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Brock Lesnar Wins the Universal Title


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I recap the big weekend in the world of pro wrestling including W._W._e.'s Louise Extreme Rules A._W._S. fight for the fall for him and finally delivered on his promise last night as Brock Lizard cashed in his money in the bank briefcase on Seth Rollins to win the Universal Championship boy and I ask the question why now prior to losing his title Seth Rollins went nuts on baron corbin the main event after Corbin didn't end up days finish on his girlfriend and tag team partner Becky Lynn. Are we seeing the end end of the P._G.. Era in the W._W._e.. Plus we'll discuss cody rhodes comments about counter programming and recap A._W._S. fight for the fallen all that right now on the bus it opened podcast brock listener cashes in eh five seth pens them and we have a new universal champion. I gotTa tell you I loved it. I love it when Brock and Paul. Just throw up a giant f you to the entire W._W._e.. W._W._E. Universe. I just don't understand why they did it. I felt like it was coming. Last night. I actually tweeted about a scenario. I got it half right. It's and if if you listen to the crowd in Philly they were kind of into it too they popped now. I'm not sure if they popped for brock actually winning or if they popped because they were getting Cassian and they getting they were getting a title. It'll change because crouch will just pop automatically when they get something like that because they understand that they're getting something special and Philly got something special last night. They actually got an entire night of special. They've got a great pay per view with with a surprising ending. I just not clear on why they chose last night. Is it storyline driven or is it a knee jerk reaction to maybe maybe some numbers being down some houses being down. What do you think well the next three months are used for the W._W._e.? Bali we've talked about this a lot. You got your second biggest pay per view of the year coming up in August in Toronto and then you have the move to Fox for smackdown in October in the next few months are very very big for this company and I think they made a statement last night for your second biggest pay per view as well as what we saw wrestlemainia thirty five they WANNA go in with brock listener as your universal champion and you know what you need name and Star power when you make the move the Fox and I'm sure Fox wants name and star power. Well you get your name and star power from Brock Leser never PROC lasers universal champion for raw that has nothing to do with Fox I know but what have you noticed over the last four or five weeks from the W._W._e.. There really isn't any kind of wildcard or brand split anymore. Wrestlers are jumping back and forth. I mean you see Roman reigns on both shows every single week. I mean who knows what this landscape is is GonNa look like once we get to October bully and that's why I really do think what we saw. Last night was the end of a chapter and a new one is starting tonight on Monday night raw. This could be a completely different print looking landscape by the time we get the Fox in October. Do you think that they gave up hope on Seth I. I'm going to piggyback off of something you just said. Story is this part of a storyline because I really do think it is is not only with brock with this title but with Seth and Becky and this is something we're GonNa get into much more detail later in the show but I think this is part of the Seth Mbeki storyline okay fair enough. I'd like to talk about that sooner than later since you brought it up but if you want to get into it later that's fine listen. Brock is an attraction and whenever brock is out there people stand on their feet and their vocalizing their opinions as aloud as they do for anybody else on that card. You got your cash in last night what I found interesting is that the the he'll quote unquote. He'll Paul Heyman promised that that's what we were going to get and they delivered Yep. He's you know he's always you know and I love the Promo you know either. That's the truth or it's Paul Heyman just being Paul Heyman which insinuates that he's the quintessential liar and everything that they did last night with that cash in worked boom done see a by he rolled in two Germans cash in Eh five done and does your champion and I gotTa tell you man the look on Seth's face after it was all over. I'm saying to myself if this is a story line which I do agree with you. Dave I think it is I'm not sure I can get behind behind that guy. That Guy Looked so dejected and I have a funny feeling that they're going to go down the realm of the man having to get seth rollins back on his feet. It's you know they say say behind. Every strong man is stronger woman Yep. I think that's the road they're going to go down. It's possible or they may go another way because he obviously was distracted by what happened with Becky in that match he lost focus. He should've should've known brock was going to be coming at some point was promised by blame and any let his guard down. He let himself get be and let himself lose that Universal Championship last night. Do you think they're going to take seth out of the Universal Championship picture and you're going to get. Got Him into a feud with Corbin because Corbin hit the end of days on Becky. Yes I do so that was that was my question. Do you think they're getting away from Seth and you said you thought it was soiling driven so you think they're going to go seth Corbin or been and maybe feed somebody else brock well bully. Let's ask the question what if you're seth rollins this morning who you more mad at. Are you angry at brock lists or because he's now the new universal champion or are you more angry at Baron Corbin urban because he put an end the days on your girlfriend well. You're more angry at yourself or losing that's number one and then you're probably more angry at Barron and I love the fact that the W._w._e.. Had the balls to have baron Corbin the end end of days on Becky Lynch. The only thing I didn't WanNa see is Becky Lynch actually leaning up against the guardrail at the end of the show and selling if if a man the size of Baron Corbin hits his finish on Becky Lynch becky should be down and dead they should've went off the air with seth rollins kneeling over Becky's lifeless body with that look on his face staring at brock listener because I got a lot of different stories that got becky on her own selling up against the guardrail. I Got Seth looking totally dejected in the middle of the ring like just let himself in his woman down. It almost seemed like he was more for by the way they've been building seth and Becky it almost seems like seth is more worried about the wrath of becky that he was going to have to withstand the match like like him like her looking at him and go and you know I still have my belt. Where's your Ooh that might come into play later to or could get into a little jealousy who knows where to go with the story line and we're GONNA get into you know again? The lack of chemistry between those two and I and history shows that we've had add re real life relationships not be able to transform on TV and they showed that lack of chemistry earlier on tonight with a backstage vignette that was absolutely the worst part of the pay per view but getting getting back to our new universal champion. A lot of people at the end of the show was the worst part of the pay per view with brock. You're part time champion now. You're universal champion once again people in disbelief that were going down the same road that we went down a year and a half ago bully. I gotta be honest with you. I think that road is closed. This is a new street for brock listener because you have see is no longer hanging over our heads. I don't look at Brock Lesser. I I could be wrong. I don't look at Brock Leser as a part time champion anymore. I look at brock listener as a W._W._e.. Superstar what are your thoughts yeah. I don't think you're gonNA get part-time Brock. I think you'll see brock a lot more often. I don't think you're going to see him on an ultra full-time basis or wrestling on raw or smackdown all the time but I think we're going to get more of him. I'd like to see more of him. I think it's going to be a balance. I think you're one hundred percent right. I don't think we're GONNA get brock rock listener every single week like we have seth rollins but I don't think we're going to get brock leser like we did a year ago where you're seeing them once every three or four months. I don't think that's happening either. I think it's going to be a good enough balance where it's not overkill but at the same time every time you see brock listener it's going to be special and I think it's GonNa make that Universal Championship more special and it's getting brock a bigger superstar in the terms and in the universe of the W._W._e.. Did you see anybody come out of the of the pay per view last night looking uber strong who could step up to challenge brock state did move away from Seth I saw somebody that's a great question. I think there's I think there's a I. I thought Alastair Black looked really strong coming out of that pay per view. I thought Kevin Owens now. The perception of him is stronger coming out of that pay per view. I don't know who I would say could be the next opponent tenant for brock listener coming out of that view. I think coming out of the pay per view you might see them. Go back to an original plan. They had that God off the tracks. Braun strowman Yup Brown looked really strong in that last band standing ending match last night he did. I thought that was a really creative finish. I I love the power slam off the balcony through the whatever they had there and then him busting through the wall at the seventh count I mean they built that match very very well too big big men going at it beating the piss out of each other and the last man standing match. Let me ask you this. Did you like the match yes I loved it. It's good Haas fight right innovative finish and on a personal note I absolutely love. I love it when I massive E. C._W.. Chant breaks out no matter where it is because no matter where you go for then now and forever you will hear that Damn Champ. Thank you very much like I said I think they came out really strong with Braun last night and they I think they might just might be getting back to broaden brock likely you're hearing God's busted open live weekdays from nine A._M.. To Twelve P._M.. Eastern on Sirius X._M.. Fight Nation Channel One fifty six or on demand wronged Sirius X._M.. APP In case you didn't know what the name of the finisher that Baron Corbin has its end up days and days and days right in front of Seth rollins right in front of his face couldn't be more disrespectful foil then Baron Corbin last night I totally agree and I loved it. Oh he was so corey graves said that Baron Corbin went too far. I didn't think he went far enough right. If you'RE GONNA do it do it all the way. Although the end of days is a hell of a start I've been saying for weeks and I wanted to see becky get five by listener anyway. I'm glad they gave it to baron. Baron can use it and let me tell you something if you didn't think W._W._e.. Had some confidence Vincent Baron remember this He. He hit his finish on Becky. That's the first time we've seen real. I guess since the rumble when when Orton hit Nyah with the archaic yeah that's that's the first time we've seen you know oh a guy hitting a girl with some real offense and I liked it I would have liked the story of Seth being over Becky and then after they went off the air you had seth videos out there on social media seth looking at Becky. I'll let everybody down so down on myself. I guess it's a good story and it remains to be seen how they're going to tell it it just comes across it might come across as mushy and I don't think becky does mushy now if you watch STA vignette between the two earlier in the night. It's exactly what Seth Rollins said that Becky doesn't do mushy and interesting that when we go to raw tonight when we fast forward to raw tonight bully becky's GonNa Average title and Seth is not so it's GonNa be interesting the story that they're going to tell and who is seth going to want to go after is it his universal championship or is it revenge on Baron Corbin and I do WanNa pause before you get more into the main event of what you said about Barry Corbin and the confidence that the W._W._e.. Has Embarrassed Corbin. We've talked a lot about him and you know the go away he or or what have you about Baron Corbin man to me bully. I thought Barron Earn Corbin was the M._v._p.. Of that match and if you didn't think Baron Corbin was any good in the ring go back and watch that match from last night I think Baron Corbin showed how truly good he is. They all did a great job last night. Especially Baron Yup Barron always has a good match. You don't see Baron messing up you see and Barron I can tell by watching Barron starting to become a leader in that rang he really is you know and when you get that that that leader mentality and people start looking at you as a leader or I'll even stepfather ring general. That's when you know you're you're truly becoming a better worker. Let me ask you this. I want to dive a little bit into the match. You like the match Yes yes I did you. Did you think it was a home run yeah. You know what yeah I'll go. I'll go as far as saying. I thought it was a home run last night. Do you think they missed any opportunities. I didn't see anything glaring did you I did I did I thought last night they had they missed some opportunities to do some fun stuff within the match especially because they were in Philadelphia that really would have worked. I mean one of the things I put out there on. Social media is before Becky and seth got the tables. You know they could have probably done the get the table spot. They could've did the what's up. Could you imagine if if Baron Corbin was going to sue perplex becky off the top rope people would have been gasping and then all of a sudden seth came up from behind the Nail Corbyn in the back becky could have pushed Gorbunov right into the position and they would have been right there for the what's up and becky given the what's up to Corbin urban pop and then everybody would look around and now you have becky pushed sas and say seth get the tables place with a went ballistic. You would have had a great pop there. They could have brought the tables out the you know you we also had an opportunity where becky and seth probably could have did the the you know the road warriors spot to to Lacey Lacey could have been going yeah something but seth could've come up underneath lacey had lacey on the shoulders becky could've went up and they could have gave a lacy Delo D. things that would have that are right there. Little I'll use tribute spots for lack of a better word but that's spots that would've worked perfectly in that type of matching spots spots that are ultra identifiable that could have worked in that inter-gender scenario now. That's just little things I thought they could've added to make it a lot more fun. There was something in that match that was glaring to me that they this should not have done and they should have saved for the end so dave let me ask you. Did you see anything that you thought that they shouldn't have done but should've saved for the no right. Check this out. After a Corbin hit the end of days on Becky <hes> we saw seth go ballistic right yeah what it seth start doing he started he picked up the chair and he just started wail and on Barron with the chair he started wailing went on with the Kendo stick right. We saw that we saw him. Flip the switch and go absolutely bonkers went nuts nuts on right so we should have never seen seth take the Kendo stick to Barron earlier in the match it would've meant more if they would just saved it for when he snapped it would have meant so much more because if you don't get any Kendo sticks or any chair shots on Baron Corbin early in the match it means so much when you do it later that should have been the flipping of the switch and that's when he should have went ballistic on Corbin so I'm really shocked to see that because you got a lot of smart people in that ring of sure they had a really great producer with them him that night helping them put it together. It was really glaring to me. I know if I'm going to have a point in the mattress telling a story of Oh my God you just put your hands on my girlfriend now. I'm going to snap it do something to you that I haven't done earlier earlier before in the match it would have been the Ken does and the chairs a Kendo shot a chair shot at Kendal shot chairs yeah and that's where they could have said Oh my God shut rollins has flipped and that's the little things I think they could have did that. I would add to that match and taking that match over the top and truly would have been a main event any now. Obviously we're seeing a little bit more of the Inter Gender in the W._W._e.. Not to the extent of what we saw a couple of weeks back with impact wrestling with Tessa Blanchard and Sammy Callahan L. Hand but were you surprised last night seeing the end today's from Baron corporate. I'm Becky Lynch well. If you go back and you look at the Royal Rumble and you see an arc A._O.. Anaya Jack's why would you be surprised about seeing an end of days on Becky Lynch true I mean in your in you did see those hints with Nyah Jackson Dean Ambrose before Dean Ambrose left to go to eighty W._c.. You're so you're right so are they ushering in a little bit of what we've talked about that we thought they weren't comfortable all of going are they going full book. Could this lead to a becky Lynch Baron Corbin match down the road. Why can't it listen? We've we've said it we've we've been there before in the pro wrestling in business and it worked and people loved it just go back to China and Jericho for Christ's sake China Beach Jericho for the Intercontinental Championship. Did Chris Jericho. Take it easy on China now. So why can't we do it again. It's not like baron. Corbin is punching. You know Becky Lynch Square in the face. It was a wrestling move happening in a wrestling ring under the umbrella of Sports Entertainment IT works. It's been working for a long time but unfortunately wrestling and society has become a little too P._c.. And we've gotten away from it. I hope they go back to it because listen I think there's going to be if you take a look at impact Sammy versus Tessa work to correct guests. There might have been some flaws in that match and a couple of things they didn't do exactly right but for the most part it worked it can work on the bigger stage to because I think people would pay money to see becky Lynch beat up Baron Corbin now I don't you have to be very smart in putting putting a match like that together because you don't want to hurt Baron Corbin but by having him straight out lose to becky because at the end of the day it's not like becky measures up in stature to Baron Corbin even China measured up in stature to Chris Jericho Tessa measured up in stature to Sammy even though Sammy beater. There's a big difference between Becky and Baron is in there yeah there is what you'd still be intrigued enough to want to see it right obviously yep. You'd pay money to see I would yeah okay there. You go so I love the fact that Corbin hit the end of days on I mean I much rather see becky in Ringwood Baron Corbin Than Seth rollins in the ring with totally agree agree totally agree and Stephane Baron could put on a good match but I've seen those good matches before now. Are they going to do a story where seth is trying to get his retribution or are they going to try to tell a story of Seth wanting retribution but becky telling him no. I'm the one that took the end of days not you. I want him. Is this going to be a race between seth and Becky to see who can get the Barron I or or seth tries and fails. Mbeki actually succeeds in it. That's where I'm going to go back to what I said about twenty minutes ago about. I'm not sure why they decided to put the belt on brock was it because of a rating situation or do they have a bigger and and better story waiting for Seth and Becky and Corbin and you know what that story would probably be better if baron Corbin was universal champion this morning instead of brock well then you have becky chasing for universal championship well well. I mean you would have seth going after it first but who knows where that's GONNA lead. I don't know man after last night. I just don't know I don't know how I feel about Seth chasing the championship again I think after last night I wanna see seth in a blood bloodfeud and when I say a blood feud being above bloodfeud if you give me seth verse Barron in a first blood match okay. Maybe I'm on board. Are they willing to put their toe in the water with that hopefully because that's something haymond would book well. We see them starting to put their toe in the water of many different things so maybe the day of there being no blood in the W._W._e.. Maybe there's exceptions to the rule. Maybe that exception would be seth rollins and Baron Corbin if you I don't know Sirius X._M.. Then listen up commercial free music plus sports comedy talk and news they had it. All a lot of people think you need a car to enjoy Sirius X._M.. But you don't you can listen outside the car right now. You can get your first three months of Sirius X._M.. Outside the car for just one dollar just go to SIRIUSXM DOT com slash busted to offer details and to subscribe you can listen on your phone at home and online that Sirius X._M.. Dot Com slash plus did offer available to new series X._M.. Streaming subscribers siriusxm no car required W. fight for to fall and charity show that was free streaming free live for a b our live on Saturday night bully and year cody Rhodes at the end of that show and he wasn't even sure if they were still on P._R.. They are alive or not because this was well past midnight Saturday night but he says you can't counter programming obviously with them having this charity show the W._W._e.. Network had the tenth anniversary of evolve going head to head with a eighty W on Saturday night and getting you ready for the fall which man you talk about in the history of pro wrestling this might be one of the biggest falls of all time and I'm not talking about the fall two down. I'm talking about the fall with September and October November for that months of pro wrestling bully with the move to Fox with a e w going alive with T._N._T.. And you can't counter program a the E W I think that was another good step for a e w Saturday night bully. Why did they even have to mention the counter programming? I nerve seemed to be raw on both sides when it comes to what's going to be happening in October. It seems like eighty w excuse me and cody specifically are acknowledging the counter programming and saying you can't kind of trying to tell the people that you can't count our program this product. I totally disagree as you can counter program and that's what the W._W._e.. Network did they specifically counter programmed. When was the last time you saw an independent company on the W._W._e.? Network you didn't this is this. Is You know the W._W._e.. Obviously is branding their own. You know their own off shoots of with annex t kind of their answered I always thought Annex t was the answer to ring of honor and then you had the W._W._e.. Annex T U K to kind of do because the growth of wrestling in the U._k. and they wanted to have their brands there but the haven't evolve show at the twenty three hundred e you see w arena going up against a w hey once we're there streaming so we're going to stream as well I mean this is seems to be building a lot of momentum as we get closer October bully I I will agree with the momentum. I will agree that it's going to be very exciting fall season for pro wrestling. I will agree that you know w debuting on T._N._T.. Is going to be must watch but as far as you can't counter. Program I'm sure what he means is. You can't stop this new revolution not the revolution this new revolution that e w is but yes you can count a program and yes W._W._e.. Will Counter Program and if I'M E W I would prepare myself for lots of counter programming as you get closer to the T._N._t.. Show aw while the T._N._T.. Show you think it's anything for whenever has e w pick today yet now. We're GONNA find out on the eve of all out what day that's going to be okay. Let's just say it's okay <hes> a Tuesday or Wednesday correct. Yes you know what they've lecture say. It's any frigging day of the week. You don't think the W._W._e.. Can throw on a show to counter that show of course they will. I'm sure that they might move move annex t to that time and obviously people will d._v._R.. Stuff but the W._W._e.. Is going to move their chess pieces in according to what a e W is doing that's why you saw the evolve show and listen. Let's it's now. I don't know if you can counter. I don't know if you can counter emotion Awa right now. That's where I give the edge to w they have the emotion of the the raw emotion the raw passion of the wrestling fan right now and if you're gonNA talk about counter programming it's not like the W._w._e.. Put a main roster show on Saturday night to go up against e w this was you know evolves tenth anniversary show and obviously this is not a knock on evolve. I thought the show was great and and they had some really good matches that and I really really enjoyed as a matter of fact I think the match of the weekend was drew Krulak against Matt Riddle. I thought that was the best match that I saw of the entire weekend but let's be fair here here what we saw on Saturday night on the W._W._e.. Network was a tenth anniversary celebration for evolve and what we saw from e w on Saturday night wasn't a pay per view. Everyone's calling it. A pay per view was not a pay per view. It was a charity charity show that they stream for free on E.. R. Live completely different than what we're going to see at the end of August with all out but if you're a fan of the w product or your fan of the evolved product probably yes was V. A. W. Product free. Yes was the W._W._e.. Net product free basically because it's on the network. It's on the network so that's counter programming. That's chestnut. That's porn move for porn move. You're competing competing with the exact same fan. I'm sure listen Awa fans that were live in attendance right. If you're going there to watch the show live that's it. You've they've earned your dollar but if you're sitting at home now you have a choice Gosh I saw lots of people on social media streaming both shows actually videotape themselves watching a fight for the fallen and the evolve tenth anniversary show together that tell me that tells me. There's an interest interest in both products but I'm sure that listen. I'm sure that plenty of people watched evolve instead of eighty W and I'm sure there's plenty people that watched eighty w instead of evolve but it is definitively counter programming. It's definitively a competitive measure to try to take some of the audience away and listen. This isn't new. We've seen this before you mentioned it last week bully with Wrestlemainia and clash of champions. We've seen this before. You Know Hey wrestlemainia. You have to buy pay per view your Jim Crockett promotions. How do we how do we how do we compete against this? He put something on T._B._S.. For Free and it hurt Wrestlemainia that year of course it is if we have a choice of having to pay for something or watching something for free obviously a lot of fans are going to choose free and they had Elvis show and a hell of a match people elva main event that people are still talking about today so this is not not like this is new a lot of people think oh my God. How can they do this and what are they doing? This isn't new in the realms of pro wrestling I actually I think it's great that the W._w._e.. Thinks enough of a w that they figured they had to put counter programming because honestly a couple years ago if a company was having a wrestling show when I don't think the W._W._e.. Gave Shea they obviously do now. They felt the need to put something up against eighty. W Saturday night bully an action speaks volumes in itself. That's why this is me personally. I don't think cody had to mention the counter programming. I loved him telling the people you know when we go to T._N._T.. In the fall how many of you are following us over there that is a great raw speech. That's cody being the Pied Piper and taking all of these fans and marching them over to T._N._T.. It's kind of like with cody and the bucks did with ring of Honor Cody. The bucks took a significant amount of ring of honor fans with them. WHO WANNA go try this new product? I'm sure they'll always be fans of ring of honor but like hey cody and the bucks are going here. I WANNA go check them out with this product at these shows and I want to check out their television show. That's going to be very easily accessible that kind of raw speech bringing the fans with you. It's it's it's actually very political. If you think politics how anybody anybody tries to run for office and try to get the people behind you and anybody who you know for from from President Obama to a president trump whether you like these men are eight these men they were able to tap into the emotions of the people and get people to vote for them. That's what code he's doing. He's tapping into the emotions of these forgotten fans and saying hey you're gonNA follow us the T and t love that part yeah what a stayed away from the counter programming because if anything you only poke in the bear and asking counter-program even more yeah and and I'm sure this back and forth is not GonNa end as we get closer to nobre not a chance it's it will heat up every little move. One Company makes the the other company will try to top and I think the W._W._e.. Because they have so much programming can counter program any A. W. Show. It's going to be interesting what they do. And maybe and maybe this is a big reason why A._W._S.. Holding off from announcing what day they're going to be on TV you know maybe they don't WanNa show their hand at early because let's say they announced it Saturday night. Come October October. We're going to be alive Tuesday nights. Hey you know there's going to be a show to the Tuesday nights smackdown move into Friday when they make the move to Fox. We Premier T._N._T.. In October so you know what we're going we're going live on Tuesday. I'm sure that's giving the W._W._e.. Ample enough time to put their heads together and say what can we put on the W._W._e.. Network to Counter Program A. W. ON T._N._T.. What if they just do an x t on Tuesday nights they do that? I don't know if they would want to do that but you know what they could. You know what they could do that and it doesn't mean a thing. It's kind of like here on Sirius X._M.. Really they could put this show anywhere. Why because all you need is to subscribers you not looking at rating point? You're just looking at subscribers the W._W._e.. And the W._W._e.. Network is in a really good place because they could put their programming anywhere they want because all they care about is subscribers bribers yup absolutely interesting to see what's going to happen once we get to the fall in this. That's why always compare wrestling chess because it's all about the moves you make if you go back and you look at the Monday night wars. That's a great example of how the chess game was played and how many times did Eric Bischoff have Vince McMahon in check. If you ever played chess you know what check me yeah and Vince only had one or two moves at any given moment and somehow worked his way out of check and put Eric in checkmate to mazing how wrestling is played when there is competition and I believe we're going to get that moving forward and what a e W has to be prepared for is any move they make W._W._e.. Can counter if e W W eventually is going to have to. They're going to be doing live TV every week correct yes so we're going to no four weeks down the road. If Eighty W is doing a live Tuesday night show in Sheboygan Wisconsin Right <hes> so oh what's to say that W._W._e.. Is Not going to run a house show in Sheboygan on that same night well they probably will exactly what I am saying is W._W._e.. is so big and they have so many ways to compete at their disposal that counter programming is going to be quite simple for them. Counter live event towner live programming towner appearances. Hey Cody and the bucks are going to be appearing in Chicago on this date. Sign Autographs Ok Johnson and Roman reigns will be here on this day signing autographs to I'm telling you that one people would go see Sina and Roman over cody in the bucks. What I'm saying is there will be enough competition? Put in place to take is off of the W product bully. Let me ask you this because you're attempt. I'm sorry attempt to take is off the W. product understood. This is something that you say on this show a lot and I want to see if it fits in this scenario. You always say slow and steady wins the race the slow and steady win this race or if you're the W._W._e.. Do you want to throw out a knockout punch. I believe that the W._W._e.. Will throw try to put an end to this as quickly as they can but they're not going to be able to and what's the number one reason why they will not be able to knock out a w quickly is it because I think there's too I think their fan base and I also think of the Khan family now. It's con- money it's con- money he has the money listen and if you on paper the Kahn family has more money than the Mcmahon family right I mean so if you just go dollar to dollar they can trump vince really quick just to put a pause and what you're saying is not to interrupt. That's okay but with the McMahon Family McMahon is all about the W._W._e.. Brand and pro wrestling. I mean obviously they branch out. It's sports entertainment but it still comes back to the W._W._e.. That's not the case with the Khan family they have their our hands in many different buckets and obviously the Jacksonville Jaguars are probably number one on that list so I think it's a little bit different when you talk about the dollars and obviously the confidently has a lot more dollars. But where did they use. WHO's that dollars to make man they? Everything goes back to the W._W._e.. But you know what I'm saying that wrong because now you have the X._F._l.. So you know what throw that argument right out the window. I'll try. I'll try to make a comparison. This is a very loose comparison comparison mine and not even be a good one. Remember when T._N._A.. Tried to go to live on Monday nights yes what a W._W._e.. Due to them they say throughout Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. They destroyed them right up and and T._N._A.. Got Off of Monday nights really quick on a side. I'm not trying to do a live show on Monday nights horrible decision but I don't think that they're going to be able to knock out a e W if at all if if at all and I don't think it's going to happened quickly I think the thing that will could hurt eighty. W is the drop off that they have from their main event players to their mid card players. There is a significant -nificant drop from cody the Bucks Jericho and Omega to their mid card talent when I watched when I watched the show the other night when I watched fight for the fallen entertaining show yes I got hangman page. Who's going to be challenging Chris Jericho at all out for the W. Championship? I wanted to see that kid get over a lot stronger than he did. That should have been a very very hangman page friendly match. I thought he could have come out of that match looking a lot stronger because this is a guy that they're trying to build from the bottom up eighty. He W fans know who hangman pages you don't want the W. Fantino who you want every other fan out there to know who he is and despite that he had a good match against Sabin Kip saving saving.

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