Andre Iguodala is a First Ballot Hall of Famer


They understand what's ahead of them. You're playing against former chancellor battle-tested who play well at home role players will play better home stars. We'll play better at home. We're going to be in a more of a hostile environment. So I think they're they're in a spot where they feel like all right? They still want our court. Let's go get one on there. I believe in manifestation. So whatever you think or believe is coming like if you think you might glues titan, if you think you might miss a free throw, you probably go miss it. And there hasn't been tell you that we're the best, the only question will be how many rings as he went before he retires before you hit that three Famer after three. I think he's a hall of Famer yesterday. Welcome to the Josh Beckett episode pull up. That's right. Episode number sixty one currently back in New York, enjoying some sunlight. It's been raining Portland as of late, but they're still great food. Great people grace, icy and really enjoy my time away from the game while still talking about the game and watching from afar. Staring Jordan in the ice romantically across from him as this desk, onto the pull a pot, as always Jordan, first things. First. One, one series heading back to the rural to the rural. I think the raptors really lost a golden opportunity in that game. They give up a twenty oh run. I know how fails honestly I happened three times who has blown a lead in the game where he felt like he should won. But I think that may have been the series that game been the deciding game of this series twenty zero run. So that is the largest run an NBA finals history since the merger what, what happened with Toronto was they as Danny green said, basically forgot how to play basketball. For him to say that did you feel like that? Or is that just an extreme for the raptors? That's a super extreme for the raptors I think that obviously, you know, the run comes at some point in a game, the team goes around, but not being able to stop the bleeding is what causes you to lose a game when you need a basket in being able to capitalize on the open three point, that had some open looks being able to maybe get their free throw line created easy opportunity to score is what usually stops the bleeding, when you don't against a team like the like the warriors and instead gets going Klay gets going, they're getting to the free throw line. Clinton cooks, hitting shots boogies hitting shots. It kind of opens up the game. They becomes more of a fun free-flowing ofensive game for them, and it's it's hard enough to stop them. But if you don't score, you can't win and I think there comes a time throughout the game against the warriors where. You're not gonna score you're gonna miss shots, but you have to be able to stops in. They didn't do either one obviously looking at the twenty run we didn't do either one at times. But we're able to stop the bleeding, but when we were able to get over the hump once stop the bleeding, I think, in order to beat them, got to be able to get to the free throw line. You gotta be able to do something to where you create easy baskets, because, you know, Steph clay, they're going to score points at some point they're going to run. But you got to be able to stop the bleeding twenty four fast-break points for Toronto gave one game to that was custody efficiently and what was also cut was the penetration for Siachen. He didn't have the same kind of room that having a one operating. I dream on was excellent defensively with on bass cow. He made it a point after game one see where he said I need to guard him. He's a guy now he guarded him, really. Well. And also with Kawai another. I don't it was a good performance. But it wasn't the same kind of classic wipe performance that we saw against Philadelphia Milwaukee because. Way that Golden State has guard him as they are packing the lane, they are making sure that they have bodies attached to them if he's in the post, they're digging their doubling. They're making other guys beat them in game one. We saw the insularity players make shots game to we didn't see as much of that. Do you think that Toronto when you say that potentially the series was it? I wonder if the pressure got to them of all my goodness. We could be up to now on the two-time defending champs. Did you feel like that happened? Or was it just Golden State, do what the warriors do and blitzing them? I think it was a combination of both honestly, I think they got a little tight, you know, looking at the score being in such a highly contested game with the stakes being so high understand that you have a chance to go up, right there. They could they could have done it right there. You got a chance to go up to head back to the oracle split, and you can finish them at home. That's a great great position to being, I think a lot of things played in played into the warriors hands. The experience the fact that they've been here before I think all those things were a factor. And I also think. They can get our series having watched what we went through the raptors are aware everyone's aware that the warriors go on runs in if their court. Yeah. They're going rising a secondhand. I think in the back of their mind. They were thinking about our series I think they were thinking about what happened to us, honestly, you know, watching, and then when you're in that moment, you're thinking, all right. We can't blow this league instead of just playing basketball like Danny green talked about how they forgot how to play they forgot how to play I think they just started thinking more than they were playing. And that's when you miss. Yeah, that's when you have even some breakdowns. That's when you not as free flowing as you should be. I think that, that probably was the difference. But they'll get the film and see that you get good looks good looks. You just don't make them when you don't make them to make mislead. Everything can change in a hurry. You look at the impact cousins. I thought he had a great impact on that game is rebounding. His ability to play. Make Clint cook hits on three threes in a quarter. You know, he's been great, you know throughout the playoffs. Iggy banks, you know what was seemed to be the shot her in greens three. Three issues. Three ended the game. And if he misses that who knows what happens that put him up five ended the put him a five but the but the rewind it a little bit. Quiet had a chance to get a still Steph curry, according to the game report, I think he traveled you traveled on Livingston steps to the ball writing since steps through the ball, quite kind of stopped short than fleet had kinda taken off, like he thought it was still there out. They were out for the races the potentially title game of all that swings into Iggy wide open three, and it's, it's crazy. How like it's a it's a game of inches, even though it's not football like one of the rebound one possession here. Their one bad foul one defensive breakdown where you let Steph. Get open for three costly turnover where quiet trapped ended, the first in the second quarter Steph gets easy layup. Like those little place. They make all the difference in. I think, you know, the warriors history of being in those types of situations. It showed did you feel like your watch? Watching your series unfold again or is just one game. I mean I think it's just one game. Honestly, obviously know they show that they can extend in hold leads and a winning game words. Yeah. The words and the raptors winning game one in in the way they want it then they didn't play a great game. I don't think quite it's gonna it's gonna be hard for him to have a great game in this series where he's thinking about, he's scored thirty six points. Yeah. And gave one just as a point of reference, he was five of fourteen game when he was five or fourteen into his credit Steph didn't shoot while either nor did clay defenses are really focusing on best players. So it's gonna be hard issue, fifty percent every night, and you're going to be going to get two guys three guys, you see how they guarded Steph see, are they got Kawai the defenders coming, but the key into the free throw line, co I get sixteen free throws go sixteen for sixteen. That's been getting to the free throw line. Those are plays where you're getting contact in would be shabas. You don't get the shot off and you're able to kind of create easy points. But I don't expect him to have a crazy game. In this series because the warriors know how good he is. No, he's capable of beating them. They wanted to be left into the hands of vanfleet of Danny green of the others, you know, per se and the raptors are the same way they leave. Andrea Agudelo wide open for reason Iggy he almost hesitate. But I don't think I think he was surprised that he was that opening that he was that open. Then I also think, dollar he, he like thought through really fast new the shot clock because he could have held the ball. You could've with that's a shot. You don't turn down a wide open three. And then he gathered himself, and he seemed to ball, he seemed he lays, I'll be lined up and that's, that's not a pressure Shafie talk about, it's, it's a big shot. But he's a pressure shot. You're up to tune your wide open, and you hit bigger shots than that in your career you hit shots with your back against the wall in finals games. He was finals MVP before. So this is nothing to like he he talks about all the time. The regular season is just a tune-up for him. He doesn't really get exciting to the playoffs and even at that moment, he said it before. They win the game. He just really looking forward to getting home and getting back into his bed old man style. I feel news broke officially Kevin. Durant will not play game three so probably not too big of a surprise, but does that impact Toronto's philosophy at all, obviously means that they don't have to worry about him from an offensive standpoint, also katie's rim-protector. But why don't we assume that Claes not one hundred percent? Obviously Iggy is not one hundred percent. No. K D this Toronto feel good about where they're at. I think they feel good about where they're at because they were able to get away. Probably could have got the second wind. But at the same time they understand what's ahead of them. You're playing against in the champs. Former chancellor battle-tested who play well at home role players will play better home stars will play better at home. You're going to be in more of a hostile environment. Calls may not go the same as they did at home and. You have a chance to either take the lead in the series code down to one go back to Toronto to two or go back to Toronto, three one have your backs all the way against the wall. So I think they're, they're in a spot to where they feel like all right? They want our court. Let's go get one on their NC. What happens? But in the today, go down to one, which I think, is going to happen is very important for them to not go back to Toronto down, three one CJ this time. I mean, we talk about the warriors defense and what they can dictate. But Kawai has to dictate now what he wants because he's that guy for the raptors we, you know, they have Angeleri parts, you know, I've got a soul was neutralized by cousins, e- Baca. You know, maybe then fleet hit some more threes Powell. But, but the guy is Leonard, Golden State has several guys especially if Katie plays, but the raptors rely on Leonard more than whether than anything and he has to take over this is really his time and. I would look at game three and say, you know, he has to be great, I think, is going to continue to be aggressive as he's done. You know, historically, you know, he'll take shots over two defenders at times, you know, he may have to shoot fadeaways over three defenders every now and then but he'll empowers teammates try to make the right place. But when when push comes to shove, he's going to be, you know, looking to make his impact shell in win or lose decision. He makes look at that Sixers series. How often was he shouldn't over? Two defenders quite a bit like a bit and he seem pretty comfortable because of his size and athleticism, and he likes to Joe baseline the game winner. He hit was over two and a half. Three defenders a look for him to be extremely aggressive in game three but even more aggressive in game four because I feel like they're going to be down to one. He's going to have to really you know make his make his. Imprint imprint I thought that cousins, the lift that he gave them was really interesting. So he plays eight minutes in game one those were out say those were a rough eight minutes for him. He didn't look comfortable. He didn't have any kind of touch. He looked like he was really laboring then game chew Seve curse says, I'm going to start boogie instead of looney who's really good in game one goes four five and has nine points. And I was confused. I was flummoxed a little bit by the start with cousins game too. He says he wanted to play twenty minutes. Cousins ends up playing twenty eight minutes. He has a double double. He has six assists. He inverted the floor. And he was also someone even though he's not blocking shots from physicality perspective. I went back and watched game too. When Lowery inventively who are too small guards when they were trying to get into the lane cousins was a factor. He also switched onto them and did a fairly good job. So I was really impressed and quite honestly, surprised at the impact boogie had on game too. I was surprised to nine of the impact he had, but that the conditioning was there for twenty eight minutes. I think he's a better player as a starter. I felt like he would kinda struggled trying to find his way they'll coming off the bench. Having not played new long time. Figuring out the pace it again figuring out. How if he should be engaged one, a lot of times, he was kind of looking around trying to figure out, you know where I fit in in game two he was like I fit in Hawaii. I'm, I'm gonna make the right place. I'm gonna be aggressive. I'm just be me and I think that's more of a fishing role for him. And I also think that Kerr new looney collarbone collarbone was bothering. They ended up releasing that he fractured. I think that played a factor in them saying like he's going to be starting for the rest of the series. Let's start him. Now. Let's let him get his feet wet, let him get comfortable on the robe before he comes back home. And they know he's going to play better than the rest of the team's gonna play better home, and it was more of a cadet conditioning because you're gonna have to play thirty. You know these next couple of games because Katie, he's not coming back. And game three cousins like he for guy that hasn't played in the playoffs. This is his first ever sustained series obviously was got hurt earlier, I think it says a lot about him to put his fee potential earning future on the line CJ and say, you know what? I am a team guy because the, the knock on boogie was he doesn't make his teams better or he makes them worse. He certainly not a winner. That was always what people said about him even when he was playing great basketball with Anthony Davis in New Orleans, then he gets hurt and obviously ends up signing with Golden State, and then he gets hurt again. And when you're that big you're talking about injuries you worry about more injuries. And this is he's going to be a free agent. This is him saying, I'm a team guy and I'm willing to do the dirty work, I'm willing to not necessarily be the number one and number two option. And I'm a winning player. I think this is the most important. Moment of DaMarcus his career, and so far, so good. Yeah. I think he's showing that look I'm willing to sacrifice as you said before, but he's also showing like let's look how skilled in good. I, I haven't played and weeks. I've been hurt. I'm coming off in Culas injury. And I'm still dominating an NBA finals game in which I don't have rhythm. I'm not really in game shape, and I've been kind of thrust into a role I haven't played in weeks teams kind of Jesse without me and his skillset being able to pass. I knew that was there because we played against them, we played against him in New Orleans, the passing was there. I think they knock on him not making his teammates better with just due to some of the things that happened in the locker rooms emotional over an emotional standpoint of, you know, some of the situations that may have come about off the core, I think, on the court he does what he does. And it's it's been consistent. He's getting buckets. He's getting rebounds, and he's not just a willing passer, I think he enjoys passing and we'll get you getting six assists. The average five assists, five and a half. I five and a half assists in New Orleans. And he showed his ability to just make plays. He's a Hooper mean regardless of what you think about him off the court and I know him off the court. I know I'm on the court, he's been nothing but respectful to me, I have a great deal of respect for his game his approach, what he does for the community. I think a lot of times, you get a bad stereotype based on some situations, that happen where I wasn't there. I don't know some of it may have been blooded proportion, some of it may have been on him. You know, being immature, maybe doing some things he shouldn't have done and learning from it now that he's in this position where like you said before he's not just playing for the warriors. He's planning for his future. He's a free agent. He has a history of doing things. You know a certain way he has never been in the playoffs before. And now he's proven that look I can play in the playoffs I can sacrifice. I'm not gonna play thirty five minutes. I even came off the bench game in the finals. I'm not taking all the shots. I'm just trying to win and get this next deal. And I think he's showing that he can help any team mentally there's a perception around Marcus that, that how do I say. That he's not a great guy. The, the more players, I've talked to, including you just. Now, you just said it, it's that it's not that cousins is not a good guy. He is a good guy. He's, he's had issues of maturity, he's an emotional person, and he's been in locker rooms where things did not go well, and they really dominated. But now he's in a good locker room on with a winning culture. And the words will tell you like he's been nothing but good for them. He's developed a great relationship with Draymond. And I it's just it's interesting that, you know we talk about perception being reality with cousins. Maybe this is his opportunity to show that he's a good teammate that he's a winning player. And he someone you actually want on your team as opposed to, you know, being so concerned that if you bring him he'll help or he'll change the culture. Now he can actually add to the culture. And I think, again, it's the most important point of his career because not only is he winning but he's also contributing away. That he hasn't done before. And he's showing that he can do it on a big stage. Yeah. I, I think we're both right. He's, he's showing everything. He's playing. He's playing a game too, right way. And Steve Kerr said at the press conference he said, look, he's been great. He told me look, however way you see me fit. Play me that way. I'm in don't worry about trying to give me acclimated to the team. Don't worry about my touches. I'll figure it out. You know, you play me what you see fit. And I think that, that shows that, like I said before a level of maturity in the sign of growth because the old boogie I don't think he would have came into this situation with that same mindset early. His early kings will. Yeah. I don't think he would have been thinking this. I think the fact that he's gone through what he's gone through the injuries that gives you a different type of perspective when you get hurt it changes your mentality changes your mindset, changes your thought process on everything and you start to really see bigger picture, because something you love your whole life is literally taken away from you. Can't do it. And that puts you in a spot to be vulnerable in be comfortable being vulnerable. And I think that he's grown he's been around so many unselfish players. This is the most unselfish team in the NBA and the most talented and the most talented from top to bottom. You talk about sacrifice clay, he sacrifices and it ends up costing them all NBA remind has been sacrificed, Katie sacrifices. Steph, obviously, he's two time MVP I intimate ever. He sacrifices two time MVP unanimous. One year has never wanted finals in, in be MVP finals. Think about that crazy. And this, this is his fifth final stuff and they've won three. They won three out of the four if. If if this series continues the way it does on that note. Let's say Steph continues to play well, but not great. He hasn't played great yet. He's had spurts. I wonder if the MVP can maybe go to remind because he was fourteen to one before, by the way, he and he's been the temple again the temple center, the energy he's been great. Stephanie to have a Steph light game to win. So he needs one. He just I think he just needs one signature game. I mean he's been consistent, you know throughout the playoffs, he's averaging twenty seven five and six but he was he wasn't very good in game one get he was over six star game two. Then he got a rhythm but he hasn't. He hasn't had that thirty five forty point game. He hasn't had the big explosion game yet, and I think it's coming I think the biggest flows in game is coming in if it does, I think that gives him the edge of a dream on if it doesn't if it stays like it is now than it strikes injury mind flirts with a triple double and guards and guards and. He has a signature moment in elimination game. I think people like I said before people are prisoners of the moment. It's a what have you done for me lately? No one will remember game one. No, no one will remember game to. In fact that Steph started over six they'll look and they'll say two games in a final steps averaging twenty eight and a half points on sixty three percent shooting by the time the finals over it could be thirty. You know what I'm saying? You ever thirty points per game in the finals, and your team wins, which six rebounds and five assists? You're the VP, especially if you haven't won it before there's no voter fatigue Novotna fatigue. And his only counterpart dream on who I liked dream on personally. But how many media members are really fans of dream on? I think that's a one of the other there's not a lot of milligram either loved reminding reminding me is he gives great interviews. He's very Kennedy keeps it real. But some people may not like his antics, and he's changed his antics. He showed a sign of maturity, he hasn't argued the refs as much he's not as demonstrative on the court, but his energies infectious in his teammates feed off of it. And if Steph not the VP he's the VP of the finals in clay was he was tremendous game too. We call that then he gets hurt. You almost see Kerr said Klay with tell me he was okay if he was half dead Claes's that guy he's like a silent killer. He's an assassin. He's a marksman. He's a sniper. The guy is so good. But he is under appreciated. If, if he's not hypothetically. See let's say clay plays game three plays the rest of the series but he's seventy five eighty percent and let's say Katie comes back, but he's eighty percent. How much pressure does that put on Steph? And is there any doubt in your mind that stuff can absorb that pressure and succeed? I think he can absorb the pressure succeed. No doubt. I think he's the type of player who enjoys when people say he can't do things enjoys. Exactly. Because of it. You know he's fed off of it. I'm sure here's the whispers about, you know, how good is he you know. He doesn't guard. He doesn't do this doesn't do that before they didn't make his teammates better. Now, I don't know what they say about him guarded in game two, by the way. Now, they say now they say all they say he doesn't play the fence. And they say that, you know, he's, he's fragile or he, he hasn't played great in the final delve Adoga bother me in the finals. Now, now, Benfleet bothering him the finals that, you know, there's always something. But you know it's funny then leads bothering him but he's averaging twenty and a half points. So it's like we have this expectation of greatness and how players should play our players should look he should be this. He should be that he should win VP. If your team's winning who cares? I think that he has that been telling their mindset. But now he no this is his chance to win finals MVP because Katie, I was thinking that the perfect ending for Katie comeback game three win game. Three win game. Four win game five steals. The finals in thirty five dollars thirty five walks off into the sunset and leaves and goes wherever he wants to go. I thought that that was going to happen. Now it could happen. Game for game. Five, but at this point, it may be too little too late because the body of work would be that, right? The words we're up to two one going into game four. Then he comes back so down to one man, if they were Dow oa-to he comes back in that would have been the most epic finals reappearance that we may ever see. But it didn't happen. That way wasn't meant to be that way. Well, if he does stealing a VP that would be three straight finals VP's to complement issues. I finals MVP. It's hard. It's hard to believe that Steph has not had that yet. I mean, it's really the only thing he has done mean USA gold medal two-time VP three championships. He has not one files of EP and it's shocking, and I'm sure that deep Dow. He wants. Yeah. Oh, deep down. It's, it's on his mind. He's very aware of it. And he's thinking. All right. Couple more. Big performances finish this off? They won't be able to do anything about me after this. So we'll say something. I mean, they will it will it will be valley. You can you always say something about Jordan? It won't be valid. It'll be just someone's opinion won't be fact because the fact show that he's arguing to the greatest player ever. Arguably the greatest point guard ever arguably the most transcending player the games ever seen. And it's not just because of the of the championships help is because of how he plays in how it's revolutionized the game. How kids shoot threes now kids wanna shoot these days. Look who's coming into the we look at the impact that, that trae young had this year, as you know, not, not Steph, but certainly the same type of I don't know if, if we can even I don't know if we can overstate CJ, the importance that Steph has had on changing the game on modern day basketball, not only at the NBA level at youth levels, the a U circuit, just watch how basketball is played. Now, watch the way before is spread which about big being able to shoot. Well, it's just the range in which Steph shoots, the flairy has he he's had an incredible impact positive on basketball has he I mean I, I know he's impacted you but has that style impacted you in a way that maybe it wouldn't have had you not seen it like did he inspire you at all? I mean I told him I told him I told Dame told Eric main, a lot of the young players are can play a lot of major players who came before MIR. Interviews. You do a told me I'm appreciative of everything you guys have done for the game. Not only have I admire what they've been accomplished. But I've watched and studied it tried to imitate some of it understanding what I need to do in college to get to the NBA understanding, the type of work ethic, I need to have other type of approach to have understand the type of success, and he'd put on the court to be able to extend a long career hasn't been major. I told him I appreciate what you've done opened the door for me. And I'm gonna step through an opening up some more for the next guy. And I told Johnny same thing you have a responsibility, not just for yourself before the next job rant like how we play affects the next generation. If Steph doesn't come in and dominate Dame doesn't coming in dominators can't play. They won't draft us. They'll be like other not ready to this there too, that the competition wasn't there or combo guards on what it is, or he's not he needs to be six six to fifteen like, that's what the pool type two guardians look like now, the pro prototypical Garza guy who can do a little bit of everything. But most of the time you need to be able to shoot because you're. Shooting guard. So I think that, you know what they've been doing that's been able to do has been impressive because of where he's come from what he's come from. And I know ways like I've seen it. I've watched the path, and then what he's been able to finesse from a business standpoint surrounded himself with the right people creating Facebook watched off his stuff off the court, you know, how he's been able to new documentary happy family. No scandals like he's, he's done. A great job of staying Steph throughout all the chaos throughout the loop book, money he's gonna make an he's been himself, and he's been authentic organically himself throughout the entire process. I think that shows what type of character you truly have when you're able to. Everything's going your favorite, but you still stick to who you are. And don't forget, we are knowing how good he is. And how great he's going to be these next few games. Would you say to Toronto go back at the warriors like he did in game one push tempo? Or would you say slow it down money? It up don't make it into a track meet because you're going to play into their hands and you're going to allow more threes. I think just got play your game. You can't be afraid to push that the warriors are able in transition. So I think you can create misses you gotta run you gotta run. You don't wanna go up against a set defense. And I think in that in third quarter fourth quarter when they go on their runs. You're going up against their said defense, which is excellent, you got the alternate help you got the ultimate rotations down. They've been there before they tighten everything up. Everything is better in the second half. Because they know that, that much closer to getting a win. So you gotta get on run. I don't care if you're a home. If you're on a roll you get out and run you take selectively good shots. Good threes and transition. You take. Him chance to get to the ram. You take it. Otherwise, you're gonna against the stack defense. You're gonna end up shooting the shot at the end of the shot clock. Anyway, that's forced. Yeah. Just wanna look it up. I think they had the raptors had fifteen offense rebounds in game two if I'm not mistaken sixteen or fifteen the reason I bring it up fifteen fifty the reason I bring it up. C J is because it seemed like to your point the warriors were not crashing the glass in game two in purposely having one or two guys back at all times because they know they're vulnerable in transition, and they don't want to give up easily three to the raptors the warriors had six officer rebounds a game too. It did not seem like they were particularly interested in creating a second chance points. It was more important to have one or two guys back to eliminate the transition opportunities for the raptors knowing that they don't wanna give up easy, threes, knowing that they're vulnerable on the break. The I think that was the point emphasis for them. I think Drake talked about it. He said we were playing on our heels and it's all sorts of me that I was planning on in game. One impasse guy was attacking me. We were kind of like cautiously optimistic as went throughout the game. And of basically he was like champs. And we didn't play like chance. We played like we were a contender. We were nervous. We were feeling the game I think in game two. They weren't feeling the game. They were being the aggressors. They were attacking. But more importantly, they were prepared for transition opportunities defensively, making sure that they're back because they know that there's such a good defense team, the half court, if they can limit your opportunities in transition, if they can limit your uncontested baskets. They know that you're really in trouble against them. And I think they showed that in the second half like one guy's back to guys bacteria. But it kind of hold them off on the fast break, and then kinda just rally around that and make them make them make the other guys shoot tough shots. You know, put Kawai in a position where he feels like he has to pass or where he feels like he has the force. The action takes bench shots either way. It's a win win for them. Mm. Because then the rhythm is thrown off. I wonder for Nick nurse. If, if he looks at this these games, three and game four as if we can if we can split then we're in great shape or do they look at it. Like we throw all our eggs in a game three you know there's more pressure on game. Three we can't go down to one like the thought process for the raptors being that, you know, we, we cannot let this thing get away from us. We let game to get away. What if game three gets away, we're down to one? Now suddenly, it's probably three one like there's gotta be some kind of pressure this. Why said the warriors had to win game two felt like a must win for them. Because if they go home down to zero even though they're at home. The pressure is gotta win both. Yes, is drastically of shifted toward them, because they're the two-time defending champs. But now is that it's one one, it's almost counterintuitive but it feels like the pressures on Toronto and game pressure's. Definitely on Toronto. The most important. Game is always the next game. This is a must win for them the winter the winter like I said before getting through the winter game to this was gonna win the series regardless. I think the war is when this six regardless of what happens in game three. But if the raptors go down to one, the percentages are not in their favor. The team that goes up to one, especially when you're two one at home for game four with a chance to go up three one is like seventy five percent. I think was like seven the winner of game three one like seventy two seventy seven percent of the time. But when you have a home game for the next game you go up to one, which is to go up three one. Series is over you go up three one two series basic over unless you got Brian James on your team. Let's suspended. Let's suspended and Ronald your team like its chances of you coming back are very slim. It's not impossible it's possible but it's a lot of work because then you gotta go back to the oracle in win a must win game in game six. So I think they're looking at this. Like look there wounded this is like we're never going to have a better shot. Katie's not playing Claes. Her hamstring is not honor percent. Iggy not one hundred percent. They say Steph, is sick or something like that. I don't know what is still getting sea legs. We would assume cousins is not the markets, we see until years ago, but he's still good. There's no time like the president you win this game. And you go up to one then the pressure shifts back, then you're thinking, okay. Now, we got three games to win to do the warriors, even at this point. How much pressure impact entertain the loss, you can't? Because I believe manifestation, so. Whatever you think or believe is coming to light. Think if you think you might you lose since that's the only titan. No. If you think you the miss a free throw you probably go miss it. And you, you have to have that mentality like Masa before you got the hasn't been tell you that with the best and they lost for a second, but they got back. We're the best. I'm the best. No one can check me. And that's my mentality every day. I'm the best in the world. No one can see me. Whether it's true or not is regarded as irrelevant. You have to believe you are untouchable, you have to believe that you are unstoppable. If you are a score like I'm a score. No one can check me. And I don't just say that, like like not pissing into the way I really believe no one can check me. And there's some people out there. I think they can check me as they should. But I don't think they can. And you put me in their island. I'm gonna swim out and you're gonna drought. It's alcatraz. You're escaping. I'm escaping. You're not or I'm getting a raft in your is one last one. Last one. I'm kicking you off? And I'm watching you die like one hundred. You know what I'm saying? Like tell you gotta have because otherwise you're not going to be successful, if you have doubts or if you have fear and you, you rationally like put that fear into the universe that shit becomes real and becomes a deterrent. And it really affects you fear Israel. It's a matter of how much you let it impact you entertaining more show in a minute. But first, what's that one dish from your favorite restaurant that you can never recreate on what if someone brought it right to your door? Jordache connects you to all of your favorite restaurants in your city ordering is easy. 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Back to the show, I've, you're missing. We didn't discuss Iggy hall of fame candidacy. Absolutely. So this is a good segue. I think he's a hall of fame. I agree. I think he's a halif Famer like you said he's got three championships. I'm looking at his, his stats stats on basketball reference. He's played in. H seasons would fairly successes with the warriors one season with Denver career numbers. People are going to be like, you think he's I think what's important where they go dollar. Is he? It's easy to forget now that he was once the guy Philadelphia twenty one and a half points. Yeah. Yeah. I mean he was really you know, he was he was an all MBA caliber player, one point his career. Now, he's thirty five the naysayers would say he was never a dominant player. But here's what he has done three time MBA champ, potentially fourth NBA finals, MVP NBA, all star time all MBA defensive team, and an Olympic gold medalist. So what about that is not hall of fame and he's played one hundred forty one playoff game started seventy seven of them. He comes alive in the playoffs. He hits big shots in the playoff average double digits for his career in the playoffs. Averages double digits for his career and regular season, it has a chance to every number four. I made the comparison, some people Robert orey. Yeah. Did you see that? I didn't see it. But I thought it when I when I when I thought about Robert career. Yes. Less defense. You scored a lot early on his career, but similar, and he was there a finals VP never finals VP, but hit big shot after big as you look at the stats. I would imagine that their points per game symbol, similar comparible. The only question will be, how many rings does he went before he retires? Either way he's a I think he's a hall of Famer yesterday before you hit that three was the hall of fame after three win this. That's the point. He keeps making plays. Whether it's the chase down block O'Brien whether it's, you know timely corner buckets, he has. He has the steel strippers Dame. He has three in game two. I mean, how many things does this guy have to do and achieve curse like he's just a great basketball player. I mean, Andre the dollar is a great great basketball player. He's thirty five years old. He's been in the NBA since four year I graduated high school. He's he has transformed himself one one time after he keeps changing is his game. He keeps altering his his ability to affect the game in positive ways, whenever you need. He can do. I use a first ballot hall of fame. Maybe that's the question we should be asking. Is he a first ballot? And by the way, we talked about being liked by media. He is. Very well liked by media so that helps very well liked by media. In fact, he told he's straws at the athletic after game four against us, the act him about the speculation being in hall of fame said, I don't care really someplace get emotional during these ceremonies speeches. None of it matters replied, does, anyone, remember any of those beaches other than Jordan's which is a great point. I remember Jordan speech in the hall of fame. I don't really remember anyone else's Jordan's. Maybe Gary payden now Jordan's was the one because he went out to Russell again for Brian Russell. That was the the best one. Well, Michael Jordan turned fifty to me that was like the weirdest moment ever. By the way, he's he's like the OJ of the game. So as he gets older. You start to realize, like, wow. That was real. That was a long time ago. Yeah. That's when your own mortality becomes more relevant. So the reason I brought up dollar to with is because I went on Instagram and I said, he's a Robert ory vis generation, but better and a lot of people having me for it. You think that's a legitimate comparison. And do you agree that he's had a, a better career or more, impactful career, etc? I don't know if you can compare the impact fullness of them. I think that they're definitely comparible careers in a sense, then under appreciated guys people who played a game not game. I understand the game really realize the impact they've had on their teams. What they've been able to accomplish how important their roles were not just the big shots. But defensively the sacrifice being able to make extra pass. She's being a good piece to the puzzle. There's not a lot of being a necessary piece necessary in. N- good pieces to the puzzle. This guys who were just out there in the phila- role, but these are guys who how different are the warriors without Iggy his defensive versatility dick shot. Making ability willingness willingness to sacrifice to make the right passes not try to do to pass always the right past never doing too much. I think. He always like locking down. Always strapped up, always and never really can play in like it should be started by the regular season. But he doesn't make a big deal of that because he knows when it's time to play in the playoffs, he's finishing gains. And he's gonna be out there started one of the tougher toughest defenders you've you've gone against I think just because of his smarts his strength. And his ability is ability to just like nothing really fazes him. He's not really out there, trying to argue with revs. He just goes in hoops goes about his day, like if you score on him so he doesn't get rattled. He's always the same always the same never too high. Never too low. Plus, he's just he looks like he's still twenty two. Is impeccable physical condition. Here's what I would say just to close the loop on this, if they don't have the warriors, do not have under your Dala during this run. I would make the argument that they would not have won at least one possibly two other three championships because his impact has been that significant. Yeah. I mean there for sure not winning the one. He wanted to be pee in. Well, that's the LeBron. Chase down block. Right. So no. Actually that wasn't MVP. That was Katie one. Iggy won MVP before Katie came. No, I know I'm saying, so the chase down block against Braun was pre K D pre Katie that was the one three one, so they don't win that series. That was that was that was a series. They all as a series. They lost. Yeah. Right. That's the kyri game was the game that changed the entire right here. Right, right. That no. But he had the chase down block. Lebron had the chase down block on egg on the right. Yeah. But Iggy had chase down blocks. Yeah. He has. He has he said, three or four like significant ones, but the branch chase down block was the kyri shot that ultimately won the game that was game seven in San Francisco. What exactly so I would maybe argument that he has impacted so much. So it could all that they haven't they wouldn't have won. At least one possibly two for sure not tonight. That's not debatable. That's, that's for certain so the finals MVP that he got. And then, and then another one, they probably would have won last year regardless. Right. And they probably don't win this year. Well. L but you think they'd be Cleveland regardless slasher? What was it four one? That's that's why was wash one of them they was winning regardless. Maybe they don't get there without maybe they'll get to that position to be Cleveland with and this year, at least so far they need them. I mean, knowing what they're down to. Well, there is no doubt that my mind they're down to if he doesn't play game to E-e-eh. It's different. It's a different series with auto for sure. So something else happened in sports. I don't even think this on the run down, but I'm just curious for you. Did you happen to see or hear about the Anthony Joshua res fight? You know what happened Anthony Joshua? So Anthony Joshua twenty four. No. Heavyweight champion in the world. Case by those at wedding. Now it's all coming back to. He you know, you can make an argument that he didn't fight great fighters. He didn't wanna fight while there. He gotta slept. He comes to the US that he's always fought in the UK that's home. That's where he's comfortable. He comes to the US as he says to chase down a multi belts fight. He fights Ruis. Who nobody knows who looks like he's not in great shape. He's two hundred and seventy pounds. Yeah. He looks fat and he gets knocked out, and that was the fifth or sixth biggest upset since the BUSTER. Douglas Mike Tyson fight. He was fifteen to one was released. Now's a nice payout for a lot of people of people. A lot of pizza. I'm guy about one hundred thousand dollars on Joshua to win five grand. He lost one hundred grand. Hurts that hurts me that hurts. So did you see the fire obviously didn't see live? But you heard about it. Yeah, I seen highlights. I, I mean, I seen them getting. Destroyed get whooped on not lend. A lot of punches inside create for him to be in such physically great shave from that looks of it. You got knocked out by the Pillsbury dough. Boy. No respect to. He's a great fighter. Obviously, I don't know much about boxing. I know much about the boxing world, but them handling they was very lethal that lethal. Well, we talk about the reason I bring up canal because he's known as the greatest Mexican fighter. Since delahoya and Ruis is now considered like the Mexican pride and he did it in the heavyweight division, which is, you know, the most important that many people's eyes. So, oh, you're going to China Thursday. Tell us about it. I'm going to China for my leaning towards my second annual leaning tour. I'll be touching down and a lot of different cities. Let me actually pull up. The schedules can see exactly was cities. I'll begin or were you fly into first Shane high. That is a great question. I have no idea. It is the global impact of basketball, and obviously, you, you will be appearing flan and ending. Well. Shanghai. So I'm like you said before this is a big opportunity for me continue to build the brand really the touchdown and experience the Chinese culture being able to bond with fans being able to see fans go to camps have store appearances, you know, basically plan the apparel launch for, for the upcoming season plans from the plan, play in color ways, things of that, nature, we used to conduct a photo shoot actually will be part of a three day camp in Shanghai as well for kids for kids, and we're looking forward to that. It'll be they'll be dope opportunity. We're actually putting the app together as well with some with some workouts, just kind sell to people who are interested in learning. He'll specific moves in workouts. But the biggest thing about going to change it a lot of players. Don't go to China, so you have to take advantage of your time there. You have to take advantage of the fact that they have three times as many fans as we do people here in the United States. And there's just a big population of people who genuinely love and care for basketball and are genuine. Lee, happy to see us, you know, they come out full support. And with the time difference, they, they watch our games, regardless of what time it is in just to love. They give us it's only right that we give it back. So I'm really looking forward to how many times have you been? I've been to China four-time. This'll be my second time leaning. If you went last summer to hell, in last summer's will, so I know it's work, and it's three weeks, but are you able to enjoy the experience? I definitely enjoy the experience, especially when you look back at the pictures and just seeing how the impact, how happy people are to see you. How many people come out in maybe in, like just a kid from Ken, how being able to go to China represented Brandon to have people that want to buy my shoes and stand in line for them and wanna buy merge? You wanna take pictures and wait wait outside the hotel. It's, it's an amazing experience, but it is work. I lived at six AM every day, I'm on the court or seven thirty and then I take a shower, eat breakfast. And then on tour all so I'm going store to store city to city and I just fast forward, do all over again. What's the craziest request? Did you have anybody say like you know, take some crazy picture, or they wanted something really weird signed or anything like that? I mean we, we released a Yushu use why eleven last year we were out there it would Li released a white theme. Callaway was based on the city. We were in it was like on that city and like it's kinda like they're like a Chinese garden. So basically, had like it was like a white floral print, which will focus on like a garden. They actually had in that city. And we just we sold three hundred parasol down four minutes in the line was crazy. And people were flying from, like neighboring cities to come to this city. So this was in New York, if you like somebody flying from Montreal, that's actually Toronto or BC or Pennsylvania wherever flight just to come by shoes and then fly out. Wow. That's incredible. Yeah. That occasion. They have is is unlike anything, you'll see man. It was it was a really dope. Experiencing looking forward to seeing, you know, the turn out this. Yeah. After continued to build build my name built, my, Brandon and be more familiar with the leaning, Brandon, the country is more is more strenuous being in China province country. Yeah. Yeah. I got it's more. It's more strenuous being in China than than like a two week road trip in the league Zach comparable. It's just like a lot of stress on your body. You know what I mean? But the time zone the jet lag is is a week to the jet lag is brutal. Yeah. It's brutal. It's, it's just a different type of stress, because you're in a different environment traveling. You're still working out the language barriers. Was most of them, speak English may always have a translator with me anyway. But. About the air quality Beijing, depending on where you're at air, quality's up and down. Not the greatest in Beijing. But you be surprised when you look it up, and you see some of the places in the United States. Part or worse, notice it just because it's not as small gear not as foggy. I think it's I I just I think it's great that you're that you go. When you experience that culture you grow help grow the game. And it's it's awesome. Obviously to be Representative Lee name because then you're you're on the ground running has gone. And he goes, every, I mean he's been gone since he signed with the brand is actually should be heading out there pretty soon our towards coincided last year. And I was able to see him sign his lifetime deal we had dinner together and stuff. So it was great to be out there with him, but his following their poof. Maybe I mean that's, that's what you want. Right. You want to be able to grow your brand to that point. Yeah. Definitely being able to grow it seen some of the things he would accomplish. He has, like twelve or thirteen standalone store, that only sell his merchandise when he's, he's book quite the empire and its well deserved because he's, he's a genius in terms of his marketing team, he surrounds himself with an obviously his game speaks four south with the hall of fame career, but he's definitely helped me a lot in the business world and kinda showed me, the, you know, what's possible, you know, in this route. All right. It's official. And day was probably going to be leaving the pelicans soon. Who do you think can give the most compelling offer? Well, I think that Boston got has the opportunity to get involved now which they couldn't before. I think it's really interesting, the package, they could put together you're talking about Jason Tatum. Jaylen Brown a ton of picks. I didn't think that Danny aines whatever give up Tatum, but he didn't have the kind of year. I think most people expected I still think it'd be a reach. But if you wanna contend now you're the Celtics, and you feel like this is your opportunity. This is your window with or without Kyrie. And we both think he's gone don't you have to go out and get into Davis. If you can I think southern you consider for sure. Depending on what. What you have to give up, who you have to give up, obviously, kyri leaves, you have to figure out what you wanted to Terry Rozier, the resign him, or do you allow him to walk over is going to be on the books for a lot of bread court. Over is gonna have a ton of interest, Gordon Hayward gonna be on the books for a lot of Brit. Jalen brown. A lot of suitors won him. A lot of people want Jason Tatum. And the list goes on and on. So you have to figure out what you're willing to give up in order to get a dis obvious can play the four in the five. So you probably going to go up before, and you're gonna have to give up wanted him. Young wings in probably draft pick in order to appease David Griffin. So you just have to really figure out what you think eighties worth. And if you'll be able to resign him once you trade for him. The problem with Hayward is he's got next year and then a player option which he will exercise at thirty four point two million dollars. So God bless America in basketball, absolutely Horford. Got a player option Kyrie's at a player option. Jalen brown. Is interesting in the sense that he's really young really talented. And as we have both discussed the he was the only guy in the Milwaukee series that really brought it. I like to LeBron a lot. I'm a big fan told him pull up from pull up. I guess I told him that. Eventually he's going to be in a position to make a lot of money either here in Boston more here in boss there in Boston, or somewhere else in which is more bodies mentality and his approach to the game in how he can separate himself mother young players. I think he's mentality the way he approaches it again. He's a constant attack vote. Yep. We don't we don't on your honest, you he was Duncan on either foot, you know, attacking the basket shoulders touch around the rim showed his touch from about fifteen mid range, hit some threes. I like him. I liked his aggressiveness. I think he was more aggressive in the playoff Tatum was this year, you know, more comfortable in his own skin in terms of being a legitimate option. The Lakers, obviously are still in the mix you'd have to assume. There are reports about David Griffin really liking Brandon Ingram at of Ingram, coups Tatum in Brown. What do you think is the most appeasing? Honestly. I'm surprised that the pelicans didn't take the offer earlier Ingram. Coups? Heart arts player in a pick maybe even throw in. This is the different regime, though. It's different regime. I would have vowed to taking that trade. Honestly, you get you get three good pieces. You get a draft pick. I think that's probably one of the traits that revisit, and you know, just kinda see where they're at. I think magic magic relied Ingram. Right. He's a big fan Ingram. You wanted trade him niche. Right. And then I think later on, he may have been thrown into the trade. So just something they have to think about, and they better, get to thinking fast because drafters, you know, twenty something days away. It's coming hurry. Yeah I'm gonna radio. A statement by David Griffin current pelicans GM. This is before before he was hired by the Pels. And this is him talking about Brandon Ingram. Literally, this kid doesn't even have control of his extremities yet. He so long. He's got like that. Newborn. Dear lack, of course, strength for Kyrie Irving to say that he was defensively tough for him. As a huge statement, he's twenty one years old, it defies the imagination. How was all the depot when he hit for Indiana in Ingram is way, more physically. Than all the people. So we know that David Griffin loves Brandon Ingram if he's included in a package. I would imagine that he pulls the trigger. So you're going on record saying that you think that he's going to pull the trigger and branding. Why don't know if L is gonna make Ingram available? I mean how good is Ingram. How could he be be really, really good? Really good. We ever by eighteen still doesn't really have a three boy is working on it. But most of his damage is done in the mid range areas. And once he generates that three pointer and put some weight on just really starts to understand the game and continues to evolve the sky's the limit for him. We'll kim. Kemba says he wants to be a hornet smart man smart smart financially, for sure. Would you be surprised? He's very comfortable in Charlotte. He likes it. Yeah. No, I know. I mean he's always he's, he's always loved Charlotte, and he bought a house, there built, the Helzer, I believe. So what do you think about? I mean what would have to happen for him to, to leave? I think they have to seriously low ball him. I think that's the only way he can even consider it. I think he wants to. Stay there. The he's comfortable with staying there is families comfortable, he likes the city bought a house organization's been good. Damn, he's been good of the organization that you produce all star caliber year. They just need some more pieces. Thirteen Molin be thirteen while NBA they need a lot more pieces. I think Jordan understand, you know what type of player he is what he's been able to do for the community. What he's been able to do for the franchise and what he's been the face of the France. He's been the franchise. Yeah. There's nobody else. There's nobody else. So I think they, they have interesting dilemma in decision making, I look forward to seeing what happens, but either way, I know my guys going to get cashed out, so I'm happy to see it because he's worked streaming hard for this and you look at how games evolved from Mooney. I kind of league to now is a believe you stop on diamond shoot. He's, he's always had to stop on a dime. But now toppling diamond shoot threes, you know hitting big shots. And as the franchise all time leader in three pointers made talking about a guy who quote unquote, couldn't shoot. Three's guy hotel, you had to really work on my, my jumper, and improved. Because more mid range in into the room had afloat or two. But now I got a three born. It's really changed everything for him, right? Yeah. Yeah. He, he has improved every year, another poll up guest of the gas and there's a shot to. Well, thank you, all for, for tune to pull a pot, as always Jordan. I'll see a great trips. Eighteen nineteen year seem about twenty days checking in, I'm sure up. Sure, I'll be reached out around draft time to, we'll be recording pot in China as well, but it's going to be a, a great trip. We looking forward to working on my game getting back on the court here shortly. So that'll be fun. Get just one apple podcast bought a fi reader dot com slash CJ or wherever you get your shows and don't forget.

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