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Julie is presented by Random House publisher of the unwinding of the miracle written by Juliet Williams and available now on apple books. Get it at apple dot CO slash Julie. Yep. Life July, fourteen two thousand seventeen dear Mia and Isabel. I have solved all the logistical problems resulting from my death that I can think of. If you knew that you were dying. How would you prepare for that moment? I have left a list of instructions about who your dentist is. And when to renew the violin rental contract, and identity of the piano tuner. Julia Williams led us into that process before she died of colon cancer at the age of forty two in the coming days. I will make videos about all the ins and outs of the apartment. So that everyone knows where the air filters are kind of dog food Chipper eath. I'm. But I realized that these things are the low hanging fruit. Hello. Yes. Saying williams. I realized that I would have failed you greatly as your mother divided at least attempt to address what will likely be the greatest essential question of your young lives, and we are about to go for me to receive treatment. Hopefully, you will forever. Be the kids whose mother died of cancer. As your mother. I wish I could protect you from that pain. But also as your mother, I want you to feel the pain to live it embrace it. And then warned from it. Oh, you're these. This is my challenge to you. My sweet girls to take an ugly tragedy and transform it into a source of beauty who all strength, courage and restore. I spent three years planning for my death. This room. I designed planning to die here. I have many contingency plans. Many lists in my head many things to write down many instructions issue it was expensive. But I splurged as I said, you know, what people are gonna come. Visit me as I'm dying. I won't have a nice back. Perhaps these are simply the musings of a person desperately trying to come to terms with our own early death. And yet I can assure you that I feel no desperation other than the desperation to finish. All the preparations before it's too late. If anything I feel almost total and complete peace. Julie story begins January twenty fifth. Like, they're gonna miss me so much, but they're going to have a podcast. So always my voice in mommy's talking to me.

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