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Has been Shelby. X rays. Jeremy lamb, Paul. We both have a passion for the vigilant forming art share that it's slightly different ways, I'm recovering print journalists. Specializing in everything music fists, and I'm an operatic. Tenor. Eater director producer came home to help nurture the next generation of local talent right here in southwest. Michigan this show that not only gives you behind the scenes look in the south west. Michigan's are sitting team it seen invites you into the conversations. Welcome to breaking care. Breaking character. Brought you by Lake Michigan college to go slight theater pres- center, heiress gallery, arts and culture centre, the twin city players and the Mason jar cafe this. This. Hello. And welcome to episode ninety seven breaking character recorded from the federal building and the Benton harbor district. Jerem rebound, fig Leo, and I'm Paul Mao episode seven nine two seven you better watch out better hold my beer 'cause I'm gonna take you to the old town road and be the rest iris and got her Susan's. Plaque. I don't think we have the rights for that song play along. That's the mood. I'm in. Let's take in the bag while we're talking about it. We got some blues barbecue bluegrass. Right right into it. It's right. Of course. So ninety seven wouldn't be complete without some Amy's APL plug gray. Exactly as of course last week. You heard our friend ABC APL exactly as the executive director of St. Joe today. Talk about the seventh annual barbecue blues and bluegrass all day music borough and feed event. Well, it takes place this weekend, the Saturday noon to eight pm at whirlpools intending park. So this week we turn to seven the musical acts themselves this year's lineup. Features the special consensus, Nora Jane Struthers in the party line shea, Apache patch Appalachia at bow cheese them. Yeah. Like Appalachian, go back and episode and see way Appalachian. Yeah. To make it and headliner JD McPherson. Erased are sorry for that dupe. I'm not trying to. Yeah. I just caught up with my friend or Jane Struthers, Nashville based musician. Who has long made southwest? Michigan a regular tour. Stop to talk about playing her very first barbecue blues and bluegrass events and newest in decidedly youngest member of the party line crew. Her new daughter, really great Paul that we had her. She this week little girl. Her name is Annabel. Jane? She's be shied Naito next weekend. She's I think we should. Are your mental? But but yeah, we're not as. Ever have before. And just feel really really good now. She's good baby. Are you breaking her in these? It's definitely a learning process for everybody involved. But but yeah, she actually pretty well. It's really like flying. That's favorite hang on in time. But working out the car thing. Three till you're you are coming up for barbecue believes bluegrass, obviously the plant this area lot for. But this is the first time at this festival. Tell me tell me. Taking part in this ending up doing mcchrystal's. So. How does that kind of change the set list, and and and then being able to do with here in in the area? That's really responded to you guys as well. Yeah. In tortured, I'm psyched, we definitely want the best parts of the job. And if you know kill job all so badly, and yeah, I'm up there in summer. I feel to me like but harbor summer yet, it's still spring, but he asked me up here a lot in the fall and winter for some reading grows here getting signed experience the region, and the I mean how do these for half there yet down here along the spring? But you know, we were just up in Arbor with toxic. And it was not a string. It depends on the day here in Michigan some days, it feels like spring some days, you know, like impossible to bring a little bit of everything pilot. So. You hasn't been working on new album? Tell me Comey would've been about about that. And when we might expect it to be released. Have done recorded it in November when I was eight months pregnant, and I was like only a little worried of reduced lung capacity. Went into the studio turned out turn out fine. They're really well. The band kind of farewell album to our Qatar player. Josh who has been with us for five years, and he is taking stock to focus on full-time anti pipeline activist community in Virginia. So you know, I wanted to read playing my knee songs together for several months, and I was looking I don't want. I don't want not capture this. You know, everything that we have always. Out to special. So we went in. I don't know in a lot of ways that we've ever done. And I think other you know. You know, my manager has heard it, and she's she's on that on that page we've ever done. So you know, it's got to have. Have full perspective of. But I will say I think the ban sounds are gonna ever on it, and that's awesome. So hopefully the next next year. I don't know let's see of the new commit to offer that much. Some. Tell me a couple of times to put it in the LifeZette that maybe you can hear when you here in in town. Well, can you problems? Claim mostly party already. But we we haven't telling us line almost everywhere, which is not a party. It's called good thing. And it's wall, and I wrote it wrote it the week after I got home from spending kind of gay like fiddlers thing. Mention in south West Virginia southwestern Virginia to be more specific. And that little is always really roots me and. Musically. I mean, and I am seriously. And I wrote we saw I writing it. I was thinking, you know, there's void in my head. This is this is not going to be something for the band. And then we cleaner. I got Joe the same harmony all the way through the whole song and then to ban, but he is definitely more favorites. I think it's one that people come up to the show and say, hey, what record is a big thing on the old. It's not sorry. So that's good. That's really good to have people responding to like that. Yeah. And then you mentioned that Josh Morad. So. Have you found a permanent replacement or even has been subbing? What's happening there? We had a show. I can't call them permanent yet because. Logistics here. But we have we have had our Steve daily plan with us. And he has been such a good job. We've been having so much fun. It's hard, but you know after playing for five years but Josh for five years. It was hard to imagine what it would be like different player, but I have to say it's been a real pleasure. And and it's been creating like you energy. I think the whole band like the way that he plays inspired me to sing for you know, freezing differently. Try to front melodies on things. And that's what was exciting. And you know, the more newness that can be brought old songs. I think better. So Steve will be with us in the short him off because he'd really really. Wickson? Day in. Have you know, how is motherhood affected your songwriting if at all have been as cheating respective at all when you're when you're writing songs. Yeah. I haven't been writing out much totally. I think I'm just about to enter new writing. Phase. I always do this. Jeremy I deserve takes times thing time off from writing writing is. And I think we've talked about this before. But for the sake of talk cast, and anyone who does not follow every word between you and I. You know, I think. Writing an act of self reflection and in order for me to have I I need to spend checks of my life where I'm not really reflecting. And I'm just experiencing and that I can that I can sort of follow that with the phaser. I'm, you know, really looking at okay, who am I now how is how Mike Sirius' seeks me changed me? And what is that mean? And and so I think I'm about to enter as reflective face. But I really just been living for a while. That has been a joy, nor gene stuff is in the party line. Or the barbecue blues bluegrass stage on two pm next Jerry talk fest. Headliner JD, McPherson, whose music is largely rooted in the rock, rockabilly and rhythm and blues music of nineteen fifties JD spoke about what fans can expect to hear when he plays this holiday or kind of did. A mix of everything. We sometimes like when you go on long to live to go over. So that we kinda speak with because we have a lot of. Cues? Meaning that we not have any here than show. There's usually some needed happening pretty much all the time. So when songs over Unisphere. Swapping insurance out or something like that something else happening somewhere. So we do current tend to author the little did but Langley been expanded a little bit. I would say when we place inches. If it's going to be kind of nice nice healthy mix of all the records, minus the Christmas record, baby. Every now. Speaking of that when the talk about latest release, which I believe the FOX right on the left new member to me coming bit about that recording and went what was kinda goal going in. What were some of the things that were on your mind as you're reading? Thongs in in. What did you to convey with this project? I wouldn't know I would say probably since the first years live spin of being and people were suggest in some Chris material and they wanna. Thing wanna feel some Starbucks. They wanna feel from, you know, some trips to the mall, and I really to ones on and okay, actually fell Starbucks. But and I was like undone, and I wanna do it anymore. I live Christmas, but I don't I don't not interested in making full record. And then that's to last year in actually couple of years ago, and one of my those Niccolo made they record that was a holiday record. But it was completely flipped on a year. And it was kind of a really smart record. And like really hit been smart. And it's interesting Sanjoy food, and within any really, I think he did some covers million skier covers or covers are maybe people haven't heard in a very long time. So it seemed like I. Album. And so I really want that Wecker to walk in. So started kind of think about it a little bit. Well in the final good make a record 'cause there's tiny year wrote that would be in. That would be. Trope? It's more on what not to do. And so that kind of started the whole idea almost like a personal orange to. Gee, what could happen year in? Counters. And you know, I know recorded Jingle Bells for first thing. Everybody does their like got buy Jingle Bells from baton or their. I created do that was the one that was one that will and they had to all be jewel on. I didn't. I just nobody can be. You know, she'll spend Christmas record. Nobody can be early. Love singing this on. He can be being Crosby. You know? What? I mean. There you go. There's no reason to revisit some of it has to be that. And then also I just didn't want to cram up on of schmaltz down. Somebody throw there's complex nearly devotion this holiday trim, you know, especially when you're little kid from you know, complete and total ecstatic joy team. Utter disappointment in fishing, so things. In the record in honestly with a image. To to get back to the beans. Root of doing pretty purist. John being rock and roll moon stuff. And it was some of the most fun either have record. It's harder had writing record. Van has made it on back bad kid. Famous hotel in what? Thank miss on. No. And then. About the record before that. We're just gonna twenty seventeen tell me tell me about what you know. That was here. I think third studio album under by heart and fill took about that. Because you know, you had had successful I team and. And several to me you hell that maybe -pected guys of the what you went to do for that project. Record ways. Kind of. Also challenge because I just their writing songs that mood fit anywhere on the first records. I was hyper aware of the fact that I wasn't. Songs that were coming out weren't. Like anything else? The role was expected in. Really kind of difficult bird trying to get that train and made in so many ways than that. You know couple of twelve. A lot of money wasted and ended up recording studio that's not even a function studio recording. Our sees the which probably one of the most important locations in American popular music, but they've been a museum, and I don't know if years anyway, they have cores every day, but we had to load in any backtrack a little bit in order to even get in there. I I really let her just to kind of a letter to the country did hall thing. Get record in there knowing that there's no way it'd be like somebody saying can I bring my easel from paint into you know. After Kolding and paint and their Redmond thing. So. Just that the party. You're going to pull phones. Okay. So after the indoors, call we'd go in night and town Walker so men and before tunes we in the morning, and then completely tear down. We set the room for the tourism morning. So it was not the usual which record pay. But if you're in there, the staff is like, you know, nothing really going on here because it's your record. We won't tell anybody. We did it is kinda like straight day being this really inspiring place that has full of so much history. We should record. You know, we started off kennel make record sounds like maybe a, you know, something that was made here in the sixties or something. Louder and funnier and. Seemed almost like please. Go some loans wanted to get. Said. Become visible or something all those years and her somebody could compete at like at the time, and they can meet their peak cutting edge. So maybe just a spirited this. This. In me. Listen. In a hot, drew. And in now. Uninvited required. Your the? Records every records, and you know, the big green peon that print replacing last date was on the record inspiring. Could be in your saying. You know, rooted in you know. Rockabilly rhythm boy is coming in more. Specifically just kind of thing in their fifties. Tell me tell me about the improved is in. How you take the influences in in just, you know, make music today as well. Well, I I would say in high school. I I grew up in very rule area and. Have any sort of art or crow Graham at my school. It was more agricultural training school teaching teaching people how to raise pigs and in like Pearl. Hey and stuff like that. So it was not a lot that I will linger. So I grew up on calorie. But I was not interested in continuing that would be ranger, you know, moving, but you know, I was really stupid music all because it was so precious because I couldn't ever give him music 'cause I have you buy records for anything. So any chance guy goes in, you know, Staka say that even my records, and by rock, magazines, and all this. And so, you know, the history of music never really seemed like. Good that once I sort of got into rock and roll music. I understood clearly, right. Well, listen Giacomo music like, you know, and he Cochran just as much rock and roll music is Rolling Stone are or. You know? I mean, it's it. There wasn't anybody who tell me you're into you know. Ramon. You can't listen coming on. Underwriter? And so anyway, that was kind of thing really. A lot of demarcation where things could star stopper ideas. Couldn't come from. And then in Illinois school in, you know, you're you're sort of fit pretty heavily at the beginning of your art career where you you're working your work against the whole art history. You have to be catching the wave of everything that came for you. Because all that is is a language that you can incorporate or apparel what you're making. And so those ideas kind of probably have anything what I do. Which is that, you know. All of these Farallones, all these rhythms. All these different things. Always textures are are part of the language that either can't or can't enhance asong in Phil really. Thing where I woke up just say, I'm going to just do one thing. And my first record was heavily influenced by early dunes music. But it was also weird enough that it didn't sit in with some of the other bands that were doing that. At the time this alone. More art school from their stuff out. And then. Join on you know. Affirms pedal here echo chamber, there things start to kind of morph into something else. So these days I. Still like broccoli. And I I that I'm really feel kind of owning comeback by. But he's trying to stick to any sort of single. Funny. It's like, you know, sort of. Sorted Blida peg and after a little bit or something, you don't even know concert kind of thing to complain about. Because I've gotten all. Like, we will all the information. These seventh annual barbecue blues bluegrass takes place from noon to eight pm on Saturday team in we're pulse than park. Just below the bluff in downtown Saint Joseph. It's supposed to be a gorgeous weekend knock on wood for that event. Think it's only twenty dollars in advance to twenty five dollars a day of to see this special consensus, nor Jane smothers in the party line as we said there Frenchay at pal chief or at bell tra- Appalachia to meet cajones. JD McPherson children ages eight younger admitted free purchase tickets. Visit the mental center dot com and click on the buy tickets button. At the top tickets can also be purchased by phone at nine two seven eight seven zero zero option one or in person at the metal center league. Michigan cows twenty seven fifty five Napier Ben harbor during normal hours, which are ten to six ten AM to six PM think it's also billable at the Saint Joseph today. Welcome Senator three oh one seats three defensing Joe during regular business hours Monday through Friday, nine to five and Saturday ten to five food and beverages will be available for purchase. This is a rain or shine event. So plan to hang out for the day. No matter what the weather. Thanks again. Amy for being our guest last week. It sounds like it's going to be a great time. So we hope to see you all there yet. It's going to be a blast. I really love that festival. So I'm glad my friend nor gene's to be there. She's I can't wait to meet her her daughter for the first time now moving on also this actually right before the weekend that Tony Grammy and a live here. Livia award-winning hit musical jersey, boys. The story of Franken. Not a recording on now that good. He's good. This story of Frankie Valli and the four seasons makes one night only tour stop at seven pm. Thursday may sixteenth at the mental center at Lake Michigan college in the final performance of the mental center main stage twenty eighteen twenty nineteen season. I recently caught up what Jonathan cable who portrays Nick Massi in the production. It to talk about the ship about show will just all of your favorite hits. How about Guardiola in seasons? You get kind of behind the scenes look at their actual live band got together. And some of the Negrete details. How it's you know, so business in this life is always more. It's backed up to me, you know, there there were some joins the mob. And and, you know, they're going up in New Jersey, and you know, some some debts that have paid, and you you get a sense of me. So he's like working class kind of guy. Came up maybe along by the cracks got out, but still had no one in old. And and you know, the fun. Fun dealing. The. Upon them. But actually because. For the die. But each for the unions gets the own sort of sexual narrowed. You all of their perspectives and their story. I'm sure and good for people in this. Tell me your platelet, right? Told me, Nick. Yes. Think mass. Bass player anything base in the group. And he did some of the arranging vocal arranging for the group all the on he'll Hughes exit of I leave so any ritual of Siemens eating and their names of all Catholics and ended up. The best. He can end up to like Lingle. Years. Got forgotten Holzer wasn't given. And he actually on the end of which is their long ago and. And. Your is kind of. The quiet. The kind of guy, and it's it's fun to get the play them because. You know, the other guys are stupid from it can come. And from the show, I kinda get the fly under the window. And and. In the second act where I'm at express. Been forgotten about. It's art. In host good about stepping into like this. Because I mean, obviously, you're musical Peter veteran, but Dino doing something like this is different than you know, fictional story. Like say, what that story on which I know you multi done her or, you know, Hello, Dolly, tell me what it's like for you to step in the shoes of real person, and and their responsibility there of getting it, right or your tummy to me your perch to that. Certainly a response to early. I don't know. I feel holding anybody like I I think I would feel as strongly about them to get right? If I was doing that story will it's almost it's no piece, but it's it's the same and different. I mean, what what I bring to it from my love the within the census, the kind of fame the facts events that we have to draw on kinda give me a clear rubric follow as opposed to kind of coming up with things on my own fictional. Hang on. Komo artistic listens with with story was driven servicing said. And we kind of you know, you have to organize. Exactly those. Yeah. That no for sure. It. A story, but I wasn't strenuous with his thirteen years. But I'm sure it's been rightly successful of. And now we just had so much to. Sure. Tell me about about this touring. Because obviously when you're you're taking a four one Broadway show like this in in, you know, after break down every night, two different. So tell me how you guys are are, you know, able to do that in in the intake, the ready to reach people, you know, gutsy me not be able to get to guide. Our some of the bigger cities where we're Cheryl is usually put on what's pool. Ball is really saying from beans cities and towns that don't get shows like this very often. And it's like we told you found Jairo and actions. Area. You know, these like in Weston chance of people, and you know, getting to see. So like is mill. I didn't. That's all it's worth out dogs and thrown new word. You know, inspire a generation of new actors or musicians or for all technicians. You know, getting into help in some very like you'll stand there and always been. Goes and. Eaton's rain prisoners knowledge. Smaller towns built that are working on bag lighting themselves in having a show from then is huge huge economic in. Towns and for the restaurants. So if you're on that so very as and. Not seen. Maybe surly Chris in all of you know, they live. That's when it becomes. Into some Charles. Michigan. So so like families stalled across all, so, you know, feel friends and family for them for them. And and yeah. I say. Possibly gig inspire people, you know, don't necessarily know. Like the spending time in this day. Maybe. So it's such a possibility. You know, I mean for me growing up, and I grew up in north Manchester. And when I am on the in life. I'm now is because I had of feature within our tiny town and she your head and usable. You know after school them at high school, and then we also like to prevent with all. And you know. Mentor in me and concentrated junior year the possibility for college, which I had never thought. Engineer from math and she yesterday. I. Kinda opened my eyes to new future, you know, and one day, obviously was really interested in and say if if if from can be contributing that teams. Giving that awareness impossibility to people in these smaller towns these kids, you know, might not have the inspiration to see from like this. That's really cool once again, the national touring production of jersey boys presents a one time only performance seven pm Thursday may sixteen at the middle center Lake Michigan college eleven hundred your haven't been harbor tickets ranged from forty seven ninety five dollars or very close to selling out to buy those last few seats. Visit V Mendel center dot com. Call the mental center box office at nine to seventy seven hundred option one we're stopped by weekday between ten and six. The artists. Caroline, Pampaloni alone. A robbers his installations of multiple screenings of newly developed dance performances in body movements is on display in the Chrysler art center's art lab presents a live dance performance at both to into thirty PM Saturday at the crash L seventy seven lake Boulevard Saint Joseph now Carolina's. She's a member of the wellspring. Corey Terry in dancers who has performed for. Oh, just a little band called coal play never Omni world Caribbean. Celebrity cruises poet, the act goes the union project dance company box Lumieres, phantom of the opera and Nickerson Rossi dance company. Among others. This is free and open to the public also joined the crabs from five to seven pm next Wednesday may twenty second as they unveil the twenty nineteen Kreso art fair on the bluff poster design enjoy. Bites complimentary beverages at this annual event in tandem with the poster reveal Michigan's great southwest sustainable. Business form will host green drinks a quarterly networking event. For professionals interested in sustainability recycling in green business. There will be brief remarks from the sustainable business form and Chrysler center at about five thirty Botha free and open to the public for more information on these are all Chrysler centre events or KC events. Those of us that are in the no, that's right. Call ninety three zero two seven one or visit Craigslist dot org. Now, Paul I know that you've been making some casting announcements recently for the go sleds inaugural season. Do you do you want to? Let us know who on the first Nick announced will we'll do the first show. We'll about the summer when things we've got most of the shows mostly cast, but the first show were already under hersal for the rob around musical the opens are season June thirteenth, the numbers of Madison County and first off I want to announce that we have six paid barely paid interns. That are coming to us this summer in with an LLC partnership. I think I can announce that now they'll be staying in the dorms Lake Michigan college and leading back and forth to the ghost light and those interns. We have one local kid who's a local boy done. Good, my stage manager interns as management production design honchos Vig from saga talk. He's finished first year LLC, he's one of the six and the other five four of them are singer performers girl named Fafa Schaffer from Issaquah Washington state, who's at rider university Westminster choir college in New Jersey, Carina cancer, who's actually from elmhurst, Illinois. But she goes to NYU Tisch. Zachary Myers, tenor from Arkadelphia, Arkansas and base Bertone from Rockwell Rockwall, Texas and Mike Brooks, and then in addition to those four performers soprano tenor and bass baritone, we have another production design scenic design props design, custom design intern for Melbourne Florida named prince raise so six interns are going to be on-site every day all day indentured servants and all that work in the theater and being in the shows out of the shows working backstage. It's a small sampling of what a bigger young artists summer stock program. Could look like yeah. But it's a start, and they're they're here. All summer all summer. It's awesome for them arrived tomorrow or whatever today is that. You're listening to this day more right next week. And couldn't be happier to have them fill out her shows. So now you hear some of the same names in our first cast of bridges of Madison County that runs June thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen and second weekend of June twenty twenty one twenty two twenty three. All tickets are available immediately right now. Go at goes like go slight be h for Benton harbor dot com. Ghost light be h dot com. Get your tickets today. Tickets limited on the eighty five seats per show, eight o'clock Monday sorry, Thursday, Friday and Saturday on Sundays are cast consists of two professional opera singer colleagues of mine coming into sing the lead roles of Francesca and her lover Robert Kincaid in British Ghani, soprano, Elizabeth paycheck arose. From Winston Salem, North Carolina and branch fields playing Robertson Cade. He's a bass baritone from Williamsburg Virginia. So they'll be coming in for the last three weeks nationally out the to lead roles both fantastic performers beautiful voices beautiful faces. In addition that are local and interns round show. Dan, Maxon who lot of people know us singing, the cuckold husband, but Johnson, Abby Meriva, Sean from Shawarka singing Marian interns, Zachary Myers is playing Mike. Title the sun, another fantastic young performer from central high school Elissa Hiscox playing Caroline Allison Wenzel was playing the state fair singer and Kiara Megan penalty the role of Marge fame. Blair, Charlie Casey, Mercer as Ginny with in there on some will also consist of office Schafer, Casey, Mercer Kansas Ricky to more Meghan pokey Tessa Harris was the Hiscock. Zach myers. Shane blair. Martell? Burton Mike Brooks and stage manager Hans tells Vic so and Joshua goings, not without as music director and Julia my as costume designer but also Carly Lenz and Jaden weren is our a custom customers on the show and direct one show. That's one show and you're directing the under some insure. And you're obviously the Arctic director as well. Larry Underwood directing our next offering of no exit was going to be pretty insane dential in well, Larry, so Larry. So you just have to say Leary, and I'm saying saying Sunday, we love him. And then I'm wrecking the Westside story on the beach for the tenth year in a row for the symphony. Yeah, that's another huge huge huge show. We're very excited to nights only instead of one nine it's yes. And then page smileys coming onto direct clyborn park. Nice third show ethica slate, and then rounding out the ghost shows, August Tano is going to direct Urinetown the musical eight areas to stop in farce. I can't wait to see what August pretty complete. So I'll be announcing that soon to all right? We'll keep listening to breaking character. And you'll be able to hear more cast updates in them and pitch is our big two week camp two separate weeks in June. Our taking all locations go to the summer camps tag are button on our website ghost Lybia dot com. If you wanna sign your student or kit from ages six to sixteen checkout circus team, Michigan the first time ever come into. Michigan. We're getting a lot of kids interested in boys and Girls Club. It's going to be fantastic camp. So we hope to see lots of kids are. Yes. If your kid is ever hinted at wanting to run away with the circus. This is the camp for this training them to to understand what it's like if they find themselves one day with a contract to the right? I'm not saying area runaway and during the circus cherry domas understand. But you know, if they threaten you could just drop them off the light there. Sure what I'm hearing. That cares. That's right. Get out. Call their bluff now, I like the way you're thinking. That's right. That's a father over there. Not at all. I wouldn't want to do that. At all. Well, let's do it for this week's episode of breaking character. Remember, you can listen to and dalit current and past episodes and even subscribe to breaking character on our website, WWW dot breaking character, podcasts dot com. You also find breaking character on Spotify. I T N Stitcher. Tune in apple podcasts, or whatever your favorite podcast app might be confined. Current news. Updates and pudding whole bunch of events from our sponsors on our Facebook page, breaking character, the podcast rate and character is made possible. Thanks to our awesome sponsors, including Lake Michigan college the ghost life theater. Chrysler's thinner heiress, gallery, our culture center, twin city players and a Mason jar. Cafe. Thanks to our technical crew sounded near Brian Thomas website manager, Karen Lewis for the work behind the scenes Academy Award winning songwriter. Andrew wife from the band snow for these black and blue what you're hearing. Right now is a theme song in the folks. Here. The federal building for letting us squad here for the past several months of really use them. I recording space right here in the Benton harbor district interested in supporting breaking character. Just click the donate button on our website to make your security nation via pay foul in any amount gives us buff. Yes. Fine is hurting more about Paul and myself or myriad other projects which are growing every day. Involve me on Twitter at JD on or on my Facebook page under Jeremy D, period. Live. You can follow me on Twitter. PM tenor. Facebook at foam productions our latest venture that ghost light theater. Go slate V H dot com. Check out our new Instagram or go slight as well. Be h thanks get everybody for listening who breaking character.

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