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We are a bunch of creatives natives who liked to build better lives from the inside out we apply timeless spiritual principles to the artistic problems that we face and we want you to get better in your fate your career and your relationships so that's what we're all about. Please subscribe if you haven't already and in and then when you subscribe subscribe I sorry tripped my words there. When you subscribe also please leave us a review it really helps us to gain visibility and to share our show with more creative creatives. Who are just like you are co host? Crystal Rene will join us in future episodes. She's always around helping us out and I want to make sure were that you catch her but this is a solo show and this is one of our quick tip episodes earlier in our facebook group are mastermind group group is a private group of core creatives who are been with the show for a long time and who really helped me really they are the core of the Guidon gigs project. We were having the discussion and the discussion turned into a kind of a of a call for help for help on a particular marketing issue so on this podcasts we'd like to deal with all types of things we deal with both the spiritual and the practical so today's a practical episode about marketing specifically websites and Prescott's press kits now if you've been into entertainment business especially in the music business for any time you know that promotion is really just part of our lives is. We don't have a way around it. If we want people to hear us. We have to share our work. We have to tell people about us. We have to have websites. We ought to have promotional photos and videos videos. Basically we have to really put ourselves out there and this is one of those basic concept that I feel. There's probably a lot of information out on but it's always confusing when you try to jump in in terms of what you need in order to promote yourself. Do you need a press kit. What is a press kit. Worship your website have so I decided to just take a small snippet of this and use a quick tip episode to talk about it and specifically what I want to discuss is the difference between Wean the press kit which is labeled usually for people who want to book you who want to write about you journalists talent agent stuff like that that and your website or your digital home I should say which usually is more theme toward your fans or your audience or your the people that are following you so this is a very simple concept. Put in front of you today in its concept on borrowing from the business world in business. We talk about two different kinds of you've relationships B. TO B. and B. Two C. B. Two B. is generally called business to business so when businesses are relating with other businesses doing business and selling link to other businesses on the same platform as they are business to customer is B. Two C. and that's and of course when the businesses selling to someone who simply is a buyer so so I want to turn that around a little bit and talk about artists as the first letter so we're going to change the FBI to an A. and so a to a is going to be artist to audience. That's whenever you are referring or trying to reach the people who are listening to you who are buying your work. Your art your music. That's going to be a as opposed to the other one which will call a to be which is artists to business so this this is for the clients a talent agent's the managers to the venue promoters to those people that are not as necessarily interested in you as a fan as they are interested in you as a potential client a potential booking bands someone that they want to work with and the partnership so so the two things you need to reach out to these people with are a little bit different as you can probably tell the press kit which is generally the thing that we put on our website or it used to be called EP K. but now pretty much everybody makes it a electronic thing because it's on the Internet online that should be themed toward are getting the most information out in the least amount of time to people who need to make quick decisions so a press kit does need to have media photos but they need to have media photos that is instantly accessible that they can download quickly and he's to have a bio but it needs to have a short bio where they can take it and put it in a article and quickly with the right about you and maybe it also has a longer bio that you can kind of give a little more detail about yourself. It needs to have a quick contact. You then links need to be updated. Needs is to be kind of more professional in terms of the phone numbers or things that you may not share your fans but you don't want a booking agent type a phone number someone that they could call also your show schedule or your whatever you have if you're not a musician but you also have exhibits or you have physical things that you show up at events then you need to have that updated because someone who wants to book you or write about you need to know where they can find you. See you in person and and if you don't have your shows updated on that Prescott they're not going to know how to find you so I can see. I'm just giving a quick overview of what a press kit has but the key is it's theme toward people who need to make decisions on whether and how to book you or how to do business with you eight to a on the other hand artists audience as you can tell doesn't really need to have as much personal stuff in terms of being able to call you or book you and maybe they don't need to have the kind of detail in terms of three or four different bios they just want to reach you and to learn more about your music or your art your creative projects so that site it can by the way beyond the same site you can have a press kit on your website or press with just one simple button that they can click and get to your press kit from your website so I'm not I sang had to build two different things but whatever you make for your eight ace sites you're eighty eight of course would be social media their aid to a would be your website. Your age should be a e commerce site something where people can get to you quickly get to you in terms of what you create versus simply making a decision on whether you book whether it's a book you or whether to hire you so as you can see a two aides to be more personal in terms of your outreach and he's to have pictures of you but the pitches aren't as important as people being able to find out more about you so. I've seen a lot of websites where we put a bunch of pictures of ourselves but maybe the person that found you on spotify or youtube already knows what you look like so maybe there should be more emphasis on getting them on your email list on your way to a because that way you can reach out to them personally. We need to obviously have the same things as your press kit. You show schedule so they can find you personally. Make sure that you have something where they can buy from you right away something where if they if you you have a t shirt and they want to represent represent you or rep your stuff. This should be defined it right away so as you can see aid to a site or the eight a stuff that you put out needs to have a different connection at different purpose than you're a to be stuff so. I hope that little quick tip helps you. In terms of just the idea yeah behind a press kit versus a website or something. That's more public. If you want more information about this I've created a quick wins sheet a cheat if you will on on just how to build a press kit at I'm not expert. There's many other resources I list in this press kit cheat sheet so that you can click on these things and build a press kit and a website website quickly. There are several template websites that you can use that will help you do this quickly and I want to make those resources available to you so all you have to do is go a to God and gets dot com slash. Prescott and you can download this free resource once again got engaged dot com slash. Prescott and I'll put a link in the show notes. I hope that helped all those in my mastermind you guys who are going to be getting more training about this. We're GONNA talk about this much more in depth but I didn't WanNa wait before I at least got you something that we could start on remember. Make sure whatever you're putting on a online for your people has a theme is a to a or a to be artists audience or artist artist artist to business. Whichever one of those things you're creating is going to help you immensely in terms of getting to the right people and promoting yourself the right way. Hope that blessed you and helped you. Make sure you subscribe once again. Leave a review. I hope to see you in the next episode where will share more about real artists and real life. God bless and take. I can't see you next time. Thanks for joining us here at the Garden Gig. Show please leave us a review on. I tunes like our facebook page age or visit gone and gigs dot com and tell us what you thought of this show. We'll be back soon in the meantime. Go create something amazing breath.

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