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You are listening to cycling PODCAST ADDED TO THE FANS in association with have fun fastest closing in awhile to the omb of cycling was character right and watch in twenty nineteen as a partner education fast and Kenyan sharam stage setting today will invoke well Francois which is down from the finish line here in Po- at the time trial finished <hes> only a few minutes ago and well. We're expecting Julian Phillips territory and yellow this evening but we weren't expecting him to extend his advantage over not just go thomas but everyone he's won the stage going Thomas in second place Thomas again conferred Rigoberta Iran Fourth Ricci v Steven Krause Reich six people Pino seven on everyone else really is counting their losses. Yeah I mean in you know I've always been a great fan of Judea and Philippe and starting to interview him free four years ago and you know probably looking ahead to great things but to that extent. I must admit you know it's it's surprising rising. Let's let's face it. We knew I was but I mean look I mean already you know WanNa stage took the Jersey was impressive throughout the season and then we thought that this was the the moment when an extraordinary season not come to an end but we thought to wane a little bit and no I've been we knew he could win time trials. I remember seeing in in a very difficult time trial mbui in Pyrenees a couple of years ago but on a coli like that against guideline guarant- Thomas or even Ritchie pause whatever it's a I in his career is never been at that level but the problem is not the question is now. Where is he going to stop? You Know Tomorrow Tamale. We all said we'll be the probably the real tests but now it's difficult to know seems to be unstoppable. It's it's really really the stunning surprising mesmerizing them in his money thick well. I would having a conversation today with someone who may have in having a conversation with other Felipe about his future plans and while the compensation went along the lines of if someone like Darren Thomas can win the Tour de France. Why can't Julian Felipe they have similar characteristics? We really have a race on our hands now not just in the sense of the Tour de France but in the sense that we must go and find our esteemed colleague Richard More where on we're on bottles judy this evening we've been instructed to pitch him a nice cold beer so we'll we'll head back to the press room and and Hook up with Richard the good thing whereas the finished like we were it of course to to talk to the two riders were the ones who are doing well to plunge to dive into the milius creme with the rest of the guys and get a couple of quotes that also it was it was fun opportunity to talk to the Tim Directors to the staff of <hes> some writers who didn't didn't do so well and more later on the podcasts well. It's all about lucky. He loved the scrum. You're frustrated rugby player. I think cross while I was in position a Steven Krause right because he came over the line having I put in a creditable performance unfortunately I got squashed in between all the T._v.. Cameras and then he didn't answer any questions in anything other than Dutch so that's how it goes. Sometimes your <hes> your lucky sometimes you fumble the ball and you're unlucky some trials I even worse for the riders because I mean they just finished a very very demanding efforts that harsh raises he's at he's at its limits and all of a sudden they see this kind of frock of of guys you know well well US criminal random like like all they were in the light and all of sudden the shadow of the press you know trips upon them and start asking questions. They don't even have time to breathe and questions are coming from all areas. It's a little bit silly. Let's face it. You know it's always difficult to talk to riders at the Finish Line when the just finished on tantrums even worse especially because I often don't know their result. They don't know how they've done so they're hearing for the first time whether they've had a good day or a bad day. Yes exactly it's sometimes you're the bringer of bad news. Sometimes we bring the the the the messenger of of the good news the journey asking the question themselves on no guy is I don't know what the positions are and and sometimes you have your very strange sometimes serve realistic interviews well from Soi from the heat and the hectic scrums of the finish line down in Po- We've retreated into the countryside in SAF castaway and we're back with Richard Moore who had a very relaxing relaxing afternoon working very hard on future right yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah No. I was focused really hard on the time-trial. I watched that I think it was a time trial wasn't we don't we don't know where he watched it but I mean you you you. You took on a little but of Suntan. Thank you are working on that today. That was a future project. I was working well to be fair. You went and covered like horse this morning Richmond early start all right A. Rod Rosenstein fifteen kilometers more or less from here on the on my Austin Cycles atoll folding bike which had very nice currently coming to town on today the covered course <hes> terrific race that will be the subject of our two zero on Monday. I say also the be about of course in the next episode of Psych can poke Femina Exxon then with without doing lots of unlock does pick step yeah the Whitney no other instances our common friend G._M.. Plato from Reuters at a scoop of sorts today talked to high ranked officials Aso and they told him they were working hard on a project of the women's race of the they didn't say would be to the front of the importance of the tour. I Yeah I think back to our event in Brussels when Richard You were sort of saying how I didn't really have a team of people looking women cycling seriously and and said P._k.. The Voice of Radio tour kind of stepped in and said Oh well actually they they have put together a team of people yet clem on us a US well Roy story in Lamont today crediting cycling podcast Femina in his story and the does seem to always get this around the time of course has always asked always asked questions about their plans for women's cycling so there's always a story or either that comes out to La course apart from the racist south but this is quite promising and am I like the idea of styling event set to the front something that's the way to go because today was a fantastic race and not see it was a great a great they've today for for fans in the course have women defied lops and then the men do <hes> one lap time trial. You know if you're if you're a roadside today at a fantastic team and the women's race was an absolute a cracker again for the second year in a row Mina voss was a winner with an incredible jump on the on the climb up the finish so often in the men's race chops well. We recapped the the winners from today stage down on the finish line Francois. Let's wrap up with the rest of the town of the attack stage thirteen twenty seven point two kilometers time-trial starting in Po- finishing impo- and while the early leader was shot Hager of team Sun web and then Casper screen or turning quickstep took over and he was leading for a long time we saw Steffen Kuehn Swiss time-trial champion crashed I saw him come through the finish with the side of his skin suit or ripped off so <hes> he managed to get the result the his talent probably would have merited and then Thomas again really scorching time and sat in the seat of the Finnish for much of the afternoon his compatriot the Belgian time trial champion and probably the favorite for today state or one of the favorites for today's. I state particularly after winning the time trial in Critique Doodo Fina last month what went out crashed out while it was a really nasty looking for still slightly unclear even from watching the TV pictures a couple of times exactly what happened but it appears that he caught the the advertising banner is attached to the side of the barrier. I talked to the Combo vs MMA p._R.. Guy At the finish and he was uncertain about exactly what had happened whether he's handled the barriers or whether the from from wheeler clip the feet of the barriers or whether he just got tangled up in the the advertising banner but a heavy phone an pretty nasty gash in his leg and taken to hospital an out of the race which had a real shame for Beinart oversee WANNA stage coach last week and had been going really well the battle I recapped down on the Finish Line Julian Felipe of course won the stage beat going Thomas by fourteen seconds to extend his lead in the Yellow Jersey on the one hundredth anniversary three of the Maya Joan which is being celebrated today and tonight in Po- three riders who lost time in crosswinds we go back to Iran Ritchie poor and Tibo Pino did very well and had they not lost that one minute forty Pino in Iran would be third and fourth overrule today that just shows you how costly that being caught out in those crosswinds words especially today really just highlights what good form there in the other big G C rider to do well was Henry. Massey is up to fourth overall behind Allah Philip. Thomas and Steven Krause like mass now also has the White Jersey but I suppose the day really focuses on the writers who lost significant time Yaacob Phu Sang lost a minute and seven egg Umbono. I mean we can talk about this but really surprised me. Losing one thirty six six naira container one fifty one Martin two zero six and Adam eight to eight Adam Yates didn't really stop at the finish just pedal straight off <hes> that signal to me disappointment especially when he sports director Matt White was talking about you know thirty being catastrophic this morning sure was white corrections corn and we've come so far through the tour without a significant corrections corner last night. I thought I spied to Matt Wilson the Mitch Albom Scott Sports Director. I am fact spectator Adolfo Ganger David Portland and <hes> sorry Matt David Get mixed up you do quite similar <hes> any mutual on Scott look but it's got a good look. Actually Sir Julian Dean no no it was legitimate and you can tell them apart anyway. Roman Day who really is becoming us at a footnote in this tool he was at two twenty six so the time trials are always the same on they we we kind of assess the damage in the gains at the end of the day and well. The question is now Julian. How far can he got the fastest closing in a while to the almost cycling Chris Character Ryden Watch in twenty nine thousand nine as a partner education I and Kenyan Sharam thank you very much indeed ktar headline sponsor Rafeh and reminded the the are working with the F. Education Asian? I produce some pines films with education. I the first one from the twitter fronts focuses on Rigoberta Iran. Who has you mentioned Lionel in a barnstorming performance ace each capable of a good time trial <hes> is Iran and <hes> road very well today indeed vehicle going past four on the on the stage? It's fantastic and when we look at results today there is that sense of regret isn't that these guys Iran poor for on piano and lost that time in crosswind stage because you look at how hard you work in a time trial that to gain a few seconds and you look at the one minute forty they lost or more and they are and thing that was completely needless because if nothing else time around especially when like today which was really testing course it's a real test of form and it's a real indicator of you know how people are going An- Allah Felipe is pigging Gary Thomas Enough attention on Olof elite performance buff. I think I could detect and guarantee Thomas at the finish a slight there was a sense that he didn't feel like he'd be able to get all out. I'm not that must ring faint alarm bells I think because he would certainly be an expected to be asleep to then. Perhaps we should be focusing as much on Karen. Thomas has on Allah Felipe after today. Yeah I mean I sit on the line. Were soaking relying on <hes>. How in a way I was shocked folks? I know it might be a strong word. I am by joining the elephant. Progression is very strange because in a way we anticipated you know is evolution from from promising young you know the almost first real they were pro season second in what flesh what on second year and so we were expecting him to become a great then classic specialist. We knew it would be doing all right on on one week stage races because he won tour of California. <hes> you know the the Pyrenees he was a real container two or three years ago. We need the winning a native time. Try to me so all these little things we knew he could do but what has been doing this season and since installers toured France is as we say in French Blue Hill is it up to burn the stages like is is is going is going up the ladder much quicker than we thought he would and and and I don't think there were many people including Allah Philippe himself you know who fought that every week we we believe that it would it would retain you know you keep the Jersey today but to win there in front of so the question is is allocated extraordinary or are is the other main contenders of the tour not esque good as we expected or if they really worked hard to be fitting in the third week of the tour in the Arctic because he was everybody's you know real care before the start of the tour the whatever the the answer to that the the result now is tomorrow to Molly. We all said Ashley is a real test and that's when Philippe Lose Jersey but I'm not convinced about it anymore. The last time the Frenchman wearing the Yellow Jersey wanted time toil on twitter fronts when nine hundred ninety four and it was off in only one tour so there's been lots of talk over at the finish line about even Garin Thomas's himself said if Allah Philippe keeps the same kind of legs <hes> is had so far is going to win the tool attempt to be surprised by the idea without it's very fanciful to to to imagine winning the tour but it's not there again yeah but but in a way but in a way when you look at Elephant Pass the Tour de France trump's performances he won the the Polka Dot Jersey last year is a better performance than the Franz in the past then Garin Thomas ad an ad before he won the tour himself so after ask the stunt you came out with their but Laura fee on Nineteen eighty-four. Did you say lots Frenchman to win in in wearing the Yellow Jersey okay so we know WanNa time. Tron eighty-five was not in the Yellow Jersey at that point. I can't remember no. I don't think so I'm pretty. I'm pretty sure what I'm saying the last the last Frenchman to win time-trial at all in to the front pissed off Mojo in two hundred one below last Russ want to to win it <hes> time travel with the Euro Jersey on nothing with the thing I'd say about Allah Philippe is he has pedigree on every kind of terrain and when when you look his season so far this season he won straughter Bianca he won milan-san remo he one flesh while on last year he won two mountain stages in tool. We know he can climb fast. My point prior to lap launched fee was whether he could climb in the sort of defensive role of having the Yellow Jersey in an holding the wheels when rather than being on the road on the attack trying to win a stage. You could almost say that elephant has done this one day version of what guarant- Thomas. Of Chris Bradley Wiggins made to sort of blueprint footsteps towards the Tour They WanNa came very close in Pyrenees or Romandie or the Dolphin and build towards the tour that way Allah Felipe has has been good since since the start of the year. I don't see the logic necessarily in saying that because he's one of those races in the spring the he's suddenly going to run out of juice now run out of gas. Now my concern would be how intensively he's raised this to front. So far I mean we're thirteen days in thirteen stages in and he you know he he showed on probably half of those stages in one form or other. I think is well worth seeing that the time trump today really you you know if if any time trough Ceuta dollar Philippe it to it was today it should a punchy right of these tough little climbs it was quite technical and as Daniel Free Television style free pointed out on twitter the score in head Ted time-trial confrontation was in Garin Thomas Town sleep is now six four to Thomas so it's so close to that you might imagine and I think the point you make Francois by where the other you know. The della writers underperformed they were missing. Tom Damola were missing. Ah Chris from were missing Rohan Dennis of course but the Mulan Fruit in particular. I get the sense that Thomas didn't feel at the end of the race because that's what you speaking here before he knew the alphabet she beaten his time. He was a guy who clearly didn't feel like he'd done the best time trial of his life and you know that I as I say a time-trial such a task to form you know on a writer knows from time as writing through the finish regardless of his time he knows was that if he does is just it's not there. You know we've seen Siamese when he's done. He's been on really on fire and really on farm. He He's capable of a brilliant time trial it such a such a test and our sleep is is it clearly on great form uh-huh we haven't been on our forty minute climb yet still were to ease into tour but we're very very early in terms of climbing is like a Jiro in that respect true bought prompt while you were saying to me this afternoon how the assumption that because we haven't done a forty minute climb because we haven't done repetitive mount impasse after mounting pass it somehow been easy. The stress of the tour is being in in mixing the challenge making the Rhythm Change Day by day and Francois. You made the point about the change of rhythm this weekend you go from a climb with a descent finish to a time trial to the to me which is a beast to this new finishing foie which is going to be grumpy naughty similar to the the finale lap launch Delfi really you want the word you used was cruel because no way for <hes> cruel in the old fashioned sense of the Tour de France being this kind of ultimate test. There's no real sense of rhythm for the riders to just settle in and go right now I can just ride and and just just you know knock out my rhythm tempo and it will be okay. It's yeah it's kind of a triathlon you know because the the kind of change pace is changed bikes. I mean you know change the swimming leg here from sure I mean you triathlon swimming somebody well. It wasn't a bit of swimming in the tour in the bus. Remember possessed the GUA. Some guys got caught by the by the flood of in <hes> but the intriguing really tomorrow sage. I'm not going to try to tell you guys listen to the podcast tomorrow intriguing intriguing. We'll be the as you say the climb up the tomorrow forty multimillions climbed because we haven't seen the the <HES> T. menial train which is very different trend from the sprint training that that's the leading up the mountain. We haven't seen that yet and we're not sure is going to happen pretty confident infidelity will but we haven't seen that yet and and and what can you do to my vocal <hes> twenty eleven kind of tour and hold to the the problem with you mentioned last year. He won in one stages in one the Jersey but he he went he went into breakaways. He can't go into breakaways now. It will be in this yellow. It will be at the at the very center of the Yellow Jersey Group you know and his Yellow Jersey Group would be of course paced by Tim ineos what would happen wounded in those conditions we saw the plausibility and every time the Taryn was becoming hard the only guy who could stay with him with `enrich mass <hes> it so probably you know laughably be isolated or salt off tomorrow. <hes> when Tim Yours will will try to impose his will they I mean will they be in a position to do that. It will be the real test of what was doing. What are Tim Yours you know riding the tour the same as they did in the past or not? I mean the the the the probably the answer to that question would be tomorrow but let's not pretend to go and Thomas had a bad day I mean it's all relative relative and I mean he will still look at the results and say that he is forty six seconds ahead of Steven Steven Krause right quick I mean with the greatest respect to cross bike that that won't worry him. Forty six seconds would take quite an effort to you know to hold back by going on the offensive. The worry would be en masse just sliding up their into fourth place overall quietly. I mean I kind of wrote him off. The tour Switzerland only really on the basis of how he looked on the bike on that mountain state way when in front you know he finished second in the well to last year so clearly can race over three three weeks and his job will be to be good in third week no doubt but it's not been a terrible day for Thomas ahead of everybody other than elephants. He has imposed the pecking order within team in your you know he really has <hes> assertive right to pack the grain prior to Bernal am still write him off either. I mean you know we haven't had these monster climbs yet and we could see <hes> a different complexion to the race. When we get there Iran container even the day-to-day Bernal these guys might might come in thrown on? I think penal again Pino loss time the other day but not because he's locking form he showed today he's in fantastic form and and I still think feels a lot to offer this race. I do to it but talking about burnt Bernal. I was disappointed. Many people were disappointing. We've talked to Nikola bottle and we listen to your to say yesterday and he was he was putting using the Thomason Bernal in the time for all of this roughly the same level allows one minute Sir Twenty something I think <hes> number two what not while to alphabet which means to he lost a minute on Thomas Thomas as well it it it just kind of blow in the in the in the internal Iraqi of the two and finish up at a trot to talk to Marie espionage speaking Spanish and the looked ill ill look quite not dejected but a little bit disappointed as you said Richard they know when if done well and he didn't do so well so I'm so it's it's all in Spanish. It's could be trusted because you have this Colombian. Ca League you know asking questions you know for forever and then very very short answers from Burnell. Who's just basically saying you know a team time? Trials are always hard but you know even the brevity of his answers and effect. They refused to answer answering questions in English prove that he's at a blow today shirt that I I think what caused team car the back of the facts lease coverage of the two to Franz. He's being sponsored by what boy that powering us all the way from here to. Paris I think now cost-effectiveness score. Oh Wow yes. My cost-effectiveness score is low today. They will finally anyway last night. We heard from what bikes Dr Barney wainwright about the pedaling effectiveness score. This was a new one on May but he explains how you can use this to make real gains on the road for most people is pretty straightforward to improve pedalling effectiveness school and just your general uh-huh pedaling technique. What the what can you do get that real time feedback so that you know when you make a change to a movement you understand whether it's positive or negative effects for those people who have a walk like I've seen you have what also have access to what bikes and spend a good amount of time? It's usually over the winter period when you indoors outdoors sometimes but where where you spending significant time in those when you can actually pay attention to what you're doing and you can start to make some progress and he gets so you get that feedback from using it being quite care about while you're doing it what you're trying to do to try to do in terms of technique getting that feedback that live feedback from the walk bike with the view or the putting aside from the school and then just investing time in that enjoying doing that even three weeks most people would start to see a significant change something. You couldn't really do on the road because you would know whether what you're doing is having a a real improvement on not because of so many other changes are going well that that was Bonnie wainwright and conversation me Lionel because as I said last night I got my peddling ineffectiveness score and through through using the biking what you said there is really true. I mean when you become aware of the fact that you're you're paddling. Stroke is being analyzed ee start to concentrate on it more uneven from one session to the next he can increase his score and not just not that mindset of of concentrating focusing on how an has he said last tonight is not just about an even after all the way around the pedal stroke. Is You know there are certain points in the pedal stroke where it's more effective to push hard or pool yeah and on the rock steady equipment like the bike atom you can work on that <unk> technique in a controlled environment is difficult to do the out on the road when you go to deal with traffic junctions roundabouts and what have you but when you're indoors on on what by Cottam he can really concentrate on honing that technique and then transfer it to your outdoor cycling after you've kind of made some improvements and some gains on Bonnie wainwright came out with this pedaling effects and the score. Do you think he would come up with podcasting effect in the score for us as well. I think we're GONNA have to ask him after the tour. I'm if you would like to buy a what bike atom you have until July the thirty first to purchase one and get one hundred pounds worth of sigma sport vouchers with it simply visit W._w._w.. Dot what by Dot Com Slash T._C._p.. One hundred that's T._C._p.. One hundred the number one zero zero and use a CO T._C.. Pay One zero zero at the checkout to get your one hundred pounds worth of Sigma Sport vouches twenty-eight as your podcasting effected the Score Tonight Line Generous. I mean one of the stories from today was obviously want Venar. I read 'em Rob. Hatch has tweeted the analysts. <hes> in Holland have reported that wow venar has a deep caught through his flesh and muscle has just been operated on your was warning don't you when you see a writer being given not medical treatment for as long as he was being given medical treatment and it's a terrible end to what's been fantastic I tour for him on and it weakens. One of the teams is set to play a big role. I think in the tour over for the next week in a bit and so a big loss to UGM VIZMA but very sad and to the stage that he was trying to win for what Venar it's always difficult you know to try and find explanations when writer as a crash them they might be. You know lots of explanations but impression while did he did. He hit you know the foot of the barrier or something in any case it which is what is obvious just in a little bit like Val Verde crashed you know on the tour <hes> couple of years back and you know hurt himself very badly at the time he seems to me that EM- miscalculated the corner into took much too tight and then there was kind of an educational what to do and e- kind of <hes> you know crashed on the in the you know India advertising banner there but my impression was the he was he was he actually was going so fast yet older the best intimated times he probably tried to cut the corner a little bit too short and and my impression was at its source easy to see the safe from you know from where we are but it's it's a little bit. It's forty easily. It's been a little bit too greedy. Maybe on this concept. The consequences are terrible. Obviously I'm our word for his country and Thomas Again. I mean we we said the other night after he wanted stage that he has all the tools to be a grand tour contender. Perhaps you know but he chooses to use his talent in a very specific way yeah. He's a fabulous writer. Well nearly one Jiro. I mean with the attack on on Stelvio Oh V._i.. When he won the stage but but <hes> came well fairly short in the end I think third overall in the Jiro but yeah he's got everything has an end? What's curious? I suppose is that he would give it everything today. I mean <music> when you look at the upcoming stages okay tomorrow on the two Malay- Sunday into Voire. Maybe maybe the name stages and hard enough for again but certainly the stage to gap would be is kind of the same same sort of older more experience of God but in the in this working fashion that the the the kind of you know maverick or not not fitting into the usual categories is not very I did similar to sleep you know in in many ways because <hes> but in time to us again never did much in in in classics either I mean is very strong. Is You have the impression that the thing to do with Tim Wellens at the end of the story last year you know well was inspired from our friends. Lobby Wall bus in the well some debate over that yeah sure but anyway anyway that doesn't approach to the they haven't approached aside Yafe which is interesting and I have a little bit of concern for Tim Wellens of the influence amount again is best friend has over in the maybe Tim Wellens cements seems to be taking the same kind of pattern. You know like <hes> I'm going to do the kind of Satan enjoy instead of the cycling they could be profitable for me and then maybe two months is worth more than than than what you know against seems to the ambulance of yes I quite like it though I like the founding team also embraces that and encourages the eh well the roommates obviously on the rest they posted quite amusing picture of wellens lying in bed looking lovingly at again ironing King of the Mountains Jersey. I mean you go be careful with an iron on a line theon reckoning probably on a very cool setting <hes> otherwise the Docs would smart go tomorrow itching to say this two weeks the Polkadot Jersey this year gives me the he be GBS. It's all on talks are in need clear rose. It looks like somebody's playing connect four with it. Don't should be offset anyway. That's another bigger joint. I'm spot but almost again I mean he's somebody who really has found his way in in his career. You know he's a laundry and who doesn't really want them. Do the Florida's Ramsey's <hes> he doesn't have a massage after racism. I know massage after a race since about two thousand seventeen I think <hes> you know he doesn't necessarily he's finding his own way. Not necessarily going with everything. Anything no demands or history says you must <hes> he's also one of the funniest writers on social media on twitter in particular. If you don't follow Thomas again you should because he's he's very good value on on twitter and in person person he's quite dirty. He's but he's very dries knee made very dry. Am I mean I think a lot of people the other way round on social media in an absolutely love. He's a great interesting replies with shorts fantasy but there's always kind of ironies but shy I mean he's a show them but he's he's. He's a great writer and it's great to see individuals like you know why not try and win the time trial stage. You know well yeah why no no. I'm not criticizing him. No I'm just slightly. I mean you while we I use the phrase. Yesterday I want music and but in to you you you might use of your form when you have it because you just never know and <hes> you know he might be. He might be cooling the line in Paris in in a week and it's time and then writing the Vuelta threes all three this year so who were the who the loser's say I thought I mean from my I was directing operations here from from my from the pool number number one loser in my opinion on the tariff well. I mean remove. Are They not already lost to assure but I mean you you you you could would you. I mean you fish oil. <hes> official take on this by Girolamo hair was his confidence back. The legs are bike and you try to limit the damage in the time-trial but today spent at the finish line spent ten minutes talking to von Avenues manager and every data loss to know what do said it kind of put the blame on a coach you know th they in most teams usually tim direct spots directors and tim managers are not the one who control the way <hes> writer <hes> trains they all have their personal coaches and loved medically would reassess we the coach what went wrong because <hes> it it it just come to understand. What's you know what's what's going on? Bass book to WHO couple of Valor riders lost a bit of Time Today we hear from Dan Martin Yeah we talked to <hes> Yucca Fugger Song and Don Martin which in a way in a new so much because Dan Martin is the symptom of writer as they I mean is this this even if these type of course was probably more suited to him than normal time-trial. He was pretty happy with himself. Actually after the time trial and <hes> and also yeah talk to Jack of Zong was not <hes> yeah well it was the same he was not didn't look so disappointed about his is <hes> time travel and and seemed to imply delays with coming back so loses but not quite the heat was the biggest surprise you become this morning twelve o'clock temperatures gone soap sandwich and I extract away no but the reason he went really quick. You know it's always cool cost. You have to concentrate at all times and that's what you can ask for. We needed the timing and obviously suits me especially your heart on the first part and then hold on towards the end you know but generally doing every T- you go out hard and then just try and get to the finish line you know so it's <hes> yeah I'm I'm happy have improved a lot since <hes> since last year. Not thanks to the team so we'll keep working on it you know and I was I was not a hundred years but isn't that good was a hard one but I think my pace myself good that's right to to give it everything into in decline and to gain as much time as a good day and then to to survive into last coming to finish put the last part this is quite hot and for a moment is quite some some headwinds in modern earlier today telling us any better every day. That trend continue yeah. I think so I think so. I mean this morning when I doc don't think money 'cause unto now I've been feeling the highest tips of the bus every day and then I was like something's mission you know it's still not there. Maybe it's gone so hopefully hopefully that's the right thing goes on for the rest of the cycling podcast at the twenty nineteen to the phones is supported by scientists <music> financing spots fueled by science. 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'em So good luck in trying to get one of Stacy's mugs because they've been very much in demand zipping accurate. Is that an accurate description of your I wrote about I wrote thirty kilometers city or not by actually Lionel covered quite law grown. You did leave at four thirty this morning. This is talk for that call I was I the fairly moving I can tell you. I'm not I'm not doubting the bikes performance. I'm dying. You'll is it time for the team. Oh Comma Com. Well Tom Chow. I don't know if I said but I probably he didn't say Brussels but time travel die as a tricky one there wasn't any Bossi's anyway because everyone was staying in Po- and it seemed and so there weren't many buses at the start and there weren't many buses at the finish and well. I wanted to keep the authenticity anticipation of outside the team bus <HES> so they're like likely if you if we talk about it anticipates I take this opportunity to because maybe we didn't mention you mentioned in the tale of the top but. This is a hundreds of anniversary of the New Jersey. We should actually senior song but has no song <hes> but one thing I wanted to point out because we started from Brussels Brussels the birthplace of Eddie Murphy's but it also the birthplace place over. I Guy I now forgotten who on three tours of France and this guy was Philip teas and Philip Tease. <hes> said you know later in life that he was the first wear the Jersey not version Christoph he was not an unofficial Oh Yellow Jersey but he said East coach and ask him to wear a different Jersey too. You know so that the spectators could you know point out our this is the race leader because increase off was I've ordered the Jersey Midway through the race and it didn't it wasn't introduced reduced. The Star Turn Phillipi said <hes> you know I I the the first guy to wear a Distinctive Jersey two point you know sought out the race leader from the race of the of the boys was me so <hes> it was probably before the war actually before the the the the twenty nine thousand thirteen so that this kind of controversy <hes> on on these so we may be we celebrating the young with anniversary anniversary that doesn't exist well the Eugene Christopher's Christoph well with slightly mocked wearing the Yellow Jersey initially you know he's the banana or whatever you the Canary Canary not saying yeah well the Banana I mean bananas. You know our team cars at Brown Rally Yeah Yeah it was a one time celebration in a lot of Yellow Jersey whereas was in town to say you couldn't you couldn't move bumping into Yellow Jersey holder you. Couldn't I mean well. I spent most of the one of the reasons I reason an outside the team bus installment today. Sorry listeners is because I spent a lot of time chasing Greg lemond around Po he's in town for one day only as invited the two to France along with lots of other Yellow Jersey whereas I won't spoil <hes> the story because <hes> it will featuring kilometer zero next week <hes> but you know ninety nine two or three times nineteen thousand nine the greatest tour of all time sector. Is this the greatest of all time the closest to overtime one by eight seconds. We'll be telling a bit of that story in slightly different way because I think a reasonably familiar stories and it but I wanted to catch up with Greg on Kathy his wife who were in town just for today and I had to fight my way the security import today was absolutely incredible and the reason for that is the French President Emmanuel Macron is in town to have dinner with the Yellow Jersey wearer and there was also maybe <unk> dijon whereas about down so difficult confusion confusion kidding move bumping probably especially if you need to know a police assault the yellow jerseys from the yellow vests Oh my God yeah well that was my assignment today and it took some doing actually because I had to break through the security court on in a couple of places places but I managed to do it and well done next week well done Lionel am not to come in two zero supported behind score. The latest episode came out today by the data that's being collected at the Turin and and used used by teams and fans interested in episode to learn about high. They're trying teased eighth also enhance the fan experience and especially the the roadside find experience so that's that's an interesting development. I think we should wrap things up for tonight. Shouldn't we got big day tomorrow looking forward to terminally but you mentioned pauline on I think four is one of the most underrated cities and fronts. We come here a lot but renting today. It's very understated sort of place isn't it. It's not sure choice not fancy but it's is lovely and there's a lovely can relax five is surrounded by the Chinese I mean we're on their skirt SUPPO- here and we're looking at on a on a mountain range in front of us which just in the kind of through the mist you know that kind of Blue Louis Maintenance and the distance and it's beautiful is a lovely place Francois is attitude towards the southwest is slightly different. Is that because you're from the South East your your living the southeast not that they're they're a part of the south. I love and I have nothing against at all but I told you as we were driving around town. I've never managed to Canada <hes> tame. I never know where I am table yeah. We were you know when we're driving around. I never know where I am in it so it looks to me and I find it really easy time because there's this big long straight roads through the center of it and then there's a there's higher up and then as the old tired and there's a hotel couldn't quickstep always staying but a scene I I never unfunded pettibone moisture because we always there's pressroom is always in the same place. Polly Bouma might UN tenth <hes> lunch in the same restaurant. You know it's funny. Any Austin slash team sky away stayed in the park on hotel. Oh talent Niane well every time every time though every time but I stand up don't always stay in La Palmera which is where they were busted in two thousand and seven months and I actually but one footnote today M MM-HMM WE heard from Jerry Ryan last night's episode em and he said he had some special balls of wine. Defar on that was Jerry definitely day right and he was I was very impressed and interest see him there <hes> Lacoste today at what she avidly I mean they've got women's team that unlike some of the other women seems prompts is very much as an integral part of the mission Scott Setup and I spoke to Jay Ryan on the finish is there right armada. SURPRI almost won the race and you know he was very invested in that performance and and he was very disappointed at the end and I said did you bring extra wine in case you know you wanna course as well and and he had and he's going to send them all bottles of wine. What am I was? I was talking to him about the women's team. He said when they set up he insisted remember. It's all his money and that's team. He said he insisted on the women having exactly the same equipment physio support for medical support coaching and everything that the man have and they're just to see him there today was you know was was. was you know good because it was a bit low key at the Star lacouer there were more people there are the Finnish m Yeah Award Award for Gay Ryan and we'll hear from him in the next episode of the second podcast Femina. That's the way to go and while the last one to you you were at you know you were at the poodle most of the afternoon enjoying the Saugus thing on the types some of our listeners I have been following. Oh Info to my great surprise. The Adventures of my little friend women put it through and I thought I'd lost it to today and actually I found it he was he was actually sitting by the pool with rich. Just before we go a big thanks to friends of the podcast people have signed up at the cycling PODCAST DOT COM to get exclusive access to our friends specials. Thank you very much. There are few good episodes coming up soon and thanks to Allen Owens Stuart Westley Michael Giddings Things Mark Sheldon Andrew Logan and Tristan Oldham and a big thank you to rate your Westwood Andrea Johannesen David Atwood Yaacob Wallstrom and Martin Quinn Sean Lee Christopher Standish Guy Hotly Jonathan Than Jenkins Robin Baker possibly Jacob all strip on the Yacob but who knows Oh yeah I was saying start getting attacked by a B.. I think I'm wearing this <hes> Peleton suncream rich we were sandwich very kind of the people peleton coconut e smell and it seems to be much loved by the the the bees of poll so that in this area if you listen to U Bs if you listen to the podcast you know.

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