantime the girls worked on other projects. Chilean tebas worked on the films have plenty belly respectively and Lisa started her own. Production company called left eye productions. She signed another female. Are Mb group called BLACK SPELLED? B. L. A. Q. U. E. O. Who released a platinum selling album under her supervision? Lisa also started and hosted. The MTV reality show called the cut where bands singers pop acts competed for a record deal and music video. Actually vividly remember the show. Why don't I don't know why but I really liked it and I watched the whole thing. There's an aspect of it. That would be interesting. Yeah I really liked the the group that one and the runner up. I don't know if you remember her but it was anesthesia. Gav vaguely yeah. She was the runner up and she ended up having like a big career. Kind of on the same vein as Robin I think. Yeah but she was more popular in Europe than she was. Here seems to be Acura. Yeah and lease also started diving into her family history trying to find a connection with her deceased father through his connections to Honduras where they have family Eventually TLC started working with other producers. Get their new album recorded and finally released Fan Mail in February nineteen ninety nine. I remember that. The song's no scrubs. Unprincely scored the girls a third and fourth number. One single. If you want to hear more about no scrubs you can listen to our now. That's what I call music episode from last year because we talked about that. Hobbit we did well doing press for the album. Lisa expressed that she felt stifled in. Tlc in which to do more of her own thing since she was in Rehab for a lot of recording for crazy sexy cool and she was reduced to only doing wraps and fan mail. She felt her input with severely diminished. Yeah that's fair. Was there still tension around this? Oh Oh yeah I feel like. I don't know what the ages are but from what I had seen of like. You know the behind the music or any interviews. It always kind of felt to me like Chilean Tebas. Kind of treated left. I like a little sister. Yeah but at the same time Lisa kind of acted like younger than them. Shoes like the off the wall bonkers. Kinda little sister and Tebas and Chile were the more mature older sisters. Kinda just like when we can't control her. She's going to do whatever she wants to do. Well Blah but behind the scenes like left. I was getting really annoyed and just pissed off because she felt like she wasn't being heard right. And that's fair. Yeah I mean. She's clearly got enough creative talent. Why don't you have a little bit? More control yeah and they were finally doing that. Intergalactic idea with the no scrubs video but that wasn't enough for Lisa. She still felt that the group asked for an implemented her ideas but didn't allow her equal opportunity to express herself within the group Not Helping matters was her new relationship with a dude called Marshall. Lorenzo Martin Okay. This guy was one hundred percent a bad influence on Lisa giving her advice on everything from hereon makeup to her business decision. I don't think you get to dabble at all. Yeah oh he. Continuously Fed her lines that she was better than Tebas and chilly and that they didn't give a shit about her and goaded her into pursuing a solo career. Yeah let me tell you about how. Somebody's in your life and they're telling you the people who've been in nearly for a long time or no good and bad for you and they don't like you respect you. Let me tell how this is a bad idea? We'll tell you how ya not great for you. Yeah probably want whatever you have whatever success you have said they can ride them. Yeah in late. Nineteen Thousand Nine VIBE magazine published a statement from Lisa. Where she said she no longer she could no longer stand behind. Tlc One hundred percent because she felt the music wasn't hers. Tebas and Chile responded in entertainment. Weekly saying quote left is only concerned about left eye and entertainment weekly published leases. Reply all my God. A derivative letter. not a derivative letter targeting. Chilean tebas quote. I challenge Tionne player. Walk Ins and Rozan data hater. Thomas Oh my Gosh Album. Entitled The challenge. A three CD set that contains three solo albums. Each album will be due to the record label by October. First two thousand. I also challenge producer Dallas Though manipulator Austin and. She's not wrong about that wrong to produce all of the material and do it at a fraction of his normal rate as I think about it. I'm sure the face would not mind throwing in a one point. Five million dollar prize for the winner. Okay now our now we're GONNA see here's the thing when I started saying. That actually sounds really cool like a three. Cd set his name. You're like oh he's being mean she gets to the face and I'm like I mean I guess I don't have any problem with her bashing Dallas because fuck him but I'm like Oh all right. Well the stopped being a really cool idea. This is a cool idea anymore. Lisa you're burning the house down again. Yeah they should've just called it. Are We having fun yet? What is the DAD jokes tonight? Oh yeah the challenge never happened. Obviously yeah unfortunately I think I think in general. The challenge would have been cool. It could have been cool if they were like good hearted about it. Yeah no no I know. That's not coming from a good place. It's coming from Alice. And the feud finally died down when Marshall exited stage right. Someone not entirely sure who found out that Marshall was married and told Lisa how she didn't know I don't know so motherfucker was Mary. Yeah he was fucking married and Lisa didn't know and somebody found out and told her I told her but also like come on but also how did you not know in his his wife? Okay with this like I have a lot of the question. That's the thing I in on it together. I maybe what what was the deal with this guy. I have so many questions. He was probably like really good at hiding like. Oh baby at Scott. Some business or got to take care of I'LL BE BACK YEP AKA. I have to go home to my family. Drop off some money to my wife and kid got some diapers yeah gross. She promptly separated from him. Ladies went about their business albeit separately they continue to perform TLC but each member had their own solo agenda. I mean that kind of just happens to in groups right especially after you have this much success. Yeah I mean they kind of made it three albums. What can you do well? Let's see what I can do on my own. Tebas for one found out that she was Gannon. Ans- around the eating of two thousand. Her father was rapper. Mack ten her father was like wait. Father was rapper mack. Ten who've been dating for a while when she found out about the baby NYSC miraculous accident as Tebas was told since she was a kid that she'd never be able to have children let alone lived till the age of thirty. Jesus Christ yeah. It was a dismal childhood eighties word of good timeframe still Tebas AMAC ten married on August. Nineteenth two thousand and their daughter chase was born prematurely a few months later on October twentieth. They would eventually divorce in two thousand and four with Tebas alleging abuse at the hands of Mac ten. Can We stop hitting women? That'd be great. I mean that was just fucking wonderful. Stop hitting each other for. Just throw that out there. At the same time Lisa was busy recording solo album called SUPERNOVA. It was initially released in Europe. Sales were poor consequently the US release of the album was canceled. Oh what was? Successful was her collab- with Mel C of Spice Girls. So yeah they're song never be. The same again reached number one around the globe. I don't remember Song I don't either. I don't think it was number one in the U. S. so around the globe except here up here. 'cause why would we pick a good song played here? I mean like what was the two thousand one to yet no Yeah about two thousand thousand two thousand one all right so I mean like we're getting to the point where it's like. I'm sorry is this. Is this rock. Is this black eyed peas. You want it but I believe this is also around the time. When Chile started dating usher and that was laying the big thing 'cause then he came out with confessions and everybody thought that confessions was all about chilly. But it wasn't about Chile. I didn't know that actually well. I mean there's nothing to know 'cause it wasn't about Chile. These aren't his confession. It's despite the disappointment of her first album. Liza started working on a second one. At this point she was no longer solo artists with aristotle but rather signed a solo deal with death row records. All that's right and in the strangest yet. Most awesome sounding collaboration ever. She began work on the album with David motherfucking. Bowie. What yeah what. She started working with David Bowie. I'm sorry but David Bowie. That sounds amazing but we comma. David I want it. I know we never happens flipping tables. I'm leaving she's May she yukon. House Downtime Gone Not Mine I'm I am real. Your sign on Jay writes in his out. Starters I J rising by Burning House down this is for Lisa and also the fact that I will never get a fucking with her and David Bowie and it would be fucking amazing. Just the thought of it is mind blowing. I wish ever told me that. I'm very sorry at the same time. Tlc's manager negotiated a short tour in Europe and Japan that would generate twenty five million dollars for them. However Lisa turned it all down. She needed quote spiritual healing time with previously planned trip to Honduras. I mean all right. She was doing a lot of spiritual stuff at this point. Yeah she was really trying to work on herself. This was like her growing up time. Yeah this was her. I need to find my shit. Everything and figure out what's going on in China came back from the whole alcoholism thing and she's like. I've gotTA do some self searching. She was taking her shit. She's getting it all together. Oh yeah it was all their shoes? Putting in a backpack nicest backpack bringing it to the. Shit's store Yup or the ship museum and then to the ship museum shoes just getting it together now. Her shirt was together. She got her shit together stood and during that trip. She filmed documentary. That explored spirituality and familial connection to the country and just as Lisa was rebuilding her relationship with her bandmates. A series of events would change. Everyone's lives forever. Lisa was in Honduras for a second visit when on April six two thousand two at around nine PM Lisa. Her personal assistant and a couple of others were driving in Honduras when their vehicle struck and killed a ten year. Old Boy that boy. Baron e solve winters logo was walking along the roadside with his sisters when leases assistant who is driving hit him. Lisa was incredibly distraught over the incident. She paid for the boy's medical care and funeral expenses and more than the boys loss with his family. No one blames her or her assistant for the boy's death but of course she still felt immense guilt right. I mean how can you not right but apparently that was something that kids in Honduras did a lot? They would walk at night along the road and people just kind of new to look out for them And I guess the roads in Honduras are notoriously like really bad extremely wind e end of her documentary and yeah they show them driving around. And those aren't real role. You're you have to have a jeep or some kind of off road vehicle. You can't have a there's no regular cars. They are all wrote cards. Cars made for off roading. Yeah their religious paths. Yeah they it's not a road. There's no if you're thinking of like a regular pave two lane road with shoulders on either side. It's not it. There's no shoulder there's barely enough room for two vehicles. So yeah it's not and it's pretty easy to just go fast at night. There's nobody else really around and if you don't know there's going to be kids how you're not going to not look for that right. That being said only two weeks later another tragedy occurred on April twenty fifth. Two thousand two. Lisa was driving a rented Mitsubishi. Suv down a road. In less Seibu Hunduras. A disabled truck was stopped in the road. She swerved left to avoid the truck then immediately swerved right to avoid an oncoming car. She lost control of her SUV which rolled several times before hitting two trees. Lisa died instantly from a fractured spine and open cerebral trauma which basically means that some kind of object was sleek driven into her brain at a high velocity and caused a severe head injury. I didn't know that yet. Haven't a cameraman and her younger sister were in the car at the time and both survived with minimal injuries. The cameraman was filming at the time of that so everything was caught on film after her death. The documentary the last days of left eye was released and the footage. The cameraman caught during the accident. Oh my God he did you watch it. I did not watch it. I don't know if I could. I want to because I want. I'm very curious to see. I want everything to that. I don't think I can watch. I met like the the actual probably have a hard time watching her with the going to. There's like a scene. Where she they show her going to the funeral. Home to pick out the kids casket so I don't know if I would be able to watch that but that's like you have to be in a mode for that movie. Oh yeah you have to know? You're going to be like probably a little bit traumatized by the end of it. Yeah that's Jesus Christ. Yeah I didn't realize I actually was always like Tam. Like how did she die instantly? But a lot of other people survive. I think it was the fact way that like. She hit the tree when I didn't realize that she actually ended up with so many injuries. Something actually going into her skull. I don't know if I can actual extract to the head. Yeah like I think it was straight to the headed and forceful enough that. Yeah uh as like a gaping open wounds moorhead. Yeah I mean Yeah. Yeah whether it was. Yeah it wasn't like crowbar straight through her skull or anything. It was just a very severe open wound head. God the that's all I didn't realize that happen. Yeah that's Yeah. Yeah and she basically snapped her neck also. She's she died instantly which is kind of a blessing. You'RE GONNA these. Don't feel anything. Yeah don't have to deal with pain. Or The scariness of everything exactly cheese Chili and Tebas were understandably distraught over leases death. Chilean particular stated. She drove into a deep depression for awhile and they knew they couldn't stop. Though they had an obligation to and honestly sometimes work helps. Get you out of your depression. Before Lisa died she'd already finished her vocals on two songs for a new. Tlc album using those vocals along with vocals recorded for two other unreleased songs. Tlc put together a new album. Three D was released on November twelfth. Two thousand two. It did well going two times platinum but didn't match the success of their previous records. Maybe people were still just to saddle releases death to embrace new. Tlc album without her. Yeah I could see that. I mean the post Death Mercury out a queen album after framework night button do as well but yeah I think it would because everyone is like oh ship and there's still there's still some vocals like it's still them but right. Maybe there's something about postmortem that makes people just to sad. Maybe we can really set years later so I just wonder if maybe there's just something about when somebody's Day you're like I can't or it's just it's just not the same without them. Yeah that's fine. I mean I got that needed. No matter what yeah in two thousand six. Tebas health took a scary turn. Not only was. She still dealing with the ups and downs of Anemia. But she was now diagnosed with a brain tumor. Yeah she said it happened really fast. All of a sudden all of our senses just stopped working. She couldn't see here talk or walk on her own. And it took three years to recover from it. Holy Sh- brain tumors and a fucking joke though. Yeah and reading about hers scared the Living Shit out of me because she said that she would get really really bad headaches And you know. She just assume that they were headaches. Migraines or whatever I get really bad migraines all the fucking time right so hearing other people's stories about having brain tumors and Shit and she said she said that she couldn't walk her speaker anything like that and that happened to me once so it doesn't hurt to go to the doctor it. Yeah go to the Doctor. Go to the doctor just like. Hey this is happening. Wants to do brand scam. That'd be great. Thanks Novi Wonderful. Also the girls got into the reality. Tv business again. In recent years with Tebas doing the short lived show totally Tebas two thousand twelve or whatever short lived. Because that's a terrible name. Totally Tebas you have to flip your hair when you say totally tebas. It documented her health issues in trying to reconnect with her father. But after six episodes she decided to call it quits. Okay Lee she. She made that choice. Yeah so that's not bad. Won't Tebas was doing that. Chile doubled down on her seventh day. Adventists stuff okay. She's apparently involved with seventh day. Adventist TV programming and was has recently become close with Doug batchelor host. The propaganda show amazing facts in clear winner in every lurch locally contests that ever existed. He's a scary looking motherfucker with an eyebrow ridge for days in a super creepy mustache bachelor. Doug Bachelor okay. Oh Yeah. Don't watch amazing facts. It's fucking garbage is it? Is it all just bullshit? It's all fucking bullshit. Cool sorry Chile. Sorry but no. And June thirtieth twenty seventeen. Tlc Self titled Fifth Album was released and this is supposedly the group's last album however they've lied about that ship before 'cause in the last however many years since Lisa died it's like every few years or like. Yeah we're not doing. Tlc anymore and then a year later they'd be like we're back and they keep doing the like. I love the nineties tours. And stuff like that right. They say it's their last album. Hologram left eye up their horn for years. They're doing Hologram Whitney Houston so we'll talk about that. If you're a Patriot member you to hear. Us talk about thoughts but yeah so we'll see if TLC has really gone forever. I mean thorough. He's kind of around. Yeah they're always in our hearts God. Hey a really tumultuous story and when we think about them it makes us wanNA fart. Say Right or pay the price by Tam. That is a Kinda Kinda here now. Kind of loading Yeah no Lisa left eye. Death was really sad for us because we grew up with I always Sir I. I always associate her death with elise because they were very similar in around the same time. Yeah late nineties early. Two thousands and I feel like the both died in vehicular accidents of some sorts of probably could have been prevented. A could certainly have been prevented absolutely both of them. Yeah 'cause Eliya died in a plane crash because they overloaded her plane yep because they didn't want to take two of them could have easily taken to. Yeah it's okay to be safe to say that's already fucking save just before can say yes to many young R. and B. Singer style very close together. Yeah it is. It's an yeah it was during our childhoods so that stuck with us. Yeah for sure and you think they're not that much older than US right action. Now they were. They were there there in this. He's now so yeah. There are a bit older. Yeah Sam good for them or they'll be turning fifty this year that yeah yeah. It was about like a thirteen year gap between us. Some good for them. Yeah I hope T- bows and Chile. They're doing good though. Doing good doing good tebas healthier much healthier than she was before. I mean science has gone Far Away. Now Chili's still looks exactly the way she did when she was eighteen years ago. You know what the best part is crystal out of the box in crystals out of the box guys crystals out of the box. It's all matters. She did it. Crystals the clear winner in this story. I don't maybe I don't know if I'd see anyone if she puts out a book or if she has a book out I wanna read it. I don't really know what she would talk about after she left. Tlc who knows? I don't know I wanna know kind of just read it in the bookstore owner. That guy who gets a couple of COFFEES and Caesar House? It's fine thanks for listening. We love you and appreciate you so much and we hope you enjoyed this tale of TLC. Yeah especially if you know. That was a crucial part of your childhoods like it was hours. There's there were a lot more Elements to it than I remember there being. Yeah but then again there behind the music came out like right after they filed for bankruptcy sonacare. They redid it though again right after left. I died. Yeah they must have they do. Yeah they did. But I'm remembering the one they did before she passed. Okay yeah no they. Do you remember talking about the bankruptcy thing so I mean either way you know. We could argue. Yeah we we love watching behind music. It's great but also I feel like they skip a law. They skipped so much they really are just like. Oh whatever behind the music is like a nice outline. Yeah of a artis career. I mean I'LL ANGEL. Watch it if I can find it on the artists. Oh yeah absolutely I liked the megadeath one allots. The METALLICA wants. Just Kinda hilarious. Yeah some of them are fun. Actually there aren't a ton for the artist. We do more than you would think. Thanks for listening. If you guys Sir digging US and wants to took out more. You should go to our website. Www Dot rock candy podcast dot com over there. You can comment on the episodes and send us an email if you want to or just go on and find our social media's because we got facebook instagram and the twitter's me do all the things we do all the things we don't do them all but we do we try trying counts and you can hit us up on all those we do things. Yeah you can also hit US. Up on patriotic. 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History among experts is women's history month all eighty all the time. Girls Girls Girls go goes also crew. This is not going to be a motley fucking crew however next week is going to be another. It's GonNa be another roller coaster of episode. Oh it's going to. You've been preparing for this one for a while so once I got inspired. I was like oh I need to do this. Oh it's GonNa be great and still oddly relevant to our times. Oh yeah yeah yeah oddly but until then you guys are just GonNa have to cool your jets and weight. Well then. Yeah so until that party on Ashley Party on Maggie Party on a you crazy kids out there. What about your friends? Will they stay ground? We'll be led to you down again well at your friends about your so good. Now I'm GonNa go per in the House town. Earn it Dan.

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