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#CHEARS REVIEW [ feat. @IamFaithfulness]


good the. Everyone display a favorite faithfulness. Own My view. He chose the US. Now we go down Tuesday night. I of C. D. Drori Gates look like saying look like in five points to get the wanting me we go notice. I want to show now. We don't they see the change. The mentality of the players don't already sick. It's we need to be deserves Whitney. We want to danger because when as now go down that six minutes and my chest Sunday she what you could see the character you could see. The intensity on every play down was even played out of was issue. Putin extraordinary I duNno. I started to be corrected for us now. Plays better team became in dumpty. Nevermind I stand corrected. Goody played for the add more into and the two shows entire to give us to be more direct as the season goes on actually has give it lot. Add Muench Kudos to Michaela data. Because at the end of the first national he was trying to make it should of I was scared. That is much nettie goes exactly goes from up in that. I think is is quite easy. That understaffing poodle pool only suck on a second half in new survivor from what we have less villainous with our sales over from stopping us now nick. I'm not I'm one I don't I don't think issues too. Often wanted to do on his most. Suppose the debate taking over from stuff because defrocked by has that's mistake in he'd like like the the show that is good born blind to the committee mix tricky for him to be defender. Absolutely at Asmara. Renew that our defense in nude very good for him. So I feel that as has done we stick. Our won't confirm sticky need colored kiprop. This thing he did was one even against the half last. You can't has one last still won't stick. I think it's time it's time for us to more defensible. Zaka accent concern stuffing is not to nine and I start. I stopped recording today ended is I'm okay please. I used to go go now. He's doing He's made he's he's hopefully he's not dreaming. He's not getting the room. I say that you will not know trashing him. He's not bad trashing. Just being just being we need someone. Moakley recall because we can't afford into between new means cassettes on the pitch and he's not been clinically and also ask now is crying is not in bleeds for for critic was you does not. Stop Start. Was You the first few matches of this. I'm sure that individuals who doesn't quote was not even a short-term solution for us now get a cleanly in young useful creating it. We can't get a clearer now. Pippi edits brash. Ppo to save my actual pick to lake can't do he can't take on more direct because what we need now is go into finishing gives people come to without the need for not even just about depressed now honestly feel we were going to two million million. Maybe he deserves started on Sokha. Come not be he come even say how impressed lift his game for the image all wrong or on the mentality of planned. I'm not that that is one that would and I feel this. Emily support on after Assad's Kamath now. There is above the new permit Luna for our own. Expect I appreciate. Don't bring the new. Not because you call what Ashley. Cole was the intensity in place in the US to claim to be an we could sit in different. You see the long defied she can perceive Cartha kind of as if you don't even need to railways to look around get passed and great. Great grits mentality from the taxes. Thank you gals if you John. Boehner are fun if you contribute movement house. We don't do facebook on twitter saying those short video or audio clip reaction. Too Much you feature for we subsequent programs time reach with a walker. My name not only do Ghana.

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