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EP 85 | NO Immigration for 60 Days?!


This episode of the PODCAST is brought to you by Red Arrow weapons one hundred percent made rifles right here in America checkout Red Arrow weapons DOT com today. What's going on in America? I am grandma Allen If you can hear by the sound of my voice I feel like I'm about three octaves. Lower the normal. I was GONNA ask I I don't know you told them last week or last episode last night it was it was getting better and then last night. I had like a sneezing fit man. He's again and I'm not kidding. Dude it is one hundred percent jacked. Me I hurts so bad and this is about. This is about as high as I can get right to second and so yeah it's interesting. You know I googled it. Apparently I might have light hurt. My lyrics apparently apparently apparently it's not as uncommon as you would think it would be people hurt themselves. sneezing A lot of times elderly folks with especially the elderly Anyway so yeah so this is why sound this way. I guess Anyway so man you know. We're still in corona virus. Today is the first day that South Carolina is opening. Backup some retail stores. It's not everybody Georgia on the other hand is pretty much. Come out and said screw everybody. We're just opening everything back but I did see a barbershop starting to open up. I don't think they're supposed to at all is like people are just starting to do it. The governor said that and then a lot of mayors George are like we do not agree with this. Please stay home interesting or not. Going to Texas started. Yeah Texas is started talks about friend one of my best friends in Texas. They're starting open it back up. They said they still probably won't have church services for a couple of weeks out but at the end of the day everybody knows where I stand on it and I just lie. What are they GONNA do coming out today saying if schools go back which everyone's fingers are secretly like please please? I don't think it's going to happen. So their story in Italy. This guy was sunbathing on the beach. Just him and two cops come beaten up in four wheelers to call them quad bikes in the article Wad. Pike's grinds Mike Years. There's a drone in two guys on four apply. Girona just shot kill them non just young. It was fine for oh I thought you were going to say he was fine all right so Missouri. Yeah we just saw this on the news today that Missouri has decided to sue China. Did they clap clapping? I think that's fantastic all day. I noticed that you let the applause go the entire time for your. It depends on what the applauses for. Yeah anyway all right so some ridiculous things that have gone on the past couple of days. You guys know Whoever the actor is that plays Kylo Ren on Star Wars. Yes Adam something driver Dr diverse well together nerds together anyway So Adam driver has come under some fire here lately because of I guess he did an interview either before he was super famous or light right when he was fooling anyway he was in the Marines. Yeah Yeah So. He's Merisi joined right after nine eleven when And so in the interview he says I am going to butcher it because I didn't memorize it. But the gist of it wise I just felt a sense of retribution that I needed to go over there. And you know because they had done this to us And there are people now trying to cancel his career because he's Islamophobic. Stop it I make it make it up. Not Know is just as real as it can be now if he would've said something like those dirty Muslims. We just need to kill them back to the time when he posted that. That's how every single American felt like this is not okay. Oh that makes me like him. Even more in a lot of that comes from the perspective of the Nice Guy. That likes you a lot from. Young Turks Hassan Pike. Yeah he straight up said America deserve nine eleven right. Didn't he say that Yeah so there is a mindset that was because of our oppression are pressure over there in the Middle East. Jordy will help his career over the minority. I think he's one of the good ones for sure. Like Wayne wreckage. Erase was doing at the Golden Globes and everything it showed him and he looked like I'm innocent as like down. Let it burn me okay. So there's a lot of there's a lot of little spot hit stuff today. I apologize again guys for being down a little bit but this is all I got this all. I got real-life stuff so here we go exactly. It's not allowed to go higher. I've told him he can't hurt his concern. If I don't calm it down I'm concerned is going to last a lot longer than it should. So you liked the virus. I'm pretty sure that these symptoms not symptoms but either way crap. Dadgum you say oh before. We know that sponsor right now. Gun Stores Jammed. Anonymous sales are through the roof. If you were hoping to go to the gun range to practice for the Zombie Apocalypse. Good luck between prices. Skyrocketing social distancing you can forget about range time. 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We have a new sponsor it's going to be with the show Kill cliff were going to be a new sponsor for this show. That will start next week. And we're super excited because we love Energy in here and so I'm Subaru and if you're a CPAP kinda person. They got the C. D. drakes and stuff to Jake Jake is all about those. I WANNA go up. I don't WanNa go to energy giant with a Downer to have different ways. Seabees great freeway. The point is those guys are awesome. They donate to Charities Navy Seal Foundation and all that stuff all the time. Some really awesome do so. We're excited to bring them on board. We met them through our friends over at drinking bros. Ross and all those he is They showed a picture of Ross and for people. Listen to have no idea about drinking. Rose I apologize but I just have to bring this up. They showed this picture of you. Guys have met Russ Interesting Guy. Great Dude Love and interesting character real loud real like ha ha all. He went through this. He does these things on their show where they challenge him to do certain things with his hair and face and he'll do it so like one of the challenges was we want you to grow your hair out and sand and light. Lemon juice bleach. It Light Patrick swayze so you went through this whole period. Which is God awful? But apparently several years ago he went through this Freddie Mercury phase where they wanted him to like grow his mustache out and curl his hair so anyway story for the day describing the hair and all I could think about was tiger key. Sounds like him. Ross Patterson for those who don't know he was the bully in the new guy. Yes yes yes yes great. It's a great film. I love new speaking of Tiger can we watch the new episode last night? I heard it sucked. Big Old Man. Really astle grenfell on the couch and watch. It's almost like skype calls. With all the people to get a little bit more money out of it I was a couple of cool incites but I fell asleep last night because I had been dealing with trouble all day. Thanks very much. Hey look let me tell you something ladies gentlemen you don't realize how much you swallow throughout the day till it hurts when you have to do it. And it sucks man. I've also decided that if something is in fact I would may. We're just going to take the podcast into the hospital from their documentation of everything that's going on. Let's see here okay. All right so things that are going on so facebook and this is always a weird thing for me because facebook is obviously such gigantic platform for us And people were like ooh says the face bookstore They always get mad at me when I talk about things. Facebook does but just. The point of the show guys hadn't figured that out already. I don't really know what to tell you Anyway so facebook has come under fire now by Democrats or the left but by conservatives because A lot of these people that have been doing these peaceful protests About the lockdown and everything. A lot of them are organizing by creating groups on facebook and so facebook has been going in and taken those down and taking those away so if they see a group being formed facebook will automatically go in there and just just delete it and just not let it happen and now the YouTube. Ceo has just come out and said as I've lost it on my place. Okay Youtube CEO. We will remove any content that goes against the World Health Organization Recommendations Now what does that mean China? But what does that mean per se so if you like film content and you're outside of your home or I mean you know what I'm saying like what does that mean if you are filming a piece of content outside you don't have a mask on they're gonNA take it down well. How are you supposed to like that sucks? Yeah that's weird anything really that they deem because you can justify anything. I took it down because of and you can find a reason right and and one of the fact checkers for facebook and Youtube also. Zain works at a company that makes the tests for buyers. Just little side no conspiracy theory. I don't think we have anything to worry about with youtube though because they already since L. Youtube all right look lo I saw. I WanNa talk about that. I know a lot of people say all the time you hear. You hear a lot of conservative figures use. The I'm being censored thing for clicks. Right I mean let's call it what it is. I mean you tell people in two thousand twenty that you being oppressed in some way or suppressed in some ways it just automatically leads to more engagement of wherever you say that however we have proof from youtube that we are and the way that we have proof is because we have figured it out from other people So Drinking Bros Ironic. We've talked about the drinking bros. Guys twice in episode during Ambrose One of the biggest podcast in the country okay average millions of downloads per episode gigantic podcast. These guys are great. Dudes Lama death. We could not be more polar opposite of people so they're podcast is very aggressive very vulgar. Very pro fame. They even had one episode earmuffs children. They even episode where they live commentated a porn and that was the whole episode like they like no like he was like a huge hit for them in so but but but that was the entire episode they have never ever ever ever not one time had a video taken down monnet monetization taken off off. No never this is out of their mouths because they called me specifically I go on their show and put featuring guests Graham Allen the first video they have ever had get demonetized average. Ebay was because Graham Allen. The words Graham Allen just trigger something in the Algorithm for Youtube they hate me and I just thought that that was mind blowing like I know that we talk about controversial things I get. It are we live. Are we live broadcasting a porn for the episode that New Cross from entertainment and to ask your speaking political and truth and people don't want that another thing is when we post a video on Youtube with a vague title? That doesn't have your name and no description. It'll get thousands upon thousands of use until Youtube realizes if we put dear America with Graham Helen Boom. It's are automatically. The name is in their database. Says hate speech? Yeah so you know I mean there are situations that goes anyway but we're not worried about youtube we as your name. Yeah there we go. What would my name beef? We changed it. Go Jake Name Me Rob Graham Robb first name is Robert but it doesn't it doesn't in their system. I was thinking like. Would you want me to make up a whole new life show Jason Smith? Jay Shot John Ralphie over any parks and REC fans out there. Okay all right. Let's see here so Donald Trump and his press conference yesterday. The Borders have been locked down. Immigration is not allowed into the into the United States for at least sixty days at the end of sixty days. They will reassess and Green cards everything done not not happening. And of course the left and the Democrats are up in arms about this atrocity to all humankind that we would ever ever ever do this so so. Let's talk about the hypocrisy of that. The Democrats want us to shut down everything not go outside Nazi people but we wanna to let a bunch of people in the country. We have no idea who they are. I mean just think about that for just five seconds. The the nonsense that that makes Also I agree with one hundred percent. I mean you know if this thing is as big of a deal is everybody says it is. Doesn't it make sense not to let people into the country? Yes doesn't that make sense? I you know it's not forever and it's one of our military people can't even come home you know. They're not the stay put. Some of these are saying that Americans need the social distance and stay at home for eighteen months and the president comes in and says we're just not going to let people immigrate for sixty days and people were losing their minds me. It's crazy talk Also this is another instance of the president putting America first right because it's Americans that are out of jobs right now and so when all this stuff kicks back on the economy kicks back on. We need to get Americans back to work. I and I know that that trigger some people and that some people who are you saying Americans are better than people not unlike an eternal soul level. No but as far as rights for the country that you're operating in yes. That's exactly what I'm saying Cat Williams. I love the Cat Williams. Stand up when he's talking about other countries talking crap to America and he says bull crap. We're better than you know. We're we're Americans. We are better than you are I when you're talking about country status of citizenships etc etc. If you're an American citizen yes you have priority over all this stuff. You got no problems with people having priority low nab onto an aeroplane that really makes no sense whatsoever. I saw a guy freak out one time because he was in first class and he thought that the plane was the point. That had the beds in first class and lost his frequent mind in first class. I've seen some crazy stuff. I have not seen such craziness as people warning Americans. The lockdown not leave dog outside. Don't interact but they're completely okay With people we have no clue who they are immigrating into the country freely makes absolute and also even just economically. Yes we need to take care of us. We need to figure out we need to get our country back where it needs to be and then of course bring people over. But we've got to get. We're a mess like right now. I think we need to make sure that our country stay strong. It would be like it would be like how can I put this in? Layman's terms that people will say over. Generalize later Oh okay I got it. It would be like you having kids. It is time to eat dinner. But before you let your own children you walk outside and find a bunch of people you have no idea who are and then they come in the house and eat the food. I don't make any sense does it. No I listen to us over there going. Well no no. It doesn't make any sense if you had enough food to feed everybody. Of course you would feed feed your family. I write if you only had enough for your family. You go outside and give it all away. Start kids not eating tonight. If we don't get ourselves right there's not gonna be a great country left for anyone to come over to exactly and by should take a note from trump because when you're the president of the United States that's what you should be fighting for the American worker making America a better place and he goes on there and says you know trump uses this moment to you know dog on immigrants. I don't even know where he's at all right so anyone's really going to take what he Monday Monday. I made a lot of followers unhappy or fans or steers. And I WANNA talk about it because anytime I do some things where the majority of comments I get is. I normally agree with you. A hundred percent but now I can no longer say that because you said this. That's good. You shouldn't agree with anyone Eddie. Graham a hundred percent maybe fifty anyway. all right so. I posted a photo was in here. I post a photo because I wrote a little video on the little dry race board there and I wrote on there. I said People who need permission to be free never really were. Hashtag opened up America saw set. That's got slammed posted that I saw that I liked and people lost their ever loving Emma about this dot. Com actually surprises me on the Cotton Field Picture. Stupid but see that triggered people. Okay here we go. Here's one here's one okay And I responded and you know I got more lice than she did but either and I'm not gonNA call out anybody's name because this is not this not to poke fun. This is to have a legitimate conversation on the podcast about a gripe that some people have about something I say and there's a lot of disagreeing. Okay here's one person. This is finally the time I disagree with you. Hashtag stay at home This one I disagree with you as well. The country does it need to do anything except make sure the Wuhan virus doesn't kill the amount of people the Chinese wanted to globally especially in our country. Stay home stay safe. I also work in the healthcare industry. And you're doing more harm than good. Here's the one that was The most responded to out of your body and this is the one on one talk about grandma and I agree with you on. Most things see. They all started off with that. Just so you know you've messed up this time I agree with you on most things but I can't get behind you on this one. I'm an ICU. Nurse and having to watch people die because of this virus I go to work with knots in my stomach every day hoping I don't get sick or get my wife's sick. This is the true reality of this right. So that's the one. I WanNa talk about okay. I preface this next bit of conversation by saying that we respect love and support every single healthcare first responder period beds on the frontlines fighting this fire. But rationally okay. I'm not saying that it's not a deadly virus. I'm not saying that it's not killing people. Obviously it is a new study here in South. Carolina is showing the same study that was in California that they're clocking it at a point zero one mortality rate. Max of a point of a point to five or something like that so not even a percent you see what I'm saying. Yeah rationally it makes no sense what we're doing just does it. It just doesn't and I understand emotionally. I understand being on the front lines of things I really do. I get that I understand. Sways your opinion to sways your emotionally. It really does. Is it emotionally charged thing and completely fair enough? I get it I understand but now that more and more things are coming out. We're realizing that this virus was eighty five. Tom Is Eighty five times. More contagious than we thought. Which means eighty five times the amount of people we think have it or have had it have actually already had it or have it. That maize is eighty. Five percent last fatal. Then what we thought still hasn't killed as many people as the flu. No and it probably will even if it dies even if it kills the same as the flu. We don't shut things down for the flu right anyway. So back to the point right in a lot of people are like you know what good's an economy if there's no people there what good's a bunch of people there if there's no economy. Yeah yes that's the same question and we've we've addressed this a lot because they're seeing all these protests because we are seeing the numbers didn't add up. We're not just stupid people going okay. I mean I don't know you know how long until the ELAX economy the lack of economy starts to affect people's healthcare right. That's what I was saying. It's that's the question Blue Cross Blue Shield and let me tell you something. They haven't offered to not let me have to pay monthly premium. Get THEM SAFE. And we still can't even get into a doctor right now unless it's Tele Doc which was interesting with my poison ivy trying to show him all when I'm trying to say if there is like for example even if there is something legit wrong with my throat right now I couldn't get in to see Dr Anytime soon anytime soon. They literally told me that. Like unless you like can't breathe or something like that man it's gotta be at least middle of. May At least middle may so that's what I'm trying to say. That's the kind of stuff. That is not sustainable. Okay we are a Free Society. Okay so when all this stuff opens backup if you don't agree with it this this is the difference in this. We're offering true freedom here. Bear with me a truly free society says you know what we're opening we're opening the economy backup period. Where opening it up. If you don't want to go back to work you don't WanNa leave your house. You have the freedom to make that decision period you'll have to you don't have to. It's not guaranteed. You're going to keep your job but you have the freedom to make that decision to look at all of Americans say you don't have a choice. That's not freedom. You don't have a choice because you might infect somebody who may be vulnerable in May die. Those are a lot of maybes and you're taking away people's freedom of choice away in that regard again. I just want to be really strong. On the fact that if it was reversed and more people are dying and we were seeing this. The majority of Americans wouldn't be protesting and we were even. I truly believe I mean maybe this is my optimistic perspective but even if we had the choice to go back to work if we were seeing that the majority of good Americans get like you know what no. We're all GONNA as a country ride this out. Stay home but that's not the case right now. I didn't get upset over your message that you sent to people and I'm pretty hard on you. It's GONNA to open up in stages it's not like we all run out and start hugging each other. They'll they'll do retail. I you know and hug people before. Yeah but the thing is we've all we've never really shut down completely still go to the gas station. Still go to the grocery pickup fast food. You telling me that. That's all that safe exactly exactly. And so the biggest thing that I've said from day one is if this thing really was the end of the world like everybody's acting like it is none of this crap would matter anyway guys ladies and gentlemen if this was the end of the world existential virus is going to take us all out. There's going to be enough health care. Beds there's not going to be enough professionals And just you know. People are people man you really think as many people are going to be showing up to work if they know if they get around you. They're dead That's not the way that humanity and the world actually worse. If this was truly that big of a threat every business would be shut down. You couldn't get gas. You couldn't get food. You couldn't do nothing. People would be forming factions with each other Robin people. I mean that that's the reality of what it would actually be light so again here has what has happened. And maybe this'll get clipped one day. Maybe this does take us all out. And they'll be like this was the dumbest personnel was together. This guy's podcast led to the whole world ending Crap I just wouldn't matter right. I just blanked trying to think of a monumental point then come it So here in South Carolina. I if you look out the window it doesn't look like Werner lockdown at least in my neighborhood there are people playing frisbee hanging out you know because people are tired of this crap in the numbers of infections are still going down still going to the grocery store still going to the gas station touch and all the doors and everything and yet the cases are still drop okay but but but health professionals out there. Let me ask you a question name a single day. A single moment a single minute in time. That is totally safe from a viral and bacterial standpoint to go outside. Never you can always get something. Never the answer is always never and so. That's what I don't understand the other thing. Sorry with people who work in the healthcare industry. It SPLIT WITH THEM TOO. So half seen tons of videos of nurses. Look at all those innovating innovators incubators. There's like twenty of them all with bags over them because they haven't even used them they're laying nurses off because there's nothing to do with the hospital some places like New York. Shut down all the other stuff right. So there's two opinions here you have some doctors and nurses that are there's hot spots again. I get it I mean. That's my point I if you're on the front lines of this yeah we pray for you and we get it of course but and I'm sorry. Go ahead I was. I mean but I just don't think you know where we're at right now. Everyone seeing that our country should be shut down because of it. Yes should we be cautious? Absolutely it's still going to be on all of our minds we're not saying. Hey just go crazy all but I mean it's still in our minds and we want to be safe of course however it's time to open up our country and we've learned a lot from this and I think people will get less sick in the future because people will be more mindful of everything. They're touching touching their phase and I love having the whatever seven to eight for elderly communities and come in compromises. I mean I think hopefully that stuff will continue right. Yeah so okay. Here's another thing that somebody said. Well okay before we get into this and I know that this this pike has taken a little more serious turn a lot of. It's because of my voice but to this type of stuff I thought today would be a good reactionary day to what people are actually saying to. You know what we see on this end from responses to this thing because as important Before we get into that let's get into a spot record. Numbers of people are buying guns and ammunition for the first time. 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So let's go back to reading some comments here in lawyer said I'm never GONNA put People's names out Just because this is not how I'm wired but let's see okay. Ooh This is actually a good point. Somebody say Corentin when you isolate infected people true true tyranny when you threaten healthy ones with prison or fines. If they don't stay home very good point Here was a good. Here's a good one hundred. Thirteen people agreed with this person. All right so here. We go Yes sorry no not on board with this one. I have always been free. Quarantine didn't take my freedom. It was to save lives when my question to that is I think we have to actually define what is true freedom right. It's tough like what is true. Freedom in my opinion true freedom. Is You being able to do? Come and go as you want within the confines of the Law Right Constitutional and the constitutional law. So you have to weigh this. Stay at home. You can't leave. You can't go to a park. You can't do nothing you have to weigh that with the Constitution and I love people hard. You'd be like well. The governor made it a law. So you gotta you know so. It's not freedom anymore. That don't mean anything. Ralph North made a few laws. Yeah Yeah there's a lot of dumb laws. Hitler made a lot of laws in his right knee. What I'm saying so freedom is when people are truly invading upon your freedom. In my opinion it is people that are intentionally one hundred percent threatening your life or your livelihood or your religious practices as a person right now. People will say well. That's exactly what's going on. People were threatening people's like no. No no no no. Let me say that again. People are intentionally and directly cause and effect threatening your life Not a maybe a maybe is not a direct cause and effect. Maybe the maybe you could get somebody sick. Maybe that's not a that's not a direct cause and effect enough to take away. Somebody's freedom to be able to come and go as they please. And and here's another lie. That people are a lot of people are taking this as we or me specifically is saying that we need to go out and we need to have parties. We need to go on spring break You know we need to go to the bar and having drunk fast all night. That's not what I'm saying at all. Sorry to interrupt but if all those people are willing to go to spring break or go to be lousy then they should be allowed to if there's an elderly woman that someone grabbed and threw in the bar. It's like you're only getting infected people who were willing to go get infected. You know what I mean. Yeah I'm actually more pro. The more gradual roll out over the next thirty to forty five days and every week more and more things are laxed up and Mary Week Georgia. I like the fact that Georgia's opened everything up. Should they have opened everything up just day? One I guess. We'll find out today in South Carolina retail stores are opening. Backup pretty much. Everything but bars. Gm's and barber shops and stuff. I think bar should have been one of the first reopen and I mean that because if no one is innocent like at that bar you get somebody in fact in there like I didn't want to get this. It's like well you were in the bar. No and I agree with that too. I think that we should do two thousand five hundred seventy five hundred hundred and what I mean by that is like restaurants and bars and stuff like that. Open it up at twenty five percent capacity that falls well within the social distancing rules. You Know I. It gives the bars. It gives the restaurants. It gives these businesses opportunities to actually start bringing real revenue again. Yeah but what if one of those people in the twenty five percent has grown of ours? But that's that's no different than any social dissing rule. We got now. I'm just saying start at twenty five percent for a week then week to you go to fifty percent week. Three seventy five by the end of the month by thirty day period. Everything's back opened at one hundred percent. Yeah and the states that it makes sense. Do I think Manhattan should be doing this? Probably not right. This second Manhattan's got some problems. And you know that they're having a workout but here in South Carolina in Texas in you know in states that in the grand scheme of things man this is now I have not been affected. Yeah I think South Carolina the last time I checked at one hundred nineteen deaths that were corona virus related or caused right so one hundred nineteen people in the entire state. Ninety percent of them were elderly or underlying serious health conditions again. I'm not saying those people don't matter but can you make decisions as a as a fully functioning society and economic structure based around that. No the answer's no and that's the problem. You got a lot of these. Emotional critics Sitting back trying to run the country emotionally man. If we'd had twitter back in the day can you imagine if we had twitter back in World War Two when we were making decisions on what to do and how we were going to do wolf war to wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute where these horrible leaders are trying to say that we're going to have our men go on a boat? We're the enemy can literally see them coming. A vast majority of them are GonNa die before they even get on the sand. That's the stupidest thing ever we need to revolt. We need to do this. That impeach impeach impeach. It'd be all earth like. Can you imagine go back? Go back to Abraham Lincoln days. Can you imagine this Mo- foe says he's going to get rid of slaves all act? No you know what I mean. Just imagine how it'd be J. F. K. Would have been on the front page of CNN and Fox News. Every single day because he would slap with somebody else so somebody would have ran their mouth about it look. Let's just be real here people. Jfk Dog was. I'm sorry takes looking at me like that's going to cause some problems but it's here. Was he a bad president because he couldn't keep it in his car. I don't know the point is. We didn't have stop facts there. Okay all that stuff back then. People man people emotionally react to stuff now on the Internet. And it's driving me nuts. Shut up you know. You're you're either going to be pro freedom or you're not if you're pro freedom then you can't stand for what's going on right now just as simple as that right pro freedom. You cannot be good with it. If you're if you're pro. Whatever makes you feel better at night. Then I guess you sit at home and do exactly what the government officials tell you to do without question right here. The awkward pause because that doesn't making sense. That's why it's awkward because people at the end of the day if you really think about. It doesn't make any sense to believe that an elected official knows better than you do for your own health and your own safety survival. That's crazy it's crazy dog then making sent We vote for them and we put our faith in them but it can just as easily be taken back anyway all right enough of the tangent. Move onto something at all right. I got a funny story to live in the mood a little bit. A woman in Toronto was shot in the chest walking down the street the Dow. No that's not not lively but she survived because of her silicone breast. Implants another reason why I didn't say and then some good news for the day John Kaczynski have you seen his new sheriff but did her boo pop. Get more detail mattress like thinking about it. Did it go in and did it? No it wouldn't have gone in. It would have had popped right. Ricocheted lay still painful. If it like it was probably painful either way but I stopped the bullet and she left it in there too right. So John Kaczynski have you seen his new Internet. Some good news some good news the other day he did a virtual prom was that not the cool and I loved he. He has some really good ones on the. What is it good news? Yes the one where he did What's his face in the office? They reunited episode Rainn Wilson is that his real name. Yeah Okay I see her. Yeah Oh yeah. He had Steve But yeah check that show out. It's especially right now. We need some good news like that. He actually inspire more dot Com. That's where he gets a lot of his news. Remind you want to feel good inspire more DOT COM sponsor right. Nfl Brady and GRONK. Reuniting I saw that I saw that were part of the crazy eighties contract. Wherever HE GOES. There is a strong emphasis on getting drunk on the team. Looks like it'll happen and the NFL draft will be zoom meeting weird. I'm going to raise all the technical difficulties. Have you guys seen people talking? And you'd have to be able to hear him like ask to hear to turn your news these days. It's like wait a sorry. Thank you technical difficulties. Have you guys seen the proposed new DESIGNS FOR AIRPLANES POST CORONA VIRUS? I saw the headline. I haven't seen it. So this is what they're proposing sitting across from Juno so so it'd be the three seater so you got the Guy Right here and you get the guy on the window but the middle seats backwards backwards in closed in a plastic thing. Oh my goodness and so the middle seat was already miserable. No one's going to want to sit there and this will. This will keep elevating separated on a plane very well. Because you're still breathing on each other is all recycled air. A bunch of stupid people. I'm just telling you you know th they're trying to figure out. Post Coronas is the world said they were trying to figure out how to make it better with their lives in the world. Are you going to do that? You're the best redesigned for an airplane. Post virus is no airplane. Shit how about that get rid of airplanes because they pollute deal deal? There was one other horrible. Funny it's funny. You know what the biggest one is? Just get your own. Private jet like that preacher. Don't WanNa be in that long to with a bunch of Damon Thrive Let's see did you see that Bill de Blasio Did a press conference because he was mortified and just angry that people that they showed so much mercy would just do such horrible things so basically bill de Blasio released a bunch of prisoners and now they've already been arrested again for committing crimes. How shocking you know. And so the whole rest of the world is just going. We'll know Duh. What an speaking of Bosnia. You know his Hotline that he made for people to call in and rat on their fellow citizens for breaking quarantine so apparently a lot of male Acetates NO SORRY MALE ORGANS. Pictures were sending pictures. God bless you Patriots? There were other people that said I walked past heinous is about building blocks so yeah and other people were calling in saying walk past Bill De Blasio and he coughed in my face so they had to shut the hotline down. All right so in Media News Selma. Hayek says that in her career That producers always told her to sound dumber in her Auditions Hey lady with the big boobs. Can you sound dumber lays for us as role about dollar words Oh here's a big one. We got to die on. Tv Super Pale. Gosh is computer. Blue Light truly. Sorry go ahead. It was great. It passes four hundred eighty four billion dollars phase three point. Five Corona virus stimulus package include two hundred fifty billion to go back into the PCP. Oh there's two big things were missing and talk about. Let's let's finish it out with this so all right so yesterday in Donald Trump's Press briefing basically. It's finally starting to get back to the president the things that we've been talking about this whole time finding out that major chain restaurants major established businesses and even college universities like Harvard Guy. Ppp STIMULUS PAYMENT QUICKLY QUICKLY. Like millions upon millions upon millions of dollars. He's people got and in the president's straight up came on TV seaman. I knew this was going to happen. The second that they turned it over to the banks. That's where and I know. People were like well hell else where they're going to do it. Your government do it In this situation I don't know but I know that putting it directly to the banks was a bad idea right because relationships at the bay look. Don't get it twisted people banks especially business relationships with banks. It's all about who you know how good you are with Ted or Sherri or whatever is no that's what it is. These big banks have these people on speed. Dial the second they need something done they call them up and then they threaten to take their business away. If they don't push through I. The stimulus package was not supposed to be for those people. It was supposed to be for the people that got like eight employees. Us parents demand business. Exactly that's what it was supposed to be. So trump pretty much said yesterday. Harvard is GonNa give it back period like he said it in the White House press breast thing. I'm putting you on notice if you got this and you have access to capital see. That's the other this stimulus package was not for you. Taking a hit during this time it was for people that don't have the Cabernet money to be able to absorb the here who it that got it and then did give it back because they were like well. The rumors are the steak shack. She shake shake shake shack shack. That's the rumor so they were like the first ones to say. You know what I don't really know how we got this but but we're giving it back for people like me because this is how dumb it down for people like me. It's basically all these big businesses got. There's push through sucked up and we were told base. It's Never GonNa Happen Pretty much and then my parents were told you might as well stop trying. It's not going to happen. And they only employ a couple of people and so I don't know and then and then you come to find out all these big businesses have gotten it. It's very frustrating. And you can't even get a normal loan because you've tied up the bank very mom and pop people. I would also be willing to bet right now conspiracy moment. I'd be willing to bet that these big businesses got the heads up before it actually went public. You can put your applications in. Yeah you also have to measure what decides a big business because they're not all like big huge corporations with a whole of capital some look at. Amc going out of business right. There are a lot of big companies that do need assistance. So I mean that's why I said. The stimulus package is designed for people that do happen to absorb. The HIP thing is though they're pumping more money into this now. We didn't give enough but I'm sorry but what's probably really going to happen. Is the big businesses are whoever needs still going to get it and we still are? Are The people who need it as my point rating a ton of people? Let's say you got a thirty million dollar a year business all right. Let's say thirty million dollar forty. Let's do forty forty five forty million dollars a year. Business say got a hundred employees to pull it off all right so your monthly expenses with insurances with buildings with payroll. Let's say I duNNo. Let's say you got frigging half a million a month worth of expenses. You're supposed to get two point five times that okay. Yeah I mean that's a million five right. Yeah Yeah. So why are these big businesses getting ten million dollar Max loans right? Yeah this kind of stuff is what I'm saying. They need to reevaluate it. Those companies need that needs to be. I think what should have been done is instead of all these frigging forums. I think you should have had to submit payroll cost. Ap and L. Sheet. And then you had to submit an asset in capital sheet right and then you weigh the money that it costs you every month for the next two and a half months. Because that's all the stimulus thing was four to flow people for three months. That's it right and then you weigh it against the capital of the company. And if you've got four times the amount of capital in your business no. You're not getting along for three months. Doesn't make it when you're a huge business especially if you don't really need it they know who to call and I know how to manipulate numbers so that they are going to be the first to get it. Which is why it's so frustrating. Because I look around and a lot of our friends or small business owners like us and they're really struggling and could really use that and then these people don't even need it are getting all these. I mean. It's very frustrating. But Hey Taylor just gave us this breaking news. Harvard University rejected calls from President. Donald J Joe to return the relief money claiming it was basically under the cares. Act that they're using it to provide direct assistance to students facing financial turmoil due to the pandemic. However is it not really. Is it their job not a handout to other students? Who May I mean? That doesn't sound like so so so but that's what I'm talking about. Okay so they are using it saying that they got the money and now they're going to help students but that's not. The money was intended for but a business that has ten ninety nine contractors and they talked about this on Fox News. They're now telling those businesses those businesses can't file for a PCP help because because they don't have employees they have contractors so each individual contractor for that business has to submit an application. So if you've got a business as got twenty contractors attached to so instead of doing one application you're going to now do twenty for the same business. Do you not see where the mess up is there but now Harvard is claiming that they're gonNA do what contract businesses are saying that they want to do. Give us the money will make sure that our contractors get their pay for the next. Three months is crazy man. It also goes back to where small government people and we don't want to rely on the government times like this. Sometimes you need assistance. But the government's not masters of the universe they're like oh we got the perfect plan boom. There's mistakes that slip through the cracks and everything and now they're coming back making a new stimulus package So you know it's another reminder that we shouldn't rely on the government as much as possible. I agree which is why I'm saying. Let's start relying on it and open the freaking economy data these businesses that are never ever ever ever GonNa have a shot to get money that they can survive. And who's going to sift through twenty applications when you have one easy application sitting on your desk coming really think? Banks aren't making any kind of percentage off these loans really but it's been millions of applications. Yeah somebody has to go through those application. This is something this is something Jason brought up and Jason is a good friend of ours. He high up in a bank. He said he said look at it from banks perspective. You put all the power on the banks. Are you gonNA focus on the fifteen thousand dollar loan right? Are you going to focus on the TEN MILLION DOLLAR LOAN? Right which one you gonNA focus on your always going to focus on the ten million dollar loan because there's more incentive in Anyway if people have a better plan you know let the government know but as we elect them to handle these kinds of situations. This is what they did were. Mistakes made sure. But that's what you get. I mean look what happened when the government tried to make healthcare putting us more and more in debt. And it's is it. Is it really helping? Who is supposed to not only put in debt? The people that actually need it aren't getting you can't go to work so you're putting us more more in debt and you're killing the economy at the same time all right. Let's move onto the last thing. Jake is John Dead. I don't think so you don't think he's dead. No I listened not been saying for over like a month and a half. I listened to South Korea's news anytime I hear about North Korea Because they tend to be you know in the backyard knowing more than we do They're like now he's fine like this. In the way. North Korea's propaganda machine runs. You can't trust anything you read or see about him. He could be dead but I mean anytime. There's a story about him. It's always ended up being not true so you don't think he is now. I think he's fine. Then where's he been? That's my question. Probably you know his million dollar mansion probably interesting. I'm assuming that the supreme leader of North Korea lives in more than a million dollar ranch but neither one million US I don't know I think something's going on. Because the first thing that popped about a month ago was he missed something. I don't make me quote because I'm going to butcher it. But it was like a big freaking deal in North Korea. It doesn't look healthy over the leader of North Korea to not be there that was like Super Light. What the crap is going on kind of thing And then reports are reports are his entire family has a history of heart issues. Reports are he went in for a heart. Somethin- something kinda surgery on. The heart had some major complications during surgery That's the rumor I don't know we'll see I. I don't know if it'd be a good thing or bad thing. If he dies exactly. That's what I said. I don't know if it'd be a good thing or not. Because at least trump had some kind of a we have a check. Some kind of a related. Who who's the next time? I think it's a sister. They talked about if that did happen. His sister would likely be the replacement. But it's North Korea. They tend to kill each other over there for those kind of positions so interesting thing anyway all right lazy German this all we have for this episode of the American podcast. I apologize for my voice but you know what the show must go on and here we are coming back to more. You're well yeah. Yeah it's loosening up a little bit. I feel like I'm also have gone through about six cough drops that's changed so that's gotTa be helping. Little bit anyway. Thank you guys so much for listening to this episode. Make sure to tell one friend. Subscribe give us a rating. It helps us in the polls Jake working they find you. Instagram at producer underscore Jake Eliza Allen on instagram and Youtube. And Hey America on Tuesdays podcast. Listen it was a really good way truce and of course I'm Graham and my book is still available for sale in preorder at America. Three sixteen DOT COM will sign it. I'll make my mark and whatever you want me to do God bless you that that way in the future. I was thinking that he ought to do whatever. When the world ends will have an autograph from the Guy who ended the world that that goes to stay anyway. Oh we're going to put it in the time capsule somewhere anyway. They got so much for listening to this episode. And we'll see you all again next.

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