College Football Week 6 Recap


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Welcome back to the solid verbal boys and girls money, MS, Ty Hildebrand, joining the as always over there in New York City, this fine. But a little rainy Sunday morning, my good friend, Dan Rubenstein, sir. How are you? I'm good. I'm researching medication to slow down this heartbeats and deal with some palpitations. The blood pressure is not my friend after yesterday. A lot of fun. Weird, surprising, shocking, terrifying moments during, say, secretly, sassy. It was so secretly sassy tied. It was so much secret SAS going on a lot of alliteration there, but nonetheless. Wow, it didn't disappoint week six. As we said on the Wednesday show, not a ton of high high level matchups. It certainly not on the level of week seven when it comes to that. But nonetheless a lot of solid matchups and it did not disappoint between the two. Texas, Oklahoma game between three games that we saw in the SEC all of which were very interesting the we saw Notre Dame Virginia Tech, which we'll get into at night. Miami, Florida state was a lot of fun, Utah. Stanford, if you stayed up late a bit of an upset there. So certainly a lot to go around for college football fans of all makes and models. Absolutely. And it was nice to be able to appreciate that without without having to worry about an Oregon game kicking at ten thirty or watching Oregon blow out some terrible team like I had to do in September. It was nice to just focus all of my energies on and nice as a relative word, but watching the Auburn offense or watching the Kentucky offense or watching, you know, Texas barely hold on against Oklahoma. It was nice to have fandom just have nothing to do with week six. I like that. But we had a ton. The tweets come in. We had a ton of reverberates come in again, don't forget. You can always find it solid verbal dot com or also on all social media channels. Really Twitter, Facebook, Instagram. There's sub Reddit at ready dot com. Slash arse lash solid verbal Biver ballers forever. Ballers if you're a new listener, don't forget. Next week seventy can still get in on the pick and pull. We do it. We have weak and I should point out before we go any further. There was an Easter egg in Easter egg this week in our pick and pull. Did you happen to notice that Dan when you were filling out yours? I did see that Texas was favored by a touchdown instead of a dog by a touchdown. And I was just our little gift to you and you may have taken it and that didn't work. Ups? Yes. So a bit of an Easter egg a small glitch in the matrix. We had people riding in like, did you know that? And yet we did know that. So hopefully everyone gobbled up those seven Oklahoma points that we gave you out of the goodness of her heart. If not, if you were one of the few overconfident, Texas fans. Sorry, you did get the win over much not by seven though. It looked like it might go that way for a pretty good chunk of that football game. Should we just jump into a reverse stanch we do that. Get those out of the way hit play on those tied. Do it your week. Six reverse. Have a listen thing called after brunch is making this Saturday extra staffy. This is Ray up in Dallas. Tie it staff from payment Honey out from Pennsylvania. Here this is Scott from Nashville. This is Kelly from Austin, Texas, heart disease, Kyle calling from Annapolis Maryland, and I've just saw my long, put together a near flawless, but within the vocal Homa for three quarters. So Chris to the Sooners per blazin back in Canada and thank God for Dicker the kicker, corns win, Texas is back. How about that? Texas born, Texas, bred Heisman candidate, Sam etlinger, five touchdowns almost four hundred all purpose yards. Gotta give credit where it's due. Mary is one hell of a baseball player as an Ohio State fan. The main ten day team used in the same sentence as shootout often is probably the biggest surprise twenty eighteen game longhorns good job. Thirty two and I was like, you know you, that of us filled size. Texas is pretty much back is go for Oklahoma back Oklahoma more like Kyoko Homa and I watched my Texas. Amac in overtime in which Kentucky never ran a single ofensive snap on our side of the fifty. And I'm not sure if I'm impressed poor depressed about that statistic either way. I'll take it when I submit a data Lert for punter kicker of an absolute leg in sometimes eat a little bit of luck. And sometimes the whole lot of Trayvon Williams just walking out, it's called field. Thank God for Mike Yoko. Well, Alabama said, screw the puck pot. Ongoing use a blow torch on this call to is the Heisman Trophy winner there. The possibility that would those play in feeding fourth quarter SEC championship games, and he is good for the second week in a row. The Razorbacks have covered an obnoxious way. Large spread things down the Georgia BULLDOGS said, we won't Bama. I watched my Gators feet LSU at was. Over his best teams in the fifty worst ever been so happy to be wrong about that. Second, half the Notre Dame Virginia Tech game. See the Irish turn on those jets and come away with the road win. That was awesome. That would foster defense looking, ru, tender in this. Notre Dame looks like you left Suranjit ham and that lunch failures bud, go Irish. The Hanky still have the best ventured in college football, but blue tick it on Dame. So the fares in town in today's peach derided score of fifty plus yard, rushing touchdown against the wake, the anybody and everybody come on out just three tickets. Trevor Lawrence may have won the battle of freshman quarterbacks today in Winston, Salem. But according to the young women of my household, Sam Hartman is good looking. I wanted to watch a four hour, long parade of human suffering. I would have rented our Werner Herzog movie. Go knows rebid. It. I have no voice, but I'm calling from leaks lanting coming home from a cast victory. Utah is officially the team in the fact twelve ruins the Kohl's playoff chances. Please, please, please can we get a dramatic reading of maybe offense and possessions against air force's week. So callers. Yeah, colors. Yeah. I wanna read or with the ballers will make a pun, sing it out, even her treats. Got the shout. This is back. All right, there you go. Thank you again for calling in four eight, verbal one. Your number four, eight, three, seven, two, two, five one as with every college football Saturday, please feel free to gives call very stream of consciousness our river just in the moment at the bar on your couch at home. Whenever you're watching the games or just feeling something as part of watching the game gives phone call, let us know what's on your mind, get it off your chest, where your virtual shoulder. We are the virtual shoulder. Thank you. Let's get started with Texas forty eight, Oklahoma, Forty-five, true to form Mr. Rubinstein. This was indeed a Red River shootout. Ninety three points. One thousand thirty, three yards of total offense. A great football game. Freshman kicker, Cameron Dicker drill are a forty yard field goal with nine seconds left to give Texas a huge victory. That was, of course, after Texas squandered twenty one point lead at the start of the fourth quarter. Oklahoma came back, made it interesting tied the football game, but ultimately Texas gets the w. what were your thoughts and emotions while watching the Red River shootout one, Texas is offense was fun to watch consistently, not just big plays up the same to Colin Johnson or Jordan Humphry, but they were timely. They had a plan. They kept moving the ball, especially in the red zone. On the goal line, you know, going Sam l. anger, right? You know, tight ends. We're doing a good job setting the edge. It looked like a Texas offense with more of a plan. And better execution than we were used to seeing. And also Murray is extremely fun to watch so good. He so fast, his incredibly fast. He makes that mistake early on. He hasn't mistake late with that fumble. But his ceiling as a playmaker is astronomically high and for Texas to whether the calorie Kellerman storm was impressive, and they have it looks like three more top twenty ish tweeted this out offenses in the coming weeks in West Virginia, Oklahoma state and Texas Tech. So the more they can weather and not give up leaves, I suppose the better, but overall in incredibly impressive day from Texas, a mostly incredibly impressive day from Oklahoma's offense. I don't know where we go hoping that Oklahoma's defense improves under Mike stoops because the evidence at this point with more and more of his. In this defensive staffs players indicates that they are going to just be average, and that's taking into account adjusting for tempo adjusting for situation where they are an average national defense. Whereas teams like Texas or TCU or even Iowa State last year, what we saw from Oklahoma state at times that even though they give up points, it's over a ton of drives because these teams score quickly. So. At this point with what Lincoln Riley gives the Sooners on offense. I, I don't know how you can just settle for what he's getting on defense. One thing we should bring up. We didn't even really mention the name Sam etlinger, but a a monster effort for him three fourteen in two touchdowns through the air seventy two yards in another three touchdowns on the ground. Our friends over at pro football focus, the college edition, Rome get down on Twitter and said that etlinger was sixteen of eighteen for two hundred and twenty six yards and a touchdown throwing over the middle of the field how against Oklahoma that was really the difference in this game, at least through the air where etlinger was able to get some of his. He had an incredible effort. Of course, went mono a mono with Cuyler Murray in just a really fun, offensive showdown, shootout, whatever you wanna call it classing a big win here for Texas. By the way, just as I a person. Final aside. If I could please probably a top twenty five moment of my life when FOX came back from commercial to the camera shot that I posted on Twitter with the, you know what I mean? The kid holding up the homemade Texas is back Texas back scribbled on a notebook on a piece of notebook paper. I wonder if he was a plant to sort of start the conversation. He was probably over baller d- behind. Oh yeah, that's tireless on the table. And before we move on from this game, it's worth mentioning that Lil Jordan Humphry aside from just being a fun name to say, oh, yeah, is a fun name to watch because he is one of the best all purpose players in the country. I know he didn't really do anything on the ground yesterday or in the return game. But he he has that early touchdown pass and he is just, you know, any screen with him. All of the sudden goes from six to twenty six. And that is especially given his size and. You know what? Where, how much he stands out on the field, a crazy impressive player to watch that is the most impressive part. I would say of this Texas offense. Let's move onto the three headed monster of SEC games that we saw throughout the course of yesterday. Let's start in Gainesville with Florida, twenty-seven LSU nineteen. Dan, only one member of the broadcasting duo had the foresight. I would say the Honus the okay option to predict that one team. This game would finish with nineteen points. That's true. Tie. You did. Did you take LSU though? I took Florida. Plus the points we grow k. you talked me into it? Yeah. Florida's defense has improved over the course of the season. And one of our main points has been that the Kentucky loss isn't nearly as bad as it appeared in the moment. Yeah. Well, that's especially after their performance yesterday to defensively, at least it holds up. My takeaways from this Florida LSU game are basically what they were going in. You know, fleet bay Franks doesn't complete half of his passes, but he makes big plays aside from that, you know, seemingly huge interception that he threw into the end zone, but it is it is that chopped top chef thing where offensively Florida gets enough. Michael p Ryan has some big runs Jordan, scarlet powers through well enough. I think their receivers are probably underrated and eventually they will have a receiving core that produces in a big way. You know, van Jefferson is somebody I like watching him into somebody. I like watching the story of the game to me was Florida's defense and with LSU having opportunities to go down field. Florida's defense kept coming through and stopping any momentum's and Elsie was a team that has performed well in their Willis away from Baton Rouge, both in the neutral site against Miami and then against Auburn on the ROY. Owed and ultimately having to constantly make big plays and Joe, Joe bro did make a couple of those was fourth nineteen. That's what that was. The yardage that came through late, but having to make those plays consistently being put are putting your own offense in that position to have to make big plays. I think ultimately was LSU's undoing and it. It becomes more difficult against a Florida defense that was just decline polite. Another huge game just basically lived in backfield's. And ultimately, Florida's ability to dominate on both lines was was the difference. And the score, you know, twenty seven nineteen. And that was a pick six at the end. It was it was really impressive to see. We're used to sink Florida defensive lines coming through, but for Florida to to handle LSU's defense like they did felt like a big step forward for the Gators. Yeah, it wasn't the cleanest of games. I don't know if anyone know it would be otherwise, but we saw four turnovers. His nineteen penalties a combined eight of thirty. The Ellen third downs really defensive-minded game, but LSU definitely had more trouble with forms front. I was impressed with how Florida ran the football. It's bad. Why? Since I watched a Florida game and it felt like they had a cohesive ground attack between what Michael p Ryan, who ran angry in this football game and even Jordan, scarlet. Both of them I thought were exceptional. Maybe not eye-popping numbers, but really did get the job done. I was impressed with Florida here and you're right, we'll talk about an and Kentucky and a little bit specifically. Kentucky on defense is, is a pretty valid opponent for not just other SEC teams. Really anyone in the country. They play angry own their defensive front. And perhaps we've come to a point where we need to reevaluate how Kentucky health, Laura, how Mississippi State figure into the mixture in the SEC. But specifically as. As it relates to this game and nice win for Florida. I will say this though, Florida next week at vandy maybe a once in a lifetime. Let down look ahead sandwich game these times it. Maybe it's an open faced game because it's not truly an opponent on the other side of the vandy game. It's a by, but we've got obviously a huge win at home over LSU on the road next week at vandy, then a buy week and then Georgia. So I feel like there's an opportunity next week to play a sound and maybe take a home dog home dog skew on the Vanderbilt Commodores. Yeah. Vandy has scored thirteen and a half points. They've averaged thirteen and a half points in their last two SEC games. They get killed by Georgia loose comfortably to South Carolina. So I think Florida may win that game ugly in a a twenty two eleven kind of way. Exactly. Oh, exactly. But I, yeah, I don't. I don't see vandy really bringing it to the wire big win though. For the Florida Gators again, twenty seven and nineteen. They win at home and onward. They go. Let's stay in the SEC. Texas am twenty. Kentucky, fourteen this game went to overtime and it featured a giant blink, a giant Dave. Throwing off the crossbar on a forty three yard field goal, which is something you see a whole lot of, but especially on a day where a Missouri kicker hit a fifty seven yarder about midway up the net on a wet field. So Ryan college kickers have gotten better feels over the course of time. Not often. You see a dunk off the crossbar and a forty three yarder. But this one goes to overtime in large part due to Kentucky's defense, which got a really big play on a strange kellyn mon- blunder with about four minutes left am is up fourteen to seven. Most importantly, at that point, they're covering the point spreads seeing as how they were my lock of the week Mon. Does this little pirouette in the backfield? I don't know what he's trying to do puts the ball on the ground, Kentucky scoops and scores at that's how they end up tying up. Up will it appears Texas a. and m. recovers it before an offensive lineman? Also just buffs it over Kentucky player. Yeah, important clarification. Yeah. Then the game goes to overtime. Then we have Kentucky, don't you get off the crossbar and then eventually Trayvon Williams running it into the end zone for the w I was impressed with Kentucky's defense. It's apparent that I've underestimated them throughout the course of the season. I was also impressed with an EMS defense because Kentucky was held to just one hundred seventy eight total yards of offense. Benny Snell rendered mostly ineffective, just sixty yards on the ground. Anamika wasn't a pretty game, wasn't a pretty w, but they did get the job done. It was technically over a top fifteen opponent and certainly one of the better defenses in the country. So good on them. Good on JIMBO Fisher. Yeah, tech CENA with as much as they struggled upfront, protecting Callum aunt who was was okay. He made plays and Trayvon Williams by the. Away because he was, you know, sort of last year when he hits that second level, I involuntarily just go like I'm just ready for him to break something for eighty three. And he just the the amount of time it takes for him to go from three to eleven is astounding. He is one of just one of my most favorite players to just watch like he is just visually exciting and so it was fun watching him. He makes the play at the end of the game and a really nice win for JIMBO Fisher Intech Sanam to escape that given, you know the issues giving the poll away that led to points and Kentucky for as good as they were on defense, they could have won. This came without a single play, run on Texas a. and m. side of the field in the second half which is both impressive and depressing. I don't know. There's something about Kentucky's offense that fills that nicely. I was disappointed. Obviously. They didn't give the ball to Benny Snell at all in their in their one. Overtime, a weird Dr. Weird bit of strategically there by Mark stoops the Terry Wilson for as. Impressive as he is athletic -ly and buying himself time. He is. He is not a quarterback and we talked about this a little to put the game on his shoulders. It's just he's not there yet. Maybe he improves over the course of the season in develops into somebody a little bit more dependable with his arm. But this team for better worse is going to depend on their defense, which football's one true. Josh Allen has another excellent game for Kentucky. They had and still do. I imagine they have a safety. I think his name is Edwards, Mike Edwards for Kentucky. He was all over the place for for the wildcat. So in a game in which the offense was that disappointing to be in it into lose on a crossbar and man, I had Kentucky on the points and it just felt like taxonomy was gonna win that with the field goal. And that would be fine for me. Yeah. And then Trayvon Williams doing that like helicopter flippy thing into the end zone at the game. Very exciting. If you're tech saying fan and once again, just survive in advance. If you're an Aggie fan, you know to be the top fifteen team at home, take it move forward. All right. And then let's stay in the SEC and talk about Mississippi State twenty three allburn nine. So okay. Auburn's offense may not be getting any better this year. Is that, is that a fair observation at this point through six weeks of the season, I think they can improve. I think they have it within them to improve. They are, you know, as we talked about preseason, I think they're much more of a grower than a shower, but we're into October. I mean, we're in October at this point Jomar they had ninety yards on the ground granted against a pretty good defense. I missed the events. Yeah, pretty good defense. Sure. But auburn's calling has so much been the ground game since gun ELLs on got there that has really been the centerpiece of what they're doing. Some of the creativity getting guys motion in space, only ninety yards on the ground for Auburn. It's something we pointed to in the preseason when we did our previews for Auburn. We were curious, where was the efficiency going to come from on the ground for the Tigers? It's clear that they have not found it yet. Doesn't mean they won't, but at least in this game and for most of the season. So far it really has been a bit of a struggle bus to get going on the ground for the Tigers me. While on the other side, Mississippi State seems to have figured out their ground game, almost three hundred fifty yards on the ground. You couple that with a pretty good defensive effort here, not the most fun game in the world to watch the whole game was basically one of your dramatic drive charts for begin honest. But Yep, a fourteen point win for Mississippi State here was a really nice way to get things going for Joe Moorhead. This is a good win for him. Yeah, and avoiding the sort of emotional letdown of last week with Dan Mullen returning and losing that game and having another big opponent come in in Auburn and to stick with their plan. You know, obviously Joe Moorhead did not have Nick FitzGerald, throw the ball a ton because he is playing to his strengths and as a quarterback that is not necessarily his strength throwing the ball downfield, but Nick FitzGerald. Anyway, goes on to set some SEC records for a running quarterback eclipsing, Tim. Tibo who I think was inducted into the something bring of Bonner's inducted into the us. The sick Lanier, the six player to be inducted into the Florida ring of honor us pretty good and deservedly so so Nick FitzGerald with, you know, Tim Tebas same coordinator in Joe Moorhead goes on to set some new records and was crazy impressive on the grounds and the defense held up really nicely and sort of forced auburn's hand to abandon the running game at times. I liked watching Whitlow. He busted a couple of nice runs, but this was not a team that was patient with the run game. And when Auburn has succeeded, it's been because of whoever Cameron Artis Payne or carry on Johnson or Trey Mason. And we just we're not seeing that same sort of rhythm and confidence and consistency there Jarret stidham you know, makes a couple of nice throws, but they can't finish drives and I just it was. It was tough to watch. Just I think you're right as a football fan or as an Auburn fan. I'm. Thai I have to do. I should write. I should pull up Voracek. Right? You can do it if you want to. Yeah. I mean, this was basically the whole game. It was. Yeah. Do you hear that tie? I can hear it. Yeah. Auburn, punt punts field goal missed field goal, pun field goal, fumble field goal downs. Yeah. Yeah. And these were by the way, if we're going to be specific and I will play the music in, but it was three plays punt. Three plays punt four plays field goal. Eleven plays missed field goal. Four plays punt like it was. It was quick inefficient, a lot of empty calories out there on the alley. All right. Auburn's got some work to do to get their offense sorted out. Big win for their offensive. Line is is a mess is legitimately it is. It is okay at night. ND Notre Dame Forty-five. Virginia Tech, twenty three. I thought Notre Dame looked very good initially than they slowed down. You could say that has the first half were on made some halftime adjustments and then looked very, very strong in the second. Half got some big plays the star of the game for me for as much as we've talked about Ian book. The star of the game for me was Dexter Williams, two weeks in a row. Now where we've seen really big important efforts from him in this one's one seventy eight on the ground three touchdowns including a big one, a ninety, seven yard touchdown, run early in the second half which just really swung momentum. Notre Dame's favor on the whole. Notre Dame, I'd say had four or five big gaining plays that ultimately swung this thing in their direction. But included in that was of course that long run from Dexter Williams. I'd say a nice day for Ian book twenty five of thirty five something. Like that the longer throws need work. I was having flashbacks I posted this on Twitter to max Wittig halcyon days of max Wittig at US on some of these deeper throws because he had guy streak it down the field wide open, and he wasn't anywhere close to them. He's got to get that figured out. I know that was the rub on him preseason when we were just musing over whether or not it should be him or wimbush book is not been known as a longer thrower. So perhaps they could work on that and and fine tune the accuracy, but look, it's all gravy at this point. Notre Dame six. No, the final six games are there for Notre Dame's taking if they want to go out and grab that playoff spot. I don't want to jinx it, but it's time to get real look at the schedule. It's there is long as they can keep doing what they've been doing the last couple of weeks now they've, they've been really impressive since the book came in. Yeah. And I would say, even aside from opponents and looking at playoff potential at ever. Because that'll sort itself out if you just look inward. So Notre Dame has found much more consistency at quarterback than I think Notre Dame's were anticipating going into the season. Look, it's it's fair, and I think curves shoot was brought it up in the broadcast and he was one hundred percent, right? Some of the shorter passes. Some medium range passes that in his words were gimmes that Notre Dame had missed in recent years. They're just not missing with Ian book. They're making a lot of those smaller plays very meaningful. That in and of itself has been a bit of a revelation for the offense. Yeah, you wanna stack up as many third and twos as opposed to third and seven is posture, have yourself a shot the book. So Notre Dame now can say one. They have a quarterback who gives them a shot to consistently move the ball downfield and give the ball to fast playmakers. You have a clear number one running back to sort of take the mantle from Josh Adams in Dexter with. Uh-huh. And there is a clear number one receiver which hasn't always been the case these past few years in miles boykin with other talented options in Allison Mack and chase, Clayton, whoever, and then on all three levels of his defense. And it's not just having playmakers, but it's, you know if one guy's not having a particularly effective day on defense, somebody else steps up yesterday was what Kareem on the defensive line. He was eligible Kareem and then to Coney was everywhere and Julian love made plays. So Notre Dame again schedule aside. And I mean, I can pull it up right now, but we are pre. I mean, listen pit is now a winning team and the c. so floor states improved northwestern's improved north western games. The tricky one, right? And that's post navy. That's Selena freaks me out a little bit. There is still potential just because of talent. And because the fact that the game is on the road that USC like they have a couple of times under. Klay Hilton is a much different looking team by the end of the season than what they look like in September short for sure. But as far as like knowledge about both Notre Dame and their opponents, they're going to be favored. They should be favored probably comfortably in the rest of these games. Oh, definitely, definitely. So you think you can at least take this Sunday off from being stressed about Notre Dame? Yeah. No, I I take Solis in the offense getting better, and the defense being reliable defense has been outstanding this year, and you know it was interesting to see. So they've got some injuries of frontier. I won't talk too much about Notre Dame, but Dalen Hayes didn't make the trip. He was her Jillian Cora. He went down now. He didn't go down. Jillian of Kwara was booted for targeting another defensive end. So to see how they responded when they were challenged just from a depth perspective in their front. Seven was interesting, and they did answer the call. If if you're Virginia Tech fan by the way, conversely, not to just only talk about Notre Dame, definitely disappointment situationally when they get down to the one yard line and have to kick a field goal. Oh, yeah, totally. That was in the way that it happened with Ryan Willis running into a back on third down that you know, situationally, Virginia Tech has a ways to go and certainly the way Notre Dame sort of poured it on in the second half points to depth and the fact that, yes, Ryan Wilson's a backup quarterback and they don't really get that much consistency on the ground. They have a couple of receivers. I would imagine they like Hazleton especially. So I think there is that there are bright spots for the hokies, but giving up forty five at home in. In that atmosphere shouldn't happen against anybody maybe beyond Alabama. So Virginia Tech knows that they're thin on defense and not nearly with the talent that they've had these past few years. So take solace in the fact that if recruiting, you know, improves or continues to to go along this pace, the hokies will be fine. And maybe they lose this game next year, but it's her the next time they play, but it's going to be thirty to twenty six or something. All right, Miami, Twenty-eight, Florida state twenty-seven. This'll good football game. It ended up better if you're a Miami fan because Florida state was solid rock solid for about forty minutes, and that's when it came a bit off the swivel Miami down twenty seven to seven with around twelve minutes left in the third quarter, and they rally now very quickly. They rally towards the latter half of the third quarter. Three second-half touchdown passes for an acoustic Perry. Miami comes back to win by one at one point late in the third quarter period. Two touchdown passes within forty two seconds. Dan. It's pretty good. It's really good. At the end of the day, he finishes with four touchdown passes and total not the best stat line for him going. What was it? Thirteen of thirty two or thirty three. I want to say, but ultimately gets the job done. Miami comes from behind to win this game. Mark richt was all kinds of excited. I thought a step forward for Florida state even in default for sure. Chronologically. Florida state's offense, especially with the offensive line issues that they still and we'll continue to have all year long. I thought did a pretty good job early on camakers pulled out. Some, you know, the final stat line wasn't there, but pulled out. Some tough runs as did. Jack was Patrick, and you mentioned the cozy Perry quickly. Throwing successive touchdown passes that's on Miami's defense and special teams making plays to put floor state in that position. So all around I. Yeah, I, I was impressed with who you know, DeMarcus Christmas had a good game. Fred Jones. Brian burns was everywhere, and so they, they gave Florida state that chance to to get Miami's offense off the fields and did a particularly good job overwhelming Miami's offensive line. And I know that call is probably infuriating to a two floor state fans. The ref's call that it was ultimately a forward pass. I couldn't. I didn't feel strongly either way I understood the call, but if they let it slide a probably would have been fine. On that double pass touchdown. That was called back. Miami gets fortunate because they missed a chip shot. Field goal that would have comfortably, put them up. I think by four, but Florida state ultimately can't get it done. So I think I expected more from this Miami team against Florida state. But ultimately, I think it speaks better Florida state than it does unfortunate about Miami that you know the stem were in position to win this game given all that has been stacked up against them. One final note on Florida state. Now in defeat, Florida state needs to be three of these teams to gain bowl eligibility. Okay. Wake Forest? Yup. Clemson and OC state? No, probably not Notre Dame. No, probably not Boston College, maybe in Florida. Oh, okay. So essentially they the must-win game of those. So wake gives them the best shot waker Boston in college. He gets NC state. So NC state on the road is probably their best hope now. That's that's their must win, which they have wake. I mean, I have, I think they have a BI week, but then they have wake now. All right. So I mean, I lose the weight gain. They're pretty much toast because it's at Notre Dame at NC state, but they host Florida. Okay, there's a shot. I'd put it at about. Twenty four percent. All right. Let's move on to Utah. Forty. Stanford Twenty-one. Bryce little did not play now in this football game. This one I got it came out of nowhere a bit for me like Utah. Putting up forty points against anybody. Anybody is a bit of a shocker. Maybe Stanford was a little weary from their match up a week ago against Notre Dame, but four turnovers two interceptions two fumbles for the car dole. What forty two yards on the ground without infl- in this game in the fourth quarter, it was like twenty seven and twenty one in the fourth. Yeah. Thoughts on this one, Dan, this one really surprised me. Yeah, Utah had played everybody tough on defense and really gave themselves a good shot to to beat wazoo on the road last week. So not shocking that Utah's pretty good because they are at least that's like their baseline. Every season is pretty good. The big thing to me was since what two thousand nine Stanford's always had a guy and a guy in waiting at running back. You know, whether it was Toby Gerhart, but like, hey, Stephan Taylor's can be really good or, hey, I know seven Taylor's the guy, but Tyler Gaffney is can be really good. Hey, I know actually, I don't think Christian McCaffrey sat behind anybody. They had that one down year that down your was like they're seven and five year when they didn't have a guy at running back and whoever is behind Bryce love, bright now does not appear to be the guy of the future. So that changes the dynamic of Stanford on offense. As we know the built around that power rush and play action game with big tight ends at big pass catcher. So when a team like Utah, with a strong defense forces Stanford to become one dimensional enforce many places k. Jay Castillo has made this year. He can get rattled under pressure. He can make some mistakes, and ultimately that's what did them. Even with throwing all over the place on this Utah team, but Utah offense was able to control the ball on the ground limit their mistakes. Tyler Huntley was good or a really good, especially given within the confines of where Utah has been offensively this year. So really, really nice win for Utah. I think Stanford's pretty limited upfront on defense. And really if I, if I'm gonna put on from an Don, my tiny little Oregon hat s- probably should be the third straight loss for Stanford mail. It was good of Stanford to pull out that Oregon game, but I think the Stanford team, this is a this is a gap year for Stanford to put it in academic terms. They're just that was there's not enough there on all levels, which is disappointing because they've recruited well, they've developed while I think there's talent in the secondary, but they're just they're not a nine, ten win team this year. All right. Before we move on, we're gonna jump over to the big ten and go rapid fire through some of the other conference action. We need to tell you about our good friends over at ziprecrui. Router, Dan, as you know, there are job sites out there that are going to send you all the wrong resumes and go through them. Yeah, I don't know. 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I think it was a quiet crock potting because hold on hold on. Hold on. Hold on hawk excuse me. I've never ever played that for big ten team, and that's the quieter of the two crock potting sounds that we have at our dispatch. Appreciate that more restraint. Michigan was very good on both sides of the ball. And final score was forty, two, twenty one. Probably not even that close Maryland scores at the end of the game in sort of garbage time, and I thought shape Patterson did a good job. I, I had one very minor quibble that against Wisconsin who by the way, their defense looks far more mortal that we've seen out of USA, Wisconsin teams who the the wolverines have next week in Ann Arbor, but against the better of the defenses is that Michigan will face coming up. So they'll have Ohio State, obviously is to stretch the field a little bit more with the receiver shape Patterson steamed to rely on on Zach gentry. But this is this is picking nits tie because I thought the offensive line is I wouldn't say dramatically, but noticeably improved against a pretty strong Maryland defensive front with a lot of high level talents, and they did a great job of of limiting any sort of negative plays. I thought she Patterson look comfortable comfortable. Excuse me in confident behind. Them they may plays and defensively, Michigan was lights out and that's especially without Rashawn Gary, who I think was out for this game and just helped Maryland completely down for four quarters. And I know it was sort of a slow start for Michigan. But at this point, Michigan's offense probably needs to score and listen. This is a Wisconsin team that you know is beat up in the secondary and has issues in the secondary, a Michigan state team. That's not probably gonna score a ton, a Penn State team that is going to score. But Michigan, you know, a couple years ago, handled them well enough. That's going to be a huge game for them, but that's in Ann Arbor and then they finish in Columbus. So I anticipate this Michigan defense being good enough, no matter what the offense does probably to get this team to ten wins, like they'll probably lose the Penn State game or the Ohio State game. But I think they, I think they're talented enough to beat Penn State at home, and I'm suddenly a little less. Worried about Michigan state and Wisconsin. Forty, two, twenty one Michigan wins. You did mention Ohio State, Ohio State wins forty nine, twenty six over Indiana. Yup. This game was was was pesky Indiana hung around. They really did until eventually, Ohio State got enough distance, and it wasn't too big of a question, but as you would expect the numbers for Dwayne Haskins or just eye-popping six weeks into the year, and it's almost been normalized which is kind of ridiculous and unfair to him in this game four fifty, five passing and six touchdowns. He also had a very honest moment, I think after the game when he talked about the energy at practice being down this past week, because everyone was still tired for the Penn State win. It showed especially early on in the game. I thought the play calling was pretty conservative from Ohio State. And when they did score, it was big play stuff. It wasn't driving down the fields and. Didn't really get going all that consistently on the ground. And I think that part of it is due to Indiana. I thought Indiana look pretty strong. Yeah. Fron limiting Ohio State Payton Ramsey had a very nice game throwing the ball for Indiana Hintze. He seems like he's getting better in, I think so. Yeah, I think so. And I think part of that is there was a fearless quality to Peyton Ramsey throwing into the teeth of this Ohio State defense than they weren't getting a ton of pressure on him consistently. And I don't think it's terribly worrisome for Ohio State fans. I'd be a little bit worried about the penalties for Ohio State. It's never great when you shoot yourself in the foot consistently more often than your opponents, but with Dwayne Haskins who just even when he's under fire, he's just completing passes. He makes a couple mistakes. It gets hit on that on one of the interceptions, but there is for Ohio State right now. There are too many ways to win for them to be really all that concern. And against teams that aren't the top of the top of the big ten. All right. I'm gonna go rapid fire here through a few of the remaining graziers in the big ten and then just jump in afterwards. Let me know if you've got any thoughts that I missed. Wisconsin forty one Nebraska, twenty four. Adrian Martinez came back and had a nice football game here, but ultimately it was Jonathan Taylor. Thomas who eight Jonathan Taylor tailback. Yeah. Excuse me. I hope it was Jonathan Taylor. Thomas, let's be real. It'd be amazing if it worked twenty. Four carries two hundred twenty one dollars three touchdowns including a long idiot yarder in the fourth quarter concert wins by a forty one to twenty four score also northwestern twenty nine Michigan state nineteen. Clayton Thorson threw the ball forty, seven times western played good defense when it counted in the fourth quarter. Michigan state still can't really run the ball. They end up losing this one twenty nine tonight teen elsewhere. Iowa forty, eight. Minnesota thirty one Minnesota hung around for awhile. They actually look pretty good in the front seven and against the I will rushing attack. But the past coverage just was not there without Antoine. Winfield junior who's now done for the year because of a foot injury. Nate Stanley three, fourteen through the air and four touchdowns again, I will wins by seventeen and finally in the big ten, Illinois, thirty, eight Rutgers seventeen three hundred and thirty yards on the ground for the align. I what I miss anything. So Illinois wins the first big ten game in almost two years. That's a three. They have a winning record. Now that's something Iowa was uncharacteristically creative and open. They go for big fourth down early and get it. They go. They have a trick play that goes in for a touchdown near in the red zone and made Stanley does a very good ball. Very good job. Throwing the ball downfield against Minnesota defense. That's been pretty good. So nice to see that. Element emerging for Iowa northwestern. They are your classic big, big ten grower. You know, they're the reason you like them before the season began and to go to Michigan state who has had injury issues in troubles up front, protecting Brian. The work ULA LJ Scott doesn't play for Sparta yesterday, so their offense is just incredibly limited, which is disappointing because their defense potentially has this incredibly high ceiling, Wisconsin is as I mentioned earlier, beat up and I think they had an ejection the secondary. I, I would give the credit to Adrian Martinez and it was Spielman right? Who got for a million yards for Nebraska so good to see the fight from Nebraska. Ultimately, their defense is just a ways away, and Wisconsin's defense is coming aways back a little bit, but that's okay because their offense looked pretty incredible. I thought the line did a great job. We've over the big twelve three games here that we gotta get through quickly. We had West Virginia thirty eight. Kansas, twenty two. This game was never really in doubt. Kansas did hang around for a while. We'll Greer three thirty two passing four touchdowns also four turnovers, which you're going to need to clean up, especially as they go to Iowa State next week, Iowa State. By the way, Dan, a big win over Oklahoma state forty, eight to forty two. And you got to explain something to me. I'm ready. How the hell desire estate keep finding these third string quarterbacks. How do they third string quarterback Brock, Purdy moms in second series of the game. He was ridiculous. Three eight, passing four touchdowns. He also led the team in rushing with eighty four yards and a touchdown. How do they keep harvesting third string quarterbacks that are very productive? How does Matt Campbell do this urine? You're out? So there's obviously buying so Brock Purdy if you are recruiting nerd, you will remember. So he's a true fr. Fishermen from Arizona. I want to say. And so he had good high level group of five offers. Then sort of last minute, Alabama comes in and offers taxonomy comes in and offers ultimately commits Iowa State. But he was looking at UCF Boise state schools like that, and he's through for a ton of yards his senior year in high school, but to come in as a true freshman, I guess it's good that we're into October. He wasn't counted on early, but Zab Nolan inefficient early on Cal camped, obviously beat up and for him to come in with that sort of confidence receiving core that is without their star from last season and to immediately just there. I guess there is something about Matt Campbell in his staff that gets these guys so confident and so comfortable within this offense. He runs, he throws, he goes what? Eighteen of twenty three over three hundred yards. Akeem Butler has some big plays. Milton had a couple of big plays at withing. One went for sixty. So I think it is just be confidence. Preparedness of Matt Campbell in his staff along with the buy from these players in Oklahoma state Taylor, Cornelius has a good game and it's also Iowa State weathering. You know, Justice hill making plays on the ground and through the air and getting four different guys caught touchdown passes Oklahoma state doing everything they needed to do on offense. But ultimately, after that Boise state went in, which that defense looked so good, they've taken. They've taken to significant steps back against Iowa State, Texas Tech. And finally, in the big twelve, we had Baylor thirty, seven k. state thirty four. Baylor minus four was one of my locks, Dan, the fact that the only one this game by three is pretty ridiculous. I am. I am bitter about this because they basically could have blown out case state. They made a lot of stupid mistakes. They had one of those half back passes where the half MAC, like decided before the play, that he was gonna, throw it into whatever coverage, just a lot of dumb stuff. They couldn't stop Alex Barnes. On the ground who had a big game for case day, but ultimately they win on field goal here. Thirty seven to thirty four. Yeah. And I mean there's the old adage of, you know, I you lose ugly, then you lose close than you win close and then you win pretty whatever. And so in that perhaps in granted, aside from that Oklahoma loss that maybe they're going to win some games close in that step up. Connor brewer has a nice enough day. I like the the day that they're both Denzel mims if you saw his ridiculous bobbling touchdown, catch and Jalen Hurd has a nice day and Kansas state showing fight. Alex Barnes was ridiculous. Both through the air and on the ground probably better on the ground. So good for Baylor. This game was tied with eight minutes left and they close out a game against a team that is certainly beatable that that's something also just in terms of the first game you talked about, what are you doing? We'll career three, three interceptions in the red zone. Santa Grier needs to be retired way too. Especially with what West Virginia has coming up. But really fun day, I would say in the big twelve. All right. Let's move over the ACC quick four games that we need to discuss here. Yep, I will run through them quickly. We had clips in sixty three Wake Forest three in what I describe as a good net crack. Good, never cry. Different running back. Yeah. Yeah. For clips in Trevor, Lawrence was back, they had three guys, three running backs. All of whom had ten carries over one hundred yards. You know, what else could you say about Clemson? Dan, when they play like this, this is the kind of team and the kind of effort that I think we were expecting all along had some trouble week ago against Syracuse with Trevor Lawrence going down. Alternately they pull that one out, not big of a deal, but sixty three to three. Yeah, this is this is more what we're talking about what the Clemson Tigers. Yeah, Trevor Lawrence to be expected maybe a little bit of rust even though he played last week, but coming back from an injury, and he had some moments where he did show that situationally, but Clemson does the right thing. They lean on the town in the backfield. They lean on the defense. And I mean, you can play for both Clemson and Georgia Tech are murder sound if you want. Oh, yeah. I was waiting until we got to Georgia Tech. Okay, right. So let's let's talk about your stack, joy. This is a special game here. Oh, and this one was personal ties was personal, Georgia Tech sixty six Louisville thirty one. One Louisville gives up. I can't even. I can't even believe that this is a real thing. We'll gave up five hundred forty two yards and eight touchdowns on the ground. Just got. What a disgrace BV g gets absolutely mold on defense here as Louisville's defensive coordinator. Georgia Tech goes on to win by five touchdowns. Did you happen to see the drive chart for this game? Did you happen to me. Yet Georgia Tech just ran all over. Low of a level is bad. I mean, I don't, you know, I don't know if that's implying things, but offensively they make a little bit of noise at times. But while Georgia Tech to con- Marshall, wow, I think I, I saw the drive chart on was Thursday night. These are this is how Georgia Tech started the game. Touchdown, touchdown touchdown field goal, touchdown, touchdown, touchdown, touchdown touchdown. That's incredible. Yeah. So, yeah, Tecos to three and three as the meat of their schedule shapes up and the schedule is okay. I mean, they have a beatable Duke unbeatable Virginia Tech unbeatable North Carolina. Miami is going to be tough. Beatable, Virginia and the lose to Georgia. But sometimes they win. I guess, Georgia, I think they're gonna lose to this Georgia team. That's all go to NC state twenty eight BC twenty three Boston College. I look a different team without AJ. Dylan didn't make the gas was hurt. NC state a good effort here. They outgained Boston College by two hundred yards. The hell Boston College to one of ten on third downs, NC state a very, very quiet, five now very quiet, five. And now at this point, good on them, they've got some big time action coming up as we said, NC state squaring off against Clemson next week. Yeah, Ryan Finley a couple of mistakes, but ultimately very, very good in this game and BC almost comes back but excited to see what NC state can do as their opponents get better. And finally, pit forty, four Syracuse, thirty seven. This game featured a seventy five minute weather delay followed by overtime. So if you were in the stadium, if you were at Heinz field watching this game and he stayed for the full duration you, my friend are a true believer in pit or Syracuse college football, good on you. Lot of points here Syracuse basically cannot stop the run. That is what we're finding weaken a week out the and it wasn't even a letdown situation from the Clemson last last week, at least early on because I thought Syracuse looked pretty short sharp. Excuse me in the maybe that was a weird. They looked, no, they did. They look pretty sharp early on, but ultimately good for Pittsburgh's offense for staying patient and giving the ball the Darren Hall and cadre Allison who was just a total dude yesterday against the Syracuse defense and a nice overtime win for pit in some weird circumstances, weird weather and good to see it. I don't know how much better this makes me feel about Pitt, but the schedule's not terrible moving forward. They can win a couple more. And by the way, these uniform, the pit uniforms with the lighter blue and the yellow powder blue there. So I don't know. I don't know what shade of blue there, but there's so much better than that navy and gold law. It's not even close. I love them. Absolutely. All right, let's move to the SEC four games here to discuss Alabama sixty five, Arkansas thirty one Alabama one by thirty four and true to form. Nick. Sabin was pissed off about his defense given up thirty one points now. Okay, I get it. The defense has to play better. But this team Dan is blowing out all of its competition. It's not even close none of these games that we've seen so far from Alabama, have been close to a tongue via lower tongue in this ball game ten of thirteen, three hundred and thirty four yards passing four touchdowns stew of which went to our friend, Jerry June. Yes, I'm just struck by the fact. I wish I had deeper commentary on Alabama wish I could say something that hasn't already been said, but this team is so good that literally none of the games they have played through six weeks of the college football season have been competitive. None of them. No, not even at halftime by the half they were out of reach. And yes, Arkansas did a good job building up offense of drives down the field. I think they had a fumble near the goal line once unfortunately for the hogs. But I thought that was a good amount of buying from this offense and just fight given from where this argument they. This is an Arkansas team that lost to North Texas and Colorado state in the Toronto pretty far away from where they imagine themselves to be in a couple of years, I suppose. But yes, good for Arkansas's offense. Moving the ball, not consistently, but more than most against Saleh Bama team and. I, I don't know to through more than a pass if any in the second half. So we're talking about Alabama team that probably could have put ninety on Arkansas has a really wanted to, and this is something by the way to a gets a lot of credit rightfully so these receivers stepping in Jerry Judy, especially, but rugs has done a very nice job or Smith has done a nice job for replacing guys at those positions. Damon Harris, obviously, Najah Harris back, but there is something just and again to is great in probably the best quarterback college football, but we're dealing with what to new coordinators and they've gotten better. So it's Josh Gad is from Penn State in Mike Loxley. I think Mike Loxley sort of be guy running this offense, but maybe I'm wrong, but there's the openness and flexibility and ease with which Alabama is doing things on offense from the coaching staff on down. Is it so murdering tie? Yeah, it's incredible. Yeah, Georgia forty-one. Vandy thirteen. The dogs trailed in this game. Dan for grand total of fifteen seconds before Jake Frahm through a seventy five yard touchdown, pass to Terry Godwin Godwin fought off a couple of defenders. And before you knew it, Georgia was off to the races. Jake Frahm had a nice day three touchdown passes total. Just another instance of a game in the SEC not being competitive. The only thing I'll point out here is that the dogs have thirteen penalties, and they've got a big game next week in a particularly spicy week, seven against LSU on the road. They gotta clean that up against a team like LSU but ultimately get the job done here with twenty eight point w yeah, Georgia was better. They overwhelm them. There was a wave of dog that overwhelmed fan. He and Jake from I think continues to be. I mean, it's it's unfortunate that too is as good as he is if you are a Georgia fan because he continues to just be great and he's just not a God like to a Hesp him. All right. And what else we got here ole miss a big win over you l. row seventy two twenty one. And finally South Carolina. Thirty seven weird one Missouri thirty five. We had a nice little monsoon game here. Dan. Yes, we champ. He was soggy. For one. It was weird because of the weather for two. It was weird because Jake Bentley didn't play. He had the bum knee, which meant that we saw backup, Michael, scarred Nekia. Yeah, for the Gamecocks he looked really good played your lock. We talk so much about drew walk in how he thought could throw on the South Carolina defense, right? That wasn't really so much the case. It was scar Nekia getting the better of an opposing defense yesterday in a wild game back and forth wet field, but ultimately itself Carolina that wins game thirty seven thirty five. Yep, Missouri ran the ball well, which is which is nice to see for down game from their their passing attack. But he, I thought the story was South Carolina, not just scar Nikki over the course of this game in ugly weather, but the fact that Missouri drives down the field goes up by one late with what a minute, half minute twenty left in scar Nekia then takes the ball and takes them back down for South Carolina to kick a game winning field goal. That is that is a different kind of wind to me for South Carolina and cool to see from the Gamecocks. Now let's finally go on over to the Pac, twelve. Dan, Oregon was not in action Sturday guess which, yeah, it sounds like you're enthusiastic about that, but give give me the lowdown on the conferences a whole. So we saw another beast effort from LA, viscous Chenault. Yup, four total touchdowns we saw a nice win. We saw some signs of life from UCLA. Really and what we've got two unbeaten teams in conference play in Washington and Colorado, and they face each other later this month, I believe. Yes. So at the top, I would say we already talked about Utah Stanford, but there was a lot of in my brain thinking, Washington, what. What are you doing? What's going on? Just not a ton of rhythm on offense and even defensively UCLA was able to throw on this Washington secondary, a couple of big broken plays. And I think it more speaks to UCLA's fight and belief in themselves even in the face of starting the season, o and five during Thompson Robinson showed and made the plays that should get Bruins excited about what this team could look like in a couple of years. Weird to see Washington's defensive front pushed around like they were, Josh, Kelly runs well for UCLA. They're in this game late. They string together a couple of nice scoring drives to to make this a one possession game. Washington takes us, but something very strange about this Washington team. Maybe it's a look ahead thing going to Oregon next week. I can buy that, but this is UCLA. Well, this is it it. It felt like Washington, it was just out of sync, look thin. We've been talking all year. Yeah, they haven't found that next year on offense that we all thought they had. Right. It could be through six weeks of the year that it's not there. It could be DEA. They're very good. Washington could just be good. They're very, very good or greats. They're very good, but Washington as like this, playoff contender, preseason thinking that they'd go out there and tear off people's arms and legs that team that team may not exist. Yeah, it's just that weekend, weak out, Washington performing to its capability is just doesn't exist that that sort of consistency, that sort of focused and disciplined just doesn't exist with this Washington team. Can they win double digits for sure. They can. Oh, yeah, definite. Should they beat Oregon and pretty much everybody left on their schedule? I don't. I don't think they play USC. Stanford looks much more human than normal, Colorado's tricky, but they have that game in Seattle, and I think they go on the road to to play in the apple Cup, but that's not a game. They lose under crispier Sohn. Traditionally, even the wazoo looks good. This year looked good against Oregon state ultimately yesterday. Yeah, Washington looks human, but a really good humor. I guess there go, but like cool, it definitely cool to see even with basically nobody there UCLA playing hard. I like that Colorado wins by seven over zone state Colorado now five and for the first time since nineteen ninety eight. That was a big statement from their defense holding up really strong against the sun devils late and Aqeel. Harry doesn't play the second half which socks he gets. He gets injured but really nice from Stevie Montanez to Trevan McMillan had nice day Levinsky Chanel, we're going to have to retire as dude, like TRL style retirements just because yes, Louis gestalt is a dude. This is you can set your watch to the dude -ness of Levesque Al lobby ska Arizona state ran six plays in the fourth quarter by the way, not good enough Colorado held the ball. There's take her twelve minutes and forty four seconds out of the fifteen. In the fourth quarter, they win breasts of twenty eight to twenty one. You meant. You mentioned was who briefly they knock off Oregon state by fifty six to thirty-seven margin Oregon state Dan over their last nine games versus f. b. s. opponents has allowed fifty point six points per game. Yes, they have. And still it feels like they're getting better. There definitely are getting better and they're pulling out, stops you. We saw last night against Washington state on offense on special teams trick plays, but executing and scoring scoring, thirty seven against his Washington state team. Granted the cougs scoring pretty consistently. So they had the opportunities, but Oregon state, I think they actually have three or four pretty high level transfers coming in the quarterback that that left Nebraska, a pretty good all purpose player from Nebraska as well. A guy from Oklahoma high level talent is coming to Corvallis. We'll see how quickly that actually pays off Dan. Can I ask you very quickly if you could dial up some divorce, Jack for me as well. My gosh, if mind Larry Zona twenty four. Cal seventeen after Arizona scored a touchdown and feel goal on its first two drives of the football game. Here is what you missed the rest of the way through. Dan, let me know what I'm ready. Thank you. Pun pun, pun, end of half interception, punt fumble misfield, go pun and GERD. Yeah, it was bad, not very good, but they do win that being said by twenty four to seventeen score over the Cal golden bears seven of those points. The juice of the weird interception pick six. Nothing like the interception run. Stripped somebody else picks it up and finishes the pick six in love that it's the what? What is group? No hitter called the combined. No hitter the combined. No hitter. Yeah. Love a good combined. Pick six. And finally in other action, just three more games here to mention briefly, San Diego State nineteen Boise. Thirteen. A good job by San Diego stays defense holding Boise to just thirteen forcing down over voice. Yeah, weird ending, Utah state knocks off BYU four, five to twenty. And finally UCF UCF forty eight SMU twenty. I didn't realize that UCF was all the way up to number twelve in the polls, but they are UCF putting together another impressive campaign. Yeah, and I would say just before we reinforce some dude nece you've mentioned Utah state at four and one going to BYU in winning that game. Pretty impressive. Houston needs to come back against against Tulsa, but therefore one cincy, six NO Cincinnati behind a really good defense. They'll be tested in the back half of their scheduled buffalo five in one temple three and three, but a nice win over an improved ECU team, Illinois. We mentioned the first big, ten win, and I you has that ridiculous non conference schedule, but they're back to five hundred. They haven't lost in conference there. Three and three Georgia Southern foreign one after a nice win San Diego State. You mentioned USF. I think a lot of people sort of liked UMass to keep a close because they have good quarterback USF ultimately lays waste them their quiet, five annot UAB and Bill Clark. Foreign one after only having a program for a couple years after that cancellation Hawaii, six and one why is bull eligible tie? Boom, a nice win. Well, the pretty good win over Wyoming whose definitely down this year in Fresno state foreign one after another. Another really dominant defensive effort yesterday. All right. There you go, Dan, that does it for your week. Six recap. Appear on solid verbal, don't forget. You can find all of our shows out on solid rebel dot com or wherever find podcasts are sold distributed or downloaded for free. I know we've gotten messages from people out there who've been trying to listen on Stitcher and Spotify and their places. I don't really know what's going on and why we've had some difficulty getting the show posted in those spots, but we are working on it and hopefully it should be resolved soon. So if you don't mind, please do keep the feedback common and let us know if you experience any issues. We need to know about wanna, make sure everyone who wants to listen, can listen to the show. We will be back on Wednesday to talk through week seven and I gotta be honest here. Yeah, I've already started workshop being different names for next Saturday. Seven thousand Saturday. I liked that we went secretly sassy. Okay. In week, six. So I've got, I've got a few ideas them showdown, Saturday, Nana savory sat in a work through it. Dan. Every so it's not bad though. Can I hear some some dude sounding place. Real quick just an extra shoutout Brian burns, and that that defensive line for Florida state, Levy, scotch, and you're retired, just assume, dude, Levy, ska, all three Clemson running backs, just destroying Wake Forest braided man. Once again, you have a dominant punter in the state of Texas. I'm gonna shout them out great job for say an who had believe, had a touchback on a punt from his own eighteen, which, wow, Jakob pledged quite polite for for Florida. Sam etlinger once again, doing everything for Texas, Nick FitzGerald, and his record setting day against Auburn, Qadri Alison for pit. Once again, ridiculous Davis cues, Dexter Williams, tie, come on. You got a guy in the backfield again. That's right. JD Spielman for Nebraska was all over the place against Wisconsin Dicker the kicker with all sorts of stones. I Oklahoma for that game winning kick. And then Derrick Pitts was all over the place for West Virginia. I said, I didn't like west Virginia's defense coming into the season and granted it's Kansas. But when somebody plays, well, I'm going to tip my cap, dark pets, great job. No, right. Well, those are your dudes for weeks. Six. This is your podcast for week. Six. We will be back on Wednesday and talk about as spicy week. Seven. Oh, in the meantime, for that guy over there, my good friend, Dan Rubenstein for myself over here in eastern PA. Thanks again for tuning into the show. We'll catch y'all at a few. In the meantime, stay saw.

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