PGA Championship Preview Round


The. Now on the T. It's Mattie in the caddy. Here's Matt berry and Michael college. Steve. I and the Patty this is Matt in the caddy the podcast hit us up. Social media have Atty and Keti why the word and ADD. I e that is both the Instagram and the Twitter plenty to get to today. We are coming to you from our seaport studios in lower Manhattan. Pier. Seventeen you guys might know the program get up, I take we've we have invaded their studios because we were thin was striking. This Bethpage Black for the PGA championship. I do start. Kobe right across the way, even a Smith show in to all all kinds of important vote. Mine I know my majors crush, Molly. Yeah. He's not the only one he's got a such a crush on her. I think railing does to this. She might be Bruins. I crush really my ten year old. We'll we'll get into all those weird things later. For the first time first time podcast history. The caddy has out dressed me. Now is the first time brow. Oh, it is the first. Okay. How about this? He's dressed nicer today meet suit he can technically addresses me right now. I'm gonna simulcast. I'm going to simulcast right now on video because I'm gonna ask you during the podcast. Why are you wearing a shirt and tie? So we have a lunch today. I've never done this before. But someone called me and said, hey, how would you feel about going to lunch with clients? Okay. What's the dress code? They were like, we're not sure wherever you're going might require a tie and jacket and Nago, you know, mcadoo, right? So I don't even like wearing pants. But today, it's fifty degrees in New York end up like marching here. I got pants on. I got a long sleeved shirt and a tie. I got all kinds of out of out of my element. My jacket is still not tailored the way it's supposed to me 'cause I didn't have time to get the sleeves done. Some be at this lunch. And look like I'm wearing my grandfather's jagged. I should it. Be clear. I'm going to rehash all of that. For you, Michael is representing the company today would advertising clients and at and it's a big into the big thing and add client and by at clients. I mean, people that will may or may not hinge launch on whether or not they buy ads base slow ESPN the network. This is not what you disclosing who know you're going to. I'm just saying like, I I could be the reason that ESPN loses seven figure about this. Now, here's how I would like you to approach because I've done these last two year. I'm sorry. Eight figures. That's yes. Seven zeros. Yeah. Six zero seven figures is millions. Yeah. But this are you. Okay. All right. So yeah. Anything about the Huambo lunch with say we're at eight now. So yeah. I'll go bathroom that. That's what's that's what's on the t box for Collins today there. There's a big of there's the ESPN Disney up fronts. It's our annual event where you've heard about the open championship. That is nice from the old idea Carnoustie out a role. Oh, you go boss. That's good. They gave it to me though. Pay for it or shocker. That that's all we have embarked on the network today. I'll be a part of the afternoon stuff. Okay. It's red carpets full suit and ties they won't let me. No, no, you go to lunch. I could spill some sauce of my love. I've got the suit the hotel is pressing the suit me right now. Yeah. We're we're going to be good. I'll be in Mattie gear later today. You're in see you're good at the host schmooze. Yeah. I'm not. I'm just gonna be me. Whatever happens happen. And that's exactly awesome. Or it's going to tell you know, you're going to be schmoozing today. Yeah. While I'm just going to be talking him fun at lunch and the last time you had ever done this. Are we allowed to drink? Yeah. You're gonna have a glass of wine K habits. Samuel Jackson beer offer. You a beverage into? You're not required to do anything else later today. Maybe partake. Let me ask you this. I'm not driving. We'll get to the PGA championship just a minute. But I just wouldn't have our ride from long. Island to here this morning. Yeah. You're you're technically closer than I am. And it took me long took me forty minutes. I I was a man of the people this morning and took the subway. I felt like there should be a shower. Right. Nuts me. That's no, man. That's you ask why didn't you take the training? 'cause I don't wanna get tetanus shot. You know me. I'm a germaphobe. That's me that there's you only get to where I was going. I wasn't going to sit in a cab for an hour to get X amount of mile. I did I did a a rideshare did Uber in his. So I wasn't cheap quickly before we get the PJ championship. I wanna ask you a couple of questions quickly. Let's be brief on this about about today's lunch. Okay. When's the last time you had a white tablecloth dining experience like legit white tablecloth? All right. That's all. I remember. So number one over at the no, you eve from several awards out is. Yeah. Yeah. Belly go from out either. Any you can't put your napkin around your neck like a bid who can't you can't get laid across your lap. Is someone going to do that for me? I'll get real uncomfortable rest. They might. Yeah. I mean, you're look man, your I got look away when it happened. You're going from the Caddyshack to the clubhouse today in the New York City club into the private dining room. I will tell you that they do they do this is a rather large tab. And I don't know that the last one that I was at last year. Yeah. They group ordered some stuff for everybody to share. Okay. So I don't know of that is going to work for you. I'm not going to do like the Costanza with shrimp. Don't worry about that. I thought about that last night too. I thought about like, you know, I'm not going full in like normal eating. It's like it. You know, what it is like a first date yet? Accurate. It's just like I very import. Yes, I'm thinking it's like a first date like so successfully the network if we're still up and running we'll give this. So we'll give this six months, plus or minus margin to get into all because ain't gonna happen right today. Oh, if it goes bad if it goes back, if there's no Mattie in the caddy next week trust me that won't be why. It'll be part of the reason though. So we are here in New York City, which gets a lot of now formerly with the SPA. And then we can release the podcast. As we are in New York City, which will get all of the cut away as credit for Bethpage Black second major championship the season. First thing I want to get to we're taping. This at nine forty five AM eastern on Tuesday. Yes, we know that tiger talks at ten AM eastern Tuesday. So we will try to get that coming up in just a little bit. But I wanna start with probably one of the most significant things we've seen in the schedule change this year for for major championships. And it's the weather right now Bethpage because it is cold, and it is wet. And that makes that course, I know it's going to be fine during the tournament. But that moisture is gonna sit in that rough. They do not have sub air it's going to change. I mean, we're gonna see a different course. Well, we now know who has the win bombers. Yes. That's the only shot. It's gonna be is going to be doing that flying three two three twenty and there's would ten guys maybe that can fly at three hundred maybe ten. Do and we'll get to our predictions of the back half as well. So let for the week the high is seventy three and why not until Sunday didn't even that high. So I learned sixty eight Sunday Saturday and Sunday Saturday gets the seventy two Sunday is the seventy three. So look it is brutally chilly out. Championship. Come in from Florida. We skip spring. We just skip it. Yeah. We went right from winter to summer. It was like three as was seventy degrees now, it's ninety and his. Yeah. Up here. It's like they just getting to spring. Oh, let me tell you. I was just an Arizona last week for vacation, and it was eighty five and beautiful. I come back here, and it's forty five and raining. I'm like it is mid may. But it's going to be a factor only because you're right. The next time somebody tells me climate change isn't real chopping him in the throat on onto that. I'm a karate chop Mont care. What would climate change have to do with the cold? It's the middle of may, right, but wouldn't climb. Now, we got to change the song from April showers. Bring may showers may not right up flowers for showers. Yeah. March used to be in like a lion outlook going in April April. Now, we got changed. We are Rian solves a mess. Another we doing where my kids go to school. They don't even believe sticks and stones anymore. Good. They shouldn't so anemic. You to go in there with a stick? You don't some you heave. You've taken a lot of the field out now to be fair. US open Bethpage's the last time a major championship was held of. This course, Lucas Glover one. Yeah. And I don't know. Classification you put him in. But that was also midsummer yet. So now, you have to start looking at the turnament and say, okay, we know what the conditions are going to be. We know the ball's not gonna run at Bethpage would middle of the summer in the New York City area. So. Might. Here's funny. I spoke to Sergio on Monday. Yeah. And Sergio talked about how hitting fairways is gonna be so premium because because the course is going to play so long and the rough is gonna be so juicy gaffe hit and five and six irons out of they're just not gonna done. You're gonna snap your wrist. And there's just no reason to do it. So that he can of Justin Thomas, right? He gone. I mean is out is he out now? He yeah. He pulled out. He pulled out a Monday Monday. That's right Monday. He pulled out and because of that wrist injury, which now apparently, you know, seems to be a low worse than what was expected which is a shame. But that's kind of the way that it's going to be going down. I don't think it helped for him to look at the forecast and go high forties in the morning. Golf course thinks we were talking about it as I was in transit yesterday here. He was talking about how the risk just wasn't as good as people thought. It was. Yeah. And now that he's had this time off took last week off, you would think in preparation for this. But that's a great point, and it stinks because he hurt his wrist on Thursday hitting the shot. You didn't have to hit. You could just chip out sideways. And so that again fairway in this turn, and it's always that way in a major championship more. So now, but usually PGA championship not it's not really a premium. The PGA championship is almost always closer to a regular tour event than any other to any other of the four majors, you know, where the masters, of course, there's no rough whatsoever. But you still gotta hit fairways to control spin. That's 'cause it undulation and the speed of the greens the US open. Gotta hit fairways at that one. Because if you get in a rough you might find like a family that's been missing for a while. Right. We member Orioli like we didn't I was gone for two days and pop up would a golf bag and then the open championship if you don't hit the fairways, you're in a gorse. Okay. So let's take it down to that conversation now because you have players that historically over the past couple of years look at. Aaron Hill's look at Shinnecock. There were a lot of bombers that couldn't find the member Rory's famous, quote, if you can't the fairway his hills, and he missed the missed the cut by a mile so by but who won works KEPCO. So and he's he's a player, and we'll get it again. We'll get into our Shinnecock tick. So that's the I will say this one short hitter that's gonna finish top-five. Ooh. This is good. Let me guess short hitter known as short not not known as a bomber. Let me put it that way. Not not as bomber and in older, Wiley, Vialli Riley is the is that accent was that a clearer now know Zach Johnson. Nope. No somebody whose out whose lives out by where you're from. Pat. Perez dying bang. I'm stunning you went out on a limb. There you think pres- is going top five don't think he's finishing top. You know, I love Pat, but why top-five because coming off his injury. If you look at what he did the last time young came off an injury, and when he peaked, and he is trending the exact same way. And and if you watch if you look at his finishes trending the exact same way and length for him as much as he complains and screams and hollers he loves nothing better than hitting five irons closer than guys hit their seven, eight irons and one big one. The biggest one of all what he got. When I told him and showed him all that stuff and told him he was gonna finish top five. He laughed live and said fi finish inside the top five. I'll give you one third of my check. So we got that take your for real real so top five top five you're getting paid getting top-five 'cause karma's gonna bite him in Budi. Okay. So to your day and pay can you imagine funny negatively for him as a positive? Yes. He's that dude. He's the one dude who actually can play golf angry hit well two guys him in Patrick. Agreed. Yeah. If if Patrick Reid feels like someone slighted him, and he gets paired with that person. He's gonna tear that course, up to you've got this is good. So Pat, presen- your top five absolute. Okay. So we'll we'll we're gonna deathly pay that off next. So it's gonna feel unlike member used to be glories last shot. Right. I think the last time the PGA championship was played this early nineteen forty five or forty nine that it was played in may either ways in the forties, and for us way, not before Harry, but before us, and that that one you. Yes, you covered. It had the had the hat with the presi. You know? It's gonna feel not like PJ. And I kinda dig that it's going to have the weather feel of an open championship in a course, feel of a US open. And I'm fine with that. I'm not I'm going to hold off because this whole year. This the way the schedules are working out this year. I don't think it's going to stay this way. Because I think on paper looked like an awesome idea to have all these big tournaments bunched up, but I think. By the time that we get to the open championship. Yeah. And then that WGC event happens the week after I think maybe not this year. But next year if they try and do that same thing, the W G C is gonna look like the Byron Nelson and that filed other than Jordan speak because he's AT and T Brooks Bracha in who was that. There were three big names there. And now is it. So look the that's not on the schedule. Like I said last week I cover that tournament for five years, and no one ever showed up. That's not true one Byron played. I what. I also said one Byron died. Yeah. Our guys field was fine until the king died while it's fine. It was fine this year, but it's dares where it's it's where it's it's placement is part to do with lace buys a huge parsoes. Course, that's true. I hated TPC Las Colinas, which is where they moved it from then they moved out to. Yeah. We're at trinity forest, and they they can't get the course. Right. That's a lot of it. Now, always notice the field at colonial was historically better because guys like colonial country club. It's historic. It's doubt. Yeah. It's different one of Hogan's alley right? It's a different and got a lot of alleys. You need to stay in the streets. Gets. He many gets like try the nice on bus. Now. He's in alleyways Hogan's another Hogan's alley. But it was I think it was more course, I don't think I think they're keeping the schedule for a long time out because what they're forcing guys to do. Justin, Rose as much Justin Rose, basically said my walk up to the masters preparation this year because the schedule is often it was awful, and my place showed it he said he's now having to a lot of these guys are having to do this. They are now having to mentally prepare for tournament and a major champion to differently because the schedule wears typically they would do a lead up to Augusta always the first major the season. Right. And they would have to figure out how they were gonna lead into it. But they were looking ahead to other events, and they were scheduling differently. The other thing that's going to change the schedule. What is the Players Championship always wanted to be the fifth major? And now you're telling me in March before the masters that's going to be the first I loved it. You loved it in Mario. But are they're never gonna be. Major. Thank you. They're never going to be made their March. We all have whispered. They're marching no chance we'll have want. And they've this isn't anything hinting new for them. But see, here's here's where if you're the players if you're the players in this new schedule own that, we're the first made not major championship where the first major tournament of the no you can't use that word can big just, okay? So the first big tournament own that thing about it. What you're not though, why WGC's man. I don't think. Reverend season works Saint reference. He's do you want to make an adjustment? Don't start Gulf until January in Hawaii not happening. Not happening. This is what I'm saying. So all of those dues when their schedule starts off in October. And all these big name guys not showing up anything other than like where they can get paid. It's gonna be it's gonna be a problem, and they're finding that out this year. And we saw that you just said a perfectly Justin Rose do was world number one and was like playing a fifteen handicap, but you know, what make the adjustment. And that's all here. Make the adjustment on the fly. Like when you're in it already. Well, wasn't a surprise the schedules out here popping scheduling to behave by the way. What I'm this? Exactly why I'm saying we're gonna find out next year. When guys start not playing in big events on the PGA tour, and then the tour is like it's not gonna work for us. Yeah. Well, they're gonna I gonna tweak other events. They're not tweaking the majors. I'm telling you because this feels good. We're just four weeks for moved from the masters we play yet. But if what you mean, we haven't played it yet. Let's see. Let's see what happens is. We say feels good feels. I'm telling you before they put a pagan ground on Thursday feels great that we're four weeks removed from the masters, and we get to watch and other major this week. I think that's awesome. I was cool with. I was cool going master's players. See what I'm saying? Ask you mayors, and that's why the players felt great in may cause guess what we didn't have to deal with in may at the players forty and rain, you know, what toughened up. All right, Mr. tetanus shot on the subway. I can imagine the look on your face to union sit down. Did you the whole on? I didn't. I didn't touch the ball. I have low center gravity. I ski in Warren purell down that bar rubbing interim an. Like my Hawaii hook onto the touching anything. Rela would've. Okay. You can hold them you taste in the subway. Eight fifteen eight twenty there was people. Russia Leinen would at least it was the morning. So everybody didn't have you know, all the work on 'em. You don't know of any overnight shank could have been the overnight shift through that. The last time we was on the subway. I did have dude in construction worker had and construction gear start singing in preaching. Yeah. Just out of nowhere. And I'm I'm I saw some stuff this morning. I saw this dude. Go to a woman. These are homeless guy. He had his cart. And I'm getting my metro card at the time, and he goes up, and she's got a baby carriage, and she's get-. She's waiting for the elevator and homeless dude, walks up to her, and he goes is there a baby in there? And she lost her mind. Like what you mean? Is there a bay? I mean, of course, am baby. I mean, and I'm and I'm still trying to like wake up see because Collins, we don't deal with none of this kind of stuff down upon Vedra beach in may. But this is what it should be. It major you shouldn't we shouldn't have had to wait from April to June. Shouldn't have. And what about the players? It's a big tournament a really really big tournament. But now esque, but now we have month to month, we have June July majors over let's get into FedEx. And I think it's planned perfectly WGC might. But let's be honest with each other right here right now. Art, WDC events aren't always the best there. Sometimes that's play. Yeah. Sometimes they think they're great WDC Mexico. Not great. WBZ match-play, not great. So maybe we're not missing much. Maybe we're being told WD Caesar big events or they're trying to make them will. Then that happens when you force it. That's what I'm saying. So throwing WGC out is like a oh will they're not benefiting from us. I don't care. I I prefer the marines. Putting a whole member what we're doing today. So there's like think about the tour whole lot of corpse putting a whole lot of cash give layers memorial. You know what turnout? See let me ask you something because tiger hasn't played since we ain't seen this, dude. Since the masters, which has tired now with this condensed schedule. Like, you think he's Charlotte would have been perfect while Hollywood have been perfectly lead up to this one right here. Big course real not easy. The score. Always normally stays right around the same out. He don't show up. So now, we're going to go. PGA championship four weeks. US open memorials in between it he gonna play. I it depends on it. Does this week? We're going to learn a lot about tiger was this week. And I say that because somehow like if he's the one driving the PGA tour and the next four times, we the the next three times we see him is only at majors. How do you think the tour gonna feel about that see like you love the schedule? But now the only tournaments he's playing the next four tournaments are not PGA always played condense schedules entire well. Not as entire I came up when he was twenty one he was he he's played connect- schedule for a long time. I'm just saying the PGA tour wants their biggest star at their events. And the biggest star is Tiger Woods, and he ain't play in no PGA tour events. I don't care you. I'm not saying that you care the schedule to or shouldn't care either. Because in the month from the time that he won the master's until we sit here today on may fourteenth. Everyone's been talking about golf because of who tiger who's been talking about the Byron Nelson. No one ever does though bit. What is your connection to this? Byron nelson. That. So who's talking about Zurich, no one? That's a problem. If you're the PGA tour who was talking about the sport every about the masters Tiger Woods, but nobody talking about golf on the PGA tour. But that's all you need is on the sport. I am not if nobody's watching if no one's watching until the PGA championship, which how much of that money is the PGA tour. Get none. How much they give for the masters nine. I see your point. Yeah. I think bigger picture we have to look at buzz around the sport rather than governing on the PGA tour. I could care less buzzes, not paying my rent buzz. Does not pay the Bill his bringing people out of the course, though. And I know that tie Tigers not bring people out to tournaments Mr. Tigers not playing in. What were they doing the last four years Howard? How is the sport even on its feet because he wasn't blame. Saying it's completely different out though. He yet. But when somebody's out and there's no opportunity for them to play. Look, here's the best example think of what happened to that tournament in Tampa when he played and then this year leading up to it people thought he might play again, and the place was you talk about buzz on fire. Yeah. That's what I'm talking about. And then that was that tournament because of the schedule changes that tournament have mega field even without tiger great field for so I'm just saying I I love the way the schedules working out. I'm still I'm not sold on it. Well, I'm not sold on it on the overall scheme of things we're gonna find out next year. Now getting back to this course, and what's going on here. The thing that I'm nervous about now is because everyone is in this different scheduling, and how things are working out. I'm nervous for a bunch of injuries now. Well, yeah, I mean. Will parlay that? Let's take that back to tiger to what I was gonna say about forgotten the scheduling tangent. Yep. We're gonna learn a lot about him this week because he hasn't teed up since the masters were because he played a lot more than you needed to lash trying to get the point to to qualify with FedEx Cup. So now, you're talking about major championship feel fun after one of the masters historic one that he's now gone on the record saying this that one might have met more than the rest of him because he's gone through. So they come up here early. So why is his zinc? He's gonna stay on his boat since he got outed. Yeah. You think so? Yeah, they'll have major of president type security around there. That's true. In fact, he's said in his press conference, which is going on right now of his masters victory said, quote, it was not like old times. It was very different. I just wonder how and I'm the biggest tiger stand out there. How he's the betting favourite in the favorite. I just don't because people 'cause it's. Possible to bet golf. I just don't see him after a month off after the biggest one of you could argue as life since he was twenty one are you doubting? Tiger Woods L. Yeah. How dare you to win? Yeah. You sound like me talking about tiger witted major to compete. No to win. I think it's nearly. Anniversay imposs-. Difficult for him to go out there after 'cause you can't simulate adrenaline and the adrenaline crash and now because of temperature this is the this is the factor that messes tiger up more than anything else. So he just mentioned he was asked about the scheduling, which we were just talking about an and whether or not he would play between majors and the future. And tiger said, quote, I'm always looking for brakes now with the schedule. It's trying to find breaks I wanted to play quail hollow. But I wasn't ready yet. What does that mean though, that means that he ready how I think physically and mentally he was exhausted from the math? I think here's mental. Here's what I think he woke up I think he woke up and like, I'm sore. Like, I heard correct. I just won the masters was worry the week before Charlotte. When he did that little thing on his discovery. The whatever his social media thing that work tiger everybody talked about how and I'm doing air quotes gingerly. He was walking into that thing. So you know, my thoughts on it. If that was it roll credits. I'm fine. You know, how I feel about the Tigers situation. But I do believe he was he was not one hundred percent the lakey. Yeah. A little what what I'm sorry. You're not gonna ain't nobody telling me when it comes to the dude who's the mentally strongest golfer that we've ever seen that he was mentally tired. Like sorry. That's like somebody telling me when you hear performers os. You can't sing because he's mentally tired. Okay. Whatever. Like, this be tell the truth. Like what happened? What's the real deal? I don't I am buying mentally tired. I I buy that. I think you can be mentally exhausted from everything he just went through nine a whole new phase of life for him. Not after a month. You cant. All right. 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Okay, and sui want streak this month and people when I put my pick six out there for the masters. I got ripped 'cause you can go talk if you want, and I buy large went chalk, you only get point. If your guy finishes in the top twenty. Gotcha. Starting at twenty. You get one point nineteen two point eighteen three points all the way up to one. You get twenty five point if a guy that you pick wins. Okay. But you get minus five for guys that missed the cut. So you can go Chok all you on. But you would be amazed. How hard it is to pick six dudes correct editor scores. No such thing as chalked when it comes to pick and six degree. You can't go six there's no six job. And so when I put these guys out there, and then like, oh, it'll go to land. Hey, you pick anybody else. I didn't even place in the top fifteen and I had tiger tiger. So you got the winner. I had a Rori with didn't do anything for me. Did you have Justin Rose? That I had a rose. I mean money away. Hey, you're right picking golf is an inexact science of how you are how good a guy even looks on the driving range. That's one of these cracks me. Hey, man, how they look on the range. Awesome. The way they all do their pros. Yeah. Phenomenal. How you know? Ranger even tiger has a nickname for himself on the range ranger Rick range. Rick and awesome. So I have had caddies come to me and go do not pick. God this week. He's hitting it horrible, and he'll be hitting it sideways. And then one thing clicks on the I t next to you know, two guys in contention on Sunday coming down the stretch finishes second or third, and there's always an out there guy. That makes no sense or here's what we're gonna do. Here's what we're gonna do. We're going to pick. I wanted off the radar guy. Okay. I want a semi favorite and that I wanna favorite and then we'll go to who. We like we'll go to picked on dot com. Gar. Fischel dot com. Pick on the record. So we're going off. Off the radar guy, a semi favorite at favorite. That's not our draftkings pick. Does that make sense kind of? So give me an off the radar guy off the radar guys. Papper is yet is true. You d you are big on just because you can have res- is off the wreck off the radar because him finishing top five. I'm telling you man, it's going to happen. Okay. So that's you're off the radar guy. Lonnie Jones just came. He's got angry birds head on well Scully. We've gotta get through this for before Monte kicking us out of the studio. All right. So my off the radar guy. There's too I want to say, but I'm gonna go with based on two guys in who you're gonna take two guys are Luke list and Thomas Peters. Oh, wow. Okay. To off the radar guys that are both bombers that fit. The Bill of what you need to compete as called the Belgian bomb, I know. That's why I'm leaning him. So I'm gonna go Thomas Peters is my off the radar guy that I believe could work as cadets. Here's a couple of reasons why one is long to it's going to feel a lot like European weather out here. Much at Bethpage Black for New York chase. That's my off the radar guy. Thomas the greens. Give me now a mid tier favorite. Jon Rahm to good one. No one's talking about Rahm this week. And that's he's the kinda guy that's going to compete long and straight long and straight. And I think. Mentally ready to bounce back after the Players Championship if he gets into contention, and I think he will also not just long, but strong. Yeah. So I like that one. I was looking at me rough not scared of it not scared of especially if the greens are soft, and he can hold these greens low bit. So yeah, Jon Rahm. My middle tier guy is Sergio Garcia who I was with. I'm telling on Monday. And all I had to do was say house Loas you doing and that dude's face lit up so much it's twenty years. So Adidas launch twenty years shirt of him in nineteen ninety nine hitting that shot from behind the tree. I'm about the posted. And I did actually did like a long interview with them talking about it at this event on Monday. So Sergio's, I I like Sergio I think he's a middle. Tear do that you could long enough long enough. But he's got he's got that it creativity. He's got it. And so I like Surgers a middle tier favorite his putter. All right. So scared was give me a favorite that. You didn't pick on dot Brooks Kapka. You didn't pick Brooks. But you like Brooks I like him too. I like him too because he won the US open. He wanted to PGA championship. He did all he needed to do to compete and win majors. He's long his game fits I kind of like Brooks already defended the US open what he's defending another major bra. What do you think of Rickie Fowler? Did you pick him? No, okay. What do you think of Ricky's chances? I wouldn't be surprised. Either. Would I I wouldn't be surprised if the PGA championship, but I'd still go back to how I still feel like Valhalla was stolen from him. I still. Feel like that. Even though I love Rory, and I was happy form Heke. He sent a signed picture to my kids. Yeah. From that win from his own collection. And I can't thank them enough for doing that. I still think Ricky that one was taken from Ricky because of the way the weather worked out on. That course and everything it was just the finish of that tournament. Stings? I was with Ricky Saturday night hung out watching a movie and eating with the family. So can he win this one wouldn't surprise me? He no long enough. And I almost exactly I almost played Ricky just because of two things one is length because he is long enough for a little guy. But to the New York crowds it there's one that they're going to embrace if they're correct wiz there. All yeah. So to outside favorite. So my my way gone guy Thomas Peters. Okay. My middle favorites my middle guy. Sergio Garcia and my under under the radar my favorite that. I didn't pick to win. Rickie or Brooks. Okay. All right. So I got Pat Perez. Are you at rom who? Brooks kepco. Well, John roms sixteen to one. Yeah. That's that qualifies middlemen. He's middle. I'd so now for the official ESPN dot com. Pick lead us off Tony FINA. Damn it. Exactly. Shout out the Michael eaves. Look stuff hitting reply all it hitting replay Hicks. I don't wanna know who you pick care. We'll read it on DACA. I can't I thought it was safe with the female pick guy. No, man, Tony female, everything this sets up so perfect. I am grazed not even funny because of his length and attitude like you in in this setting demeanor. Same thing the great demeaning attitude nose. Not. Yes, it is. Jock. We both picks pheno. But you're right. Here's what he has. He has he has that. He doesn't get rattled one to he's finished the top ten four his last five major starts. He again competed at the master's, and this is a this just feels like the time where he is a PDA first time winner, he's slowly. But surely working his way up that list of like, oh, he's a great player, and he's never wanna major. Now. Granted he hasn't really want much of anything. Well, he hasn't been around. But he finds his way into major championship contention in conversation. Like, that's man now, I can't even take credit for when I'm right because we both going to be right now. I won't Pat. Perez data. I love Pat. I love bow on. I will say this. There is a player. Yeah. Who heard the show that Pat Naidoo when you had made that declaration, okay, and said player said that if he was in solo fifth and Pat was in solo sixth that this player would actually make a bogey on eighteen so that packet finish Tiber fifth and had to pay me that one third that'd be fun. So now, we have a little undercard Shinhan. I know that that would never take place for real for real. But it would be hilarious. If it did come down to that. It will be female. I love you know, who Herrick pick. I don't 'cause he didn't hit reply all like mega leaves. He's the homeys ease every time. We do this hits reply all when we have to pick just a winner. And that's it. So the roundtable questions haven't come out yet. I've been doing. Okay. Let me ask you this. Emmy a prediction of where you think tiger finishes. Does he make the cut? Yeah. He makes the cut. Okay. I think he's outside the top twenty twenty five. Yeah. Do I find it? Wow. Look, I'm like funny, man. You you have going you have Cumali clan. Flipped. I and how you felt about tiger. Now, you're like man is. I'm already said if he shuts down a my I haven't gone anywhere. I just don't find it possible for him to just suit up. And win the PJ only people that feels that way. I know I don't get it either. And I'm hearing this from other golfers. But I would say, right. They'll say Tigers got something some it going on right now. But he can just show up. And he can't hydrogen gone. I'm the biggest tiger fan there is, but I'm also realistic. I'll know about that. What did I say at year ago east like tiger shows up? He wins the masters shoot. He's like tiger showed up. Now. I'm telling you. We haven't seen tiger show up in a long time. And I think it's nearly impossible for him to go out and win so Eastlake tiger can't show up this week. No because he's been playing. He's been off from month. Celebrating the biggest major championship win of his career. So what's he been doing? You think by the way, Bethpage Black not the track just roll out of bed. I'm ready. That's what I'm I don't get. How is the betting fan? I don't get this because it's Vegas because it's Tiger Woods. And because you learn the hard way after taking what? Was that eighty what did that do put down ten thousand dollars for tiger to win the masters? Yup. And he cashed out eight hundred eight point five million. Eight hundred fifty thousand. Yeah. But that he put that he won. He put ten thousand dollars down at tiger eighty five to one. So a couple of quotes request before we could add here. We're getting stared at by people that need the podcasting room here at our New York City students just walked away. I'm trying to get him to come in to say was heights familiar theme, but worth repeating with tiger this via the Twitter about the schedule. Quote. I knew I was going to play less this year ended to give myself the best chance to win the events that I play and on Bethpage Black. He said, quote, it's going to be a boatload of fun. I like those little double entendre with his yacht. Being more than a double on time light. He is ready. He knows how brutal that it's going to be. He knows that. It's not gonna be fun. So he's already set it up for the brutality. That will be Bethpage Black eye. So you give me I think tiger finishes inside top twenty five and out top fifteen inside top twenty five. Yeah. He's in between twenty five and fifteen. Okay. I think he finds a way I think, you know, the hardest day for him will be Friday. Friday's going to be the so day why? Because Thursday, he'll be able to get through it on the dreamt plant smart. And then once the adrenaline crash happens, then it's going to be you know, what I do like about he tough. I liked it. He's off early eight twenty four AM. I believe this teatime on Thurs Thursday alike that because you're going to get an idea real quick. Played in that, cool, weather, and the cool weather these going see that does work in his favor because it gives him the most time than to recover, right? He's going early to late early late gonna know he's going to know the number. He's gonna have the throw throw on their going into Thursday or into Friday. Yeah. Okay. We've gotta get outta here into their podcast coming in here. That's the Bomani Jones is coming in next. So, but I Don he's he was at the window. Just a second ago. I was gonna try and get peak. Ed say what's up, but he's not gonna have to get over it. Yeah. So for the caddy, Michael Colin, good luck at the lunch today. Big day for you, the only big day. Hey, the company rests in your hands, though, worry let or not don't worry. It looks great. You know, what we all marvel? We're good. It's true. Where I don't be a superhero, he's the caddy. Down on that podcast. Thanks for listening to the caddy checkout. More green ESPN podcast on the ESPN app. Apple podcasts for wherever you listen to podcasts. Mattia caddy.

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