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Hubel number what sports gambling show come pat mcafee corporate offices. I am tone. Digs out of david beard. Wonder what's up. do youtube trying to the two will. All we're trying to do is do a show and go live in fucking youtube won't let it happen. Come on thankfully bill. Bill saved us. Thank you like saw about found that suited the mall. I spoke. I honestly looked for every kind of how you could find and stumbled on old faithful book. Black nike looks great voice during the back. Jay mit how we doing pretty good. Tony pretty good man. How's your game over the weekend. I had a great weekend in the nba. But the avalanche have had no to schneider. When i started betting on himself oh the nba. Big time weekend in the nba. Good good hawks win on saturday. Saturday for thirty have thought got met up yesterday. I thought he got skunked on saturday weekend weekend. Hey what have you done for me lately. Up with one. Another yesterday in the nba. Was your weekend. Saturday was good yesterday. Not so much. But the the haves the haves came back. Are they gonna sandra three. Yeah we'll talk about that. When nicky skates comes in yeah Ball was great on saturday and then sunday. Just fucking cleveland got routed by baltimore. Cueto was up three nothing in the fourth than it was three. Three in the fifth gives up a leadoff double to the pitcher hendrix. That'll yeah hey. I don't have it. That was the end of the day for me. That will happen. Foul sunday seem like the day that i get caught. If i'm going get got wonder why that is. I don't know and every lake on sundays. The lines seem like they're good. Like oakland was plus a half yesterday. Like better team against the rockies. Yeah i mean. Marquez was on the mound which was worrisome. But the kid for the athletics had a good year. A they didn't do it. Just do watch clippers. Maths yeah awesome. I love dude. Qui- did what lebron was supposed to. Tony i actually had one of my first. Ever hedges on the clippers mavs. I have the i had. The mavs are took the mavs. Because i had the clippers plus two eighty on the series on the series. Did you bet yeah hatched. I had sweet so you you made a you. Were making a profit. Non profit no matter what happened yesterday. I was so happy watching the game. Hedging his actually really cool okay. So when you're yesterday how did you decide how much you're gonna win either way. I put basically like ten dollars more than the amount that i had before on the On so i was going to at least make ten dollars dollars dollar dollars dollar. That's that's cool man. He's he's got it he just sometimes. I don't know what it is. That teams so weird. Like i tweeted it yesterday and and people didn't like it but i said the clippers are in a game seven in round one but it feels like if they gain. They could win the title. I agree i saw you. People didn't like that. No no or they say percent yeah. I don't think there's who's better in the west. Well could you honestly say as better in the what the west right now these. Do we think the jazz better sons while the sons are better. But it's close. You know what i mean. The jazz are minus one forty five favorites in the series. Yeah like. I'm taking clippers series one hundred percent. I think i think quite got another run and the way he's playing dude. He's going the best player in that series. I love donovan. Mitchell co is better than donald. Yeah right now. Mitchell i put a to. It's better than paul george. Yeah fall georgia's three but then the jazz have maybe like four five. Six seven eight tomb is sneaky. Good for the clippers. He is very good very underrated. I think is my colleague plan tonight. Mitt to you know by chance. They're not planning sorry one. I am not sure. If mike morris morris morris a shoot and right now dude he you find him in the corner there for that three. He ain't miss dude. It's i mean this clippers team guinguette gulf one. I think i think they got a shot. Dude especially if hardens. Oh well yeah especially now that lebron's out then why has actual chance to make a run. I don't know. I think the clippers that games interesting the bucks nets game very very interesting because the box looked rusty and game one against the heat they had there were shooting performance of basically the entire year. But here we want against the nets. They had their worst shooting performance of the entire year. They went like five of thirty three or something. Like this is the thing though. This is the question that always comes up. Middleton has to be the number two guy act and i don't know if he is and when he's not they lose that's just how it goes middleton's on hitting shots the bucks lose like it's just how it's been like these past few years and if he has a stinker than they're in a bad spot right now and that's minus two five on the series boxer plus one seventy two hardens out for game two tonight mitt. You like the bucks. I don't you. Yeah i really liked the bucks tonight. I'm really liking the zigzag theory here. I'm thinking this one's for sure gonna go seven and then i was also thinking the only way that you can stop. The nazis of james harden gets hurt. James harden his hamstring acting up in the playoffs. I don't know. I think they might even brooklyn s two and a half point favorites. They are now plus one little bit aligned movement there law so it was weird because it was the everyone was brooklyn game one but everybody that i talked to was on the box one but i mean that's the public's crushing in the nba player kaz favorites recovering and public. Gloves the favorites. So yeah they were gonna crush right now Sons minus five or sinaga tonight. I think i'm actually gonna make a play here are gonna take. I won't argue that. I think Eight better defender package Maybe we'll have a little bit better luck with the joker joker younger and then if he doesn't if he's not scoring than the nuggets scoring these playoffs felt like eight and it's coming out party a little bit. Yeah he's bond dude. Obviously chris paul's injuries and stuff like that and the day since they play. No i know but when was that thursday thursday night right. Yeah stayed up. So it's friday saturdays three days. I mean he looked good after day. Off against the lakers and suns minus five tonight. What do you think of it. I love that pick. I'm also taking signs. I mean we watch damian lillard absolutely cook the nuggets all series last. I'm only think devon booker is going to do. the nuggets. Are the nuggets anyone. The play defense. The lakers actually add good. Defense and devon booker just went off the whole series. I'm taking the. I'm probably gonna take phoenix four and a random. Tonight i had hops on the sleep at high on the series and they try to end up the time out with. I don't live to try that game. The biggest melt of all a close than a fucking they were heaving balls like half court analysis. Ben simmons can't makes makes lake high school basketball. Luckily ben simmons can't make a free throw. How about him getting shock treatment fouled that. It's awesome smart. Nate mcmillan do. That's what i'm saying. I love nate. All right Nikki skates welcome to the show. Good here could be appreciate it. Let's take a call to get you into show all right. Mike's apartment mike in brazil and I don boy. I wish i could get through to you guys on friday. 'cause i had a fritzy good in my mind. I suppose were broken yell yellow us. What are you guys Montreal implore at las five fifty and it was before game two. I believe on friday so not looking too bad tonight. Okay but what he had. I thought it was odd. Tonight is going or talking about the New york islanders and bruins of i told boss connor. I'm so split down the middle. So i got picked on both sides Picks sites decides patrice bergeron. Oneplus goal In boston a win plus time. Ooh rock nelson. I like tonight oneplus goal at new york islanders to win plus six fifty playing both sides of fattier mattie bars i think he's founded got two goals in his last two games. I finally got that monkey back to play offs oneplus school and style. And there's win another plus six fifty and David pasta first goal plus nine fifty two off. That shot off the post picture tomorrow. He's torn on this. A pop gives the fucking and winners are he has i in. That's good call multiple winner days in a row higher that. What are we going to do this. Guy's given us call on torn boys who fucking busy who mike roussell. Mike does he live in brazil. We're not sure are you brazil. A country or indiana asked me the same question brazil the country. i mean. We got canada. None in here. We got cuba. Got too much italian in here if this a winner. Let's fuck knows thing is too much time off. You are you actually. I can't hear what he's saying. See actually in brazil. Brazil does not have a choice. Says braga right now the talk learn about you. Keep on in not easy becoming a citizen here. We appreciate your service sir. Billy issue with him. He does hockey picks so far. Darby mike's mike todd. Mice cold so mike and brazil as figured out. The strategy is awfully hard to miss. If you just pick on candle. You can't do that. Unfortunately never done that before. No no guys. Its team started the call saying he had a plus five fifty from friday. We come on. Come on mike. You're better than that well. It's not being. I will be. Why standard is the standard. Why do you want to be means. Is you set the standard. Is your thing insane. Yeah to pick on friday. I did like the patrice bergeron. One though see do see playing well always plays well in big games. You always find a way to. It's not always the prettiest but he finds a way to get it done with the islanders. Go up three two here tonight. Very a possibility gump. The islanders plus one fifty eight tonight if you believe in them in regulation plus ooh sixty everyone of these games feels like it could be the every time these two teams you'll notice feels like overtime is is inevitable. I thought this morning. I made textiles strictly because the value plus one fifty whatever it is now is one six to two hundred eighty eight now plus three hundred to go to. Ot he's games. Been a coin flip except for the one that the islanders fucking blue buck bar doors off which was wild Both the last two games have gone under as well. It said at five and a half right now. The over for that is one thirty. Eight thirty at the minus. One seventy overs. What one thirty one seventy. Yeah that's a lot. This has been a good serious man. Bit great zoos lockers. Good series except for fuck in montreal blowing the doors off but winnipeg. we knew. Yeah i have converted. I converted on sunday. I did board with the absolute uproar had to happen. Water is fun. Just feel like at this point when a page is dead and buried and maybe people will sell their steve off the sweep. They're going to go with a. I don't think so. I think they're ready to roll over and be done with it. Yeah minus one fifty. I will take halves money. Line one more time one. Seventy two on the puck line. Maybe even worse. Ooh i'm deferred to you on this one in this particular instance because you have sixty minute line avs and religion plus one five. Yeah i mean if you look in value plus one zero five all the money line. Modest one fifty. I would lay the juice. I believe in also have 's if vegas gets by colorado don't even give me carry price. Math matchup faulk in battle a candidate do fuck dude speaking of that series john from chicago. What do you got. Or don is Another nikki skates centric. So i got to work is and i was watching this game last night. A surfer like pure devore's propensity to start robin lehner random intervals. Little flower for no apparent. Reason still group are looks like a broken man who are the f. Stuck in dead feels like that. Doesn't it if you watch any of that game last night. It feels like they're dead but it's as our like where's mckinnon at now. You never said you much but you think about it. They played the blues. No adversity steamrolled. Go up to nothing. Ever you lose a game you enroll role and thoughts start creeping in your head. Now you're tied to vegas. That bar has fucking alleged now again. You know we get jesse colorado bags out of the answer. Maybe it's different team at home but group our does look like he shook a little bit because some of these goals that are going in our stoppable puck new commitment of the i know the known to let out a groove. Patrick eddie smoked them from thirty. Five feet out diller. Her just patties he when he gets go on man. I mean they're pretty big minus one fifty four next. Who's that adds. what's the puck. Line plus one seventy six. Vegas is still plus. Their plus. One eighteen to win the series. So do you have any faith in them to steal one of these games on the road because it does seem like they're going to take things at home. I'm believer in the nights. I am but people worried me. Because he has that propensity to do something stupid at any moment behind the bench. Turf corey from auto. What do you got. Hey boys has gone. I do court so core. Pretty good I'm agreeing with you guys zero wagon but as an auto sense fan i I can't bet on the money just goes against everything my body so i have a staffer. You guys the first six games. They've played For the last six games. They played the montreal sports. I so i got that minus one fifty. So that's that's a handwriting. I can't bet the money line but the has been killing lately. Thank you corey getting it. Early often corey perry had won. What like three or four minutes. Five fucking varies from six to midnight. She's facetime from gov score back made himself look that one. I would absolutely hammer that. I think we're just gonna roll over and die anything. this is. yeah. I just wanted to know what stassen came back even in that thing. Give any boost. Yeah so now. They're not getting back yet. The the mayo's accosting costing them their death. They're dead they're dead. Pop jets are dead stuff. Good fan base. I was gonna say earlier jets in hab to the last three have gone over. It's a plus one twelfth. What's the five and a half five and a half. Yeah they're all five now to get there. You're relying montreal to get a couple. Yeah couple of garbage time. Goal's probably but hey jessica the goalie maple at very early to since they. They may with three minutes left in the reason i was talking about. Won't shell puck line earlier. Won't y'all five hundred gets spread in the last five to that good. Well it'd be the dogs. Yeah yeah the last night was last. Night was the first game. They were favourite. I'll play on the outside the only game. I think that was was the one. Nothing game didn't cover down three one. Man what fucking just rolled off book. Six straight yeah. Maybe seven they made those couple of lineup changes and got the young guys in there and then it's like a flip switch having said that i'm on both of the team's home favorites because i think what he's done and while. I do think the islanders could pull it off bossing being back home. I think that's a big deal for them in this series it is. They are very good Tyler from what do you got how do you. I'm just. I'm are you ready for this. One hundred percent. Three leg parlay all right. Let's dude i Fernando battiste hit a home run as before Under ten and a half for the marlins and red sox and montreal canadian sixty minute regulation plus fifteen ten percent percenter lock you then take it home to a home run how you feel about. What's that the under ten and a half and that sox game would would be the one that worries me panetta bounce back last game but the guy i have no idea who the guy pitching for the model of supposed to go for the marlins scratched not scratch booth tomorrow in. The canadians can argue. Don't hate it. Dylan from wisconsin tenny winters. Abbas how are you how are we doing. I haven't house a record or we still fucking winning. We're we're stood at five and one and what we were. We won last time. We won serena and sophia kenan bullshit plus three hundred not okay. that's where to keep them moving I got one in the french euphoria. You haven't done one outside of the french Sixty boss my book does allow parlays. So i would say if you got something you really like little more juice pulls it was sisi pas. I just played the under thirty seven and a half He'll he'll take this one and be should be relatively easy for them So fifty or the under take your pick And then at the guard open or take martin stupid vicks mardi yup martin all Minus one twenty five on my book already locked in. he'll be an early one tomorrow So those are the two to tennis. Plays good luck fellows. And we'll speak soon thanking every Law dialing another recall. Ten five and one's pretty good. It's got the judiciary to talking straight to argue with. That has been a fucking wagon federer. just hang it up. Walked off tell you who also look pretty good. Rafa mr mr. Mr claim himself scare scares scare. The window ornament. Yeah was even right down this morning. It was a bit of a scare. i was reading. A bit of a scare scares this morning though scares what's going on. I thought he hasn't lost a set. Oh i thought he was down this morning. I thought i read well. I'm gonna read that yesterday. He was down. He was down a one seven five six three six old. He was dive he was done. I mean they went to the tiebreaker in the first session or row. Yeah he was dan. Yeah that's the right size. One thirty five sets in a row at the fucking french did roland garros. Yeah you set up and the doll see. He was profit of seven one three straight sets. I mean i'm guessing. He was down in the. I know scarce i mean johnny center may have been the game janik seaney. He's bobby must out. He was out no way three thirty forty views. Daddy was one i set. He's a wee hours three thirty one. Am he battled against. Sometimes i tweeted about. I guess i was watching a replay way better better. Yeah a did editor matters. He hung it up. he walked it off. Everyone and quit. Quit quit i saw you. That was called me. Tweeted at you already. It was on. Nbc what for me. They're playing on tv. I i was over confused about the time zones as three thirty one house. It three thirty one right now but federal quit. He quit dude is done. Change your shirt fuck it. He said walk it off. It was awesome. I mean tell me here. That apparently did not get out so he didn't win. Fed's yeah maybe all set them out Was a battle. A lot of tennis is a big one on saturday. Yeah but what's which one saturday. Which was sunday. He bought out after one on saturday. Three thirty one. am yeah. He'd beat the german seven six seven him. They all went seven six seven. Germans name copter. Yeah i get it. He was scared now. No no because he was supposed to play marty berry bertini from italy so he's already stared down at italian. Say listen here now. The shoes no the tennis community is not happy with this. Better i tweets at about federer and he was in a firestorm ended tennessee. I got attacked by test communities. We'll have freezing. Cold takes us by this point he had already in the rafters was awesome. David through the he had listened to his buddy. Hey serena i watched her play to get dominated now. She actually made a commercial in the middle of the match she Everything was going wrong for her against this Forget it was. What's what's her record. She lost to rob a teeny. What you'll have to re bikini. That i felt later mccain okay. Was that the one i saw. You thought maybe it was in kenya like reba. Mcentire akeem lena reboot bikini. She was making a movie. I thought she was making a commercial in the middle of that thing. There was like a real rally moment where she was fucking. All at fluster balls are flying all over. She could not find the court shoes. Getting beach was tired. Jews winded and then one was going out of bounds. It should try to backpedal out of the way of it and it hit her pad iraq or whatever so as a point in at that point she put her racket on the court and she'd better head over for it and it was like a good thirty forty. Five seconds of sitting there in the crowd was like let's watch a commercial right now down but not out. She got the next point. I was like there we go. This is it turns out she do. You lost it straight. So she was getting lucky us get unlucky. Use i watch tennis. If it's good tennis. I will watch the final of all the majors. I don't know what the majors are like. I didn't know we're in paris. Yes yeah thought were potentially in australia. That's why the time different but turns out it was just prerecorded. Got the ozzy got the french. You got the us open. Wimbledon ones mcenroe played any player in. I get a tour roddick. What the hell happened raw italian garbage show that garbage show. He was found love. He's martin dan speaking of like people that were hot there for a bit. You see locked the coming back training did he said the best way to get past. The he saw rob that store in brazil He said it was a mistake on big brother after that. Still every big brother. I think he made a couple of visions that he regrets now. But that's documentaries. like locked. He coming back to the pond or something like galaxies. Back swimming again folks. back phelps. Smoke loyalty is locked in these games and like a month. I hope so. I think so. Those documentary i watch. It might have been four years old though. I try see crew to man on that. I'm betting lofty though. If you can't bet on swimming you guys would be able to bet on everything olympic inc. So she'll be able to. Simone biles early lock. I'd like to hammer her forever. Now we're gonna win. Subsidies in vending millions penalized for venting no moves because in nasty right like you get scored off the difficulty of the move. But nobody's ever done any of the moves she's done before they score it so i think what should happen is every judge should have to go out publicly in attempt was simone's doing and then that'll tell us how hard it is because she's making shit look varies that double. Mctwist thing that nobody's ever done competition. I think she could have done a triple if she wanted to does like i just watch. The biography of booker t. He's spin a rooney. Whatever he made. Vincent man he made talk. Ultra doux spinner. Any can't terrible terrible. And then you appreciate booker spinner. That blocked he does seek. This is from swim. Swam dot com lock seeks to become oldest olympic swimming medalists. There's good there's documentary kerri. Strug still going. Gee retired. Who want from indiana. In former from indiana. She did really well last time. Five years ago. Where the one from stanford is the greatest in the world by. She's now there's an idea person. I thought how about those olympians turned down. Actual money inaccuracy. Katie look daddy. Was she the girl she. She's the one from stanford who just balkan dominates speedo was going to give her like dad or grandpa co. Owns the islanders okay. So that's why okay. That makes you stay at stanford if uncle something there's no professional swimmingly user. Yes so when speed is offering a familiar like nama stay at stanford. Instead i'm like. Wow that's awesome issue that you love education. That's awesome the girl. The several order who. Yeah Kim kim miss kim. She could've made billion dollars. Enter dad decided now. Now we ain't doing that snowboarder. Khloe you'll bingo. Do mr kim. Not speaking views of mr kim who i have to do business with before. It's a great negotiation. By the way you're watching or listening always referred to somebody. It's called the mr kim principle even if you run your own business you have to consult with mr kim to see if it's okay with him and then you'll get back to the person i like it. Let me see that person doesn't exist again. That person's just coming back. A mr kim said people were saying misc- him kim khloe kim. I thought she was gonna make a hundred million ever. Last winter olympics is similar. You just i talked to my boss and you never talk to your boss. And he's comeback. We can't do it. That's mr kim will do it on you. That was in a business mag. I read on a plane one time. Because i didn't have internet sufficient audio potentially bad boys. What a brazilian. Mike say Brazilian likes to take every player on the ice. It was not his best call. But he's on your cold though so true. What is the hot bath. Me specifically ice called. You're not call more no cowboys right now. That south three three in one on sunday. But it's bounced back. Then that was. I was i was very very cold self handicap empathy. It's about empathy. We can't care you can care get. I'm awake kid empathy together. Who do you like tonight. Bruins are islanders alexis commercial. Where's it added in a barn in beantown in boston. Td jordan. i like boston. And what's the who's favorite boston. One eighty eight mice one eighty and everyone's on the bucks tonight. Which i know you'll be on the other side. Yeah absolutely amount on a bucks. The nets yeah milwaukee bucks not the pirates. I thought the tampa bay bucks or because they recite. Be a and jason light. The milwaukee bucks. I heard stephen say this morning. Chris middleton supposed to be a part of their big three and he's just not showing up whenever we were talking about. If he's not their second best guy the they played the first game played terrible. The first game against the heat. That's when they almost lost to harness taking a break right off stiff. Opposition hamstring man. That's tough to keep coming back from your right jam. Big time on the bucks tonight settled but james harden's not plan. I think this gives brian to go seventy seven. Walk yes to win tonight. Point boxer favored by point in brooklyn. All right so yeah. Give me the nets to bet everything that i have left my count on that. That's my lock. The nets open as a half point favorite. Now they are one point dog. Okay so kevin. Plane is terrier implying. Steve nash what are we doing exactly. I know that guy exists for sure is blake griffin plan to hit a double double time since twenty sixteen. Yeah you're damn right duties. He was lost in the dive on ball studios electric. Who's a syndicated. Detroit staff in the dirt. He's coming out yelling now. Matthew stafford blake griffin. Get out of the dirt. We need those focused stafford takeda shirts. Yeah i don't know how many people get it very regionalized but those who know you ass was plus one fifty that game last night really about anti might get better on usa. I'm going to do it. And it was on the thing i'm like. I'm a better nurse. Anything speed-walking olympics by the way we got a guy in a speed walking world. We got his little hips. Go ryan lucky. He's got a guy there too as foxy done a fate thing. No the bronze out. So he's depressed so he probably won't do because he's scared i'm happy he can't ruin the penzone more ruined the bronze what is dead may never die. What was that what his dad made never die. You're right hair here. He's a shirt fox cello. This the name actually gone it where you really. Yeah always like a sunday day. I'll do remember corinth out middle. Quarantine your fucking rattle. You don't know what to do today. No on look lebron's out don't is the nba dead definitely dead bought. I'm putting in right now. Because i just saw this and you guys were talking shit. I wasn't going to do this. The most obvious pick of all time though is at seven forty tonight box nets you take the nest. Plus i mean how you not laughing right now police. Do exactly what you're gonna do to call. Everyone does fast easy way. Do what why are you doing this to me. What do you do. I just came back just like what you got to. So you're right. Who him yeah. But that's all like. I'm not homeless. And they don't got sidney crosby of. I'll never bet on any team. That doesn't have sidney crosby hockey world right but i think the bees went tonight. Yeah i like the nets a lot. Yeah you come. Dorsey done in here. Your new foe cellist. Shirt yourself just shitting. All over everything. That i started there i was like i'm a computer and i heard it was like you have a pick tonight and i think that's you that is so you can ask for my pig tonight and then look at that and ask for this though just like you didn't ask for you to fucking ruin the steelers or the penguins. I didn't have any jack with. The penguins had me rooting for the penguins. Because the one time. I bet on them they won the game. There's actually only win in the last four years in the playoffs. I'm pretty sure. So like maybe detroit hat that's relevant in this conversation right now. Exactly franchise a relevant k. Nhl is for some reason blackballing. The red wings. We are taking on purpose to get the first pick in the nhl somehow ended up with the six. How's this work in kind of stink rate. We've no good players diner at six pow. We're the worst team did not happy with foxy taken. That's what i'm talking about. We were all in their dude celebration. Nets bane team seem so what they say in here. This room chat. It's all blue collar. People top picks from guys who have robots cutting their yards cuts their own graphics crazy. That's crazy you've got the room for the awesome. It looks like it really works. Saw a big difference between remind while you stooges are sitting on your frigging tractor all day. I just do whatever i want. I can get worked on. I can sit in the. Acc can watch. The game can do anything. I want this laws garbage violent up though. I was at a wedding interesting with different kind of trim that gulbis mown down whatever but also the he's staying at a place called Shitty way. I guess the trash dumpster. I guess it just gets backed up. I was in a wedding with a bunch of people that live in saint building dumpy. And they're like we are paying. Ask your friend. They said we're paying way too much money for the way that things have been going over there and i guess the pool party i think be was leading the charge. They said that. Look like i've read. They said a teach for a house party there ten. Am by eleven thirty that place. They thought that was vague. It's mad guy. Had a beer helmet off one pm. I was like i'm i miss is pad i was like. I never felt more thirty five in my life. People by the way that i was talking to incredibly cool people have a good time and they were like that place too much russell. I'm like why so. There's two pools i think i went to the wrong. No no they said both they're both. Yeah yeah we're living up dude. I mean let's get crazy but not too crazy. Obviously obviously are you wearing that pokemon card or on your neck which one is it. Do peaking chewed first edition. Worth like two hundred and seventy five grand probably probably was three hundred grand now. Two dollars and seventy five cents because i did put a hole through it to put it on my chain. No no you word on this hammer down episode where. We all went perfect. This big deal. Logan said it's the bug on card that i wore out to fight void. Mayweather this a million dollar cars. What happened the upbeat up. That's what happens when we are putting on around your neck. You get beat up survive day. He did a good tweet. He was bucket what he was laying like the ropes. A lot of good tweet. That disrespected walks. He might be changed boxing. Lets you gotta sit down staying up all the time roy. Synergy mickey mouse is everything mickey mouse days joy for the entertainment pissed off including the commentators. The minor details still watching. It was entertaining spectacle. It was awesome. I'll care if you hate the paul brothers. They can put ask conceits that well. Not as many tv if you're watching watching l. o. Fought in dallas eight thousand people in this stadium. I there would have been if it wasn't for that fuck and tropical rainstorm. And i'm not talking about the ball brothers. i'm talking about the actual rain. Passing showers happened. Miami all the time we jerry's butler say that was a sprinkle people were separate and fallen. They can't get up but you're right like how come it wasn't just for what it is. Hey this is what this is the. Hey because it costs money. Why are you mad that you paid fifty dollars. Did you not know that's what you were signing up. I agree with you a bunch of slapstick out there all pissed off like we had a bad boxing match. The guys all we want. But he's in his life except for one time he ever spend fifty bucks on some door dashing. Showed up with something you hate all over eat. It eat it. That's what you gotta do. I don't know. I just thought it was so weird. Beef up the card. I'd like to have an ocho on their like body. Jack great boxer in his time. Now still we don't. We don't want to see that kind of boxes. Body shot not give me more. Give me more celebs bodyshop wrestling on the card. Pacman cpac hence armed knoxville. Video of fucking no choice. You fucking pussy. Batman me mother fucker yacky packing their. I would like packing. They're just as representative of both west virginia and the nfl. I think isn't he supposed to like that. Dude he should fight joey. Porter peasy though it'd be awesome fight. Were they weigh in on anything doesn't matter what was it one nine eight. Jeez just got house while text message. Can't talk about it was good. I mean it was good but anyways back to this did logan not look like he was seven to eight inch dollar than than floyd in there. Yes what was it was the air. Force's they're fifty pound different. he's wearing air forces. Whenever i'm six three airflows it looked like he was six nine leslie by his arms and he was just dangling them arms fucking yo what radha seemed like. He could knocked him out anytime he really wanted to know trying because he looked like you got mad. I think the way different. The difference was i clean shots lawyer at his thing. And then you start getting in tight. There was one shot now and then as soon as they separate by the way he's right on top of them again trying to get in there. The oculus chat does have a good point. Should should on the next card bingo. That's we're talking about. We'll get a fire to fight on the next one one of the polls schinder gami pacman deal. I shouldn't call me by the way. We're still i feel like we're still sponsor i still like. We're still a fan. I mean blatant disrespect. before that goes big sponsor. he's ad i was hoping i seen it for everybody else. He's money then. He went home with shaab. They talked a little bit. I guess should was the kitchen anymore. That for dolby. We need more chicago fights but i do believe they should turn into spectacle war. I think there needs to be like a limit. On how many rounds it go and it has to be a half around limit singing. Ain't over wayne leaning on each other all night drew. I've been on chicago if he fought again though he's been eating cauliflower fucking on genetic he really doesn't god damn name going on digs. We'll talk shows. Gosh show is this. What do you mean actually of say. We're more thing off okay. Like this is what i said this morning. I probably should not be saying this. I'm not a boxing. Or mma purist or any of that bullshit or there's people complaining about it like hey. How many times have you bought a boxing. Pay per view or an may pay per view and go. Wow that sucked. I was super underwhelming. Happens all the time every single time except for maybe like one year. Well showtime wasn't working. I guess for a lot of people that like the espn plus one for connor was a connor and floyd was espn plus mcgregor. Poi- down dowling now feels like everywhere he goes out the cock with wrestlemainia. Do that's why you're gonna go fucking buy blackbox and by then watch it on there. I did buy it last night. There are a lot of people in your assume. We're not nurtured from now. Ready stream accrue ella this weekend free. Of course see that's awesome. It was good. I wanna see those actors and actresses thirty dollars. I said i don't know if it's not going to be more urged it'll be it'll be less than i think. This is what all movies should do. Yeah i agree in up charge. You get it at your house earlier. Yes i heard it was awesome. I wish i were state of where. I fell asleep as soon as it started soon as long one sam loved it. Then you're going to be like oh movies over nor half hour to go. Everybody has said it's really good. What's going on topics you guys supposed to spit in this thing. I don't know think it through drugs now. I ain't no room for drugs all kinds of drugs. I'll think you save on for later and put in. They're not go back to the old tim. The rock rains tim. The rock rains. Who's that play for the expos. What he do tim. The rook exists nipper. How're you doing up atlanta. That i still have never seen place drugs in atlanta based atlanta hawks. By the way we are not took him for the win the series before the series started so pretty. Good there polio. Oh here we go per titans from four thousand twenty five hundred twenty two hundred to twelve hundred for the afc win. The division only went for plus ten plus one five barely. they've been colder theme. That's what i took away from. that press. ballot is built a great team. We all said that. I think that just one just one weapon way. I think from windsor people but all rangy athletic resigned like a deep threat like just catches every something like that. You know what. I mean like know we got guys a could be great. Parris campbell could be unbelievable. Marlin matt's knee injury prone no so as payment. They both are young though. They have a chance to sort of things unlucky. Things have happened to both those guys you know. There's there's a lot of potential but there is one guy who has one hundred thirty five games in one hundred six possible game is certain all burner buddy that could have been growing our team. And i think that's why the odds for the division haven't moved up much because the team is really good. If we have got holy although i would have been excited to see the odds are they would have been a huge ultra still. They're still a five or six teams in the afc favored above the titans to win the afc. I mean julio with a chip on his shoulder as well we forgot about despite stuff. Yeah it's like randy for a new deal. You didn't want me. Once more guaranteed money. She used to bills ravens. Browns broncos colts are headed. The titans broncos are in there. Strictly becase get air. Yeah that has asked me the only reason. Why the broncos the sportsbooks are just ten of hedging. Their bet their people on denver. they are. They're betting because of the aaron rodgers situation. Let's act as if aaron's going there that's also very good by the way and maybe they're seeing some Drew lock the. Maybe maybe because he's not chip on a shoulder. He's got to fight because they brought in teddy well. He's also been working every day and he throws remember that tweet. Drew lock has committed every day. This offseason become their quarterback fucking. Nfl quarterback in the nfl thing. That's day thing. I i liked to titans. Oh i liked her team before this move. I like me more now. How do you start. How do you stop. Derek with seven or six hundred bucks. Can't and then if you stop. Derek how do you how do you stop. Aj holyoke it makes the game. Very simple for the titans. It's like all right. What are you choosing to do. We'll do the opposite. it's just easy. Little check in. Daniel is not as bad as everybody says he is was that all about wasn't i said well you know what though and this is the thing that themes fucking what. He wasn't bad with the dolphins when he was healthy. He just hurt like he took us to the play offs. We lost the steelers in the first round when he was actually healthy implant. How much is the titans awin Afc they plus fourteen hundred. It was just want the with. The dolphins paid made it look bad. You know what. I mean huge right. I actually listen to the tweet for me. You know what. I mean like because expectation is set. Here's what we're expecting. Now he's got a hundred million dollar contract. He's got the passer rating and everything to prove it dollars. I said blackstone four playoff games with the titans. Here's a total of five hundred and thirty four yards in four playoff games. They gotta win over baltimore right. Yeah they had two wins. Beat the path. Say the pats in baltimore point lead or fourteen derrick henry back to back and just fuck and dominated the pats and ravens. That's what he earl. Thomas sowell thomas. I'm pretty sure. And then we're up on the chiefs wasn't eleven fourteen ten. Were they think they're removes accents. Up twenty four nothing so if they were up twenty one fourteen fourteen nothing. I think i mean that team basically still intact by the way now johnny gone. i guess. That's a huge deal by. I mean if their defense if the defense is worth a shit lander last year their defense was so bad able my suit very bad might suit plus fourteen hunch below sprinkle a little bit on there. I don't like it but why not. I mean it might good money right. Fourteen hunch richard sherman still out there who lot players don't corner they do their corners stink. Whoa dude they cut malcolm butler. Yeah yeah right now. The jenkins in cable cable fiery the slaughter. They start at the drafted plus fourteen hundred. I'll bet on artem out here. Thank you for joining us. Guys got the year. I did well not the end of it start. I don't know. I don't know how things are left. I have an idea. But you're all right so nhl you have chrishell. Thank you pat. Thank you fund You have drones at home. I might even go regulation there because the one eighty eight op. But i feel like guy de overtimes with these teams going to take the money but the bruins and then montreal i. We'll take and regulations for even money mitt nba. You have the sons and milwaukee milwaukee box amping exxon's both to cover tonight and i'm taking the sun's minus five mlb. There's only three games tonight. I have the royals. I five plus a halfway. Ooh are you on the other side. No i ain't touching that one with a ten foot bill Dylan buddies the worst first starter in the mlb in the world. One eight one this season. Oh and ten in his starts this year. Fucking jackson cower jackson core cower. Five point eight five era triple eight. I always say we stay away from the guys coming up. Never geez the guy for the jays came up from bucket lit. It ain't five in triple a. He's been dominates five. No i'll take him with the plus half on and then i'm going cops i five now. That is where we will go to war and yeah weather was bad last time out. I like the padres to pull it up here. Or is the padres. You're only no. I'm also going to lay the mice. Half with the socks with peta going for the marlins i saw it. I have no idea who he is. Red sox just swept the yankees playing good ball pavetti last time out six innings pitched three hits to earn. So yeah i'm going to the minds off with the socks here okay gonna roll through these calls quick because they have been awesome in state of a phone the entire time. Oh what do have a euro tit. Bit okay what does it imbaba to win. The golden boot is plus one thousand really. Hey yeah something to think about the for those. Don't know what the golden boot is. He most goals in all of the european tournament. Speaking of euros corey from florida. What are you got guys will subdued. No now not much sunny florida. Living life gone for the Euros was up to the jews on the red props For goals against like no the bigger name nation versus describes at the bottom like. I'm looking at ukraine netherlands. First game minus one for the netherlands is plus eighty. What's your thought on that. The only issue with the minus one is if it if they win by one there. There is no push you you lose is a netherlands. The holland dodge are the favorite and that one. Yeah i think. I took ukraine draw. Nobody yes sorry. Double chance took another money line in that one. Yeah i would have already put it in a bar for every single day for the first week airs. I mean there's two things. I can't stand dutch and people who are intolerant. Other people's cultures and the dutch italy's up to minus one ninety bins turkey. Tae took turkey double chance there. Good value on the fit is unbelievable or maybe i took the under. We're zuri dude. I know. I got a sneaking suspicion. This could be one of those tournaments where the italians come out of nowhere. I seen that it is the other day horn right here. They haven't conceded a goal l. Lost a game since twenty eighteen. I don't know who they've playing turkeys. Goals italy does we do football. Man phone still might drexel. Sloan adjusted for monteria. What do you got all hammer. Down boy found ruined. The money line might as well throw the canadians on their theory. It'd be done. thank thank you. Thank you fucking wouldn't have sons b.'s. Canadians have ads lab. Youth hall have got no shot now because everyone in the world. Yeah feels the jets fucking ryan from nashville royals angels. Who what side are you on there. I don the same that as you boy at t that he's only given up eighteen years and thirty two thirds walton league tune on but niki skates. You keep mentioning. Ot for the islanders and very Plus three hundred for yes. There will be over time. Yup yup yup. I don't that that one. Alan stacey feel like every game is i think you blindly bet the there will be overtime for these nhl playoffs. You are probably up. Quite a bit of money feels like every series every came. Ot for somebody rolando from southern cow. What are you got this row bro. What's going on boys. Yes so row row from so category. Not whatever southborough. We get electric and a twitter right to accept first-quarter little explaining here first quarter. Since i've covered against the lakers for defy. They come in the first quarter against the nuggets This year they lead by two points. Every single forcing played against them. Go ahead locking. Thank you row row row. Row to call. Yeah stephen from chicago. Hey what's up guys. what up out. Don a shot. I'll gumby once. They thanks for paying the bills with the apps. They've been kicking at basically shot. This might be my office. Two locks go for so we have Karaoke cubs patrick. All with He did his match shamron in the last week and So the last two games. He's had three home runs against stanford and that. The i know you love the giants to shot out so i want to go ahead and also against san diego in chicago. He hit three home runs as well too. So i wanna go to five hundred. I put that in a in a three legged parlay I would put the joker thirty points. he He went ahead and winning his portland for thirty five points. Above in four out of five games as they closed out the trailblazers so honestly i think he's gonna put up points. There's no reason not to do it. And it's plus three sixty. What's hardly honestly i see brooklyn taking care of milwaukee. I don't see your guys as optimism with more at all. Like oh i i for for three or adult thought has been get delaware got. How's it going boys. What's up john. I'm not sure if you guys call game one between the sixers and the hulk. But i'm sick. And tired of disrespect towards joel. Embiid and philadelphia seventy sixers allies. Jones disrespect played great and might be the best player in the league. Currently well probably one with a fluke. Put all your money on on the philadelphian. Confide game another game in atlanta and trae young guy. Dan fraud you. Can't you can't just be a homer dude. That was most philadelphia. Call of all time and i respect. It can't just be home. Kennedy your home or dude. You know can't do it can't do it I'm saying jump on these now. Because i got on italy money liner and it's minus one ninety. This is for euros. Belgium money line over russia. I like that and money line over. Croatia never roads netherlands moneyline over ukraine and france draw notepad bad against germany minus one twenty-six good value. Though i hate going against german germany still really really not as they once were team. Verner stinks even though he is he wasn't. I don't know why that was like that tone. He wasn't the hurricanes favorite for the golden boot plus four. Ninety harry gold so yeah i think so have double chance for turkey which i also have the under three and a half in that one in turkey See this is. This is one of those ones. Where it's it sucks that you get your lay them you minus one year lane at you you know. Italy has to win by two. I took the. I took Wales double chance against sweats gareth. Bale one last round. He's retiring after euros. The ukraine double chance. And it's plus one twenty. Yeah you like the netherlands. Yeah like this another orlands squad. Jeannie walton all double chance. Gump is there. No push and soccer. What are you saw the way fan. Duel works met like other other places. We'll have like a teams favored by minus a half. So if they win by one then you're bet would win. Fan duel for soccer has plus one minus one and if it is one it is not a push you win or lose but you lose you lose mid off today sir. So they do have the double chance so that kind of infants it. Oh i've asked about it before. But i mean we can try again tomorrow. We do have John sharon fan sports. And maybe maybe we can ask him tomorrow. Maybe it's a little euro special. Yeah maybe just. Don't tell them you're jenner this time dude. Yeah we should put up the p. l. all lines that we're talking about. I can't thank you guys enough for watching listening at hammered down on twitter and instagram. Subscribe to joe on the youtube. Poor for tell your friends family daylight and money to murchison store up and show dot com same time. Same place tomorrow. Full week. I guess for every good luck tonight hammer dah.

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