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good evening and welcome to the baugh tonight. We're going to do something a little different. I'm not going to mix you a particular cocktail but instead walk you through one particular spirit and what better spirit to start with the Chin before there was Jin the Dutch distilled. Another juniper base spirit known as he ain't never in English you might call this gender or Geneva you can still buy it today in both an old style and a more modern style. That is closer to GIN. This drink was originally given to Dutch. Troops as medicinal ration and gained popularity among English troops when fighting Louis the fourteenth France by the time William of Orange became king of England a shorter name. Jin was being used by the English soldiers. It is also responsible for the term Dutch courage as a shot of giannetta before battle gave the Dutch soldiers courage to fight. It was in London though. The Jin found its home with lax distillation laws in the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries. The British capital experienced a gin craze and London dry. Gin was eventually born. Cheap readily available. Jin led to drunkenness in the streets as well as underage drinking as Jin fully took hold gin joints allowed women drink alongside men and it was thought that this led to mothers abandoning their children and earning it the nickname mother's ruin at this point the equivalent consumption was two pints of Jin for every Londoner William hogarth created a set of prince cold beer street and gin lane at this time to showcase the evil of Jin compared to the happiness of beer. The continuing gin craze was having negative effects on the local populace with rising crime and violence. Leading to a movement to stop the prevalence of GIN. The following poem by Townley was presented with the print to help convince people to change the Law Jin cursed with fury fraught makes Human Race. Apprai- attended by deadly draft and steals our life away virtue and truth driven to despair. It's rage compels to fly but cherishes with hellish care theft murder. Perjury Damned Cup. That's on the vitals. Praise that liquid fire contains which madness to the heart conveys and rolls it through the veins to down on the evils of GIN. The government tried passing multiple laws. It wasn't until the so-called gin act in seventeen fifty one that they managed to curtail the problem. It prohibited selling to unlicensed merchants and put restrictions and high prices on retail licenses as an alternative t was encouraged as was drinking for men. Jin however began to be exported to the world on the back of the British Empire and the British Navy despite the ubiquity of London Dry Gin. He doesn't have a protected status. You of Brown's London Gin. A very specific on both the purity of the alcohol ninety-six percent alcohol by volume initially and then only from agricultural products and it was also have minimum. Ab thirty seven point. Five percent in the end product. If you're interested in the other provisions check the show notes for a link to laws but importantly none of these provisions covers the distillation location so you can happily stale London gin in Madrid all Luxembourg and still call it London Gin. The dry is optional. As far as protected Jin's go in the UK. It will likely surprise you that there's only one. Pm Jin while the distillation rules very similar to those of London. Gin they must be produced in the port town of Plymouth. It's not a surprise. That Plymouth with its links to the navy has famously good gin. At the moment the only distiller is the black fries. Distillery THAT MAKES THE FAMOUS PLYMOUTH. Gin Aptly named indeed one of my earliest reviewers is of the Plymouth distillery tour. I heartily recommend anyone visiting the South West of England with a few hours to spare further afield another protected. Jin takes us to Germany. Despite my many travels across Germany I only encountered Stein hak-jun last year as part of a Roth a generous leaving gift. I was presented with a delightful bottle of sixty year. Old Schlichter Jin. Despite being juniper heavy Jin it has a much smoother taste than London dry and no citrus flavor at all there are currently only two manufacturers and operation. But it's definitely a unique. Jin that is worth seeking out. The smoothness makes it drinkable on. Its own or is a good base for the more ingredients. Heavy gin based cocktails. Although I don't think I'd waste the sixty year old variant cocktail. It's definitely worth enjoying on. Its own as I'm doing in the BAA rights now in more recent is you will have seen a veritable boom in the production of Jin while. Gmt's have never truly left us. And John has been poorly. Maligned is the drink of the middle aged as unexciting since around. Twenty ten the thoughts distilling process leads to quick innovation. You can distill gin from the initial alcohol and around eight hours and so you can integrate varieties far foster them whiskey or any other spirit that requires aging. This is seen an inevitable. Uptaken GIN drinking as it can be flavored fashionably and there's plenty of it about the GMT which has never truly left us. Come back to leading to a requisite boom and tonic varieties. There really is something for everyone in the Japan market. These days pairing a particular. Jin's flavors teutonic can be quite the art. There are now a number of Jin delivery services to send you measures of different Jin's to try alongside the boast tasting notes whether it be Jin works. Well with tonic a particular mix of Rosemary and lemonade or just best enjoyed over. Ice The standard. Gmt can overpower the taste of Gin with will that Queen so does definitely worth investigating. Oh Pallet with a small soup song of Jin served of rice will perhaps in a cocktail that brings the flavor to the four which brings us to the humble Martini. A perfect Martini should be made by filling a glass with Jin then waving it in the general direction of Italy. No coward if you do want a cocktail to showcase your favourite gin. You can't go far wrong with the Martini. Traditionally a mixture of GIN and the move that is stirred not shaken. Mr Bond you can limit the Vermouth to ensure that you can enjoy the taste of unique modern Jin now. Don't get me wrong. A GIN and tonic. Another excellent libation. But you need to Catholic match that tonic to the Jin career. They want to bring the Jin to the four the Martini as the way to go though I suppose you could just drink neat gin. As we've discussed I might recommend that you at least do that on the rocks. Though at that point you're surely just an olive away from an old coward. Martini might as well head. Your bets and Enjoy Martini. Mixed masterfully at the bar for you. I hope you've enjoyed this visit to the bar as I describe the history of a particular spirit in detail. Join me next time. Feel Bakili scheduled programming while discussing that very Martini and how to make one see then. You don't Awoko Campaign for better. Beverages is a production of tinker tailor. Soldier sponge productions. It was researched written produced by Dr Wilco. The Jin was drunk by Dr Wilco. The Music Was George. Street shuffled licensed under creative Commons by attribution three by Kevin mccloud OF INCOMPETENT DOT COM. You can find the show notes dot org dot org for slash podcast Ford Slash Twenty Five. You can support this podcast on patron find the show notes and the website Dr Walker Dot Org forward slash patriot. After all. Someone's got to keep me in GIN.

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