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Name. The same. Let's play the game. Things. From Commerce City Colorado. Big Fib whacky Khakis edition and now your host and if antastic value for the low price of four, hundred, ninety, nine dollars, ninety nine tenths Deborah Gold Sues you. Welcome to the PAP-. Yes I'm your host Deborah goal seen joined as always by our sound effects were about Lisa whose name stands for live in studio audience. Lisa before we go any further down this road, no, you can't just sell me for five hundred dollars lease I could barely keep you on the shelves and now for a limited time, only you can get the three in one Deborah Goldstein starter set. That's a podcast host, a mother of two and an amateur quilter I'm really not that good at the quilting yet five hundred dollars value yours for three hundred, ninety, nine, dollars, ninety, nine cents. This is not a legitimate sale everybody. Your right it's highway robbery. Probably, going to think I'm crazy for saying this not only. But if you call right now, we'll throw in producer. Noah you want him to explain this week's team you. He'll do that and more for the minimum various of two hundred and nine hundred dollars in nonsense Lisa why would we sell that service to someone else? We actually need to explain this week's themed to US Denver for three hundred bucks we can buy an even newer producer to explain this week steam even better merely don't think that's how it works. Lisa. Why don't you introduce the producer? We have now fine fine here with us to explain this week's theme for I guess free apparently. Is Our current producer? No. But I'm saying is if you have two hundred and fifty dollars. By their Lisa. Flattered that you think I would fetch the same price as a used playstation four and you're worth every penny dude anyway deborah and I are not for sale. But as long as we are selling things, let me show you on this week's theme Ad Nauseam Deborah and Lisa will tell us one wacky story about the world of advertising and it will be the job of two human child contestants to figure out which. One of those stories is ally advertisements are all lying well, be that as it may only one of our stories about advertising is ally now Lisa would you please introduce the contestants whose job it will be to figure out which one flew from? Jersey. Media can tell truth from lies for the low low price of three hundred say you can't tell our contestants either just introduced them find five off on our contestants this week. From the roller coaster episode and Levi from. Debra. Debra. Haley by you guys do today. Great. Are you. Doing. I'm doing great. Thanks for asking. So guys tell me. Our subject today is advertising You guys feel any kind of way about ads What's your reaction when you're watching something and add comes across your screen? Well, usually, I try my best to pay the least amount of attention to them and skip them. I know that sometimes they can over exaggerate in be like this can really clean your bed sheets one hundred percent really. You can still see this thing. So I think they stretch the truth little bit or you like my new brand of sheet. Cleaning. Yogurt. Gusting. The doesn't sound. Clorox or something that's right. It's Clorox Flavored Mixed Berry Yogurt. And Eat it like cleaning like cleaning that won't get anything very clean at all. Oh Hey. It's time to play Wacky Khakis as doubted the already know Deborah and Lisa will each have a minute and changed tell us their stories. We flipped a coin and Deborah elected to go first. But then we say handed a coupon for one coin toss reversal. It says redeemable in all fifty states so you have to accept it yet. Right but I have a suspicion that you made this coupon and printed it out yourself and I have a suspicion that we are in a state so you have to let me go I. All right. All right fine Lisa will start us off of the wacky story about the world of ADS right everybody we're going to start Lisa's timer now. They say what makes a commercial effective has less to do with the actual product being sold and mortar do with whether it sticks in your head after you've seen it that's why. So many of the Ad- you see on TV feature talking babies going on about financial services. Or Green Day Geckos trying to sell you life insurance and a Gecko. But in one, thousand, nine, hundred, five, Burger King spent fourteen million dollars on probably the most forgettable ad campaign in American history over the span of three months the where's herb commercials told the story of a fictional character named herb then. A geeky looking cheese monger from Wisconsin who is supposedly the only person in the United States never to have eaten a Burger King Burger. John The actor cast to play. Her had indeed eaten at Burger King before, but he took his role. So seriously that he traveled to a Wisconsin Cheese factory and lived there for three days to quote, find her as part of the promotion herb was shuttled around to sixty burger king restaurants in a month and if you spotted him there, you could win five thousand dollars this of course ended. In a lawsuit when a fifteen year old named Jason Hallman spotted her in a beat. K in Bessemer Alabama only to discover that the minimum age to win the prize money was sixteen. Instead of five thousand dollars. Jason was awarded a Free Hamburger in large soda which in rates his family and caused them to boycott Burger King for ever the where's herb ads were universally considered to be a spectacular waste of money and the campaign was discontinued in one thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, six burger king's profits drop by over forty percent fat year. Time Nice Work Lisa. Well, what did you guys think of that story? I think I was right because I said I believe everything I say. I think that actually doesn't sound that crazy I thought he was funny but I also thought Burger King was going a little overboard by spending forty million dollars. Because that's a little too much just to make an ad I think that's also. Wasteful to try to promote their restaurant like that. And especially to get their self boycotted like that. Okay. Now it's time for Deborah Hail of Advertising Adventures you ready, Deborah Okay we will begin Deborah's timer now. The year was two, thousand, five and Orrville Public School district in Orrville Ohio was strapped for cash in June the school board announced that it would be forced to cut the music program for the coming academic year unless they could make up a one hundred thousand dollars shortfall in the budget for when it looked as though music was on its way out of Orrville Principal Wendy. Pittman. Had One last ditch idea using the schools twenty one he's marching band for advertising though the Teacher's Union scoffed at the idea of using the school to sell ads the J. M. smucker Company parent, company smucker's Jelly Jif peanut butter meow mix them other food manufacturers meld up. smackers agreed to pay the money over a ten year span and in exchange the marching band would play jingles for popular SMUCKER's products that all football games track needs and competition at the homecoming football game that fall or parents and the students were first quite taken aback to hear the marching band play the meow mix song immediately after the national anthem. But as time more on the unity got used to ads for smokers products at school events. In fact, Band even won third prize at a steep competition for their rendition of. FOLGER's coffee jingle why network built graduate named Emily. Schneider wrote a bestselling book about advertising in Public School called, and now a word from our teachers though she was very critical of smucker's and the school she admitted that the she heard as a child affected her deeply and to this day, she still buys smucker's products almost exclusively, I may have forgotten everything from my ap bio exams she wrote but I'll always remember that the very best part of waking up is Bolger's in your cup I hate that I remember that and vote. And time nicely done deborah well, guys. What did you think of that story? How would you react if they started putting commercials in your school? I transfer. You just transfer. Yeah. I'd I'd tell my mom I quit school I wanna go to a different school where they don't make your coffee ads for the might be good coffee and only eight. I can't drink coffee. Okay. It's decision time to figure out WHO's story was a commercial success and who's didn't really add up you believe Lisa's tale of forty million dollar where's herb ad campaign for Burger King or Deborah's account of the J. M.. SMUCKER company buying ten year contract with a high school marching band I I believe, Lisa. How dare you? Only because I don't believe her because I don't think school ads are thing I think it's possible but unlikely possible but unlikely. Okay. So you're both going with Lisa's story of the forty Million Dollar Burger King ad campaign where's herb? Yeah only because it was really funny and it's more believable than Deborah's same. It's GonNa be a quiet night at dinner at the dinner. Table Levi. I just know that if Deborah is correct I'm never buying just peanut butter again, I don't can be. Okay. I guess we'll find out. We'll the truth teller of today's Wacky Khakis episode. Please let us know who you are. It was I. Can you believe they thought those ads would work. It's so silly. And makes me want to just walk right into a Burger King restaurant today to try juicy mouth-watering double whopper with fries and a large Pepsi. And Fill my pockets with milkshakes. Sounds like the eds did kind of work on you Lisa. Friends, that is all the time. We have this week on the big bid. Many. Thanks to our contestants than at Ti and Levi for conducting this ad hoc investigation to know at Lisa for their clever and living, and of course, to utilise listener for sticking with the big V and Infinitum the big prudential. Gen Z. media find us online at GM shows dot com where you can find more jazzy podcasts, find out how you can participate and submit questions for me to answer on ask Lisa and follow us on social media at the big gaspar behind the scenes, photos of Marcher backs, and if you have a milkshake Senate to me now in my mind.

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