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Camera or smartphone for important photos? Debate.


Hiring is challenging, but there's one place you can go. We're hiring is simple. And smart that place is ZipRecruiter. Where growing businesses connect to qualified candidates. Try it for free at ZipRecruiter dot com slash tech talk. Ziprecruiter, the smartest way to hire. Boom. I got the record button going, everyone Jefferson Graham USA today. You're listening to talking tech where we are talking about how to get exposure for yourself through public relations, or whatever Liz age Kelly has just written a book called eight second PR energize your story for alternate media success, and she has a section about photography in how important photography is to get out the word, and I'm going to do a little debate with her because I thing she tells you is that you wanna buy a camera and not use your smartphone. I've got a lot of great photos on my smartphone. So Liz, let's jump in and debate apperently rough. Thank you for having me. And I I appreciate your questions, and I'm happy to debate. So in terms of number one in in the book by a good camera. I just think it's really imprint and have a good camera. So that when you do take a. Picture that really matters. You have a high quality amid for your website. Now, I know a lot of smartphones. They'll do a high quality image, and and they've gotten so much better. But I still find when you really blow up an image. It can be grainy office mart phone where you get a better quality image of a good camera like canon or Nikon. Okay. So I'm also working for tiger for and I'm added every weekend shooting thousands of images. But I would argue that for most of our listeners they have a smartphone in their pocket, and they could do some wonderful things. I have a twenty by thirty print hanging on a friend's living room wall that was shot on the iphone. So when people say to me, hey, Jeff, what kind of camera should I buy which is something they say to me every day. I say will what are you going to be using it for and is often? They don't need the camera because the cameras going to confuse them. There are a lot of lot of things to learn and to operate to get it, right? Start with the smartphone. Try it with the smartphone. And if he can't get it, right? Then we can move to the camera, but particularly in video the video so good put fifth phone in a tripod and press record in you're going to get a pretty great image clear. I do agree with everything you just said, I think you do want to just get started and a smartphone has so many great features. And you take so many great pictures that I see all the time run, Facebook and Instagram, and I know you experiment around with the cameras, and that's really what Pataki is about is experimenting. I went to the Corcoran school of art in Washington DC just for one class. It was a black and white photography class. But I really enjoyed it. And they talk. So much about the importance. It's just getting out there and shooting, and they said that you have to take one hundred pictures on average to get five good ones. And I mean five really good ones the telling story that are amazing like your photos. But what do you think about that number when I was growing up the number was thirty six to get three. Okay. So would you remember kids? They used to be this thing called film, and it came in exposure rolls of twenty four or thirty six if you shot a thirty six exposure roll you'll get three decent shots. So out of a hundred. Yet two or three two or three would would be wonderful. If you could get two or three great shots out of a hundred that that's terrific. You know, one thing that you talk about in the book is the importance of editing, and that's something that most people don't do explained. Everybody Wieting so important. We're to really point because I do take a lot of time to edit photos, and I do encourage people to do that. Makes a big difference. Because one of the things I also talk about is the importance of lighting, and you don't always get the best lighting on a smartphone or even on a regular camera. So you can lighten things up lacking white, I love black white tube. Because if the lighting, for example, if someone's face look or little off pay their skin, look, pinker arns if you switch it to black and white it looks so much better. And and it makes you stand out and work different to. All right. So my favorite photo app is called adobe light room mobile. It's free. And there is no picture that. I cannot improve in twenty five seconds through that app. None. So I encourage everyone to give it a try. And when you talk about color, you can adjust the white balance in may be make that orange and yellow a little better. Liz tell everybody why they should buy the book if they're not in PR. Well, I think anybody to bind the Bronx and has a story to tell because that's really why I wrote it to help people talk about their book product or service with whatever it is there MUI there. There's so many tips in a book about grapes, a storytelling and the title, by the way aid second PR comes from the fact that the average attentive spent him that don't is eight seconds. So you really have to get to the point and be able to tell our clear, concise and compelling story and mostly by no cannot do that. For example. I have a client this morning who told me. Well, I can't really explain what I'm saying. So can you just listen to my podcast? That's an hour long and figure it out. Versus just being a recall man, a couple of sentences was shouldn't even be a couple of sentences should be one sentence. And as you know, I get on the average of six hundred pitches a day here USA today in I will only look at the subject line. And if you can't get in the subject line, I ain't gonna read your percents. We're that's great insight. And that's what I would guess I reject that the something where I need everything in an Email. And I do agree. The person is so important. The the other thing is going back to the photo. I mean, I crack a lot about photo tips because you can tell a story with a photograph with eight seconds and with short attention stand sort of are are so much more important today with the storytelling and getting the word out. And there are a lot of people as, you know, million for an Instagram, and the popularity has surged I believe for that reason. And so the both is available Amazon where? It's a number one bestseller pin number one bestseller for public relation when you can go to eight second PR dot com and follow us at each. Second. PR everywhere lose h Kelly. Thanks for talking tech with us. I'm at Jefferson Graham on Twitter, if you have any questions about talk about tech about whatever you can find Liz on Twitter. How at bays age Kelly. That's pretty easy. All right, everybody. Thanks again for listening. Don't forget the subscribed to talking tech wherever you listen to online podcast. I will be back with you tomorrow. So thanks again for listening. In need of great talent for your business. But short on time. You don't have to get lost in a huge stack of resumes to find your perfect hire. You just need the right tools smarter tools with ZipRecruiter you can post your job to over one hundred of the web's leading job boards with just one click then ZipRecruiter. Actively looks for the most qualified candidates and invites them to apply. So you never miss a great match. No wonder eighty percent of employers who post on ZipRecruiter get a quality candidate through the site in just one day. 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