Avoiding avoidance


All right so today. We're going to talk. About avoidance avoid is different from procrastination because procrastination is just putting things off that you wanna do. Such as i have to wash the car. I have to get the mail. I have take the garbage out. I have to fix this. I have to fix that. Procrastination is things you don't want to do at work. Thank you wanna do at home. Thanks you put up because of just pure laziness. However avoidance is something. Like i've done today. I've avoided for last eighty two nine hours doing this. Podcast because avoidance to me and like you who have social anxiety is absolutely crippling in terms of when it takes effect in your life My favorite way to avoid you know how they have the fight flight method or instinct for me. For avoidance i fleet. I run away no matter what it is it could be in the middle of a social event. It could be something important at work. It could be just here being terrified of speaking to the microphone and guinea up enough nerve and talking to yourself or oh. I don't know three or four hours just to say. Hey you can do this. That's what avoidance is avoidance is for me. My mechanism is fleeing running away. There have been many times. I've gone great links to avoid such as running to another state stain overnight somewhere things that i just wanted to avoid social situations that i family events social gatherings parties things that was invited to that. I was just so overwhelmed things at work. The just drove me absolutely off the wall a presentation. I had to do something. That just the chemical imbalance. I have to wear everything in my body was telling me to run away. And i've ran away. Many times has ruined my life. I would say in some cases. Yes or no People who really don't understand why you run away. They obviously know. Then something's wrong with you. Had you can't really explain. It said oh. I have social anxiety. Are you diagnosed. I'm seeing a therapist. Are you taking pills. Yes but i'm still going to run away my entire life. I've wanted nothing but to be left alone. I think it was age. Eleven or twelve that. I've found out what i wanted to do in life. I didn't want to be some great politician. I didn't want to be a firefighter. Didn't want to be a policeman. Didn't wanna be a doctor a lawyer. I wanted to be by myself. I wanted a piece of land where there will be nobody around me and i could be by myself. Do i have that yet. Nope not at all. It's life has been absolutely challenging to say the least but going through that rant. I understand the people who i'm talking to. The people who listen to this program are going through the exact same things. I'm going through so let me tell you how as hard it is for me. From avoidance to confront. It usually what i do for. Avoidance is i write down all the things of trying to avoid. I know therapist told you all. Write it down. write it down. Yeah yeah some people. It does great things other people. It's like what are you talking about me. I write down just to have something to look at. And then i talked to myself as zany in craziest. Sounds i talked to myself. I talked to myself about everything. I've written down on the piece of paper. Whatever i'm trying to avoid. I talked myself for our worse to get enough nerve to actually do two things. I've tried to avoid or to participate in whatever function that i'm trying to avoid. Has that always work. No no the methods. I'm giving you not all the time has worked the method. I don't recommend that. I did. And i have do currently doing drinking. I know this is a christian based program and many of you might be taken aback but drinking has helped me a lot. I'm not alcoholic. But i drink heavily during social situations because people tell on the happy drunk. I'm not telling you to get drunk. That is the wrong answer. Feel horrible and you have no idea what happened the night before but people have liked me when i'm drunk. Because all my social avoidance issues go away. Prayer prayer helps a lot. And it's something. I've recently been doing like i said this has been Trusting lowered and being in obedience to him something new to me and maybe next week i will share that story. 'cause i i know i need to share a testimony story before i i guess. Continue this any further but for those of you who are still listening to my rant. Usually prayer going to the word and running things down and talking to myself for three things that actually helped to fight avoidance talking to a therapist definitely helps. I recommend anybody who's going through anything. If you're alone. Like i am in have very limited support to talked with therapists. I don't care how much cost there are. Some people who will do for discount again for veterans. I know that the wounded warrior project has a thing for twelve free sessions And those of you around the world talk to somebody it could be a minister could be a guru An email. i don't know who's listening to this program. It's free to everybody but just talk to somebody. The is a huge problem. As a problem. I deal with every day. And it's there's more to it than you know people say. Oh what's wrong with you just cowboy up or get back on the saddle again and you know yada yada yada and all that fun stuff but these are the things that helped me to i. Guess avoid since that's a term you could use the writing down the prayer and go into god's word it's really calming soothing. Listening to music might help. Somebody doesn't help me. But those are the three things i do. That can help me Overcome the avoidance situation. And do what i need to do. So that's all. I have to share with you this week. again like i said. I've been avoiding this for almost ten hours now Sometimes it's really hard to do this. But i feel that if i can help just one other person that it's all worth and so close like we always do enter prayer and this one will be focused on voidance heavenly father. Father god we come before you right now and those listening i know who suffer from social anxiety and so suffer void in such as what i suffer from are deeply deeply hurting lord. Emily father we just cry out to you and call out to you heavenly father to help us. With our avoidance lord. People scare us. There's fear there's doubt there's anxiety and not just in a mental element but physical element there as well father. We ask that. You will calmer spirit's heavenly father that you will give us the courage and a guide to conquer our voice so that we may do the things that we need to do. Whatever it may be and father we put our faith and our trusting you. We thank you so much for loving us and for saving our soul thank you for blessing our lives and she's a stay up. Pray amen and for those of you listening. Thank you very much as always and please have a wonderful wonderful wonderful week. And god. bless you

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