The Gaming Tadpole (Crashing)


The. HOOPLA go or whatever they say crash think. Or what some random? Stein. Affects crash anyway the gaming tab full. Chasing. That I mean as you can tell by the sounds I made If you remember crash bandicoot, those rue random sound affects but yeah, we're GONNA be talking about crash for I was trying to get to it last week but I got sick so I talked about a different game and now this week I will be talking about crash for instance I played it I, beat it and I've got thoughts it's got great reviews. So? Maybe. I. Am on the side of hey, this is great I. Know My little brother loves it. He called it the best crash game. Ever I might feel the same way you don't know you don't know some games though haven't been as successful as crash case in point Marvel's avengers a game that you are looking forward to it's been reported. That is just dropped below at thousand players does only a month after release people. Said Goodbye Way. We we didn't. We didn't have Hawkeye yet. Sorry. Way Khimik Back Quebec. It's led to some things that I have been thinking about about these online services which I've been talking about them. I've said multiple times when my piece but looking at this I kind of predicted but what is the takeaway of it? Well, we'll talk about that and of course, the rest of the gaming news happened this week. There is another closure bound fortunately at least for the US and that is level five games who the heck are. They will tell you about them and why that is unfortunate some rappers spend over two hundred, million dollars a two hundred thousand dollars on a POKEMON card congrats to him but Okay. And then I see, I, I've been working all day. So my brain is also a little bit fried Riyan is waiting patiently. Rock band for rock. Band is back. Are you excited about rock band coming back. That is what we got on the show today and of course reality Riano you're doing that says we both just got home from Tire Day of work or one of US probably had a great time with other one done. But Hey, we it pays the bills. I guess you know let's say even though we live with their family members but yeah. For. What do you? Yeah you should enjoy what you do or you blow list at least you got something I mean that's the thing is Things aren't looking good there their job market people lose them covenant going upwards all that stuff. But Hey, you on video games if nothing else that's. Really. What start with the show? Now on to the show man that crash bandicoot he's always jumping crates collecting those fruits foiling the Doctor Neo Court Texas evil plans being the crap out of other people. than sleeping on his couch and gang woken up by magical TIKI got. God. And crashes had such an interesting history because it's at the very beginning. We would think when crash I came out back in the day was going to be Sony's mascot, and then after three games, a kart racing game, and then a party game Sony was already done with it and they sold off to activision who has been bowling license for the longest time through different game. Studios. Making Games from crashes became a whole different thing. It turned into beat him up where you take control of monsters in crashed does looked like a Hawaiian surfer. Yeah. I mean you there was part where if it wasn't the character that people remembered anymore, which is unfortunate but hey, you went geared guarantees change but I was not a popular change people did not like it crash of the titans or Rafeh Tian's whatever. So activision rebooted the franchise by remaking the first crash games in in Saint. So's remastered for every platform PS four xbox ones which see you can play all the firstly crash games than beautiful gorgeous graphics. But exactly how you remember them and then there was they, they had the same treatment or similar treatment to the crash team racing game, which they call crash team racing nitro field where they mixed crashed wine with the PS two sequel. gave it. Online multiplayer and all that. So crashes kind of a rose back up into the franchise that the original fans loved eventually would get to the point where we get a brand new crash bandicoot adventure, which is now where crashes woken up once again from his couch because neo cortex and engage the one of the bad guys from crashed three, they found a vortex into different. Dimensions possibly new scheme to take over the world and do lots of villainy stuff. Crash S to go through all these levels bouncing on crates and spinning bag is in the air collecting all the stuff to save the day him and cocoa course along the way crash meet some new allies or at least allies from the original trilby that have been reborn as different characters. Are. least they have different things going on with them such as Taiwan was the before cocoa she was the original Damsel in distress why I'm not Daniel Strauss but like the original female indicate character and they turned her into a action star and then he got Dingo dial who was another boss fight in the third game now own restaurant and bar changing his ways he. Could things work our could they save the day once again and all that now all be honest here when I played the insane chill I like to there was so much a crash panic. You just didn't hold up for me like the ritual game for example, I just didn't think it was very good like another people love it but it felt like a prototype for what the playstation one could handle and the rest of it was just hey, we're gonna make this hard for the sake of why we're GONNA make extremely difficult levels. You'll die thousands of times and none of them being fair like they're these bridge levels re could. Barely see what's gone ahead of you and you could easily miss the jumps like I didn't even know I had to jump on the little rails to get through those levels and to me, that's not great. Game Design other people disagree people loved the original crash in the original crash rotary I did not like the original crash and I enjoyed crashed to but I loved crash three crash three war. But even then when I went to the SPYRO trilogy, 'cause The after crash remastered they did one for Spyro as well where they remained the first three games again, gorgeous visuals all that I think spiral holds up more than crash. Both Games as I played very little of both. All. Your Voice doesn't matter. I. Selected there's will mangoes. What they're all they kind of. And crash is like that the little little fruits I mean in those old school platformer, you're always had those collectibles, coins, rings whatever. Have you. So going into this and even when they remain crash team racing, I liked that too. But there are things about that didn't hold up for me mid especially the boss fights, and then now we go to this and had to say there are things that are very impressive with us from the go I mean the visuals they speak from the self everybody's. Animated like a Shark Jones Animation Joensuu worked on looney tunes back in the day and also the original grinch it was even some facial animations of engage the kind of remind me of the grinch the way he does kind of does his little sinister villain Grimm. It's like, okay. So they paid in real detail about those old cartoons and try to make the story Zany. Some funny gags going on and it's a story that laughed at self be silly. Be goofy even though it doesn't make sense half the time I'll get there's a there's some character things that happen towards the end I'm like. What I was entertained by it like every cut scene happen I was enjoying seeing it Kinda. Brought me back to the those old age of cartoons I mean the way they just kind of animated characters anything else if not for the dialogue I just wanted to see the characters animated which carries over onto the gameplay that is very similar to the original crash. Trilogy, it's the Tutti two point, five D platformer where you're in a linear path that sometimes to d sometimes three bouncing on crates you got the TNT, the red team t creates jump on them. They have three seconds explode and yeah, the green tea crates were you should not touch them or else you'll get your butt blown to smithereens end of course he. mentioned the fruits collecting enough fruits although in the original trilogy collecting want fruits would get you an extra life in here. They've made something different with the progression that is what the gems now gems were. Extra collectibles are introduced. Since the second crash game, they're more incentives to keep playing to get those extra levels and get one hundred percent in here they're the gems. Are usually obtained half of them by collecting enough bumper fruits. There is the twenty fifty, eighty percent one per fruits, and then one collecting all are breaking all crates then one getting through level without dying or dying less than three times throughout the stage and then wine finding that hidden gem located around the level you got six gems are about six gems, each of the. Several levels I think they're about a hundred of them. The game is longer than each of the crash games. It's like as long. I would say as the entire children combine Scott play levels going on, it's not terribly low. Super Super. Long. Like it's twenty hours or anything but not which I played the original crash children they are each of those games. They're pretty sure. So combine this. It makes the length of like eight ten were laughing. and. Laughing at me because. Because her goofball because the said like it's nothing only twenty hours now it's like I. Don't know again that I haven't spent at least twenty hours when I saw. Plenty Games are twenty hours long I mean. I I'm sure I've spent way too long game. Like I'm sure got up for twenty hours and I haven't the so slow. The thing with Games today is that I heard there is an interview were a developer saying that yet the studios they only want games are at least fifteen to twenty hours long like you can't make an eight to twenty eight to ten hour long game else than I don't know but ed barely these guys did. beat it and think about nine or ten hours not getting one hundred percent. But I'll get to that. It's a normal length gay. There's people make big deal like people who judge the quality game based on how long it is which I think is really crazy. But the whole thing like that it depends on your skull level and what you're actually you know I mean even even for any percent and still depends on your skill level and the like what your? Track record with Yang twitter you're supposed to do. Away. Yeah. So it's the length of all three of those games combine. There's play a bonus stages you get them from these flashback tapes you find in each of the levels which require you to not die once prior to finding them or else than they go invisible yet to replay the level of game but basically, they would get you to these puzzle like stages were just you and a bunch of crates and the puzzle is trying to see if you can get through the level. Jumping on crates the whole time and trying to balance on crates because there's playing a bonus challenges I mean, the other thing that returns some original trail, the East bonus stages you go up the side of the question market transports you to another part of the level where you're selling puzzled a try to get all the crates beginning to the end and each challenges progressively more difficult. So those flashback tapes are more less than extension of bonus levels, e C, just a longer than that and. The other extra levels you will run across throughout the game you are able to play as other characters besides crash or cocoa. Now, through the whole game, you can switch between out a crash or cargo through any levels but there are some extra stages throughout the story were you run into Taiwan Dingo Dell and then later on Neo cortex and you get the plows them answer these absorb these little side story status where you'll get into the sern- level were of certain thing happens throughout the stage and crash or Cocos on how did that happen? So there's A. Stage specifically for you playing this character to find out how that scene particular say as ship blows on. Okay. How did that Shit blow up? Well, here's a stage of playing as NEO CORTEX and you're discovering how ship which then the second half goes back to crash or cocoa fishing the rest of the stage laid out differently than it was before as so it's an interesting thing to kind of add onto the. Game I mean for the most part you played the prehistory crash games it is it is very similar to crash to for the most part I mean the moves that crash or cocoa has and all that I mean it will. You'll feel right at home and that's why my little brother loved it so much because it felt exactly like the original crash games, which is good. 'cause there is some fun to the two. Point five platforming when you get past the parts were trying way too hard. The hardest thing ever when is focusing on the ideas what has with level design of the different crate types they either new crates they introduce such as crates that give you so many walkers or crates that will catch on fire, and so you have to make sure you hit them when they're not on fire and then their crates were there. Invisibles yet to flip some time switches in order to temporarily activate them or the other big difference here besides the crates are the mass does game has four additional. TIKI. Mass. You'll run across each of them have their own powers why heavy switch between two dimensions another having glide with the spin attack and having a stronger spin attack the later you'll get ones where you can s flip upside down or between to. Grab. Gravity spaces of gravity. Then there's one Reagan slow down time though these four massive altogether what I just okay. I have seen. Stream of someone trying to play and I. I I remember the part was what's happening. He slowed down time order to get across a thorough. There plenty of levels throughout the whole take advantage you're going you're going through snow. Fortress you're going through China, you're going through a neon city you're going through space station. There's so many different locations that in different dimensions and time periods crash near desert, and then after a couple levels, fight off a boss and half the bosses or most of them are returning villains from the original trilogy with new things that they've got their sleeve, the boss fights, their pro, the great each one of them, they have their own little patterns yet to avoid their own low weak spots normal strategy gotta get through, and there are a lot of fun the the key the villains they also spat out live trash talk kind of encouraging you to kick their butts. The classic villains from crashed the some I forgot their names but one really loves chemicals and he's from the first game. Rita's mix chemicals together eventually turns into basically the hall. Any interesting okay is voiced by I think a the the voice actor of brain picking the brain. No like I like his dialogue like he's like, Hey, crash what you've been up to you know me I spend mixing potions, smelling potions, testing potions as slipping bed with potions doing. Now. He did say that but they make fun of the stereotype they had the original children. So I mean they they are fun with the dialogue in the even know knowledge times I mean towards the second half a part were engaged gets girlfriend comes on nowhere way when you find gauge, he's with the one of the bad guy is from crash team racing and he finds us female and gauge and they're just flirting with each other the whole time. I love the way. Your feel so evil yes. Let's take over the galaxy together I the whole time. Know No. They're literally making faces at each other like. I like your staff or look your staff to and I I'm just looking at. The heck. Did you come from cozy? Just comes out of nowhere halfway through the game? Yeah. So I mean it's not a great story and there's a part where like neo cortex she he turns good. Only turn bad again of for no reason and I'm like, okay well. At? least. The game is having fun with itself even when it's not making sense I definitely appreciate that again is having itself. Oh. Yeah. It does. It does and another thing is for something that is aimed at a family audience. There is some cursing and crash for years apart were dinger dial drops a swear word when his diner explode I mean this was not even a sport. This is win the gameplay trailers they introduced dinger dial in his old plot he said a word and I looked at my cat and I'm like oh Here's here's. What's Out Okay well I mean. She is my baby. She doesn't need to hear those words. Find. In her inner meowing. Ma'am. Don't you dare say that to me? But, there's playing things to enjoy and yet this game still falls in the trappings of stuff that I didn't think holds well with crash and it goes back to the game in trying to advertise itself as being super difficult like the developers Evenson, the trailer a, we made all these masks. So we can throw super hard challenges at the player or Super Ridiculous Jones's up the player, and when we get to the later parts of the the game, some those levels are just not fine. I'm not saying this Khazal, I'm a I'm a I'm a filthy casual need everything to be easy. I mean they try to make things a little fair like there's for those who like the plate little retro away you can play with the lives or you could play at where you. Just if you diet as respond at a layered checkpoints, they'd give that option and I'm not saying like, oh I don't like the whole life thing. It's just that with some of the levels being super sadistic. Throwing all types of deadly traps in a split second meaning that you have to have super like unbelievably fast reflexes in some of these stages or else than your butt kicked in yet to restart the next or the last checkpoint, and there are some status I just didn't feel like bet were fair they. They were fun because they're just focused on just trying to be the hardest thing ever. Now I still eventually beat them but there were certain parts of the game were I'd I'd like at least fifty times like, yeah there are some crazy hard levels in in. This game, not even in a good way just like, okay. The Way to make this fun is let's throw all these all these traps in all these things that come at you super-quick I mean there's this whole anti gravity level were there are green tea creates you don't see until like right as they come in. But yet to react super fast to the mass that you've got or else than you blow up or you fall off the edge or something else happens and you miss the shot I, just don't find that fine their people do I mean there are people. Yeah there are people were like men. This game is hard than it's basically good and the people who tell me that. Yeah Mario. Galaxy Mario Odyssey isn't good because it's too way too easy am. Acknowledging that bats its own. Awesome. I mean in terms of the game but was like to say that it's Not good because it's not difficult i. mean there's still a lot of both probably going to be difficult. There are people who based the quality on the game based on how difficult it is, and that's just not me it with a Mario Galaxy in why I kind of prefer that platformer over crashes that. Mario. When I talked about my galaxy I- gushed about like how much it keeps inviting you to continue playing the game 'cause every few stars you get you. You branch out to Morse bubbles detri- in some of those are super hard themselves like not all of them are like really easy. Just the main path story is your not not terribly dovid goal, but they still provide a lot of fun to have magic of game design going on same has got some ridiculously difficult levels post game, but the. Main campaign just focuses I'm giving you a great time and. Yeah on. Well, there's that too and those game like well, giving a great time is also giving your heart time and to me it's like, no, you give you give me a hard time. Just give me a hard time in Nollie that were I will have to say I still think crash three warp is the best crash game is crashed three war had all these. You need to get that would unlock more stages and another thing is the challenge in that was fair. They didn't throw I. Mean they throw some hard state is later, but they didn't throw any things that were that was meant to pull your hair out and I don't mean this in the same way as they cup cup is super hard to. But there is a lot of the things that the boss fight designs that make A. Still incredible to play even though yeah, it is unbelievably hard game but this lake, no, the bus weights they're fine and they're actually not super difficult but the state is in between where they just throw all these traps to them. That's great. But I mean to me, it's not at me and I'm like all right and then there's the collectibles here. So what happens when you get all the gems while you on that cautions for? Crasher code address up as we're just fine those are cool costumes but with the crash three, allowing you to access new stages from working hard on these collectibles on these gems on these relics and also having just kind of balanced difficulty in with crashed for being super hard at certain places an Y'all your rewards purely cosmetic. Leased, less incentive for me to WANNA like one hundred percent because all the hair pulling to get through these shout difficult stages and Addison, not a suit that may or may not feel interested in and dressing crash Baz and beyond. So I just kind of ignored a lot of the cautions I think it's cool to have customization on your character but. I guess, maybe I'm muscle spoiled with Tony Hawk Pro Skater remastered, were they gave you deep customization you got to customize their shoes and their socks everything and give different colors in all that crash a few I mean, you've got quite a few cautions, but they're all from getting through all these super ridiculously hard bubbles to get all these gems or these relics. Not, worth it I. got it. So beyond that's why I don't think it's the best and the fact of trying to appeal to fans of the first crash and the fans of the third crash. I kind of would have liked it better they they moved forward instead of try to move forward and back at the same time. So out of ten stars, you give it a it's weird because I still enjoyed myself the. One thing that I that that made me want to replace the levels that I I did enjoy is this in N. burden status Oh, after you complete the levels, you can try to go through them again but were the second time. There is a difference going on like either they'll be underwater or they'll be on ice or they'll be some really trippy ways of playing the game such as. Everything being in darkness to light everything up a continuously spinning and the music kind of playing itself in backwards. It's a really cool way to experiment with replaying other stages to get more gems i. mean the jump parts are the things I'm crazy about it but it's just the fact of playing them in a different way. I decided to be really cool it. I would give them a stamp. Yuccas. between seven and eight I'd say for die. Crash fans for people who loved the original crashed oldies. It's like an eight or nine or even ten for those who were like yeah. I like crash it's but it's not that amazing them yet. It's kind of sudden. It's good. In fact, they make more crash games I'd be like, okay. Let's see what crash fives about although at the end they did what you know that. The Guy who voices Acura Cou he passed away this year. So what they do with that character that will be something I. I don't know if will happen with that off. He was great in that as accurate even though he didn't have a large role effect, the mass, the Acapulco. IN HOOKAH HOOKAH HOOKAH DIS- basically passes out the being the game you never hear from him again. His So that was kind of interesting because he people I. Think he was turned out to be a loved villain and I guess they didn't have anything for him. So like you never mind Yeah Mel winker is the was the voice, Acura? The later crash games but he died this year, which is unfortunate. Yeah. I, I liked a view like crash on I. Don't see relation get a Nelson, a game that wasn't as successful as crash that marvel vendors, which when we talked about I was kind of concerned but you're like, yeah, marvel I can't wait to play this game. Play Mike a China that yeah. Well, he might be one only people who played a good chunk of it 'cause according to the player data player base for Marvel vendors keeps rapidly dropping not even slowly dropping like pummeling down Everson's after the first week of release, and now there are less than a thousand players on this game, which is bad for multiplayer game like this. Air But at the same time more things coming out and like Jensen has taken over a lot lunch. Extremes we. Is What we're going to kind of talk about as like why did it take off? 'cause you're thinking marvel? Hey, they make great success in the movie Space Ed. That's Marble Spiderman Game Baltimat- lines three. I think that's Solter Zo. Yeah. Why didn't this game takeoff? It actually goes beyond us against an impacts and there's a reason why against it impacts are Goffin this dinner for one there was issues going on with this game as soon it was revealed because people made a big deal about the look of the vendors a constant reference people have for the look of the characters in the marvel vendors trailers is that they look like part of. The They look like party city had mentors of Party. Like cheap knockoffs of the like the the asylum versions of the marble vendors and Like their need mental health like I don't know the the people were under certain NATO movies and worked on the movie knockoffs airing movie knockoffs light yeah yeah. I am not messing they now. No I'm not just value confused at that this never. A. Time to get educated they're real. They may they may troll Lan, which is a knockout who the troll dreamworks trolls, and they had Dick van, Dyke, and Jarrell in. Tell you got to see Jeremy. We did you want it on the podcast even have separate viewing crazy movies. We talked about we me and my Sunday school friend from Church Lauren we watched all our in ten fifteen minutes of that movie conceiver free it was. No, it's ghoulish looking film but means creepy. Yeah. This because all the. Enemy of this. Hey, we gotta go save the land. Flailing your arms are flailing they look like they they have. A. I'm not kidding you should look at the trailer of it that the. F. These characters are animated. All Weird and it it looks off in. There's so many things I could get into into it, but this is about marble vendors. But. Make is yeah. They look like cheap knock offs of the movie characters. People come to know love and that's what people had a problem with is like, Hey, you're trying to make it look like movies via they're not. They don't look like the marvel characters in the movies what what the heck is going on here and that was something they weren't able whatever deal. That's the confusion that people had from the beginning. Are you trying to make this look like the ones we've seen on the big screen or are you nuts 'cause they kind of look like them but then weeknights? Yeah, that's the whole thing is like you're, what are you trying to do with the way? These eventers look. Member like you can tell pharmacy black male. And that point that you meet them. Like who is this person supposed to be Stark L. Yeah. It was. Kind of funny. And then you have them all voiced by beer game actors who voiced thousand characters 'cause they made a big deal about that to Tony Stark is used by north. I might know north voices every video game character ever. Okay I. was that excited live. What everybody? You've got like almost five rolls bet like he's voice so many Jerkins. Having him. Be One of the leading guys especially for marble leaves voice deadpool for a long time. So yeah, they try to make that exciting and then one of the big things they advertise when they revealed Marvel's vendors is by the way this online multiplayer game, they won't have lube boxes no lou boxes in morals vendors, and then just a couple of weeks after that presentation, but it will have micro transactions so that through people offices that whole miscommunication like, okay. Are you are you going to try to put extra monitor monetization in this game are not in the other thing is that the people are crystal dynamics they really cirque. The license for Graham Hey we got marble license. It's going to be huge at no matter white yet marble is a popular brand. But when you throw in all these things, people are sick of is like, Hey, it's a it's a live service kind of like destiny you're going to have those raids. The game is going to be split up into different parts in you're gonNA have to wait lake weeks or months for the next chapter of the game and have some more playable characters. The reason why you had such a high popularity with against an impact let's gunston impact. For example, why did that take off a meal for one Gibson? Won't be it's free and morals vendors a sixty bucks but also guest impacts puts you in those very sprawling open world like already a world that feels like it's got things going on instead of like, okay. You got this area, the next areas they'll be available in two or three months and we're all. Yeah. By the way every raid, we're going to put you in the same empty hallway fight. These same bag is over and over again, Gunston impact doesn't a puts you in this world is all these crazy creatures just a lot of hours to play through to get through all these boss fights. This does discover what the next step. would be like a you have a complete game and I think that's would is that not been successful? Don't see that you can't be successful on the idea you got to have a game ready and they do not. They basically told advertisers will be a huge game all this all these things you can do all those deep customization, all these characters there's so much going on and then you find A. Way No there isn't a lot going on all that they've advertise. It's GonNa. Happen down the road but the game that we paid sixty bucks for isn't everything it's does bits and parts of the thing that will eventually get at some point and studios the stop thinking this way I mean this isn't even the first game that flapped I mean a popular one by hours anthem by were try to make a Open, world, live service RPG and that game take so hard that they're even having to rebuild it like they shut everything down to or they're going to shut everything down and try to remake the entire game try to work things out and there some bird there some live service games were they started off with nothing and then they took two years or two or three years then they finally became a game. That they originally promised now to a big success I don't know but the take no-man's sky for example, as see if these has pull itself back around there some multiplayer online live service games that have been able to change things for the better for and real players back in. But the problem with crystal dynamics is that other they were betting on planning this for months and months on end just because it's marvel. May Marbles Guy Lada material the Mina from and the fact that from what I hear from all these reviews and all these people played a that. You barely put anything in. It's like, okay. Well, if you barely put anything in, then you're not giving players a reason to keep coming back I mean maybe it might be a successful but what do you think i? Remember. Watching, one of my. Steamer Person People he said. Like. Sonny's white or I go on. The streamer person people who is white and my I didn't say that I mean he is but that's not that wasn't even Robert Okay. So it was that it was funny because she said, like we're in the last stage of the game we but I forget which character was but maybe Hawker something just learned in new move that we're supposed to use on the boss and are like wait what why is that thing? So I. Was Kinda strange. All Yeah and slow thing about grinding, which is another thing that hey, you keep grinding for all these things in or or pay up money which they said that although micro transactions are just cut cosmetic but the whole thing about progression I heard that, yeah, the progression is very grinding. Ed's very much like destiny. The comparisons of this. This is just destiny both marvel characters and. Jesus is like I play destiny to I haven't played the virginal, but like you hate shooters. Gore I'm cooling linear confused shooting actual people when human all you are. Off. Alliens. Will they wives their families? They're not anyways. That's my. There's no Gore that's the core of it. Okay and going it's just it's trading a what if what if there's like? So. What if there is a wide and do maternal where there's no Gore, would you play that? Yeah we're seven money monitor the game to remove all the blood and the guts everything I've heard him do but I, I've just classified as something I should not play so to actually know what it is. I I I know. Who are not real people maybe. The reason why people compared to destiny is the for one like the whole raids. When I saw footage of the Game Ouseley. Okay. They're fighting robots in this area that reminds me of a place. In the first destiny is it just as empty? Yeah. Yeah, this hallway with all these robots you have to beat up La, I can see the comparisons I look at the progression where. How the skills in every some of the attachments put on the character customization, it's exactly like destiny and the whole life service elements because that was a problem I had with the original destiny when I played as they're all the Okay. This is a big sprawling world spoil ball these different things going, and then you play dusty is like now it's just kind of a first person shooter with just a wave of enemies to fight grind up for the loot that you get and do the whole thing I'll get go through these raids m. that's why from what I hear is what Marles vendors. moralizer than it does feel like a adaptation of Emma they made a big deal out of a Miss Marvel and having Mo-, Dhaka's the villain and for my here is like a part two coming soon with the Hawkeye Benchley will come here and you gotTa stop during that you've gotTa Stop Lake promising. People a full game will eventually come 'cause you're not always going to have that success for games going eventually find its player base lead two years of success there plenty of. Online Service Games that does died off because they fail the takeoff originally they and as you mentioned gushing impact, this is coming out not just before against an impact but after fall-guys after among us which came out in twenty eighteen, it is right now on those popular games out there I mean is hazy that I mean I read there was some some big streamer that started playing it, and that's how adobe scenes came out and that's how everybody got attached a among us. It's funny This small game two years ago has way more players than marbles of vendors it's. Okay. Ability and cheapness. Wold that the success ability but it's that these Games they came out completes you play follow guys you play a complete game that does have more content coming in it is alive service, but a gate you complete game from the start. You could even at a legend's debut complete gate I mean, yeah. They took a while to have the post launch dates. But when you first play the game, it was complete Mangas it is a complete game and even an impact it is a complete game and that is the biggest reason why this failed this was very incomplete and had way too that. Way, too high of itself, which is a huge issue. When you you expect, you're GonNa have a massive success just by the license that you're sharing in not from the quality of the product that you put out. So in a way, I kind of wasn't surprised with the way when after I had some concerns and now I feel like I'm glad I didn't. Drop down sixty doll- dollars because I feel like I would have wasted all that the fact that the player basis are shrinking and shrinking the question is, are they gonna be able to pull themselves back up I'm going to predict now and the reason I say that because not just of what we talked about with all these other games taken off too big success but also you got the next consuls coming out the PS five in next Lexi's. They just recently came out and said you can upgrade you can upgrade your version of marbles vendors for free. So if you got bought it on ps four xbox one, you can get it on ps live route spot series x for free and run like that. But if you didn't, the game is likely going to cost seventy dollars because the price raise Ghoneim and knowing how little condom is in this game, and you see all these other games cost seventy dollars they've got more things. Going I'm going to be like, yeah I just can't afford something that is eventually someday GonNa be the game that originally promise I don't WanNa, waste my time on that and the other marble games that are going new take more I mean he got the Miles Morales Spiderman spinoff later this year and there's probably a spider a insomniacs Spiderman two coming out San there may be some more marble games in the works but yeah I just think this game is GonNa get lost and buried. Eyeing. Open they would learn something from it. I mean 'cause technically as long as he learned from it, it's not complete. Even, though obviously their hours and hours in hers From other people but WHOA. WHOA ginning point. That's the thing you would hope that with games like anthem and and what's another one division to other US live service games tried ed themselves on Oh go Sri kind break point. That's another great example that one bombed for soft and put them in hot water besides supports the things that come out about their company later. But besides the point back to you besides ubisoft still trying trying to go with the live service games I mean they've got their own battle royale and they're trying to make a live service out of watchdogs in A. Screed I. Bet I mean you got the deal sea and all the updates, micro transactions and special editions. I mean companies are still trying to take a crack at it with this life service stuff and I. Hope people learn but I think you're only gonNA learn when you Lozada money off venue lose love a lot of goodwill and the ad to try to get back and the way you get back by listening. I'd think they're only go learn when if this game dozen spring itself backup to having a dedicated player base goes if this game gets successful in a year tear, they'll be like okay with. Them we just released their games like this. It's perfectly fine. That's why they're still I may. Maybe it's because some these other lives games eventually found their player base that's given them this thought okay. We can release a game not finished then years later will be the thing that everybody wants I. think that's a terrible mindset to go. Insurances don't by Merle vendor get an impact for free or whatever hard. Now onto the rest of it speeding things that have not been gone to well, and this one's of Oh unfortunate but level five reportedly. North American operations. Level five is a Japanese role playing a game company mostly under Sony but the reason they've had games that have been under multiple platforms but the most critical claim they've guy at least out of the most recent year was Nino Kuni which is this RPG kind of in the spirit of a Higher Miyazaki movie and it's even kind of collaborate by Studio Ghibli but it's about a little boy who go with the gets what's the way to the fantasy world of creatures and tries to find out? The first game says find out what's Gone I'm and befriends this cute little creature at the lamp. Under his nose end, the game plays kind of like Pokemon Abed because you see all these creative cute little creatures that you would either fight or try to tame and then get to be on your side along with your main care driving things to end it would just be this cute little fancy venture I laid played the demo of So I guess I'm part of the problem 'cause the reason why they ended North American release is while Nino Cudi did not take off neither the first or the sequel, which is unfortunate because I was always like I'm GonNa. Play Nina Cuny and I guess while I screwed up, they close their doors on the Americans and the pandemic I mean not to say pandemic lead to a toll. I mean the pandemic has been affecting the economy everywhere businesses everywhere and even the gaming industry even though the gaming industry out of all businesses has been able to keep itself going the most there is still an impact. Suit that record or Yeah, we'll get to him for yeah and fortunately it hit this company and they're still going budgets that all of their games from this point on will be in. Japanese Japanese release only unless if something works out in, they're able to get Western released on a game but they've ended operations in the North American division, which is really sad. There's no indication though they don't actually have There's no indication as to why a little five shutting down Japan but employees from Abbey location were given every indication that studio would be ceasing operations. Only a couple of plays remained to maintain day to day operations while level. Five focuses attention on the Japanese office another franchise, the level five has been known for this game called Yoki Watch, which eventually spun itself into an anime series and Yoki washes in Houston. Yeah Yuki. Watch is also kind of like pokemon away at both of these. Games kinda have all these like really cute creatures that you either you befriend or you Damer whatever an unfortunately again I lied played the Demo Kirti buyers wanted to play the game and it's it's sad this this ceased operations 'cause I do like level five studios they make some great. RPG's another one from the PS two eras rogue galaxy, which is this. Kind of action based. RPG. Send this sort of space western area. Were you know this typical thing? Become the chosen one but the world and the game play was so interesting and it became a great hit for at least the early was a great game in critically that a Sony just kept on releasing it on the PS on star people download, and then they came out with White, Knight Chronicles. which I thought was horrible. That was the that was a PS three RPG which did not make any whatsoever but it was a RPG were it tried to be an emo at the same time and it was the game play or the combat was so badly program to where the enemies have an advantage over you no matter what and the story was bad. The voice acting was horrendous it was. Terrible. They tried to have a sequel within they gave up on it like Yeah White Knight Chronicles Not for US and NATO. Cudi was US something great for them because it was again like an Interactive Hair Miyazaki movie like spirited away or House moving castle. kind of brought back to some of those in disturbance interactive gaming experience. So great a it did have a Netflix's movie that Netflix's movies not very good. The Games itself I thought at least from what I played and wish I'd played more of them. Hey, add sad takeoff some brilliant Japanese RPG's that don't get attention and that that's what happens. They just give up on America because I. Don't know I I. Guess The similarity is it has pokemon out there some people like, no I only want poke motto when anything like poke? Mine how. Dare you be something like model even though it's not exactly completely pokemon but has some similar things to him. Yes. That's what turn people I don't I I really don't know what the real answer is. Goes Air when the first game came out, it was raved people loved it. Okay. Mo- I thought this'll be a success I guess I guess not as much but the people who did play it said it was awesome and I liked the demo I played. Yeah. It's an rows like go I never heard of it so screw them. Not. So can't really speak to that or you contributed to lied Ida to where we were both at fault. Oil is saying that Nina Cudi Sucks I. I'm saying I don't know much about it. So there won't be any I could say. You get to the. Good who currently you that the card and the thing you seven? Hundred and twenty dollars. Attorney One hundred twenty thousand dollars on this spoke card. The rappers name is logic X. Rapper. He's he's stopped rapping a while ago, 'cause he's like. I have so much money on me. I could buy anything including rare. Fair I I'm. Not only. Fan of the music by what's Your By by. So many drugs I can just get high. anyways saddest things the only selling her on rich people. Do they buy heroin healthy? Anyway. Be I didn't really like. Don't do explicit things or listen to. So I find him loser insane that I'm just saying like if he's found is like they go I don't even more done. So I'M GONNA play Video Games all day. That's totally fine like I'm. Part. emotes. Yeah, he's he's been. He's been a great spot to where they can just drop money I. Guess. So he been on some rare pokemon cards, Road Charles Arden and right shoe and and Char- manner and all that stuff Yeah. As we said, the total price of two hundred and twenty, thousand, dollar twenty, thousand, five, hundred and seventy four dollars the auction was handled by ECOMOG auctions on October Niente twenty twenty, the final bid came in at. One hundred eighty three thousand eight, hundred, and twelve dollars before the twenty twenty percent buyers Perino was added in bringing the record as we know logic is no stranger to poke my cards in fact he recently purchased. Twenty three thousand dollars box based spots, box, which she proceeded to pull. Yep You guessed it a Holographic card although this is not the ultra rare for sedition type. Jamie. Tweeden, just opened up at twenty three K. pokey my be said box only if you packs. But look what I pulled yellow. A lot of people are broke but hey, you screw them. Let's get. Now, do what you with money it's it's fairly fine that we we don't know we did we a billion dollars. We always think about we're GONNA give all of it to charity. Are We? We don't really know. I. It's percentages like give stuff away put your what's it called retirement fund and all that kind of thing. I mean it's all percentages. That's. asking. You spend ninety five on them on pokemon cards. No, it's not Freddie. Sure. There's more money there but no no, it's fine. That's. That'd be something if you spend all your money on Pokemon card and then and then you live in a trailer or something like while at least I got this blast toys or whatever it's called. Values and Steph Rakhi have to. Toss. It's more valuable than my marriage so Young I. All I can say congratulates to him for finding rare pokemon cards for the verse addition chartered as the most expensive poking my card ever sold off the record still held by Japanese illustrator peak at your card, which was sold for two hundred, thirty, three, thousand dollars I mean it I'd say, do what? You want your money in a you feel happy that you got those carts, your file I'm like a power to you. Personally. I would not spend that much money on a POKEMON card or anything. There's like a rare addition of a Lego be someone or cable I'll. See with the leg piece I. Don't really need that I. Mean I'm just not a collector starts like I. Don't have that perspective that collectors have. It's definitely a lot a for a one item that's like. That can easily heard and be destroyed. Dog. Would be. Tease the. That he said that he didn't get to have that as a kid that's more like that jet. It's It's called rich nostalgia. Sure. Yeah. But I mean congrats to him. Dan's not something for me but there are people are dedicated. So I I have nothing against that and I mean do what you want with your money is what I'd say just Yeah. Under last thing rock band is back. This is interesting 'cause her monarchs the guys made. They went through so many changes, rock band when I came out in two thousand seven, it was a big competitor to guitar hero because for one you got a quite a few instruments it isn't just about the guitar. It's also about the drum players about the vocalists and you just got you have a full set of fake instruments to play on a playstation three. We actually sixty whatever platform you or PS two. I think they they had a ps two version of It was a neat thing when it came out and people really loved rock band and Guitar Hero back in the day, and then they're came to be appoint where. People stop getting into it. Are they stopped Butler paying for the I think what? What turn people off as having to pay for another fate guitar fate instrument controller, each new game, and it goes the when you look at rock band rock band wasn't a sixty dollar game does you have the it was bundled up with all these instruments together so I think it would be, I think rock Bam came in one hundred twenty dollars one hundred in a somewhere around hundred. But yeah, it's it's more pricier than any other game agus fell off. So in the PIAF's xbox one area just hardly heard. From these types of games and you'd think that, okay, we'll her manex being a company that built itself on Rock Band. It would be out of business considering rock band peasant or a fell down hike. But no, they've been keeping themselves going and I commend her for finding new ways to introduce people to the music rhythm games as so they had a rock band or at least they had an impact, a rhythm game that you could play on your Iowa's device and I think that kind of help them go I mean they did damn dance central or drop mix is one they. Thank DJ. Mixing. Availab- quite a few lake rhythm games that were not just about our broadband. I mean a van blitz one rock band VR although they worked on guitar. Here's also okay for some reason I for some reason I thought like. Guitar Hero in Rock Band were made by two separate companies. Now, never mind one of my saying but her marks keep itself going even when guitar hero was losing its steam and they actually have a new game coming out this year called ve user. It's an like a new rhythm game that got done on. The doesn't require instruments again, it's about DJ playing. So that'd be interesting. That's coming out in on November tenth for Nintendo switched ps four, xbox one and windows I. Mean I commend them they they keep themselves alive and kicking now they got rock band for rock band. For his actually Ori that was their last rock band game from twenty fifth team. But they're confirming that it will also be on ps five, an xbox series x with all of the music. DLC every ever you song that you've unlocked in the game at all is going to be transferred over to the PS five in Xbox version long possibly new songs. But other thing they'll be transferred is your instrument controllers. You don't have to buy another new one. You can keep your instrument controllers and they will be accessible to the new versions. What are your thoughts on that? Well, I like music. I don't think anything's. Affected Do then exactly. Why? Why why I don't think I could do it. Yeah. I might try. That was an excellent ad rock band has although it spend most the rock band not relief singing. I would play the drums. That's what I spend the most time with the drum set I would sometimes play the guitar almost never sing I would I was always dry drum or. String the beats. Reach the song but like for Okay I didn't play this game a lot. It was like only at people's like. Houses last wherever they're you know in college wherever they're staying. So I remember doing the same part endows kind of my favorite owner, the drums and I would like figure out because I I do more eardrums when I listen to music than I do guitar and. Singing but not my. was. Still it was a big, it was such a big deal that rock band was even featured in movies there that Steven Spielberg film with a shallow above called was called eagle-eye and Gel above got shot ver Bam. Yeah. Was At the end the movie we got shot to save his from exploding bomb that was gonNA destroy or kill laugh a whole. Class of people and at the end of the movie is like, Hey hey, sport why don't you try some rock band aid is brought out like a big box containing the game rock band. It's like. So you, there is a big promotional material that movie wasn't very good. and. I mean I mean show up spend a lot of time screaming a dozen alive as movies but. Find screaming well, yeah. Like transformers. Yeah you spend a lot tug. Donut word you're saying that the is happened Eagle to like. It was about the. Whole gay I like Zing I know your every move. I can see everything you're gonna do everything I tell you or else children are your son dies or something like that. It's it's a really dumb movie but anyway I don I brought that up. leaper rock band. Yeah. Those Beckham Day or they just promote the heck out of games that would be they kinda still do today. But that was that was one big ad for rock band at the end the movie today you Max's just not as big but I'm glad they're there is still alive and kitten and they got fuser coming out and just a month. So maybe this little. Spike People's interest back a rock band I I guess just that the whole thing about things going digital, it's They're people who love physical copies and playing people on physical copies but the whole industry is trying to shift itself through digital and trying to make everything virtual all that. So to have like these physical toy instruments in the house I mean there's some people like that some people. Are, like. Oh, this is too much space. It's too much work I. Don't want all that I. Think the it's I I'm kind of curious how this will turn out. I, mean if Harmar her mama is still a stable company and still making success in some ways, other games I mean there's probably hoping chance for this rock band for remastered or work mold I mean the only thing. Is We'll just have to find out I. Mean we'll you find out with user I'm I'm curious about future I my try to do that but I don't I don't know for sure. But what were the saying is that I like her monarchs as a company. They're very interesting what they try to do. So I hope things work out and That is dealmaking on say nope okay. Sound now, and as we got on the show of this, thanks for joining us today. Okay they inks am. Later, next week, I'll be talking about a game. I. Backed on word I almost pick started kick starter pedal crash. It's a little puzzle. Party. multiplayer game inspired by a few things. But I I'm playing the heck out of it. I. Will Live give my thoughts the we'll talk. against an impact, he said you were going to play it and talk about. Yeah. Yes, well, we'll hear all about next week until then of course, find her mind her Miami. M. I. O. N. E. Six on season seven. Yes you're in he you're. Slash. Win This on several platforms, pond press is on. So many podcasts. Platforms is also on facebook and instagram on puns for us. It's also on twitter ad chased funds sixty four. It's also got a read it at pawn spreads also got a youtube at ponds press also got a refrigerator upon spreads presents also got now he's got off the L. K.. Skulls got a house at punts. But, yeah. Next time take your own. Link tree slash. Ponds Presley final. Technically L. I. N. K.. T. R. Dot e slash on says it's linked treat darn it or A. Lady and

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